Did Carkner flick blood at NYR?


That was part of the discussion in the aftermath of the Rangers-Senators game.

The question was whether Matt Carkner, after a bloody fight in which Derek Boogaard broke his nose and Carkner may have been cut also — both men landed simultaneous haymakers — flicked blood at the Rangers bench as he skated by.

Carkner received an additional misconduct penalty after the on-ice officials huddled.

On TSN, there was some discussion of the incident and a video which you can see here, courtesy of SLAM Sports.

In his post-game press conference, John Tortorella refused to comment on the incident. But in the SLAM Sports story above, Brian Boyle said he thought Carkner did flick blood at the Rangers bench.

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  1. That is not only disgusting, but really unsanitary. Not to mention against health standards. He deserves a suspension for that.

  2. Carkner should easily get a huge suspension. That’s pretty serious. What if he had HIV. He just gave half our team HIV.

    They’d have to change the name of the team to the New York Human Immunodeficiency Virus’

    Sick bastard. With teammates like Niel, and Rutuu, you can’t expect any less.

  3. He should not get a suspension after watching the replay. If Avery did it and got a suspension every Rangers fan would think that it was just the league trying to get back at him. In order for him to get any of this supposed blood on the Rangers bench his hands would have had to be completely covered in blood with how lightly he flicked his fingers. Itll be 100% ridiculous if he gets suspended.

  4. I don’t know if he flicked blood or not, hard to tell from the video. But what he did do and should be penalized for is throwing a player to the ice during a fight. I’m tired of seeing this move. It’s just like a slew foot. If you wantto fight then fight. Don’t grab a guy by the pants and lift his leg up and twist him around. It is dangerous and should be suspendable. Plus it makes carkner look like a scared little Pansy who wanted out of the fight. Nice cross check to the back of the head to instigate the fight as well. To me, that’s about three incidents that Carkner could and should be suspended for…the crosscheck to the head, the wrestling move during a fight and the possible blood flick. If he did flick blood then that is a serious health risk and could be viewed as assault.

  5. And another late high charge by Neil. How many times will the league let this jackwagon off for the same offense? Maybe he needs to really cripple a player before the league takes notice.

    What a piece of carcillo.

  6. Carp, you rule!
    I’ll save game comment for later, but Tom Vecere, this win was for you! Thanks!

    Carkner = devil asshat
    mama fading to black….TA!

  7. Exactly, why does every tough guy only want to fight Boogaard when they’re on home on ice (refuse to at MSG) and every single ‘tough guy’ always grabs Boogaard and slams him to the ice. If you want to fight then be a man and do so, if not then keep your gloves on and just head hunt smaller guys like Neil does.

  8. Interesting from the Rangers postgame notes how EC could win 7 of 13 faceoffs for a supposed 70%. New math!

    If Corksoaker actually flicked blood, he should be suspended, two games at the most. It’s not too egregious in the grand scheme. Who does that, though? I guess that explains how he got the ten minutes without an instigator penalty.

  9. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Man we played bad tonight, but won so I’ll take it!

    I really don’t get torts. Our power play sucks for the most part and he won’t put guys on it that control the puck like aves and prust all season, he puts them on for 20 seconds and TA DA….PP GOAL!!! The other thing I don’t get is the putting of dubi AA cally line out towards the end of the game when they are so bad defencively (I hate the plus minus stat, but seriously) and you are trying to prevent a goal with the other team’s goalie is pulled. Dubi makes avery look like a selke winner as bad as he is defencively.

    So did boogey break his nose or was his shoulder injured? I have heard both? What happened to eminger?

  10. F’n Foligno carcillo! I hate cheep dirty little carcillo’s like Nick Foligno. Anyone with any word on how badly he hurt Eminger? Lucky he didn’t hurt Rozsival as well?

  11. huh!?!?!?
    it looked like foligno was hooked by Rozy and as he spun
    around his stick caught Eminger around the skates and he
    then slid into the boards.

  12. the league needs to look into this blood incident. if you get 1 game for a throat slash gesture, you should get at least 5 for flicking freaking blood at the other teams bench. for one thing, it really is a serious health hazard and two it’s just plain f’d up.

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