It’s Go Time!


You might want to watch the pre-game show in case there are any warmup shenanigans like last time the Rangers visited.

Otherwise, you probably saw the Rick DiPietro quote in Jesse Spector’s blog today:

“I truly don’t like the Rangers,” DiPietro said. “There’s nothing better in the world than beating them.”

Ex-Islander Martin Biron starts in goal for the Rangers, Derek Boogaard is back in, Todd White and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d. Sean Avery is expected to start on the first line with Marian Gaborik and Erik Christensen (which, I guess you’d have to say, would be the fourth line if Gaborik wasn’t on it). I imagine Avery might have a few things to say to James Wisniewski.

Artem Anisimov starts on the fourth line, with the demoted Alex Frolov, and Derek Stepan is in Anisimov’s old spot (and probably near-future spot) between Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan.

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  1. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Its nice to finally be 1st considering I was born last in my family but I always tell my siblings “Mommy saved the best for last” LOL

  2. I still can’t believe they are going to make professional athletes travel to play in oppressive, insect-ridden conditions in front of a handful of fans whose own team is nowhere near good enough to play in the competition.

    And as well as the Rangers playing on the Island, the World Cup is going to be held in Qatar…

  3. 2 Important Questions will be answered tonight.

    1) will the wiz kid offer Avery another bj?
    2) …….i forget

  4. So, what exactly does Tortorella expect offensively by having “Mr. Avery” on the first line? You know your team has serious issues when a guy can go from fourth to first line from one game to the next.

  5. gregm_section403 on

    Well said Carp:

    Ain’t this the truth?

    “Sean Avery is expected to start on the first line with Marian Gaborik and Erik Christensen (which, I guess you’d have to say, would be the fourth line if Gaborik wasn’t on it).” LOL

    And, Qatar? Seriously? What did US Soccer offer up for venues? Newark, Camden, Youngstown, South Central, and what remains of the 9th ward?

  6. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    JB, the best is that Torts is expecting him to ‘play HIS game’. If that’s the case, then Torts shouldnt throw hissy fits when he does lol!

    Man, 3 1/2 hours of sleep and our first day on EMR. Nothing like waiting until a month before to EMR went live to try to scan charts for 11 doctors with 4 slowassed scanning machines in an office of 11 girls. My brain melted, and its only gonna get worse.

    LMAO @ avery getting older and grumpier!

  7. Good evening all! I am rising from my bed for death just to say hello and that I liked Torts’ pre-game comments about Aves…..I am barely functional (ORR, I’m blaming you) so will see you during the breaks. If I run back and forth, I will surely die…LGR!!!!

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Haahahaha! Messier and Jason Blake! That looked like the school bully beating up some little kid for his lunch money….

  9. That clip of Messier choking Jason Blake ALWAYS get me laughing. I have never seen a redder face in my life [drunkards don’t count].

  10. Joe Micheletti is talking about them, the worst team in the league. Kyle Okposo and Mark Streit. You gotta be kidding me.

  11. I get the Isles ‘cast. I love Howie to death, but this other doofus is already annoying me!

  12. billybleedsblue on

    I don’t know, with DiPietro returning to his “All-Star Form,” the Islanders may soon become a powerful force in the East. LOLOLOLOLOL.

  13. I can’t stream and blog at the same time, Linda. My computer locks up/gets really slow when I do that. :(

  14. I just don’t get these staged fights! Decision to Boogaard, but Gillies hung in there for dear life.

    Breaking news: Boogaard to miss next two weeks due to “an upper body injury”.

  15. Hey guys, it’s a career high in minutes played in a single game by DP. He’s never lasted past the 6 minute mark of a game.

    This loser Parenteau just ripped it. I get angry!

  16. Get to the front of the net, guys. Try as you might, you cannot score from behind the net.


  17. Avery looks like he is perfect for that line, because he works nicely behind the net while gaborik sets up in the slot.

  18. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    thats right, dump deepee on his tushy. Dorothy and Blanche are cheering from Heaven

  19. This Islanders have shrimp. ahahahaha

    (I think he saying Schremp, but it sounded like shrimp)

  20. I think I owe an apology to Fran and other Boooooooooooogaaaaaaaaaaaaaard supporters. This guy is really growing on me…

    And dare I say it….

    I now think BOOOOGY is HOT!

  21. JBytes

    good thing you’re not playing the drinking game
    with MDZ or Rozy

    you may not make through a period

  22. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Tiki? he had levels of woodeness/stiffness


  23. billybleedsblue on

    If the Rangers can just get the puck on goal a bunch, DP should take care of the rest. LGR!

  24. BREAKING NEWS: (AP) several reports have confirmed that no one cares about Di Pietro’s opinion on ANYthing.

  25. I find it odd btw that since Drury has been “Injured” 3 new pizza places opened up around my house…in Connecticut…where he’s from…

  26. Lin…. Not sure steven segals wood/stiffness is much better that Boogys ;)
    Tiki… NO, don’t be a Boogy lover. There are so many other options…

  27. >>i would like a second goal to accompany
    >>this type of effort.

    Ask and you shall receive, my son!

  28. His first of the season. A loser criminal like Konopka scores against us. And we keep having to hear this loser’s name all night long. Who gives a FLYING BYFUGLIEN about Konopka.

  29. sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Joe Micheletti:

    “The Islanders are a young team that doesn’t quit”

    You mean the team that lost 14 games in a row, Joe?

  31. That was some shot by EC…he really does have a sweet wrist shot….it is too bad he such a wimpy dork. If he carried himself with more confidence on the ice consistently and was a better teammate, there would not be so much hate for him…Let’s hope he keeps it up and that will increase his trade value :)

    Sweet play by Stepan to Dubi to Cally….bang bang bang ! 2-0 !

    Terrible play in front of the net by Girardi Biron should have had it on the Isles goal. Soft.

  32. >>“The Islanders are a young team that doesn’t quit”

    I do wish old and annoying hockey announcers would quit.

  33. The defense needs to shoot more, they are all open up on top, the Islanders are crowding the net.

  34. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    firetruck you hockeystreams! Just as they are gonna go to Prust, the freakin feed dies…

  35. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    are you effinkidding me? bastages. now i have to watch the archive to see the interview!

  36. “Jack Capuano=younger Ted Nolan (in terms of looks)??”

    I was thinking Ted Nolan after he’s just eaten a waterbed.

  37. Joe M is just feathering his bed. he knows what happened to Jaffe, and what happens when you criticize the product at MSG, or even fail to hype and build up the product

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know, if everyone buys new cars as gifts, the economy has got to improve. It’s up to you, Consumers!

  39. sorry, henke. But Joe Micheletti doesnt build up our product. Not a bit. He builds up the opponents’ product. If i was in charge, Michael Kay, Micheletti would be fired, the Devils and Islanders would be off our MSG channels, and Sam Rosen would be sent into retirement with a nice severance package that would “Last a Lifetime”

  40. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol ilbzo. ya made me think of Ralph Kramden

    wtf is up with hockeystreams tonight? Another frozen stream damnit

  41. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    santa claus is coming to town is on..

    maybe he’ll bring the Rangers a power play

  42. time for us to have a letdown.
    hope Biron is ready.

    can we just deny a power play?
    let the stat put it down as kill for the other team
    and we’ll just play on 5 on 5.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...& Greg L. on


    I love BOOGAARD TOO Tiki!!!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO GO boys GO!!!!

  44. AA is playing with Boogaard and Frolov? No wonder he is lonely in offensive zone for 30 sec before they arrive

  45. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao ILBZO, you took the words right outta my fingers!!!!!!!!

    can we set the power play on fire, and douse it with gasoline?

  46. They worked so hard under Scott Gordon, they got Gordon fired. These two are jokes of broadcasters. You dont have to talk highly of every opposing team and every opposing superstar like Crosby. Just watch the broadcast of the other NHL teams.

  47. carcillo-frehley!!!!

    i missed the fight cause i had the mute on so i didn’t
    have to hear the cheers!

    how did Sauer do?

  48. Didn’t the Wall Street Journal article talk about how Mr. Dubinsky is moving his feet now, instead of gliding? I don’t know, but it looks like he was gliding on that goal against.

  49. omfg……well, there is another period if we survive this one.

    i guess we left the intensity in the locker room

  50. Biron doesnt have it today. Get him out of there. This is a winnable game.

    And get Joe and Sam off of MSG. They’re lauding the Islanders, these 2 bouchebags.

  51. Is this him trying to shake the team up? Getting a little out of hand with this goalie saga.

  52. THANK THE LORD…Maloney was right on the radio, Isles get up for these games, rangers do not.

  53. what happened??!?!?!?
    Biron looked like Hank on that last goal.
    just plopped down to his knees as the puck goes over
    his shoulders.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Love it Krisy!!!! Thanks for posting it , Should call him BOOMGAARD!!!

    Come on Rangers!!! Lets go lets go!!! Now we are behind!!!!?????? AW for petes sake I better not be a jinks here!!!!!!


  55. Dear God, if you help the Rangers win this game I promise I’ll never watch a basketball game again!

  56. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on


  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...& Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAA Scoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!!!!

  58. >>Gomez and Gionta score against the Devs. They’re up 5-0. Painful!

    It’s safe to say Kovalchuk is pointless then? Bwahahahah!!!

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hank comes in and BLAMO!!!! we gots the goal back!!!

  60. I just burned the roof of my mouth on dinner. Ouch.

    I would not want to be in the locker room between periods, Torts looks like he wants to rip someone’s head off.


  61. # Slatsko Folkyerself December 2nd, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    McDonald with the asscyst?



    Lol James G. Will you promise not to eat McRibs if the Rangers win this game? ;)

  62. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on


    wow i’m like 2 minutes behind


  63. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    sorry slatsko, did not realize you already said that. dont wanna steal your thunder

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Scoredsky!!!!!!!! oh yeahhh , we love it , you know it….

  65. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    DP loves to beat the Rangers. But how does he feel with the Islanders scoring two on him?

  66. meant to say something about Gordon
    but ORR!! pretty much summed it up.

    it’s like he had to play with a bag of carcillo
    and now he’s forced to smell the stench

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers goalies gone wrong!!!

    Mike Dunham

    Glen Healy

    Kevin Weeks

    Dan Cloutier

    Steve “legs open wide like a vally” Vallequette

  68. I wish the days of the commercial with Jeter “This guy’s got an edge” was gone.

    Boogaard’s fight lasted longer than his total time on the ice in the game.

    His fight lasted like 2 minutes; his total shift time was 1:42

  69. Boogaard has left the Rangers’ bench for 6:43 tonight. Is that the longest TOI? Wait, that includes 5 min on the penalty bench

  70. Linda, my former co-worker and I used to quote Jeff Dunham lines back and forth at each other for days on end. We loved him.

  71. Im not complaining, because every time I complain, we give up a goal. but our guys love every opposing player. Konopka, Okposo, Moulson, Hamonic. I get tired hearing every other player’s name repeatedly.

    In conclusion, I love Sam and Joe.

  72. Thanks CCCP! There’s a reason why you’re my fav bonehead, and it’s not just your sexy as byfuglien voice! :)

  73. dammit MDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t you even hit a barn door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sheesh, didn’t he practice with Stamkos over the summer?!?!?

  74. hey guys, can you say Mark streit? Mark Streit? Mark Streit? Best PP Quarterback in the NHL. Mark Streit. Mark Streit. Mark Streit. Mark streit. Mark Streit.

    New York Ranger Mark Streit! :)

  75. PA should go back to Pee Wee hockey where he belongs. He must feel a bit embarrassed when 7 year old goaltenders shut him down.

  76. JBytes

    if you’re referring to the Beavis and Butt-head
    don’t know if it really happened
    but it does sound true

  77. what the hades is wrong with Dubi???

    he has open ice and passed it in his zone
    to a player with isles around him?!?

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Mark Streit is a Hab? Hes a punk if he not our our team!!!

    love da gameeeeeee

    love the Gaborikkkkk

    love the King

    Super love BOOGAARD!!!

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo Freddy , you wait …I’ll Boogaard you , man!!!!

  80. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    its gotta be embarrassing to have AHLers score against you……..sheeeeeeesh

  81. Blake Comeau. Same shite different day. This loser hasnt scored since his last game against us. I despise these FUGGFACE Islanders.

  82. Now, if the Rangers can actually keep playing hockey until the end of this game…. Unfortunately, that’s a pipe dream.

  83. here is the post of the night. It nailed the new line exactly.

    henke December 2nd, 2010 at 7:26 pm
    Avery looks like he is perfect for that line, because he works nicely behind the net while gaborik sets up in the slot.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    wow …I fainted!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

    ( splashed c-cold water on my face)


    crazy scary ,scary crazy game dudes and dudettes!!!!


  85. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Why do the Rangers turn a six goal effort against the last place team into a nail-biter?

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We win we win we win we win !!!!!

    naaa naaa naa hey hey …we wonnnnnn!!!

    W for us!!

  87. There’s no reason why NYR should be giving up FIVE goals to Bridgeport.


    Well said, JBytes.

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo Slatzo , who cares if we sucked in net tonight. Why be a downer when we won the game woth Gaborik’s hatty lighting the lamp? So what if …so what , we won and that all that matters. We Carped the bed on defense but when ya think about it …The lowely azzlanders ALWAYS play us HARD. Hard, ya see . We played a team whom really wanted to beat us tonight. We prevailed and thats the shizzle . Gotta love beating this team!!!!

  89. Wow that one was crazy. The rangers should send their guys to faceoff school. I have no idea what the stats were but they were worse than terrible at faceoffs. You cannot control the puck if you loss all the faceoffs.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Bridgeport does NOT have the passion the azzlanders do , sorry to say . We had Pa Parental looking for revenge , We had every player on that azzlanders bench wanting to win. Wanting to beat us . They lost , we won. We know the azzlanders are garbage but against us , they rise to the occasion . Tonight they rose and I will not fault our guys for the effort they showed against a garbage team that had nothing to lose.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BTW Olga , Rangers beat the Hawks last time I looked…

  92. Right on Linda they have to be better. If they had won more faceoffs tonight no way the game is six five.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We kick 'em in the azzlanders!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LW3H , boooooo dam internet, btw Boogaard scored a hatty tonight!!!

  94. I thought Avery had a lot to do with Gabby’s success. Avery played his best game of the season so far tonight.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Keep looking Greg. You can’t dethrone the Stanley Cup Champions with a win in November. Only way the Rangers will beat the Black Hawks is if they win four in the finals.

  96. Happy Hannukah to Ranger fans of the Jewish faith.

    Power of my Rangers’ lounge pants. winning every time I wear them.

    Did the win have to be so difficult ? During the 1st period we should have been winning 4-0 then. I’m HUGELY glad to win though!

  97. Faceoffs were 34-33 Islanders according to the boxscore. Although the same boxscore says DiPietro played almost the whole game, which is clearly some kind of scoring error.

  98. 34-33 wow I guess the Rangers must have won a lot in the first, because the faceoff wins seemed to be few and far between in the second and third.

  99. Got a nice game to watch on DVR. I’m going to tomorrow night’s game, watch them lose 2-1 :(

  100. Reginald Dunlop on

    Sure hope someone leads Girardi, Staal and Dubinsky to the bus because they seemed lost most of the night

  101. this game is exactly why Sean Avery is a huge factor on this team. When Avery is on his game, the Rangers win its as simple as that…

  102. Gotta love the Ottawa fans giving Heater a lot of carcillo tonight….some of those signs are great…my favorite = Princess Heatley

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