It’s Go Time!


Original Six, new Heritage jerseys, John Amirante, three-game winning streak.

I believe Tony from AZ is in the building, if I’m not mistaken. So I think I’m excited about that.

Plus the possibility of a mean-spirited hockey game.

I can almost hear Lloyd Bridges say, “It’s Go Time.”

Derek Boogaard back in — he tossed some hands the last time they met — and Todd White is prucha’d.

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  1. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    Seriously, why is White even still here? That’s it, I’m changing my fan club presidency! BRING BACK TIM!!!

  2. Vinny and Dreary will replace EC and White, and all will be well in Rangers land, for the most part.

    White has been our best faceoff man, so at least he isn’t completely useless. Still pretty useless though :P

  3. Ill repeat this several times:

    For those that dont want emails sent to them for posts in the pet group, go to “Edit Settings” in the top right hand corner of the page, and uncheck “Email Notifications To: Your email address”

    Or you can change the settings to receive emails when you want to receive to them.

  4. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Tony, i know you’re not online but I’ll say it anyway, I hope they get a win for ya tonight!

  5. Joekuh - TK Fan Club President on

    BTW after getting your “ay, whatsdamattawitu” email, I participated in the fantasy league. Its my 1st season, I’m still figuring things out…

  6. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Orr, i was originally thinking…hmmm how old is Iginla, then realized YOUR name was attached to that post lol ;-) Now someone will get on your for posting jibberish/gibberish

  7. ahhhhhh, pre-game is on, i have my chinese take-out…all is good in the world

    good evening folks

  8. lol Orr, you schnuck! Oh my goodness, im becoming obsessed with Black Ops and FIFA for the PS3. Id gotten away from video games for years, aye caramba!

  9. >>SNY reporting that Sather is trying to get Iginla from the Flames.

    Nyet! I probably would cost the Rangers way too much.

  10. >>so what are you saying JJJBytes, you’d cost more than Drury?

    Hahahaha!!! Good catch, Lin! There’s a “t” missing in there somewhere.

  11. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    wow, i wish Versus would just use the MSG team tonight instead of their asshat stable of dufusness

  12. Hi Nor. I’m actually watching in the hospital. Had some surgery yesterday!! I’m loving the Hockey stream feed.

  13. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lol Blue!!

    yesterday? I thought it was today Fozzy! either way, how are you feeling today?

  14. a toast to a quick recovery for you Fozzy!!!
    and to a Ranger victory tonight!!!
    and to Boneheads throughout the land…
    and….just a few more and i’ll be good and buzzed…

  15. Hey gang. Game on VS for me, but at least it’s Sam and Joe.

    LOVE the heritage jersey. So cool looking.

  16. thanks jpg!
    No, Lin…it was yesterday. I’m hoping not to need pain meds for this Rangers game!! LOL

  17. Awww, hope you feel better soon Fozzy. If you want any Rangers to visit you in the hospital, Ill visit you dressed as Walker, Texas Ranger. ;)

    Speaking of surgery, i keep getting these spam emails for breast implants. I see so many of them on a daily basis, i may decide to splurge and get them at some point ;)

  18. thanks Micky…lol Tiki. If the price is right…LMAO!! That would be awesome!!! love the new jersey!!

  19. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao fozzy, yes it would, and i’m not that big! I guess I’d have to get 3 separate ones lol

  20. “His integrity is unquestioned”

    Nobody’s integrity is unquestioned. Everyone’s integrity is able to be compromised.

    Stuff it, Joe Mich.

  21. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    in situations like that, i’ve always thought, where there’s smoke there’s fire

  22. Nope, Linda. Worse, if you can believe that. I’d rather just cough up the lung and be done with it.

  23. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Mickey, i know what ya mean! Hope you get over it soon, especially with our game on the 27th lol!!

  24. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao hockeystreams just went to commercial.. so glad i’m getting this game with sam and joe on VERRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSUSSSSSSSSSSSS

  25. Lin that guy I know from Nashville has season tix to the Preds and he keeps trying to get me to come to Nashville for the game.

  26. This question is because Ive never played hockey.

    How difficult is it to win a faceoff? Seriously?

    It seems so simple.

  27. no way could I afford flight or drive, hotel and tix to the game… poor and gotta save money for the upcoming nuptials next year

  28. God I hope so, Linda!

    Beth! Yes, you must go to Nashville so we can expand our mini Bonehead fest!

  29. Don’t mind Sam and Joe expressing support for Colin Campbell or even using this platform for doing so, but there apparent anger that anyone could even question him is misplaced to say the least.

    Whether people believe Campbell has compromised his position or not, you’re treating the viewers as idiots if you don’t even acknowledge that the issue makes him look bad.

  30. Nah, Linda. The Mets needed a second baseman, not a shortstop. DZ and Jose turning two… I can just see the crazy stuff they’d try.

  31. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    please, no marc staal interview again tonight lol…he’s becoming the new gomez

  32. No Banj, it’s not still Monday. It’s still 1925. And we’re still gettin’ cheated. 85 years and counting :)

  33. Czechthemout!!!! on

    And so the NHL vendetta against the Rangers continues. Awfull call on Girardi. No call on the Gaborik play. I wonder whether or not the Rangers will ever get another power play?

  34. for the Rangers to get a power play the opposing team would have to practically kill a ranger. How can the NHL market new fans when this league is corrupted with the likes of buttman and colonoscopy Cambell.

  35. “I wonder whether or not the Rangers will ever get another power play?”

    “for the Rangers to get a power play the opposing team would have to practically kill a ranger.”

    Perfectly reasonable and accurate.

  36. Tom G

    I have the answer to that question. The NHL’s business sense is sorely lacking. First, they should contract the teams, like get rid of Atlanta among others. Then….

  37. ilb

    We played responsible hockey in the first period. Solid defense, nice outlet passes, a few good scoring opportunities.

  38. I saw the first period, Tiki, thanks…I’m more interested in your opinion on how the Boston has been playing..:-)

  39. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    YES! thanks Mess! i switched out goalies on my fantasy team once I saw the Bolts were playing the Islanders! GO ELLIS!

  40. Sorry, ilb. Thought you had said you just got in and started watching. :oops:

    Id never make it as an analyst. Id complain about referees, and Id curse and smash things. :)

  41. Bruins had 1 shot on goal in 2 PPs. Nice. Time to put more pressure now. They are a bit too careful in the neutral zone.

  42. Carp says:
    November 17, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    This will be the Rangers’ first power play since 1926.

    Well said and accurate.

  43. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    3 minutes of ineptness

    I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. A little late LW3H, but funny nonetheless.

    Bruins shirts???? Must be Red Sox fans, because there is no such thing as a bruins fan! :)

  45. Lundqvist should expect a friendly e-mail from Gregory Campbell’s daddy. How dare he doesn’t let the kid score?!!

  46. LW is in trouble now because he made a save against colonoscopy Cambel’s son. LW will probably get fined.

  47. This period… 2 mistakes, 2 goals against. 2 lackadaisical plays, 2 goals against. Keep your head in the game, and we’re up 1-0.

  48. N.CountryNYRFan on

    again LQ down on his knees early, if he just stay up he probably would have stopped that shot.

  49. The bruins pressure had nothing to do with the 2nd goal. Nothing at all.

    Leave it to 2 “professionals” to not understand that concept.

    Just a mistake caused by lackadaisical play and a shot that should have been saved.

    First goal was caused by pressure.

  50. Not saying Lundqvist is infallible on his glove side by any stretch, but stop with the same comments *every* time he gets scored on there.

    Should a goalie just stand up and cover the top corner glove side and ignore the rest of the goal every time someone approaches to shoot? It’s not a bad goal every time you’re beaten glove side.

    Not especially talking about the Seguin goal, but a minor bugbear…

  51. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    that color does NOT appear in nature, does it????

    and yes, Versus, but with the MSG crew ilbzo

  52. AAAHHHHHAAAAA! I met Tony from AZ and his grandson, little Tony!!! He said to give the Boneheads a double thumbs-up. He’s one of the greats, as you all know.

    My night is made.

  53. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    wooooooo hoooooooooo Carpy!! that is outstanding! And the Bonehead Future was with him. that’s even better!!!

  54. One can argue what is stoppable or non stoppable shot.. Not much Hank could about the first goal..He could stop the second one, but it doesn’t make it a soft goal. Was Dubinsky’s shot stoppable?

  55. What a cheap goal. cheap cheap goal. Perfect performance on Monday, not so good perf. today

    Joe Mich is giving credit to Mark Recchi.

    Now THAT was a soft goal BYFUGLIEN!

  56. btw, Im gonna pull an Orr…

    Ill bet both my left and right nut and the shaft that we AINT seeing a power play this period :)

  57. i should clarify that….we AINT seeing a power play if we’re within 1 goal, tied, or have a lead.

  58. The Rangers Twitter feed just called it a “clutch steal” by Stepan. Nice play, but I don’t think he’s earned a place on Mount Clutchmore just yet. Needs to dump it in and give a few more anodyne interviews first.

  59. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    i guess the hamster is getting tired, he can only power the connection for so long Mickey lol…

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " LETS GO RANGERS!!!"...& Greg L. on

    COME ON BOYS!!!!! I WANNA BEAT BOSTON!!!! MORE THAN CR9!!!! Im serious..I have a bet and if I lose ..I have to say I love boston on my profile thingy on xbox live!!!!!


  61. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    at least give him a treat every 20 minutes lol, gotta keep his energy up…maybe some four loko

  62. We just wasted a 5 on 3. Our only scoring opportunity came on a deflection and bad luck for the bruins. we didnt manufacture one legitimate chance on our own. FIRE PERRY PEARN!! Nevermind…

  63. boxcareddiehospodar on

    a suggestion

    why don’t we study the caps or penguins when they have a 5 on 3.
    They seem to know what they are doing.

  64. What a joke of a game.

    We got a 5 on 3 with 5 minutes left on 2 fair calls, we completely blunder the entire PP. And the decisive goal is a cheap piece of Cooke-ing Carcillo. UNBYFUGLIENlievable. DAMMNIT HEnrik. Im so god damn tired of cheap piece of carcillo goals.


  65. OK, they’re skilled, but do you really want the puck on the sticks of Stepan and MDZ for 90% of the 5-on-3 when you need a tying goal late?

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    I feel horibull ,awful, empty, fabergasted, biter, like carp ,and repulst at this moment.

  67. >>why don’t we study the caps or penguins when they have a 5 on 3.

    Will this study include Green, Semin, Ovechkin, Malkin, and Sausage Lips?

  68. The key to the game was the 5-3. Why call a timeout and draw up a play, and then do nothing. Oh well, they had their chances. Thomas came up big.

  69. Studying the Caps and Pens on 5-on-3 play would teach the Rangers that they don’t have Green, Semin, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Crosby, Malkin and Kennedy.

  70. Just one game. Put this game – a game in which 3 goals against were the result of 3 bad plays – behind us and move forward.

    Onward and Upward!

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Firetrruck you bruins!!! Rangers are still the best!!!!

    Rangerssssss!!!!! I love your new look!!!!

    We will beat these bums next time..yeah man bums!!! Boston Bums. Sounds perty sweet donut? Yeah those Boston bums aint gonna win next time.

  72. well, um, I missed most of the game really, so can’t comment (other than Sweet 16, caught that nora, thanks!)…..but I do love the trend here this season so far :)
    we win, yay, great! we lost, boo, we’re cooke! (see how I used cooke there :)

    tiki, you OK???

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Screw u Boston bums !!! Ahhh I actually feel a little bit better.

  74. Coming after 2 pretty emotional games I thought this was a pretty good effort. Obviously goaltending was the difference.

  75. Im okay. Just one regular season game. We’re a young team. We’re gonna make mistakes, and we’ll learn from them.

    Love you Greg!

  76. Hank barely won us the game against Pissburgh. He lost his composure after a tough goal, then he gave up a softy to a scrub like Cooke, and lost his composure again, and nearly sealed the loss if not for a great pass, and a great shot by Dublowsky and Staal, and another great pass by Dublowsky.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Rangers lost …big deal . we can afford it. We aint just “squeeking” by into the post season this time. Nope. We are gonna be in the playoffs and it takes games like this to see who is needed to go that extra mile. No one quit and maybe the prust line was on a little too long before the 2 min mark. I didnt like Stepan not shooting when he had the puck ( right handed shot) on the 5 on 3 . He had many chance to shot high corner on a fake pass.

  78. Orr – Dont kid yourself. Hank won us the Pittsburgh game. Nothing he could do about the 1st goal. He gave up the 2nd b/c he was angry at the refereeing. If I were Henrik and had the same skill as Henrik, Id have given 68 goals, that’s how angry i would have been.

    You cant blame Hank for losing composure. You just cant.

  79. Hank lost the game…… yea he’s great but that does not change the fact that he lost that game. When you are facing an opposing goalie like Tim Thomas you can’t give up soft goals like that and expect your team to pick you up. Thomas is playing too well; you can’t give his team freebies.

    It is really Hank’s only big flaw and its been there since day one with him. A few times a year we moan and groan he loses focus, lets in the occasional softy. It burned us tonight and I’m sure he’ll throw a shutout friday. Nothing has changed we live and die with Henrik Lundqvist. Tonight we died. We stole one Monday and gave it back tonight, and so it goes. Bring on the Avs!

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Thats right momma!!! Were gonna be alright!!!! Love ya Tiki!!!

    You Orr , Hank …is giving us stellar games then at times is breaking down and costing us games..Whats up with that?

    This game sucks cuz I lost a bet ( no money) , why do I do this to myself. I honestly believe we would win tonight and im very disapointed. I wanted the 2 points and the win for Cr9 . I have a Boston friend who is probally looking for me right now. He wants to collect . I may have lost but Id do it all again in a heart beat. I believe in our team and us winning most games this season is a sure bet.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Chicago…? Didn’t we beat those ChUmPs? Hahhaahahahaaa thats right!!! We did!! We beat the ChiCago ChUmps , yeah I feel better already. Ty Olga.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " BOOOOOston!!!"...& Greg L. on

    We pounded the ChuMps that day…ahhhh that one will last a life time.

  83. the christenson no shot and frolov with his anemic backhand pass were 2 golden scoring opttys. that they did not even get shots off….

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