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From the Rangers:

December 2, 2010 – New York Rangers 6, New York Islanders 5 (Game No. 27, Away No. 14)

*       The Rangers defeated the New York Islanders, 6-5, tonight at Nassau Coliseum to improve to 15-11-1 overall, including a 10-4-0 mark on the road.  New York is now 5-2-0 in their last seven games, tying for fifth overall in the NHL with 15 wins and sixth with 31 points.  The Rangers’ 10 road victories lead the league, and their 43 road goals rank third in the NHL.
*       Marian Gaborik notched his second hat trick of the season and 12th of his career, including a power play goal and the game-winner with 5:25 remaining in the third period, and added an assist to lead all skaters with four points in the contest.  He also posted a plus-three rating, and registered a Rangers’ season-high, eight shots on goal.  The last time a Ranger posted two or more hat tricks in a single season was during the 2005-06 season, when Jaromir Jagr tallied three hat tricks on the campaign.  Gaborik has now tallied 13 points (eight goals, five assists) in his last 10 games.
*       Sean Avery tied his career-high with three assists, including an assist on Gaborik’s game-winning goal, and posted a plus-three rating.  The three points and plus-three rating are both season-highs.
*       Erik Christensen opened the game’s scoring with an even strength goal at 8:11 of the first period, and recorded the primary assist on the game-winning goal with 5:25 remaining in regulation.  Christensen, who skated in his 300th career NHL game on Monday vs. Pittsburgh, has now registered three points (one goal, two assists) in the last four games.
*       Ryan Callahan notched a goal at 17:07 of the first period to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead, and was credited with a game-high, seven hits.  He has now tallied three goals in the last four games.
*       Brandon Prust registered a goal at 13:21 of the second period, off a feed from Marc Staal, to tie the game at three goals apiece.  Prust has now recorded three points (two goals, one assist) in the last five games.  Staal also led all skaters with 25:19 of ice time, and has now tallied four assists in the last five games.
*       Brandon Dubinsky and Derek Stepan each recorded an assist on Callahan’s goal at 17:07 of the first period.  Dubinsky has now tallied two assists in the last three games, and Stepan has recorded 10 points (three goals, seven assists) in the last 11 games.
*       Henrik Lundqvist entered the contest at 12:30 of the second period, and stopped nine of 11 shots to improve to 10-9-1 overall with an 8-4-0 record on the road.  Tonight was Lundqvist’s sixth career relief appearance, and first since Oct. 19, 2009 vs. San Jose.  It was his second career win in a relief appearance, having posted a 5-4 shootout win vs. Buffalo on Mar. 27, 2006, entering the contest at the start of the third period and stopping all eight shots faced through 25 minutes and three-of-three in the shootout.
*       The Blueshirts’ notched one goal in two power play opportunities (3:03), and have now registered a 22.7% success rate (5-22) in the last seven games.
*       The Rangers’ penalty kill held the Islanders scoreless in tonight’s contest (1-1, 2:00), and have now yielded just four goals in their last 15 games (43-47, 91.5%).
*       The Rangers will return to action tomorrow, Dec. 3, when they will face-off against the New York Islanders at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out the home-and-home set.  Please note there is no morning skate scheduled prior to the contest.  The game will be televised live on MSG Plus, and can be heard on 970 The Apple and at

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  1. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Biron probably could have stopped a couple of those but his team crapped the bed in front of him in the second period so… I’d say he deserves another chance.

  2. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Hey Carp, how come you didn’t ask Parenteau why he farted by Roszival in that 3rd period scrum? That was the real story tonight and you (or P.A. perhaps) really dropped the bomb on it.

  3. Rangers are unbeaten this season in the 2nd of back to back games. I see no occasion for that to change vs. the Isles.

  4. Gaborik has four goals in two games after being sick. He has eight goals in 14 this games this season, in which he also had a shoulder injury. Pretty good.

  5. and don’t hand us anymore of that “singlehanded” crap. he got set up beautifully by great grinding work along the boards, and perfect passes.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WE are the Champions my friends…..

    We Beat the Hawks, Slaughterd the Oilers and now pitch forked the Azzlanders. Ahhhh sweeetnesss!!!

  7. Avery’s been great…no one on this team has the ability to pass the puck the way Avery did today…

    This is what Gaborik needs in order to shine…he needs someone who can hold on to the puck and make those nice stick to stick passes…

    now imagine if we had a play-making center (Richards anyone?) setting Gaborik up the way Avery did tonight…

  8. >>Gaborik…has eight goals in 14 this games this season

    Six of which are against the Oilers and Islanders, yes?

  9. avery has been great!!!!1 game give it a rest.

    why is anisimov gettting so little minutes. he is a very well rounded center with a lot of skill…

    frolov is in the doghouse just trade the clown if that is the case….

    do not understand why the d were trying so hard to get in the offensive zone when they were up 2 goals.. weak effort by the rangers but got 2 points………

    win tommorrow and go 5 over……..

  10. Do you folks finally get what I’ve been trying to explain about Avery? He is a lot better player than he has been proclaimed and he’s been getting a bad rap for some time now. And he’s been terribly misused almost everywhere he’s been. And what is there not to accept about Christensen? Sure he’s not a Steve Yzerman clone, but who is? But he’s probably as good a journeyman center that this team is going to get for a while, considering what they normally have to offer in return, due to their lousy trading policies over the years. So why not lay off the guy – let him do what he does best, and give him a break on the bum critiques?

    How can one complain about him on one hand and then insist that Grachev “belongs” here?

    What disturbs me about this team is their tendency to start sleep walking after they get a couple of goals lead.

    You could se disaster looming midway thru the first period and came home to roost with a bang during the second.

    NOw ….how come the Rangers never seem able to hit the net?

    Here’s one of the biggest reasons:

    They never give themselves a chance to score by the way they play in attacking zone. I’ve said this a dozen times and I’ll say it again

    They don’t put themselves in position to score.
    Once again you saw them shy away from putting a guy in front of the crease and staying there long enough to
    receive a pass out from another player. They avoid that zone like Dracula avoids sunshine. Watch the next time they have a PP. Now when they get a pass they are always off to one side leaving them with only a third or a half of the net to hit, depending on the angle. If they’d form up straightaway ( like most winning teams do), they’ve got the entire width of the net as a target…but noooo, slide to the sides and scrum for the puck along the boards, but at all costs stay away from that front of the net where the bad guys are.

    Now if I can see this ,game after game, just a schnook fan from Florida, why can’t the coaching staff see it..AND do SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

    I still think that what is mostly at fault with this club lies in their coaching staff..period. Prust was a soldier out there last night. For a guy with limited talents he plays big…real big. And when they go into one of these laissez faire trances they also get very very sloppy with their passing. And they still insist on stick checking all over the ice rather than taking the least most of them. That was ONE of the things that doomed Biron.
    Islanders out passed them very noticeably all game.

    Better be ready for some enlightenment practice
    before next game.

  11. Fran,
    both Christensen, and Avery have done this before. it is not that they can’t do it, it’s that they can’t sustain it. the Rangers would be so much better if they could, but the two of them tend to be very much a tease.

  12. Not one mention of Gabby’s hat trick or the Rangers on the National Crosby League website this morning. Only Penguin hat tricks and victories mean anything.

  13. ::Lamentable sigh::

    Yeah the NHL site is all gaga over Sid’s natural hat trick. It’s like he finally the big boy toilet all on his own.

  14. Bull dog

    In the so what category of how it all breaks down, both these guys are in the same boat as others who have consistently been mishandled especially by the coaching staff of this team. They are often placed in situations where it is difficult for them to achieve, due to some features of personal skills, or line ups with other -players who do not fit into their capability. Mishandling of players is a strong feature of the coaching staff on this team.

    The fact that they do not produce constantly at their optimum level is not a feature peculiar to these two, as it happens to ALL the folks on this team from time to time. Dubi, Staal, LQ, MDZ, all can be found having moments where they fail to perform along acceptable lines. I really like Sauer. I think if they leave him be, to his own devices he’ll become one of the better league defensemen in a year or so. All he lacks right now is experience.

    For you folks who watch these games and try to determine the right playing features of the team, if you want to improve your coaching skills, give coaching a try. It really improves your assessment of how the game should be played, and how to teach it to younger kids.

    I know that a number of you play on teams and get a lot of ice time, and that is all well and good, but playing does not impose coaching skills as much as actual coaching does. Like you, when I was young I played on a teams in a number of different parts of the country … Chicago, Duluth, Connecticut, and was usually a third liner (when I got ice time) and learned to play right wing as a left hander. But I found that this did not enable me to coach teams later on, because playing, you only actually see a limited portion of the action that revolves around yourself while you are on ice. But when you coach, you see it all as a panorama and you see things that you would miss if you were on the ice and involved. Try it…you’ll enjoy it. And there’s always some kids around who need coaching ( and the best coaches are not gate openers, they are instructors and demonstrators.) In my later yeas when my son was playing at the bantam and Jr levels, I coached for most of his growing years and I learned plenty from starting as an asst coach and then
    eventually head coach. It was great fun, and to this day some of the kids who played for me come up to me on occasional meetings, and I knew them as teen ageers, but who I always felt very fond of. All of them now in their 40;s and established parents, and successful businessmen ‘most having gone to college and continued playing up to the current time. And THEY are now coaching younger kids, and tell me that they learned a bit from me. It’s very gratifying (and a boost to my
    ego) but eh….the memories and good times are nice to
    So remember…don’t just play the game…coach it!.
    men, who folks,

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