Senators-Rangers in review


Yes, that’s right, kids. The sky is falling.

This was an unsightly loss, caused by a dreadful start and a God-awful defensive-zone breakdown late in the third period.

But … c’mon. Teams don’t have bad losses during 82-game seasons?


1) What do you do if you’re a player or a coach and you don’t know why your team is sluggish, and you can’t seem to get out of it? I know, there’s no answer to that question. Or if there is, the Rangers don’t have it.

2) A lot of emphasis was put on the two non-calls against Gaborik. I thought on the first one he was tripped. I thought the second one deserved no penalty.

3) That doesn’t excuse the lethargy and the parade of lazy/careless passes that marked that power play, nor the play(s) that led to the short-handed goal — the final one by Gaborik.

4) That new No. 1 line sure looked lousy on the GWG. All three of them, and the two young third-pair defensemen.

5) I liked Stepan on the power play. He had a few gaffes, but also did some good things. I liked Staal there, too, except for one pass on the early PP that led to the SHG. Stepan was not to blame for the shorty.

6) Imagine if Alex Kovalev played. What’s that? He did?

7) I don’t know why they play these 5 p.m. games. It’s no excuse, but the arena was dead, and it’s an odd time for the players. Should have been worse for Ottawa, which played at home the night before.

8) Alex Frolov is inching closer to the prucha list.

9) Rozsival’s been pretty good since he got back. He played a few shifts with Staal yesterday. I like Staal-Rozsival and Girardi-Del Zotto a lot better than the other way around.

10) Sorry for the late post. Today I got off to the same kind of start the Rangers had last night.

11) That was not the type of loss after which you’d like three days off. On the positive side, the Rangers get to play the Senators again. Should be some payback theme.


AP Photo, above.

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  1. not only can’t frolov score he is terrible in his own zone getting the puck out.

    he plays in slow motion and cannot shoot from more then 3 feet away… higgins actually was better then him, staggering…………..

  2. Off topic … Pat Gillick is going into the baseball Hall of Fame. How is it possible that Gillick is a Hall of Famer (taking nothing away from what he did) … and Pete Rose, Don Mattingly, Roger Maris have had no shot of getting in?

  3. Jay Riemenschneider on

    At one point I was watching and thinking… “Who is that guy with the puck that looks like they’re skating in slush, is that Boogard? Oh… it’s just Froloaf. Duhhh.”

  4. I disagree about not wanting 3 days off after this game, Carp. Normally it would be good to get right back on the horse but the Rangers have had way too many 3 games in 4 nights and 4 games in 6 nights over the past month. I believe that 3 days off to regroup and rest a little is just what the doctor ordered right now. Let’s see how they play on Thursday.

  5. LOL Carp. I think you answered your own question. Pete Rose is well, Pete Rose. The other 2, well I think the reason is fairly obvious. :)

  6. I am sorry Carp but if you dont know whey they play those 5 pm games then I will be able to provide you with an answer :)

    They care about their fans from Europe allowing them to watch at 11pm instead of waitung until 1 am in the morning :) This is very respectful to all of those watching late at night needing to go to work the next day, and..

    then I dont need to tell you how much better it is for the stomach to get the dinner two hours earlier after the game or do you like to sleep with a full belly late at night ???:)

  7. Pete Rose should be in. Off the field stuff is off the field, I hate that double standard sports in general seems to have. As far as the game….yeah, it was ugly. Thursday couldn’t come soon enough.

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Tony, it got up to 70 degrees yesterday here in NY… 35 in the morning, 35 in the afternoon.

  9. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    That was a game we would have lost last year. This team is better when it fights, it really is. Boogaard needs to get more ice time, but at least torts admitted he had a problem playing boogey.

  10. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Carp, while Stepan is definitely not to blame for the shorthander, you can’t help but feel like if it was a defenseman or more experienced forward, that bad pass doesn’t elude him so terribly that Kelly gets away, or, in the alternative, he would have interfered with Kelly to eliminate the potential breakaway.

  11. Pardon Me….

    a dman would have stopped it similar to what Rozy or Staal have done in the past?
    give the kid a break. he was doing some pretty good things up there
    and hopefully MDZ is learning something while sitting more.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    jpg, first, I should apologize for using the Pardon Me persona as there is no game tonight.

    Second, I’m not saying it was his fault, but yes, I think Staal and/or Rozsival do a better job of keeping Kelly from getting that breakaway, even if they have to hook/hold/interfere with him to do it.

    That’s especially so in Rozsival’s case, since those tactics come quickly to him.

  13. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Was in attendance at the Garden yesterday & I agree with Carp about how dead it was. I could count on 1 hand how many times the place got loud, including the (non-hetero) Larry dance. The highlight of the night was shaking Dave Maloney’s hand when he walked by my section! Carp – did you get a look at his awful suit?!

  14. All good points, Carp. I just have to disagree on #11. This is a type of situation when the teams’ heart is there, but the legs are not willing. 16 games in November coupled with the aggressive style this team has been playing. Add Torts unwillingness to roll four lines on consistent basis and you have a very tired team. Mental mistakes usually follow. The are also coming from that emotional back-to-back against Fishsticks. I think the schedule is finally reflecting on the games. Perfect three days to rest. Let’s see how they come out Thursday. Ottawa looked like very beatable, especially in their end, team.

    Stepan should continue QBing the power play. Even if it was his fault, I’d be willing to take the risk. Let him grow. MDZ just isn’t cutting it at the moment. He needs more time too. I believe that Stepan could be very effective, but he should slide down to the left half boards more often.


    On a serious note- I hate Frolov

  16. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Does the garden ever get loud anymore?

  17. It would be a very bad knee jerk reaction by Sather to trade anybody for Richards right now. I can’t see any reasons why. If we looked like a serious contender, I’d say go for it. But he is going to be available at the end of the season for money. Why do I have a feeling that Sather may do it anyway?

  18. Well Shattenkirk the pic of the game after the one with mama, might be me with Spike Lee. We were sitting right by him

  19. Speaking of Kreider, he had a nice game last weekend against BU. Kid’s got some serious speed and good hands.

  20. lol ilb…because thats what Sather does. i’m sure just as it was with both kovalchuk and st louis…sather will want to do something stupid, he just wont have the cap room to do it

  21. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Is this the last time we can put todd white on waivers without actually doing something with him??

  22. Last nights loss was so reminiscent of last years team.

    Those are the games that kept us out of the playoffs, and most likely will keep us out this year.

    I don’t have hope for this team, but I would like some of these kids to at least get some playoff experience, even if it means a quick first round exit.

  23. Miami, it actually looked more like an amateur hour to me. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  24. Orr- all due respect- why are you so negative about this team? I mean they’re 16-12 and while they havent been overly impressive they’ve remained consistent. they havent gone on 3 or 4 game losing or winless streaks and they havent been getting shut out or losing games 7-2. The PP hasnt been great but it hasnt been as bad as the last few years and we have solid goaltending and a pretty balanced offense. Much worse Rangers teams have made it to the playoffs over the last several seasons.

  25. Todd White is done. Only reason he stuck around were injuries to Drury and Prospal.

    Frolov I gotta believe is on his way out too. I get the sense that his agent pushed him to sign with us as his last shot at staying in the league where he really wanted to go to the KHL. Don’t keep him around as long as Higgins and Kotalik, get him off the roster now.

  26. Good afternoon all! beth, I look like I’m about to devour you both in that picture!

    Ahem, not everyone in the Garden was quiet. Beth can attest to that :) and probably Spike Lee, but I doubt he’ll return your calls.
    On a more consistent note, mama again did not get to talk to Aves at warren. Then again, wasn’t quite the night to pass the team and say great game…:(

  27. >>Speaking of Kreider…got some serious speed and good hands.

    Rico Fata had some serious speed; Marcel Hossa has good hands.

  28. Shattenkirk, yes, I caught Maloney’s suit. But you won’t hear me say anything bad about him. …

    ilb, you’re not allowed to disagree with me, either. lol.

    beth, great pic.

    Todd White is the first one overboard when Drury comes back. I don’t know if he goes to Hartford or if there is another option.

  29. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    who was the hottie next to you and the man in the pic?

    Did anyone see the crap assen ejection by the officials in the blues hawks game of scott and janssens? What a joke!!! PANSIFICATION!!!

  30. the hottie next to beth was a supermodel that looks like she’s early to mid 30s who i happen to be lucky enough to call a friend :)

  31. White should’ve been delivering pizza for Drury’s place since September. Bet you he has a nice Benz with sufficient cargo space to fit 30 pies.

  32. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    didn’t look a day over 26 to me!!!!

  33. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    yes, but can he drive an iphone??

  34. Yeah, wicky, I’ll be happy to give him mine as long as it drives him right to Hartford.

    What pics?

  35. I like that fact that Torts is somewhat protective of Stepan. I think this year, he is really trying to help the confidence of the younger kids and putting more blame on the veterans when they make a play that puts one of the kids in a tough spot.

    Stepan is the real deal… he may not score 40 goals a season in his lifetime, but he is going to collect a ton of assists if we can get some guys who can finish.

  36. When are the Ranger’s going to have more than one breakout routine? The senators knew exactly what they were going to do and got right in their faces. They need to recognize when the other teams have them figured out and make like the Bowery Boys and use routine 4 or 5 and stop playing right into the other team. It was like Ottowa watched tapes on the plane and new exactly how to step into their passing lanes.

  37. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Been reading the rumors about the team looking to grab someone from Minny. Carp – any thoughts?
    The last one worked out great! LOL!

  38. Tiki - I am a nudge: One who persistently pesters, annoys, or complains. on

    cant wait until thursday night

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    According to Eckland (because he never ever makes stuff up), it Pierre-Marc Bouchard from Minny. No thanks, unless they take Roszival.

  40. Yes, Orr…the flying V is needed!!! lmao

    Orr, I completely agree that last night was reminicent of last year’s team. There wasn’t much urgency or heart being displayed. They didn’t play a full 60 minutes. They were clearly mentally and emotionally drained from the back to back games against the Isles. Let’s give them a break and see where they are at after 3 days off and back in Ottawa Thrusday. There will be no excuse for a poor showing at that game…

    However, the NYR are much better this year, than last, and the future looks bright. After watching the Rangers for 25 years, looks to me like we finally seem to have an assemblence of a real homegrown team developing. Not just some free agents thrown together in the summer.

    Richards would make us better but still not a very legit cup contender. There are are more pieces to the puzzle needed than just a 1st line center to get to the promised land. We need another legit sniper (Hopefully that can be MZA) and, as wicky always says, a crease-clearing physically imposing d-man (hopefully that’s McIlrath). We also need some luck too. Look at the Sharks. They have a stacked team every year and can’t win in the playoffs….

    The Rangers really need to mail in one year so we can get top 5 pick! It seems that will never happen in NY. I don’t know about you guys but, a 10th place finish isn’t any worse than 15th to me…

  41. Just catching up today…

    Carp – absolutely love the comment about Kovalev; was at the game last night and actually don’t recall him being involved in anything!

  42. A quote from Brooksie’s article yesterday. If this is true it is hilarious in so many ways.

    “Finally, how about Bill McCreary giving Sean Avery a 10-minute misconduct on Friday at the Garden for telling the referee he wouldn’t be allowed into any of the clubs in the city, either?”

  43. NYR could have drafted Jeff Skinner if they didn’t try so hard to make the playoffs in the final ten games.

    Which all turned out to be a total waste.

    NYR, this team definition has potential for the future, but I still don’t think they’re good enough to make the playoffs this year.

    I figured they’d end up in 11th or 12th place, I predicted, but they might just end up in 9th again.

    The defense still sucks, and Hank is still inconsistent.

    Trading for a guy like Bouchard would be typical Slats. He always tries to bring in the star’s friend, or former teammate. Hmm, how many times has that worked out?

  44. Steve C

    What lanes? The Rangers don’t really have any passing lanes…they are adept at just throwing the puck around, and often just in general direction of a team mate and hope he’s skillful enough to snatch it before someone on the other team smears him.There’s an awful amount of itsy bitsy play in attacking zone, that is agonizing to watch.

  45. Tiki - I am a nudge: One who persistently pesters, annoys, or complains. on

    I dont think I ever updated youse guys, so: My friend that had his 2nd heart attack probably about a month ago is doing great.

  46. ranger tix available

    3/22 tues vs florida 7pm

    section 330 aisle seats face value $110 for pair

    email me if interested

    thanks to ilb and doodie for taking some games enjoy. i will be home with my new son

  47. P.M. Bouchard is one concussion away from retirement. pass
    Trade Gilroy there for prospect max noreau ( defenseman who has scored over 20 goals past few seasons in AHL for houston)

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    They should trade for Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Marc Savard and fuse them together so they have one complete noggin and call him Pierre-Marc Savard.

  49. It seems like Sunday afternoon games in December always go exactly like yesterday. For some reason when the temperature drops, so does the Rangers’ game.

  50. probably just another rumor because he’s a former teammate of Gabby’s and Gabby needs some help. Similar to the “Dimitra to NY is imminent” crud that floated around last year.

    Isn’t there something valuable out there via trade? Like maybe a used jock strap or a giant hockey helmet filled with cream cheese? We could trade Frolov straight up.

  51. It’s so pathetic that we come here and even attempt to argue as to how and why a guy like Christensen fits in with Gaborik. Complete amateur-hour stuff.

    I imagine Gaborik goes home every night and takes a shot of absinthe after having to deal with mickey-mouse passes from a weaksauce center who couldn’t even crack the fourth line on an EHL squad.

    Give the man a first-line center, for Cookie Monster’s sakes.

  52. B Richards = 31 points
    E Christensen = 11 points

    B Richards = 1st line center
    E Christensen = EHL journeyman

  53. I think Richards will be a Ranger by the deadline. Return will be Frolov (dead money), Anisimov, Gilroy, a 1st, and a conditional 2nd (acquired from CAR in Sanguinetti deal) if he resigns with NYR. Any more than that and it ain’t worth it. That’s a fair return.

  54. I wouldn’t give up Anisimov … instead, call up Redden and finish the deal with a sure-fire clincher from the Amateur-Hour League.

  55. You’d actually give up a young guy for Brad Richards?

    We’re not winning the Cup this year, next year, and most likely the year after that.

    I’m all for trying, but try with what you have instead of giving it away for a quick fix that wont even work.


    Trade Artie, and I bet he turns into a mini-Datsyuk, or a mini-Fedorov.

  56. Dallas is in financial trouble. Their ownership is unknown. They won’t get nearly what is Richards’ true market value not only because he would be a rental, but mainly because he has NTC. They will only be able to talk to a very few, if not a couple, if teams he’d be willing to get traded.

  57. So I just managed to “blue screen” the POS (both definitions) machine at CVS … Surprise! It’s running Windows.





  59. Gaborik is going to have to wait till next season to get a #1 center and you all are going to have to watch Stepan and Christensen for the remainder of the season b/c anyone who advocates trading top prospects for Brad Richards is well clueless

  60. CCCP

    Not THE ugliest..

    that’s reserved for the Wild’s regular uniform.

    And that name…”The Wild” …it’s so artsy, so, oh I dunno, so effete?
    They could have had so many other names to choose from that they let slip by. Makes you really wonder about the folks calling the shots with that team.

    I’ve seen half a dozen minor league teams with better names and uniforms.

  61. I tell you what I’d like to see appear on this blog……

    A group photo of all the charter bone heads, who have maintained their connections here. and who’s who in the pic. OR..several shots of three or four at a time .

    It would sort of bring to life all the folks who have been entertaining us with their wit and friendliness these past months and years.

    I’d find room for that in my album in a NY minute.

  62. I tell you what I’d like to see appear on this blog……

    A group photo of all the charter bone heads, who have maintained their connections here. and who’s who in the pic. OR..several shots of three or four at a time .

    It would sort of bring to life all the folks who have been entertaining us with their wit and friendliness these past months and years.

    I’d find room for that in my album in a NY minute.

    Speaking of which…I have to say that watching these games without you all hovering in the background wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is now.

  63. Bahahahaha the Jets..I think Jim Morrison said it the best- when the music’s over turn out the lights!

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