Rangers-Isles in review/preview


There was a lot of bad about that game last night, but bad/unsightly/grotesque victories beat the living daylights out of good/artistic/glamorous losses. Right? I mean, a year ago, they’d have lost this game 5-2.


1) Sean Avery=difference maker for one of the few times this season, but a lot like he was at the end of the 2008-09 season. I’m pretty sure after the last Gaborik goal he doubled back to have some Avery-like words with the Islanders bench, and probably Martin who challenged him just before the GWG, and that’s why the officials were talking to him on the bench. But we all know Avery can play this way if given the opportunity. And we also don’t know why he can’t always play this way.

2) Marian Gaborik. Every line on which he played was the first line. I liked him with Anisimov and Frolov once or twice when Boogaard was in the box. I really liked him with Dubinsky and Callahan on the PP (wonder if those three could work as a legit first line one of these days).

3) You almost feel sorry for guys like Gillies when they have to fight Boogaard. Man, he’s scary. Just so big and mean. Just a mismatch.

4) What are the odds that both Konopka and Prust get in the boxscore and it isn’t for fighting each other, but for scoring a goal apiece. Prust was terrific again, but there has to be some major concern about that left arm/shoulder. He shouldn’t fight until it’s better, but I’m sure he will if needed. And for Konopka, how’d you like a guy like that on your team. Like Prust, he’ll fight every night, and he can kill penalties, and he’s unbelievable on faceoffs.

5) Faceoffs are becoming a huge problem for the Rangers, aren’t they? And shots that miss the net.

6) I thought Del Zotto was quietly fabulous. Thought Rozsival was pretty good, too.

7) Your shutdown defense pair sure had some non-shutdown moments. The first Islanders goal, they were both awful. The second Islanders goal, they were worse. I know it was Dubinsky who failed to pick up the guy who scored, but the right defenseman (Girardi) was up by the blue line, and the left D (Staal) was along the defensive right wall. Neither was in the picture during the replay, and that’s never good. And right after the Gaborik goal, those two gave up a breakaway off a center-ice faceoff. That should never happen.

8) Brian Leetch is really getting good in the studio.

9) Let’s do this again tonight.


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  1. Not one mention of Gabby’s hat trick or the Rangers on the National Crosby League website this morning. Only Penguin hat tricks and victories mean anything.

  2. First?! I love these early morning posts Carp. I’m living in Australia so I get this right before bed time (Friday.) Crazy win from the boys, but I’ll take the 2 points and keep moving. Excited to get up and watch tomorrow’s game at noon on saturday! Afternoon game, and its not on NBC! Woohoo.

    Good to be back on RR after quite a hiatus. Keep up the good work boneheads.

  3. Good summary Carp.
    Avery is certainly a spark. It seems he needs a new role every game to get him going. Unfortunately, he can not handle top minutes. This will not last long.

    But I have to wonder what the hell this guy does to p*ss off EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE NHL?!? At this point, you would think he would be ignored. Or other players would understand his game.

    I have said it before: Avery is the Hannibal Lechter of the NHL. Brilliant with his madness. He literally OWNS his opponents mentally. Crazy.

  4. “P.A. skated by the bench and basically mocked us,” Avery, who created the winner on the next shift, told The Post. “It was the wrong move for a guy like that.

    “He’s never going to get himself into a club in the city after I send out e-mails.”

    Now that is some funny Carcillo.

  5. Only 11,000 showed up to that game? Sad.

    My buddy called and said he couldn’t (wouldn’t) go to the game. We get good seats (comp.) and usually get together and have a good ole time. After watching the game, I can understand why.

    With that said, is this Charles Wang sabotaging his team in an effort to sell/move them? I know the whole Nassau County/lease deal is disasterous, and the team is minor league, but could this be a desperate and immediate ploy to pack this team up to move?

    Sadly, I hope so.

  6. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Morning after an ugly win ‘Heads!! You just know tonight is going to be one of those grinding, low scoring games.

    LMAO @ cw’s post at 7:25, that’s hilarious!!

    Hope you guys have a great Friday!!!

  7. Girardi and Staal are much better apart then together, but that second goal was ALL dubi, he was just watching the puck and completely lost his man, completely hooks him too if you watch the replay

  8. Couldn’t watch last night because I was playing, but I’ll be watching tonight’s rematch.

    There is no such thing as an ugly win. They are all beautiful.

    Another Gaborik hat trick tonight would be nice.

  9. Morning all….I am really looking forward to tonights game. A lot of things will have to be better for a win tinight. I’m sure Torts had lots to say after last night, win or no. you won’t win many playing like that.

  10. Yeah, it was all Dubi’s fault on that 2nd goal. S + G picked up the 1st 2 forwards, it’s Dubi’s job to pick up the 3rd. He didn’t, Biron missed the poke check, goal.

    LMAO @ Pap talkin s**t to Rozi after he stepped up on him, and continuing to talk s**t for the rest of the game every time they got together.

    Speaking of him, Rozi had a damn good game last night.

    I still take a 1-arm Prust over White. Someone remind me why they sent Kennedy down again???

  11. Staal has been inconsistent this year. And now we know why Avery drives all the players in the NHL crazy — he threatens their nightclub access — how evil. Suspend him at once.

  12. boogy tired himself out bigtime by the end of that fight. u see how hard he was breathing? and could barely stand. he needs to lose weight. it looked kinda funny both their fighting styles. boogey with his t rex arms and gillies flailing around.

  13. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Boogaard has really poor balance. In boxing, a lot of fighters have too much upper body strength and so their legs are too light for their weight class. As a result they don’t generate as much power as possible on their punches and have poor balance.

    I think Boogaard has the same problem. He needs to be stronger on his feet so he can’t just get jerked around by smaller men. Once he is steady at his base, anything he lands will be devastating.

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  15. Shoot the puck Barry on

    CW– that was a hilarious quote by Avery about P.A… Was that really in the Post? I didn’t see it P.A. has some skills offensively, but it seems like he is mostly a one-way player.

    While it was a sloppy game overall, gotta love the fact that the boys kept on coming back. There’s something about the team this year– the eye of the tiger or something– that keeps them into it. I like it– it makes them interesting to watch, even when they are down.

  16. Does anyone think PA would be in the NHL if it wasn’t for a few shootout goals last year and the fact that the Isles don’t particularly care about competing this year?

  17. MDZ has to hit the net more…

    what about after the 3rd gabby goal, girardi and staal almost gave up the tieing goal off the faceoff at center ice.

  18. Pardon Me Machetto on

    CTB, I wish everyone on the team would work with that lady. The proof is in the pudding.

  19. it appeared watching the game last night the rangers decided to play down to the islanders level. The islanders are basically a minor league team and the rangers defense is brutal.

  20. Does anyone think PA would be in the NHL if it wasn?t for a few shootout goals last year and the fact that the Isles don?t particularly care about competing this year?


    Highly doubt it, there’s a reason why he was drafted so low and never cracked the Rangers lineup. The guy has great hands but is a pretty lousy skater. Maybe Barb Underhill would work wonders for him like she did for Boyler.

  21. I met PAP last year at W77. It was him, Avery and Voros. Avery is obviously the superstar at his own bar, Voros was the nicest of the 3. PAP had a bit of a “can’t be bothered” attitude.

  22. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me domi, but I would rather not have a repeat of last night. They better come with much more focus for the entire 60 minutes.

    Carp really hit the nail on the head yesterday: This is the Stanley Cup Final for the Islanders. Which, when you consider it that way is pretty sad. Them playing at their absolute best lost to us when we were asleep for about 2/3s of the game.

  23. Can someone explain to me who PA Parenteau thinks he is? Who is he to mock us? Things like this really bother me. P.A. Parenteau should be counting his lucky stars that he’s even in the NHL. He has very little to no hockey skill whatsoever.

  24. nice notes Carp

    love this quote from Avery from Brooks coverage today

    regarding p.a. paranteau trash-talking at Rangers bench

    “P.A. skated by the bench and basically mocked us,” Avery, who created the winner on the next shift, told The Post. “It was the wrong move for a guy like that.

    “He’s never going to get himself into a club in the city after I send out e-mails.”

  25. Good nearly end of morning all!!!
    It’s proof of my illness that I couldn’t join the festivities here last night or you naturally would have been swamped with Sweet 16s! But it’s a miracle on ice! I am almost healed today. Yay!

    Some thoughts:
    new first line=fabulous. for all the asterisks always put near Aves’ great play, I take this moment too say I told you so. Give him ice time and he’ll use it. Cracks me up that Torts said he didn’t expect him to be a play maker, yet voila.
    I loved when he went past the sticks’ bench fr his “chat” and his quote in the Post today is CLASSIC!
    cw, you’re post at 7:14 (the end) was great. OK, enough said on this topic. SWEET 16!

    Staal played last night? huh, must have missed that part.

    Yes, it was ugly, and who’s happy about giving up 5 to the sticks. But we kept at it, dug in and won! Yes, we had some flaws, but we dug in and won. Just like carp said at the top, I’ll take it. And like EC said post-game, hey, that’s hockey, momentum changes, etc., but that’s what makes hockey great. I say amen to that.

    Carp, I was thinking the same thing about Leetch.

    I had more but I forget. All I know is I went to bad sick but happy, and woke up better and happier. LGR tonight!!!!!


  26. Tony, ditto on Maloney. I enjoy listening to him more on the radio than the MSG guys (sorry Sam)

  27. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    I agree with you also Tony thats why I mute the T.V. and listen to the radio love when Maloney goes nuts after a missed or bad call

  28. Pardon Me Machetto on

    “But my favorite is Dave Maloney, tells it like it is”

    That’s why he’s on the radio.

  29. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Agree, Leetch seems very natural. I would not mind seeing him replace Joe M.

    I have always thought that Avery should be given a shot at 1st line. his backhand passing is top notch. Strong on the boards and a quick backhand pass out to a waiting Gabby is a winning formula.

  30. The entire team would need to pay Gretzky rent if that’s the case. They spend far too much time down there with their back to the goal.

  31. paulieplatypus on

    Avery has the skill to be a great hockey player, but the reason I feel he cant play like he did last night every night is because he’s usually battling some sort of injury. There’s a heavy price to be paid for playing the type of game Avery plays and every game it seems someone(s) from the other team goes out of their way in an attempt to put Avery on the IR. Chances are Avery wont be able to dodge every bullet for an entire season (like the knee on knee hit he narrowly escaped last night). I just hope he’s healthy enough come playoff time to play like he did last night.

  32. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Interesting quotes from #16 about knowing where Gabby is. I think Tortorella may have found something with that line. Plus, you have some creative tension with Avery and EC over the flap a few weeks ago where EC ran his mouth about the Avery punch from the Oilers game. Very interesting, indeed. I like the fact that that line can play and stir up some trouble at the same time.

    While it had a few defensive lapses, I kind of like Stepan on the line with Dubi and Cally. Ultimately, however, I think Stepan will take over the #1 C spot from EC.

    Carp is right about the faceoffs– that’s why we need Drury back.

  33. Shoot, “Interesting quotes from #16 about knowing where Gabby is.” agreed. I liked how he said he’d been studying him. Sure paid off last night….

  34. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    So the natural whiner scores a natural hat trick with his natural sausage lips. He’s still a natural carcillo-head.
    I hope the Avery/Gabo line stays together for Linda’s sake tonight!



  35. i see PAP is enemy #1 now! lol

    what did you expect from a guy that never got a fair shot as a Ranger…i wouldn’t be writing love letters to the Rangers either if i was PAP!

  36. The Ec, Gabby, Avery line was good last game for sure, and Avery had a great night. That does not mean he will be anything better than average tonight. Lets face it Garborik is the man on that line, EC and Avery are average. I would take Avery over EC any day, although in my opinion EC is a better skater, and has better hands. Avery plays with more grit and gets under the skin of the oposition players, that is a big part of his game. He also can be very smart with the puck, and is good defensively on a good day. I don’t think either is a better than average all round NHLer. I would just love to see this line be great all season long but I doubt it will, and I can’t see it staying together for long.

  37. “P.A. skated by the bench and basically mocked us,” Avery, who created the winner on the next shift, told The Post. “It was the wrong move for a guy like that.

    “He’s never going to get himself into a club in the city after I send out e-mails.”

    Bwahaha! I don’t know what’s better, the fact that they scored on the next shift, or the club ban. I didn’t know Aves had that kind of power in New York.

  38. Avery is an intriguing character…
    * Carp, any idea what he’s saying on the ice that causes opponents to go ballistic, forget the game and chase after him like they’re possessed?
    * Avery’s solid response to being on the first line last night makes me wonder how he would respond to having an ‘A’ on his jersey
    * Being the devilish straw that stirs the Rangers’ drink, who on the team has his back and who doesn’t?

  39. Also, another great scene from last night was seconds before the game winning goal, that random nobody loser, Martin, was challenging and slashing Aves. What a dope. Who the fugg is that guy? Prust needs to kick his ass tonight.

    I’m hoping for Gilles and Booger round two tonight. You could see the look of fear in Gilles eyes. He’s one ugly fugger, along with Konopka.

  40. Poll on the front page of nhl.com today:

    Who would you most want to win a face-off for your team?

    *Sidney Crosby
    *Jonathan Toews
    *Paul Stastny
    *Eric Staal
    *Nicklas Backstrom

    The same Eric Staal who’s under 45% every year and is currently running around 42%? Why not put Stepan and Anisimov up there too?

    You can probably guess who’s winning the vote.

  41. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    pardon me for interrupting…

    Good move by torts putting biron in for dunham last night…bad move by torts not leaving the EC avery gabby line together on the PP…….I still do not get the defence positioning in front of our own net….we should hire ulfie as an assistant for the D men…..We STILL need a physical hard hitting crease clearing D man (have I said said that before?)…..So anyone know what is ailing Prust’s left arm?….Love boogey, gillies was honestly hanging on for dear life…..I don’t know who said it before here, but avery plays like a 4th liner with 4th liner minutes and a 1st liner with 1st liner minutes was dead on…..The Papschmear avery quote is fantastic…..Hope the game tonight is more chippy…..Last yerar, we would have lost that game….yes, the rangers should sign ms. undrhill!!!!


  42. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    cool stat

    AdamRotter Adam Rotter
    RT @DaveLozo: With a regulation win tonight, the Rangers would have as many points as the Devils and Islanders combined.

  43. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I keep having this horrible recurring dream that the fishies move to Quebec and I have to root for them!!!!

  44. I hope Torts doesn’t break up Gaby and Avery. He should do all he can to keep them together. Avery really does give Gaby the space to be deadly around the net. This was just their first game together. Hoping this is just the beginning of something special for the NYR. It is not a coincidence that Avery plays his best hockey when he plays with the best players.

    I also hope that EC mans up, stops being a jackwagon, and keeps playing like he did last night. I love seeing him playing confidently and using that wristshot of his. He’s a huge dork but if he can score goals like that consistently, he is a keeper. He needs to bring it every game, otherwise, he is as good as Todd White.

    Staal, Girardi, Eminger, and Dubi all should be a little more aware defensively tonight. Each of them got burned badly by a Bridgeport Sound Tiger.

  45. Let’s extend our thanks to Sean Avery for knowing how important the Isles rivalry is to Rangers fans and to the NHL, and helping to make these games relevant. Even the Islanders should be thanking him, because frankly no one cares about the Islanders anymore. Avery gets how the media works, and understands how to hype things, and we all get to enjoy the results. The NHL should be grateful for players like Avery getting more than just Rangers fans involved in this rivalry. Once again, thank you, Sean Avery.

  46. So if it were the Bruins and the Fishies in the EC Finals, would you guys root against the Islanders?

    I hope not.

  47. lol CCCP!

    I do know where Mama is! She’s wearing her Avery pajamas while wrapped in her Avery blanket eating her Avery shaped PB&J sandwich!

  48. LOL 3CP. Of course you’re cute. But I think you’re voice sets you apart. You could land carploads of supermodels with that accent.

  49. lol Tony. They’ll be there before the Cubbies ever win a world series!

    I cant believe you;re byfugliening married CTB! Holy carcillo!! Tell Mrs CTB she could only be luckier if you were fan of the Yankees instead of Mets.

    On that topic, has anyone here ever viewed Mariano as the actual face of the Yankees and not Jeter? I always have, as Mariano epitomizes the class, integrity, and humility that the Yankees are!

  50. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me everybody, but that’s Avery’s first really good game in a long time. Let’s not award him the Hart trophy quite yet.

  51. Pardon me, Pardon Me Machetto but this is the first time in a long time Avery got playing minutes where he can actually be effective. True…no hart trophy yet but when given assignment Avery always comes through.

  52. hey guys, we wouldnt have scored that 3rd goal last night without palsy staalsy flubbd shot that prsut directed in!! at least i think it was staal. mightve been it sauer?

  53. Pardon me Doodie, but Avery is tied for the most assists on the team. And, until yesterday, his TOI was less then limited. Not suggetsting he is a second coming of Adam Oates, but he deserves some credit.

  54. ehh aves couldve and shouldve had at least 2 goals last night. not saying he didnt play great, cuz he did, its just that he has played on teh top line before and alot of times last year and this year so far, he is way too inconsistent from game to game.

  55. CT, LMAO!
    C3 and ilb, correct!
    pardon me doodie, but you are not pardoned!

    hey, grabby, welcome back! how was the trip! Please send info about the island to lbabs@aol.com
    was the wedding fabu? do you remember any of it :)

  56. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon Me CCCP, but Avery started the season with meaningful minutes but lost them due to ineffectiveness and being turnover prone.

    In fact, on the behind the net pass to Gaborik, the whole play started on a turnover from Avery. I will give him credit in that he then forced the Islanders to turn it back, but it doesn’t erase the turnover.

  57. Mama, take more Tylenol, please. Or Motrin. The flu is still affecting you, sorry. Gabby went to the Island, Grabby stayed…

  58. If I were an Islanders fan, I’d move to Kansas City voluntarily today. And move back when the team goes there.

  59. oh hartnell. you are correct. dang it all. hey, i’m doing the best i can in my weakened state and while having to read the usual dinging of Aves after a great night. how much is one girl supposed to take!

    (sorry grabs)

  60. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me ilb, but Avery had about the same amount of icetime through the first 15 games of the season and sporadically thereafter.

    Also, subtracting the 3 assists he got last night, he would only have 9. He also has 3 assists in his last 18 games before last night. And while 12 assists may be tied for the lead on the Rangers, it is not an impressive total.

    He also has only 1 goal. And as Grabachev pointed out, he blew a couple of golden opportunities.

    My point is, We’ve seen the one random excellent Avery game from time to time every season. He just usually has one and then disappears afterwards. Let’s see him put a few games together before we start talking about how wonderful he is.

    And Pardon Me Mama, but you’re far to biased to be trusted in a conversation about Avery.

  61. They(the Fishsticks) payed the best, perhaps the most spirited game of the season, scored 5 goals and still lost in regulation. Where is this schmuck Tommy today?

    Having said that, the Rangers got too much of that “swagger” that Avery suggested after their second goal. They, again, took them for granted. I expect a very hard game. And if the Rangers start dominating, Torts should insist on killer instinct.

  62. Pardon me, but I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about! In fact, I am flabbergasted by that comment! (lol)

    here’s one truth tho…..few players get as many negative comments after a success. when dubi falls of the truck and then succeeds it’s all, yay, he’s back! with aves, it’s yeah, but let’s see. just irks me, that’s all. and if that last comment shows my bias, so be it. The guys works dang hard and I for one and proud he’s on my team.

  63. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me ilb, the Rangers’ lack of killer instinct is the exact reason why I have not yet trash talked my Islanders fan ex-coworker. I want to win both games before saying anything to him.

    If they split the games, my coworker wins because the Islanders are obviously a worse team.

  64. Avery’s main culprit, along with inconsistency, is his inability to clear the puck safely down the boards in the defensive and neural zones. It’s almost mental. That’s why Torts doesn’t trust him with more minutes and on PK. Doodie, no one is saying he is the best player on the team, but he deserves the credit. And he makes it difficult not to give him offensive minutes.

  65. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Parodn me Mama, but Dubinsky has been consistently excellent this season. The same cannot be said of Avery.

  66. Pardon me everyone… but i just pass a gas


    but seriously tho…

    regarding Avery assists

    we had a similar discussion last night but about Gaborik’s stats.

    Gaborik has 8 goals in 14 games

    6 goals (two yarmulke-tricks) against 2 of the worst teams in NHL (Isls and Edmonton)

    that leave us with 2 goals in 12 games… not very impressive. So if we start breaking down stats of every Rangers player…it’ll get pretty ugly around here! lol

    Only Dubi, Cally and maybe Boyle are the most consistent players for us so far.

  67. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me ilb, I’m not saying Avery doesn’t deserve credit for a great game, whta I’m saying is to reel in the praise a little bit. Someone mentioned Gretzky’s office. Heave Ho said “Avery’s solid response to being on the first line last night makes me wonder how he would respond to having an ‘A’ on his jersey” and referred to Avery as the “devilish straw that stirs the Rangers’ drink.” All of that is so ridiculous after ONE game.

    Remember when Marcel Hossa had a string of like 6 or 7 games when he was a BEAST? Or how about Voros’ start to the season 2 years ago?

    All I’m saying is, it’s one thing to say, “great game by Avery, I hope he keeps it up!” And it’s quite another to say “OMFG! AVERY IS AMAZING!!!!”

  68. CCCP,
    I was here earlier on the previous thread, but I will repeat.
    Avery and Christensen have done it before there problem is sustaining it. the Rangers would be better for it if they could sustain it, but I think they are both very much a tease.

  69. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me CCCP, I actually think the numbers you referred to are an indictment of Gaborik’s play. He was yet to score a meaningful goal this season. The hat trick in the blowout against Edmonton was meaningless. The goal against Pittsburgh came after we were already down 3-0.

    Really, the only goal that has meant anything was his fourth, against Boston, that made it 3-2. Of course, the game ended 3-2, but at least that goal put us back into the game.

    At the beginning of the season, same thing for Dubinsky. He was getting a lot of empty netters. Meaningless.

    While I don’t want to get too excited for a hat trick against the Islanders, at least all three goals meant something to the game.

  70. twas a metaphor….

    I have nothing against “great game by Avery, I hope he keeps it up!” but that’s not what I’ve been reading (obviously, not from everybody). and I proudly and biasedly (is that a word?) say Avery is amazing!!! :)

    and that is all I’m going to add on that subject….until later :)

  71. Tonight’s game is as important as it can get this season. We all know what the Islanders will do. I think they don’t care if they lose all other games this season, but they will do everything to win this one. So it’s up to the Rangers to prove to themselves they’re going in the right direction. Win- and their confidence will go high, lose- they will keep questioning their own ability.

  72. Now that I’ve watched the highlights, Avery should’ve BURIED that 1st chance Gabby set him up with in the slot. The 2nd setup (late in the 2nd i think??) would’ve been a harder one to score with since Gabby’s pass was a little soft to him. But that line was good last night. KEEP IT UP EC, MAKE MY FANTASY TEAM LOOK GOOD!

  73. ilb, I agree. and i am nervous as all get out…..

    everyone else, truce, i call a truce!!!!!

  74. No, JBytes, I think he is an islanders fan. He is full of…inconsistencies. He said he lived in LoHud and have always been an Pens/Islanders fan. Then he conveniently moved to Pittsburgh, but splits time between NY and Pits. Something like that. Hey, I’d be embarrassed to admit I was an Islanders fan too.

  75. by the way CCCP,
    I will always be here to defend my comments. that is the best part of this blog. giving opinions, and being challenged on them, or challenging someone else. that is why this blog is ELITE.

  76. On a different note, I won’t be able to watch with you tonight, ‘heads. Will be driving upstate. I think I’ll be able to watch it on my slingbox around 9. No spoilers! I’ll try the new software they just released for iPad in HD. Has anyone tried it yet?

  77. aww, ilb, you don’t want mrs. ilb driving while you iPad? :)
    say hi to the lake for me…..

    bull dog, now we agree on something!!! happy arf!

  78. Mama- I’d love to but 3G is spotty between exits 16 and 20 on Thruway. HD won’t work. Do you think it’s too cold to fish from deck/dock?

  79. Well it’s quite obvious that neither Avery nor Christensen are going to get any respect from some quarters of this blog. The main reason why EC doesn’t score more is quite likely that he doesn’t really get the opportunity. And for those who castigate him for not hitting and not plahying the game the way THEY think he should, brands him as a dopey loser and should be shunted right of the team.Admitted he doesn’t score may goals, but I’ll tell you, the ones he does score have at times been key shots.
    and he does have to have skilled players on ice with him to excel. What is being demanded of him by certain bloggers will never happen. So get over it.
    He has a distinct personality that is quiet and unassuming. he responds to questions with honesty and perhaps naiveity, and is quick to take the blame without rancor.

    Let’s see someone name the guy who is gonna take his place…and do it as effectively.

    Those who say that Dubi and Callahan don’t make mistakes and are always all out, may be thinking of Callahn, but this is not the case with Dubi. I’ve seen many games where he was out to lunch so to speak.

    fact of the matter is they ALL have their moments of
    blase numbness. You can’t get cookie cutter players, who perform each and every shift according to your own principles. Some do, some don’t. But that doesn’t always
    translate into incompetence. Unless you are out there and in that mix, you cannot always note every nuance that occurs to influence the way a player does or doesn’t

    I predict eternal dissatisfaction to all the naysayers who endlessly berate their favorite whipping boys.

  80. fran, mama loves you!!!!!!

    ilb, as long as you’re dressed warmly, from the dock, no. from the deck, that may be a problem no matter what you have on :)

  81. Pardon me all, but Avery doesn’t need to try to shoot and score goals on that line to be effective. All he has to do is create space for his linemates by being physical and strong on the puck around the net and that will give Gaby the room he needs to make a play. That has always been Avery’s strength. That is why he played with Jags. There is nothing he does better and he just needs to stay within himself. If he does that, the line will be very effective and Avery’s goals will eventually come on rebounds and give and go’s from Gaby….he will also draw more penalties as his playing time increases. Another reason why the Avery-Gaby combo works is because they are both fantastic skaters and move their feet very quickly….Sean is far from an “elite” winger but he can play with the best of them….

  82. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Carp, but is Drury planning on letting hockey ruin his Hannukah? If not, what about his Christmas? If not, what about his New Year?

  83. Fran, I, for one, have come to accept that daily bashing of “whipping boys” on the blog as part of entertainment. Doesn’t bother me at all. Not anymore.

    Pardon me, everyone, but I must’ve missed something. What is the deal with “Pardon me” anyway?

  84. same goes for you NYR! btw, I forgot, happy belated Hannukah to those who celebrate! best part about this holiday? you can be 8 days late and still be on time :)

  85. and we’re back to normal bull dog….:)

    ilb, doodie started it. I don’t know why. missed that myself.

  86. I know Doodie started it. But I have no clue why. Is that going to remain as mysterious as why Willie Mitchell isn’t a Ranger?

  87. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon Me ilb, but on game nights when I won’t be in attendance, I assume the role of Pardon Me Machetto as an homage to Joe “Pardon Me” Micheletti.

  88. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me NYR, but I think psychologists would refer to it as immersion therapy. I just get used to the phrase “Pardon Me” being used about a million times and then I won’t notice it when it is used by Joe.

  89. N,CountryNYRFan on

    ahh 28 minutes ttl the weekend starts for me. will unfortunately miss the game tonight. I will have to watch it later tonight on Rangers in 60. Hopefully will pull off a win. Let’s go Rangers!!

    One quick note about the Boogyman’s fight last night. Booger has to learn to rip off the opponents helmet with his ling reach, did any of youse guys see his hands all bloodyed after the Gilles fight. And by the way it was kinda funny seeing Gilles just hang on for dear life.

  90. Immersion therapy, Doodie? I hope yellow doesn’t make you sad :-)

    I do like your explanation. How’s Doodie, btw?

  91. late post last night’ game Is it my imagination or was Dubinsky’s line out there for (3) goals against the Islanders last night. Seems to happen more often than not with Dubie & Cally. Either they’re both too deep in th offensive zone or there are real late line changes. Rosie looks great and Avery couldn’t play any better. Biron has no middle ground.

  92. loneranger – Interesting observation about Dubi and Cally. I’ve noticed that too. They seem to be on the ice for a lot of goals against. Dubi is a -7. That is pretty terrible considering he has 21 points. They have to be better in their own zone.

  93. Pardon Doodie, ahhh! Excellent. Which brings me to Pidto last night. Why can’t he just say tied or even. He said knot or knotted about 10 times in a row and it made my stomach ache even more each time he said it. Annoyed the byfuglien out of me.

    bull dog, was joking…..I agreed with you on early post, then you made that comment to fran…:) yet I didn’t grr….

  94. I heard Dubi has been great all season? (I kid, I kid, I love Dubi!)

    Carp, fell of my chair on that one, fyi…..no hearing or seeing Tommy!

  95. OK all, gotta take a break before game. I’ll see you all at go time…LGR!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

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