No video tribute for Jokinen Monday


The former Ranger, Olli Jokinen — he of shootout fame and a lot of mailing-in games in his brief tenure — won’t be back on Garden ice Monday. He was suspended by the NHL for a cross-check to the head of Colorado’s Wojtek Wolski Wednesday night.

Jokinen is going to forfeit three games worth of pay: $48,387. Actually, it’s almost as hard to believe that he is making that kind of money after his performance last year, as it is to believe that Calgary took him back.

One of the great trades in recent Rangers history, Jokinen — it turns out — was a throw-in in the deal that brought Brandon Prust to the Rangers and rid them of Christopher Higgins and Ales Kotalik. Talk about win-win-win.

By the way, in that same game, New Rochelle’s Kevin Shattenkirk scored his first NHL goal. Good for him!


UPDATE, 5:20 P.M.: Reader LW3H reminds us that Wolski plays for the Coyotes now … and the NHL announced the suspendable offense as having happened in a game at Colorado, when in fact Phoenix was in Calgary Wednesday night. So, so sorry.

Also, obviously, Shattenkirk’s goal came in another game, for the Avalanche. So congrats to him yet again. And sorry, again.

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  1. According to the NHL, stomping on opponent’s legs is OK, coming off the bench to fight is OK, but if your name is Sean Avery and you like to talk..BAD!

  2. Shattenkirk scored his goal in the game vs the Sharks.

    btw, when I say Shattenkirk, I can’t help but think “where is Spock” or “beam me up, Scotty”

  3. Everyone is quick to say the Stars will trade Richards, but if they’re in a position where they know they’ll make the playoffs, then he might be worth keeping around, even if they lose him.

    Stars suck though. I have no idea who they have in goal. I don’t even watch Stars games. Anything Texas related puts me to sleep for some odd reason.

  4. Lehtinen, the former Atl goalie, is the Dallas goalie.

    they would want lower salary guys in return , not Blowsival, if they did trade Richards, because they are in a budget situation, as their team is up for sale.

  5. Good evening all!

    LW, LMAO

    carp, I like #9 from last thread.

    I am concerned about our 5 on 3’s

    So, Olli loses about $48G for missing three days of work. Wish I had that deal. I’d be $161G ahead!!!!

  6. wait, that math made no sense…..oy, but I think you get my point. maybe. I’ve confused myself :)

  7. Geez, the amount of money Jokinen is forfeiting in pay barely pays for a year of college education these days.

    But I know this much: few hockey players look as scary as Jokinen.

  8. I wont let her have a hat trick tonight! HA!

    By the way, for all superstitious Rangers fans….

    The Rangers have not lost a game in which CCCP or Izzy Mandlebaum have gotten first on the “It’s Go Time” blog threads.

    So, if any of you truly want the Rangers to win, please let CCCP or Izzy always get first.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. I don’t post for the longest time and then BOOM I get carped.

    It’s a conspiracy, man! It’s a C-O-N…spiracy. Can anyone tell where that joke is from?

  10. From Jesse Spector

    Sigh of relief for #NYR as MRI reveals mild MCL sprain for first-round pick Dylan McIlrath, not major knee injury.

  11. oink,
    How classy! What pig farm are you from? Def. not from New York. Who wrote you this piece of carsillo – retarded goat? You’re not funny- it is just mob stupid, oinking amongst swine herd, you, barn-yard “stand up” wannabe. Want to talk about player – tell us what you think about his hockey abilities or lack of, or character, not an appearance. Wander, how your face look, Oink. Hate this kind of pigcooke.

  12. NYR, I may go for a hat trick or gag :)

    tiki, I smell a conspiracy! “if any of you truly want the Rangers to win, please let CCCP or Izzy always get first.”

  13. re: salary penalty fines. never thought much of them. show me the “penalty” when you’re making that kind of dough. pity poo hoo.

  14. NOOOOO! I failed to prevent the Mama hat trick! I played Wade Redden-esque defense and Steve Valiquette goaltending! BASTAGES!

  15. The Rangers are 6th in the East (1 point out of 4th) despite missing Prospal our 2nd leading scorer from last season, Gaborik, our 40 goal clutch scorer and Drury our captain/best defensive forward. Dubinsky and Callahan and maybe even Anisimov are establishing themselves as 50+ point players. we have a top 10 farm system and once those players develop in a year or so we will finally be cup contenders.

    you guys just need to patient and stop hoping for close-minded quick fixes like Brad Richards to come save the day when in reality, it just makes things worse in the long run.

  16. smirf….fair and well thought out points…I think you are right about the Pack Line guys…

    I don’t think the Rangers desperately need Richards. As I said earlier today, I think it would have to be the right mix of players and draft picks going to Dallas. Dallas is more desperate than we are to make a deal. I would not want to give up any of the core:Dubi, Cally, Artie, Staal, and Hank.

    I think Artie will be the true #1 center on this team and will play with Gaby eventually, probably not this season though…since the Pack Line is doing so well

    I think Stepan has a shot at it too. Wouldn’t Brad Richards be a great mentor to these guys? ;)

    I think it is pretty wide open in the Eastern Conference. The best team is the Flyers and I don’t think there is another team playing at their level right now. Montreal did look sharp against them however…

  17. tomb, Rangers Report (Festivus) blog readers had that piece of information last night. Not to brag but, well, ok, to brag.

  18. and you know who introduced me to McGrath, even though I met him at camp? Yup, old No. 9, and I don’t mean Bure. I think he might have introduced me to McGrath as Mr. Carpiniello. Which is better than “John.”

  19. Carp

    Who is Mr McGrath, and why is he significant?
    ( Incidentally, McGraths were a part of our extended family branch from the auld sod.)

  20. yes, NYR, I am that skilled :) and a wicky….Carp….LMAO…..

    OK all, serious TA. Signing off and fading to black. Oy, 9 p.m. start tomorrow. even though it’s friday I still hate that….Oh well. Not like I gotta get up early Monday…..:)….niters!

  21. fran, it’s mcIlrath, the first-round pick. I’m just doing way too many things right now, and making a lot of stupid mistakes.

  22. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Evening all! Just a reminder to JJJBytes and CCCP that Fringe is on tonight!

    gotta go catch up on Carps daily postings, just got back from shopping

  23. Carp – LOL When I read “and you know who introduced me to McIlrath”, I thought you were going to say, John Amirante.

  24. Craziness in the Bolts-Flyers game.

    So I got a crazy story of my own. Yesterday I took part in that Stick Salute challenge, the chance to win tickets for last night’s game, first 10 to stop the team reps got the tickets. Normally I haven’t paid attention to it but I saw on my twitter that the secret location was the Bull at the end of Broadway in the financial district. I work not too far away from there so I thought it might be worth checking it out to see if I could score tickets.

    I got there and there were already half a dozen or so people waiting, some since as early as 6 AM, the team reps were supposed to arrive at 12:30. I waited for a while myself, luckily my manager at work is out on 3weeks vacation so I could take an extra long break. The crowd grew to about 30 some odd people by the time 12:30 hit and the number one question on everyone’s head was “how are they going to know who got here first?”.

    So we’re still waiting on the concrete island that the bull sculpture is on and a bunch of us that we were in front started noticing people charging to Bowling Green park, which is not that far away but not quite at the Bull statue. It was basically then a free-for-all. I was sprinting, I can run pretty quickly as I was a runner in high school and still manage to run a few miles a few times a week. All of the sudden a girl in front of me dropped something and bent down to pick it up. I had almost no time to react as I was running full speed. I think I made a half stride to avoid her but I clipped her and took a tumble. After quickly recovering and getting back on my feet, we both looked at each other and started running again. By the time we got to the ticket reps they were giving out the tickets and I wasn’t able to get a pair. I got a free hat, it’s not that nice but whatever.

    Anyway, I had a few scrapes on my hand, knee and elbow but didn’t think too much of it at the time. I returned to my office and cleaned myself up a bit but figured it wasn’t a big deal. By the time I left work in the evening my foot was killing me. I ended up hobbling my way to subway and then after taking the train home to CT hobbled my way about a .5 mile to my house. It still hurt this morning and I made an appointment to go to the doctor. So the diagnosis, pending official X-ray results, is either a severe sprain or hairline fracture of my 4th metatarsal (2nd smallest toe) in my left foot. I’ve got this ridiculous boot on and I move like a peg-leg. Thankfully I have very good insurance and a bunch of sick days to spare. I’m not necessarily mad I didn’t get the tickets, I think it was a bit disorganized by the Rangers reps to show up and cause a bum rush in a less than ideal area to run. I probably would be telling a different story if I wasn’t running behind the wrong person.

  25. and we could have had Stammer if one of their owners hadnt stepped in and vetoed or stopped the deal from going through. New York teams = cheated and impeded.

  26. Watched the Devils drop another one. This time to the Leafs, who also only won one in last 10. AHL battle at its best lol. Chico was whining so much, he sounded exactly like that jackwagon from Geico commercial. Except, I think red makes him sad. As it should.

  27. Stamkos one timer from the off-wing in the faceoff circle is becoming almost an automatic goal. Why do teams give him that spot?

  28. Was anybody else watching just NHL on The Fly? They had this whole segment on Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Horcoff walking around Manhattan. Taylor Hall was eating McDonalds. And when it was over, Kevin Weekes and Gary Green went in to a whole segment about favorite hot spots in Manhattan for like 10 minutes. WTB?

  29. Brodiva felt a little pain in his elbow again. Despite the very light weight of a twinkie, I guess after lifting 500 in a row, it will start to wear on your arm, as well as your stomach, and poop loop.

    Frying them doesn’t help.

  30. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    Hey all!!

    you are cracking me up!

    wow, you are on quite a streak tonight!

    So my very late game comments….If it is possible to play well in a loss, we did…eminger really plays physical….lastly, I think torts made a HUGE coaching mistake on the 5 on 3 by putting the AA line back out there after the time out. As a matter of fact, I think he made a mistake calling the timeout then and should have put another line out there and saved the timeout……I still think he is going to burn out certain players by March if he doesn’t rotate players better….who is this rozsival guy everyone keeps talking about??

  31. I love the tone of this blog entry, well played…would love to see more in this style!

    Hope all is well with everyone, how great are those heritage uniforms? I would love to see an “away” white in that style too (although I still feel white should be worn at home, always).

  32. Re: Point #9 from previous post.

    I ref games in men’s leagues with no checking, and that is hard enough to get every call right, and to catch EVERY infraction. With that said, the officiating with the Rangers is abysmal. There have been instances where the NYR have gotten breaks for sure. But that Pens game was exhibit #1 to show that the NYR are not getting a fair shake. If Crosby and Malkin are “superstars” then the refs are watching them. They want to protect those guys for sure. If the refs are watching these guys, there is NO WAY they can miss the Crosby trip of Henke, or the slew footing/elbowing/holding of the stick/diving Malkin either. I understand missing a play here or there. I miss 40-50 year old men doing that (in super slow motion mind you). But what we saw in the Pens game, and recent news of Colin Campbell etc., I believe that the refs’ integrity is in question.

    And justifiably so.

  33. Should the Rangers be looking into signing Marc Andre Bergeron? Left shooting Dman who. . . . . well, he SHOOTS!!!

  34. cw, i couldnt agree with you more.. the integrity of the nhl as a whole is a joke.. i actually wrote a 4 page letter that i wanted to mail to the nhl but I obviously realize it would be completely in vein and not even read.. but 4 pages of ranting about the nhl turning a multi-national pastime into a multi-national disgrace made me feel better!

  35. CT Blue

    My you lead an adventuresome life….do you by any chance drink Dos Equis?…………….when you drink beer of course.

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