Rangers in the Christmas spirit


This is one area where you can never say a bad word about the New York Rangers:

They do good deeds and they have produced some of the great deed-doers.

So today is the mother of all their good-will events, Adam Graves and his annual Toys for Tots drive.

If you are anywhere near MSG today, and if you can afford it, I urge you to buy a toy and bring it (unwrapped) to the Theater lobby between 4 and 7 p.m. (doors open at 3:45 p.m.). Brian Boyle and Derek Boogaard will stop by for an hour at 4; Steve Eminger and Matt Gilroy at 5; and Michael Sauer and Derek Stepan at 6.

The event benefits the U.S. Marines’ Toys for Tots drive … and if you can’t make it, there are plenty of other Toys for Tots events during the holiday season. Try to find one and do something really nice for somebody you’ll never meet. You might be surprised how good it makes you feel.


The Rangers are also involved in some other events today. Michael Del Zotto is hosting a youth street hockey clinic to start a series of 10 clinics around NYC; Chris Drury and Michal Rozsival are delivering coats and goodie-bags in Harlem as part of the Garden of Dreams coat drive; and Brandon Prust is doing a hockey clinic and autograph session for kids.


Off-topic a bit, boy, those Super Bowl champion Jets did a lot of talking early in their showdown in Foxboro, didn’t they? Especially LT Lite. I would have loved to watch that game with my buddy Joe Benigno, just for the pure entertainment value.

And did you catch any of the Devils-Penguins game? I didn’t see much, but I did watch John MacLean’s post-game press conference, and I have to say, it’s really, really uncomfortable watching him try to unravel his team’s demise while saying “you know” in every sentence, maybe 50 times or more all together. Ugh.


Back to hockey for a moment, USA Hockey will announce its preliminary roster for the 2011 junior national team today at 11.

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  1. It’s unbelievable what the Rangers do for the kids, can’t say enough. Keep it up, Adam and Co.

  2. I tried to buy a doll for the kids but it was the last one on the shelf. I reached for it but so did another man. As I reigned blows upon him it dawned on me that there had to be a better way.

  3. ……..It was destroyed. But out of that, a new holiday was born. “A Festivus for the rest of us!”

  4. Hey Carp, wasn’t the Rangers the biggest contributor to the Human Fund? I believe Kruger Industrial Smoothing was a close second.

  5. Johnny the toy drive isn’t over until you pin me!!

    Carp- question- all due respect to the guys who always seem to be involved in this thing, isn’t it their biggest charity event of the year? Kind of suprised that the likes of Gaborik, Lundqvist, Staal and Dubi aren’t going to show their faces..

  6. Rangers play TB at home on Festivus.

    MSG will observe the holiday with an aluminum pole pre-game ceremony followed by feats of strength featuring Derek Boogaard.

  7. I really hope we wipe the floor with them on Thursday. And That Carkner gets a Boogey man beat down

  8. how about Frolov complaining about not getting enough icetime. You think we can package him with Gilroy and get maybe like a 3rd rounder or something???

  9. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Thanks for the other links btw…..gotta like the boogey man…and carkner…frolov, eh!!

  10. Johnny, Gravey and ilb, I’ll get the pole. it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. And it requires no decorating. I find tinsel distracting.

    You guys are cracking me up getting into the Festivus Spirit.

    James G, yeah, I noticed that, too. Didn’t want to say it.

    Good morning, Sally, 26!

  11. For Christmas, maybe the Rangers can give Frolov to the Devils.

    I think we should all just take a moment, this holiday season, to really sit and appreciate how badly the Devils are imploding, because I’m not sure how deeply we are feeling this wonderful moment.

  12. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I’ll say this about frolov, he is pretty good on NHL11. The heritage jerseys look super cool in the game!!

  13. I’ll say this about frolov, he is pretty good on NHL11. The heritage jerseys look super cool in the game!!


    So we got that going for us, which is nice. He actually is a pretty decent player in that game. He’s scored a couple of OT winners for me.

  14. Is Frolov that guy who skates on the 4th line with Boog?
    Is he that guy who was supposed to play with Gabby?
    The guy who was supposed to score goals on the top line?
    He’s the guy who got plenty of ice time to show something, right?
    The who should be riding pine?

  15. Free street hockey clinics

    Today the city will begin a series of free, indoor, street-hockey clinics for kids at 10 recreation centers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. The clinics will be open for kids ages 8 to 16 and will run for eight weeks through the end of January. For a list of locations, go to


  16. >>I’ll say this about frolov, he is pretty good on NHL11.

    Let’s hope he’ll take your team to the NHL11 playoffs.

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