Avery climbs all-star vote


From the “credit where credit is due” department, The New York Rangers Blog is the driving force behind the Sean Avery write-in (e-ballot box stuffing) campaign, and Avery is up to 20th among forwards with, at last count, some 64,000 type-in votes.

That’s not going to be enough, not when the top guys are all in six figures, approaching or above 200,000. He’s second among write-in forwards behind Claude Giroux, who has almost 148,000. But it is still pretty impressive for a guy who’s spent most of his time on the fourth line and is pretty well, um, disliked around the league.

But I must claim our little bit of credit, because back in mid-November, the day the ballot came out, I suggested we do a write-in campaign of our own. I wasn’t gung-ho about it, just making conversation. Some of you guys suggested we write-in Prust or Boyle. But a lot of you wanted to vote for Avery, if for no other reason than it would drive the NHL HQ people, especially the commissioner, nuts if Avery got in. Some even suggested the all-star game would be canceled if that happened.

So I’m just wondering how many of youse (besides Blogmama) actually voted for Avery.


Meanwhile, here are some photos from the Rangers’ Toy Drive yesterday, from the team web site.


I’m not big on discussing line combos, as you guys know. But I do like the idea that they’re going to try Stepan again with Gaborik (and Fedotenko, not Frolov) and they’re going to reunite the Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan line. I’d like to see Avery get another shot with Gaborik, or, if Fedotenko is going to play there, I’d put Avery with Boyle and Prust and keep Frolov on the fourth line for a while longer. But what do I know?

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  1. Kevin has been pushing the Avery write in hard and with some obvious success. If you are into that kind of thing, vote for Avery often. I know it makes Mama proud.

  2. I fixed it, Kevin. Thanks.

    Good morning, Sally, 26!

    Happy Birthday, Pardon Me Machetto, 27 … the oldest living Bonehead!

  3. I didn’t vote for anyone, but I do like the idea of voting Avery in, just to annoy the NHL brass.

  4. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I think boogey and carkner go early in the game tomorrow night.

    I also agree that avery should get more time with gabby, I think gabby likes having him on his line. I don’t like the reuniting of the AA cally dubi line. Cally is always so deep on the fore check and dubi just sucks defencively. I would put AA with aves and gabby and put drury with dubi and cally when he gets back. Until then, I would put boyle there. Or put stepan with aves and gabby and let AA centre for prust.

  5. Uh, I read it Wicky, but j’ne parle pas francais tres bien (if that’s wrong then it only underscores the point).

  6. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    crap, sorry.

    Sampras got all of his tennis trophies stolen except for his 94 aussie open.

    Sorry about the French everyone!!!

    The other link is English, I promise!!

  7. “The White Way” video with Pang is hilarious!

    you want to see more hilarious stuff (hockey unrelated tho)

    check out this new movie with Mel Gibson “The Beaver”

    “A troubled husband and executive adopts a beaver hand-puppet as his sole means of communicating.”

    He’s got his hand inside the beaver! lol


  8. Time to execute the trade now! Perhaps we could get a has been Forward who has never really shown potential or lived up to expectations, but could some day (in some magical hockey land) – wait, we already have done that to!!

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    I wonder if those voting numbers for Avery are accurate, or if the NHL “misplaced” some of the ballots.

  10. I voted for Avery! And, just to plug the blog, there’s going to be a “Write in Avery Day” December 16th! Show Bettman who we REALLY want to play in the All Star game! Since there’s no limit on voting, we can vote as often as we want! Tell your friends!

    Mostly, I think it’d be hilarious to have him playing alongside Crosby. Even if his only move is to begin the game (because you KNOW he won’t get more ice time…)

  11. ORR

    no i did not see that trailer with audio clips from the rant tape! gotta a link?

    and yes, i did vote for Avery like 20 times probably!

    Let’s keep voting him in and show those Canadians that we don’t have any life too! LOL

  12. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    I voted for Avery…remember its not the voting that counts – its the counting that counts!

  13. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    No itsn’t that Redden’s house? All that money and no place to spend it in Hartford.

  14. Is anyone interested in a pair of tickets (Section 304 Row H Seats 7 & 8) for either of the Thursday home games this month?

    Thursday December 16 – Phoenix
    Thursday December 23 – Tampa Bay

    I’m willing to sell at cost. If you’re interested, just send me an email – wag279@gmail.com

  15. This is a little unrelated, but I’ve been meaning to write something about this since attending Sunday’s game. Prior to the game, I attended a Story Tellers event with Matteau and Duquay. I’ve had many opportunities to meet Duquay, so I won’t focus on him. Rather, I’d like to focus on Matteau since this was the first time I met him. During the story tellers, I found it painfully obvious that if he wasn’t paid for these events, he wouldn’t want much to do with the Rangers. He doesn’t care about the Rangers and this is hard to fathom being as how without that famous Matteau Matteau Matteau goal, he would be completely forgotten as far as NHL players go. In answering questions, he kept referring to how he doesn’t watch the Rangers and/or doesn’t know anything about the team. How he wishes they had Avery on the Canadians. Sure, he’s a nice guy, but at a Rangers event, it would’ve been nice if he could have at least pretended he cared about the Rangers.

  16. Good afternoon all! happy 27th Pardon me!

    Carp, you’re making an awful big leap of faith on my vote, don’t ya think :)

  17. Hey WickyA, that link you posted on the English hockey brawl was fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a hockey game announced in proper english before? Kind of wish now that MSG would get a Britt in their studio from time to time to call the play by play, for example when Sam is out announcing his football game on Sundays.

    “Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom”… In proper English and also in American slang, that’s called an oxymoron! I bet though that most of the British would love hockey if they were better at it. Hockey is such a “gentlemens game”… If only Britain had announcers like Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick, like I had when I first started watching hockey, the whole nation would certainly see that there’s no more of a gentlemans game than hockey.

    I personally believe the guy calling the game might have stepped a little over the line when he basically said that guy should be beaten for what he did to the goalie. But one has to love how the Brittish would surly do what ever it took inorder to defend the honor of hockeys unwritten rules.

  18. all this Brad Richards talks makes me wonder….
    What if the Rangers pass on any big trades and save the money to sign Zach Parise to an offer sheet in summer? No way Devils could afford to match. What do you guys think?

  19. g’morning Carp and everyone else
    (late start. late late night working, and some really deep weird rem sleep)

    first off,
    one should only look at the lines as something that gets put on the
    ice at least once in the first period
    then as per Torts-iness
    he pulls names out of a hat and scrambles ’em up
    (or according to who’s working out and who’s not)
    putting Frolov on the 3rd line keeps him away from Gabby since
    he hasn’t deserved 1st line minutes and allows Torts to give him
    and put-up-or-shut-up moment.
    it wouldn’t surprise me to see Avery moved around more
    and/or Gabby joining him on the “4th” line

  20. i’m glad you brought this up because i haven’t voted yet and plan to vote for Avery.
    jpg’s sis already did.

    this kinda gives me a warm feeling inside, like how a similar grassroots effort went on in the UK to subvert the top single at Christmas and they got Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” in there instead of some Pop Idol mush

  21. What if the Rangers pass on any big trades and save the money to sign Zach Parise to an offer sheet in summer? No way Devils could afford to match. What do you guys think?


    Lou has let many a Devil float across the Hudson, this one I say he doesn’t.

  22. I’d pay for Brodiva’s dinner for the rest of his playing career if NYR signed Parise. I’d give Olga some life, so he has something to do, if Slats managed to get Parise.

    He’s one of my favorite American players in the game!

    Wishful thinking!

    Lou always finds a way to get things done. He’ll re-sign him.

  23. Miked – I love Zack Parise, but the 4 #1 picks and the long term contract hit to the cap is way too much for the Blueshirts to give up. Also the Rangers have some good LW coming up through the system. Cant say the same though about a play making center… Other than Stepan and maybe Werek & Horak in a year or two if they develop into “NHL” playmaking centers??? The Rangers most glairing need, other than a crease clearing D-man or two, is a playmaking center.

    If Slats could get Richards to sign a three year contract, I certainly would want him signed and would even consider trading a pick or two for him this season. But it seems Richards wants a five year contract and I have a feeling that they’ll be a team out there that wants him bad enough to give him six years. So I say lets go with Stepan, Anisimov, & Boyle, until Werek?, Horak?, a center not yet drafed?, or a short term UFA center, are ready or available.

  24. 4 first round picks for Parise… lol. He’d be the player to give those picks up for but at this day and age hell no. Cally, Dubi, and Lundqvist weren’t even first round picks think about that.

    I do like the compensation rule though as it caters to teams who draft pick well.

  25. I actually think Shanny would make a good GM. I believe the next crop of former players turned coaches/GMs will be ex-Wings. And it will probably turn out a lot better than ex-Oilers turned coaches/GMs.

  26. What if the Rangers pass on any big trades and save the money to sign Zach Parise to an offer sheet in summer? No way Devils could afford to match. What do you guys think?


    That would be my dream come true. I’m not 100% sure Lou can get an extension done during the season. It may very well be that Zack becomes a RFA. I would certainly give up first rounders to get him. He is unbeliveably awesome and would fit perfectly into the Rangers room. I’d take him over Stamkos and Richards…or anyone else in the NHL for that matter. You can build a team around him. Pretty much what the Devils did for the last number of years…

  27. Not what I meant but whatever makes you feel good. Young homegrown talent is what I should have emphasized.

    4 cheap and tradeable first round picks > Parise and his contract

    He also has a serious knee injury at a young age. We’re already gambling on Gabby why do it twice with highrollers who want long contracts?

  28. I want Parise on the Rangers as much as anyone but the price is way too costly. Give them an offer sheet and drive the price up and if Lou wants to call our bluff and take all our picks I’m all for that. But don’t go gung-ho on the guy.

  29. He just had a pretty serious knee injury. He’s what 25 or 26? What if it gets blown out? Worth the 7 years he’s going to want to sign with another team and the 4 first round picks?

  30. In an uncapped world I’d consider Parise.

    But since we’re operating under a cap and draftees are the key to having a cost effective roster and given that UFAs generally cost at least 3 to 4 times an entry level or RFA contract, the player you sign has to be extremely productive to make an offer sheet worth it.

  31. I can see Lou trading away lots of Devils players for draft picks come this years trade deadline, which should free up enough $$$ for them to resign Parise.

  32. billybleedsblue on

    I am voting for Avery again right now. Hahaha. Great link to the bench clearing brawl.

  33. The following Devils have NTC or NMCs:


    Zajac, Clarkson, Zubrus, Tallinder, Salvador are the only Devils that make $2.0mn+ that would clear up significant cap space via trade. As of today’s roster they will have 16 players under contract for the 2011-12 season, which means probably around $10.0mn of cap space for next year.

    Parise, Vasyunov, Corrente, Salmela, Taormina, Fraser, Magnan are due to be RFA
    Arnott, Langenbrunner, Mair, Greene, Hedberg are due to UFA

    They might have to package top end prospects or high draft picks with their larger cap hit players in order to get anyone to help with their cap relief.

  34. I respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks Parise isn’t worth it because of injuries or any other reason. Injuries didn’t stop Slats & Co. from signing Gaborik, the most injury prone superstar in the game. He took over that title from Forsberg, Orr. lol.

    Parise > any forward the Rangers have drafted in the last 10 years. He makes everyone around him better. Yes, he’s that good.

    Travis Zajac is showing his true colors without his boy Zach P. playing on his line…He’s on pace for less than half of the points he had last season. This Devils team is a joke without him…

    I’m just saying that, if the Rangers have the chance, they ought to go for it. Like Orr said, this isn’t Holik or Gomez. Same goes for Stamkos. He’s not Nedved.

    Every competitive team has cap issues. It is all about cap management. We’ll never finish low enough to get super-elite talent in the draft. Not as long as Dolan and Slats are in charge. That is why it makes sense to go after either of these two guys if we have the chance…

  35. One thing is for sure. I’d rather give up four first round picks for Parise coming off a knee injury, then trade some of our best prospects for Brad Richards.

    By the way, I just watched Inception for the sixth time, this time in BluuuuRay. If you haven’t seen it, you suck :P

  36. lol@ Lou letting the Rangers get Parise!

    OT:Orr and the leaves take on Engelland(of the big right) and the pen()s.
    look for a revenge KO!

  37. Even in his years when he scored 50 he was a minus player. Then again almost half his goals were on the PP. Still as much as I hate the plus/minus stat and it’s predictive ability for an individual player’s D, that still shows he gives up as much or more than scores.

  38. Wow CTBlueshirt, maybe Lou won’t trade away players at the deadline? Arnott and Langenbrunner are UFA’s at seasons end and probably wont be resigned, so Lou could resign Parise.

    But if the Devils are out of the playoff race come the trade deadline? I bet Lou will do everything possible to get Arnott and Langenbrunner to waive their no trade clause. Maybe even try to get Elias and Rolston to waive their’s as well. I’m sure it would kill Lou if he were not able to get draft picks for these guys if the devels were a nonplayoff contender! It’s possible that the only trade Lou will be able to make is Zubrus for a bag of pucks?

  39. I haven’t run the numbers yet, but between re-signing RFAs (non-Parise category) and the replacement cost of letting UFAs walk it is going to be awfully tight. I think they will sign him, but they are going to be left with a very top heavy team.

  40. billybleedsblue on

    I was just reading the rules of the All Star Ballot and how the Grand Prize (tix to the All Star Game) is awarded…this is really strange…

    Under “5. Grand Prize Drawing:” it says:

    “If the potential winner is a Canadian resident he/she will be required to correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical, electronic or otherwise, in order to be eligible to receive the prize. The skill-testing question will be a part of the Release. If the potential winner cannot be contacted, fails to sign and return the Release within the required time period, or if Canadian, fails to correctly answer the mathematical skill-testing question, potential winner forfeits the prize…In the event that the potential winner is disqualified for any reason, Sponsor will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner by random drawing from among all remaining eligible entries, who will be subject to disqualification in the same manner. Only three (3) alternate drawings will be held, after which the prize will remain un-awarded. ”

    WTH? A “mathematical skill-testing question?” Who ever heard of such a thing? I mean, that could be ANYTHING. It could be “What’s half of one-hundred?” Or, it could be some complex advanced differential equation, or like a LaPlace transform. LOL. What kind of crap is that?

    Bettman’s Canadian Math Skills Contest? Lol, thank goodness I’m American, I might have a shot at this after all! :D

  41. True Blue Mike on

    I have been with Kevin every step of the way on this one and even gave him “5 reasons to vote for Avery” over at his blog. If everyone could just vote for Avery 10-20 times a day we could make up this an interesting race to the end. The easiest way to vote is by sending a text to the number 81212 reading “Avery” and your vote will be counted. If you have unlimited text messaging plan you can vote at will without any charge other than your monthly phone bill. With most black berries it is particularly easy to send 100s of votes in less than 5 minutes. By typing the message, sending it, then opening it again and forwarding it to 81812 by saving that number to your contacts. Good Luck Avery

  42. Hey Bonehead, give me your knife and vote for our fellow Greaser Avery. Ya know we gotta win that fight tonite… We gotta get even with those Socias… Let’s do it for Johney! We’ll do it for Johney!


    Sorry! But this whole trying to get Avery into the allstar game seems to have a very Greaser vs Soc theam to it. With the rest of the league and Bettman etc not wanting Avery (and that type of player) to be playing in the allstar game.

  43. billybleedsblue on

    TrueBlueMike, which is the number? 81212 or 81812? You included both of those in your post. I’m not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to text the votes in.

  44. dang, an immediate non-game day wicky….

    RR rules!!!!!! if Aves makes it, I hope he sends Carp cookies, or at least some warren mac n cheese :)


  45. I voted for Avery numerous times already, and going to keep voting until the deadline, just to tick off Bettman!!!!

  46. wicky 2

    mama is digging all the Aves loving today…..new posters especially!!!

    OK, off for chow….serious last ta…..fade to black :)

  47. Kevin- Please, no need to thank me..seriously.

    This Avery voting tizzy might be the glee-est thing I’ve seen on this blog

  48. Just askin’

    Will Parise fall into the 4 ones category, coming off an injury where he misses the majority of the season?

    If the compensation is based on the average annual salary/ cap hit number , that would be over a million $ more than Kovy gets per year.


    Over $6,183,925 to $7,729,907 Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
    Over $7,729,907 Four first-round choices

  49. ddeb, LMAO! and I just finished watching last night’s Glee……:)

    did I say TA? I meant it…..TA!

  50. Mama – All I know is Stepan is a self proclaimed gleek and that Orr co-opted usage of the word and it’s variations. I’m just borrowing.

  51. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I think parise is a great player, but I am honestly worried about him being a devil. We don’t do well getting former devils. Holik probably played the best of the bunch, but he was so grossly overpaid.

  52. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    like 3 laurels already!!

  53. Anyone watching the SJS-Flyers game? Briere scored with .1 seconds left in OT. Goal got overturned because the puck hit the line just as the time hit 0.0. It doesn’t get any closer than that

  54. Wickey – the brawl is a classic! Can you imagine John Gianonne saying “he deserves to be beaten to hell for that” – lol. No pansification of hockey there.

  55. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    glad everyone enjoyed that link! I thought it was pretty funny myself!!

  56. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    did anyone catch hockey night live this past weekend and hear maloney (I think it was maloney) talking about players trying to handle things themselves on the ice but the officials broke it up and he said something to the effect of “no wonder there are so many head injuries because the fun police always come and break things up before anything can be done”??

  57. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I once again say torts needs some coaching lessons, this time from bylsma of the pens. I’m not a fan of the pens announcers, but this time they get it 100% right from why certain players were on the ice to the officials should have stopped those last couple of punches to the law of the jungle!

  58. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I know it’s voros, but that is the d man slats needs to get. Remember a couple of weeks ago the guy that ran luongo and bieksa just turned around and started thumping the guy. Of course torts is such a moron that he would probably sit bieksa for a week for doing it. Nut him like he did avery. Torts is an idiot!!


  59. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    In all fairness to me, bieksa is one of the guys I have “yelled” about for a while!

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