It’s Go Time!


Half an hour later than usual.

On one of those “plus” channels tonight.

Lundqvist is in goal, as planned. Todd White is prucha’d. Same lineup as Monday’s win over Calgary.

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  1. Anybody know what channel this game is on? I’m home in Central NJ for the holiday and all I see are the Isles, Knicks, Nets and the St. Louis game on Versus.

  2. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!! Hope youse all have a wonderful day with family and friends!

  3. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Johnny, too bad sportschannel was dissolved… that’s where the isles and devils belong.. NOT on any of the MSG networks!

  4. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    you’re luckier than me, I have a radio broadcast of basketball games on a site called hockeystreams.. oh the irony

  5. Sorry, Linda, I don’t.

    I’m email my friend tonight and ask her. No guarantee on if she’ll get back to me, lol

  6. Walmart is open at midnight on Friday, but their electronics sales don’t start til 5am? That is ridiculous

  7. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Mickey, we’re in 204 i’ll get the row to ya before saturday. My tickets are in a safe place, I hope i dont forget them lol

  8. ORR and C3, you beat the dolanhead!!!! yes, all it’s either on 99 or 414, most likely 99.

    thanks for the heads up you vision asshats!!!!!

    OK, I’ll calm down in a sec….maybe.

  9. Why. Does anyone think that Fishsticks should be watched in HD? The way they play, people should be watching them on 5in screen, in black and white

  10. Aaarrrrggghhhhh! Just spoke with Cablevision in my hometown. They have no answers for me. It’s obviously a problem with MSG … WTB? Why the Byfuglien do they give the Islanders preference?

  11. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    ilb, you’re too kind. they should be watched like a picture motion book.

  12. Linda Linda Linda!!!!!! Bestest bestest Linda!!!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING in advance all! Love ya RR family!


  13. repeat for those dolanvision seekers for game: see my post at 7:28 or links from ORR and C3……

  14. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    FINALLY!!! Hockey visuals on hockeystreams…and it’s msg baby!!!


  15. >>I have a radio broadcast of basketball games on a site called hockeystreams.

    Perhaps you should try basketballstreams? You never know, you might find hockey there.

  16. “Aaarrrrggghhhhh! Just spoke with Cablevision in my hometown. They have no answers for me. It’s obviously a problem with MSG … WTB? Why the Byfuglien do they give the Islanders preference?”

    carp, me too. first they sent me to center ice to pay…!!! I am so bitching to someone later.

  17. Im so excited!!!! AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT!!! Ya know ya know, the Rangers are gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Linda, Cool. I’ll PM you my cell number on fb, just in case. Looking forward to the game :)

    Oh goodie, I get the TB broadcast.

    Over/under on how many Stamkos scores tonight?

  19. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    hey, you can witness the islanders making history, that’s why the are in hd lol ;-)

  20. >How long before Stamkos gets one over Lundqvist’s lethargic glove?

    Umm…better question…how many?

  21. I have come to expect it to be a TWC problem but it looks like MSG had too much going on tonight….Think I’m good now….How about you Orr?

  22. Linda, I have to go to DMV here in St Louis before I can leave (and possibly the post office), so I won’t hit the road til at least 10ish. Then I have to find my friend’s place. get together with her and then, who knows. In short, I don’t know. Sorry :(

  23. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    no worries! you just have a safe trip down there and we’ll catch up at some point!

  24. Couldn’t they borrow Voros for the night? He was the one that drove Mike Smith crazy in that one game last year.

  25. Channel 1 says the game is on, but it’s just the guide. I’ve got it on 414, but I’m getting a very shaky picture. I’m going to have quite the headache tonight.


    The whistle should have been blown!!!!!!!!!

    And then they interfered with Henrik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BULL CARCILLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    said in TRUE Renney fashion DJK! ;-)

    lets see how quick the whistle is when WE get the opportunity around the Lightning net

  28. The absurdity of no whistle being blown on that play was worse than head shots in the NHL.

    The referees should be suspended for being so obviously incompetent.

  29. “lets see how quick the whistle is when WE get the opportunity around the Lightning net”

    It will be QUICK!

    Quicker than Kevin Garnett is in bed!

  30. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    sending copies of “THE WHISTLE AND HOW TO USE IT” to this officiating crew of eunichs!

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Pardon me Carp, I miss when the links to scroll through posts was also at the top of the thread instead of only at the bottom.

  32. i called it last post about takin penalties. it cost us this time. god they couldve had 4 or 5 goals on that one. i wanna see frolov and gabby score some tonight. getting tired of both lately

  33. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    he gets better each game JB, it’s great to see. Hopefully he doesnt lose his spot when miss Rozsy comes back probably friday or saturday

  34. the penalty didnt cost us. the referees cost us. Henrik did everything he could, he got no whistle, then he got interfered with.

    Referees 1 Lightning 0 Rangers 0

  35. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me everyone, but it seems like that PP goal was an example of how sorely the Rangers need a physical presence to clear the crease.

  36. mike, is that you grabby?

    Seriously, that was 100% a Referees goal. The Lightning didnt earn that goal at all. They were gift-wrapped it.

    Mama – LOL!

  37. It didn’t seem like a whistle was really justified, in my opinion, as long as the ref could still see the puck. Henrik definitely didn’t have it.

  38. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me everyone, I’ve seen a lot of Avery and his line in this game. That will probably change with Boogaard’s penalty.

    Also, I’d like to point out that the play developed from an Avery turnover.

  39. God damn rebounds. Learn how to control some rebounds and he’d be the best goalie ever.

    We can still come back

  40. and its not hanks fault. but why do we play so much better in front of our backups than hank? why?

  41. why not overplay Stamkos, and force them to shoot from the right side. don’t like the way that Henrik can’t control his rebounds either.

  42. Goaltending controversy!! Lightning announcers did a good job illustrating how that was possibly bad rebound control by Lundqvist on the second goal. Usually, when it hits his shoulder, it should drop in front of him.

  43. wee losin this one. no doubt. but i wanna see our top line do somethiong. thats my biggest concern cuz when they were out, cally, duby and aa were kickin as. now they gotta get less minutes to watch gabby n fro do nothing? whens the last time gabby had a shot? in minny? not that cally n duby are all stars but imo our whole top line needs to sit and watch. cannot vstand frolov. hes bringin that 1st line down so much

  44. gabby is no jagr thats for sure, but the guy has to score with his skills. what worries me is he was takin lots of shots in teh edmonton game, but since dumbass ec fell on him, i havent seen him shoot much. gotta be hurtin, just cant see him float around like this for no reason

  45. man Hank looks real bad out there. Sure he made some nice reflex saves on the PP but he’s been fighting off shots all game, just doesnt look comfortable out there…

  46. smirf- yea but do u notice how different we play in front of him and biron? we rely on him wayyy too much. they used to do the same for valley to compensate. hank did all he could man. whattya want? they were bad the whole period. no offense at all and stupid penalties with bad pk’ing. the guy stopped alot of good shots.

  47. Linda I got booted from the good TV in the Family room to the bedroom so my kid could watch that movie…lol

  48. It’s funny because I have a whole Ranger room in the basement but my son is always down there with his friends….Maybe I need a new house or add an addition….lol.

    Can’t wait till they move out…lol

  49. >>Gabby has been completely useless in the last four period of hockey.

    We need to play Edmonton again.

    As I’ve been saying since last season, Gaborik is shut down way too easily for my liking. He is not a real game breaker.

  50. Blue Seat Horror on

    How many more times does Staal plan on giving Stankos an open lane to the net? I know Stamkos isn’t a threat and all…oh wait.

    Ah well. At least they’re helping Stamkos stay ahead of Crosby.

  51. NYR don’t have any balls. They wont do a thing. They’ll take a baby roughing penalty, and have a fight with no damage done.

    I wish this team had bigger balls. Like in that South Park episode. Big balls that you can hop on!

  52. Don’t think that was a boarding, don’t think that was goalie interference, don’t think it was a dive. Great goal by Stamkos on a perfect pass though. But Rangers shouldn’t have been in an odd-man situ.

  53. Honestly, I would pull Hank. The entire team is sucking tonight, but he has not been sharp at all.

  54. Hank can’t stop a beach ball tonight. To much practise with that goaltender coach. Torts must be embarrassed, they are playing so bad.

  55. that is the problem with goalies who play deep, right on the goal line. it gives the opponents more room to stand right in front with more rebound area, and they take advantage of it

    Henrik will have to re-learn his style, to play on the top of the crease, instead of being so deep all the time. or else the same will continue to happen.

  56. Blue Seat Horror on

    Maybe Henrik’s trying to avoid being run by hiding in the net.

    One positive I see is Eminger’s snarl clearing the crease.

  57. smart that torts decided not to put biron out

    gotta rest our number 1 goaltender for the game against florida

  58. Can you believe this. Hank might have lost his #1 Job. It is not his fault though, well not all his fault.

  59. hockeymon are you serious, he has five yrs of quality hockey. They clearly didnt come to play tonight, good times down in Florida !!!

  60. Give me a break. Hank has been hung out to dry on virtually every goal. One time bombs, odd man rushes, every single shot TB has had has been a legit scoring opportunity.

    This NYR team didn’t show up tonight. 7 shots through 2 periods? Please. Hank should take this team to task for this kind of effort

  61. Blue Seat Horror on

    This is where Voros would have come in handy. I remember a game where he got so far under Smith’s skin that Smith dropped the gloves.

    This game gives me a feeling that Avery is going to do something to get suspended.

  62. if you’re gonna make jokes about Biron being the #1 goalie at least make them funny. Hank is the #1 goalie and will be for next 6+ years. this team is playing like carcillo and you’re gonna make the franchise player the scapegoat? ye…smart.

  63. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me everyone, this is their worst game of the season and it isn’t close. I say they send out the goon squad and make them pay in blood.

  64. They have just finished two of the worst periods I have seen in a while. They are not finishing anything. Torts must be some pissed.

  65. before you all start panicking and propose ridiculous trades and blame everyone under the sun remember Tampa Bay is a hell of a lot better than most teams in the league and we dont have the talent to compete with them most nights. just look at the teams we’ve lost to in the last month and look where they are in the standings. TB, COL, BOS, WSH, STL, PHI. All 6 have a better winning % than we do.

  66. Thankfully the Rangers wisely stayed with Glen Sather as GM, and didn’t risk hiring the unexperienced Steve Yzerman. Nothing matches the experience and brilliance of Slats. Ha ha.

  67. It’s not hanks fault. The rangers defense is so soft that they let guys stand in front of hank and do nothing about it. The rangers don’t have a talented team. The lighting have better talented players than the rangers. The rangers need every one of there players to play hard on every shift to have a chance to win. I still think this ranger team is not a playoff team, other teams in the eastern conference have gotten better. The rangers will be fighting for the eight spot once again and probably won’t get in.

  68. The Rangers don’t look like they belong in this league so far. Tampa have improved a lot for sure, but this showing is terrible. No excuse for this.

  69. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    easily the post of the night:

    CCCP says:
    November 24, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    and everyone was so worried about not being able to find the channel to watch this game! nothing to watch here! lol

  70. Blue Seat Horror on

    BREAKING NEWS: In a search of Wade Redden’s room Connecticut Whale coach Ken Gernander found voodoo dolls wearing Rangers Jerseys numbered 4, 5, 18, 44, 38, and 97. There was no doll found for Roszival.

  71. TB is much better than I thought. By far. Move on. If we get one out of four from them, it’ll be a good outcome.

  72. Who wouldn’t prefer an ancient GM whose glory days were in the 80’s over a guy who won Cups this century?

  73. Czechthemout!!!! on

    This is the worst game of the season by far. No one is playing well tonight, no one. LQ has to take matters into his own hands like Billy Smith did. Yes he will take some penalties and they will give up some goals but he will have established the fact that you will pay if you come into his crease or crash into him. This is so bad that it is amazing to think that the bolts have almost as many goals(5) as the Rangers have shots(7) through two periods!!

  74. Sorry, but if I’m Torts, I send Boogie on a mad rush full speed down the center of the ice and put Mike Smith through the back of the net. Take the 2 mins to prove a point.

  75. They play by the same rules as everyone else. They can’t clear the front of the net without getting penaltys. They should stop giving the puck away so often that would help. Hank might also try to cover up some rebounds.

  76. For the first time all season, I can honestly say that Prust is having a lousy game. A few bad mistakes I can count.

  77. hey, they are losing 5-0. wonder if Ovie and Kovy will yuk it up while Torts has his press conference. he would go ballistic, tear the place up if he heard that crap after getting blown out.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Pull Hank pleaseee!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Kinda funny how Boogaard is taking extra long shifts…

    We needed to score in the first period but cuz we havent , Tampa has all the momentum.

  79. Lundqvist has been weak controlling rebounds, Staal & Girardi have been hesitant, the forwards can’t make or receive a pass, and they’re all standing around watching. A stinker like the Colorado game, except Stamkos and St. Louis are rubbing it in their faces.

  80. i’d be a great GM too if i inherited a team with St. Louis and Lecavalier and had 2 top 2 picks in Hedman and Stamkos.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Pull Hank pleaseee!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Olga , go Firetruck off you turd. We don’t need your bandwagon attitude ’round here!!!

    Come on Rangers , we gotta come out and compete !!!!

  82. Blue Seat Horror on

    ouch, tonight it’ll be childhood pals Del Zotto and Stamkos. TSN will get wind of it and try to generate a story out of it.

  83. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Tampa has a lousy dfense . They run around chasing the puck all over the ice. What we are doing wrong is constantly dumping the puck into their zone and around the boards. When you do that against a team that plays d that way, you are playing right into their hands. They should try and carry the puck more and also hang in to it. They are playing hot potato with it all game long.

  84. Sather has had a different kind of team every year for a decade. Yzerman turned a team around with the same players in one summer. Doesn’t Sather rebuild every single year? Hmmm, what’s the difference?

  85. if im torts i give sather my 2 week notice. they must be the most stubborn group of players when it comes to buying into a system and executing it beyond afew games

  86. Blue Seat Horror on

    Imagine that…when you shoot, even at bad angles, you get chances. I know Tampa has probably taken the foot off the gas pedal, but the Rangers have spent too much time playing cute in the offensive zone.

    Nice to see them putting it on the net.

  87. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha, great call by Sam. “Oh they score.”

    I wonder if, during the commercial break, Sam asked Joe to tell him how the game turned out…not that he cared.

  88. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m pretty sure at some point in time during the second Sam wanted to proclaim “IT’S A SHOT ON GOAL!”, using his power play goal call of course.

  89. Anybody remember that game two seasons ago when the game came back too early from a commercial, and Sam was complaining to Joe aboot his wife, and how he didn’t want to go to a party?

    Haha! That was so much more funnier than Howie Rose.

  90. Blue Seat Horror on

    That whale must drop his stick alot. Hoes does one hold a hockey stick in one’s flipper?

  91. Blue Seat Horror on

    At least we’re not Oilers fans, where every game is like this. That mean team actually made poor Tom Renney flip out. Hard to do.

  92. Blue Seat Horror on

    Why is Avery prolonging this game? Should have dropped the gloves with someone for running Hank when it mattered.

  93. now there is a team player, Sean Avery. he just fought to defend the snitch ahole EC who threw him under the bus to the press. EC ought to learn a lesson on who is the good teammate.

  94. I’m all about standing up for each other, but that was a stupid time for Avery to instigate. It wasn’t even that bad of a hit, and it was on EC! Why does he wanna stand up for that guy?

  95. Pardon Me Machetto on

    Pardon me Ranger, but I bet that after the game EC says that Avery cheapshotted Ohlund.

  96. Good for Avery. At least we can lose as a team. Character play, even though it was a good clean hit

  97. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    EC did keep his head up. That’s why he was able to dodge most of the hit. But yeah that was ironic by Avery. True teammate.

  98. calling it now..Boyle gets a fat 5-year contract from Sather and sucks and ends up being buried in minors by the third season

  99. Blue Seat Horror on

    “Staal is in deep again.” Might as well be. He hasn’t played defense all game. Bazinga! Ha cha cha!

  100. Blue Seat Horror on

    Lundqvist’s last shred of self-respect hangs on preventing Malone from getting the hat trick.

  101. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    miked, as much as i love the goal scoring prowess of my boy, Gabby did miss what, 10 games?
    It would be hilarious if Flavah finishes with more goals than Gabby though ;-)

  102. Stepan really starting to look like an NHLer. He’s been racking up points seemingly every game, even when not playing with Gaborik.

  103. They played a period and really showed they could play with them. They got into penalty trouble, and just plain bad play killed them, for the first two. Boyle and Sauer were good though. Gaborik really hasn’t done much lately. Hank had another rough night at times, he is giving up to many big rebounds lately. He had that problem a while ago, then they worked on it , and he got a lot better. No so tonight. They deserved this loss they earned it.

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s been a pretty good night so far. 13 games played tonight and the Rangers only lost one….

  105. Blue Seat Horror on

    Jody Shelley scored his first of the season tonight. See that. Boogaard was a better choice. It took him far less games to score his goal for the season.

  106. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao that would have been funny Blue, it was just a meditation cd, it would have put me to sleep!

  107. I’m over tonight….
    Happy Thanksgiving all! Be thankful for your friends and family. I sure am this this year :)

    Sweet 16!!!!

    I’m going to miss Friday and Saturday’s games due to trip to Maine family……and I’ll miss you all!

    To my bonehead family, mama love!!!!!

  108. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Thanksgiving my beloved boneheads! Hope youse guys all have a wonderful celebration with family and friends ! I’m blessed and humbled to know such great people!


  109. Disappointing game, but it happens. Let’s hope this seesaw doesn’t continue for the rest of the season.

    Happy thanksgiving all!

  110. Good job Nessier….:)

    leetch…..claws out, a bit…OK all, have your fun. Will the folks be out tonight? I’ll have to catch the show tomorrow…..

    ORR, hope your taste buds are back for tomorrow
    wicky and mrs. wicky, hope you had a great anniversary
    gabby, happy wedding day! and I hope you don’t see this message :) if you do, OY!

    niters heads! and TA!!!!

  111. I like how Torts called out Gaby…He has been pretty much invisible since the Oilers blowout game…

  112. I would like to see MZA called up from HFD to play LW with Gaby….Frolov has been terrible…We need a skilled guy to play with Gaby…not EC, not Avery! Stepan has been impressive…We need a guy with skill on the left side that can shoot and make plays…

  113. .Hangover the game:
    What’s the matter my fellow RRers, euphoria is over? Team is totally exposed to a much better, faster and skilled opponent. So, problems are the same – panicking, out of position defense (what is worrisome – the worse was our “best” shutoff pair – Staal/Girardi and conventionally bad this whole season MDZ). What exactly was Torts plan on so familiar to him team? To shut Stem/St.Louis? I’m not even talking about crease clearing, result – not only goals, but increasingly nervous Hank, which we know could become uncontrolled and unpredictable.(BTW, I don’t blame him for 3 or 4 out of 5).
    Full frontal impotence of our offence. Their goals in 3rd mean absolutely nothing – it is really bad when team superstar makes Eminger look like new Bobby Orr coming. Painful non-stop turnovers. Annoying, low-flying, High Activity Imitator – Aves, totally useless even in his yapping and pseudo-fight when it doesn’t matter.
    In games like this I really nostalgic for Roszy and Drury.
    New tendency this season – next game after embarrassing lost – new win and as a result – next euphoria.

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Zuccarellooo" ...& Greg L. on

    It was a good finish ,showed our team never quits. We may have a few losing games but this team is growing and im liking our chances of winning more games as the season rolls on.

    A Trade for Richards is probally on Sathers plate right now and who knows , maybe frolov and one of our defensemen could be on the move. Never the less our team will move on.

  115. Was on the phone with my sister. They actually scored and played hockey? Figures I missed their best hockey of the night. Le sigh.

    Torts blow a gasket after the game?

  116. No way to start my Thanksgiving 2 days off. Games like this happen, we move on to Friday.
    Hey boneheads – Happy Thanksgiving.
    Be thankful we’re not Fishsticks !!!

  117. I don’t know, Tampa looked pretty good. Very quick team. I didn’t think we played well at all. Which team is the real Ranger team? The one we saw against Edmonton and Pittsburgh, or the one that played tonight in Tampa Bay and lost to Colorado? I wish I knew. Talk about a bi-polar team. Sheesh!

    Anyway, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, boneheads!

  118. do you guys expect them to be 82-0? of course they will lose some… but they are winning most. so obviously they are “bi polar”

  119. Welcome to sunny Florida all, and happy turkey to y’all

    I was unfortunate enough last night to see the game on the Tampa airing. ( all else blacked out.) They have pretty good announcers.

    I must admit – words fail me after that mess last night.

    Happy Turkey to y’all.

  120. The rap up should be something like this……: The team Shattenkirked its pants the 1st 2 periods..a real Clutterbuck ,they played like total Carcillio ,seeming like they they didn’t give a Byfuglien. Then they woke up in the 3rd..but it was to late..

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