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Brandon Dubinsky:

“We’ve just got to make sure we prepare better next game. I don’t know if it’s because we played a team like the Islanders before and we weren’t ready to go because this is a much better team we played against tonight, but either way, every night’s tough to win in this league. We’ve got to make sure we’re ready right off the get-go and have a good start.”

What was said during the timeout?:

“To start playing the way we can. Start getting pucks deep, start banging, start being aggressive and then start winning battles. We’ve got to make sure that’s a staple of our game. That’s our team identity and that’s the way we need to play for 60 every night.”

“We certainly generated enough chances to win the game even with the start we had, but we’ve got to put a full 60 minutes in or you’re going to find yourself in a situation that we’re in right now, without any points. At the same time. I have a wide open net; I’ve got to find a way to bury that. We’ve got to finish some of our opportunities that we had, and capitalize on those chances.”

On whether the lethargy is contagious.

“You see the start like that and pucks are getting turned over and we’re not  being physical and mentally it gets at you a little bit. Anything in this game is contagious. Success is contagious, physicality, playing well — you see somebody on your team doing that and you come right back on top of them. So I think everything’s contagious including the bad stuff.”

Ryan Callahan: 

“I thought we wore them down a bit (once they began to forecheck) and we were getting some offensive zone time and creating some power plays off of it. But we need to have a better start, and when you do that it’ll carry out for the whole game. We knew they were coming off their back-to-backs, so we wanted to jump on them right away and we didn’t do that when we needed to.”

“It’s surprising. Everybody in here prepares mentally and physically the same way, and you want to start the game off well … that was one of our keys with them coming off (a game Saturday night). And for whatever reason we didn’t do it. I think it hurt us tonight.”

On the contagious feeling:

“It does a bit. I think mentally you’ve got to try to block it out and worry about your next shift, but at the same time it does wear on you. You realize we’re having puck trouble, getting the puck out of the zone and getting pucks in. I think, a good team, you’ve just got to block it out and worry about your next shift and put that behind you, and I thought we did a good job of that after the first period.

“But we’ve got to start off better. That’s inexcusable.”

On these stinkers showing up.

“Yeah, it is (puzzling). I can’t put my finger on one reason we started like that. Unfortunately we did, and we can’t have it and we have to learn from it. The biggest thing is not learning from this and just say ‘Well, it happened.’ We’ve got to look back and see why it happened and correct it moving forward.

“With the way we play, we can’t afford to have starts like that or have stretches like that where we’re not playing intense and not winning battles. The way this team’s built and the way we try to perceive ourselves and our identity is a hard-working team that’s in your face. And when we’re not doing that, we’re not playing our game and we’re an easy team to play against.”

Marian Gaborik:

On the breakaway:

“I don’t know. I thought it was a penalty. On second look, I don’t know. … I had to wait for the puck. They could have called it but I’m not sure.”

On the trip on the power play:

“Again, I think that should have been a penalty, sure. But then again, I have to make a better play to Step there. It kind of bounced on me a little bit, you know? Then he couldn’t do much there. So I have to make it flat for him.”

On the slow start:

“They came out really strong, they were really skating, and we were kind of shocked. We have to have a better start, especially, we know they’re going to come — they haven’t been winning lately and they haven’t been scoring, so we have to make sure we’re ready because they really got on their horse and they were flying.”

On the game-winning goal:

“They just got the puck from behind the net and they got a guy driving in, so late in a game, we have to do a better job there.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

What was said during the timeout?

“I don’t know. I wasn’t there.”

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  1. Despite tonight, this is still a halfway decent team, especially in the East, where Detroit does not reside, but Pittsburgh is looking pretty good.

  2. The thing with the Hobbit is they already got him. I wouldn’t expect him to fill the net, but he might supply a little more offence. What have they got to lose? I am interested to see how he does in the NHL. He looked good in the olympics.

  3. It’s a very tired team. I don’t know what game they were watching that makes them say there were a lot of good things in the second and third periods. There weren’t. The last five or ten minutes they were lazy and playing as though they were up by three, not barely tied by the skin of their teeth. It was clear to anybody watching that they were going to at least give one goal up before the game was over.

    There was NOTHING good about this game. Nothing. I don’t care what Tortorella says, this entire game was just pathetic. This team has a habit of getting into trouble and then just having constant defensive and neutral zone turnovers. And the last few games have been just as awful. The only reason they barely got four points out of the Islanders games is because the Fishsticks are actually even worse.

  4. Well.. despite the loss I had a great time at the game. Got to meet and speak with Carp and Laurel which was awesome! About half way through the second period the man and I went down and sat with Laurel for the rest of the game which was so much fun, and I got my picture taken with Spike Lee!! If only they had won…. :(

  5. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Why must Tortorella keep calling time out to “inspire” these guys? Hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars isn’t enough? The privilege of wearing an NHL sweater doesn’t quite do it?

    Tortorella has done a nice job controlling his rage this year, but games like this are gonna make him blow.

    Oh well, I’m sure the boys are turning in early, worried about their inconsistent enthusiasm and work ethic.

  6. It was a bummer game, but Step looked pretty good overall on the PP. The movement was better, and the PP was more decisive.

    If I remember correctly, Sauer and Eminger were on the ice for the second Kelly goal–up until that point, I thought Sauer had a really nice game.

  7. This team is stacked with 3rd and 4th line players. Very evident tonight. Not much skill around the net other than Gabby

  8. Cookie Monster (aka Miami Pimp) on

    this team is stacked with mickey-mouse garbage and will struggle to get to 8th place unless Gabby is given a quality center …

    I mean, seriously, we wasted Gretzky by refusing to give him a quality winger … we then proceeded to waste Bure by refusing to give him a quality center …

    Rinse ‘n Repeat

  9. Love the youth on the team, but there are plenty of times this season when strong veteran players can make a difference. Gabby can’t be responsible for teaching and defense and scoring all at once.
    Torts loves to blame the players, but maybe he is occasionally at fault as well. There hasn’t been a true number one center here since Nylander left — now who’s fault might that be? Missing in Action Sather perhaps?

  10. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Gabby doesn’t need a quality center right now, he needs to play harder and play smarter. He’s been nearly invisible for all but two games against the two worst teams in the league.

  11. Wow, Miami Pimp,

    That’s one of the best posts I’ve seen here a far as looking back and realizing just how incomplete the puzzle has been. This team could finish higher than 8th based on their work ethi and if the goaltending returns to form, but that remains to be seen.

    Lots of talk right now about what those new pieces might be and what it’ll take to get them.

    But that I won’t get into cause many of the posters here are a bunch of unnecessarily nasty SOBs.

  12. How is Gaborik supposed to play defense, score goals, and make sure the young kids are all ok? It’s not hard for the opposing team to shut down one player, as we saw last season.
    How many top teams have the Rangers beaten this year? — not so many. They work hard, and don’t give up, but they only have one top guy on the top line — that’s not good.

  13. See? CCCP, you were one of the most miserable pricks here, for no reason.

    You WISH you knew what was being talked about right now.

  14. that’s right rod… i am a miserable prick! what you gonna do about that? lol

    and yes i WISH with all my heart to know what is being talked about! i will not sleep tonight WISHING i knew what you know!

  15. just watched game on dvr.

    pathetic freaking pp once again in a tie game in 3rd per. once again late goal does us in. i am ticked now as these are the games we continue to lose at home against teams we are battling

    atlanta carolina ottawa.

    if any of you think we are chasing flyers and pens your mistaken.

    have to get a god damn point with 2:24 left in the game. CANT LOSE LATE






  17. I know many of you may disagree but, we definitely missed Drury in a game like tonight’s…It should be a positive spark when he comes back…

  18. this team has now gone 2 years losing at home. THAT is what kills this team, their inability to win at home. period.

  19. pathetic refs who did not call that trip by Ruutu on gaborik. that would have given the rangers a 2 man adv. it was the most clear case of tripping you could have, and it was done by a known punk agitator who is always playing over the edge. since when does letting your stick go after the foul is committed absolve you of a penalty??

  20. I don’t miss Drury at all. I miss all the talent his salary could buy.


    that’s finny, Olga…but i am not sure Sather would bring the talent we need…just look at what Redden’s salary is being wasted on…White and Frolov

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    That is the crux of the matter C3P. Sather will never assemble the right talent. He makes too many stupid acquisitions. Then he fixes his mistakes with more mistakes.


    Until then, Let’s Go Black Hawks.

  22. like last year to ottawa. they came in reeling, rangers were on vacation and lost and ottawa went on a roll fro mthere. the rangers came out ill prepared and if they think they can win with there superior talent they are surely delusional.

    refs sucked as usual on the gabby trip shorthanded but when you score 1 goal what do you expect. stepan had about 3 glorious chances but missed the net, dubi shanked 1 with the net wide open, MDZ cannot hit the net to save his life, boyle misses the net all the time, and a blown coverage in the last 3 minutes in your own zone.

    btw looks like emminger is regressing again…………..

    so a loss to the islander and ottoawa laready, 4 point lost for ever…….

    cannot get over 5 games +………….bad bad loss………….

  23. Eric- point taken. I never said the PP was great. I said Step looked good aside from the short-handed goal. “It was a bummer game, but Step looked pretty good overall on the PP. The movement was better, and the PP was more decisive.”

    It’s not a great PP at all. But you have to admit that at least they function better. You have a better chance of scoring on the PP with puck movement. You probably won’t score at all if you can’t keep possession on the PP, or if you’re just not making the penalty killers move around enough. They had better pressure. Again, it’s not great–but I never said that in the first place. I said they looked better. Results happen when the PP improves, and to me, a good sign that they’re improving is that they control the puck and create chances.

    I think we all want to see results. All I was trying to say is that they’re making steps in the right direction to get those results.

  24. >>Henrik Lundqvist:
    >>What was said during the timeout?

    That’s it, scratch him for the next match. He can’t keep missing those important team meetings.

  25. >>this team has now gone 2 years losing at home. THAT is what kills this team, their inability to win
    >>at home. period.

    Perhaps they’re too comfortable living in the City? That sort of comfort could make a man lazy and lethargic, you know?

  26. Someone mentioned in a prior posting that Gaborik looked bad on that goal. Gaborik looked bad? who didn’t?

    I think that quite a few fans wold be surprised at how often Gaborik gives away the puck. More than you might think.

  27. Is Rod at the Board of Governors meeting this week for us all? Hope to see some informative reports on a daily basis.

    How is Willie Mitchell’s latest injury doing?

  28. Can you people ease up a little with the “the world is ending” routine? we get it. every aspect of the team stinks after a Lundqvist, fire Torts, Gabby and the crew are awful. and of course if we won it woulda been “just another loss against a struggling team so and so missed man coverage on this play and this guy shoulda shot that time he passed” It’s a long season and let’s face it- we’ve seen losses that are uglier in the past

  29. James, I’m sure you know some of us pay good money to watch this team play. When people pay for a product, I think they’re entitled to express their displeasure however they see fit.

  30. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Seems to me the home team in these early games always bombs. A real trend here is coming into focus. Guess it’s because the road team is already geared up to inconvenience, while the comforts of the home team are disrupted. Rangers should learn from this and never play before dinner time as the home team.

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