It’s Go Time!


Still no official word on Gaborik (flu), but he skated in warmup and probably will play. Derek Boogaard remains out with a shoulder injury.

The red-hot Penguins  haven’t lost since the Rangers beat them two weeks ago.

Henrik Lundqvist opposes Marc-Andre Fleury.


By the way, did you see that it took a few swipes of the wrecking ball to even dent the Spectrum when it was being demolished last week?

My friend Mike Vaccaro (to whom I simply refer  as the best sports columnist in New York) had this story in the Post.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

    GO TIME GO TIME GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!


    GO GO~!!!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    GO TIME!!!!!!

    Carp’n Holey Hell…..its Gooooo Timeeee!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  3. anybody looking for an internet stream, hockeystreams says that the Rangers game is a free preview tonight.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    Sorry Orr , Im here on time ….hope me making it don’t jinx us.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

  5. It says the website is free until Dec 7th. you can watch any NHL game played this year at any time for the next week.

  6. Blue Seat Horror on

    tr, from previous thread:

    “theres this kid in hartford who is playing pretty well but his name escapes me at the moment…”

    Do you mean Kolarik, for whom they traded Byers? (8 points in 8 games for the Whalepack)

  7. Shmoe Micheletti and Sham Rosen “love talking about Cindy”

    It’s great and fulfilling that our guys “love talking about a superstar of another team”

  8. Doing great Sassy! Prince Dubi has been wanting you to catch more of him in action :)

    MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! Bestest in the Westest…er, Eastest!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    Great to see ya freaked out at the game Linda!!!! Ya annoyed the peeps behind you was highlarious!!!! I could just see ya , crazy how the man is the calm one….awsome!!

  10. If hockey Wasn’t the best sport, Maine winters would Be unbearable!!

    “he’s so helpful he picks things up off the ice?!?!?” wtb Joe?????

  11. I swear to God, Sham and Shmoe make me sick.

    The problem with them is, theyre hockey fans first. Boston fans second. Opponents of the Rangers, fans third, and Rangers fans fourth.

  12. noremry – Im a proud little husky lady! Not a boy! I tell other boys what to do and they know better than to talk back to me. My dewclaw is hurting from all this typing. Woof Woof!

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    The Rangers may not be able to recover from that!!!??????? Are these announcers stuiped!!??? Its the FIRST goal.

    Its only 1 goal…big firetruck deal. These announcers are making me wanna puke.

  14. I’m watching the Pens feed, and these guys are BAD.

    So far, they’ve complained about:

    1. Stuff on the ice before the puck drop
    2. Asbestos
    3. MSG being “too dark” (?)
    4. How far away the commentary booth is from the ice
    5. How quiet MSG is

  15. Id rather listen to the Pitt guys than hear our non-Ranger fans hockey fan commentators. At least they’re biased towards their own team. I long for those days!

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    foo man choo??? Talbot with the foo man choo!!????? Im seriously gonna vomit.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Penguins fans ,announcers, owners ,players, and coaches are all LAME!!!!

    GO RANGERSSSSSSSSS , come on fans in MSG….lets get loud N Proud!!!!!

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    Duhhhh why is Staal a defenseman…duhhhh ..the whole familly are forwards…duhh….

  18. we’re not playing badly so far. We’re putting a lot of pressure offensively and gotten a few scoring opportunities.

  19. Hey gang! Just got in.

    Let me guess, the league decided that the Pen()s had to start the game with a goal already.

  20. Exactly, Mickey :)

    It’s really truly spectacularly amazing to me. Our losers Sham and Shmoe go to every city and praise every city for being so great and praise their stadiums. I couldnt believe them talking about how great a city Trashville was and how great their stadium and fans were.

    And the Pitt guys just insult our stadium, our fans, etc.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguins beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    around the rim!!?? What rim? This aint basketball….a four on 2 and a half!!???? A HALF? How do ya get half a player?
    10 goals and 1 assist..come on….wow thats amazing isnt it.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguin announcer beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    Marc staal sure looks like a forward out there …( are these guys serious?)

    Go Rangers!!!!!

  23. Anyone else in the arena completely flabbergasted by that fist pumping competition? This isnt the jersey shore!

  24. The crowd isnt doing anything. I hate New York fans. Cheer you pieces of carcillo. You’ve got two pretty good teams in your arena. Cheer for Gods sakes.

  25. Their defense, with the exception of Orpik, isn’t physical. And they may crumble if pushed.. Good period so far

  26. What was there a penalty for???????????????????????????????????????

    We still havent seen a power play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ON!~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Penguin announcer beating time!!!" ... & Greg L. on

    wow , what a hit by Staal….omg it was haard!!!!

  28. They slew-foot him!!! This is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright, Im getting in my car to make my way up to New York to take care of business against these referees.

    May contact you all from jail! :)

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    Listening to the radio at work, Maloney going nuts about not letting Crosby run the league and the slewfoot he just threw on Callahan.

  30. Campbell will email everyone tomorrow to make sure that they all know Callahan slew footed himself.

  31. That’s it. Im tired of this. Someone take your stick and club Crosby over the head with it. Teach the piece of carcillo a lesson he wont soon forget. Knock him out for the season. End his career. Do what you have to do to make this punk learn.

  32. It is so telling that someone with that much talent feels the need to constantly play like a little b all the time

  33. N.CountryNYRFan on

    but mickey if you punch him in the lips, do we really won’t to see crosby with fatter lips…hideous

    punch him in the eye instead…lol

  34. wow…i have seen both Crosby and Malkin slewfoot Rangers without getting a penalty…Do you guys remember when Malkin did it to Mara in the playoffs a few years back?

  35. Joe: “I love the kid. I love Crosby. That’s a cheap shot move, a dangerous move…he’s too good to be making that kind of play

  36. PRUSTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You shouldve hit Rupp while he was on the ice!!! Kick him with your skate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. A PENALTY FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. How are you my favoritest Mama?!

    A question to anyone watching the PITTSBURGH BROADCAST… Did they mention the slewfoot, or completely ignore it?

  39. unfortunate goal.. friggin fed should have tossed it into the corner.

    staal was great in the first period. creamed the little d man on pitty about 3 times.

    crosby is a total punk anyone else need to see why? the officiating sucks but that is not a suprise….

  40. Was I not paying attention to the game (possible) or did FSN Pittsburgh completely ignore this slewfoot you’re all talking about? I genuinely didn’t see it.

  41. I agree. Good period against a very good team. We dominated the period. One mistake led to a goal, simple as that.

  42. Once the Rangers established their physical play, they looked like a better team. Almost looked like that unjust penalty on Callahan charged them up

  43. LW3H – Thanks for giving me my answer. Now those Pitt guys are some true fans of their team. Wish our guys were like that :)

  44. Czechthemout!!!! on

    This Penguins team is so coddled by this joke of a league it’s scary! They have thrown about three or four picks so far that should have been called. Sauer was tripped up in the corner of his own zone, nothing. Scumbag Crosby slew foots Cally and Cally gets the penalty unreal!

    So does anyone still feel that there is no Pro Penguins,pro Crosby bias?

  45. Mama is grand after getting a good dose of Lula medicine over the weekend, thanks tiki :) She’ll be happier if we win tonight. I’d love Prust to take out Crosby!

  46. Darren Pang: “Watching MSG feed of Pitt@NYR. Joe M doesn’t like Crosby slewfoot on Callahan. No call on 87. I agree w/ Joe. Should have been call.”

  47. Czechthemout!!!! on

    At the appropriate time, Dubi needs to drop the gloves and teach that scumbag a lesson.

  48. Heh, Dubi walking a fine line in that interview. You could tell he wanted to call Crosby out for being the little witchy woman that he is.

  49. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    they should ALWAYS interview Dubi when they play the pen()S. the kid tells it like it is

  50. Czechthemout!!!! on


    He said that Crosby is a cheap shot artist that tries to get way with all he can and then all he does is complain.

  51. ORR,
    if nothing else, Fedo was in fast motion, Staal sould of read it, skating back and comunicate instead of standing like a concrete pole. So, stop this illiterate blame – it is a game, stupid…and puck is round. But I like our guys so far – was a very good period.

  52. Didn’t even call Crosby a good player, either. Just said he’s THAT kind of player, always playing dirty like that.

  53. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Fedetenko has no business anywhere near the first two lines. I know Torts likes him but the guy has no talent at all!

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    At this stage the heat should mysteriously fail in the Penguins locker room. I’d love to see a win, but I’d much rather see them respond to Crosby’s slewfoot.

    Calling Crosby an “sb” is an insult to “sb”s everywhere!

  55. Carp was the crowd as dead as it seemed in the early stages of the first period? Even Sam and Joe were quieter than usual.

  56. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Hey Carp! I was going to buy you a car for Xmas, but since you complained, I’ll just make it a fruitcake…

  57. Great clips Sally :) Mickey, if you and Sally ever get to a boneheads fest together, do it while I’m unemployed…..I’ll need the week off to recover….

  58. Juicer Congo Folkyerself on

    Mickey – Is there such a thing as a good Catholic? I Smid, I Smid :)

    I better be included on this ladies boneheads get together. If you want to pick up hot guys, Im the perfect wingwoman!

  59. Noah, it was silent in here. I was talking to Dellapina in the pressbox and barely above a whisper when we noticed how quiet it was.

  60. Why all the talk about how quiet it is? All I can hear is two morons talking on and on about the Penguins. Not quiet at all.

  61. Hehe! I think there’s a decent chance I’ll be in NYC the week between x-mas and New Years. I’d love to go to the Islanders game then maybe head over to W77. It’s not a sure thing yet, but I think it’d be a ton of fun.

    Blah… Not feeling well. Gonna go to sleep folks.

  62. Good. Im glad Avery hit Pig Nose while he was on the ice. Kick the Byfugliening Carcillo out of them. This game’s over. Take cheap shots at them like they did to the Red Wings in Game 5 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.

  63. >>All I can hear is two morons talking on and on about the Penguins.

    The only time those two idiots are quiet is when their team is losing. They and those Red Wings announcers have this arrogance about them as if they’re contributing to the team’s success on the ice.

  64. My two cents.

    That 2nd goal was the result of FIM leaving the ice early. YOU NEVER leave the ice or change when the opposition has the puck heading into your zone. WTF?! He could have checked the guy with the puck who skated right next to him.

    DING DING DING there went my “OH SO PREDICTABLE” alarm

  65. I know we’ve all been talking about together our team is, and how they all have each others backs….

    But if they do, they will do something to Crosby in this game. Bottom line. We’ll take a 5 minute boarding penalty or slash his wrists or start a fight with him a la Carcillo/Gaborik and pummel him.

  66. Our super dangerous sniper is not Jaromir Jagr, willing to put a team on his back.


    Our super dangerous sniper just scored.

  67. Mama, ohhhh. I got it now. The nuns I had as teachers didn’t wear habits, and I had them from elementary school through high school and college. Yes, 16 years of Catholic and Franciscan education for me.

  68. Get one more before the period concludes, and we’re back in this.

    Sham Rosen: “KUNITZ, KUNITZ, KUNITZ, KUNITZ, KUNITZ” as he Wiznewskis KUNITZ.

    Man, this Kunitz must be an awesome Ranger to get his name mentioned so often. I love this New York Ranger named Kunitz.

  69. Mickey, my math teacher in middle school was a former nun. and I hate/stink at math. need I say more :) (always wondered why she was no longer a nun )

  70. i had catholic ed from kindergarten through senior year of high school

    nun beatings and other punishments
    grades 1 through 8 have made me what i am today.

    a man with a warped mind!
    thank you very much.

  71. I assume Pascal Dupuis gets an assist on the Gaborik goal? He deserves one as much as he does for the one he got on the Talbot goal.

  72. the difference between Catholics and Jews (and before you all get nuts, remember I’m both, so I get to make the joke)….Catholics can atone for their “sins” at confession and be absolved. Jews don’t have to go through that, but we’ll feel gulity, or made to feel guilty, forever :)

  73. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I remember getting beat with a ruler by Sister Mary Discipline… She was so ugly, she must have prayed for it…

  74. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Torts is being totally out coached this game. From his ridiculous line combos, to his inability to answer Bylsma’s adjustments. Very disappointing .

  75. Mama, I know my fair share of former nuns and former priests. And in some cases, I know why they aren’t. But that is a discussion for another blog.

    jpg, LOL. It’s not just the ‘punishments’ that warp the mind, cause I came after those were no longer allowed and I proudly consider myself a tad warped :)

  76. so are you trying to confess something to us right now, Mama?

    or just feeling guilty about somethin’?

  77. watching pens broadcast. commentators are the worst. bunch of PR and propaganda. crosby is always referred to as “sidney crosby”, all the jabs at the other team and telling fans to vote for kris letang for all-star game right before they interview him. horrible

  78. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    miked………hockeystreams is free until december 7.. jump on and watch there… rangers on Silverlight feed

  79. Tiki, cause it’s ingrained in me, from not only school, but family and friends. I’ll readily admit that I not only go to church every Sunday, but that it’s killing me to not be involved in volunteering at my new church.

  80. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I just checked on There are seven people looking for me too. A bill collector, my ex-wife, my bail bondsman, the sheriff, my ex-landlord, my lawyer and a federal judge.

  81. Mickey – You sound like an extraordinary lady! :)

    Mama – I love you! Have I told you that recently?! I LOVE YOU! :down on one knee: Will you marry me? ;)

  82. Can I retire and stop looking for work? What about my cats! Oh, so many things to worry about :)

  83. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    miked, for christmas i got my bro an authentic Islanders Ray Ferraro jersey… needless to say, he signed with the Rangers after that !!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s too bad they didn’t respond to their assistant captain getting slew-footed. So much for that team cohesion and sticking up for one another garbage.

  85. Blue Seat Horror on

    So the lesson here is that miked should get a Roszival jersey and Linda should get her brother a Byfuglien jersey.

  86. I’d be fine if we lost this provided the Rangers come out like wild beasts and take 4 points from the Isles in the next 2.

  87. Luv ya Mickey! :)

    Mama – You can retire. Ill take care of you – that will last a lifetime – and Ill shower you with gifts every day! Of course we’ll keep your cats. And we’ll start a home for abused animals! :)

  88. Carp, was the arena full and just oddly quiet or MSG “sold out” and therefore quiet. I mean, it is a monday after holiday weekend…..I dunno.

  89. Penguin power!

    This game shows why Pitt is great and NYR are just a .500 team.

    Who starts on Thurs. vs NYI – Biron or Henrik?

  90. Cause they twice threw away seasons to get a top draft pick? If that is your definition of ‘great’, oooookkaaay, then. Now, please, shinebox.

  91. What a loser.

    They intentionally threw seasons – which I wish our team wouldve done – to get number 1 picks. The Penguins are a bunch of losers with no fans and a couple of criminal broadcasters and a queer owner.

    The only thing positive about the Penguins is their past – and by that, I mean Jaromir!

  92. By the way, I was near the Penguins owner’s box the other day about 4 hours prior to gametime, and I walked in on Mario and Sidney in the bathroom doing very sickening things to one another. True story :)

  93. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ok I think that MdZ needs to take a seat for a couple of games because his play is really horrible now. Even what is supposed to be his strength , offense, is now terrible.

  94. Olga – bird droppings that have fallen on NYR’s head. LOL

    Pens ALWAYS beat NYR.

    Penguin feed announcer says he’s NEVER heard MSG so quiet and that players live an hour away and they have no advantage at home. Sounds true to me.


  95. Get the Byfuglien out of here you piece of scum Tommy. How did your faux team Penguins enjoy getting stomped by the Bruins, giving up 7 goals. I bet you enjoyed that you piece of carcillo

  96. Pens announcers beside themselves at the call, so they decided to make fun of Avery’s glasses and then called him a shady character.

    Oh, they’re something, these guys.

  97. LMAO at always, Tommy. The best case scenario will be 1-1 this season. Now, go get your shine box.

  98. I dont know if Roszival has done anything wrong, but why mess with a good thing. Roszi’s back…2 goals scored in 2 games.

  99. Duker, I don’t know how you’re listening to that carcillo. They are unprofessional to the nth degree.

    even if we lose, that Aves/baby moment was worth it for me!!!!

  100. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Boyle keeps thinking he’s kicking a field goal with those shots ten feet over the net.

  101. when the coach told Boyle to put it into the net, he thought he meant the one above the glass.

  102. The rampant homerism is one thing (and expected, if annoying). But when announcers refer to “Sid” and “Geno” during the play by play, it’s just so nauseatingly amateurish.

  103. Pens announcers making fun of Avery and his glasses and NYR. NYR will lose both against the lowly Islanders. Pens have division lead now eh Tiki? Where are NYR? Why do they lose so much?

  104. Just dont get shots on net. Miss too many shots wide. Tiresome. Get shots on net and see what happens.

  105. MDZ just missed the net twice in a row. Same thing both times. Gotta learn from your mistakes, kid.

  106. All the heart in the world is with this team, sadly the talent + the hands are not.

    Frolov needs to go, at this point he’s taking Zuccarello’s spot in our lineup.

  107. Hey you Fuggin’ asshat Tommy. How many Stanley Cups have the Pens got???

    Oh, that’s right…Pens 3, Rangers 4.

    Or better yet.

    Jaromir Jagr 2, Referees 1, Mario LePoo 0, Rangers 4

  108. I still love my boys….would always love to beat Pitt, but carcillo happens. We played, they played…..let’s move on. we got potential points ahead of us. LGR!!!!

  109. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i could have sworn i was watching a rangers broadcast…
    wtf is up with showing the pens celebrate for as long as they did???

  110. I’m off to watch the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”.

    For the record, if the zombie apocalypse goes down, I’m moving to Pissburgh, to bash in the zombie brains of Crybaby, Malkin, Cooke, and the rest of the gang, and maybe their announcers.

    Sounds like a good time. Naturally I’d use a Hockey stick. Probably the Wayne Campbell special.

  111. DJK, agreed. They need more talent on this team. Imagine that, combined with the work ethic and heart they have shown this year. Would make a world of difference in a lot of games.

  112. glad i wasn’t able to watch.
    hate hate hate the pens more than i hate
    devs, isles and flyers put together.

    yeah, i said it.

    (course it helps in one’s anger to live in ohio)

  113. Orr Stay on the road – what are you talking about? Pens have won 4 in a row at MSG.

    Pens are 2 points out of being the best team in the league. They showed NYR how far away NYR is. NYR can beat lousy Minn and get lucky vs Nashville but can’t compete with a real team that waddles to victory – 7 wins in a row.

    In Pitt we get our money’s worth. Can’t say the same for NYR.

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Boooooo !!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Yeah Pisssyburgh is full of first round draft picks ….HMMMMM I wonder why?

    Chicago lost to the Rangers this year…..HMMMMMMM I wonder whos better?

  115. Tommy M,
    Question. Where were all the penguins ‘great’ fans during the years they were tanking it? certainly not at the igloo….

  116. In more uplifting news, absolutely NOTHING got accomplished at a special session of the NYS Legislature today.

    Wait, that’s not news. That’s business as usual for Albany.

  117. pens fans
    are so stupid that they cheered mario on an empty net goals
    as if he scored a game winner in overtime

    boo when the refs are constantly calling penalties on the other team
    because someone dared to check one of their players

    don’t support their team unless they are winning

    booed Jagr out of town and never gave him his due when he was there

    purposely tanked their season in order to draft mario and then tanked again and again
    in order to be set up for top draft choices.
    lucky for them the caps were willing to give up a ton for Jagr.

    don’t understand the game of hockey because if they did they’d realize that the whiny actions of sid and vicious actions of malkin are embarrassing and offensive.

  118. Once Chris Kreider and Christian Thomas make the team, and Stepan comes into his own as a #1 center, we will see things get a lot better as far as talent and scoring goes. That is in time for the 2012-2013 season, once Drury and Roszival are off the books.

  119. Tiki – Pens have 3 cups while the dinosaur NYR’s have 3 from the stone age and they bought 1 cup buying Edmonton’s players. Money only.

    How’s this season going? And since 1994?

    Pens are so much better it’s not even close.

  120. 2 things

    is there any Bonehead who is able to see what Zipay puts on Blue Notes and can pass along some of that info over here?

    what’s going on in Harford? Grachev sounds like a total mess and the team sounds like it’s not developing players and not even winning.

    (just changing the subject cause i can’t take talking about the pens much more)

  121. So when you trade you “buy” players according to Tommy M. Knowledgeable Pens fans at it again!

  122. JPG – NYR just has corporate “fans”. Take away the corporations and there’s 8K at MSG. If we’re talking fan bases it’s not even close. There’s more empty seats at MSG than anywhere else, even if they’re sold to corporations.

    How did you like Sid slew footing some NYR’s and Avery doing the same? Except Sid is the best in the world – to all fans.

  123. Blue Seat Horror on

    jpg, Connecticut Whale are 8-11-5. From what I can tell (looking at the box scores) they’ve been playing better. The kid they got for Byers, Chad Kolarik is doing well. Zuccarello’s been finding the scoresheet lately.

    Unlike the Adirondack Phantoms who are a very unimpressive 3-18-2 on the season. So much for the Flyers farm system.

  124. Tommy M seriously
    did you get kicked off a pens site.
    why are you here?

    is your life so bereft of meaning that you come here just
    so that you can be told again and again to beat it and get your shinebox?

    trolls are irritating and not useful and when they pour salt in the wounds of another team’s
    loss then they are just pieces of carcillos
    (and i’d say the same about a troll the claimed to be a Blueshirt fan. i believe that none of the Boneheads do that, especially cause we have too much fun over here than to go somewhere else)

    now, go get that shinebox and move on outta here!

  125. onecupin70 yearsand counting on

    This version of the NHL sucks ,in the old days a crosby slew foot would’ve been dealt with on the ice ,never mind “sucking it up” as Callahan said. When you suck it up “YOU SUCK” as I saw tonight.

  126. JPG – I grew up and lived in LoHud Westchester for 40 years. Always was a Pens/Isles fan. Recently moved to Pitt. How about you? What, you can’t take some constructive criticsm?

    Been reading Carp from the old Gannet Westchester days. My accountant golfs with Carp.

    You don’t believe Messier for Nichols, Rice & DeBrusk was fair and not about being bought for money do you? So then that cup was bought. Right? While the Pens earned theirs.

    Nice game tonight eh?

    Pens are really good while NYR lose a lot. Especially for the money they spend.

  127. LOL jpg!!!

    The funny and ironic part about trolls is…Im the perfect candidate to go to other teams’ sites and trash talk, or to trash talk people in real life, but Ive never been to another teams’ site to troll. Never. And, to be clear, I say Im the perfect candidate because of the dislike for sports and other teams that fills my heart.

    I was, though, on the Flyers site last postseason to cheer them on :hides head:

  128. “The Pens earned theirs.” Um, no tanking? Not for #66? Not for … ?

    The greatest laugh I’ve had since I saw Don Rickles live. What a maroon.

  129. a trade is a trade, no matter who comes out on top or if money is an issue, Tommy M. And pens fan base? ha, pretty much non-existent when they are losing and you know it is is true.
    MSG isn’t all corporate suits, you see more blue-collar fans in jerseys than you do “suits.” and being a pens fan you should know all about suits and corporates since the penguins are gary bettman and the league’s “chosen team”.

  130. pitty made adjustments in the 2nd period and the genius rangers could not figure it out until it was to late.

    boyle might have missed the net 5 times tonight at least, avery almost always misses the net.

    crosby is a scum, to bad no ranger guy is man enough to beat his ass….

    roszival and others never look to the left when they have the puck, in there zone, in the offensive zone anywhere. they do not use there backhand ever. avery, roszival, and others do this. christenson has skill but is a mega woosie. so weak on the puck. the first screw up by fedetenko was a mistake….

    beat the fishticks twice and move on…. dubi is a good player but sometimes he holds the puck to long. staal best d man on the ice both teams by far……orpik could not hold staal’s jock.

  131. Hey, it’s ok. we haven’t had a good, annoying troll for awhile. Let him stick around. Where is he going to go? To Pens blog where people post once in two weeks? Let’s have some heart, people.

  132. I’m tired and cranky, Mama. I normally wouldn’t, but my fingers are just running away from my better senses tonight.

  133. shinebox Tommy

    i’m done with you.

    for a pens fan
    when someone dares to speak truth to you
    all it sounds like to you is “mario is the greatest. gretzky sucks…”

    just cause sather made a carcillo trade for Messier doesn’t mean a Cup is BOUGHT
    the games still have to be played.
    they’re only BOUGHT when another team’s fan can’t stand the sight of that said team hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup.

  134. >>…trolls are irritating and not useful and when they pour salt in the wounds of another team’s

    Trolls are as irritating as we let them. Ignore them and see how quickly they disappear. Just skip over their posts. You can’t reply to what you haven’t read.

  135. Niters my Mama! Im already looking for the perfect diamond ring for you! How does 12 carats sound? Worth $1 million, but if anyone’s worth it, you are Mama!

    By the way, you never answered my question with a clear “Yes”. Will you marry me? :)



  137. Bylsma did make a great adjustment in the second. He realized they were being outplayed by hard forechecking with three forwards in. The Pens started to use long passes out of the zone and catching our forwards deep. Torts couldn’t (or didn’t have the tools?)change the strategy until it was too late.

  138. Stan Fischler is a laughingstock. Stuck his mike in Sid’s grill and blew him like a porn star. Not a single peep about the slew foot. How is this possible??

  139. Can I take the ring, say yes, then no, then keep the ring and sell it?
    tiki, mama loves you…..xoxox

    Tommy, hmmm. learned some things about you from your last post. Promised I wouldn’t do this, at my risk, but go to and have fun. OK? TA to you!

  140. Is there no shame among the NY media? How and why is it that the press refuses to even ask that whining A-hole about his slew foot???????

  141. Mario = best player ever.

    Sid is the second coming – can’t deny the guy’s talent.

    Funny to hear NYR fans say Pitt tanked yet wish NYR did the same. Hypocrites.

    I’m no troll just like talking pucks. Face it folks, NYR are the losingest franchise in hockey, especially for the money they spend. They’re just really bad while Pitt has made the most of the money they spend and capitalize when they get mario, jagr, sid, gino. While the only success NYR ever had was bought. Come on now, ya know it.

    miked – I have a bridge in Bklyn and some swampland to sell you.

    NYR – never has so much been said about so little. Pitt – overachieveing types who fly under the radar!!

  142. Mama – In Stephanie Tanner’s Full House voice: “How rude!” Im still waiting for my “YES” and ill keep pushing til i get it! Say YES! Make me the happiest bonehead alive!

  143. It’s no surprise to see here once in a while a trolling degenerate like this fart “tommy”. What really surprises me is that some people genuinely respond to such morons.

  144. How is this possible Roman? It’s the NY media. That’s how. Do you think the NY media either wants and/or cares if NY wins? Not a bit. If anything, the NY media wants NY to fail so they have a “better story”

    They’d rather spend their time cleaning our opponents than us. And then we wonder why our fans at MSG are silent. When the media treats us like crap, that’s the way fans are taught to treat us.

  145. Relax, folks. It’s one loss. They still worked hard. Carolina lost, Ottawa lost. Both to WC teams. Look at our schedule. They can really string a few wins now.

  146. I like Jack Eager and Roman cannot believe that the postgame had NO discussion of Sid’s slew foot. Can you imagine if Avery had pulled that move??

  147. Fischler has always hated the Rangers anyway. Do you honestly think he would give us the satisfaction of asking Crybaby about it?

    Either that or the league sent an immediate mandate out to the reporters that they COULDN’T ask about it!

  148. Simple question — give me a press pass and I will ask it: “Sid, why the slew foot on Callahan?'” Then: “Do you think the league will review it?”

    What is the deal??? Is there a death threat a la Salman Rushdie for simply asking the only pertinent question to be asked tonight???

    Where was Brooks? Where was Spector? Greenberg? Gross? Carp? Zipay? Anyone????

  149. Tiki – The NY media ignores NYR because they’re such underachievers especially for the money they spend. They’re the ultimate LOSERS.

    JPG – don’t go away mad just go away.

    Seriously, except for Lundquist who is suspect this year and some grit from Callahan and Dubinsky who aren’t really consistent enough and bought Gaborik who is usually hurt, what hope is there for NYR? Now compare that to the proven talent and results for Pitt and it’s not even close. Why waste all this time on a .500 team?

    MSG was really quiet tonight.


  150. November 2010 was a big improvement over November 2009.

    Nov. 2009 – 13 games – 5 W, 8 L – 10 points – average of .76 points per game.

    Nov. 2010 – 16 games – 9 W, 7 L – 18 points – average of 1.3 points per game.

    If they can keep up this improvement, the play-offs are a real possibility. But – there are a lot of games left to be played, and anything can happen. LGR!

  151. This TOMMY Moron, poor thing, obviously doesn’t have ANY life since reside in Pissburgh. Tough childhood in Westchester – 40 years of exposure to some biolab near, and here is a product of brain degenerative disease in form of alienation from reality, inadequate, impulsive lies and habitual sadomasochism with totems obliquity. Heavy bipolar diagnosis.
    BTW, who is this Sid, he mentioned so obsessively? Maybe he mispronounce well known in league – lipsie Cindy? Yeah, it’s hard to figure out twisted minds. God, have mercy on him. Amen.

  152. 4ever – I split my residence between Pitt and Westchester. I’m your neighbor, I pay your kid’s school taxes. How ’bout that? Sidney, ya know MVP. You luv me 4ever cause I tell the truth. Pitt is really good and NYR not so much bang for the buck. You know it. God Bless The Pens!

    Why are NYR so bad? With the money they spend, they should be better.

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