Rangers-Flames in review


Let me ask a simple question.

Do you remember many games like this the last two years? The last seven? Twelve?

How many times do you think the Rangers have come across a game like that, with so much snarl from the start, and not only won it, but seemed to get more fired up the nastier it got? Seriously.

How often did that happen with guys like Gomez, Redden, Brashear, Lisin, Kotalik, Higgins, Jokinen in the lineup? Not to mention, perhaps unfairly, Drury and Prospal and Rozsival?

Here’s another question: How much do you love the way this team plays hockey?

A few thoughts:

1) Dan Girardi had a very strong game, but that 3-on-1 with him sliding on the ice … I know, he didn’t have much chance of breaking that one up. It’s just that it seems no Rangers defenseman ever stops the pass across with that sliding backward move on a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1. Right?

2) The guys on TV read my mind as I was thinking, this Rangers team sends out four lines, and every one of them makes you think something positive might happen.

3) The Step-child seems to be over his early jitters, doesn’t he. Looks like he belongs in the NHL to me.

4) Derek Boogaard is starting to change my mind a little bit. Just a little bit. But he’s been able to arrive and deliver some hits. Now he needs to get in more people’s faces in scrums around the net, you know, be a little bit of a bully. Because, really, you can count on one hand the number of guys who want to fight him.

5) Nobody does promos like MSG Network. My gosh, do they ever, ever end? My favorite might be the one with “Raymond Felton leads the Knicks against his former team.” My initial reaction: Who?

6) The vicious cycle: Sean Avery can’t be Sean Avery getting this kind of minutes. But if he isn’t Sean Avery, he won’t get more minutes. Catch-16.

7) Martin Biron=5 wins. All goalies not named Lundqvist all of last season=3 wins.

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  1. Carp,

    good post. we wont remember a game because we havent had a team like this in the last two, seven or twelve years. i like and agree with your comment on all four lines playing and making you think something good can happen. nice not to have the old “oh no, not him on the ice!” reactions.

    good morning all!

  2. Carp
    Speaking of promos..

    Why not a tribute to the old rink rats who used to clear the ice, pre Zamboni days?

    You know, the old 50 gallon drum on two wheels pushed by a couple of guys ( uniformed no less), with a long strip of material soaked by dripping hot water, and the entire thing preceded by several “rats” pushing those large steel plates with handles to scrape the snow first?

    There’s gotta be some of those in some museum somewhere near by. NY has everything.

    Let them make a single pass around the ice along the boards, then let the ice team follow and then have the real Zamboni come along later? It would be an eye opener for the modern Ranger fans, to see how WE lived, and it would be a treat and tribute to the old timers.

    That’s the way WE paid for our free ice time back then.

    Of course they were Garden employees then with uniforms. Like a last hurrah?

  3. Staal needs to play the way he played last night. that hit knocked Calgary off of its game for the next 5 minutes. it was a thing of beauty. also, I am not one to normally think that this kind of thing makes a difference, but, this team really seems to like each other. it is the tightest team I have seen them have in a while, and the coach seems to be very fond of his players.

  4. You are right about the way the kids play this game now…the only other thing we have to straighten out is the refereeing. Somewhere along the line, it’s gotta even out..Rangers have been victimized by false calls, (and non calls) way too many times this season for it to be accidental.

    I tell you one thing though…that Calgary team is the best passing team I;ve seen here this season. Terrific passers.

  5. Carp
    Great review!
    I have never been a huge fan of Torts, not because I didn’t like him but because I only knew he was the TB coach that won the cup. Then last seaon I thought he was ok. Looking back now I can see his system and brand of hockey falling into place. It’s a great example of taking rime to build a good hockey team with a core if young players that continue to get better. We are witnessing something great…I look forward to every game just to see if the play consistently…and outside of a rare game here and there (Colorado) this team is really coming together.
    Also I have watched enough hockey to know that regardless of what some fans may think… Staal and Girardi are defensive studs in the making. Sauer is also solid. And Eminger…has he ever been a great pickup! Dubinsky is also becoming a force, Callahan seems to be the spark every night and sets the tone.
    What a hit by Staal! When was the last time a ranger hit like that?

  6. The confidence and smart play are growing and are very visible. They just have to put it together against top teams. But Staal and Girardi have stepped up, and Sauer and Eminger are doing very well. Haven’t seen this much cycling and puck possession in the offensive zone since the Jagr years.

  7. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Wow! What a hit by Staal. Great game… One more day for me! Good pre wedding present from the Rangers! See youse guys!

  8. Well, the Calgary is Sutter’s team, in case we forgot. And they came out trying to intimidate physically right from the get go. This is what teams still remember about the Rangers. Play physical, they’ll fold. That’s why I think this win was so satisfying. The Rangers answered with even more snarl. It’s almost like:”Oh, so you want to play rough, we can beat you that way too.” Did they ever. And at the end of the day Sutter couldn’t even send the message….Hugh Jackman couldn’t wait to get off the ice after Boogaard looked at him twice. Or was it Tim? :-)

    New team, folks, new team…They would win this one without Gaborik in the lineup.

    Apparently, Dubinsky and Callahan still have a lot to learn. Both were at fault for the goal against. Dubinsky made an ill-advised lateral pass instead of shhoting, Callahan pinched in inappropriately. Both get a free ride in my book. Both=monsters.

    I can’t wait to read Wicky’s post game post this am. Especially about Staal’s hit and Sauer’s toughness.

  9. Carp, like everyone else I agree with your post. I had no expectations this year for this team I just asked that they compete and learn, and they have. I also can’t wait for every game. I used to always take a cat nap during most games but this year I have only fallen asleep during the games against the boring trapping teams.

    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see how we do against Tampa.

  10. “It’s just that it seems no Rangers defenseman ever stops the pass across with that sliding backward move on a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1. Right?” – Actually, Stall did it later in the game, with a great stick move while lying on the ice.

  11. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Fran, you’re right. Tanguay set up Iginla about 3 times right on the doorstep with some great passes. Biron really had to be on his toes last night. So satisfying to know we have a GOOD backup. BRING IT ON STANKOS!!!

  12. yes ilb, i cant wait to see wicks thoughts on the team physicality and toughness. carp said a few games back when they stuck up for each other one of the first times this season and really came together as a team, well since that game, thyeve been more together, and more grouchy!! and thank god gabby wasnt injured last night. its almost like he didnt wanna get involved enough because of th style of the game. well hows he gonna be in the playoffs? hes gotta elevate his game, i didnt like his last 3 games and even pittsburgh he wasnt a factor really.

  13. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Grab, TBH I think his shoulder’s still feeling a little sore. Give him some time.

  14. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Great game, great win, great team effort.

    Pretty much every game we play, were never ou tof it as everyone jsut keeps on owkring htere butts off.

    ANd seriously, where the hell did Brnadon Prust come from? (Rhetorical) this kid is all over the place, is tough, will fight, can add secondary scoring (even if it;s minimal). I’mmore of a fan of his now than last year when he was playin gwith Shelly and Artie.

    My only question now other than who sits when everyone gets healthy, is Avery.

    I agree his minutes are nto letting him dictate the play and be effective. But I liked how Torts was throwing him out there with Gabby, and others for a shift or two last night. He needs to get scoring as well.

    Dont get me wrong he’s not a 1st line player, maybe a fill in, but def not a 4th liner either. He’s always been effective between 2nd & 3rd lines and doing the agitator and getting ugly goals.

  15. is gabby hurt still? i can never tell but where has the gabby of last year and even the edmonton game been? i bet you when he scored that 2nd goal to tie it against the oilers, remember when ec fell on him celebrating? could he have reinjured the shoulder? i havent seen him shoot much, although he had a good chance against backstrom. maybe its frolov. but they need a scrappier player who will go get pucks like cally or avery or even feds on the line with him. frolov never seems to be able to retreive the puck and he loses it fast.

  16. joekuh- i kinda had thought that too but especially after teh edmonton game he wasnt getting alot of shot or chances after that game.

  17. Frolov leash each game is getting shorter, if something good doesn’t happen he’s the one to sit. Avery with all his warts still is a game changer. You have to play to your strengths and believe it or not our strengths are 1. we out work you 2. we are not fun to play against (even nasty). So I would play Avery if Frolov doesn’t start doing something. who would you rather have out against Pitt(Cooke) or Philly(Carsillo) or in Fatso head/Kovy’s head(NJ). Also the best thing for a real leader of a team is to do…. is know when to step aside and give the C up. That would show the team and the fans that these are in fact the New NYR.

  18. The toughness is coming from the entire lineup and it’s showing. This season we’ve seen a much tougher Anisimov, Dubinsky, Callahan, Boyle, Prust, Sauer… all these guys have a physical aspect to their game. Last night was no exception. Boogie didn’t need to fight anyone, Sauer handled himself. Reminded me of Paul Mara except with a little more stable game. Boogie keeps people honest and when Meyer tried to push him and act hard, he bitched out. Boogie dropped one glove and Meyer got right off the ice.

    Staal hit Stajan like a freight train, and it was 100% clean. Callahan also made a big hit, and it sparked the team back up immediately thereafter. For a while the Rangers got lulled into a defensive battle, that hit got everyone engaged again. It happened again later in the game when a Callahan hit spurred a Calgary player to go hunting for Gilroy, but he sidestepped the check and went flying into the boards. The fans roared and the Rangers went back in control.

    This team has character and takes no crap. Win or lose, if they keep playing like this, they’ll have my support

  19. Carp, I agree with most of your post, they definitely played with a nice physical edge.

    I was there last night and aside from the first half of the first period and parts of the third, they were mostly outplayed. Calgary controlled the play in the Rangers end way too often. The main reason they won was an awesome performance by Biron. It was crazy hearing chants of ‘Marty’ that were not sarcastic.

    It was an enjoyable game except for the cretin behind me who yelled ‘Shoot!’ every time a Ranger touched the puck in Calgary’s end.

  20. I’m not trying to play manager here but with all the questions about Gaborik and who he plays with…what do you suppose might come of Callahan taking a turn on the wing with say Stepan and Gaborik? Just wondering.

  21. Carp, you hit the nail right on the head about this team. They played with a snarl and dictated the play for most of the evening and no physical play deterred them!!! For years, we Ranger diehards have said, if only our team played with heart and hustle and snarl every night, instead of how opponents bring those qualities!!! Now the Rangers are that team and I say, it’s aboot time!!!! My God, what a breathe of fresh air to see our nucleus playing hard, every night. Even when they lose, they seem in it till the end (except that game in Colorado). And Carp, the list of players you gave as an example, how insightful!!!! I bet if you thought for aboot 2 more minutes, you could’ve come up with about a dozen more names. Point well taken and yes, I love to watch this team!!!!! Great post!!

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Biron has been the better goaltender this season. He has no upside, but he has certainly been consistently better.

    Let Avery rot. The team is playing well without “Avery being Avery.” Why mess up a good thing? Who’s minutes would you cut to get Avery more ice time? Boyle, Fedotenko, and Prust have been excellent together. Certainly you aren’t going to cut any of our current top six guys. I know some would say Frolov, but he’s been very good, even though the puck hasn’t been going in much off of his stick, and besides that, Avery shouldn’t get first line minutes. I think Avery is buried on the 4th line for a reason: turnovers. The Rangers have been getting their best play by sustained offensive pressure through cycling. Avery isn’t good at that. He’s a turnover machine.

  23. When Drury comes back he’s playing so it’s a matter of time for the puck to go in for Frolov, if not, nobody says Avery to the first line, but how long are we waiting for Frolov when he’s playing every night with skilled players. Possible lines
    Gabby/Step/EC- Dubi/AA/Cally- Prust/BB/RF- Boog/Drury/Avery or maybe it is time to put Cally with Gabby

  24. How cute was that little girl that dropped the puck last night? I don’t know how it was on TV, but at the game everybody was having a pretty good chuckle out of it.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    In fairness, Frolov hasn’t played that many game with Gaborik. Gaborik has only been around for 10 games. He’s got 3 goals and 4 assists in those 10 games. And they just started playing Stepan in the middle for them on a consistent basis. Let’s see how it pans out. I’ll tell you this much: Gaborik looks amazing.

  26. Carp, excellent analysis as always!

    Mike Sauer has been the most pleasant suprise on this team. He is emerging as one of best d-men on the team. He brings a little offense, some snarl, always solid, and trusted to make smart plays. He doesn’t back down from anyone and always protects his teammates. Right now he’s making the league minimum, he is surely going to get a nice raise in the off-season.

    Stepan is becoming a star. His game improves with every shift he goes on the ice. You see how smart he plays the game. He makes such intelligent decisions with the puck and without the puck. And he is such a likeable guy, you see him get interviewed and he so charismatic and commands respect. The Rangers have a very special player in Stepan. When this kid grows into his body and puts on some more muscle, the rest of the league better watch out. The sky is the limit as far as his potential.

    The Staal hit was clean and should be detailed in a hockey textbook. It was a perfect open ice hit. For anyone who thought, “Hey, that was a blindside hit!” It wasn’t. Part of hockey is keeping your head up. If you don’t keep your head up in the NHL you will be punished. Staal was a punisher last night. End of story.

  27. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Joe, it was Giordano who darn near went flying into his own bench trying to hit Gilroy. I laughed when I saw it myself.

  28. Mister Delaware on

    Question for someone who saw the game: What happened on the Sauer penalties? Cheap shot that called for double retaliation or overreacting by the Flames? How did he hold up in the fights?

  29. when Drury comes back, Avery to the first line, or when drury comes back Avery to the 2nd or 3rd line. stop already. can’t you all see what is happening with Avery? he will either be on the 4th line or scratched when Drury and Prospal come back. Torts does not see him as part of the teams core, nor should he. he is a spare part right now. if injuries hit again, then you may see him more, otherwise what you are seeing now is what you are going to get.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “The Staal hit was clean and should be detailed in a hockey textbook. It was a perfect open ice hit. For anyone who thought, “Hey, that was a blindside hit!” It wasn’t. Part of hockey is keeping your head up. If you don’t keep your head up in the NHL you will be punished. Staal was a punisher last night. End of story.”

    I disagree. It was a little late and it was an east-west hit. Certainly not a cheap shot, but it was definitely dirty.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I think what was the saving grace for Staal on that hit was he hit the Flames player (Stajan?) in the chest. if that was in the head, he’d be looking at a few games.

  32. Micheletti is useless. I hear that guys analysis and think that I could do his job. I mean the things he says make me want to turn off the sound.

    But last night’s game was gritty, high quality, and one that they would have lost last year and previous years.

    Drury probably comes in for Christensen at this point is my guess. Stepan has shown he can pass the biscuit with great fluidity. Artie is the real deal. And Boyle is having a career year. Tell Prospal to save himself up for 2011. Why rush back at this point?

    Roszival I guess goes in for Gilroy. But Eminger and Sauer have stepped up big time.

    I love how young and homegrown this team has become. Please Slats, don’t F it up.

    Boogey needs to hit people every shift. And I echo you Carp, he then needs to stand around when the whistle blows to stop play and push and snarl at people and say, “This is my turf, my team, I am a Ranger….” (without cracking up on that last line!) But you get the point. He has to deter people from fng with his boys.

    Next 6 games we play Isles x 2, FL and Nasville along with Pitt and Tampa. We should go 4-2 at least.

  33. Joe, Definitely agree, the girl who came out, dropped the puck before they asked the assistant captains to come to center ice and then started to leave was very cute.

    Also, I for one, loved how into it the crowd was last night, especially in the third. Felt like a late-season division game.

    Also liked the Grandma – Dancin Larry double in back-to-back TV timeouts last night.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, there was that shift in the third where Boogaard was out there looking to fight and even dropped a glove at the bench. The Flames player just turned around and sat down.

    I think that was the most effective I’ve ever seen a heavyweight enforcer be.

  35. Doodie, I agree that it did look nasty. But, I thought Staal got the shoulder….besides

    1) he didn’t leave his feet

    2) he made sure he had a low center of gravity and glided into the guy (didn’t charge)

    3) he lead with his shoulder

    4) The guy touched the puck and Staal hit him immediately after. I would not call that late.

    Just because it looks dirty and the player didn’t expect the hit, doesn’t make it a dirty hit. I don’t want to start an argument about this but it was a clean, legal hit. Body checking is a part of hockey. All the refs saw it.

    Just a reminder to all you kids who still play hockey…Keep your Byfuglien head up.

  36. Jay Riemenschneider on

    If that Staal hit is suspendable, let alone a penalty, I have no idea what sport it is I’m watching anymore becuase it’s certainly not hockey.

    Everyone seems a little high this morning… good win, GREAT physical game but man they made a lot of mistakes. That Iginla goal should have never happened especially… Don’t recall who did it (Feds maybe?) but I was screaming “shoot dummy” at the TV right before a bonehead pass attempt through the middle with all three forwards near the goal line. Of course Iginla scores on the ensuing turnover-rush the other way. Just a bad bad play right there.

    When Rosi is ready, I’d rather see Gilroy stay in and get minutes on the wing if necessary. Either one of them may be trade bait at this point though. I think this is a better team with Rosi in the lineup however. Even with his lack of physicality and penchant for not shooting, it seems the offense has missed his collected breakout plays.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it goes in Tampa tomorrow. If they get a crappy official that doesn’t let them be physical at all or call penalties on TB they’re going to get killed. They also can’t make mistakes like the one above against TB or they’ll lose 6-1.

  37. And one thing on the Staal hit, I think a big reason there was not a huge melee after the hit because it was nearly as clean as they come. Sauer’s hit was more dangerous and then they came after him a few times. (And he held up pretty well and earned many people’s respect, IMHO.)

    But Staal’s hit was clean. The only thing he could have done is said, “Stajan here I come.” It’s not his fault that Stajan wasn’t looking. It surely wasn’t a hit from behind, a shot to the head, or overly aggressive (i.e. leaving his feet.) In fact, he was gliding when he hit him.

  38. This has to be the best Ranger team since the mid 90s. which may not be saying too much for many of those years…but this team plays hockey.

    I was disappointed with Avery’s mins last night. Why is he getting no ice time? It seemed like his kind of game last night. Maybe tortorella feels Avery is still much of a wild card and would’ve taken penalties in a 2-1 game?…

  39. >>…but it was definitely dirty.

    As long as Staal doesn’t try to purposely injure other players, I don’t see a problem with a little dirtiness in his game. He’s supposed to be feared and disliked as a defenceman.

  40. God morning all! Happy Birthday ORR!!!

    DJK, excellent decision on the name change. Bravo!

    I love that word, snarl…..

    bull dog….grrrrrr.
    what I’d like to know is why isn’t Aves getting the minutes anymore? He had an excellent start to the season…wtb?

    Gabby, have a great great wedding! and don’t forget to tell me all about St. Lucia.

  41. Staal needs to have more open-ice hits like that. I love his hip-checks, but this year they seem to be getting lots of interference calls. I agree, a little dirtiness wouldn’t hurt.

    I think the defense could still be better at clearing the crease, but it’s nice to see them play with more physicality than previous versions of the Rangers’ defense.

  42. >>It’ll be interesting to see how it goes in Tampa tomorrow.

    I wish Lundqvist lots of luck with Mr. Stamkos’ one-timers from top of the circle.

  43. Happy 26th Birthday ORRsie!!!

    Happy pre-Wedding day Gabby! And happy wedding and honeymoon!

    new newman, you’re 100% right about Micheletti. “Theyre skating; Theyre skating, theyre skating!” That’s all the guy knows how to say. I wanna rip his head off every time i hear that know-nothing open his trap.

    Good morning, ILB, wicky, Mama, Linda, and all!

    I had pleasant dreams about that Staal hit, except for one key fact…in my dream, Staal was laying that hit on me, and I woke up with a pounding headache from it!

  44. joe sucks but it could be worse.. chico is by far the worst, i cant even stand hearing one word uttered from his mouth, joe i could stand if he knew what he was even talking about but chico MY GOD the man is a moron with the most obnoxious voice in sports

  45. Great analysis, Carp. Agreed, watching this team work their collective tails off each and every game, stick up for one another and have guys not afraid to drop the mitts is as enjoyable as it has been in recent memory.

    Just some food for thought:
    After this season – White, Eminger, Frolov, Fedotenko, Prospal all are UFA and Drury’s deal drops $3 million per – that leaves the Rangers with approximately $12-13 million in cap space to re-sign Cally, Dubinsky, Boyle, Sauer, Gilroy, Anisimov all their deals are up after this season.

    I think you need to lock up Cally long-term. Anisimov, Gilroy, Boyle and Sauer all get extensions and Dubinsky maybe a three-four year deal.

    What is really nice about this team is the youth. Stepan, Grachev, Del Zotto are all real young and NHL players. Cally, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, Sauer, Boyle, Gaborik, Prust and Henrik are all young guys who are about to hit their prime.

    That’s 14 core players for the Rangers for years to come. Add a Kreider and McIlyrath to the list of NHL players and that’s 16.

    Add the Boogey man and another top line offensive player and we could be looking at a real tough team for a while.

  46. ORRsie – Depending on where you live, there are a bunch of pages and groups on Facebook that have loads of dogs that are about to be put down b/c theyre in kills shelters. Ranging from 1 year old to however many years old. Any of those dogs would be lucky to have you as an owner.

  47. From TSN…

    “Staal caught Stajan with a shoulder-to-head hit in the third period, forcing the Flames’ forward to leave the game”

    Shoulder to head? Are Canadians blind when it comes to physicality against their teams?

    It was shoulder to shoulder! Stajan’s head just jerked and smacked against Staal. Fuggin whiners! If the roles were reversed, they would be praising Stejan for a beautiful clean hit.

  48. Haha Orr! You called it last night, no suprise there. Like I said, it’s a textbook, clean open ice hit…

    PS: Happy Birthday!

  49. Staal’s hit was the definition of a clean, shoulder to chest open ice hit. It sends the message to the opposition – you better keep your head up coming into our zone! Sauer and Eminger are playing tough, solid D and the team is developing and identity as a scappy bunch that are not easy to play against. That said, from the middle of the 1st period until the 3rd, they had little jump and were outplayed. We will take the good parts and the 2 points and move on to Tampa, where hopefully Hank will have a good game and we can pull out with a win.

  50. ESPN Insider

    According to Andrew Gross of The Record, coach John Tortorella hopes to have defenseman Michal Rozsival back in the lineup for the New York Rangers this weekend.

    The Rangers play the Florida Panthers on Friday and the Nashville Predators on Saturday. Rozsival has been out since Nov. 9 with a shoulder strain.

    Although he’s played well of late, Matt Gilroy is the likeliest candidate to sit once Rozsival is healthy enough to rejoin the roster.

    – Victoria Matiash


  51. Also from ESPN Insider

    After using him sparingly in the first quarter of the season, the Carolina Hurricanes placed Patrick O’Sullivan on waivers on Monday. It’s a move that could make the 25-year-old forward much more attractive to other teams.

    According to The News & Observer, if he clears waivers, O’Sullivan could be sent down to the Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate in Charlotte – where he would earn much less.

    The 25-year-old has a one-year, two-way contract that pays $105,000 at the AHL level, as opposed to $600,000 at the NHL. Other teams may be more interested in trading for O’Sullivan once he starts earning his minor-league salary.

    Even GM Jim Rutherford admits O’Sullivan didn’t get the proper chance to strut his stuff with the ‘Canes:

    “Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t been put in a position where he can best succeed … He has had limited playing time. For him to be the player he can be, he needs to be in the top nine [forwards], but the opportunity has not opened up for him.”

    Perhaps O’Sullivan may now get that opportunity with another organization.

    – Victoria Matiash


    Is this a guy we can use? in place of EC or White?

  52. Fran
    As well as the 4 guys pushing the 2 water barrells, there were also 5 guys with snow shovels to clear the ice before the water was put down.. They walked in a staggered line so that the second guy picked up the 1st guy’s leavings.

  53. Thanks, CC.

    Tiki, hell no! I thought O’Sully had potential when he was with the Kings, but he’s just another third liner, and we have too many of those.

    With Dreary coming back soon, we don’t need anyone. Just dump EC.

  54. Doodie Machetto
    “…hit was definitely dirty”.
    Sorry, than all you have left to watch is figure skating. However, even there painful things happend. You can put this hit in hockey learning manuals and video, under “Ideal Hits” (by my books).

  55. Gotcha Orrsie! I thought maybe he was guy with a high upside…unlike Avery per se. No offense to Avery, Mama, but he is what he is, and his ceiling has been reached.

  56. Did anyone else notice this? On the 3-1 where Calgary scored, Stepan was the lead forward who never got back into the play and seemed to glide through Center and into the zone rather than hustle and try and get to take Iginla out of the play. From my seat, I thought he could have busted his butt back but I haven’t read anything anywhere that reflects this was a common opinion and Torts left him out there to take the face-off…

  57. the funniest thing just happened…

    I’m at work…doing my usual thing (absolutely nothing! lol)

    i get a phone call to my business number… i pick it up and go “MegaCapacity, how may i help you?” and the guy on the other end goes “Hey, this is Jaromir Jagr!” I’m like ‘WHO?!’ The guy goes ‘Is this Anatoliy?’ I’m pretty much freaking out at this point! Nobody, and i mean nobody calls the megacapacity number and asks for me by my name! LMAO!!

    It was Tim aka CR9 aka Tiki aka Boston Creme!! We had a good chat… i was very surprised! Thanks for calling, Tim! LOL

  58. That hit was shoulder to chest, not shoulder to shoulder. The reason the guy was concussed was because his head snapped and hit Staal’s shoulder. Bad outcome, clean hit. If they eliminate those type of hits, it would become ping-pong, not hockey. I didn’t like the outcome, Stajan was concussed. But it is hockey. And I’m pretty sure I’d be saying the same if one of our guys was hit the same way.

  59. Fire Sather!!! Sorry, but this site just doesn’t look right without these words being posted somewhere by someone. Ya think this team is fun to watch now??? Just wait until Kreider, Werek, Thomas, Grachev, Bourque, Weise, Horak, McIlrath, Kundratek, Valentenko, McDonagh, etc, etc, etc… Mature and start to replace players on the roster like Chrisensen!, Rozsival, Drury, Prospal, White, Frolov.

    As long as Sather does not deviate from his plan of not trading away any of the developing young players in the system nor any top draft picks??? And the Rangers “core” of good young players continue to improve with each game they play??? The Rangers should be stacked with talent for years to come.

  60. Happy Birthday Orr, maybe one of these days you can join the rest of the 26 year olds at W77.

    Staal hit, vintage Scott Stevens type check. I don’t expect to see too many of those, they’re incredibly hard to line up. And he was coming from in front of the player who may have been gliding a little parallel to blueline after releasing his pass but the way the play developed Staal was clearly face to face with Stajan.

  61. Congrats to Alexei! The best player on the ice in that fateful game 6, right Ilb?! :)

    I always called him Sexy Alexei!

    Love ya CCCP! What 3CP didnt add in was that he couldnt quite make out the “Jaromir Jagr,” most likely because of my CARCILLO phone!

    By the way, 3CP’s voice if HARTNELLING sexy! Seriously! He sounds like he should be an NHLer.

    Boston Creme?? :|

  62. lol CCCP. btw, if it’s alright with you, i was going to start spreading your website around the internet on popular shopping sites. YES, I love shopping sites and I love shopping. My mother always told me I was the daughter she never had!

    Also, you should make a FB page and get everyone on your friends list to “LIKE” it and try spreading it that way as well.

  63. paulieplatypus on

    Well said AckP! If I were the Rangers GM, I’d have sent EC down to Hartford right after he made those comments about Avery. I cant stand seeing Christensen in a Rangers uniform anymore!

  64. as stated the rangers are absolutley moving in the right direction. gilroy for next year, I doubt the yresign him and if they did he is taking a paycut. he has not been bas but he can be better.

    prospal and frolov have 1 year deals and will not be back…frolov is not leaving the lineup when drury gets back, zero chance. frolov is not great but he can still score…

    sauer is 23, he can play….big, tough, and smart in his own zone…..

    avery’s role on this team is diminsihing and may continue to if prust keeps it up. avery is not a good player. wierd because he is a very good skater but not good with the puck on his stick, bad passer and very innacurate shot….

    this team is only going to get better for the next few years unless the ranger managment reverts back to previous insanity and gets older more expensive players who are on the downside of there careers….

    grachev, kreider, and werek.. they need 1 of them to be a real legit scorer……….

  65. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Avery’s a bad passer? He can be a turnover machine at times, yes, but bad passer?

  66. According to Brooks, EC said “I thought it was a clean hit until Stejan started to stumble on his way to the bench. In my opinion the hit was as dirty as Avery’s sloppy seconds. Also, Henrik Lundqvist is overpaid, and I don’t like PB & J”

    Get rid of EC *now*!

  67. Another solid win last night and the team continues to solidify their identity along with their confidence.

    One comment that I haven’t seen about last night’s game; I noted that after Stall’s hit and Calgary turned up their physical game that we dialed our physical game way down and concentrated on making the right play instead of matching their physicality. I thought we looked a little afraid of pissing them off any more than we already had. We stopped finishing checks and I think this helped Calgary mount the assault they did at the end.

  68. Rangers have three 6 million a year players not playing right now with redden, drury and rozival and they are actually playing great. can you imagine if sather wasnt such a joke what he could do with that money?????? i love the hustle and energy without rozival in the lineup. im not saying gilroy is great but i like him on the 3rd De pair. Eminger has been impressive blocking shots and you rarely see him make a mistake. Rozy to the third line only when he gets back, dont break up this flow. Also tell redden to warm up the seat next to him for drury, that is some nice salary cap money we could be saving.

  69. More revisionist history from the AP report on TSN:

    “The Rangers received a *fortunate* power play when Curtis Glencross high-sticked Ryan Callahan in retaliation for Callahan’s hard check along the boards against Bouwmeester in front of the penalty box.”

    Yes, how fortunate…

  70. I must be the only NYR fan that is looking forward to Dreary’s return.

    Aside from the obvious reason, being, EC is off the team, we also get a solid defensive forward, shot blocker, PK’er, etc.

    And with Step-On, Artie, and Boyle playing their best hockey, Dreary will finally play where he belongs, on the 4th line!

  71. *testing

    *Carp – Neil Smith
    *Mama – Leetchie
    *Me – Tikkanen
    *Orr – Edzo
    *Ilb – Kovalev
    *Linda – Richter
    *CCCP – Graves
    *TR – Keenan
    *Grabby – Larmer
    *Greg – Messier

  72. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I see Sather has traded Dane Byers to Columbus for Chad Kolarik, same age, 24, but a LITTLE GUY, in the best Sather “tradition.” Let’s see, if they are small, old, or overpriced, they are a fit here. Got it.

  73. Byers was reaching the game limit for a veteran player that are allowed to suit up in AHL games. There’s only so many vets (certain max number of pro games at the NHL, AHL or European league) that can dress each game. They probably need to clear a vet from the AHL roster to correspond with a move for White when Drury returns.

  74. This is what the Rangers need to be every night they play. When they get rough and nasty but play a clean game, they play at their best. It also shows when Avery plays the in your face, on the edge, but no penalty minutes. I only hope they can continue this and not have it be just once a while.

  75. LW3H
    The only fortunate thing about the highstick on Cally was that the refss let Dubi’s headlock from behind after the penalty go. I was afraid that the would call a retaliation penalty ont that and even it up as they are usually wont to do. Maybe that’s what the TSN report was getting at.

  76. paulieplatypus on

    Heave Ho! I wonder if it seemed that way because Boogaard challenged every Calgary player at the faceoff circle to a fight before the puck was dropped in his first shift after the Staal hit on Stajen? I would really love to know “exactly” what Boogaard said to all of them? It seemed to me that after that, both teams were more concerned with the outcome of the game because so little time remained in the 3rd period.

    Hey Bitt, considering that over the years only a small % of the free agents that have signed in NEW YORK with the Rangers were actually successful… I hope the Rangers never again sign another free agent.

  77. It also shows when Avery plays the in your face, on the edge, but no penalty minutes.


    I don’t quite understand what that means in relation to last night’s game. Avery had virtually no impact on the game last night and hasn’t had a positive impact in a game in a long time.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, I agree that it did look nasty. But, I thought Staal got the shoulder….besides

    1) he didn’t leave his feet

    2) he made sure he had a low center of gravity and glided into the guy (didn’t charge)

    3) he lead with his shoulder

    4) The guy touched the puck and Staal hit him immediately after. I would not call that late.

    Just because it looks dirty and the player didn’t expect the hit, doesn’t make it a dirty hit. I don’t want to start an argument about this but it was a clean, legal hit. Body checking is a part of hockey. All the refs saw it.

    Just a reminder to all you kids who still play hockey…Keep your Byfuglien head up.”

    I didn’t say he hit the guy in the head. Where and how he hit him was fine. The thing is, if he hit that guy in the head, you KNOW there would be a suspension. That should tell you something about the way he hit him. Like I said, the thing that saved him is WHERE he hit him.

    The new blindside hit rule says “A lateral, back pressure, or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted.”

    This was a lateral hit that was borderline in terms of time. But, since he hit the guy in the chest/shoulder, it’s not a suspension.


    This video at 4:25, when Elias gets hit is the perfect example of what happened and why Staal’s hit isn’t a cheapshot. If he hits the guy in the head, it’s a penalty and supplemental discipline.

    However, Staal’s hit differs from that one slightly because Elias is still in possession there. Stajan had already moved the puck. The puck wasn’t there and he exploded on him. The thing is though, it hadn’t been gone for that long. It was close to being a borderline thing. In other words, it wasn’t anything you could call a penalty on, but it was close, not for how he hit the guy, but for when.

  79. Avery had a great start to the season…also, had a very good camp. He seemed to have some great chemistry with Stepan and Feds early on. Then, soon after, Boyle and Prust were promoted and Avery got put into the dog house with Todd White.

    He has been a complete non-factor for the last 10 games. You could see that he has lost a lot of confidence and is playing like a shell of his former self. I don’t think its fair to him since he hasn’t had much ice.

    I think when Drury is back and EC is history, Avery will pick up his play. I think this team will be even better when the Avery factor is alive and well. As a veteran, he needs to show more leadership, play his game, and start scoring some goals.

  80. Avery had a Voros-like start to the season.

    Everything is back to normal, in fact, now he’s just like how he was last season. He’s not doing much. His edge is gone with the wind. Or he left it at some fashion show. He needs to find it, or else he wont be a Ranger for much longer.

  81. When the Flames got a little nasty around the 7 min mark Tort sent out Boogie.Finally he uses Boogie when he is suppose to! Yeah!!!!! See Torts the score doesn’t matter or what the clock says what matters is what the other team is doing to your players,thats why he’s on the team.On TV you could read his lips when he said well I’m here but everyone ran away except the cheap hit from behind that knocked him down that should have been 2 or 3 different penalties but the stipped shirted ass clowns ignored it. Best of all Boogie just scared them and didn’t get sucked into a penalty of his own ,way to go big guy!!!

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  83. Old

    They may have also used some snow shovels to clean up the loose snow around the edges, but the main scraping was done with the scrapers. Those were heavy plates of either steel or iron and had two handles, and they skated and scraped around the rink in the same pattern as the Zamboni uses now. That echelon formation was used all together because they started at the boards for the most part and ended at center ice. there was always one last drift of center ice snow there to be scraped, and that’s when they formed that wedge like a snow plow finish and dumped it at the end of the rink and hauled it away. It wasn’t any easy job, believe me.

    The reason I know this, is because we used the same technique in New Haven ( then a farm of the Rangers), and the rink owner Podoloff used to let us scrape the ice in return for free ice time to play our own make up games. Those scrapers were really heavy and you had to dig your skates in hard to get up enough traction.The forgotten days of the rink rats.

    Maybe I’ve mis descrIbed the scrapers. Think of a large
    sheet of plate steel or iron, about 4-5 feet long and about 2 and a half feet high and then imagine two poles about 3 feet long bolted to the plates and about arms width apart. Straight handles. the skater used a hand on each one. Think of a miniature highway ad
    sign with one long handle bolted about 2 feet in from each side edge straight out. That would have been the general shape.

  84. CCCP, if Kovalev gets into the Hall, they should nail the doors shut.

    Tiki, getting better slowly, thanks.

    Doodie, last time we spoke, Sam was doing great. I keep asking him for a guest blog … but he’s so busy. Maybe now that golf season has died down, I’ll ask again.

  85. oh, and as for that common but incorrect line that Kovalev was the best player in Game 6 … he was good, very, very good. But 35, 2 and 11 were all better.

  86. Agreed Carp. Richter’s play sometimes gets lost in the insanity of the game, but when they were down 2-0 with the season on the brink, he made some dynamic stops to keep them within striking distance.

    Related to that game, does anyone remember who was doing the color commentary with Emrick that night? I was watching the game on MSG not too long ago and could not put my finger on it (definitely was not Chico…could you imagine if it was???).

  87. Glad to hear it, Carp.

    Noah, Im not sure who the other broadcaster was, but Im near certain the referee was Kerry Fraser :still MAD:

  88. Does anyone else realize this team is playing this well in spite of having a 3 players accounting or 18.5 million in salary out of the lineup? The salary cap is a real thing. The Rangers definitely have pieces of the Stanley Cup puzzle, but until they figure out how to get the most out of that cap, we’re gonna be stuck to low round exits.

  89. They definitely have the pieces, I think the biggest move was getting Redden off the team. Drury and Rozi are ok in secondary roles, the big push to get the younger kids more meaningful minutes should hopefully pay dividends in the next couple of years.

    They’re still not a team that can consistently control games. They were lucky to even have a 1-0 lead to blow in Pittsburgh because despite the ridiculous parade to the sin bin in the 3rd period they were outplayed in the first two periods. Minny was a good game that showed they could dominate at both ends of the ice. When I start seeing more performances like that, especially against high quality teams, then I’ll start to think they’ve got a shot but that’s a couple of years off in my opinion.

  90. moving in the right direction. they have a surplus of young d men and may have to move some for offensive upgarde longterm.

    our #1 line and #1 d pair are all 26 or younger….lastnight the oldest d man for the rangers was 27 years old. the only older players are basically hurt or junk; white 35, drury, prospal, roszival, and fedetenko on the 3rd line….

    they should be a 7th seed this year and next year they should be a very very good team……………………………

  91. I know we have a while to think aboot it but…What is going to happen to Drury after next year?

    Will the Rangers keep him? Will he accept a huge cut in pay to stay captain of NYR? Will he retire? How much is he worth? Can he score 30+ goals ever again?

  92. Happy Birthday ORR!!

    well, i get to work a retail mid-shift on Black Friday
    if the Rangers don’t have snarl for the night’s game
    i’m pretty sure i will.

    hoping that they don’t go into their usual typtophan semi-coma
    but then again as Carp mentioned
    this is a different team!!

  93. NYR_FAN
    as far as Drury goes, unless he REALLY REALLY shows something
    when he comes back
    i can’t imagine the Rangers will bring him back whatsoever,
    even with a pay cut.

    i would imagine that we could get one or two players combined
    for his salary — one towards scoring and the other towards defense/faceoffs.

    don’t have exact stats as far UFAs or anything for that matter but it would seem likely.

  94. jpg, I just think it is a big question for the team…

    I am indifferent. I do like Drury but not at $7.5mm/season. If he comes back at 2 or 3 million per season, I would be very inclined to re-sign him for a year or two. He is a guy you would want to have around our young deveoping players…

  95. Thanks, Jp.

    NYR, I can’t see them bringing him back. He’ll have to take a pretty significant paycut to come back. The fact is, there’s a lot of guys who can do what he does, and are a lot more cheap.

    He’ll have to have an amazing end to his contract to make the money he’s making.

  96. Laurie Carr (Beyond the Blueshirts) has reported a number of times about this guy Williams being a real jackwagon. He had wanted a trade since last year and would constantly complain about playing time. Good riddance!

  97. Chris from Albany on

    Hey Everybody. Just got Directv and noticed that tomorrows game is on MSG 2. Does Directv get that channel?

  98. Just imagine if we had this team, but trade out Drury’s $7M cap hit for, say, Kopitar, Backstrom, Toews, Kane, Spezza, Datsyuk, Marleau, or any other number of players who score much much more for the same (or less) money.

    Then trade Rozi’s $5M for, say, Duncan Keith, Mike Green, Eric Brewer, or other high-end D-men making the same (or less) money.

    Man, we’d be a serious elite team. Just having made 2 smart moves instead of 2 crazy overpayments…

  99. Hopefully it stays that way.

    The All Star game should provide rest for the NYR players. What’s the point of playing in that stupid game? Sit out, rest up, and focus on the season.

    Last thing we need is one or more of Hank, Gabby, Dublowsky, or Cally making it, and pulling a groin, or choking on a chicken. We need these guys healthy!

  100. Chris – MSG2 shows up on one of the NY alternate channels near MSG, I think it’s either 638 or 639, but not at my TV right now. You can probably go far enough ahead on the guide to find it.

  101. Wow… havent enjoyed a game like that in a long while. Loved seeing Sauer’s grit and think he did a great job of playing his game and backing it up after the whistle.

    Love the Boogeyman… really do. He absolutely shamed that Calgary squad especially that rat Meyer who tried to Carcillo-esque trickery. I think Torts is getting comfortable with having a deployable tough guy and hope for more of it to come.

    Biron is awesome… Hank is Awesome(r). Having both is awesome(st).

    Callahan makes me smile…every shift.

    Excited to have Drury back and expect big things from him relative to last year… realistically there are a number of players that he can outplay currently on our squad (its “cool” to bad mouth our captain but the fact remains, he has a good shot, a great pass, and is a force on the PK).

    Stoked to see the continued improvement shown by Boyle, AA, Stepan, Girardi, etc.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    The Williams-Bickel trade sounds to me like Sather is keeping a good relationship with the Anaheim GM because of how much Sather fleeced him in the Voros-Eminger trade.

  103. the real point is that fans and posters, including me, who said for years that the team would be better off without dRedden, Dreary, and Blowsival were absolutely right.

    this is now a team that plays gritty, not pretty. and that is how you win in the nhl.

  104. Staal’s hit was exactly like the way Scott Stevens used to hit. Clean, Hard, Open Ice hit. Better keep your head up if you play the Rangers!

  105. drury at $2……but that’s only if he shows something when he comes back. and by that i mean if he is really good at faceoffs, really good at pk without putting himself lame more often than not and puts in decent mix of goals/clutch goals and if he really shows the kind of leadership (i.e. working hard, backing up your teammates and snarl) that the rest of the team has shown without him around.

    otherwise, why bother? with the $7 we should be able to get a pretty damn fine scorer and a decent defensive forward for the 4th line.

  106. “Not to mention, perhaps unfairly, Drury and Prospal and Rozsival?” I’d say the only unfair mention of that group would be Prospal. Dude gets fired-up when goals are scored and generally doesn’t take ‘ish from anyone. Drury is “famous” for the “intangibles” he brings (Intangibles: “unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence”) that means he’s not a fired-up player. Rosival…doesn’t play his size.

  107. Prospal has to try to come back this season. He’s what, about 86 years old? Sitting out a whole year would not be good for his career.

    Drury, is needed for his skill on face-offs. This team is woeful on face-offs.

    If those two could replace Christensen and White that wouldn’t be so bad.

    As for Rozy….uh…..stay injured, please.

  108. Chris from Albany on

    No package. Thinking about getting it though. I’m supposed to be having a party tomorrow night and if directv doesn’t have msg 2 whats the point

  109. In the first 16 games Avery didn’t play less than 10 minutes in any game, generally playing 14-15 minutes.
    In the next 6 games he played less than 9 minutes in all but one.
    That started with the Edmonton game.

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