It’s Go Time!


Same lineup as Saturday in Minny, which means Boogaard stays in, White is prucha’d, and Biron starts in goal.

The probable lines:


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  1. OK, this is the second time that my post had disappeared. Perhaps there’s a good reason why I can post “Boys Say GO”?

  2. Good evening, LinCPB.

    [Could it be that my “1st” messages are being posted to the other universe?]

  3. Did i just see a commercial for a jam-packed half hour of prime-time Torts television!?Great day, great day

  4. ilb, from last thread, LMAO!!

    tiki, hmmm, though I might be mess but I’ll take your call….:)

    Hi to the semi well Carp who is with us tonight!

  5. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i used to cringe everytime Gaborik got hit, but now I cringe everytime MDZ passes the puck

  6. ORR,, I do dig Harry Potter, but no way I’m logging on to youtube as someone who wants to watch certain content. ha! I’ll trust it was gross and maybe funny…:)


  7. Joe just sounded like Mr Ed with the “frolov wanted to get the puck to gaborik in the worst neigh, err, way.”

  8. NOW THIS is the puck possession game the Rangers should play for a full 60!

    Wow…they look really good tonight so far…

  9. Why are they saying Avery? Sam and Joe are really stuggling to keep everyone straight tonight. It’s very distracting ;(

  10. listening to game on radio…just said mikkleson has no goals in 76 NHL games. who says he will now score?

  11. I think Prust should take care of these two punks who fought Saur. Let’s see how tough they really are.

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rangers are starting to sleepwalk. It’s like they already saw the envelope with Calgary’s 2 points in it.

  13. Mama – No!! Can we share Sauer? Please, i always wanted a hot crease clearing d-man after Leetchie!

  14. Boogaard strikes me as the sort of person who has inserted a big metal pipe into a small bear on more than one occasion.

  15. we play fishsticks in 5 games…..hope that won’t be their fist win!
    is crowd semi quiet tonight or is just me?


  16. Mama – I appreciate the 30 percent, and i dont want to sound ungrateful, but how about 42 percent? Pretty pretty please?!

    Also, i was telling this story to a friend earlier and thought Id pass it along to the rest of you. It’s from cop friend of mine.

    I made one mistake the story i told earlier to someone else, though. The mistake i made was he got pulled over for speeding

    This one guy got pulled over by my cop friend for speeding, didnt have his license or registration, and when asked why he was speeding, the guy said he was on his way to get beer. My cop friend jokingly tells the guy that the next time he gets pulled over, he may want to tell the cop he was visiting a sick mother in the hospital. My friend lets him off with just a ticket and lets him get off without arresting him for no license.

    My cop friend pulls the same guy over about a month later for speeding, and asks him why. the guy says “im going to see my sick mother in the hospital. My friend laughs, tells the stupidhead that he’s the one that told the guy to say that, then arrests him for no license or registration.

  17. former friend of mine gave her son a used car for xmas ….. yeah, it happens. I got one now, I’d sell it for cash :)

  18. dead crowd because they’re all a bunch of stooges that couldnt care less about getting behind the team and supporting them.

    there’s that cute girl again, and the rest of the cute kids! :)

  19. Boogaard needs to lay glencross out. There’s no need for him to retaliate then threaten after a clean hit

  20. lol how can a non-broadcaster focus on what he’s saying with Sam’s face six inches away from theirs?

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    Silver lining in the Devils 5-0 lead. Not a single point by Koval-cap-vaccuum-ov. Nary even a shot on goal. Makes that Drury contract look brilliant.

  22. And if you believe that penalty, I hear that Calgary guy has a bridge on the East River you might be interested in…

  23. >>How much wood would a babchuk chuck if a babchuk could chuck wood?

    About one clutterbuck of wood

  24. i see my name mentioned.

    Not sure what you mean LW3H.

    ILB – I thought it was a penalty, and am glad we got away with it.

  25. It was definitely a clean hit but I hate to see players all wobbly like that.

    Unless their name is carcillo

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Might be legal, might be clean, but it’s a nasty hit and meant to incapacitate… It really snapped his head too.

    I don’t like seeing those… it’ what made Stevens such a Carcillo…

  27. love these physical games. you know gabby is scared i havent seen him do anything all game. wuss

  28. yes orr, frolov does suck. hes slow and soft. his shot is kinda weak too. i’m sorry, but our top line needs a messier or graves type on it. 3 softies my god i cant stand watching skittish players

  29. ilb – hahahahahahahah Can you imagine? Boogey with the play-by-play, and analysis by Micheletti… I can’t think of a much worse pair than that

  30. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Iginla is starting to slow down. I suspect Sather will be sniffing around him in a couple years…

  31. Hank is still the king, but it’s freaking awesome to have a second goaltender who can win big games like that

  32. Great to see stepon out there in the final minute and he played with poise.

    It’s hard to take dubi off the puck these days.

    Birion’s eyes are weird and serial killer-like.

  33. Well, I guess Calgary didn’t get the memo. Rangers will not be pushed around this year. And I suspect their enforcer left the game with wet pants too

  34. orr- i admit, ur posts are getting funnier all the time. just lay off the weeny stuff! ;) and the language! lol dont want carp to ban ya dude. !!

  35. and poor avery. guy shoots it 50 feet out into the stratosphere every single time! hes lookin like a goner soon. cant really argue when vinny and dru get back, wheres aves and ec then? hopefully aves picks it up cuz i do like the guy. he just looks out of it

  36. LW3H says:
    November 22, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Would Tiki nix it if Nikita Nikitin kicked it in?


    Can you please explain that to me? Im still wondering what that means.

  37. and step is back, he finally is getting some good minutes and making important plays. i guess boogaard is alternated in n out depending on the opponent, whites a goner and either ec and aves are odd men out as of now. id rather put frolov to pasture and throw aves with gabby and step. at this point, does anybody but mama really think aves out of the lineup hurts us?

  38. Tank The Season on

    Some observations re: this year’s team vs. last year’s team-

    1) Backup goaltending is like night and day. Biron is getting it done.

    2) This team is A LOT tougher to play against. There always seems to be a nasty, physical player out on the ice at any given time. Sometimes 2. Sometimes 5.

    3) This team is NOT dependent on Marian Gaborik for offense. Look at Brian Boyle, Dubinsky, etc. Scoring comes from different players in most instances.

    4) Brian Boyle. Dude FINALLY is looking like a 1st round pick, ’nuff said.

    5) Not having Redden on the roster changes the culture of the team dramatically.

  39. i gotta laugh at boyle though when he took the puck back on the pk, just chillin and then he winds up and just annihilates his own stick while simeltaneously making teh best pass hes made this year to the wrong team. wow it was a classic funny moment that we ended up not givin a goal up. or else id be crying.

  40. Dont ya just love Yahoo Mail, getting headlines from months ago

    * S. Africa, Mexico open Cup with 1-1 draw (AP)
    * Nebraska to apply for Big Ten membership (AP)
    * Feds dealt major setback in Bonds case (AP)
    * Boise St. to join Mountain West in 2011 (AP)
    * Chicago cheers champion Blackhawks (AP)
    * Izzo still hasn’t decided on Cavs job (AP)

  41. Tank, I never thought I’d agree with you, but I do! and you are so positive!

    Mickey, fight for who? Boyle or Sauer? No fight! There are plenty of both to go around :)

    But I did call Sauer a long time ago….:)

  42. izzy and tank. well said. i agree about drury too. its hard cuz he is the captain and i like the guy, but i ask myself, now that the pk is better and were getting contributions from everyone basically, would we be in better shape in teh standings if dru was back? maybe if he plays instead of ec or white, but beyond that, he will have to start scoring again because we dont need anymore pk’ers and shot blockers. almsot every d man we have ios blocking more shots than ever, and our forwards are backchecking very well. no need for papa clutchipoo i guess.

  43. Yay Rangers! Sorry all, I’m exhausted….off to bed and kitties. See you tomorrow!!!!

    last thought….BOYLE! he’s my man :) TA!

  44. seriously, how many games last year were like this one that we ended up getting tied and losing in a shootout? have we even been in a shootout this season? i think maybe 1. i guess last years game 82 loss has them hating playing for the shootout buttman point. and damnit, its just too stressful on my nerves. theyre no good for anyones health!!

  45. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Think what we could have in the lineup for Drury’s $8 million… But with Sather it would probably be two more Rozivals…

  46. tank, i was just about to say change teh name! lol. good call man. we dont need to tanko the season.

  47. anyone find it odd that drury hasnt been even skating? i thought it was just his pinkie finger? or did he resume skating and i just havent heard. whats up with fankist too? anybody know if hes close to getting back?

  48. Wow…Stepan is impressive…Over 19 minutes tonight and played a hell of a game…he gets better game by game.

    Sauer = MONSTER

    Tank the Season, you are 100% right about Boyler!

  49. ahhh good call ilbzo. very true. but cant he hire somebody to tie them? i mean, with all that money hes making he should hire someone to hire someone to tie his shoes and skates!

  50. DJK!! DJK!! DJK!!

    I wish we had tanked the season in the early 00s when we always finished just on the outskirts of the playoffs. :)

  51. Hive brain for the Boneheads, tonight? LOL.

    The team needs Drury for faceoffs. Disregarding the one Stepan won clean that led to Girardi’s goal, they have been dreadful this season on them

  52. I read somewhere that Drury isn’t skating because of the chance he could fall on the ice and re-injure the finger. Apparently this is Standard Operating Procedure for players who have ‘upper body’ injuries. As I recally, Dubinsky didn’t skate for several weeks last year after he broke his wrist.

  53. mickey, u serious? wow. i know jordan staal is skating and he has some hand injury. im sure no contact drills but just for conditioning too?

  54. somebody go to papa clutchios and make sure he isnt flipping pizza dough in teh air and spinning it on his finger!

  55. speaking of papa clutchios and drury in general, wheres salty and truefans been? i know thye must miss him ;)

  56. Grabby, yeah, I read it somewhere. Don’t know how true it is, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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