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Players first, then Tortorella.

Marc Staal:

“We weren’t great at the start, but that goal hurts a little bit, obviously. I mean, it takes a bounce off Feds’ glove, I didn’t know where it was, and I don’t think he could have played it (because) it was in my feet. They end up throwing it at the net and it goes in. But it wasn’t anything we couldn’t overcome.”

On the second goal being an example of how dangerous Crosby is.

“Yeah, he’s a good passer. We kind of got caught there, I think we were changing, or we just kind of let the D cruise through us and get open. But he looks like he’s going to shoot it and he ends up passing it. It was a nice play.”

On defending him:

“The second period there, a lot of their lines were getting 3-on-2s, 2-on-1s. We corrected that in the third. But when you do that, even for a little spate of time, they’re going to hurt you. Obviously, Crosby’s included in that. If you give those guys room, they’re going to make plays.”

Brandon Dubinsky:

“Our forwards have to make sure they come back and put some back pressure on them and let the D know that they can stand in there. Likewise, the D have to make sure they take a look at the forwards, where they are, before they decide to stand in there. You know, it’s a two-way street. We’ve got to make sure we come up and down the ice as a five-man unit and for that stretch (in the second) we didn’t and it cost us with a couple of goals.”

“Fleury came out and played the puck a lot. We’ve got to make sure we have good dumps and put the puck in positions to get it back. A few times that we did it we got some good chances around their net, and the times that we didn’t, the times that we just gave it to him, he made a good outlet pass and they just came right back down on us.

“But it all night it was a bit of a ping-pong match. They had a few chances and a few shifts in our zone, and we had a few in their zone. But there was a lot of neutral-zone play and we’ve just got to make sure that we continue to pressure and play that aggressive stuyle. I think the biggest thing for us, you know, cycling’s great, but we’ve got to take some of those pucks to the net and try and jam away at a few. I thought we did that in the third. … We’ve got to make sure we do that for 60 and not for 20.”

On the PP:

“I think that they pressured hard, but it was nothing that we weren’t ready for. It’s a matter of executing. We’ve got to find a way to bury one of those. I’ve said it before in the same situation as this: We’ve got to find a timely goal from our power-play and our best guys out there, or at least get some big chances and some momentum, and we didn’t find either of those.”

On Crosby’s slew-foot against Callahan:

“He did it again and got called for it. We just have to keep him honest and play him hard between whistles and not focus too much on one person. I don’t think he was the difference tonight. We beat ourselves a little bit and they got some goals from a couple of their other lines that hurt us.”

Asked again about the slew foots:

“I’m not going to sit here and talk about him anymore. I’m not even going to address it. That’s all.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

On Crosby’s slew-foot.

“I didn’t see it, so I can’t really comment on it. He gets a lot of attention and he;s a great player. So as long as he can take some hits, too, it’s fine. It’s hockey. It will be a couple of things here and there that he might think are rough. Like I said, I didn’t see it so I can’t comment on it.”

On the heavy November schedule.

“It’s been busy. We were hoping to finish strong here with a good win, but they were good.”

“It’s the last game of the month, we want to finish strong, it was a great challenge for us. I don’t know if we approached it differently. It was not hard to get ready, I think. You play one of the best teams in the league and we had an emotional game last time we played them, so everybody’s ready to go.” 

On whether a game like this changes his view of his team.

“I feel really good about this team, about how the guys show up every night. We work for each other and stand up for each other and I think everybody feels the same way. We’ve had some good road trips where we spend a little more time together and that’s great, too, I think. It’s been a busy month, but we’ve done a pretty good job. It’s been a lot of hockey. I feel good about this team.”

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  1. i repeat —– Where is the media to ask Sid the Whiner about his slew foot? Are all you jackals too afraid?? Give me a press pass, I will do the frightening (hah!) deed.

    Every guy who covers this league and this team who refused to ask this A-hole about that move should be ashamed of himself. That means Brooks, Spector, Zipay, Gross, Carp (if he was there). EVERYONE!!!!

  2. I’m gonna get carp’d soon but:

    ilb, bless you…..only voice of reason, and smart…:)

    tiki, let’s see how you handle Stanley and Cup, then we’ll talk…

    OK, time for me to say ta or I’ll be here all night….and who wants that :)

    mama love to all. enjoy post game notes and quotes….I’ll see you tomorrow for review. TA!

  3. Humor, we were in the Rangers lockerroom covering, you know, the Rangers. Plus, if we were going to ask a tough question we wouldn’t do it with the cameras rolling so it could be aired before we could transcribe the answer. Right.

  4. If Avery did that to Crosby (instead of Crosby on Callahan), there would be a bigtime suspension, plus a starring role on “Coach’s Corner” and “HNIC Hot Stove” this Sat. nite. It is revolting that the NY media got down on its knees and offered up its ass to that dirtball in the postgame. Revolting!

  5. The MSG dopes really made the Crybaby slewfoot look like a murder. I was only pissed because the refs called Cally for a penalty, and not him, but I wasn’t crying aboot the slewfoot.

    I can care less aboot it. They played like sh*t. They all should have been slewfooted.

  6. Crosby doesn’t ever do anything wrong; wasn’t he sainted as a young child? He’s the only good player to ever come along. And if you don’t believe that, you can listen to every announcer blab about it all game long. It’s like Communist propaganda — they just keep talking about how great he is non-stop, while fans watch him whine and slew foot and trip and complain. Ugh.

  7. Tommy M,
    Rangers have never tanked seasons on purpose. Even through the years they sucked the GM at least (over) spent to try to win.

  8. Carp,

    That is one embarrassing response. The only story to this sorry game, and you missed it entirely talking to Dan Girardi and the stick boy …. ????? Please.

    Oh yeah, can’t ask a question when you’re gonna be scooped. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Right, as if that ever has been a consideration of ANYONE covering this league.

  9. Carp,
    peep what the AP sent out:
    Sidney Crosby extended his point streak to 13 games and the Pittsburgh Penguins won their seventh straight by beating the New York Rangers 3-1 on Monday night.
    The Penguins, 9-0-1 in their past 10, haven’t lost since falling to the Rangers at home in a shootout on Nov. 15.
    It was an OT win Nov. 15. I had to call AP to correct it.

  10. argh. did I say ta? I meant it. You all will go wild here tonight so I say TA and will join you tomorrow. Really wicky……..fargin slew footer!!!

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