Talking Rangers on the radio: 9:30


Hey, just was asked to do a Rangers interview for WGBB radio-1240 AM on Long Island with Eric Merlis at 9:30 tonight.

So if you’re sitting around with nothing to do, and can get that station, give us a listen.

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  1. ooopss…Carp’d

    CT…its propaganda, seriously. Crosby is a Saint to the NHL and media. To these people, he can do nothing wrong. When takes a “Cooke”, it smells like a field of roses…Saint Hot Dog Lips

    Look at right now…

    Don’t get me wrong, IMO, he is the best hockey player on the planet, but that doesn’t mean he can do wrong…he made dirty plays last night and whines like a b*tch

    As Jagr once said to him: “Shut up. Play hockey”

    Carp, I’ll be sure to tune in!

  2. How’d the Rangers beat the Hawks but lose to the Blues???

    I hope the kid the Rangers picked last year turns out to be the real deal, Chris Kreider. Would love to have a Toews/Kane type combo up front with Stepan/Kreider.

  3. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    that was freakin quick! that dude they were talkin about the giants with had a longer goodbye than Carps entire time!

  4. Have you noticed that the names are not in Italic anymore? Looks cleaner. Now, I’d suggest to put the names with links in Italic and the blog would look great.

  5. ilby – You are quite observant. Holy Geez. No wonder why you’re in the business of saving lives :) Attention to detail!

    Can someone explain to me the “Leave a comment using your facebook account”? how is that done?

  6. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    They talked about Cally, his feverish mentality, and how he has 102 hits. They talked about slew footing and how degrees of slew footing could be incorporated into tripping penalty heading, they talked about AA, and Carp mentioned how much he loves Boogaard ;-)

  7. Thanks for the recap of the interview, Linda :)

    Holy moly was it cold here today. Never knew it could get this cold here in Missouri.

    I’m over tallking about the baby. I’d rather talk about more interesting things. Like where in the hell the books I ordered are. Or, more on-point, the isles and how the Rangers cannot take them lightly.

  8. anyone see Henrik at the victoria secret model runway show? Hopefully that helps him on Thursday and Friday!

  9. I don’t think it will help him since he has a girlfriend. Unless he has a little Tiger Woods in him.

    If anything, it will make him feel guilty, and he’ll give up a few softies. Hopefully that’s not the case.

    Shattenkirk with an assist!

  10. Nevermind. I just saw that you did. I made you the admin, took myself off of it, then “Liked” the page. Do stuff with it, make it look pretty, then add all ur FB friends, and Ill spread it around FB – of course without spamming it. Spamming never does any good.

  11. For some reason, I seem to be getting better at Call of Duty. It’s unbelievable. I used to be at like 2 kills, 15 deaths a match. Now Im getting around 15 and 15. And I got my first ever victory in Free For All via Score Limit Reached with 30 kills and only 8 deaths. I never thought id get any good at this.

    The worst part about the game is these idiotic children or poser white kids that try to be cool, cursing and stuff. And then every time I go to mute them while in the middle of a match, i get killed! UGH!

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Gday all!

    OH YEAH! Just got my copy of the entire series of ” The Young Ones” I hope its as funny as i remember.

  13. Hey all, I hope all is well. I should be on a bit more in the coming weeks, as I have taken a personal leave from work to be home for some family stuff I have going on.

    Those two wins over the weekend we HUGE for us, because just as we are playing some pretty good hockey, the teams that are supposed to be good teams, but got off to kind of slow starts, are now playing very good hockey, and surpassing us a bit. The Rangers at the best are a hard team to play against, but the BEST teams at their best are simply better than us. Simple as that. So we are just going to have to work even harder and not take any shifts off.

    I want these next two against the Isles so bad. We should win both. I know anything goes against the Isles, but we SHOULD win these games.

    Two questions:

    1. Is anyone going to the game on the 16th against Phoenix? I am going with my brother.

    2. I want to get a Heritage jersey, and I am trying to figure out who to put on it. It is always tough, because you don’t want to get someone that is going to be traded the next year, and also, as TR and I both agreed, it is nice to get a homegrown guy. So I was thinking Cally, Dubi, or Staal. Thoughts?

    I hope all is well with everyone.

  14. Welcome back, Nasty 1. Hope your family issues resolve in a positive way.
    Can’t go wrong with either of them. I just ordered Hank’s Heritage jersey, it’s on the way. My second choice was Callahan.

  15. Thanks Ilb. Yeah, I have a White Hank jersey, and I was going to get the Heritage one with Hank too, but I figured I would go for a different player. Where did you order from?

  16. Nasty…lemonade that cool refreshing drink.

    1. Yes, I am going to the Prairie Dogs game. My in-laws got us tix for a holiday gift.

    2. I ordered a heritage jersey on Friday. had a free number/name deal on Black Friday. I’m getting a Cally jersey. I wanted to get the one at MSG with the retired numbers but 3 bills is expensive enough as it is, no need to make it 4 (and change) for numbers that nobody’s gonna notice anyway. Although the one from the NHL website also does not have the 85th anniversary patch but I’ll live without that too.

  17. CTBlueshirt: I only paid 190.00 for my Calli jersey at the Garden. And I got the one with the good numbers, not the pressed on plastic. It was acyually 225 but with my season sub discount it was 190.

  18. Well I don’t have season tickets, so no subscriber discount for me. I did get a good discount last year at MSG for paying with an AmEx card. Got an authentic blank white jersey that they were already selling at a discount to or the NHL store’s price. Then went to the NHL store to get it customized.’s customization price is ridiculous, $80? The NHL store is $45.

  19. Yeah they do have pretty good deals with Amex. They were actually giving a $25 gift certificate when you spend 75 or more with your Amex. Unfortunately I didn’t have my card when I bought my jersey. I also got a signed Leetch banner because I paid for my tickets with my American Express card. Of course if you compare that to what they charge for tix it really doesn’t compare. Funny thing is whenever I buy something at the store they don’t even ask for my season sub card. I tell them I’m a season tix holder and they just scan the discount bar on the register.

  20. Hm, I usually buy my tickets from the same season subscriber.

    They live in NH and only attend a game or two every season (I’d love to have a few extra thousand to burn on season tickets that I only use once or twice a year and end up taking losses on unused tickets).

  21. CTBlueshirt – I’ve seen Heritage patch on eBay the past few months, you could just order it from there and put it on yourself (That’s what I would do).

    It is a real shame about the numbers, I wanted a jersey until I realized that the retired numbers are on the inside. I don’t understand why they put them on the inside of the jersey. Were they worried that the opposing players would be staring at their butts? If that is the case, I would say definitely do it! Any distraction is a welcome distraction as far as I am concerned.

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