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From the Rangers:

November 19, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Colorado Avalanche 5 (Game No. 20, Away No. 9)

* The Rangers were defeated by the Colorado Avalanche, 5-1, tonight at the Pepsi Center, and are now 10-9-1 overall with a 6-3-0 mark on the road.
* Derek Stepan tallied the Blueshirts’ only goal at 6:03 of the third period, and has now recorded four points (one goal, three assists) in the last four games.  Entering tonight’s contest, the Rangers’ rookie was tied for seventh among league rookies in scoring with eight points and ninth with three goals.
* Marian Gaborik recorded the only assist on Stepan’s third period goal, and has now registered six points (four goals, two assists) in the last four games.
* The Blueshirts’ penalty kill held the Avalanche scoreless in one power play opportunity (2:00) to improve to 96.0% (24-25) in their last eight games, yielding just one goal against and tallying two shorthanded goals during the stretch.
* Ruslan Fedotenko led all skaters with five hits, and now ranks third on the team with 47 hits on the season.
* Defensemen Marc Staal and Matt Gilroy tied for the team-high with four shots on goal.  Staal also led all skaters with 25:48 of ice time, and Gilroy logged a season-high, 17:18 of ice time.
* Henrik Lundqvist (13 saves) and Martin Biron (eight saves) combined to stop 21 shots in net for New York.
* The Rangers will return to action tomorrow, Nov. 20, when they face-off against the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center (8:00 p.m.), to conclude their back-to-back road set against Northwest Division opponents.

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  1. great effort by bobby orr del zotto. man this guy is playing like a vegas poker player…….

    he needs to be counseled on his decision making.

    henrik has been fair this year, i think his stats are actually better then his performance. he has given up numerous softies……..

    they are moving in the right direction but not close yet.

    another year of adding more young guys and then maybe.

    avery sucks, besides opening his mouth and good down low on the boards what can the guy do???not much……

  2. Only caught the first half of the game, gonna read ‘Go Time’ now, but did anyone catch when the players entered the arena. Where was LQ’s top hat and walking stick?

  3. I thought they would be flatter than they were for the Bruins after the emotional Edmonton and Penguins games. So maybe it caught up with them now. Combine that with travel and playing against a fast aggressive team. Not acceptable but..

  4. MDZ is 20. We must remember that. What scares me though is we are not seeing the occasional ‘special’ play.
    His arrogance ratio (good to bad) could be a concern.
    Our options: Hit him in the head with a salami or boo him relentlessly. I lean towards the former.

  5. well i was there. The Rangers made me a laughing stock

    frolov sucks. he does not belong on this team.

    Del zotto pissed me off. he tired multiple home run passes that were easy picks. he needs to stop that
    I didnt see an av checked hard into the boards all night.

    oh yea white? he is even worse.

    Avery needs to go. he can turn around behind the goal thats it. he did nothing tonight. it was embarrassing.

    this team needs to get young now

    the vets are even worse but they aint getting any better

    I took a lot of shit at the game and after. that was not a team that pushed any action.

    there were no body checks that made a difference, all night. The Aves skated right over us

    i could see where the altitude took its toll, but that’s no excuse for what happened

  6. Funniest thing I have heard today (granted it is 5:30 am)

    Eric Christensen=”Mr. Softie the Backstabber” Scotty Hockey.

  7. I love it when people say this team needs to get young. Who on the team is old? The oldest players are all on the sidelines. This IS a very young time.

    Hence the mistakes.

    Sometimes fans are too up and down during the season. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  8. OK

    I’ve got a few things to get off my chest, and at this stage I have no qualms about stating them. Since he first arrived here, I yakked about Lundqvist and his “style”.

    But I kept reading that he is “the King” and all similar clap trap.The consensus was that he was above criticism. Well. I’m gonna criticize.

    Yeah I know they were “out skated” last night..;;no…not quite…they were made fools of. To begin with, every time a Ranger skated with the puck into Colorado ice, they had an at least a 3 man escort to nullify any attack on their net, and on one occasion when Gaborik went into the zone he had FOUR guys around him. ( I’ll get to DelZotto, be patient.)

    King Henrik has a block of wood for a head to begin with, and it can be nothing but pure obstinacy that he “doesn’t get it”.

    Here he was on his knees ( as usual), and trying to stop shots with the 5 hole wide open ( as usual), and this guy makes no use whatever of the tools that he has ( except his vaunted acrobatic ability.) Watch this feature some time. When he tries to stop a shot maker he is on his knees, and he may or may not keep his stick on the ice, and he may or may not use it to block the five hole. Often he omits this little technicality. But his glove hand…………… of his most potent defensive tools , he leaves dangling down beside his body,,useless.
    One wonders why he doesn’t study the styles of some of the greatest old goalies in the game like Glen Hall Terry
    Sawchuk, Bill Durnan, etc. But he also evidently has a coach who is perpetually out to lunch. All he has to do to save himself is to turn his glove reverse ( like a ball player backhanding a ball with his glove) and holding it at the 5 hole when he does his famous knee splits, and at leas t he has a fighting chance of avoiding the penetration of that 5 hole. But no one seems to dare call him on these things. Now on two occasions he was on his knees long before the shooter shot, and the shots went so high, that on his knees he was reaching high over his head, with his arm stretched skyward, and STILL the puck was high over his reach.But he never got up from his knees. Personally I’m a bit weary of listening to the fact that he is a superior goal tender.( Yeah…now and then.)

    NHL center ice posts the stats for goaltenders in the league, as to save, goals allowed, etc, and there is a list of the league goal tenders. He is usually far down on this list, and many times he doesn’t even appear in these stats. Any blogger who wants to can rip me for making these statements, but it won’t bother me. I’m having my say. This guy with all his athleticism, who can be spectacular ( at times), is really not that good… because he refuses to be..not because he can’t be.

    And as for that Goal coach, the phantom, or Mr Magoo.

    Now about DelZotto and those LONG passes which he has been making since last season, and with very little success I might add, but just about every one of them was deflected, redirected, or intercepted. As most of them are. I’ve been crabbing about them for the past 2 years but Torts seems to find no fault with them. They are more than ineffective..they’re idiotic. Did you notice those nice short direct passes by the Avs? How devastating they were? Of course you have to skate the puck with them, but hey, who’s gonna notice right?

    This game should be a wake up call…but don’t count on it.

  9. I wonder why the HOF didn’t accept Pat Burns. Do folks think he will eventually get elected, considering he was coach of the year 3 times with 3 different teams, won a stanley cup, and had a record that was well above .500?

    I tivo’d the Rangers game… I got home late, watched it, pass out, then woke up and saw it was 4-0 with a perioud to go. I’m glad I didn’t stay home to watch this carcillo!

  10. I think Burns is HOF worthy. His death was really sad.

    Last night sucked. But everyone knows there’s going to be games like this. Here’s to hoping they rebound quickly.

  11. Fran

    Not going to rip you, but I’m not sure how you decide that Lundqvist “refuses” to get better. Yes, he has technical flaws (like just about any goalie), but like it or not, his style is his style. I wouldn’t put the fact that he isn’t morphing into a stand-up goalie at this stage of his career down to obstinacy. (And wouldn’t playing stand-up expose the five-hole more not less?)

    I’m just a bit amused by all the amateur psychology that goes on here every time the guy has a few bad games.

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