Rock the All-Star vote!


Fan balloting is underway for the All-Star game.

I was just wondering if we should have a special “Bonehead” write-in campaign. What do you guys think? Is there somebody we should nominate … then stuff the electronic ballot boxes?

Anyway, you can vote by clicking here.

There’s a new all-star themed poll on the right side of this page.

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  1. *Don’t nominate any Rangers into the All Star game*

    *The last thing we need is Gabby, or Hank getting injured just because they wanted to make a fancy move, or a fancy save in a meaningless garbage boring game*

  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Dubi should have a legit shot at it. I don’t understand how they come up with this ballot 15 games into the season. It’s a popularity contest, not a reward. And last year it was a travesty. All the Montreal/Pitt players. Gross.

  3. Since Lundqvist asked, “I’d like to see how many PPs the Pens have gotten in Pitt over the past 5 years”

    Should be read as such: Home Rangers PP/PK opps…Away Rangers PP/PK opps
    05-06 (8 gm): 30/17…25/24
    06-07 (8 gm): 24/20…21/32
    07-08 (8 gm): 21/16…21/19 playoffs (5 gm): 12/7…11/17
    08-09 (6 gm): 15/13…8/18
    09-10 (6 gm): 10/10…10/11
    10-11 (1 gm): NA/NA…0/6

    So while the Rangers can’t exactly claim they don’t get some home cooking where their PPs outnumber their PKs at MSG it is interesting to note that the Rangers are on the PK more in Pitt every single year than they are at home.

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Bettman would cancel the All-Star game if Avery got in. And they’ll also make sure Crosby gets in.

  5. Am I understanding how this works correctly – there will be two captains, but they only get to draft from the players voted in?

  6. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I think it’s hypocrasy at it’s finest. The league can say whatever they want about how things are, the head of discipline writes e-mails blasting ref’s calls against his kid…

    and in mandated interviews after the game, a player gets fined for speaking out about the refs?

    I know they don’t want people bashing the refs every game. But you go into a locker room after a game like that, when guys are angry, stick a microphone and camera in their face…. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO SAY? And if they are going to get fined for saying something about it… the media should be fined for asking questions pertaining to it.

    They should be allowed to speak honestly and freely. You televise post game press conferences and interviews. Let the players speak.

  7. Gift of GAB-orik on

    That’s why you get the PC “well that’s hockey” answers instead of what would have been a classic Torts fiery rampage at the refs expense!

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Not quite. Fans will vote the starters, the captains will pick the rest of their teams from a pool of players chosen by others (I think the league). I assume that pool is comprised of the ballot players.

  9. avery is garbage on

    has anyone seen a picture of girardi from last night floating around on the web? im trying to show somebody who missed the game. either the faucet dripping from his face or post-op when he looked TERRIBLE. above his nose was all black and blue, and the stitches made me cringe. funny thing is he may have missed more game time if it didnt take the refs 5 minutes to clean up all his blood

  10. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    Hilarious, so I’m trying to catch up on post game posts (no way I’m trying on 700+ go time ones) and I’m posting and BAZINGA…a new post by you!!!


    Afternoon ILB and all

    Great win! I must admit, I told mrs wicky at the start of the 3rd period that I was nervous and this game had a pens comeback written all over it with us leading only 1-0 zero. I had a bad feeling we were going to lose 2-1 in OT. Glad I missed that one and we won!

    I think eminger and staal should stay as a pairing.

    I was torn during the offseason whether or not we should go for hedberg or biron as a backup for hank, glad we went with biron.

    how do you feel about todd white??

    lots of laurels for you last night I bet! This link is for you…..

    Does philly look tough right now or what??

    Dubi didn’t kiss anyone at the end did he?

    a mcilrath update for those who like him, and just disregard if you are a “hater”

    Last thing. In reading the post game comments and such I am a bit confused on two things….first, some people were referring to dubi “haters”. I read the blog quite regularly, and don’t really recall any posts which I would consider dubi “hating” posts. Who are dubi “haters” here? Have I missed these posts?

    Second, and this is very disturbing, but I have to ask. In reference to this post “Don’t look now, but the are Rangers deservedly occupying #4 spot in EC”, what is Eric Christensen’s #4 spot??

  11. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    speaking of avery, has he been in the dog house or what? I mean before the edm game, he had a few lackluster games. I thought he was good in the edm game, but he only got like 5 or 6 minutes last night it seems.

  12. REPOST:

    “Second, and this is very disturbing, but I have to ask. In reference to this post “Don’t look now, but the are Rangers deservedly occupying #4 spot in EC”, what is Eric Christensen’s #4 spot??”

    MAKO says:
    November 16, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    LOL Wicky you are funny man. EC – eastern conference

  13. Gift of GAB-orik on

    and speaking of Avery… considering we were down a man for what seemed like the entire 3rd period…. Aves was riding pine. Gaborik didn’t see alot of ice either cuz of all the penalties.

  14. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    as long as it was “almost”. he ruined stepan’s game with that kiss and I don’t want him ruining anyone else. Why can’t he just give the good game butt slap or ask to be in on the double secret probation handshake??

  15. Just voted with Cally and Dubi as my write ins. They deserve it in my book. I keep waiting for them to hit a slow patch, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I’m telling you right now… if Avery gets into the Allstar game… there will be some ‘technical’ malfunction that ruins the ice, and the game will be cancelled.

  17. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    that is what I thought, just a bunch of posters overreacting then!


  18. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I voted Dubi and Avery in as write ins, and of course, voted for Gabby, Staal, and Hank!

  19. Aves probably has reservations to go to some tropical island and we’re going to make him to go to North Carolina! Lol!

  20. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    I did, but I don’t think orr hates him. And orr also will give him credit when it is deserved!

  21. I came online just to do exactly this: a write in campaign. I know you all want to do something funny, but I say we go with serious and vote for these 5 players:




    Hey, after the way they all played this season (and especially last night) i think they all deserve some votes.

    I personally would love staal to get in because we all saw what a little olympics did to callahan. I know the allstar game is a little different, but he is definitely the mutt of the three staals in the medias eyes and i think he deserves to get put up there with his two brothers. With that added exposure I think it’ll help motivate him to push on to the next level.

  22. Just stopped in at the NHL store, picked up a t-shirt version of the new jersey. Callahan on the back, they even got the A on front.

  23. A lot of random people think I hate him, but I don’t. The only Ranger I really hate is EC.

    Also, people think I’ve said that Dublowsky sucks, and would never amount to anything.

    These people confuse my posts with Nose Picker’s!

  24. Exactly, Doodie.

    And you all know that Avery would never actually make it into the All Star game, right? Buttman would never allow him in.

    Would be great though. He’d bring balls to the All Star game.

  25. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    Evening ‘Heads!!

    first order of business:

    Tyree says:
    November 16, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Call him Malkinberry because he looks like Frankenberry from the Cereal


    I died when I saw this earlier, hilarious Tyree, thanks for adding to the Bonehead nickname lexicon!


    Oh man, bettman would carcillo a ton of bricks if Aves was voted in to the All Star Game.

  26. Blue Seat Horror on

    If Avery made the all-star game what would be the over/under on him getting picked last?

  27. Carp you’d have to ask Avery how he feels about getting voted into the all star game by the bonehaeds. I think that is defintiely the player to vote in to give a big middle finger to bettman and the refs

  28. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s ridiculous how many quick back-to-back goals have been scored this year. Nashville with 2 in 10-seconds against Toronto tonight. Must be because there’s no more lateral blind sided hits allowed.

  29. in my order of Ranger All Stars through 18 games:

    1) Dubinsky
    2) Callahan
    3) Henrik
    4) Boyle
    5) Girardi
    6) Prust
    7) Anisimov
    8) Eminger
    9) Biron
    10) Roszival

    Thats right I Dont think staal has had a great start to the season…huge goal last night totally agreed but the kid has to step it up AND CLEAN IT UP IN HIS OWN ZONE A BIT

  30. Gift of GAB-orik on

    LMAO@Avery getting a misconduct penalty at the allstar game.

    I love this blog, you guys crack me up.

    If Avery got enough votes to get in, the NHL would crash their online system and just pick people at random. Or it would be called a virus, or technical error…. or something crazy like that.

    it may be a longshot… but i would LOVE IT if Avery got in… just to watch him skate around smirking.

    P.S. I would buy his allstar jersey right away!

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    I must have missed it. What are they calling the teams in the all-star game this year? Ovechkin Conference and Prince of Crosby Conference?

  32. >>Prust as a write in? Guys like him never get enough credit.

    He’s the first guy I thought of. I really like that young man.

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    By the way, Dubinsky’s game of keepaway on the tying goal reminded me of Carrie-Anne Moss freezing mid-kick in The Matrix. Anybody else?

  34. The Canadian press is still whining about Avery and really hyping how much he is hated around hockey (especially Canada). This guy Wade Belak from Nashville is talking trash now, saying “he wouldn’t piss on Avery if he was on fire”. Seriously, wtb?

    You know what is really funny? Everyone hates Avery so much in the NHL but no one does anything about it…And most people can’t say why they hate him, they just do.

    Avery is clearly the best in the NHL at what he does, being a pest…He has skill and belongs in the NHL. I’ll bet most Avery “haters” would love him on their own team. He has not made himself bigger than the team and I think Torts deserves a lot of credit for that.

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    Other things I’ve noticed this year: Awful lot of 5-on-3 PPs and a crazy amount of Penalty Shots. League mandate anyone?

  36. NYR, I hate to start the whole Avery conversation again, but I wouldn’t say that most Avery haters would love to have him on their own team … when in fact many former teammates couldn’t stand him and were happy to get rid of him, and have continued to trash him after he left. There was only one team that wanted him at half-price two seasons ago.

    And I think it’s clearly the over-the-line stuff he says on the ice.

  37. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    NYR, he besmirched a virginal young lady, that’s why they hate him. It’s the ‘knight in shining armor’ syndrome lol, because, as far as i know, and I may be wrong, but i dont’ think he’s evern intentionally hurt anyone, he’s never killed someone drunk driving, and he’s never beaten up a cabbie

  38. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao at ‘over the line stuff’, that just cracks me up because i’m sure most of these guys talk a lot of trash. I miss the times when people had spines and would just take care of things mano y mano, instead of all this girly complaining and whining that some knucklehead said bad things to them.

  39. A regular reader here, some of you may remember a couple comments I’ve posted here and there. I’m not much for the banter, but it sure is entertaining and insightful and can usually brighten my mood.

    Anyway, this is probably a little far-fetched, but with all the Richards (Brad) talk going around, wouldn’t it be really awesome if the Rangers could somehow get Stastny from the Avalanche? I know it won’t happen, and the talk about Richards is due to his expiring contract, but Stastny is one of my favorite players in the league and I just think it would be awesome.

  40. Good points Carp and Linda! I just think it should be settled on the ice! Last time I checked what Avery did is not a “cheap shot”. Enough whining already by the Canadian press already!

    And yes…Stastny to the NYR would be amazing…Still has $6.6m/year hit for 3 more years on his deal….not sure Colorado will ever let him go…very special player…

  41. Sean Avery is one of the greatest men this world has to offer. People hate him because they’re jealous, jealous that he’s comfortable in his own skin and loves life. I wouldnt want anyone else with me in the foxhole than Sean Avery.

    Praise be to Sean Avery ♥

    P.S. Everyone in the NBA hates Kevin Garnett because Garnett is a criminal. The fact that he insults and mocks cancer patients is disgusting, criminal and heinous.

  42. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    orr, tiki, and linda

    Have any of you seen the preview for the movie called “the eagle”? Looks freaking awesome!!

  43. I’m definitely putting in my ballot stuffing for Sean Avery! Worth it just to watch Bettman cringe.

  44. Linda CalPrustBoylahan on

    wicky, i have not, but just looked it up and noticed the name of one of the characters is Flavius… LMAO!

  45. Chances of Avery playing in All-Star game are slimmer than Sather’s retiring tomorrow.

    Orr, keep your stuff intact. Stastny isn’t leaving Colorado any time soon.

    Wicky- I dislike White more than Redden at the moment. At least Redden isn’t chewing up our cap money every day.

  46. So, Claude Giroux is blossoming into one of the best 2-way centers in the game…He went 22nd overall in 2006. We could have had him….

    NYR drafted Bobby Sanguinetti at #21 in 2006…Ooops

    Interesting side note: Claude Giroux is known for eating a grilled cheese sandwich before every game.

  47. Correction- it’s not White’s fault. Sather should’ve sent him to Hartford instead of Kennedy. Where is Olga?

  48. So, anyone going to heritage night tomorrow? I’ll be there :) Can’t wait to see the new sweaters in action…

  49. yeah, those former Avery teammates would rather have Christensen on their team, so he can run away when they need backup. you know, his great adventure was to throw his teammate under the bus to the media. he got great press from most of the ink-stained wretches for it, too. including that idiot Eliot Friedman from CBC

  50. If the NHL is trying to eliminate hits to the head, why are goons allowed to punch each other in the head during fights? After all, plenty of them do end up with concussions.

  51. The funny thing about writing Avery into the all-star game is the new pick-up format. He would undoubtedly be the last player picked and get onto whichever team by default of being last. I would love to see that happen.

  52. here is a snippet from Friedman’s column today for CBC—-

    “22. Erik Christensen was probably waterboarded for admitting it, but good on him for saying Sean Avery sucker-punched Ladislav Smid. Curious to see if Alex Burrows is so supportive of Avery the next time the Ranger suckers him”

    and you wonder why the Canadian public hates Avery, with this kind of yellow journalism?

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you are going to try to pack the ballot box, you need to make a definite statement with it.

    Avery is absolutely the best choice to stick it to Bettman, Campbell et al.

    “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part. And we’re just the guys to do it.”

  54. Olga Folkyerself's best friend Eye Folkmehself on

    Of course Olga has friends. She is a delightful lady. She may also be my mistress. Shhh, don’t tell Hugo!

  55. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Avery gets my vote it would be great to see him do his best agitating at the all-star game. The agitators should have their own skills competition event: Name Calling and Quasi-legal Hits.

  56. Avery in the all star would make Count Chocula’s head explode. I’m not a fan of horror moveis, but I would pay good money to see that.

    Dubi, Cally and Girardi as write-ins in my opinion.

  57. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Also I haven’t posted since watching last nights game on Rangers in 60. But what a great game and man I loved the physical play.

  58. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Vote for Avery. With all the stars he’s agitated, I just want to see a fight in the All Star Game.

  59. Did you see the piece of Carcillo is out three weeks with a knee injury. And by carcillo, I mean Carcillo, not Matt Cooke.

    Good night, boys and girls.

    Good night, Sally, 26!

  60. On my way back from the Kings of Leon concert at MSG, very very warm there and I believe they melted the ice for the show. New ice tomorrow whic probably means bad ice tomorrow. Not sure who that affects more but I’d say the play will be pretty ragged the second half of each period.

  61. Avery would be perfect for the All Star game. they play 5 lines in the game, and Avery is going to be a 5th liner for the Rangers really soon.

  62. That move by Dubinsky for the winner was right out of the play books of Wayne Gretzky and Gilbert Perreault.

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