It’s Go Time!


Lundqvist gets another start in goal.

Eminger (back) and Boogaard (shoulder) are out, which means everybody else is in. Which means Michael Del Zotto is back from his homework assignment, and Todd White is back on the fourth line. Which means nobody is prucha’d.

Here are the expected lines to start:


This is a pretty big game because a very difficult week starts in the second game of these back-to-backs: Washington tomorrow, at Pittsburgh Wednesday, Phoenix Thursday, at Philadelphia Saturday afternoon.

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  1. “Michael Del Zotto’s report on the power play and defense, written by hand while a healthy scratch and watching the Ottawa game, was four pages long…”

  2. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    love that i chose the Rangers feed and am getting the effin devils game night … WTB hockeystreams?

  3. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Greetings fellow jackwagons! Time for our boys to schmeplicate the CBJ’s!

    Anybody know what grade DZ received on his homework? I pray Redden didn’t help him!

    Hi Linda Cal……..han.


    Sire Father!

  4. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Linda – the cleaning lady came yesterday. Life is good!

    ILB – Trots is an ex-Islander – he can’t read!

  5. Blue Seat Horror on

    Evening all. Let’s not give them a chance to fire that stupid cannon tonight.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  6. That’s was great, that little rug rat jumping around ’cause he got an Ovechkin jersey for Christmas.

  7. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    the problem is, power play and perry pearn share initials. we need to start calling it the man advantage, and maybe our luck will change

  8. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    wow, that was a penalty? that looked kinda lame…did i blink and miss something?

  9. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i have this one line stuck in my head and cannot remember the song or the band, although for some reason i think motorhead, which is probably wrong…

    “I’m a road warrior, playin no games…”

    something like that… i just hear it in Lemmy’s voice! HELP!!!

  10. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Headzo, that’s another mental image we did not need…although he did have some spiffy ties

  11. Deb – when I saw the ovechkin jersey commercial, I was thinking, “Is someone going to tackle this kid? if not, why the hell is this commercial on MSG?”

  12. Blue Seat Horror on

    Blue Jackets have one half of beating the Rangers down, which is pressuring behind the net in the D-zone. If they wise up and put somebody in the slot, this could get u-g-l-y.

    I’m talking no alibi u-g-l-y.

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    The thing about that Ovechkin commercial, and don’t quote me, but I think the other kid (the one not dancing) sounds disappointed.

  14. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao Poti jersey, great punchline headzo.

    WOW DDE, i’m shocked. You’re like my go to guy when I can’t remember things like this. Maybe it was some obscure 80’s metal band that had one or two songs lol.

    I called a Brian Boyle goal earlier, so his weekend tally should happen!!

  15. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Johnny, i’m sure Chico is making excuse after excuse for marty, between bites of turkey legs and pudding

  16. wow that was a solid shift by gilroy.. nice hit in the corner, the block of the pass out front then getting to the net on the other end

  17. Blue Seat Horror on

    Linda! Motorhead! You’re speaking my language. Sure you don’t mean “We Are The Road Crew” or “Keep Us On The Road”?

  18. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Blue, i can’t get that lyric out of my head, and the Ace of Spades was just playing during a break in the game lol

  19. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol Mickey. I gotta ask her if Dubi is still in contention since the Viking God has entered the picture lol

  20. The Blue Jackets are throwing the body nonstop; they never pass up a chance to finish their checks.

  21. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    elite and big body MUST be getting royalties from their use during Rangers telecasts!

  22. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Seriously, who the hell was that that threw the puck weakly through the middle of the ice late in the 1st?

  23. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good period. They gained momentum as the period progressed.

    Another goal for Zuccarello tonight so far, by the way. 3-1 Whale after 1 on goals by McDonagh (first goal), Newbury, and MZA.

  24. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    socks and sandals……..that’s definitely a negative guys..

    hell, sandals are a negative lol

  25. Thanks Linda, I’ve tried hockey streams but they’re asking me to become a premium member … and I’m to tired for this carcillo!

  26. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    krisy thats just bs!! why advertise free preview and then expect people to sign up!? Sorry about that girl!

  27. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    as long as you pair it with a really loud shirt and hawaiian print board shorts lol

  28. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    dont say that phrase mickey!

    get a man advantage goal!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!! MAN ADVANTAGE GOAL PLEASE!

  29. yeah, the stream is finally working for me too. I think there was something with veetle so they changed to veedo or something. YEAAAAHHHHHH GOAL!

  30. Man advantage just sounds wrong. And kinda dirty. How bout ‘extra dude on the ice’ time?

    GAH! Nash was clooooooose.

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    So I heard a song from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra today that I hadn’t heard yet (I don’t keep up with them). Anyway, the title’s got to become a Bonehead word: Nutrocker.

    Nutrocker! Don’t they think about the possible applications when they name these songs?

  32. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol extra dude on ice!! i think BILL will be shorter to say! Then we’ll have to explain why we call it bill…. kinda like i had to explain certain nicknames about 150 times last season lol ;-)

  33. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    dde, thanks for that link, but that wasnt it. I’m gonna bore into the skulls of a few people i know who i feel will know what i’m talkin about!

  34. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hopefully Staal doesn’t think his game is over now that he’s scored. He’s played pretty good so far.

  35. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    That BJ had one one hand off his stick & knocks gilroy down…where’s the penalty?

  36. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO HEADZO!! they were playing Metallica’s “Battery” during the break in the action lol

  37. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    ok, ed needs to get rid of that facial hair, he looks like a homeless anorexic guy

  38. YEAH ZUCCA!!! I’ve been trying to check but it won’t show so I was just going to ask if anyone of you knew something. So thank you Blue seat Horror!!

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    Seems like they’re going to let Columbus hit from behind all night…and not in the good way.

  40. Blue Seat Horror on

    Denis LaRue’s been laying back waiting to decide the fate of this game. I predict a rough 3rd period and they will have to defeat Columbus and that Scumbum LaRue.

  41. Blue Seat Horror on

    Sweet, they’re going to show the British Bench Clearing brawl on Hockey Night Live. Hope they include the play-by-play. The guy that should be “beat to hell” got 9 games, I believe.

  42. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow! Redden got into a fight tonight…or received a fighting major at least. I think that makes 2 this season, which is 1 more than during his tenure with the Rangers.

  43. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    wade redden has turned into a 70’s pornstache throwback rebel since his move to hartford!

  44. Blue Seat Horror on

    Devils down 3-0. Yipee! Love to see Brodeur smelling like Limburger.

    Washington losing AGAIN! I guess they’re chock full of enigmatic Russians this year. (Anybody else tired of hearing the phrase “enigmatic Russian”?)

  45. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha! Ha! Just saw a commercial for “implant dentistry.” Can somebody go double D with their molars?

  46. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    I wonder if those brits took off their white gloves, slapped the opponent & challenged eachother to duels

  47. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’ve been patiently waiting to see what Carl Hagelin can do once he finishes with college. His stats have been very impressive.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha Linda! Re: Roy Orbison. Instead of “Pretty Paper.” Duguay was singing Pretty Zoot Suit.

  49. Blue Seat Horror on

    That Linus Omark skills competition goal was good not for the spin-o-rama (which was an unnecessary risk), but because he slammed his stick on the ice before shooting, bluffing the TB goalie to make the first move.

  50. >>… the spin-o-rama (which was an unnecessary risk)

    How can you say it was unnecessary? Perhaps, he wouldn’t have scored without it.

  51. Blue Seat Horror on

    I really like the way Gilroy’s been playing. Wish he hadn’t been forced to sit for so long. At times he’s been the only Ranger showing authority in the O-zone.

  52. we boneheads are so lucky to have such beautiful, gorgeous boneheadettes joining us every day. Linda, Fozzy, Krisi, Nora, Mickey, etc. are all so gorgeous, no wonder they’re Rangers fans. The best root for the best :)

  53. I forgot Sally and Laurel! :hides head: Sally’s not just gorgeous, she’s like a supermodel :) Im really hoping Dubi meets her one day, i really think she’s his type!

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    JB…I didn’t say I didn’t like the spin-o-rama, just meant that it was in a place from which he had more chance of losing the puck than scoring.

  55. LOL Lin! I saw that! Good for her, but she better make herself available for Dubinsky and his Dubinskisses!

  56. does anyone remember the first game of the NHL season a few years ago, our first season with Gomez and Drury…

    it was against the Panthers iirc, and we were playing poorly the whole game until the 3rd period, where we won like 5-2 or 5-3. and near the end of the game, the whole MSG crowd was chanting “WE WANT THE CUP! WE WANT THE CUP!” I still get chills thinking about that, wishing it would have turned out like that and not with Gomez and Drury being busts.

  57. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol krisy, a real one, not one from the picture, but wow, those guys were definitely … WOW

  58. Im ok, just thinking about how short life is and wanting to praise people who deserve to be praised! :)

  59. That’s the genius of the spin-o-rama it’s a psychological tactic. You’re caught thinking WTB is that about, then comes the slap on the ice and he gets the goalie to react where he may have been more patient ,he then picks his spot. I don’t think it will work much once goalies are aware of it though.

  60. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    thats a great philosophy to have. and it always feels great to hear a nice word or two from others, instead of all negativity.

    which is funny because we sit here and rip these guys some nights, but they really do add some fun and good times to our lives! we rip because we love lol

  61. “And it went in…from an impossible angle.” How many times have we heard that with Lundqvist in net?

  62. OK, will someone actually SHOOT THE PUCK from the spot on the half wall.

    Just once is all I am asking.

  63. This is the kind of game that if Gaborik was playing with a solid vet center instead of Stepan, that line would have scored 3 times.

  64. Blue Seat Horror on

    Tiki, it’s a good argument re: supporting cast, but Richter played out of his mind during the cup run. And that year it was Brodeur that was letting in the goals from impossible angles.

  65. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    sam, stfu up with congrats for sid the kid…we’re watchin the Rangers, we don’t want to hear about the one who is forced down our throats by the league!

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    Krisy, 5-1 Whale over Monarchs. Final. 2 goals for MZA, 1 each for Grachev, Newbury, McDonagh.

  67. trade lundqvist on

    Overpriced and concieted. Biron is doing better. This Rangers team works hard and lundqvist is concerned about what suit he is going to wear after the game…loser. I don’t care how sad he looks after the game. Actions speak louder than words. He is starting to remind me of drury.

  68. You clowns tearing on Hank make me laugh. The guy lets up 2 goals and you want to trade him. Sure some are softies at times, but goals against don’t specify that they need to be highlight reelers every time. Where the hell was the NYR offense tonight? 1 goal? Please. You’re not going to win many games scoring once. Gabby and Frolov bear that burden.

  69. Linda likes acronyms tonight! OMG Rangers. 7-0 in the back end of b2b tomorrow? You think we will see Biron – against the Caps? Doesn’t seem likely.

  70. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Biron should have played this one. Now Hank’s confidence will be blown going into Potivechkin game

  71. Still don’t understand why Torts used Hank today. Big mistake. And will have consequences in terms of confidence, etc.

  72. Gabby has scored hat tricks in games where we beat the balls off the opposition. Where is he in a 1 goal game?

  73. trade lundqvist on

    Blue Jackets played great defense tonight. That is why Rangers didn’t capitalize a lot. They had a lot of chances. The fact is you can’t make it to the playoffs or win in the playoffs with goaltending like that.

  74. Gaborik perfectly set up Stepan at least 3 times and nothing happened. Stepan is a kid; this is ridiculous. Sather can’t figure out after 2 years that he needs someone to play with Gaborik? Why did he sign Gaborik if he wasn’t going to get a center for him?

  75. Blue Seat Horror on

    Seriously, how hard is it to hug the effin post? Is the post too hot? Does it bite? Does Lundqvist suffer from a fear of the color red? Can he not straigten his knees entirely, maybe from a horrible childhood accident, so he has to play goal with crooked knees? I would love to know why this happens more than once in a season…

    There. I feel better. On to the struggling Caps tomorrow.

    Uh oh. Islanders mounting a comeback.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers fall to the Mighty BJ’s. Oh well. Black Hawks at 10:30. I might salvage something tonight.

  77. joe, this is the story ok, hank is a great goalie, but hes never done anything come playoff time, so they went out, got a backup to play more games so hes rested for playoff time. biron has already got us 5 wins. hank has been nothing but inconsistent since the season began. for him to be giving up crap goals liek that at this point in the season is inexcusable. he let in 3 goals not 2 and he had apretty easy night. stop the excuses

  78. >>You clowns tearing on Hank make me laugh.

    Easy there, big fella! People will take your opinion more seriously without the name calling.

  79. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR, i think you might find this funny

    On FB, where they suggest friends/people you may know, someone by the name of Brandon Dupuis just showed up on my list!! Thought of you immediately

  80. trade lundqvist on

    Hank has given up at least a dozen extremely soft goals this season, and some of them were game winners like tonight. He seriously doesn’t even care that biron is there and his work ethic has not gotten better. They got him more rest and he is still playing bad, or maybe even worse.

  81. joe- i agree with you on gabby. he has sucked too. and frolov is playing better, but still cant score. both snipers who dont snipe anything lately. it is frustrating, but gabby is playing with a rookie and a 3rd liner. frolov i have no excuse for, hes just bad. gabby at least will probably score a few more before his monthly injury

  82. Blue Seat Horror on

    Crazy finish to the Islanders game. That’s how you’re supposed to play when you pull the goalie.

  83. Mike, you said it. It’s funny how Hank has been much better in the games where he faces much more and much tougher shots. It looks like his concentration is better when the Rangers are outshot.

  84. Oh god, it’s going to snow tonight/tomorrow. Everyone go to the grocery store and stock up on bread, milk and batteries.

    Me? I’ll just hunker down and stay here away from the crazies.

    I CANNOT wait to hear the player’s excuses for tonight’s game.

  85. ilb- on mouths radio show they were talkin about mason playing much better when they get outshot badly. i think most goaltenders liek the work and they get into a rhythm, but ha nk is too good to be givin up softies like that. hes not brian elliot and if he got paid like brian elliot than fine, but hes being paid tremendous amounts of swedish fish and its happening more and more with him lately givin up goals like that. hes givin up about 3 every game almost all the time now

  86. Blue Seat Horror on

    2 biggest problems in this game: They outshot their opponent and only 8 blocked shots. Not very Ranger-like on either count.

  87. daneyko is old. hes been hit in teh dome a few too many times. probably drinkin as we speak. leave him be. lol

  88. >>I CANNOT wait to hear the player’s excuses for tonight’s game.

    “We did a lot of good things; we just didn’t get the good bounces. We must now focus on tomorrow’s game.”

  89. i wanna hear hank. “i let in a bad one. i have to be better next time”. no thanks. we all know its almost a given that hes gonna allow at least 3 to the caps tommorow. he never plays well against them, besides those 2-3 games in the 08 playoffs

  90. wheres all teh drury haters now? ever wonder why we never reach a shootout anymore? never fear, the answer to our 1 pt gimmick games are soon over!

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    And by the way, if you want to hear their excuses for this game, just cut and paste their answers from the last loss. They generate the same garbage answers every time.

    Wow, for those down on Hank, at least he didn’t give up that goal QP gave up in the Islanders game.

  92. too bad, they were playing their usual road game, working hard, and Henrik just blew it. a peewee goalie should not give up that kind of goal. he had a night that he had less work to do, and he just blew it. they should have had at least one point out of that one.

  93. @ JBytes – I name-call because it’s the damn truth. Ridiculous rash reactions like this what give NYR fans a bad name. OK, Hank had a bad game. Fine. Where were his teammates to bail him out? Why does he NEED to be elite every single time he steps on the ice? Why can’t someone else be the savior every once in a while. It’s not even like he had that bad of a game. 3 goals against. .870 save %. The Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup last year with a save percentage around .885. This wasn’t Vali’s 10 goals against in Dallas, it was 3 goals against Columbus.

    @ Grabachev – I agree that Gaborik needs a center. Problem is that our current salary situation precludes any kind of movement to make that a reality. The reality is that we were/are playing decent hockey with a ton of salary out of lineup, Drury at 7/yr and though he’s back, we were playing decent with Rozy out at 5/yr. We always look to the enigmas as our saving grace like any of them work out…Zherdev, Frolov, the list goes on. That’s cap mismanagement and it’s the fault of the organization.

    Teams like Pittsurgh, Philly, Detroit have stars that show up every night and have decent depth to boot. We don’t. Its not fair to put the onus on rookies and on Lundqvist, who is often forced to be a one man defensive corp.

  94. BTW, I met Guerin’s wife when I went to a pre-season game in Philly. My friend’s company gave me VIP seats in the Cadillac Grill, and when I rode the elevator down to the main level, she was on the same elevator going to the locker room level. She is definitely a MILF and seemed very nice.

  95. Blue Seat Horror on

    Grabachev, I agree. We still lost and what the Islanders do has no bearing on that…but it was nice to have a laugh on a night when I thought I’d never laugh again. :-(

    Ha! Bring on the great egg and the rest of the Capitovs!

  96. trade lundvist- WTF do you know about LQ’s work ethic??…are you at practice every day? and doesn’t even care that biron is there, WTF does that even mean?

  97. it doesn’t work that way. if a guy gets star treatment and money, and gets all the plaudits and compliments when they win, then he has to get some slings and arrows on the few occasions when he causes a loss. I don’t get why Henrik fans have to try to defend the indefensible. that does not mean he stinks, it just means he blew THIS game.

  98. The Rangers played well tonight. But they still need a good, solid center. Doesn’t have to be an all-star.
    And who cares if they have salary cap issues; management created the salary cap problem, and like every other team, they have to figure out how to fix it. Management knows they need a center, but they’re not doing anything about it. Sather never has a plan; he’s created a new “plan” every single year. That’s not having a plan.

  99. Nobody is trading Hank. He wins us more games than he loses.

    Joe- we can afford to bring a center with our current salary structure. But we shouldn’t because it will require too much in return. Not a great strategic move for the future. We are not contending this year even with elite center playing with Gaborik

  100. You guys want to talk about inconsistent goaltending? Look no further than our own Marty Biron. That guy played lights out that one year in the playoffs for Philly when they took care of Montreal and can really get hot. Problem is that in his entire career he has yet to really nail down a starting job. Understandable in Buffalo, where Miller is clearly the better goaltender. But not in Philly where Niittymaki was always a regular starter too, or to old ass Roloson on LI last year. Let Biron start 10 games in a row and you’ll be begging for Lundqvist

  101. Blue Seat Horror on

    Joe, agree that Lundqvist wasn’t the sole reason the Rangers lost, but in a tight game he was the floodgate. Also, 3 goals and .870 are both subpar, especially for someone earning an “elite” salary. Blackhawks had a substantially different team.

  102. Every young player we have isn’t a guaranteed 1st liner. It’s management’s job to make this year’s team better, not hope that in 5 years we will have the perfect team. Lundqvist isn’t getting any younger. Philly had one horrible year, and then have been in the playoffs every other year, with lousy goaltending to boot. That’s called good management.

  103. I am NOT asking for Biron. I KNOW he is not as good as Henrik, buit that does not change the fact that Henrik blew this game. period.

  104. @ ILB, I agree. Making a big move for a center would stunt our development. Bad move, but historically what we’ve done for band-aid solutions.

    My point is that we pay 7 mil to Drury but get so little production in return. A team that manages the cap properly pays 7 mil to a player that puts up big numbers regularly. Think Datsyuk, St. Louis, Thornton… guys that get paid big bucks, but make the players around them better, consistently.

  105. Hard to trust Sather to make the right move, agreed. But we have to have at least one real center. There are a lot of 3rd liners on this team — there has to be a decent center somewhere out there.

  106. Yes, .870 and 3 goals against are sub-par. Thankfully, NYR only have to deal with those numbers once or twice a month, not daily like some teams do. Imagine how good TB would be with decent goaltending.

  107. Agree, Joe. But we have what we have. Let’s not make it worse. The cap situation will get better at the end of the year and even better thereafter. They may even buy out Drury’s last year.

  108. Grabby- better hunker down, with a blizzard. I’m a little wary of snow down here, especially after what these MO drivers are like in the rain.

  109. Mason made a few great saves, but the difference truly was that bad goal. Hank’s fault, I’m sure he knows

  110. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    They may even buy out Drury’s last year.


    ilbzo, stop teasing us with such delightful banter!!

  111. Blue Seat Horror on

    So what does Trautwig have against Canadians? He’s mentioned them aboot a million times tonight.

  112. Buying out Drury? I just don’t see it. For some reason the organization loves him. And honestly, I’d rather have Drury for 2 more years at 7 million than Richards at 5 or 6 years for 8 million.

  113. Hank is the sole reason why we didn’t get a point tonight.

    It’s not all on Hank, that goes without saying. But, for the love of sh*t, what will it take for this guy to fix these retarded flaws in his game.

    I blame this loss on EC as well. Everything was going fine until he took that dopey penalty.

    You’d think with everything this team went through in that final game of the season, they would actually get the message. Yet, they blow two games in the last three nights in similar fashion.

    Clearly these games are all important, because this team isn’t that good. If we miss by a point, remember this game, and the Sens game a few nights ago.

    And fugg centers! Let the kids play. Just get rid of EC already!

  114. ilb, I was counting this year in the 2 years. I think. Or my memory is just shot. LOL. In any case, thanks for reminding me of that.

    It’s hard to blog and shop online at the same time!

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