Lightnings-Rangers in review


Happy Thanksgiving, Boneheads! We all have a lot for which to be thankful. Hope you spend today with family and friends and count those blessings.

Now, as for hockey: be thankful the Rangers don’t always play like a bunch of turkeys, as they did in the first two periods last night.


1) There is no mail on Thanksgiving Day, but there is on Thanksgiving Eve, and a few of the Rangers’ best players mailed it in. I won’t name any names, but here’s a hint: Gaborik, Frolov. And Tortorella beat me to that punch by naming names. Meanwhile, MSG kept showing us the promo for Friday’s game, the one about how dangerous Gaborik is.

2) You’ve got to love Ryan Callahan’s honesty sometimes. He said the Rangers stunk in the first two periods. Not that Stamkos or St. Louis or Tampa’s power play were great. But that the Rangers stunk. And they did. They created nothing, they didn’t fight through the Lightning’s trap, they didn’t get the puck in deep and work it.

3) Marc Staal and Dan Girardi … and I really don’t like to always beat this drum. But they were bad, too. Now, on two of those first three goals on which they were on the ice, a forward didn’t do his job: Prust and Anisimov in picking up the forward coming late. But on the first one, both defensemen hit the deck (knees first) twice, leaving the Rangers scrambling for the puck. On one of them, Staal turned over the puck with a chance to clear, then chased to the half-boards, creating an odd-man situation in front. And on one, he was flat-footed as Martin St. Louis buzzed past him like Secretariat.

4) This idea that you just have to stay out of the box against Tampa is idiotic. You can’t play a whole game without taking a penalty. You just can’t. Especially when you’re trying to play an aggressive game.

5) If MSG Network is going to own the rights to all these area teams’ broadcasts, then there are going to be nights when they all play. And if that’s going to happen, and it is, then MSG has to do a much better job of telling people on what channel they can find their team. Because last night MSG couldn’t have done it any worse.

6) Maybe Michal Rozsival will be an upgrade when he comes back.

7) Hey, I got this idea while watching the game. Despite this recession, despite the unemployment numbers, and despite how tenuous most of our jobs are, go out and buy somebody a $45,000 car for Christmas. Must have been subliminal.


AP Photo above.

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  1. over the river and thru the woods,to grandmothers house we go!(she better not serve instant mashed potatoes again this year or we are outa there!)

  2. The rap up should be something like this……: The team Shattenkirked its pants the 1st 2 periods.,.a real Clutterbuck . They played like total Carcillio , seeming like they they didn’t give a Byfuglien. Then they woke up in the 3rd..but it was to late..

  3. I don’t know

    I can’t stand many more games like this one. Thank God for books. So help me if I didn’t have books available, I’d go nuts.
    This brings me back to the loss of my bound volume of the complete works of Rafael Sabatini, lost in one of our many moves. Books are great – y’all should try them sometime. No buttons to push or anything to plug in, just …daylight and a comfortable chair. I follow authors. Dumas,\Hugo, Patrick O’brian, CS Forester, and the modern fellow Cornwell, among others.

    Ignore all the above. just a personal trip of musings.

    Go Rangers….I hope.

  4. I’m not going to let last night ruin my Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for.

    So where’s the Woody Woodpecker balloon? What’s with him anyway? What’s he supposed to be, some sort of instigator?

    My question is, why would somebody in Parsippany be having a garage sale on Thanksgiving?

  5. Play like turkeys one night, then they kick a** the next. But it seems to me that the NYR are getting beat by teams that are just flat out better than them. Which is an improvement. Except for the opening loss to the Isles, they are beating teams they should beat.

    Fatigue is a factor right now . Even Prust is dead legged.

    Capable backup Goaltenting is actually HURTING Henke.

    This team needs to show its snarl more consistently. Staal will be showcased on HNIC, and Don Cherry will glorify the guy for knocking someone senseless, and doing it completely by the book. I wonder if he will show Staal’s namby pamby land play of the Tampa BAy game as well. . . . .

  6. Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals, and Happy Thursday to all. I know Torts keeps saying that Hank is the number one guy, but in reality is he the number one. He is not playing well, making lots of costly mistakes. I am not putting this loss all on Hank, they really played terrible, almost all of them for two periods. I am saying Torts should be going with the guy who is playing best, and right now it’s Biron. With a team on the bubble like this team is. He should be playing the guys that will give the team the best chance to win. I don’t understand why he keeps saying Hank is the guy when Biron is playing the best in goal.

  7. Agree that Gaborik and Frolov weren’t good. But it’s hard to buy into the “fatigue” excuse. If Callahan, Staal, Dubinsky are too tired, then what does that say about the game plan, or the conditioning or the coaching? Maybe a 40 year old vet could be tired, but why are young guys too tired in November to play well? Cop out.

  8. onecupin70 yearsand counting on

    Happy Thanksgiving to all !
    Except to Sather and Dolan.
    Again , the rangers as a whole show no growth just mediocrity .The some of the building blocks they drafted seem mired in mediocrity.lack of talent, coaching or what?

  9. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Carp, but I think the Car commercials are aimed at a different audience, like the crowd that Dolan hangs with.

  10. since we are pointing fingers,Carp, I am going to point the finger right at the coach for this one. the game plan stunk! they were so worried about having this guy or that guy on the ice against Stamkos, that they went on the heels from the beginning and nobody had any rhythem to the game. classic case of over coaching.

  11. hilarious bit on the $45,000 car, still laughing. The best part is I was unable to find the game on cablevision (despite selecting the channel the trusty old channel guide suggested). So I guess I’m thankful for James Dolan’s and those yahoos in charge of broadcasting cause it doesn’t sound like the Rangers put in the effort…

  12. you do realize that you cant win every night. The Rangers have a winning record and will most likely be playoff bound despite not having the top line talent to compete at an elite level.

    The Rangers are not going to beat teams like PHI, WAS, BOS, TB, MON on most nights b/c when it all comes down to it, the Rangers best players are not as good as those teams top players.

  13. i was mad when people wanted to just ride biron a few days ago, but he was a number 1 for many years, although never as good as hank. still, this is looking worse every game with hank and maybe he should be out for a few more consecutively just to get us some wins if anything. forget about hanks psyche. we need wins, were 2 games over 500 and really without buttmans point were 1 game over. thats not good enough and we have to geta streak going where we win more than 1-2 ata time. im not expecting a long playoff run this year, but with a healthy gaborik we should be winning more than we were when he wa injured and it seems like were not a better team and most games we won recently, we couldve done so without gabby playing. i still think frolov is hurting that line. neither gabby or fro are great forecheckers. i liked that duby was playing there at times, but hes cooled off alot scoring wise. 1 goal in last 5 or 6 games? cally 1 goal in 7? only consistent one we have now is boyle. i cannot believe this. he cant pass though so he wouldnt help gabby much. idk, but i sure miss prospal right now cuz i know he can pass and has chemistry with gabby. anybody know if hes returning before christmas? and

    happy thanksgiving all!!!! gotta work today so i’ll be grumpy but hope everyone here has a great day with family and also be safe traveling ok. really wanna see every bonehead safely here next game! and happy turkey day to u carp. i know im thankful u do such a good job with the blog. ur appreciated big time in iowa!

  14. Don’t go crazy fellow ranger fans. The rangers are who they are a mediocre team with no elite talent. They will be fighting once again for the 8 through 10 spot and probably not make the playoffs and next year Sather will build a new team once again.

  15. oleo,
    good point about not be able to match up with the teams you mentioned best players. I feel the Rangers are close, they are going in the right direction, but they still need one more big time player. preferably a center to play with Gabby.

  16. bull dog line

    well i know many want Richards right now but its not a very smart decision to trade for him now when it wont really make much of a difference this season.

    Next season White, Frolov, Fedotenko, Prospal, Gilroy, Eminger, most likely Rozsival will be gone so thats 16 mil right there. Considering most of those spots will be filled internally, there will be enough cap room to go out and get a top line player as well as resign our RFAs plus add cheap pieces here or there.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving, boneheads and your families! Enjoy your day, enjoy your families and your loved ones. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

    Big family gathering at my house, it’s been a tradition for years. No clue how many people, but I do know there will be many kids. And 6 dogs. Love it.

  18. Happy Bird day to all.

    Carp, I will take two helpings of Turkey and also two of those cars!

    Still can’t wait to see what we bring tomorrow night.

  19. Happy Thxgvng (or whatever the Internet abbreviation is).

    Last night’s game is one of those where you cope by reminding yourself that this year is not about winning the Cup but breaking in new guys and galvanizing the core. I said the other day that once the Rangers start consistently controlling the flow of games against all types of opponents then I’ll start to get my hopes up. They can hang with most teams if they play well, maybe knock off a true contender if that team is a little off, but as Oleo and Bulldog commented above they just don’t have the horses. But enjoy your day everyone.

  20. Thanks Carp for all that you do and for calling ’em as you see ’em. Thanks to everyone else for making this such a great site.

  21. Happy thanksgiving! I hope Rozy would be an upgrade, but at the same time, I like the physicality this current D corps brings.

    That Tampa Bay powerplay is pretty nasty. Why can’t ours be that good?

  22. Happy Thanksgiving all! I still remain thankful for Hank :)

    Off to the Maine family tomorrow for the weekend so I’ll miss the next two games, but I wish you and the Rangers a lovely time and I’ll be back here Sunday. LGR!!!! TA!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the day with your friends and family and be safe if you travel.

    As far as the Rangers game last night. Torts is the coach, he called out alot of players last night, not just Gabby,and rightfully so, big deal. They stunk last night. They embarrased the sweater and there should be no room in this organization for games like that.

    If Gabby, Frolov, etc can’t handle he criticism then they should re-think whether they want to be Rangers.

    If Gabby is so hurt to play and it is affecting his play, then go back on injury. Frolov is just plain terrible, he hasn’t done squat all season. I’d rather have Grachev or Avery playing in his place.

    This team has played a ton of games in a week. They are young, and they are building. But when your veteran players like Gaborik and Frolov, Christensen take nights off like they have then what’s the use of having them on the team? Dubinksy, Cally, Staal, Girardi,Boyle and Prust have been running through walls for this team all season, where is the same from some of the other players?

    If these guys don’t want to play, then scratch em and play Rozival at D, move Gilly to forward and play White. The message, the theme, the mindset of what is a Ranger is more important in the long run than Gaborik’s or Frolov’s ice time.

  24. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    “4) This idea that you just have to stay out of the box against Tampa is idiotic. You can’t play a whole game without taking a penalty. You just can’t. Especially when you’re trying to play an aggressive game.”

    Unless you’re Pittsburgh, da-da-tsh.

    Agreed with all Carp’s points though, especially the Staal-Girardi, much better apart.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, drive home safe guys/gals.

  25. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    last night’s game is on MSG right now :)

    can we sue for cruel and unusual punishment??

  26. They can’t play worse.

    My take on the “tired” thing Tortorella brought up: I think he meant too much was being expected of the Prusts and Boyles and it’s time for some of the bigger names to step up. The Rangers need some games that Gaborik-Frolov help them win by scoring big goals, and not counting on Prust and Boyle, not to mention Callahan and Dubinsky, for offense every night. He meant, it’s wearing on the depth guys to have to carry the offense and do more than expected, when some who have done very little need to step up. Especially when they are playing so many games in so few nights.

    Parsippany? Let’s go.

  27. My wife had the Macy’s parade on, there were some really strange costumes on floats at the parade.

    Interesting role reversal from last year. A lot of night’s Gaborik was the only player to do anything on offense and at the time we were all thinking that he couldn’t do it all alone. This year he hasn’t dominated games by himself. Getting everyone going at the same time isn’t easy, but picking up 3 or 4 points these next two games will help erase some of the stench of last night. I don’t know about the rest of you’se, picking up 5 or 6 of 8 points this week isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  28. Fun fact: Brian Boyle has 10 goals. That puts him in a 9-way tie for 12th in the league. Here are the guys he’s tied with: Ovechkin, Richards, E. Staal, Perry, Marleau, Lucic, Rene Bourque, Kesler.

    That’s some pretty amazing company this far into the season! Who’da thunkit?

  29. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    SCX says:
    November 25, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Fun fact: Brian Boyle has 10 goals. That puts him in a 9-way tie for 12th in the league. Here are the guys he’s tied with: Ovechkin, Richards, E. Staal, Perry, Marleau, Lucic, Rene Bourque, Kesler.

    That’s some pretty amazing company this far into the season! Who’da thunkit?


    i LOVE that post! it’s amazing what fixing your skating style and building up that confidence can do for a guy!! I hope he keeps it going!!

  30. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Carp. Also to all of you RR regulars, boneheads or not. I don’t know about you Carp, but 45 grand is pocket change tome ( I wish!) Never could understand those ads at holiday time. off to a family dinner where my goal is to eat too much and then pig out on dessert.

  31. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR, if you’re out there, I hope you’re feeling better and will be able to feast today!!

    Carpy, thankful AGAIN for all you do! Thanks for keeping us far away boneheads in the loop!! You’re work is greatly appreciated

  32. I’m thankful for the Rangers young core. And Family, friends and football all day!

    Carp didn’t you hear? All those “economists” have told us “the recession is over”! Who cares about unemployment! WALL STREET IS UP AND STUFF!


  33. Lin, I’m actually doing worse. My taste buds are back, but I have the worst sore throat of all time. I feel like I’m swallowing knives.

    I got my Dreary game on though. I wont let it ruin my Thanksgiving. It’s definitely ruining my sleep though!

    It didn’t help that I woke up at 5 a.m. and I had my head on top of my kittens stomach, breathing in all his fur.

    It’s just not my week!

  34. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    damn Orr, that sucks! look on the bright side though, at least your taste buds are back! Try some tea with honey for that sore throat, it might help a bit!!

  35. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    Now the team has more bad players than good . I have now turned into the lets trade the over hyped under talented M Staal. He just doesn’t have it either physically or offensively.How can they let Hank get run into or hit so often and nothing is done. I praised torts the other day after he put out boogie in a 2-1 game with 7 min left to stop what the flames were doing but he lets this crap happen even after the team is down 5-0. He sucks as a coach as much as sather sucks as a gm. How about that Avery standing up for that piece of crap that threw him under the bus in the press up in Canada.As far as torts calling out Gabby his list should have been alot longer,but wait allis saved Miss rosy is comming backsoon and drury will be following so get ready for the parade,yea to drury”s pizza place that is.

  36. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Tony, it’s 71 here right now… gonna be in the high 40’s tomorrow…messed up lol!!

  37. Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to Ranger fans everywhere! Let’s count our blessings…

    * The team is better than last year and usually more enjoyable to watch.
    * Our cap situation is better than last year and consequently our flexibility to make moves (signings and trades) is more manageable.
    * The Rangers are a young team now and will be so for the next year or two.
    * We have home grown youngsters in the AHL who show promise and have a real chance to make the big club in the next year or two. They also have the added benefit of not wrecking havoc on our cap.
    * We have a back up goalie who has proven himself to be solid, dependable and accepting of his role on the team.
    * The team shows definite signs of a growing chemistry (i.e. Identity) on the ice and in the locker room.
    * The team is scoring more and getting contributions from more players (balance).
    * Sather is another year older and getting closer to retirement (I’m was hesitant to include this one since there’s no guarantee his replacement will be any better and could do worse…shutter!)

    I could go on but I’d like to hear other’s blessings for the team.

    Carp, most definitely disagree that Rozival will be an improvement. He makes as many awful plays as good ones. He also wears pink panties under his hockey pants (no disrespect to panties of any color).

  38. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    Happy Thanksgiving ILB and all!!!!

    A big thanks to Carp for bringing us all together here and making everyday Thanksgiving!!!

    A special Happy Thanksgiving to all the military personnel around the world keeping us safe so we can blog about hockey daily.

    A balmy 9 degrees this morning here!

    I didn’t get a chance to read go time quotes, but here are mine….torts said after the game some guys were tired it seemed, DUH!!!…Every forward should be getting double digit minutes the way this team hits and with the size of some of the guys they will certainly be worn out around crunch time…..yes that means boogie should get about ten minutes…did gabby play??….good on avery standing up for of all people, EC the sell out…avery=good teammate…yes it was a clean hit…..cally sounds just like drury to me with what he says in his interviews….still love what sauer and eminger do and hate the girardi staal pairing…put eminger back with staal… up vtank…..dump rozy and gilly…..lastly, I haven’t mentioned it for a few games, but we really do still need a hard hitting physical CREASE CLEARING d man. I think we screwed up not getting valabik (I know he is slow of foot).


  39. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao @ ‘like Brodiva chugs bacon fat’. I can literally see that in my mind! Emeril looks at Brodeur and thinks “PORK FAT RULES!”

  40. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    you’re welcome. It isn’t hard for me (and some of the others here like the bubblehead) to forget, being former military! Our brothers (and sisters) are never far from our thoughts!

  41. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    couple of non ranger hockey interesting tidbits

    I said we should have kept shelley , but he has been getting pummeled lately (kassian took him in a fight last night). maybe slats was right in letting him go. Either way, I like boogie.

    love what tavares did at the end of this vid clip (still hate the fishies)

  42. Orr”’Your recipe is wrong!

    You have two thirds of an old Irish remedy called “Schling”
    and it was given to me when I was a tot, by my sainted Grandma, who carried the tradition of it from the auld country.What you now need now is a shot of irish whiskey, stirred in it.
    It won’t kill the bug, but at least yoiu will be in a better frame of mind.

  43. >>59 degrees here in AZ today. Coldest Thanksgiving in over 70 years ! BRRRRRR

    It’s 43 here in Rangers country. My heart bleeds for you, Tony. Yah!

  44. >>love what tavares did at the end of this vid clip (still hate the fishies)

    That’s the type of cheap late hit that calls for a good beating.

  45. Hey guys and girls just wanted to pop in and wish youse all a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Im really disappointed that they didnt give LQ a good game. Actually, its kinda a slap in the face to him IMO. They knew he was struggling a little and they could have at least played well in front of him. That is that’s my two cents.

  46. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    lines jumbled at practice, AA line broken up , so is boyle line!

  47. Want to know that I’m really thankful for ? I’m thankful that I got to see my favorite Aunt last week when I was in NY. Growing up as a child without a mother she really helped me shape my life. She taught me to be a man at 13 years old. I’m thankful to have seen her, she knew who I was, we talked, she smiled & we laughed. She passed away last night. She was 94 years old.
    You have know idea what she meant to me. I’m so thankful to have had her in my life.
    Sorry for the sad tale, I just need to get it out.

  48. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    sorry to hear….94 is awesome!! Good for you and her all the great times!!

  49. How bad was Hank last night was asked. Typical bad game from LQ when he has a bad game. No control of rebounds, chirping @ the ref’s and just a lack of focus with no one helping him. When he is good he is great like in Pitt, but it seems like what he was good @ coming into the league is still the same but my concern is he really never improved on the things he is short on. Up high, deep in the net, the worst goalie in the league with the puck even on simple dump plays. Having said that he is still a top 5 goalie and is loved around NY. I would sit him for a couple straight to piss him off and have him come back very determined. just my thoughts and we are what we are a 7-10 place team and we will need him to steal a series in the playoffs something he has yet to do.

  50. Tony

    I know how you feel. I too had an aunt like that and at a very young age she helped me with so many things that even my parents did not know how to handle. God bless her and you.

  51. yea TOMG with your insightful analysis. this is like the valery kamensky days., sure.

    staal, dz, dubi, cally, stepan, and on and on.. there is not young talent on this team………

    I love ranger fans that cannot see and just say the same old sh-t…….

    this is a 6th thru 10th place team this year on the way up…..

  52. In Spirit of Holiday:
    Happy T.-Day to everyone here! I’m so proud to be a part of this Blog.
    Thanks to Canada for inventing hockey – the best game of all spots.
    Thanks to USA – best country on the world for nursing this game and everything else.
    Thanks to New Yowk – the best and most amazing city in the world- for home for NY Rangers.
    Thanks to Rangers, for giving us such a full range of emotions and making our lives complete.
    Thanks to RR for opportunity to express all that and make a new, compassionate friends.
    Thanks to Blog Father for his diligent, almost unceasing, tireless work to make it happened.
    Thanks to Gabby for his hat trick in tomorrow game!
    RR – Rangers Rules!!!

  53. Lines at practice were

    Brandon Dubinsky- Derek Stepan- Marian Gaborik
    Ruslan Fedotenko- Brian Boyle- Ryan Callahan
    Alex Frolov- Artem Anisimov- Brandon Prust
    Sean Avery- Erik Christensen- Todd White

    I like that top line.

  54. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    boogie has a sore shoulder and is day to day apparently!!

  55. no, here is why the blame goes to Gaborik and Frolov. the other players, those who play a gritty game, who hit and block a lot of shots, yes those guys are tired. it takes a lot out of you to be playing that way. so they did not have it in them last night.

    but the fancy guys who don’t do that have NO excuse. and i mean guys like Frolov, Gaborik, EC,

    and all 3 of them stunk.

    plus, Henrik either has to move up in the crease and start reclaiming his own territory, or just continue to struggle inconsistently as a reliable goalie

    happy T-day.

  56. Tomg is right. This team doesn’t have “elite” talent. As talented as Hank and Gabby are, they are not “elite”

    And by the end of the year, we *will* be fighting for the last two playoff spots, unless everything remains the same, which it definitely wont. The Flyers, Craps, Pens, Habs. Bolts, and Bruins are all better than NYR, and the Sabs, and Devils for what ever reason, are off to the complete opposite start of what everyone expected, but they’ll get their sh*t together at some point. We have a shot, but it’s as slim as Renee Zelweger. Sad but true.

    By the way, we should all come up with a RR definition for elite. We all use it in different ways! It gets confusing.

  57. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Tony, so sorry to hear about the passing of your aunt. I’m happy for you that you did get to spend time with her while you were up in NY. She knew how much she meant to you!

  58. first off… Happy Thanksgiving to all! Why is nobody talking about how many times a game Lundqvist, and even Biron when he plays get run into by the other team. there have been a ridiculous amount of times that our goalies have been run into with no calls from the refs, last night being a perfect example. i dont understand how these calls arent made yet at the beginning of the season Avery taps broduers stick and gets called. Also we need a huge bruising defenseman who can protect lundqvist because our 6 are doing nothing to protect hank

  59. Jacob, Sauer is more than willing to step up for Hank. He tried to fight Malone last night after he bumped Hank for the tenth time, but for some stupid reason, little fairy Gilroy held him back.

    A lot of it falls on Hank as well. He needs to stop being a whiny baby and take matters into his own hands. He’s been crying to the refs for years now. It’s time to be a man, and use your stick as a fuggin weapon, and make these players think twice before bumping into him.

    But, It does piss me off that nobody does much. Even Aves, he’s quick to step in for Pee Wee after a big hit, yet he doesn’t even slash Malone, or any of the five guys who were nailing Hank all night. It’s odd.

  60. Boy if Prucha wasn’t waived on a holiday, I have a feeling the board would be exploding for him to be signed.


  61. henrik brings a lot of it on himself by giving that territory that is rightfully his, the crease, to the opponents, by his playing so deep on the goal line. he invites the invasion of his crease by where he plays. if he would reclaim his own territory, and yes, use his stick occasionally to Billy Smith those opponents who need a lesson, then he would be a lot better off.

    I see goalies get lightly bumped when they are outside the crease, and get the call, but hank does not. again, he has to establish in the minds eye of the refs that the crease is his, not open space as he does now.

    also, it is harder to play d when your goalie is deep like that. anybody who has played even in pickup hockey knows that it makes it tougher to cover the slot when there is extra room behind you that the goalie is leaving open to the opponents for no reason.

  62. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Especially Carp, who kept this place going when Sam left, and allowed it to become what it is today. You’re the bestest, Carp :)

    It snowed here in Missouri earlier today. Enough to lightly coat the trees. I’m thankful I’m not going out and about today cause I have no idea if these drivers here know how to drive in the snow.

    Turkey and stuffing are in the oven and smelling yummy, potatoes are on the stove, and I have two bottles of Welch’s grape juice (family tradition) and there is football and Miracle on 34th Street on my tv. Things could be better, but all in all, I’m thankful for what I DO have.

  63. From TSN

    “Rypien was not on the ice Thursday morning at Canucks practice while defenceman Kevin Bieksa was pulled aside by general manager Mike Gillis and spoken to at the side boards, away from the media. The encounter left observers speculating that either one or both Rypien or Bieksa had been traded”

    Rypien is taking an indefinite leave of absence.

    Either he’s banging Bieksa’s gf/wife, or he’s been dipping into the Dredden powder pool!

  64. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    just stay off the sidewalks!!

  65. Hope you Boneheads all have a great Thanksgivivng – thanks Carp for the terrific job you do.

  66. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    I hope he isn’t bolted down, carp could hurt his back!!!

  67. Phoenix picked on poor Peter Prucha. pretty pathetic. painful penance for popular plucky puckhandler. puzzling punishment.


  68. Lundquist’s confidence is in a shaky state and playing him against a lesser opponent is a good idea. Torts is smart to build him back up with small steps.

  69. Heave, it hasn’t been working lately. He gets blown out, then he shuts down a bad team, and then he has another bad performance.

    Our backup should always get the crap teams if he’s capable enough. The starter should always get the tougher teams.

  70. Orr, normally I would agree but LQ is in unfamiliar territory. He’s been inconsistent for an extended period and his confidence is clearly shaken. Putting him in a situation where he’s more likely to succeed is the smarter strategy. He needs to perform well against lesser opponents with confidence and strong basic skills before going up against teams that will require more of each to get the win.

  71. I am curious to see how Gaby would do with a real “elite” center or left-wing on his line. To score 42 goals last season was amazing, and even more amazing when you consider the cast Marian had around him. Even in Minny, he had close to no help. I’m confident Gaby could score at least 50-60 goals if he had some “elite” help. He can’t do it all by himself.

    I would not call him one-dimensional.

    Elite = at least 75 pts in a season

  72. Gabby is definitely not elite. He has not done much in his career thus far, and injuries have a lot to do with that, as well as not playing for the best teams.

    I agree that the Isles should grab Prucha. He would kill us, like all former Rangers.

  73. Carp, where are you going tomorrow? If you’re already halfway, why not come to Buffalo? We can go out for wings and (non-alcoholic) beer!

  74. Good evening all! Just got back from dinner with friends, and had to pop in here.

    Tony, I’m thankful you got to see your aunt before she passed, and I hope Tiny Tony did too. So sorry for your loss.

    4ever, I like your list….me too!

    a holiday classic worth listening to. Thanks TR!

    Happy Thanksgiving again all….. I am thankful for Carp, this blog and all my bonehead pals. :)

    off to Maine tomorrow so TA!

  75. I would no doubt consider Gaby one of the premier goal scorers in the NHL. Yes, he has been injured, but take a look at this statistic.

    Goals per game since the lockout:

    1) Alex Ovechkin – 419 GP , 279 G, 0.6658 Goals per game

    2) Marian Gaborik – 297 GP, 169 G, 0.5748 Goals per game

    3) Ilya Kovalchuk – 415 GP, 234 G, 0.5638 Goals per game

    4) Dany Heatley – 419 GP, 227 G, 0.5417 Goals per game

  76. Just imagine if Gaby had a big skilled “elite” centerman to protect him and give him space… i.e. Jumbo Joe Thorton or Niklas Backstrom…

  77. Thanks all, for the kind words. YReally not necessary … but I appreciate it.

    Blue, would I claim Prucha? Doubtful. Would they? No.

    Sally, Syracuse. Not close enough, or I’d be there for wings and an O’Douls.

    You guys, I didn’t think Lundqvist was that bad. In fact, I thought he was pretty good during that first unbelievable power-play flurry while his d-men were flopping around in front of him. Which goals were soft?

  78. hahaha…I laugh, Orr, because it is true and a friend mine always jokes and says Gaby’s groin is made of paper mache.

    Carp, I agree, Lundqvist did make some big saves and didn’t have much help in front of him…

  79. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    i like the way bieksa plays, but i think he is a righty!

  80. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow, rough night for Budaj. Edmonton leading 2-1 after the first…with only 4 shots on goal.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  81. gaborik lost plenty of respect with me when he acted like he was more interested in playing for slovakia than with the Rangers. he sat out games that Ranger fans were paying for, and that helped cost them a playoff spot by one pt, but he was healthy enough to play for slovakia. no thanks

  82. I think most European players take more pride in the playing in the Olympics for their home country over the NHL. Just the way it is…look at Ovechkin’s comments last year about the NHL participating in the Olympic games in Sochi in 2012…

  83. I’m not against them playing for their country, I’m just against them playing injured, instead of taking the time to heal, which is what they owe to the fuggin organization that is paying them all that fuggin money.

  84. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. Carp i’m thankful to have this place to come to everyday. I may not post often but i’m always here. No other blog comes close to this one. Please don’t ever leave us!

  85. wicky© (We still need a hard hitting physical crease clearing d man!) on

    damn, orr caused me to laurel.

    That ask questions later attitude that bieksa has is exactly what we need!

    night assens!

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