Penguins-Rangers in review


Thoughts as we approach the crack of noon:

1) Way, way too much is being made of Sausage Lips’ slew foots. Yes, he should have gotten a penalty vs. Callahan. No doubt. And I imagine that if Callahan hadn’t been called for interference he might have gotten up and slugged him. Then Sid the Skid did it to Sean Avery. You can’t cry about that one because A) It’s Avery, and he might have done that sort of thing once or twice in his career and B) Crosby got the penalty (the league must have spun on its head, Crosby getting a penalty against Avery).

2) Yes, he’s got some dirty in him. So what? Tell me you wouldn’t love for Gaborik to have an edge? And I’m not comparing Gaborik to Crosby. Also, the Penguins team plays with a lot more nasty than they have in the past. And we haven’t even gotten to that piece of Cooke.

3) I agreed with Tortorella and the players that the effort wasn’t bad, and the performance looked worse than it was because of what they gave up so quickly in the second, and because it was the Penguins on a roll. But I didn’t think the Rangers had the puck in the Pitt end nearly enough.

4) Are we starting to see a trend of paybacks on Avery? Tootoo was way too happy to fight him the other night, and this kid last night just jumped Avery.

5) Alex Frolov. I’m not saying he’s Zherdev or Kotalik or Lisin yet, because he doesn’t coast or float, and because he has some size and goes in traffic, and because he’s pretty decent defensively. But if he’s not going to start scoring, and soon, he has to find a seat, right?

6) We have all been wondering who comes out when Chris Drury comes back, and what effect his return will have. Well, last night was a perfect examle of how badly they need him, especially on faceoffs, and how much better he is than several players in the current lineup.

7) Faceoffs were so bad, I thought they might just let Pittsburgh start inbounding the puck from behind the goal line, like basketball.

8) I’m going to go ahead and say it, even though I have a hard time believing it. The Rangers are a better team with Boogaard than without him. There, I said it.

9) I thought Lundqvist was very good again. Great sign. I wonder if he gets both Islanders games, or which one Biron starts.

10) What’s the NHL record for fighting majors in a season, and can Brandon Prust break it?

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  1. CCCP – You were on fire last night!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!! I think Im gonna have to ask you to marry me next! Of course, after I get my long-awaited YES from Mama! :)

  2. Aftewr returning home from the game last night I reas some of the nonsense that had been posted here. First of all, not that Carp needs me to defend him (he did pretty well last night) noone who was at the game thought that Crosby’s trip of Cally in the first period had much to do with the outcome. We were perplexed as to how Cally got tripped and wound up in the box alone, but the Penguins didn’t even get a shot on goal during the power ply, which if anything should have given the Rangers a boost. Any one who suggests tha th the slew foot was the lead story of the game doesn’t know much about hockey.

    Carp has been writing sports and covering the Rangers since before some of you were born. I have every confidence in his ability to identify the pertinent stories and ask the proper questions at the correct times. He hasn’t let us down yet and I don’t anticipate he will in the future.

  3. # of fights?

    Not 100% sure, best answer I’ve seen is Torrie Roberston with 35 in 85-86 for the Whalers.

  4. I know Rosival is a decent puck mover but how many 2 on 1’s did he give up? I think i hate him again. We never saw those mistakes when he was out of the lineup. Let the young guys plays, stuff him in hartford with Redden and use that money for richards later in the year.

  5. One more annoying thing I noticed for a while but never spoke on: Is it just me, or do we keep the puck below the goal line way too much in the offensive zone? It just seemed to me that for a while now, we’ll just dump the puck behind the net, spend 15 seconds getting it back to the D, who’ll just throw it back down in the back again? Someone has to be in front of the net!

  6. Carp,
    I followed the Crosby debate you had last night and I must say I agree with you. to much is made of every little play in the game today, you stare at somebody the wrong way and you get a penalty. you can’t clear the crease with out a penalty. a good hit along the boards is a penalty. the players need to be able to police themselves. what Crosby did is no doubt a dirty play, and he should have gotten a penalty, but it is something that used to happen a lot back in the day, and when it did the players handled it.

  7. Carp,
    What do you think of this Crosby quote after the game, “How many penalty minutes do I have this year if I’m that dirty?” My response is: You’re right Sid, you barely get ANY penalty minutes not because you’re a clean player but because the NHL is so blind to the true person you are.

  8. Jay Riemenschneider on

    They’ve had worse games on faceoffs but the ones they lost in this game always seemed to be in their end or lead to Pitt maintaining clean possession and getting a scoring chance or two.

    This team, especially MDZ has to hit the net on more shots. Last night was just awful in that department.

    Frolov is pretty useless. It’s pretty obvious why LA didn’t want him around anymore and I can’t say I blame them. He’s not quick or savvy enough to be a defensive specialist or penalty killing forward, he’s not physical enough to bang bodies around and create chances for his linemates and his hands have turned to stone.

    The scoring seems to have dried up for guys that were stepping it up earlier in the season. We haven’t seen as much from Dubinsky, Anisiomov and Boyle.

    The power play is really bad. But that’s nothing new.

  9. Joekuh,
    yeah, the puck is behind the net an awful lot. that is the way with most teams, and that is because they moved the nets out a while back thinking it would create more offense. all it does it create room for more players behind the net, but it does not do much for offense.

  10. Also, Gaborik scored last night. Why? Because he actually took a shot at the net! Gee, what a friggin concept!!

  11. Joekuh and CT, thanks. I can’t imagine having 51 fights in a season, but 35 sounds too low. If anybody can find out which number is accurate, let me know. Fifty-one? Holy mackeral.

  12. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    you were reading my mind with #8. This team is considerably better with boogey in the line up!

    The game….were we just physically out played most of the night….I think the slew foot (sorry to bring it up carp) is the absolute dirtiest, cheapest shot in hockey and is far worse than any blindside collision in my book…..Prust is a stud (in case I have never mentioned that)…good on avery as well….I wish this team had a guy that had size that would just go to the net with an attitude and park himself there when we were in the offencive zone (we would of had a few goals last night if we had size there that converted)….same for the PP, just park there and let the other guys fire away…….rozy played decent, but still needs to go for grit back there of the crease clearing variety……anyone remember the way ulfie used to shove guys helmets over their eyes from behind when they were in front of the net?? Always cracked me up!! Love the ulfie!

    A question for everyone. Just curious here, but do some of you think it would make more sense for the D man to be between the offenceive player and the goalie instead of in front of him? I understand why they are in front of him, but in a way doesn’t it make more sense to be behind them instead??

  13. for those who care, the NFL just sent out a ticket-refund policy for 2011 if games are not played … in other words, another warning shot at the PA that it’s ready to shut down the season.

  14. wick, yes, I agree. Apparently the Rangers coaches don’t. But Staal and Girardi are always in front of the forward, usually way in front. Thus, if the puck gets behind them, it’s a one-on-none.

    And Girardi still leads the league in fewest 2-on-1 passes actually broken up.

  15. The Pens dressed a pretty nasty lineup last night. Rupp, Goddard, Eggelland and then Cooke. That’s somewhat surprising. I don’t know if they were expecting to keep things in check with Avery or Prust, but that’s a lot of guys dressed against a team missing their heavyweight.

  16. I never comment on these things and I’m sure there will be plenty of remarks for me not to comment in the future,but the comment Carp made about Avery just is not right. You’re sure Avery’s done a few slewfoots in his career? Really? Because what I see from Avery is a grade A pain in the A@# to play against, trash talking, love taps etc.,but I have yet to see him try to hurt someone. Now I could be 100 percent wrong and if I am I apologize but I personally have not seen that type of play from him. And as far as the slew foot not being that much of a big deal, well you are in a totally vulnerable position, any one of a number of serious injuries can occur, the fact that there was none does not make the offense any less serious.

  17. The year they played the playoffs against the Caps, Avery swung his arm wildly at a whistle for an icing (I think). It looked like he simply smacked Milan Jurcina with his glove but in fact he butt-ended him in the face and ended up breaking a bone near his eye.

  18. LMAO BANJ!!!

    I cant tell all of you how much I love the exchanges between Carp and Sally!

    Is there another sports blog on the ‘net with the love and awesomeness of this blog? I dont think so.

  19. Eddie I agree, Avery may be a pain in the arse to play against but you’re right I don’t think he’s ever been guilty of a slew foot.

    We definitely need Drury back. Take Christensen out, he looks absolutely lost out there. Sooner or later, guys like Christensen and Frolov are going to need to produce or sit down. (In George Costanza’s Voice:) TORTS IS GETTIN’ UPSET!

  20. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    ok, thanks. Just seems like that is where the ranger d men are always positioned and I just think it is bad!

  21. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    It seems to me that if the positioning were reversed, the ranger d men would be able to dish out a bit more punishment and clear the crease with a bit more frequency!

  22. Carp, I agree with your every point too. I’ll go even further and say that the slew foot was blown out of proportion by JoeM and some of the posters last night. I looked at it many times. It was a slew foot, but I doubt it was deliberate. The players tangled, fighting for space, Crosby lost his footing, tried to move forward and got under Callahan’s skate. Take a look. Regardless, talking about it, and blaming the media for not asking Crosby the question is taking your focus away from how this team is developing and how they measure up with elite teams. We know we can’t match the Pens talent-wise, but I think they played pretty well against them. A few mistakes lead to some goals. But we can stay with them very well. If not for Bylsma’s adjustment during the second, I think we would take this game.

  23. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    fleischman to avs for hannah. Good trade!

  24. They need to work on power play, they are getting back to passing the puck along the boards, the defense is reluctant to shoot. How many shots, in general, went wide or above the net? Pittsburgh, btw, isn’t going too far this year. With the exception of Orpik, they can be dominated in their zone by aggressive, 3-men forecheck.

  25. The first PP in the 3rd looked good. They moved the puck a lot quicker to get the PK’ers moving and opening up lanes. They have problems hitting the net from the point, not just because the guys need to work on their accuracy but they were shooting to avoid defenders. They need to keep the puck moving to wear down the other team’s D out and keep the lanes open.

    They also almost never attempt a cross-crease pass when they have a forward stationed at the far post (usually Callahan on the 1st unit). Maybe he’s a decoy or maybe he’s the 3rd option for a passer off the sideboards but whatever role he’s supposed to play, it isn’t working. I’d rather keep a guy shaded to the weak side of the ice but more in the slot. When a guy is as close to the net as they usually station Callahan a lot of rebounds ended up bouncing past them. Keep the guy a few feet out from the crease and they’ll have more time to react to rebounds.

  26. CT
    During a PP in the second petiod, Gabby made a cross crease pass to a wie open Duby to the right of the net. Unfortunately, the pass was on the wrong side and Duby had to reach across to his backhand to control it. If the pass was to his forehand, it was an easy slam in for a goal.

  27. Coach, I remember that play. I then remembered explaining to my friend that a righty shot would have buried that. Otherwise, they keep a guy manning the far post a lot and almost never use him. I believe it’s a decoy, but where they usually have him positioned he’s never going be in position to do much unless a pass is threaded through the eye of a needle, it essentially negates having a man advantage.

  28. I think Torts is still trying to figure out what to do with PP in terms of available players….

    Have you noticed how Eminger was trying to keep the puck in on the left side during 5 on 5 when the Rangers were forechecking aggressively? That was all he could, just barely keep it in. And he did a much better job than Gilroy the other night. But we need another left shooting D-man.

    And, yes, Boogaard will be of great value last night. I hope he isn’t starting a new trend-one fight, three games off lol.

  29. The problem with Crosby is not that he is especially dirty, but that he complains when he is touched, and it seems that the refs don’t allow him to be touched. His question about how many penalties he has only enforces that belief. And the fact that he is shoved down our throats as some kind of saint and perfect in every way is also aggravating. Sure, he’s a great player. But it is annoying when everyone, including media, defends him for everything, whereas players like Ovechkin get criticized for laughing in the hallway. It’s a blatant bias, and fans react accordingly.

  30. ilb – dont call those people “animals.” No need to insult animals. :) Animals are sweet and loving.

  31. What I find more upsetting than Cindy doing the slew foot (and he knew exactly what he was doing, he’s a master at blurring the line of intentional/accidental and tough/dirty actions that should be penalties) is the refs calling the penalty on Callahan. Is there another sport where the refs get the calls wrong or miss them altogether more often than in hockey? And please don’t tell me how hard the sport is officiate… the weatherman is right more often. Note: the linesman do a much better job than the referees.

  32. Crosby has 20 goals and 31 assists in 26 games against the Rangers in his career. Wow.

    It is no wonder why Rangers fans hate this guy…There would be a lot less hate if he didn’t complain so much….He is the best hockey player alive, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a whining b*tch who studied the art of diving under the master of it, Mario Lemiuex.

    Call a spade a spade. Crosy is the best hockey player alive. He gets away with dirty plays every now and again because of who he is. Don’t blame the media for not being tough on him. Blame the Rangers for not being tough on him.

  33. Eminger has played way better than expected this year… but last night’s game, and the game prior in Nashville proved without a doubt that the Rangers need to find another left handed shot on the backline. There were at least a half-dozen plays last night where Eminger was put in a bad position or was unable to make a clean clear-out because he was on his backhand… especially when the Rangers were trying to pinch and forcheck so heavily in the game.

    Roszival played a good game last night, and since his return. The odd man rushes were not his fault… it was a combination of the Rangers aggressive frontline attack and the ability of the Penguins to get the puck from their zone to the Rangers with those long and/or quick passes through the neutral zone.

    I don’t care what anyone’s opinion of what Crosby did (twice) last night or to whom. It’s a dirty play 100% of the time. Saw a kid in a highschool game get knocked on conscience and almost die from choking on his tongue because of a ‘harmless’ slew foot.

    It’s Dirty!


  34. I’d like to see a more aggressive stance taken by our D-men. Down two goals and we werent challenging anyone so much as we were retreating down the ice. The high shots need to stop as well, just get the biscuit on the net.

    Other than that, it was fun being at the Garden for a sell-out. Good energy, Hank had some beauties, and Prust is the man.

  35. Eddie: You’ve never seen Avery try to hurt someone???? What about the last time Toronto was in New York and Avery took not 1 but 2 viscious 2-handed whacks at Komisarek?

    By no means am I saying this in defence of Komisarek, but come on. I see what Avery brings to the table – WHEN HE FEELS SO INCLINED – but sometimes the rush in RangerLand to defend all things Avery is beyond belief.

    The sooner Avery is gone the better, IMO. A marginally talented hockey player who antics are oftentimes more distracting to his teammates than the opposition.

  36. >>One more annoying thing I noticed for a while but never spoke on: Is it just me, or do we
    >> keep the puck below the goal line way too much in the offensive zone?

    No, it’s not just you, Joekuh. The Rangers tend to do that when playing with an inferiority complex. If you remember, they took that practice to ridiculous levels in Game 7 against the Caps a couple of seasons ago. It’s all part of the “Tortorella System”.

  37. “The record for fighting majors is held by Torrie Robertson with the 1985-1986 Hartford Whalers. He had 51 fighting majors that year.”

    And if I remember correctly, the record for the most fighting majors of all time belongs to former Star and Ranger Shane Churla.

  38. And it’s great to see Rozey’s solid play since his return. I hope he keeps it up because it only increases his trade value and I like to think that:

    1) Sather hasn’t abandoned his search for a bonafide offensive centerman

    2) Sather will stick to his plan about keeping the youthful Ranger core

    Put the 2 together and maybe something good happens!

  39. >>i wish frolov was zherdev.. i miss zherdev

    You’re not alone! With all the complaints about the guy, he still managed to put up fifty-eight points.

  40. Just a story I found while researching question 10….WOW.

    Maybe. Unlike Gretzky, Gordie did fight his own fights.

    “Arguably the greatest forward in the history of the game, Mr. Hockey was also – indisputably – the best fighter.

    Forget about different eras, bigger guys, improved training and conditioning. In terms of pure fighting ability, Howe was the real deal – head and shoulders above the rest.

    Not suprisingly, many of the ingredients that made this six-foot, 205-lb. strongman such a superb player also elevated his fistic prowess. The balance that made him almost impossible to knock down during the ebb and flow of a game never failed him when he shed the gloves. But the two most devastating weapons in his arsenal were an unteachable ability to concentrate maximum force in every punch, and the single-minded killer instinct of a shark.

    The fight that would forever cement Howe’s reputation as a player never to be trifled with took place on a February night in 1959, and fittingly enough it was at Madison Square Garden, the mecca of big time boxing. Howe’s Detroit Red Wings were battling the New York Rangers, and midway through the first period Howe and New York’s Eddie Shack collided violently behind the Rangers net. Neither player was the worse for wear, but referee Frank Udvari moved in to make sure their sticks stayed down.

    Just as the tension seemed diffused, however, Rangers tough guy Lou Fontinato – six-foot-two and 220 pounds – came roaring in from the blue line and suckered the unsuspecting Howe with three hellacious lefts to the head. Fontinato, the NHL’s reigning penalty king, had forged a league-wide reputation as a formidable heavyweight by resorting to such tactics to leave opposing players crumpled in a heap.

    But Howe barely budged.

    Instead, he shook off the punches, then grabbed Fontinato by the throat and pulled him in. At the same time, he cocked his left fist and fired a single punch that shattered Fontinato’s cheek bone. Propping up the dazed Ranger with his right arm, Howe threw another punch that broke Fontinato’s nose. A third left opened a huge gash over his eye. A fourth split both lips.

    One of Fontinato’s teammates later said Howe’s punches “sounded like an axe splitting wood.”

    Nobody made a move as Howe delivered the coup de grace, a short, chopping right that dropped Fontinato face-first in a bloody heap. The Detroit star then turned and skated directly to the penalty box. Fontinato went to hospital.”

  41. I remember the day that the Rangers walked away from the artbitor who awarded Zherdev a 1 year contract for like $4.25 million (or something like that)..

    I still get angry thinking about how the Rangers didn’t sign Z to a long term deal…He could have been part of the core…Yes, he was invisble at times and quite a headcase….I mean, the guy could have always been traded or waived if he was that bad. He is much better than EC or Frolov. His stats this year show it.

    He lead the team in scoring, then we walk away from him like somehow it was his fault the Rangers lost game 7 to the Caps….

    Would have liked to see what he could do with Gaby….oh well…

    Slats is a good GM like Crosby is a dirty player.

  42. Glad to see the Boogey-Man getting some today. It is not his fault that Slats overpaid for him. Prust is a willing fighter, but it is not fair to him to take on the heavyweights of the NHL – not that Rupp is a bonafide heavyweight but Brandon was giving up some size.

    Heck, for ships and giggles, I’d love to see Torts put Boogaard on the PP and just have lean on his stick and watch d-men try and move him. Of course, coach would still have to find a way to a) get guys to shoot the puck and b) get guys to shoot the puck on net.

  43. Thanks Joekuh….even more of a reason to have signed him long term!

    Oh yeah, and it doesn’t help my anger to see him score highlight-reel, toe-drag goals for the Flyers on the PP!

  44. Can we stop the pity party around not signing Zherdev??!! The guy was as soft as they come and disappeared during big games and when the team needed him the most. I cannot belive there are Ranger fans out there that were actually satisfied with his performance. Granted, Frolov has been a disaster, but Zherdev was never the answer either……

  45. 8 G 1 A puts him on pace for less than 40 points on a much deeper team than the Rangers. No way I would have wanted Zherdev for any longer than he was on the Rangers.

  46. Joekuh – HAHAHAHA! Oopsie! Im so sorry. I thought you were a guy, but someone else told me you were sis of Agr. Then when you mentioned you played NHL 10, i had to ask!

  47. Leetchhalloffame on

    Bottom line is Rangers are a .500 team going nowhere this season. Play the kids – FIRE SATHER!

  48. CT, but you’d still take Z over Froloaf if you had to choose, right?

    Z was frustrating, but he brought more to the table than Froloaf. He at least had some creativity to his game. It would have been cool to see him play with Gabby.

    Frolov just flat out sucks.

  49. Zherdev not signing with the NYR is water under the bridge. I just get mad when I see him score pretty goals for the Flyers (who have so much scoring talent aside from him).

    He also has 8 goals this year. That’s the same number of goals as EC and Frolov combined.

  50. I’m kind of indifferent on either one.

    Frolov isn’t scoring, but he isn’t a liability when he’s out there, he just doesn’t make things happen. More like Higgins than Zherdev.

    I don’t know how well Z would have meshed with Gaborik. Gaborik is more of a north-south player and doesn’t really fool around with the puck too much. Zherdev is more like a Kovalchuk, kind of a puck hog but has way less the goal scorer’s instinct than Kovalchuk (or at least Kovalchuk had when he was a perennial 40+ goal scorer).

  51. Interesting idea, Anthony, except with the length of time the Rangers usually have the puck in the zone during the PP and with Boogey’s speed (or lack there of,) he might never get to the front of the net.

  52. He would have still been a Ranger if he hadn’t taken the greedy route. When he came back to Slats willing to accept a pay-cut after his whole plan backfired, it just looked pathetic.

    Literally nobody in the NHL wanted him for what he thought he was worth.

    Talented guy though. I liked him when he was here, despite the frustration. The whole team was frustrating.

  53. The greedy route? They went to arbitration. The guy was the leading scorer on an offensive starved team (though not spectacular in the grand scheme of things). He definitely had a compelling argument to ask for the amount he did.

    The Rangers decided to walk away from the arb ruling.

    It was a business decision pure and simple.

  54. Sorry guys, but you’re going to have to get used to being disappointed by Frolov. He is incredibly talented and extremely apathetic. Something hasn’t clicked yet and he just doesn’t live up to his potential. I watched him for seven years in LA and every new season, I would hope to see a new player but he never came through. He’ll have his moments, but don’t expect consistency.

  55. I’m using RR on AOL now, and it works fine.

    I was using it on FireFox and it looks all weird. I should have never asked for a chose between Piggins or Froloaf, cause it clearly just temporarily killed this site.

  56. Frolov – ugh! How do these guys score 30+ goals then couldn’t put it in the net if the goalie was on the street corner grabbing a hot dog? He scored 19 goals last year and it was a down year. He’ll be lucky to get 12 this year.

    Speaking of ugh, the power play – or maybe I should call it the man advantage because there isn’t much power in the play. Don’t know what they can do differently with the players they have to make it better.

    Why isn’t Gilroy playing? I’ll admit that Emminger has played better than he did at the beginning of the season (of course, I could have played better than Emminger did at the beginning of the season), but what is Emminger’s upside as opposed to Gilroy’s? I believe Emminger has hit his ceiling.

    So, when Drury comes back does Todd White go to Hartford or do they release him? What good would he do in Hartford taking minutes away from the youngsters other than relieving the team of the cap hit?

  57. On Zherdev:

    The guy was as soft as they come and disappeared during big games and when the team needed him the most.


    Sounds like Gaborik to me.

  58. >>8 G 1 A puts him on pace for less than 40 points on a much deeper team than the Rangers.

    Could being on a deep team mean he’s getting less ice time?

  59. I’ll take Higgins over Froloaf…

    Though it is only in hindsight, after seeing Frolov waste his with the NYR thus far…

    Reasoning: He’s American, he sticks up for teammates, he can kill penalties, he grinds and is responsible witht he puck, you can’t question his work ethic, he is bff with Gilroy, he’s a cheaper cap hit, and he is overall a better fit for this type of team.

  60. i would take Kotalik over Higins and Frolov at this point.

    Kotalik had 8 goals and 22 points in 45 games with NYR. I think Torts mishandled Kotalik after he personaly (Torts) played Kotalik on PP point and then punished Kotalik for making mistakes. I think that fugged Kotalik’s confidence up big time.

  61. full disclosure….it turns out I was he first one to mess up and told tiki that Joekuh was Jorek, if you get my drift. Sorry tiki! But I still liked Joekuh’s response.

    and just so we’re clear, ahem, Sweet 16!

  62. Mama is fibbing to cover for me! You didnt have to do that Mama! Just accept my proposal and we’ll have a bonehead wedding with CCCP as the best man and Sally as the bridesmaid! :)

    And I too died in laughter at Joekuh’s response. I was on the phone with my brother and told him the response and he too died in laughter!

  63. 2 kill a malkin bird on

    Ovechkin was criticized, and rightly so, because he was laughing with OPPONENTS, WHILE his coach was trying to explain a 5-0 shellacking to the press. and it was his COACH who was pissed at him, and again rightly so. I would not want any Ranger laughing and yukking it up right after a drubbing either. imagine Torts reaction if he was interrupted like that after a blowout loss

  64. I think it would be more fun if C3 were a bridesmaid :)

    2 kill (I like the malkin part of your name :) Ovechkin is a lurching dolt who unfortunately plays hockey pretty well. Nice post….

  65. Yes Tony! You’re our photographer!

    Okie dokie, Sally can be the best man and CCCP the bridesmaid!

  66. Ooooo, ooooooo!!

    Tiki will carry one ring up the aisle on a pillow on her back, and Stanley will carry the other on a pillow on her back! Yippee!

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  68. I hope the catch the bastage and hang him. I hate people, I swear…….

    OK, I gotta run. You all enjoy planning the wedding :) TA!

  69. Tony (post @ 4:47) – I saw this on and couldn’t agree with you more. How low can some people get? Really a sad statement about people.

  70. 1) Sausage Lips. I LOVE THAT!! Did you come up with that one? Classic!

    2) It’s fine for a great player to have some dirty/physical play in him. See Ovechkin, Alex. But everyone loves AO, but people hate Sausage Lips. The difference? Sid whines. If your gonna play dirty, don’t be a whine-baby.

  71. Maybe it was Terrance and Phillip?

    When they catch the guy/guys/girls?, they should torture them. I’m all for that. Some people need to learn their lesson the hard way.

    Stage 1 – Water boarding using donkey urine.

    Stage 2 – Book time with Chris Drury

    Stage 3 – Staring contest with Mike Ricci

    If he makes it past those stages, then he deserves to be let go.

  72. Czechthemout!!!! on


    Do you watch the games or do you just talk out of your arse? Because if you would have watched that game, you would have seen the slash that Komisarek delivered to the back of Avery’s knee which drew a totally appropriate response.

  73. Every time I turn to NHL Network, it’s the same episode of “Oil Change”. I’m sure that’s a bit much even for the most ardent of Edmonton Oilers fans.

  74. Yes, Frolov has stunk. But the Rangers simply need to have a true #1 center. SKILLED, not “gritty” or “clutch” or “pre-pubescent.”

  75. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Why is Christiansen on the ice at the end of the game?

    we have no one in our farm system better than christiansen or white?

  76. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    # Cross Check Charlie November 30th, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I’d rather have the Higgins character from the old Magnum PI tv show than Frolov.

    BRAVO CHARLIE!! that made me lol!

    Good eeeeeevening gang. Has Cally been suspended for being in Bratwurstlips way last night yet? Ya know count bettula wants to punish someone lol

  77. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    nice JB, i was watching that the other day! Rudolph tonight, Rangers and Fringe on Thursday!

  78. Hi LinCPB! I’ll join you for Rangers and Fringe, but must decline Rudolph.

    Did you get your Heritage jerseys?

  79. tr-808…thanks for the link earlier today! Just watched now….they block youtube at my job…

    I hadn’t seen this fight since the day I watched the game. Almost forgot about it. Wow, now that was a dirty play by Stamkos! Close to being a head wonder Z wanted to drop ’em…

    lmao, they fought with shields on…

  80. Surprise, surprise. They talked about the slew foot on Callahan on the VS intermission show. Milbury thought the Rangers were whining and gave the standard “Crosby plays the game hard” excuse. Englbom said it was a slew foot, not as terrible as you could get where you give a big kick and arm bar the guy at the same time but he thought it was a slew foot nevertheless. Jones said it was more of a clipping penalty, but at least it was a penalty.

  81. CT…its propaganda, seriously. Crosby is a Saint to the NHL and media. To these people, he can do nothing wrong. When takes a “Cooke”, it smells like a field of roses…Saint Hot Dog Lips

    Look at right now…

    Don’t get me wrong, IMO, he is the best hockey player on the planet, but that doesn’t mean he can do wrong…he made dirty plays last night and whines like a b*tch

    As Jagr once said to him: “Shut up. Play hockey”

  82. Jokuh

    You are absolutely right about Howe. I saw many of the games played against the Rangers, and I used read the papers next day, and I didn’t see that game against Rangers with Fontinato, but I really recall the write ups. They showed Leapin Lou all battered, and then showed Howe in the dressing room with his shirt off, and was he
    powerful looking. It didn’t take long to get the word around. …don’t mess with # 9. And he also was not shy about using his stick to punish folks either. A short time ago I mentioned that he was ambidextrous, and I was surprised that it wasn’t current common knowledge, because they all used to talk about it years ago. Mr Hockey, yeah, he was a breed apart.

    And someone mentioned the potency of the Trottier Bossy combo in their cup years, but omitted the third guy on that line ..Clark Gillies. ( Sometimes Bob

    But Gillies on that line was Bossy’s protector..which he did against Dave Schultz one memorable game, when Schultz began to pound Bossy ( who always insisted that he was not gonna fight….at all.)

    The Hammer was never the same afterward.

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