It’s Go Time!


A bit premature for a game thread … but several reports from Nashville have Gaborik missing tonight’s game with the flu. He’s not even at the arena tonight.

So the Rangers will use seven defensemen and 11 forwards, since Boogaard’s shoulder is still bothering him, and Michal Rozsival is ready to return tonight.

John Tortorella said he will rotate a forward into the 12th spot, and not use Matt Gilroy there.

Also, Henrik Lundqvist, off his shutout in Sunrise Friday, gets a second start in as many nights.

Should be interesting.

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  1. Barry Trotz, member of the no-neck coaching fraternity, also members, Bruce Boudreau, Claude Julien and the original founding member, Scotty Bowman.

  2. what a terrible turnover. and Giannone is yelling like a maniac. Thanks Nashville broadcaster Giannone.

  3. Blue Seat Horror on

    Lost count of how many times Ranger players have run into each other.

    Glad Gilroy’s playing. So far he’s had the Rangers best Shot on goal.

  4. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    i love Pru just as much as the next guy. but he spends just as much time off his skates and on his butt as Avery.

  5. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Botle should have fought O’Brein – some nice Irish kisses would have been delivered

  6. N.CountryNYRFan on

    hey o’brien threw a cheap shot, prust still had a glove. that aves smid thing was so overblown…if that was aves it would have been talked about how dirty it was.

    thats hockey…folks.

  7. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    What’s the next fight? Linda vs the guy in front of her (who’s half deaf by now)!

  8. We need anybody to score… This team has not had a lot of good, solid hockey the last several games… And much of that against teams that shouldn’t be dominating us. We’re lucky to have Hank and Biron, otherwise things would be a lot worse.

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    OK. Got that garbage period out of the way. Now let’s see some hockey. Ice Hockey.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  10. “The law firm of Callahan & Dubinsk”? They hiring Beninanti to cut those MSG promos? I’m a real lawyer and I am not amused.

  11. Blue Seat Horror on

    They need to stop working on the power play. Looked much better when they weren’t working on it.

  12. >>Game over. Our PP is as bad as it’s ever been.

    I thought Rozsival was supposed to come to the rescue?

  13. You do know that a team can look bad on a couple of Power Plays and then look better later in the game, and that the game is not over 24 minutes into the game only down 1 goal, right????????

  14. Blue Seat Horror on

    Really tiki? I thought you were supposed to stop rooting as soon as the team got down. That’s what I learned from going to MSG.

  15. Maybe if the Rangers handed a different random player a jersey with #68 sewn in on it each game, then Rozsival will know what to do.

  16. N.CountryNYRFan on

    actually i’m glad that the refs didn’t give us a pp on that hit, our pp is so bad it would have just wasted 2 minutes

  17. blue seat – i wasnt directing that at you. i think it was DJK saying that the game was over. As for the fans at MSG that dont cheer, theyre just losers.

    Why exactly were the Rangers so excited to get this waste of Czech space Roszival back in there….and on the PP. We scored a PP goal each of the last 4 games. And entering the building, the useless Roszival.

  18. >>Could have been a 2 on 1 if Frolov knew how to skate.

    I couldn’t believe he couldn’t finesse a pass.

  19. I can’t wait for Prospal or Drury to be activated, for no other reason than Frolov, Christensen and/or White being gone.

  20. You cant just assume a wasted Power Play just because they looked terrible in the previous power plays. And as long as we dont give up shorthanded opps, then it doesnt hurt to have them.

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow. Pee-wee actually moved closer so he could shoot it into the goalie.

    Tiki, no problem. I didn’t feel directed at. Just making a joke.

  22. and a 5th great scoring opportunity and miss thanks to Frolov.

    Im with you on Frolov. He’s horrible.

  23. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    And Prucha is that miserable? he would have at least buried one of those opportunities.

    Poor Linda must must be acting like Linda Blair in the Exorcist by now. Feel sorry for the fans around her!

  24. N.CountryNYRFan on

    nice one DJK..hahaha. Seriuosly get EC and Frolaof off the PP and on the 4th line only. They are horrible. I am so disappointed in Froloaf, i thought we could count on him for 20 goals at least.

  25. If they’re gonna trade for Brad Richards this season, and not wait to get him as a UFA on July 1, do it immediately after this game. Please.

  26. we’ve got two loser broadcasters talking about streets named after predators in some sick sounding town or something called “sycamoose” Im glad I tuned into MSG to hear the opposing team’s broadcast and some ridiculous word, SYCAMOOOSE!

  27. He just banged his stick, and is arguing with the referee. How about a 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on top of that!

  28. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Torts should tell EC & Froloaf to stay in the lockeroom for the 3rd period, they are rubbing off on our decent players.

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    Pretty good look on the PP. Three players high with a fourth on the high boards. Making it easy for the predaters

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    Love it! Only Pee-wee could see something in the five hole of a goalie that’s flat on his face.

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    The Connecticut Whale are undefeated after winning 3-2 in a shootout tonight. Goals by Dupont and Eizenman.

  32. Czechthemout!!!! on

    These are the games that cost you playoffs. We have pretty much dominated the game after about the first ten minutes. We certainly have had the chances. But unfortunately, the worst players on the team have had those chances. Frolov is a disgrace. EC is a fringe NHL player.
    Rozi is taking Sauer minutes just as I thought he would.


    You still think we don’t need an offensive damn who can shoot the puck huh?

  33. The only help Hank got last night is that some goals were actually scored. He still had to turn in an all-star performance because of awful defensive play.

  34. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Torts needs to start benching/sitting players ala Mike Keenan, why does he have so much faith in EC & Froloaf?? Torts needs to get his Carcillo together as well.

  35. I thought it seemed crazy that Crosby had 300 goals already in his career, then I checked a more reliable source than MSG and discovered he scored his 200th. Talk about a big goof.

  36. There is no excuse for Zuccarello not to be given a shot.

    I agree

  37. Blue Seat Horror on

    If it makes you feel better, Tiki, 1 stupid mistake and 4 missed shots from the slot by the Rangers has us down 1-0.

  38. It was a forward in the neutral zone that deflected the puck that made it bounce. Girardi was a bit unlucky to miss a bouncing puck and Wilson did a good job to lift Girardi’s stick to make sure he could gain possession.

  39. henrik goes to his knees and covers up!

    Did that sound dirty to anyone else? At least Henrik knows about protection! :)

  40. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Orr, it happened last spring i think and it was just about as bad as Katrina as far as flooding, but yeah interesting almost no media coverage…not even a peep from our current president…hmmm.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just score baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    GOOOOOOOOOOOO TIMEEEEEEEE!!!!! Dam , im not home…im watching at a friends place. I cant type till I get home!!! I was thinking Im jinxed cuz I didnt say “GO TIME”.


    Go boys , lets pop 1 in!!!!!

  42. N.CountryNYRFan on

    also over twenty people died in the flooding…where was the lib media. sorry no more politics.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just score baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    ECfrolitis ,Fail-ov and Froloaf are great guys!!! GO RANGERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. didn’t feel so great so i missed party tonight.
    then again, i’m watching this game and it makes me regret the decision
    i feel really bad for Linda.

    hopefully, SOMETHING HAPPENS that will make her smile during the game
    cause it’s been pretty empty.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just score baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!! I mean we did it!!!!!!!!!

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just score baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    No prob North Country!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOO , no shutty!!!! Let go Rangers!!!!!!

  47. I wonder if there are any loose screws on the Preds that will throw their shoulder pads into the stands.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just scored baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Looking good folks , points are a must and not getting shut out is AWSOME!@!

  49. Blue Seat Horror on

    I fully expect one or the other team to win on a PP goal. Van Massengil won’t be able to resist.

  50. Puddy cats beat the Bolts? I wonder if the Panthers are thinking “and we lost to the Rangers?”

  51. Dubi and Girardi have had a number of dreadful moments
    then again, if our pp was slightly better
    the preds goalie would be the goat for
    his penalties

  52. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Hurry up and win the shootout. Gotta switch over to Chicago-LA game. Should be a beauty!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just scored baby!!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Ok , Lets do this stuiped Shoot out and win the lame ,cool,exciting,dumb thing.

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  54. YES!!!!



    barely deserved one point
    and preds are going to have a mighty sick feeling
    losing the second point.

  55. So I guess the game was not over, huh? :)

    A much deserved 2 points for us.

    Playing the 2nd of a back to back, without Gabby. Henrik in his 2nd straight game. Excellent.

    Beautiful game.

    And a big hearty Thanks to Joe Micheletti for saying he “expected Eric Christensen to score because of the game he had” Thanks Joe for some Ranger-biased broadcasting :) But you’re still a stinkweasel :)

  56. N.CountryNYRFan on

    EC partially redeems himself…can we just bring hin out for shootouts, like a DH in baseball.

  57. Oh boy, if Christensen didn’t score we would have lost that shootout. We didn’t have any other good shooters in the lineup, except maybe Anisimov. I would have liked to see MdZ try.

    WIN!!! 6-0 in the 2nd game of b2bs.

  58. yeah kern

    the preds players were positioned quite well
    throughout the 3 periods for just about every
    single thing we did
    and our players were continually trying to
    put a square peg through a round hole
    (i.e. Staal and Dubi passes that went straight to preds players)

    the preds coaching staff did a good job with film and what we do on the ice.
    Torts and the players changed a bit but we were still hemmed in by what the
    preds did.

  59. jpg
    Torts was fine tonight. They won a tough game on the road minus their best player. Not the night to bash the coach.

  60. Way to gut out two points. Great effort by Duby, Hank and the guys. EC back a little respect for tonight’s game overall, topped off by the game winner.

  61. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Orr – he grew up next town over from me. Our parents are friends. He grew up a Rangers fan.

  62. N.CountryNYRFan on

    EC thinks the PP was fantastic tonight??? Passing the puck around isn’t the purpose of the PP, it’s to score goals. I would hate to see what he thinks a bad PP is,jeez!

  63. Blue Seat Horror on

    Dinamo, let’s see how Dubi’s contract negotiation goes this summer before we call him captain…

  64. kern
    i rarely if ever bash Torts
    but i was
    amazed at how well the preds were ready for us
    unhappy with how our guys were reacting to it

    i thought that we’d look a little different in the second
    or then in the third
    each time it was slightly but not that noticeable
    especially with the preds keeping up what they were doing.

    i’m glad with the win but it was definitely a matter of stealing
    2 points
    and that happens
    so i leave happy.

  65. Roszival is back, and things are back to “normal” with him on the power play. No shots taken – the puck is passed around the perimeter, until it’s coughed-up for a breakout the other way. Maybe someone will check him hard into the boards during practice – he needs another paid vacation.

    White is so bad it makes my eyes hurt. The reason he’s in the NHL is that the AHL won’t take him back!

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    If it’s okay with y’all, and no offense to Greg and Linda, I’d rather we don’t encourage a repeat of tonight.

    They’ve played better and I’d prefer to see the better Rangers.

  67. Balcony Bob
    I wish you will fall down from your balcony on your brainless head – than, just maybe, you become thinking “normal” and your eyes will hopefully get in to right position.

  68. djk

    You should have seen Emil Francis as a young goalie…he was spectacular.

    Only goal tenders who I recall could do a full ballet style split, when it came to blocking shots.Other was Johnnie Bower.

    Sawchuk perhaps, but I don’t recall him doing so. Big Bill Durnan might have also, but I never saw him do it.

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