Bruins-Rangers in review


Thoughts as we approach the crack of noon:

1) I know this is the repetitive theme of the season, but this is how it’s going to be. This Rangers team will play hard, will compete physically and with passion all night, not give up, rarely be out of a game. But it also will not win every night because other teams have more skill. Not saying that Boston outclassed the Rangers, not at all. Just saying, the Rangers aren’t yet elite where they’re going to win whenever they play well enough to win. Plus, it’s hockey. Sometimes one goalie plays better than the other. Sometimes a deflected shot goes in on one end, and doesn’t go in on the other.

2) So, as you can see, I agree with John Tortorella and the players who thought last night they sure did a lot of very good things, especially defensively in limiting Boston’s chances. That said, there were a couple of ugly mistakes/turnovers turned into goals, and then there was the gift by Lundqvist.

3) Lundqvist is not perfect, and in a few games this season he’s given up a softie. But overall he’s been pretty darn good, and was again last night except for the Recchi goal. Today, by the way, the King was on Martha Stewart. She was teaching him how to bake something. He taught her how to bash a goalie stick over the crossbar then repair it with blue hockey tape. Seriously, Lundqvist made the appearance in another Garden of Dreams effort.

4) Boy, that Garden of Dreams does some great stuff for kids, and does it all the time.

5) I thought it was a good move by Tortorella to go easy on Matt Gilroy after his blue-line whiff. That was a very difficult play for a righty shot on the left point. The coach was right. In a case like that, Gilroy should have recognized the danger of the bouncing puck and just stopped it with a skate or a leg or whatever, and not waved at it. The play looked a lot worse than it was.

6) Marian Gaborik was an absolute stud in this game, from the first shift when he stole the puck and created the wasted Christensen chance, through his goal, and through several late third-period chances and the 5-on-3.

7) The coach talks about Michal Rozsival as if it’s an automatic that he goes right back into the lineup when he’s ready, and I am not surprised by that. And Rozsival is better this year than last. But the six young guys who have been handling the D-duty have been just fine without him, haven’t they? And a little bit nasty, too.

8) Derek Stepan is making progress, too, and he really looked good between Frolov and Gaborik late in the game, as he did during camp.

9) So it looks like, if a Ranger gets whacked in the head/face with a stick (Avery, Dubinsky) it’s a penalty. Otherwise, they get no power plays. I am actually scaring myself that I’m starting to see your consipiracy theories. Yikes.

10) If I was a hockey player and my name was Wheeler, I’d wear No. 18.

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  1. First?

    Okay, Sam and Joe have lost it — especially all that BS about how honorable Colie Campbell is. Whatever. But they are right, in my opinion, about Emminger. He’s looked tough. Sauer, too.

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  3. ive wanted to trade rosi for a while. can we please do that already. hes a marginal improvement over what we have and no where near is he worth the difference in salary.

  4. I agree our D-men have been fantastic without Rosi. Sauer and Emminger have really impressed. How much do you love seeing MDZ play with some true grit and physicality. Staal and Girardi need no comment. Gilroy hasn’t done much to distinguish himself but he hasn’t dropped the ball much either(minus last night obviously) I think they have proven we can live without Rosi but I don’t see a trade going down anytime soon. The return value alone would not be worth it and the way this team plays; hits, blocked shots, etc. you can be sure we are going to be minus D-men throughout the season. We pretty much need to have 7 NHL ready defenseman on the roster. But it is very hard not to be impressed by the job those 6 guys have done. GO RANGERS!

  5. I guess this goes back to the Prust vs. Avery debate from yesterday but honestly, which of the two would you rather have out there when we’re down a goal with time winding down? Prust and his cement hands were out there with 5m left in the game and it felt like he was just taking a shift until the Gaborik or Dubinsky lines were ready to take another shift. Avery, while fully capable of taking a dumb penalty, also has much more skill and even drew a penalty in one of his few shifts in the 3rd period.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love what Prust brings to the Rangers in terms of grit and toughness. They have rarely had such players in the past 10 years and he has definitely contributed to the team’s new identity. But I’d much rather see him out there with the team up a goal as opposed to down a goal.

  6. I agree on number 5. I also think that Michael Sauer should have been cheating back a bit. When you see the puck bouncing like that to your defensive partner, you should take a stride or two back in case it gets. It is not like you are going to get a D to D pass at the blue line when the puck is bouncing. So there is a little fault to be spread on that play it seems to me. That said, I like the progression of both players, just one incident in one game.

  7. When Gabby came back I said that I’d like to see the Gabby-Stepan-Frolov line together in the regular season to see what they could do. In each of the last 2 games Torts has put them together in the 2nd half of the game with good results. I get the feeling that he is leaning towards making that a regular combo. I know that Stepan is very young, but I see something in his game that only comes along once in a while. He just has that hockey sense that is inborn in some guys and that others can never fully learn. I think he’ll be here for a long time and do many good things for the Rangers.

  8. From Tweeter

    @Russostrib: One funny thing #94 Boogaard said today is he wanted uniform # with a 4 in it, but passed over 34 bc it was worn by Aaron Voros in #nyr

    I don’t blame him for passing on Voros’ number. He’s an NY legend!

  9. Was Carped big time – my fault – 2 slow 2 type(obsessed with “2” 2day)
    2 themes:
    2 stupid defensive mistakes (Girardi blind throw and Gilly unskilled pinch attempt in offensive zone), 2 (which became a trademark) lazy softies from Hank, being 2 deep in a goal and 2 quick on his knees against the shots from the right circle, are 2 much against dissent and unforgiving team – it cost us a game, which is a shame, considering otherwise very good team efforts, which, unfortunately, couldn’t compensate lack of Rangers collective offensive skills.
    Also, it become 2 annoying 2 me “Jagr/Rozy” syndrome, when everyone constantly try passing to Gabby , instead of shooting in obvious position.
    Another topic – Hank. We all love him, rightfully so – he’s giving mediocre team chances to participate in a big boys marathon. It is of course sport psychologist’s field, but watching Henrik all this years, I’m kind of afraid there is signs of certain mental instability, hypersensitivity, combined with unhealthy arrogance, reflected in stubborn repetitiveness of the same technical mistakes and otherwise unexplainable but constant swings between absolutely brilliant plays and ridiculously soft goals against. Mental instability is unforgiving in goalkeeper’s elite club, regardless of any excuses, i.e. tiredness of a long distance, bad D-corp. in front of, or biased, partial officiating. Because on the end of the day, who cares – result is what really important, isn’t it? May be he was crowned The King a bit 2 early and celebrity crown is 2 heavy for him? I’m not saying I’m right in my judgment, so don’t kill me – I’m just asking, because it is my deep concern and worries.

  10. Gabby puts himself in a dumb position on the 5 on 3. He needs to put himself in a position to shoot the puck.

    And you have to have someone with some size in front of the net to cause problems for the goalie. Boyle is the obvious choice. And Artie should have replaced Step-On.

    Damn, I miss Dredden. He could have blasted that puck home on the 5 on 3. Just like he did in the pre-season game in Switzerland.

  11. Jeez Louise 4ever
    The guy gets beat by a rocket from the circle and loses concentration on shot and somehow this translates into mental instability? Yes he does give up some softies, a few too many for my taste but I don’t think that it’s because he is a candidate for an asylum. I think it is more of a matter of a momentary focus loss, which he really needs to work on.

  12. ORR

    Its not gabby fault at all. i am getting real sick and tired of MDZ playing the point of the power play. he refuses to shoot and is indecisive about passes. to be honest his play has faltered and his going through 2nd year slupm which people do but if so make changes. also you cant have 2 left handed shots gabby and mdz playing point on a 5-3 .

    mdz needs to be replaced on the pp.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    There is an easy formula for scoring on a 5 on 3, and the Rangers NEVER use it. Work the puck quickly from up high to down low, and then quickly from one side to the other. When the puck is up high, the defensive triangle has two guys up top. You move the puck down and then across the goal quickly before the triangle can shift to move two players down low. If the pass gets through, slam dunk on the other side. If it doesn’t you set up and try again, especially a long 5 on 3s like last night. If anything, they will start shifting two guys down low earlier, leaving only one up top, and you can get better shooting opportunities from the point or even in the slot. Really, I have no idea why they can’t figure this out.

    Stepan actually tried the cross goal pass but it was behind Dubinsky and he couldn’t handle it. For some reason, after the timeout, they didn’t try it again, even though Dubi was WIDE open the entire time.

  14. I agree, the Rangers played a good game, and those new sweaters looked absolutely fantastic!

    That soft goal that Hank let in was the nail in the coffin really. I mean come on, Dancin’ Larry could’ve made that save! And why not put Staal on the power play instead of MDZ. I understand Torts wants to give his young guys experience, but Staal has played so well lately and is not afraid to play two-way hockey. At that critical point in the game, I think we need experience on the 5 on 3. Though, even if Staal was in, our power play is atrocious so they would’ve found a way to still F it up. Honestly, it’s been, what, close to 6 years now and counting, and our power play has not improved one bit?! Come on!

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Yergs, our PP was excellent in 05-06, and was still pretty good in 06-07. Every year since then it’s been atrocious.

  16. Ugh, Dancing Larry.

    I wish he was a Devils fan. They can use more fans, especially fans that stick out.

    I’m sure the Flyers feel the same aboot that dopey bummy looking bearded bouche that dances for them in the crowd. Embarrassing!

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    05-06: 18.9% tied for 7th.
    06-07: 18.5% tied for 7th.
    07-08: 16.5% tied for 22nd.
    08-09: 13.9% 29th.
    09-10: 18.3% 13th.
    10-11: 15.7% tied for 19th.

  18. jeez are yall really crying about the 5on3?

    MDZ on the point: he does need to know when to slap the puck at the net but Bruins were tight on the shooting lanes so he passed it around to open them up. they had good chances but didn’t bury the puck. Tim Thomas outplayed Lundqvist and that’s that.

    not scoring on the PP was nobodys fault specifically. last year they coulnd’t bury a 6 on 3.

  19. I agree aboot Del Z, but Gabby for some reason likes that spot. He scored there in pre-season on a 5 on 3, but it’s not a good position. I get the fact that having Gabby on the right side would be pretty obvious to the PK, and they’ll expect the one-timer. We’ve been through that with Jags. That’s where he should be though.

    I hate NYR 5 on 3’s. Most teams get excited when they have one, but I just don’t look forward to it.

  20. Good morning, the world’s most manic-depressive boneheads!
    Are we ready to get rid of every player after that defeat? Relax. 

    I happen to like our team even more after yesterday. I think Boston is a very well coached team, especially defensively. Their goaltending is great. And I thought it was a very well played game by both teams. And I’ll tell you, I like our chances in best of seven against them a lot. Chara was not as much of a force as he usually is. He was able to neutralize Gaborik somewhat, but AC/DC line dominated. The Rangers were able to generate multiple scoring chances and were pressing. Thomas was great, but wasnt the difference. Our team looked better than Boston. 

    I believe that what we are dealing with this year is totally different from what we used to deal with. There is no luck of consistency  or luck of effort. There are no gliders or lazy shifts. There are some brain cramps and some system issues. One system issue is on their second goal. Gilroy is a right handed d playing on the left side. If it were a left hander right there, the puck is in deep. The  shot was great, but stoppable. Not a softy. This system issue is on Slats- get one more left handed d man. The second system issue is 5 on 3. It’s becoming annoying. It should be close to automatic. This one is on Torts and Co. 
    Brain cramps- first goal. I was too lazy go back and see who it was, but someone forgot to cover Lucic- he had no business being there alone. Second- Hank’s softie. Those will happen unfortunately. But he wins us enough games. 

    Few other things. Eminger keeps emerging physically, Sauer hasn’t lost a step. I’d like to see more traffic in front of the opposing net. Boyle may need to be the one. He surprises me game after game.
     Dubinsky= monster. He now dominates his shifts, the d is backing off and he can pass well. That’s how he scored his goal- Thomas had to respect his pass, that’s why he wasn’t ready for that shot. 

    EC with all his hands and talent probably just doesn’t have enough mental strength to do it on this level. It’s just too bad. Stepan had second best game this season. 
    Boy, we need Drury back for that painful face off circle! 

    And long live the Garden of Dreams Foundation! People who deal with these sick children know how much it means to them. 

  21. old coach 92,
    First, who said anything about “asylum” or any psychiatric needs? I was talking about mental readiness, toughness and stability in HOCKEY sense, not medical.
    Second, I’m not blaming him in general, writing him off or try to tell he is bad or mediocre, not at all, he admittedly is much above your average NHL goalkeeper.
    3. Isn’t “loosing concentration on shot” (the most important part of goalie job description) or in opposite – the sharp readiness at ANY given moment in a hockey game – the very definition of one mental state. Remember 2nd goal in Pits – direct result of his frustration after 1st tied goal and reffy (and I felt it immediately before), because it was symptomatic of him – many times opponents score quick another goal on him in many games before – he is too sensitive and emotional – luxury, goalie don’t have in a fast pace environment.
    And finally – I just try not to overanalyze my years long observation of his behavior, it rather attempt to understand what do not let him to become a more efficient, steady, really elite goalkeeper, probably the best in a League, and my guess is – mental stability, that’s it. Again, maybe I’m wrong, I’ll be glad to, but than what else in your opinion?

  22. Oh, yeah…and I always almost pee in my pants and hold my breath, every time Hank try to play the puck behind the net and throw it along the boards…

  23. Hank is a good goaltender, but he falls asleep at times, and yes Orr he is very bad at playing the puck. It seems that he just loves to whack that pill around to the enemy.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “It seems that he just loves to whack that pill around to the enemy.”

    That sounds like something Joe Begninati would say.

  25. 4ever:

    There’s no doubt that Hank’s inconsistency is a bummer. Until he doesn’t let up soft goals almost every other game, he won’t be a truly elite goalie, nor one who can lead us to a Cup. He’s the skills, obviously, but something lets up at least once a night. Don’t know if it’s arrogance or what, but it sucks because it keeps happening. And, no, I don’t think it gets better by playing him all the time.

    Still, this team looks better than ever, and even last night’s game was pretty good watching.

  26. I have a feeling that when Drury returns, this team is not as good. I mean, where can you put him to actually improve any of the lines?

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    “I have a feeling that when Drury returns, this team is not as good. I mean, where can you put him to actually improve any of the lines?”

    Scratch Christensen. You can then either move Drury into his spot, or move Stepan to the top line and put Drury in Stepan’s place. Another, and far less likely option, is to scratch Boogaard & White and have Drury play 4th line wing and be a faceoff/PK specialist.

  28. well considering we have been without Prospal and Drury all season and Gaborik for over half of it we should be very happy about where we sit right now.

    Stepan and White will go to HFD when Drury and Prospal return so that will give us 3 lines that can score on a regular basis.

    Pack Line

    I would also look to trade Gilroy as his offense never really showed like we expected and has no future here beyond this season. I would propose moving him for a 3rd pair LD as thats probably the best we could get for him.

  29. I really like this years team. Last night’s effort was great and if we play like that all season we will have a solid spot in the playoffs. Points are tough to come by for every team in the NHL. I think if the Rangers continue to outwork other teams, points will come, and they will have a nice seat come playoff time.

    EC needs to go while we can still get something back for him. He is such a doosh for throwing a teammate under bus to the Canadian press. He does nothing meaningful for this team. He makes stupid hockey plays. People point to the fact that he makes “fancy” plays or he is so talented that was once the leading scorer in the WHL as a youngster.

    I say EC should be packaged along with some propects to Dallas in a deal to get Brad Richards. We really don’t need Ricahrds, but we do need to get rid of EC. He is a cancer to the room. I think Brad Richards would take this Rangers team over the top and make us have a real legit 1st line.

  30. Once Drury and Prospal return, Todd White is going to be a healthy scratch for the rest of the season. After that, I would alternate between scratching EC and Boogaard, depending on if we need Boogie’s physical presence in a game.

    No reason to scratch/send down Stepan, especially considering how well he’s played over the past week or so.

  31. You are probably right Orr, but Dallas is going to trade Richards before the deadline.

    It is almost guaranteed that he isn’t going to sign an extension with Dallas, with the uncertainty surrounding the ownership situation.

    What team has the cap space and assets to land him? You have to think Slats has something up his sleeve…Believe me, I don’t want Slats to trade the farm to get this guy.

    It would be perfect though if we could land Richards and say goodbye to EC. :p

  32. Every time Rangers loose – I’m getting sick, literally (maybe age?)
    but Note of Relief:
    L.Tolstoy at the beginning of his most famous novel once said “All families are happy in the same way, but unhappy differently.” Wise! Long Live the RR Family, where sadness and bitterness after lost, could and should be reduced by dividing between compassionate members. Salute! Now, I’m breathing easier and ready for next…whatever. Now, my AK – Thanks, Carp!

  33. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Am I the only one who thinks Drury would be a great 3rd line RW in place of Fedotenko? He’d still take important f/o and do his PK thing.

    Carp, absolutely agree with you on point 5. That’s a hard play on Gilroy, especially with bad ice @ the end of the period.

  34. how is Erik Christensen a cancer in the locker room???? He makes next to nothing and he has a wicked wrist shot. Should he be on the 1st line, no but he’s certainly not a problem on the 4th line.

    Stepan cannot be a center at this level if he doesnt improve his faceoffs. He went something like 1-9 on draws last game and he is dead last in the NHL. you cant play on a top line with Gaborik if you are gonna lose that many draws. He should go to HFD for a month or two, rack up some points, work on his faceoffs and then when injury calls, send him back up.

  35. Good question…it would be incredibly tough…but not at all impossible…

    Assuming Frolov, Prospal, EC, Feds, Eminger, & White are gone next year….

    That gives us approx $11 million in space to give raises to our RFAs: Artie, Cally, Dubi, Boyle, Sauer, and maybe Gilroy?

    If we were to trade Rozsi, that gives another $5mm in space to manuver. It seems that would be the only way to sign Richards. He is going to get what Gaby is getting…around $7 million+ per season.

  36. It’s like I. L. B. (haha Mama!) said, last night’s performance makes me feel even better about the Rangers.

    We could have won despite giving up 3 unnecessary goals. Aside from the few mistakes that led to goals, we played a terrific game, peppered Tim 10 minutes played/1 goal allowed in the Olympics Thomas with shots in the 3rd and he just got the better of us.

    The team is young, they are growing together, will learn together. Sauer and Eminger +100

    However, we stunk on the 5 on 3, and that needs to be corrected. Too much handling the puck from the point. Get the puck low and pass it cross ice and bang it home.

  37. smirf…There is no question about EC’s talent. He has all the talent in the world. His self-confidence is the problem. He is in mamby pamby land. You want guys in the room that are confident in themselves and have the respect of their teammates….take Ryan Callahan as an example of the type of confidence you need to play with to be a good teammate and be a successful player.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey everyone remember a couple of years ago when I suggested that we deal Lundqvist to Montreal for Price, some first rounders and prospects? Everyone told me I was nuts because Price sucked. He looks pretty good right now. Considering where our team is in its development and LQ’s age compared to Price’s age, Price would be a better fit with our core.

    Besides, without LQ to steal us games we didn’t deserve over the last couple of seasons, we might have gotten some better draft picks in addition to the ones we would have gotten from Montreal!

  39. Doodie…Price still sucks but I do agree with this point:

    “without LQ to steal us games we didn?t deserve over the last couple of seasons, we might have gotten some better draft picks…”


  40. I can care less aboot Pee Wee’s super duper phenomenal wrist shot. His opinion on the Aves situation was the nail in the coffin.

    Piece of crap! Can’t wait till he’s gone. I’d rather have Higgins or Kotalik than him. At least they would keep their mouths shut.

    Fugg him!

  41. NYR_FAN

    lacking confidence doesn’t make you a negative in the room. and this talk of Brad Richards is still quite humorous. The Rangers are in no position to trade their top prospects and picks to rent Brad Richards for 2 months.

    if you want to sign him in the offseason, i can understand and even support that but trading for him this season is simply not happening and rather simple-minded.

  42. Not scoring when you have a golden opportunities and “deadly wrist shot”.

    Throwing a teammate under the bus to the Canadian Press.

    Being outplayed by a rookie.

    Not being able to cement a spot on talented NHL rosters (Pitt, Ducks, Thrashers)

    Going long streches without points when playing top-line minutes.

    Playing soft and not finishing checks.

    Not bringing any intangibles.

    Being a dork.

    IMO, for all these reasons EC is cancer to the NYR locker room and probably lacks respect of from his coach and many of his teammates. Torts has shown patience with him but he wasn’t happy at all last night with EC. How long will it last? He doesn’t deserve to be a Ranger.

    I respectfully disagree smirf :)

  43. I don’t understand the rush to get rid of EC and Rozi. EC is a good 3rd/4th line guy to have around. There will always be injuries and if he’s not needed he can be prucha’d. Same for Rozi, we need to carry 7D men so why the rush to get rid of him. Let him heal up properly from his injury and see what he can do. I don’t see better alternatives around right now for either one.

  44. wasted cap space, that’s why. Blowsival is killing the team cap space wise, along with White. that is $7.375 mill in wasted cap space that could be used to get a better dman than Blowsival

  45. Stan…he is playing top-line minutes and that is the problem…We need someone consistently creative and who can finish to play with Gaby…Let Stepan be that guy….I just think there are guys who deserve the ice over him…and I can’t stand watching him play…He could be the utility 4th line guy, kind of what Tood White is right now…I have no problem with that

    And as far Richards, I don’t think we should give up that much. If we can get him for reasonable deal like: Roszi, EC, Weise, and 2nd rounder.

    Not at all sure Richards becomes a UFA…He is coveted by so many teams and I think who ever lands him in a trade will sign him before July 1.

  46. it is not about EC’s utility value right now, after he opened his big yap and threw a teammate under the bus, it is more about his suitability to still be on the team when he is not to be trusted any more as a good teammate.

  47. Carp
    agree with many of your points (as always)
    especially the Wheeler comment (what is he thinking??!?!)
    as far as Hank is concerned
    yes, he can’t be perfect and he is relied on a lot but
    there doesn’t seem to be an improvement in him covering the
    short side or going butterfly early.

    maybe we’ve been blessed and spoiled by his heroics in the
    past but it does seem as if last year and this year he’s lost something
    with shots up top of the net as well as a player coming at him, all alone.
    (you would think that if a goalie is pretty good in shootouts, he’d also
    be the same when it comes to a player coming in on him, all alone due to a defensive lapse)

  48. Did anyone else see how much face time Carp got when they were interviewing Gaborik after the game?!?

  49. Lots of Islanders talk on Mike’d Up thanks to Chris Botta’s media credentials being revoked and the new head coach, of course. What’s up with Botta? Seems like a piece of carcillo to treat a longtime employee that way.

  50. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    Miss me much? No? Oh well.

    I’ve been trying to keep up with the majority of the threads but haven’t had the time to jump in to any of the conversations. Plus when you guys get up to 700 comments it’s hard to refresh and follow on the ole’ iPhone.

    Anyway…I’m happy with the team so far. We are playing hard on most nights and as dans we are getting an honest effort which is about all you can expect.

    I think EC’s time at MSG is coming to a close. A sick wrist shot can only keep you in the league for just so long. I lost all respect or care for him with the Avery comment. Even if it was the truth, which it wasn’t then you keep it to yourself. Especially don’t talk about it to the Canadian media who is going to run with the story.

    Did anybody see shanny’s tweet on the subject? Something along the lines of “in juniors I asked a guy to fight. He didn’t say yes or no, he just punched me in the nose. Lesson learned.”

    thought it was dead on take on the whole thing.

    Keep up the good work carp, you are appreciated!!

  51. While on the topic of tweets…

    Biznasty coined the phrase “twooping”. It’s when you are using Twitter and the toilet at the same time. HAHA and BOOM!

  52. If the Stars were dumb enough to trade Richards for “Roszi, EC, Weise, and 2nd rounder”, I think that might leapfrog the Avery signing as the front office’s worst move ever.

    In other words, that isn’t happening.

  53. The Stars may not have much of a choice. They aren’t going to let him walk without making a trade. Plus, Richards has a no trade clause and can veto a deal to a team he doesn’t like.

    Got to think he would consider being re-united with his old coach (Torts).

  54. i agree with ilb
    in the sense that the team is in much better shape
    than some realize

    i’m never happy with a loss but, at least, we look
    more involved than even earlier this year.

    just don’t understand why, mentally, they can’t get past
    the idea of moving the puck in a quicker manner during the
    power play
    and why the middle of our d zone remains uncovered.
    (i think that was cally who left lucic alone…not totally sure)

    did Hank’s appearance happen today? if not, when does it air?

  55. look, you are not going to get lots in return for a pending UFA. what did Kovalsuck bring in the trade to NJ? not much. like Bergfors, Oduya, etc. iow, not much.

  56. Stepan cannot center Gaborik this season not if you can’t win faceoff. If they want to move him to LW thats fine but you cannot be a top line center and not win draws, its that simple.

    Once Prospal comes back he will become the top line center and once Drury comes back he will be on the 3rd/4th line. I mean how can you possibly fit Stepan on the roster anyway once those two comeback??

    Pack Line

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