Rangers-Preds in review


1) I’m not saying Erik Christensen’s disallowed goal should have counted, but it looked to me that the defenseman, Suter, kicked Christensen’s skate, which may have caused the kicking motion.

2) But then Christensen admitted, twice, on TV, that he kicked it in.

3) Good for the kid to go out and score the shootout winner. He’s a player, as we’ve been told many times, who needs his confidence. And, really, if this is what he does in shootouts, you have to keep him in the lineup, right? But he might want to not kill himself crashing into the post after scoring.

4) Have I mentioned lately what I think of the skills competition?

5) I’m self-imposing a moratorium on my wrath toward MSG promos.

6) I tend to be critical of Marc Staal at times, but please don’t confuse that as anything but this: I think he can be a very, very good defenseman, and I just think there are some little things in his game that he can clean up or change. And I do think he works well on a pair with Michal Rozsival. Plus, from the little I know of him, he seems like a really good kid who has “hockey player” written all over him.

7) I get a kick out of Jordan Tootoo’s “two-two” sign with his hands after fights (and the uniform No. 22).

8) Here’s a tangent. Brandon Dubinsky didn’t score a goal, but MSG’s announcers named him the star of the game, and that was an absolutely terrific choice (nobody would have had a problem if it was Callahan). So here’s my point. One of the great traditions in hockey is the three stars of the game. I think that selection should be made by the TV guys who have a better idea of what players are doing away from the scoresheet. Plus, the writers who now make the picks have their heads down writing and blogging and tweeting late in the third period when the time comes for their vote, and the vote has to be done with a few minutes left, so anything that happens thereafter isn’t reflected on the ballots. I think the TV guys should do it. They’d do it better, and they’re paying attention late in the third, and because they’re talking about the game for the entire 60 minutes, they know who’s doing what without scoring.

9) I know that his career hasn’t yet reflected his selection as the eighth pick in the ’08 draft, and that he’s slumped this year. But every time I’ve seen Carey Wilson’s kid play, I’ve been impressed.

10) It’s time for opponents to take note about the Rangers: If they’re sleeping at any point in the game, don’t awaken them. Because when the game starts getting snarly, these guys love to play the game. Give Sean Avery and Brandon Prust assists on this win.

11) Best stat from last night: 6-0 on the second of back-to-backs this season.


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  1. The thing I didn’t like about last nights game instead of moving the puck from behind the net immdeiately the Rangers would set up too long and give the Predators a chance to set up and block their outlet pass. No wonder they had so few shots.

  2. boxcareddiehospodar on

    This team reminds me of the flyers from a few years ago. Work hard all game and something good will happen.

    2 players away from going over the top.

    A big time ctr/winger (ervyeobe needs one) and a knockout defenseman to clear the net. Might be time to give Sauer more time on the penalty kill. He is one of the few defensemen willing to give the body all night.

    It is nice to watch an entire ranager game and not turn the game off anymore when they go down 1-0!!!

  3. If it was a perfect world our team would lose minor leaguers in White and EC and the 3 that are not up to NHL standards for a winning team in Frolov,Rosi and Drury, but we are getting closer and more fun to watch with that feeling by opponets, that I don’t like playing these guys. Needs remain a real center and banging D-man. Having said that if we don’t brake down by our style and we push every night we should make the extra season, then we need a steal from someone better like Pitt,Caps,Flyers from LQ. Simple

  4. first off the Rangers were outshot mostly due to the fact we never win faceoffs. Stepan went another game without winning a single draw (0-5), Dubinsky was 2-9 and Anisimov 3-7. When your top 2 lines go 5-21 on draws obviously the other team will have the puck a lot more often than you do. Its simple math.

    second, trading for Richards would be one of the worst decisions Sather has ever made. Lets trade important prospects for a guy that we can easily sign on July 1st and even if he was here still wouldnt get us past the 1st round.

  5. Carp: Great read. This team does like to play with some snarl, but also notice teams can player tougher against us without the Boogeyman in the game.

    I thought Girardi had a tough game last night, although he did make some important blocked shots late in the game.

    After about the 8:00 mark of the first I noticed this team would eventually control the flow of the game, just as they did against Florida the other night. They have been patient and consistent in these types of games.

    I thought the non-call on Avery was correct. The player initiated contact before Avery had a chance to control his stick.

    I thought the Nashville announcers, with Terry Crisp, were a pleasant change from other teams’ announcers, including Joe Micheletti, who I think is horrible.

    But in the end we are still a notch below Tampa, Philly, Montreal, Washington, Boston, Ottawa, Atlanta, Pitt in the speed department, but have a better goaltender.

    So nice to see Hank back on his game and kudos to Torts for keeping him between the pipes after that awful Tampa game.


  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m sure Linda, Mickey and the man had fun, probably even more fun than watching them win by 5 goals.

    Very good review, Carp.
    I didnt feel like they had no business to win the game, in fact I thought they created enough chances, but couldn’t finish. Barry Trotz is a very good coach, he is dealing with very little talent, but able to adjust during the game. But the Rangers eventually won by showing more grit and more gut. Remember, they played with 11 forwards on back-to-back. Dubinsky=Monster, Hank=Monster, Callahan=Monster, White= not so much.
    Rozsival didn’t show he was out for that long, he looked ok.
    We need Drury bad. We can’t continue with that face-off percentage, it adds to their fatigue because they have to put an extra effort to retrieve the puck.

  7. As far as Gilroy goes. The Rangers have to decide if they have the cap room over the summer to sign Gilly.

    I don’t want to see him go, but the Rangers have other RFA’s like Dubinski, Callahan, Anisimov, Boyle and Sauer to re-sign. Plus we will all want them to go after a top UFA and will need the money.

    I believe the Rangers should also try Gilly at the wing position, especially on the PP.

    Did you know Grachev only has 1 goal for The Whale? In 17 games! Yikes!

  8. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Rozy did nothing. It is now time to increase Mike Sauer`s role and play him with Staal.
    He can handle the puck well enough. His toughness on the first pair may really give is a feasome shut down pair.

  9. I don’t think teams can just go after us physically all they want with out Boog in the lineup.
    We have Prust, Boyle, Sauer, Avery, even Dubi who all can fight. It’s not like without our one fighter we are soft like in the past.

    I love watching the Rangers play (with the exception of a game once in a while like Tampa).

    They are like watching the Jets who you can never count out!!!

  10. The Gilroy situation is rather complicated. He probably has no future on this team because our D depth chart is very long. At the same time, I don’t think he can bring back that much at the moment, unless he starts lighting it up. He, on the other hand, is Sather’s project. Glen went hard after him two summers ago. I think the best way to approach it at the moment would be to trade him for a left handed D-man.

  11. Carp,
    I have to disagree on Avery. last nights game was typical Avery, selfish. they needed him on the ice last night, Gabby is out and Avery was going to be on the 2nd line. and what does he do, he takes a mindless penalty during a face off, and follows that up with a selfish fight when he comes out of the box. Cally has the puck in the slot, and Avery needs to fight. the lines then all need to shuffled because he is in the box. did you notice that Dubi played 25 minutes last night. why, because Avery was not reliable last night. selfish, selfish, player.

  12. the TV guys should never decide anything. John Monotone and Michelletti are horrible. Last night Joe described a guy with the first name namedPekka as “Big and Long” just sayin..

    I was a the Calgary game and the gave Brian Boyle the third star to Brian Boyle was credited with the goal that a flame defenseman put in his own goal.

    Who decides the stats of the game ? Scott Laskey ?

  13. Bull dog- I don’t think Avery had any other choice, but fight Tootoo after they both came out of the box. Not sur he was delighted to do it, since Tootoo is a better fighter. But he had no choice. And I don’t think that fight had any negative impact on the game, in fact it may’ve been quite opposite.

  14. All this talk of getting Richards. Has anyone thought about the problems it might cause in the locker room if we traded for him? I’m pretty sure he and Avery are’nt great buds after Avery’s stint in Dallas.

  15. I was just saying that the game turned a bit nasty there, and I think the Rangers get better when games get nasty. and Avery wasn’t going to get major minutes anyway. I think the opposite happens when you’re down a forward. You go mostly with nine instead of using all 11.

    as for Gilroy, don’t forget something. Tortorella likes him and was instrumental in his signing here. I think he’s in the plans long-term, but that he’s still learning the position that the other d-men have played their whole lives. And, you’re right, he wouldn’t bring back much, if anything, in a trade. Seventh defensemen who make a lot of money don’t appeal to most GMs.

  16. And, about the three stars, all I know is that any process has to be better than the one now, where the writers are polled late in the third period and they all go scurrying to the scoresheet to see who might have multiple points. Very rarely does somebody get a star without being on the scoresheet, other than the goalie.

  17. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Bull dog

    Avery answered Tooto coming out of the box. What is selfish about that?
    The first penalty was a joke of a call by an inept ref. Sean Avery sticks up for his teammates. Maybe to you that seems selfish. To me that is what team is all about. But then you would probably like a team of cowards like EC and Girardi who stand there and do nothing while their best player is being pummeled by a goon.

  18. Czechthemout!!!! on

    By the way Prust also got into a fight while the team had a good chance to score. I am totaly ok with that.

  19. why can’t you guys just enjoy this team instead of nitpicking over every little minuscule unimportant thing.

    Rozsival is a very solid in his own end who is averaging a half a point per game as well. The only issue with Rozsival is his contract which is completely irrelevant anyway b/c there is nothing we would do with that extra cap space unless you are still fantasizing about Brad Richards who will cost you an arm an a leg and wont get us past the 1st round anyway.

    Then there is Girardi who is tied for 10th in the league in scoring for d-men and leads all d-men in blocked shots yet b/c of one rare flukey bad bounce he all of a sudden is no good.
    And lets complain about our 4th liners Erik Christensen and Todd White who will be healthy scratches or in White’s case HFD once our injured players return.

    I mean seriously the Rangers are playing the most enjoyable hockey i’ve seen since back when Jagr was around and are getting contributions from all 4 lines and are doing so with more good young players than we’ve ever had in my lifetime.

  20. We played well enough to win last night. Many many scoring opps, but couldnt finish. Cally’s finish was a lucky one. And what do many people say (that I disagree with)….

    You make your own luck. Well, the team worked and created opps for themselves, and the game tying goal was luck. Hard work pays off.

    1st star: Henrik
    2nd star: Cally
    3rd star: Dubi
    Honorable mention: EC

  21. this was a game the Rangers needed Avery on the ice. they were short a forward, and he was going to be the 2nd line left wing. by doing what he did he hurt the team. he plays well the night before, and then he pulls the usual Avery crap. typical Avery.

  22. Lmao Awesome post Ole. Nice dose of reality for a sunny Sunday afternoon. I mean hey listen- 7-3 in their last 10, 2 goalies playing well, balanced scoring, winning games they wouldn’t have won the previous 2 years and winning games without their top forward or their captain. I’m excited to see what happens when Prospal and Drury get back in the mix here. Stepan is improving, EC is contributing, Boyle and Anisimov have been great. These guys are going to make it tough on Torts. And if Prospal can play and be effective Mr. Fraudlov may be up in the press box muttering to himself in Russian about the offer the KHL made him last summer.

    It’s been a hectic month for these guys. 15 games. They’ve won 9 of them with one to go tomorrow night. Let’s steal a W at home against brautwurst lips and his fairies and call it a month!

  23. Bulldog, neither of Avery’s penalties resulted in a loss of man power on the ice. The matching roughing penalties with Tootoo before the puck even dropped was a case of the ref trying to keep control of the game.

    Dubinsky played 25 minutes in a 65 minute game. If you were paying attention, you’d realize that he was probably on the ice for almost 3 minutes of OT. Take away that extra frame and he logs 22 minutes of ice time and it’s no longer a story.

    I don’t think Avery is nearly as effective as he was in his first two years with the Rangers, but it’s obvious that he needs more than 7-8 minutes of playing time on the 4th line to make his presence felt. He showed that last night.

  24. obviously Avery isnt as effective now as he was before. playing with Ruslan Fedotenko or Boogaard isnt the same as playing with Jagr.

    that said, if Frolov wasn’t playing so bad and didnt have to be demoted to the 3rd line Avery-Boyle-Fedotenko would make a very good third line.

    Avery will always take stupid penalties b/c thats what he does but the more agitating and scumbaggy he is the better he plays so you just have to take the bad with the good and understand that in the long run, he is a positive in NY.

  25. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Just thought I would post this (finishing the game now) that EC has a medical condition just diagnosed as Postjedimindtrickpublicidioticstatingmysotisis:

    Avery gets into fight with smid of edmonton and gets the first (and only) punch in. EC, hearing the oilers players from the bench yelling it was a cheap shot, mysteriously and ignorantly states it was a cheap shot (throwing his teammate under the bus) in a post game interview.

    In a game against the preds, EC in fromt of the net has his skate kicked by a preds dman which in turn directs the puck into the net. The preds are all screaming the it was a kicking motion deliberately into the goal by EC. Mysteriously and ignorantly EC states in an interview later he deliberately kicked the puck in.

    Fast forward to game 82 (sorry ZZZZZ) OT game against the devils and the winner is in the playoffs and loser goes to the golf course. EC gets high sticked in the face by colin white. As white heads to the box, he and the rest of the devils say EC was holding white’s stick and actually hit himself in the face. EC immediately and oddly goes over to the ref and tells him he was holding the stick of white and goes into the box. Devils score on the ensuing powerplay and rangers go to the golf course.

    The only know cure for this disease is by immediately removing this player from the roster by any means necessary.

  26. Blue Seat Horror on

    Carp, the answer to the question in #3 is no. Christensen’s prowess in the shootout is not why he should be kept in the line-up. The Rangers are on a pace to have 4 shootouts this year. I know as the season stretches and they get tired there will be more shootouts, but even so I’d rather have someone in the line-up who can help them win it in regulation instead of the skills competition.

    Not bashing pee-wee either. He gets himself some prime scoring opportunities. But his scoring touch is like discount furniture: unfinished.

  27. First, Richards has made appearances at Warren 77, so probably has no problem with Avery.
    As to Avery and Christensen, do we really think Avery gets upset when other players make a mistake and say the wrong thing? That would be a stretch.
    Avery needs to focus on playing his game, and he’s been doing a pretty decent job. A lot of the Avery hype is Canadian media-driven, and Avery seems to be just fine with media attention, whether it’s good or bad.
    As to Christensen, it’s nice to have a player who doesn’t just recite from the cliche playbook. If the Rangers biggest problems are their post-game interviews, then that’s pretty nice.

  28. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    known cure.

    To answer your question, no I don’t. But if you really think we need one I’m sure if you remind slats that souray is out there he may pick him up for you!

  29. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I agree with carp, this team does better when it is a nasty game than when it is 60 minutes of skills competition. I think the avery fight (and the prust bout) energized the team and was not even close to being something negative.

  30. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    As far as the game goes, does it look like hank is playing a bit further out in his crease or is it just me??….cally, frolov, and EC all missed an open net at some point……saw the rangers d men on their butts a few times (eminger and staal for sure) with very good hits from preds forwards….the media must love it when EC opens his mouth….love the grit this team plays with!

    Non-game related. I think richards was one of the few guys avery did get along with in dallas….I think they need to trade gilroy as well, just a part of what deal for who is the question….there was a tweet on twitter that the caps may be making a trade “very soon” if anyone really cares.

    dchesnokov Dmitry Chesnokov
    A trade may be in the works very soon involving #Caps.

  31. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    anyone see the westgarth scott fight from the kings hawks game last night?

  32. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    wooo hooo! How ya been bro?

    that was a beating!

    linda and mickey
    hope you ladies had a blast!

  33. Orr – I don’t think the stat about records when outshot/outshooting is actually that unusual. A lot of the time it’s a score effect – i.e. being outshot is (partly) a function of being in the lead because it changes the behaviour of the teams. Team in front sits back, team behind plays more offensively.

    Not quite that simple, but the stat isn’t as freakish as it might first look.

  34. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    still trying to map out the best way to get to w77 and the best place to park!!

  35. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Prust leads the league with 9 fights and the team is tied with 4 other teams (pens, ducks, sharks, blues) for lead league with 23 majors.

  36. You are probably right about Gilroy, Carp. In fact, after looking at our cap situation next year, I don’t think they can sign any significant player without moving Roszival’s contract. He will be very attractive to some teams because his cap hit will be $5M and his salary will be $3M. Gilroy may be groomed to replace him in the lineup.

  37. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I don’t think he has a place here. With mcdonut and vtank (may or may not make the NHL) already in the A along with the guy that slats kept raving about during the rookie camp that plays in the KHL (pashinin), I just don’t see a spot for gilly in the organization. He would certainly be better than rozy though!

  38. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    WOW!!! Harsh, yet hilarious!! Move them!

    mirtle James Mirtle
    The Islanders are on pace for just under 56 points this season, the worst record since the lockout. Team’s lucky anyone wants to cover it.

  39. Wicky, if Rozsival is moved (I think he will be, otherwise thay won’t be able to sign much), and Eminger being an UFA at the end of the season, Gilroy may stick around. Unless they bring up two rookies.

  40. Sorry I dont see how Gilroy is here next season unless he’s the 7th d-man. Rozsival will be gone but McDonagh or Valentenko will be the 3rd pair LD and another veteran d-man if they choose to let Eminger go will be there.

  41. Leetchhalloffame on

    I thought Tootoo was holding up the number 2 for the amount of goals he has scored this year – TWO. What a player!

  42. Leetchhalloffame on

    If Panthers ever give up on Weiss Slats should be there with a legit offer. That guy was the best player on the ice Friday night.

  43. And I would be very careful about Brad Richards. If the Rangers maintain their level of play, they will make the playoffs. Adding him during the season will not change that outcome by much, nor it will make them a contender. But it will require some significant prospects, and/or the draft picks. By the end of the season the team will have a better idea whether Stepan can fit the first line center position well. If yes, they’ll be better off signing a high scoring left winger to play with Gaborik instead.

  44. ilb2001

    I agree 100% although I predict Stepan will move to the wing as he might be the worst at taking faceoffs i’ve ever seen.

  45. in fact Stepan is last in the NHL is faceoff% and is on pace to have the worst faceoff% since at least the 97-98 season.

  46. faceoffs are not really something that develops. Its not like he was good at it and just stopped once he came to the NHL. You either have it or you dont, it doesnt just get much better with age.

  47. Yeah…the more I think about it…I think it makes more sense to go after a big time left wing rather than Richards in free agency…Semin?

  48. Semin is the person I had in mind too, NYR_FAN

    Oleo- I don’t have anything to back it up, but I think faceoffs is a learned skill, and most of the centers get better with experience. In fact, I think Crosby was pretty dreadful at it when he started, but he is much better now.

  49. Give Stepan a break, he’s 20 years old and only played a little over 20 games. I figure he’ll work it out. He has adapted very well so far in all other areas. I’m more worried about AA’s face-off skills than Stepan’s.

  50. ilb I completely agree…I would add Richards via trade if and only if it makes sense $ and we aren’t giving up too much…I think he would another dynamic to the team and give Stepan a mentor….

  51. Orr, I disagree because I don’ think Washington will have enough cap space to sign him to a LT deal…He is on pace for more than 50 goals this year and if he gets 50 or more, the guy is going to get paid in free agency! Probably $7-8 million per…don’t think the Caps can give that to him….

  52. Like I said, Semen is OV’s b*tch. He’ll make him re-sign, and he’ll make the Craps move players around.

    Speaking of moving players around, Brooks thinks the Devs should trade Brodiva. Interesting!

  53. oleo – Of course you can get better at faceoffs. Have you not seen any game on Versus/NBC the last two years? It’s been rammed down our throats repeatedly that Crosby is now better at faceoffs than he used to be.

    Admittedly, he is the only player in history to work at a skill and get better at it…

  54. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    If we got semin, I hope he doesn’t beat staal up in practice this time!

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  56. lmao…he is OV’s b*tch…Craps…pay him in vodka

    Orr, it is always awesome talking hockey with you at RR!

  57. you can get better but only marginally. Crosby was never bad at faceoffs he was just a little under 50%. Im not saying he wont get better but to pass on Richards makes no sense especially when the best options on the wings are Semin, Gagne and Kovalev.

  58. and if you think Semin would come here and put up the same numbers he does in Washington with all that supporting talent that caveat emptor, you’ll all be blasting him after a month.

  59. Brad Richards will be 31 next offseason. He is likely to demand a long term deal that will average around $6-6.5M per.

  60. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    did anyone see Ssgt Giunta on letterman the other night? Fantastic!

  61. oleo – Crosby has gone from around 45% to 55% since he came into the league. Not marginal. Also, probably rare (but not as rare as the media would have you believe, I suspect). Eric Staal, for example, is still lousy at faceoffs (around 42%). Still wouldn’t turn Staal into a winger though.

  62. Staal also gets 80-100 points every year. Again im not saying they need to now but I wouldnt turn down Richards based on 1 year of Stepan getting 40-50 points

  63. I haven’t made any connection to whether Richards should be acquired or not. I would just argue it makes no sense to turn Stepan into a winger based on 25 games of bad faceoffs. And equally, for him not being an 80-100 point player in those 25 games.

  64. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I agree with LW on this, not sure if richards is a yes or no to get (even if possible and depending on what goes for him), either way no reason to put stepan on wing.

  65. wicky

    im not talking about trading for Richards. Anyone who wants to trade for Richards is delusional. Im talking about FA. You dont go after Semin instead of Richards b/c you have Stepan.

  66. That’s exactly the point. Adding him now wouldn’t make any sense from many different points of view. Whether he should be signed in the offseason may depend on many different things. Including how Stepan is playing.

  67. my point was that somebody suggested we should pass up on Richards and go for the best winger aka Semin b/c of Stepan and thats a bad mistake

  68. Good evening all! I’m back from my most fabulous Maine weekend, and what news to return to!!!!! No time to go through 3 days of posts now, just wanted to pop in and say and I’ll catch up for game tomorrow! (Anybody going? I know it’s a Monday and I’m, um, idle, but was thinking of visiting warren).

    anyway, based on Carp’s post above, I have to give an uninformed shout out to Sweet 16!!!


  69. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I meant trade or sign. I’m not saying richards would be a bad acquisition either way, but I also would not move stepan to a wing either way.
    Speaking of semin, anyone watch teh most bizarre msg moments on the other day? #5 was semin beating of staal in that fight!!!

  70. leetchhalloffame on

    Let’s not forget that Messier worked with the centers on face-offs at training camp. Blame him.

  71. Blue Seat Horror on

    Grachev with a goal and Zuccarello with 2 asissts as it looks like the Connecticut Whale will go 2-0.

  72. Thanks for the Whale update. Wade Redden is -5 btw. Mike Sauer is +8 and Stall and Girardi are both +7. Anyone care about +/- stats…opinions?

    Zuccarello has 16 points; Redden has 15 — more points than any Rangers D. Just throwin’ it out there.

  73. LW3H- I have no idea who this guy is, but ignorance shouldn’t be allowed in journalism. If you can even call this journalism.

  74. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Hey guys!

    time to start saving my pennies for the next game! Man, i would love to be able to go to the number of games some of you guys do!!

  75. Blue Seat Horror on

    Great link LW. Thanks. I needed a good laugh. The Hockey News is on a par with Hockeybuzz as far as reliable hockey information goes.

  76. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao @ that link LW. someone should write a counter article on how sucky it is to be in that guys family lol

  77. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Hi Linda-
    You were the star of the blog last night! We all heard a bunch of “Carcillo”‘s shouted out last night at the arena. Who could that have been!!??!!

  78. ilb – If he’d left it at the first paragraph, saying the Rangers would be in the fight for a low playoff seed, there’s nothing to complain about. But the rest is just weak stuff.

    “Meanwhile Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle have accounted for nearly a quarter of the team’s tallies. Those two have kept the Rangers going offensively, but that’s far from ideal.”

    Firstly, why pick those two and not include the team’s actual top goal…er tallyscorer? Secondly, I doubt anyone would seriously argue that the Rangers’ offense has been reliant on Callahan and Boyle (or any two other players). Thirdly – and most amusingly – by my count, only six teams in the league *don’t* have their top two goalscorers accounting for a quarter of the team’s goals and all would “nearly” do it. So what is that benchmark supposed to mean anyway?

    And as for the crack about prospects, I read somewhere that the Rangers’ prospects were rated 5th in the whole league last year. Oh yeah, I read that in The Hockey News…

  79. MickeyM is excited to be seeing the team tomorrow and meeting Linda on

    Hi gang!

    Back to St Louis after a fun, yet exhausting weekend. Nashville is a great town, I had a wonderful team getting together with my friend, the game was fun- especially how it turned out :) and most of it, it was awesome to meet Linda and her man and hang out with them for a little while. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  80. Yeah, might be nice to change my name, lol.

    PS- Pictures! I took like 60 of them and I’ll get them on the Boneheads fb page tomorrow or Tuesday.

  81. Wow, that dude is a douche and a half.

    I think if you look at NY, both the Rangers and Islanders have some good prospects. Rangers have been playing it smart (with the exception of some FA signings) and we really are building a team from within.

    I like what I see and look forward to the next few seasons, I am sure we will be one of the top teams in a few years.

  82. Mickey, you met Linda and the man at a game! byfuglien! must share pics on FB….aren’t they the awesomest!….i love bonehead meetings out of NY. shows why this is Ranger and bonehead central!

  83. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    oh bad words bad words!!! lol

    One funny thing, I saw 3 Black Hawks Byfuglien jerseys, a few Flyers tshirst, some guys who must have stood the entire game because their butts were definitely too large to squeeze into the seats, and some chick walking with an Islander fan flashed me her Rangers tshirt on the middle of Broadway, literally, she saw me, pulled up her sweatshirt and yelled RANGERS, while revealing her Rangers tshirt. The man was like WTF..how is Linda getting flashed and not me lol!!

    Also hilarious to see people drunk off their asshats at 3 in the afternoon!!! And Elvis was in front of the arena when we walked in… freakin hysterical. And then some weird dude from Canarsie kinda attached himself to the 4 of us as we were strolling down Broadway, i think he had a crush on Mickey lol!!

    Best part, outside of the beautiful day, getting to see a victory and lotsa my boys, was meeting with Mickey and her friend. Mickey… FRIGGINS!!!!!!

  84. Off topic sorry, and re: Leslie: when I was the airport today and the voice told me about the red zone etc….I always think of that movie…and quote a line that made my mom go WHA! you’ll either get that or not :

  85. Linda CalPrustBoylahan needs a good digital camera! on

    i think last night was the first time i’ve ever heard the term ‘NO PLAY ZONE’ in regards to a penalty.

  86. Linda CalPrustBoylahan needs a good digital camera! on

    i just posted up on FB a pic of the room service dessert the man got last night, and YES, it is an actual dessert dde lol.

  87. Linda CalPrustBoylahan needs a good digital camera! on

    Not as versed in the fine particulars of the game as most of youse guys are, but here are my thoughts/observations from the game:

    1. we need help on faceoffs…IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER lol

    2. I enjoyed seeing in person how Double A has improved over last year. Another few pounds of muscle and he’ll be hard to get off the puck.

    3. Dubinsky. I told the man a few times how this season, he’s a bull on the puck. Good to see.

    4. MDZ would benefit from a birds eye view of a game or two, and remember to NOT take out your own guy lol ;-)

    5. Power play is still an issue. When will we ever look forward to getting them and feeling they can score?

    6. Prust is freakin TOUGH! Rangers are NOT the pushovers they’ve been in the past.

    7. Sauer is awesome. I call him Sauerboom because he’s pretty much the first dman since Beuk (lol) to be gritty and get guys out of the crease. He is going to make Rangers fans happy for a long time.

    8. Frolov, White and Pee Wee…i tried to get a picture of that line but was just shaking my head lol., I told the man that if the 3 of them were gone before the next game, 90% of the people on the blog would not miss them.

    9. I felt Hank had a strong game. He seemed a bit more intense, and when he’s like that, its only good times for Rangers fans.

    10. I had to laugh at this guy two rows behind me. There was about 10 different points in the game where he was yelling SHOOOOOOOOOOOOT. The only problem was, the Preds player with the puck was facing AWAY from Lundqvist!

    11. I hope the ‘tradition’ of saying SUCKS after opposing teams starting lineup is introduced (and saying HE SUCKS TOO after the coach is introduced) is just a southern thing, because its beyond bush league, its tumbleweed league.

    12. the TooToo choochoo whistle is frehleying annoying

    13. We really do have a fun team to watch. We have some good stuff to look forward to once some of the remaining deadwood is gone and a few more of the younger dudes make the team. We can bitch and moan on a nightly basis, as we are want to do, but we really should take a step back and realize this is pretty much the team we’ve been asking for. watching them come together and improve (and hopefully stay on the young side)…well, I don’t know about all the experts we have here ;-) , but I’m excited to see it.

  88. >>Kevin Weekes almost died!

    Not even the threat of being crushed by an onrushing Zamboni could get Weekes to stop talking. The guy was made for television though; he has the looks as well as eloquence.

  89. Linda CalPrustBoylahan needs a good digital camera! on

    JB, gotta agree with you. I enjoy seeing him opine on tv.

  90. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    where are you buddy?? I really am sorry, same result as last year!!!! You guys got close again, but just close.

    You know I love you Samsquatch, but wooo hoooo Alouettes!!!!!!!!!

    Linda and Mickey
    glad you ladies had a good time and can’t wait for the pics!

  91. omg, Linda, the Frggins thing was hysterical.

    Too bad we couldn’t find a way to ‘borrow’ a few of the guys for the night. Would have been awesome.

    EWWWW, NO. Thank god the creepy dude left, otherwise we may have had to sic your man on him.

    Remember, don’t follow the dude that looks like Roethlisberger, especially into the bathroom.

  92. Also ‘no play zone’. My friend was even all ‘wtb? that is craaaazzzy’.

    Best part of the night, besides the win and meeting Linda and her man, was seeing Callahan and Dubinsky playing on the same line. Both guys were great all night long, and srsly, as much as I despise the phrase, they sooooo have this bromance thing going on. It’s just wonderful to see it live.

  93. I too questioned that disallowed goal, amd was watching very closely – That # 20 on Preds anbsolutely kicked EC’s foot, and it looked as though EC just let it happen. That he was a bit ingenuous about it and took responsibility for it may be accounted for in that he didn’t notice the other guys kick. But on the whole, it seems that his biggest failing is being honest with people who question him. There is an artlessness to him which may well
    grate on the nerves of some, but it is evidently a part of his personality. He has no hope of ever being accepted in this environment. And he is so naive in his behavior that he may well not even be aware of how people think of him. Even though he stumbles thru a wake of irritation among the fans, he is what he is. Almost like hockey’s version of Gomer Pyle.

    It would be interesting to hear what his teammates think of him.

  94. I too questioned that disallowed goal, and was watching very closely – That # 20 on Preds absolutely kicked EC’s foot, (not very hard, more of a shove),and it looked as though EC just let it happen. That he was a bit ingenuous about it and took responsibility for it may be accounted for in that he didn’t notice the other guys kick. But on the whole, it seems that his biggest failing is being honest with people who question him. There is an artlessness to him which may well
    grate on the nerves of some, but it is evidently a part of his personality. He has no hope of ever being accepted in this environment. And he is so naive in his behavior that he may well not even be aware of how people think of him. Even though he stumbles thru a wake of irritation among the fans, he is what he is. Almost like hockey’s version of Gomer Pyle.

    It would be interesting to hear what his teammates think of him.

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