Rangers-Penguins in review


Wow. I’ll tell you, boys and girls, that was as good a regular-season victory as you could have. It would have been a great win at 1-0, it would have been a painful loss at 2-1, and whatever happened at 2-2 in OT or shootout would have been OK because of the way they tied it. But to win it in OT, like that, on that type of goal, that’s going to be a game you remember later on.


1) Brandon Dubinsky has just become a beast of a hockey player. And a complete player.

2) Dan Girardi showed me something, and not just a couple of pints of blood. To come back like that, and then, I don’t know if you noticed, he took one in the onions on his first shift back, and he shook that off and had a terrific finish.

3) I thought it was especially fitting in this game that the five Rangers on the ice for the GWG were: Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi and Lundqvist.

4) Old Hot Dog Lips is a pretty darn good player, and pretty rugged, too. I thought he had a fabulous game even though he was shut down. You have to like the way the boys handled him physically. Nobody seemed to remember, when he and Lundqvist came together, that last year Lundqvist scolded him for diving and that led to a Crosby-Dubinsky get-together behind the net.

5) Before the short-handed goal, I thought this was Marc Staal’s best game of the season … even though he did his fishing-for-the-puck thing once and it cost the Rangers the tying goal. Matter of fact, I thought all six D-men were strong and tough.

6) I don’t usually support all the conspiracy theories, but man the Penguins get a lot of calls. This was the first time in nearly four years where the Rangers didn’t get a single PP in a game.

7) Evgeni Malkin=Monster. Or Malkinstein.

8) I don’t even know what to say about Ryan Callahan anymore. I did enjoy his Bantamweight mitts-drop. Not to mention the thousands of hits. The GWG. And, of course, the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

9) Ron Duguay on the go-ahead goal: “Any time a shot goes post and in, that’s a great shot.” Yeah, Ron, that’s why Lundqvist destroyed his stick and threw it at the refs and took a really bad penalty. That was not a good goal, and the goalie knew it. Though his frustration was more about the ridiculous penalty call that put the Rangers short-handed up 1-0.

10) Matt Cooke really is a piece of carcillo.

11) Youse guys are nuts with the comments. Big, big traffic night here. I think that shows that you get it. As I said at the top. Wow.

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  1. It really doesn’t get any better than that, especially with the refs clearly pulling their usual Pittsburgh shenanigans.

  2. A couple more games like these last two and I would really be nervous about certain players coming back from injuries and trying to fit into what looks like a team of young, hungry guys who really appear to be developing a rhythm an identity.

  3. I’d be more nervous about Captain Clutch coming back if the current line-up could win more than one faceoff through an entire game.

    Anyone else think Lundqvist would’ve got a 10-minute misconduct instead (which is actually better for the team), had he thrown the stick more aggressively? Can goalies get 10-minute misconducts?

  4. Matt Cooke gets the go ahead goal with 2 min. left?

    The Pens go on PP?

    Rangers pull Hank and Staal scores?

    Matt Cooke didn’t piss off the Hockey gods?

  5. The longer Dru is out the better. His brand of bland leadership has no place in any game like last night’s.

    Do we get cap relief for all the time he has missed?

  6. If his hand is so bad, and he is considered such a wonderful character, does Drury do the honorable thing and retire a la Markus Naslund?

    In this economy, he should focus on developing his pizza business. It is gonna take all of his time if he wants it to succeed.

    Forget the Rangers, Dru. Forget the Rangers.

  7. Anyone see the interview that NHL Network had with Crosby after the game. He gives no credit to Lundqvist what so ever. What a piece of carcillo this guy is.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We are too good!!!"...& Greg L. on

    ahhhhhhh love it!!!!!

    We won!!! We won!!!!

    Playoffs or bust baby ….Bruins are going down.

  9. Saw Crosby post-game on NHL network. Very ungracious, although that is typical for him; he is all about promoting himself, and always refuses to give credit to opponents. He actually went out of his way to say Lundqvist wasn’t that good; totally unnecessary. Jagr criticized his whining, and Dubinsky and Lundqvist have criticized his diving and whining. Only Canadians seem to let it slide with him. Great to see Crosby in such a snit.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " We are too good!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Crosby can flap his trap all he wants. He know the Rangers are the best. Crosby is the product of a pathetic franchise that lost al the time and got rewarded with top draft picks. Crosby is a great player on a lame team. Everyone knows the Rangers are the coolest team on ice.

  11. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Did anyone else notice that Lundqvist had to tape his stick back together after he broke it?

  12. The Penguins are an evil empire if I ever saw one. All the players in the league should band together to protest the reffing. Everyone can see it, everyone complains about it, but the league just says we don’t care, take it.

    This must be the reason the league is against the coaches challenge. So what if it slows the game for a min 1 or 2 times a game. It would completely expose players like crosby and malkin diving all over the place. All I know is football is a better game for using it.

  13. This pretty much sums it up:

    1st and secind stars if the game to Cally and Lundqvist.

    NHL.com gives the third star of the game to Cindy, presumably for getting the secondary assist on the penguins tying goal.

    Which is OBVIOUSLY much more important and impactful than Dubinsky’s primary assists in the Rangers tying and winning goals.

  14. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    One more thing: Te Penguins may have led in possession, but it was a lot of passing around the outside and blocked shots going into the corners where they’d dig em out.

  15. The Rangers and Flyers have both had players call Crosby out for diving. Forsberg did it during Sid’s rookie year and Jagr did it during their playoff match up a few years ago. Not to mention the said incident withindqvist and they played a clip of Crosby whacking Dubi last year in Pitt not only in front of the ref but whilst the ref was holding Dubi.

    I just can’t get over this fact from the game, 8 of the last 10 minutes of the 3rd had the Pens on the PP.

  16. I’m still pumped from that game last night. We never gave up and battled through all the BS. It’s very rewarding to see Dubinsky coming through in the clutch-mobile to set up the tying and winning goals.

    It’s games like this that bring a team together and really show how much they care.

    Cindy is a turd, no respect for him. And Malkin looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, who looks like a horse.

    Fire Campbell!

  17. I don’t get why Drury isn’t even skating with the team. It’s his finger that is the problem, right?

    Pittsburgh ranks right up there with NJD’s as far as teams I dislike the most but the edge still goes to the Devils. It’s such a joyous thing when they lose.

  18. And the Devils did lose last night too! Marty looking old and slow again on Horton’s goal.
    Relative to expectations, how Johnny Mac has a job and Scott Gordon doesnt is beyond me. It’s nice to see the Rangers having the least drama going on with their team/coach/front office out of the local clubs.

  19. I agree WOW! I dont think I have EVER been so frustrated with a game and the way it was ref’d nor have I been that ELATED with a WIN!!!
    They did skate circles around us in the 1st period, its like we were just going thru the motions watching them do whatever they want. But we hung in there and got better.
    I was disappointed when Pitt tied the game but almost expected it at that point.
    I was PISSED when that moron scored the go ahead goal.
    I was ELATED when Staal tied the game and even more so when Callie won the game.
    Callahan, Dubi, Staal, Girardi and Hank…these are true NY RANGERS and I am proud to be a fan today!!!!

  20. Great win last night. Even though it appeared that Pittsburgh owned the puck the entire game they really didn’t get that many quality chances. I couldn’t believe it when Cooke scored. How could they hold off the Penguins for 58 minutes then blow it in the last two? Then Staal’s goal and the game-winner was just a great play by Dubi.

  21. Make no mistake, I hate the Devils, but they have at least earned what they have. The Pens lose on purpose to draft Lemieux, and when they threaten to move the franchise or of Pittsburgh, they somehow “win” the draft lottery. I despise everything about that team. Plus they have Matt Cooke. Scum!!

  22. Also, I might have to revise my prediction of the Pens winning the Atlantic. With Jordan Staal out it is interesting to see that the likes of Aaron Asham and Matt Cooke getting top 6 minutes. Crosby and Malkin obviously make any line dangerous much like Gaborik for the Rangers but the talen drop off from those two to the next player is really steep.

  23. Good morning, boneheads!
    Feels good, eh?

    No reason to go into the long discussion about positives. That was a game of immense magnitude. For the team and their young players. And for the fans. This win is absolutely paramount for this team’s development.

    Sauer is officially a regular in my book. And he could be our shutdown D pretty soon. Someone mentioned Staal being more physical last night. It’s just not his nature, so I wouldn’t expect him to do it every game, but when he does, he is a monster. Also, think of his goals- most of them are of crucial importance. Girardi officially erased last years’ Carcillo incident, at least for me. He has guts, to say the least. MDZ is still finding his game this year, I wouldn’t worry about him. Now, why was Gilroy sitting again? I’d pair him with Sauer and let him venture deep in the opponents zone.
    Hank was Hank. Orpik was able to shut down Gaborik, but what we thought would happen, happened- tey didn’t have enough depth on D to shut down AC/DC line.
    Prust looks seriously underpaid, he is much better player than the throw in Jokinen

    Lets not forget that they were still outplayed for good stretches of the game, they need to spend more time in the offensive zone, that’s their strength. And, geez, can we do something about the face-offs? That’s why I think having Drury back will help. as long as he isn’t asked to center first line, but instead quietly slides in to replace White (don’t get me started)

    Lastly, I hate blaming refs in general, but I do believe it’s time for Slats to make an official inquiry to NHL.

  24. Yeah, it’s pretty bad when Cooke, and Asham are part of your top six.

    The Flyers will most likely win the Atlantic, sadly. Seems like the run to the Cup Final wasn’t a fluke like most people suggested.

  25. win still feels great this morning! i’ll be using the utter joy of staal and cally’s goal to get me through today without nodding off at my desk. little sleep for the 4th day in a row is awesome! hartnelling cold!

  26. The Flyers look like they may actually win it all at the moment. The team was deep to begin with, but now Giroux is playing to his potentials and they just may have found their goaltender.

  27. Fun game, and frustrating. This might have been the most satisfying regular season win I’ve watched in a long time. When Staal scored the tying goal, I screamed, something I don’t do much in the regular season, and I gave the TV the finger and screamed F-you Crosby!!. That game seemed to be officiated so one sided it just wasn’t fair. It reminded me of how the Giants-Cowboys game was officiated the night before (that was no hold on Beatty when Nicks TD got brought back, but I digress). The team does seem to have some cohesiveness and I love the style of play. I do think they need a great breakout passer from the D* The only place they are really getting in trouble is coming out of their zone. MDZ is about the only guy that’s decent. I do like the spirit of the D* corps now. I was really worried going into the season. Eminger, while no all-star is better than I expected. Sauer and Gilroy have stepped it up big time in Rozy’s absence.

    BTW – without Stall, Pittsburgh really has just two above average players now. They don’t scare me much at all. The F-ers are a much better team (if they get decent goaltending) and the Rangers may be the second best team in the division, as long as they stay healthy from now on.

    And, yes, as much as I hate to admit it, they need Drury back to win some faceoffs. Not sure where to play him though. My first thought was to let Stepan play with Gabby and Frolov and jettison EC, but maybe EC is seeing the writing on the wall and picking up his game. Should be interesting.

  28. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    I didn’t catch the beginning of the game, but did EC start between Gabby n Fro, or was he centering Step’s line all night?

  29. Call him Malkinberry because he looks like Frankenberry from the Cereal. LMAO @ Hotdog Lips. OMG thats hysterical. And that Malkinberry dive at the end was a completely pathetic call.
    Did anyone else feel like Sam Rosen was frustrated with the refs as well by the tone of his voice?

  30. I like that Boyle over the past 2 games has been coming to his teammates aid. He does not hesitate and jumps into the scrum.

    I did not read all the posts but the call on Callahan was brutal, Malkin (i am pretty sure that is who it was) took an awful dive. (worse than Avery’s dive against the boards)

  31. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Smid, who left Sunday’s game dazed, did not skate at practice on Monday. “I asked him to go three times,” Smid said of Avery, “and he said, ‘Next shift.’ It was cheap what he did, but I made a mistake. I should be ready for him.”

    – courtesy of the NY Times

    Heh, still talking about it eh? Don’t worry, you can get your revenge next year!

  32. Not defending Cindy but he said something along the lines that Hank stopped allot of first shots but did not have to make any difficult 2nd saves. He made it sound like Hank had it easy which was not the case in the game I saw.

    Crosby = Crybaby

  33. One of the wildest endings I’ve seen in a long time. This is definitively a game they would have lost 3-1 (empty net) in prior years

  34. Crosby is a classless puke. I miss the days of Colton Orr chasing him around. . . .

    . . . .I am starting to miss old Colt. . .

  35. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    LOL the ending of the game on NHL.com has that Penguins fan people were talking about last night. NICE!

  36. I hope Sauer sticks when Rozy comes back. I think he’s a nice addition to the defense. If Torts can coax EC to be a consistently good offensive player, we might be better than expected… but as Carp points out, Staal and Girardi fish for the puck way too much, and the defensive corps as a whole still does not clear the crease enough. There’s going to be plenty of rough moments when the D goes for stick checks or leaves the slot open… but overall, I think we’re all very pleased with what we saw last night.

  37. lw3h, what game were you watching? Dubnsky cleanly beat the diving coward on several key faceoffs in the late going.

  38. crosby is so obviously the league big-shot’s “future face of the NHL.” the home cooking the pens enjoy is so blatantly obvious, and if anyone remembers thier playoff run last year, any one who even looked at that lightweight was given an interference or roughing penalty while he swan-dived his way to a pre-determined cup.

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    Carp, regarding #1. Dubinsky has always been beastly, but in order for him to become a beast he has to be able to do it for the majority of 82 games, which has been his big problem. So far so good his season and let’s hope he can keep it up. Though, the better he plays, the more likely it will be that he’ll be missing the beginning of training camp next year. I wish Sather believed in contract extensions.

  40. as long as sather does not believe in extensions to the level the flyers do.

    giving mulit guys 5 + yr deals is suicide. maybe not in year 1 or 3 but down the road.

  41. Callahan named #1 star in Puck Daddy’s daily round up, gotta love the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

    Got a reply to my email from one of my Pens fans friends:

    “There really was no fair ending to that game. On the one hand, the penalty calls were ridiculous, but on the other hand, the Pens dominated every aspect of that game, even at full strength. I think an old fashioned tie – the kind that doesn’t exist anymore – would have been about right.

    As an aside- does Sean Avery really think he’s going to buy a call by jumping headfirst into the boards? He should just dress like a clown instead of a hockey player.”

  42. JoeMichelettimustgo.com on

    How do we get rid of this insufferable clown with his obsessive Marc Staal man crush? I never thought I’d long for Chico Resch.

    Scotty Hockey said it best, ” Joe Micheletti is the worst. “I’m sorry Sam but … ” “Pardon me Sam but …” There is no excuse for Joe. He points out the blatently obvious and has zero chemistry with his co-worker, loudly interrupting him constantly. He is clearly a sycophant, sucking up to his Ranger overlords by being a p.r. shrill lauding any and every minuscule accomplishment. If you haven’t figured it out, I can’t stand him.” http://scottyhockey.blogspot.com/

    Sam is hardly better as he constantly indulges in insipid patter with Joe instead of just calling the game. He forgets he’s there to serve the viewers. rather than have the viewers serve him. Who cares about their trivia questons when the game is tied late in the third period. He’s okay when Joe isn’t there so removing Joe is the first step.

  43. Blue Seat Horror on

    By the way, that wasn’t a slight against Sam. That’s the nature of the business, especially with employees of MSG.

    I have a lot of respect for Sam Rosen and the hard work he put in for many years to try to make Rangers games sound exciting. Many, many years. He is a consummate pro. One of the best in the business.

  44. JoeMichelettimustgo.com on

    BSH: Disagree on Sam. He doesn’t stick with the game. He starts talking about the past, Del Zotto’s family, MSG employees…all this while the game is going on. His attempts at humor are pathetic and his apparent belief that the viewers’ are interested in the inside jokes and “good natured” needling that constantly goes on between him and Joe is misguided. Not to mention that incredibly corny, “It’s a power play goal! He doesn’t pull this crap on NFL games with Tim Ryan and didn’t do it with Bill Maas either. That’s why I say, Joe gotta go.

  45. The emergence of the Duby-Cally-Anisimov line is something we’ve been waiting for for a couple of years now and also something that i discussed over the summer as one of the ‘ifs’ regarding the team. I said then that if Duby and Cally stepped up to be the players we all think that they can be, the Rangers could become a solid playoff contender. So far I like what I am seeing. Yesterday the Pens concentrated on stopping Gabby with Orpik, which worked pretty well. At crunch time, however, Duby stepped up and took control, winning key draws in addition to setting up the 2 goals. Also, I anm really liking sauer’s game more and more. He plays solid, tough defense and seems to be in good position most of the time. Really nice to see the chemistry that is building on the team.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    “Not to mention that incredibly corny, “It’s a power play goal!”

    You mean his iconic catch-phrase that he’s been using for the 20+ years he’s been on the network? Might as well say Marv Albert is corny for saying “YES!”, Phil Rizzuto for “Holy Cow!”, or John Amirante for his awful toupe.

  47. This reminds me much of two years ago when Zherdev scored with about 27 seconds left against the Pens to send it into overtime, a game which we eventually won.

    This was much different though. We showed pride and grit tonight throughout the WHOLE game, and you’re right Carp, only one word comes to mind: WOW!

    I wonder if the Rangers will take a boat back to New York, sailing on Crosby’s river of tears.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    Fair opinion Joemustgo. I could see where those things would frustrate you. I never fought you on Joe going, by the way. Though Joe did have the best line I’ve heard out of a tv announcer in a long time:

    “Why not just take away the sticks and call it volleyball.”

    That was during his first season with the Rangers. I imagine he’s been reigned in since then.

  49. JoeMichelettimustgo.com, the fact that you just referred to Rosen’s power play goal line as “corny” strips you of any and all credibility.

  50. What’s wrong with “It’s A Power Play Goal”? It’s an accurate description of on the ice action.

    I watched some of the Devils-Bruins replay before I went to bed last night and I did hear the part where Chico was advocating the Devils taking dives to draw calls. Where’s Miami-Pimp to give his “BUSH LEAGUE” stamp of approval on that?

  51. Carp,

    Any news on Amirante? I’ve been to 4 games this year and he’s not sung the anthem at any of them.

  52. CT,

    I was at Devils-Rangers at MSG and Amirante did perform the anthem. However, he really did not look good physically. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  53. I think it was pretty clear how intense and special this game was from how absurdly the Pens celebrated their first goal.

    Yeah, that was incredible. Still can’t believe how sweet Dubi’s move was on that last goal. He’s proving me wrong about him again and again, and I’m psyched.

    But the second goal was soft. Hank was out of position. Duguay is an idjit.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Duguay and Pidto are both just terrible. You can tell Duguay is unprepared and just winging it most times.

    The shot was accurate, but an accurate shot does not mean a goal is good. I could take a shot from center ice that is perfectly going to hit the joint and go in, but if that actually happens, there has been a terrible error on the part of the goaltender.

  55. I know the last couple of years there’s been talk of him being in frail health, so I’ll assume that’s the case this year.

  56. Nice story Old Coach. It seems like Boyle is one of the truly nice guys on the team, even if he’s crushing Natty Lights at his alma mater during the offseason.

  57. CT
    As long as he’s crushing opponants and scoring goals, he can drink all the beers he wants in the summer.

  58. >>9) Ron Duguay on the go-ahead goal: “Any time a shot goes post and in, that’s a great

    I have no idea why people expect MSG employees to be overly critical of their co-workers in public. Didn’t Bob Page get canned for being too hard on the Rangers and Knicks?

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Not like a “gutless puke.” Let’s play a game! How many people in the NHL can you think of that were called a “gutless puke” and by whom were they called one? I’ll start:

    1) Travis Green by Mike Milbury
    2) Roman Hamrlik by Theo Fleury
    3) Dale Purinton by Eric Cairns.

  60. Great game by the Rangers!

    One thing I do have to say is the Penguins sure do miss Gonchar on the power play. Bad move by management there.

    I remember years past and Gonchar would kill the Rangers on the PP.

    Great win!!

    I think having Drury back, gives them help on faceoffs and also takes some load off of Cally and Dubi for the PK. They can’t kill penalties, play the PP and take regualr shifts every game, can they?

  61. Pens 19 GP, 92 PP opporunities, 12 goals
    Rangers, 18 GP, 65 PP opps, 10 goals

    Pens rank 1st in the league with their 92 PP opps
    Rangers tied for 16th in the league

  62. Amirante hasn’t looked too good to me for the last couple of years. In a way, I’m glad he’s not doing many games because I find it tough to watch. But as long as he wants to keep singing, good for him. He’s earned it.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    “I thought Marv got canned for biting women during sex and getting in trouble with the law????”

    Surprisingly not.

  64. My grandson in the picture is 4 years old. He’s been to 2 Rangers games -a 5 -2 win over Tampa last winter and Sunday’s 8 – 2 job over edmonton. He sang the goal song 8 times, saw 3 fights and a melle, got his picture taken at center ice, and got a shout out befooore the game by Brian Boyle. His whole life is a fantasy!

  65. Good crack of noon, Carp!

    Bummed I missed the last two games, sounds like they were some good times. I was watching the Sabres-Canucks game (also good times) and bonding with my roommie who was screaming “FULL MONTY” everytime Montador touched the puck…

  66. Coach, just don’t let him in on the secret that teams are supposed to win a big shiny trophy at the end of the year and he’ll never know the true pain and suffering of being a Rangers fan.

  67. Gary Fogel was brimming with confidence with his toupe. Went up to the woman that wouldn’t talk to anybody… well she’s talking a blue streak now, Jack.

  68. I know this is far fetched, but boy I would love to get my hands on those refs or for someone else to. They are disgracing this great game. Lets see them act so tough when there is no game on the line.

  69. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Take note of Dubi’s stick work against two players to get the puck to Staal.

  70. Johnny, I could spot that birds’ nest a block away.

    Good afternoon, Sally, 26! You gotta spend more time with us.

    Doodie, didn’t the Red Wings call Claude Lemieux a gutless puke?

  71. How did we go from a nice win to a gutless puke again?

    The winner of the most invisible player of the year goes to Todd White. He is very quietly making $2.6M this year. And he doesn’t even have to spend any money on deodorant.

    Don’t look now, but the are Rangers deservedly occupying #4 spot in EC.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I wouldn’t say they deserve to be 4th. It’s really an indictment of how bad the conference is. 10-7 is 4th best?

  73. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Malkin with one hell of a dive.

    LOL @”shocker” Carp’s response to the Pens leading the NHL with PP opportunities.

    That game was brutal to watch in regards to the officiating. But it was one hell of a win. I jumped off my couch when Cally put that one home.


  74. >>Cally and Dubi…can’t kill penalties, play the PP and take regualr shifts every game, can they?

    When you’re still in your early twenties, you should be able to.

    If the team continues to win, I see no reason to tamper with the chemistry to insert Drury in the line-up. Just because he’s the captain doesn’t mean he has to play as soon as he’s ready.

    Prospal will be coming back from a busted knee, and probably will be wearing a knee brace, which will definitely affect his skating and play. Hmm, I’d give him the rest of the year to fully rehabilitate that knee. See you in September, Vinny!

  75. >>Don’t look now, but the are Rangers deservedly occupying #4 spot in EC.

    And if the playoffs started today, NYR would have home ice advantage over those same Penguins.

  76. quick few things before I run to work.

    I’ll be even more impressed when Dubinsky puts in a FULL year of being “monster-man” and I think this is his year.

    FIG CINDY! I dont give a squirt how good of a player he is. He’s a whiney, dirty ZIPLOCK BAG! Yes I remember that incident with LQ. I remember the incident when the linesman was holding back Dubi and Cindy whacked him with her purse. No calls for slashing though right?

    Bettman knows his daughters arent playing well so he’s trying to help them along.

    FYI the absolutely WORST officiated game was a few years back when Renney was coach. Anyone remember that Chicago game? 3 5 on 3’s in a row. Renney went postal!!! Im pretty sure the Rangers won that game too. I think the Rangers got 2 PP and Chicago 11. I remember reading on TSN the comments. Even the chicago fans were embarrassed by the officiating.

    This was a great win for a very hard working team. And Karma rewarded them. They had to battle two opponents and they beat them both. What a fantastic win and moral victory for our boys. I would really love to see Prospal in this mix. He would be great for the kids. Keep Drury on the IR.

  77. >>If the team continues to win, I see no reason to tamper with the chemistry to insert Drury in the line-up. Just because he’s the captain doesn’t mean he has to play as soon as he’s ready.

    LOL He said he was ready to go the first time and look what happened to him. Let him sit.

  78. cg (waaaay up there) – I believe I was watching the same game. I perhaps didn’t literally mean *one* faceoff. There have been several games this year – yesterday included – where the Rangers have been dominated on draws for long stretches of games. That has been pretty obvious.

  79. You think Drury can do worse than White? He can give AA, Callahan and Dubinsky some needed relieve on PK. And perhaps he can bring their face-off percentage closer to 50%. I don’t think Torts is dumb enough to mess with chemistry.

  80. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    LW’s right. Gotta get our faceoff-game up. Drury’s our best FO guy, period. Mako, Renney postal in that Chicago game after Chicago FINALLY scored on their last 5 on 3 of the game. He was on the ice screaming at the officials. It was funny that Drury called, and got, the GWG.

  81. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    No Santa Claus? You mean I don’t have to listen to all those Xmas commercials for the next two months?

    At least I have Festivus.

  82. Carp…you are the man….

    Old Hot Dog Lips….ROFLMAO!!!


    Crosby = Pansy
    Malkin = Euro-Trash

  83. what a game. i would have been such an angry man this morning if the Pensys won due to their self-entitled PPs

  84. I know ilb, he was all over the ice last night…

    me too…until then, he’s euro-trash to me…lol

  85. Is there anyone else who can not get Ranger games because of the NHL territory rule? We get Sabre games instead of Ranger games because the NHL thinks the Albany area is part of Western New York. Need to start a petition to the NHL to get with the program. Thanks

  86. Carp, I think everyone got carpal tunnel after last night’s comment explosion.

    My fingers are sore themselves today.

  87. See what happens Carp when they win, a lot less armchair GM’ing and who’s to blame for X/Y/Z?

  88. Not sure if anyone posted this, but ESPN has an article about the Canucks and they specifically reference one-time Rangers prospect/property Manny Malholtra as a key to the Canucks improved play this year.


    I guess Muckler was right that Manny would never be more than a 3rd-liner in the NHL, but from the sounds of the article, he’s one of the best third liners in the league (does that even make sense?)

  89. I am really glad Eminger has stepped up. He’s played very well in Roszi’s absence and has showed some “bite” back there. lol

    EC is such a strange player. Very nice goal last night. Its so weird. He could look like Carcillo on one shift and then like an elite scorer on another. I don’t think I’lll ever figure this guy out. I don’t think he’ll ever figure himself out.

    Seriously though, Staal seems to have a knack for scoring huge goals…many of the goals in his career have been game changers…

  90. The Rangers played 2/3 of a very good game. The refs sucked for the whole game.Of course Buttman won’t let Torts use his given rite of free speech and tell us exactly what he thinks about the one sided calls. Buttman you alreadt got cindy a cup so lay the efff off and call it fair if you and your clowns no how!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. I bet Colin can’t stand that his son has to play on the same team as that “faker” Marc Savard. lol

  92. Boyle was on nhl live and he said that Avery did nothing wrong in the Smid fight, and that Sean gets a bad rap from some quarters.

    first, Boyle fights, so he knows the nhl code, and he completely agrees that Avery did not break it

    second, he may have been referring to peewee herman ec, mr squishy, when he said that Sean gets a bad rap from some people.

    so, take that, christensen. the guys who actually fight back up Sean Avery vs the Oilers, not you.

  93. g-man,

    I wouldn’t read into it that much vis a vis EC. I think Boyle, like all the Rangers know that Avery’s reputation precedes him with the league, the officials, the media and opposing fans. But I do commend him for publicly sticking up for his teammate.

  94. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I got carped on a post about Crosby cheap shoting people, and diving… and apparently i had TOO MANY links!! hahaha.

    Seriously, remembe when he punched the guy in the junk from behind? Or jumped that guy on the Panthers off the faceoff?

    And his dives are ENDLESS

  95. This has probably been posted already, but just in case it hasn’t. From SNY

    “I’d like to see the penalty record the last five years in Pittsburgh,” said an annoyed Lundqvist, who was brilliant throughout the match. “We’re shorthanded so many times in Pittsburgh and it’s definitely not our fault.”

    Lundqvist to Larry Brooks of the NY Post

    Thank you!! Finally somebody has enough balls to bring up the one sided officiating between these two teams over the years!

  96. the sharks in the playoffs got similar favoritism. I follow them, and was shocked that they got more ref favoritism than any other team in the playoffs, even including the favored Pens.

    for example, in the playoffs, the Pens had 57 PPs and 43 times shorthanded

    the cup winners, the Chi BlackHawks, had 80 PPs, but were short 90 times

    but get this, the Sharks had 71 PPs, and were only on the PK 49 times

    so, Pitt with 14 more PPs, Philly with 10 more, were the runnerups, and the only other teams that received a big advantage from the refs. but they paled in comparison to SJ, who got an unbelievable 71 PPs, and got 22 more times a man up than their opponents did on them.

    so, the league favorites are very clear. San Jose, Pitt, and Philly

  97. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Imagine how many PP’s the Pens would have ended up with had they not got bounced when they did.

  98. Philly I don’t usually have an issue with the officiating when it comes to calls against the Rangers. My big issue is the non-calls against the Flyers.

    Well if San Jose is getting helped out by the refs in the playoffs, it’s not really working.

    Pens, I think they’re in a league of their own in that category.

  99. since SJ and Philly are both aggressive teams, one would expect a lot more penalties on them. it really is suspicious that they both get such favored treatment from the refs.

    with Pitt, it is more about the diving and whining and superstar favoritism.

  100. Gift of GAB-orik on

    No prob Mike. I can personally vouch for these jerseys. Same type they sell at MSG, just for way less. They’re replicas (no fight strap) but all the stitching is done legit.

  101. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I think i’ve gotten 6 from there, with at least one more to come when the Heritage jersey gets there!

    It’ll be a hard decision as to who. I already have an Avery, Dubinsky, and Lundqvist. I might have to get a Staal. Or Artie. Or Cally. Geez… decisions decisions…

  102. wicky© (BOYLE=teammate...EC=not so much!) on

    Afternoon ILB and all

    Great win! I must admit, I told mrs wicky at the start of the 3rd period that I was nervous and this game had a pens comeback written all over it with us leading only 1-0 zero. I had a bad feeling we were going to lose 2-1 in OT. Glad I missed that one and we won!

    I think eminger and staal should stay as a pairing.

    I was torn during the offseason whether or not we should go for hedberg or biron as a backup for hank, glad we went with biron.

    how do you feel about todd white??

    lots of laurels for you last night I bet! This link is for you…..http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2010/11/15/spf-avery-vs-the-world.html

    Does philly look tough right now or what??

    Dubi didn’t kiss anyone at the end did he?

    a mcilrath update for those who like him, and just disregard if you are a “hater”

    Last thing. In reading the post game comments and such I am a bit confused on two things….first, some people were referring to dubi “haters”. I read the blog quite regularly, and don’t really recall any posts which I would consider dubi “hating” posts. Who are dubi “haters” here? Have I missed these posts?

    Second, and this is very disturbing, but I have to ask. In reference to this post “Don’t look now, but the are Rangers deservedly occupying #4 spot in EC”, what is Eric Christensen’s #4 spot??

  103. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Kinda of anxious to see Sauer drop the gloves with someone.
    I think he may surprise alot of people!

  104. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Sam an Joe are both horrible.
    every penalty called against the rangers they agree with.
    They kiss crosby’s butt even when he tripped the king.
    If i did not know any better they are not paid by MSG!!

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