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Marc Staal:

On if he could have predicted the contrasts between the two games:

“Not like that, I don’t think. Obviously the way it went (Thursday) was a little too wide open for our preference, and we were able to shut that down and be better. But 1-0 with two seconds left wasn’t exactly the score we’d predict. We’re just happy we got the win.”

Won’t critique them at the end of the year.

“Exactly. it was two big wins for us. We got the four points and we’re not going to look back at the end of the season and look how we got them. We ended up getting them, and we’re happy about that.”

 On whether he expects or hopes to add more offense to his game.

“Yeah, I want to. I’ve been improving and trying to improve on it every year. I think that’s part of the game that can keep getting better. It was a good goal and hopefully they keep coming.”

On the 7-0 record in the second of back-to-backs:

“I think it’s just the guys in the room being mentally tough and coming in and trying to be better and smarter as a team if your legs aren’t as fresh as you want them to be.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“There’s nothing better than winning for your confidence, and when you win back-to-back, guys feel great. Two different games, but four points, so we can win in different types of games, which is important moving forward. It’s hard not to feel great when you’re winning.”

On the 7-0 record on second nights:

“I think a big thing is maybe if you feel a little tired and beat up, you keep the game simple. I think a lot of the back-to-back games we’ve kept the game very simple for ourselves, just chip away and wait for our chances and minimize mistakes. That’s what you have to do. It’s hard to feel 100 percent when you played last night. That’s really tough. But you have to use what you’ve got. If you’re tired and beat up, use the boards and keep it simple. I think that’s been our biggest thing.”

“We played very solid defensively. I think both teams felt like they wanted a solid performance. (Thursday) was a little bit all over the place. You could tell they were a little more in control as well. Like I said before, it’s about winning for us. So we don’t have to put on a show back at home. We knew sooner or later we’d get our chance to score.

“Great win coming back from (Thursday) and we learned a lesson from (that).”

On not seeing the puck very often:

“As long as you keep the zero on the scoreboard you feel confident, you feel good. But if they score two early and then you don’t see the puck for another 10 minutes, that might be tough sometimes. I got to feel the puck a few times during the game and made the saves so I stayed positive.”

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