Rangers-Oilers in review


Some thoughts:

1) Just when I was thinking that Sean Avery was having a quiet day … largely because he was on a line with Derek Boogaard, who had two fights, and because that line doesn’t get a lot of minutes (though John Tortorella double-shifted Marian Gaborik in Boogaard’s spot a few times). His hit was terrific, hard, clean. If he did indeed, as the Oilers contend, say he didn’t want to fight, or that he’d fight next shift, then that goes against all the manly codes of hockey fighting. Though I must say that it looked to me like Ladislav Smid never took his eyes off Avery, and in fact continued to slash away at Avery’s stick in a challenging manner. I also don’t know how Smid got a fighting major and a misconduct out of all of that. And it was extra aggravating for the Oilers because, well, it was Avery. And Avery, when told of the Oilers’ reaction, said to  Andrew Gross, “I guess they didn’t like how the fight went.” But …

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2) While NHL Network reported Sunday night that the league has said there will be no suspensions from the melee, I don’t see how that’s possible. The Oilers — whether their reaction was warranted or not — had like eight players on the ice, all involved in the fighting. Once Avery had been escorted off, the Rangers had four. How could there be no suspensions? So, after a whistle you can go onto the ice and fight? Since when? And I’m not completely convinced — having not seen a good replay — that some of those on the Rangers bench should not be fined for their involvement.

3) That all said, I still like the way this team sticks together. I know that Ron Duguay and some people were whining early in the season that you can’t take a retaliation penalty. I say, bull-carcillo. I think that every time there is an incident and the Rangers stand up, it unites them as a team. I think they are a better team right now than they were before that fracas broke out. I think it is the best thing for a team, to go through those all-for-one moments. Dividends are immediate and long-term.

4) Alex Frolov and Erik Christensen. Welcome to the scoresheet. Now let’s see them do it in a 1-1 game.

5) Marian Gaborik. No comment needed.

6) You know how you guys called Christensen “Foot in Mouth” last year? Did you see him on NHL Network when he admitted that Avery suckered Smid?

7) Brian Boyle now has eight goals and no assists. In the old days we used to call that a Cy Young season when a guy had a lot of goals and few assists. You know, 8-0. But good for him. Nobody deserves a breakout season more than he does, plus he’s a good guy, and a great teammate.

8) Let’s not get too excited over the eight goals. Some of them were gift-wrapped and special delivered. But I did think the Rangers played a pretty solid, aggressive game right from the puck drop.

9) Now let’s seem them do it in Pitt. I’ll have the pre-game notes a little bit later.

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  1. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I wonder how things are going in the locker room, EC?

  2. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I missed the game, but the highlights were on Hockeyfights shortly after the game.

  3. I was at the game yesterday and if the NHL should be handing out suspensions or fines hoe about the eight men line that ignited the melee. Avery and Smid were barking at eachother and Smid dropped the gloves and stick. He did not turn his back on Avery and even Tom Renney was asked about the fight and he stated that they seemed to be insulting eachother and Smid never lost his focus on Avery.

    Craig Button & EJ Radek always have negative comments when something comes about Avery, well EJ is an islander fan and I could see why he whines everytime about the Rangers.

  4. AlbanyRangersFan on

    Avery did nothing wrong. He threw a clean hit on Fraser (who didn’t seem offended!). Smid (in a visor!) initiates. Neither player turns his back on the other. Both have their gloves off when the first Avery punch lands. Verdict? Pansy Christensen (who’s never stood up for a teammate and didn’t see the Avery/Smid fracas accurately) should be suspended by the Rangers. He’s not trustworthy.

  5. It’s a lot easier for Edmonton players to complain about Avery than answer questions about how horribly they played. The video doesn’t support their claims.

  6. As if we didn’t need another reason to get rid of Pee Wee Herman. He should be riding the bus in Reddenville. Torts should suspend him for opening his big mouth to the media. KEEP IT IN THE ROOM!!!

  7. It seemed as if Avery was waiting for the play to be in deep in the other end. Ryan Whitney even said Avery was telling Smid to wait. And once it was deep in the zone Avery dropped em lol. I think smid knew I mean he dropped his gloves but can’t fight for shiz. I thinks its about time Avery had some grit. I believe he hasnt played with that edge in the last 10 games. Put prust on 4rth line. Avery with feds and Boyle.

  8. Sorry Edmonton. Avery whupped Smid, and the Rangers whupped you. Worry about your own problems, instead of calling for an NHL vendetta on Avery. There are plenty of instigators on every team. Suggestion to Oilers — spend more time not making blind passes to the middle of the ice instead of thinking about challenging fights as a solution to your issues.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Avery should drop EC during their next practice. I didn’t see the footage, but he should keep his mouth shut.

    When the COACH of the Oilers says they were engaged… than the guy got what he was looking for. And you’re real tough with your visor on… too bad it doesn’t protect your jaw!!

    Good for Avery, and Edmonton is crying because they got destroyed. Boo freakin hoo.

  10. The Puck Drops Here on

    I was at the game yesterday… sitting next to 4 Edmonton fans. The woman next to me kept yelling “Shoot the Puck!” Sure sounded like our Renney days. LOL

  11. Another case of the nhl contradicting itself and not having any balls to actually abide by their OWN RULES. The league has turned into a 3 ring circus.. kinda fitting for the main act of barnum and bai.. err i mean bettman and cambell to be at MSG. 8 players on the ice for edmonton, that should be suspensions (unfortunately along with dubinsky, from what i saw from the replay he started grabbing people). It kinda seems to me that the league doesnt understand its own rules or if it does just turns a blind eye to certain things, sweeps it under the rug and pretends nothing happened. I dont understand it. In no possible way can there be 8 edmonton players on the ice (during a tv timeout or not!) with 3 of them trying to get at avery in the tunnel without any repercussions, end of story. I love how the team stuck up for eachother and to be honest at first i thought it was cheap shot by avery, but now that i watched the replay and really payed attention its pretty obvious that avery tried to turn him down until next shift, was then slashed and probably called something very very nice, took offense to it and threw his gloves down then and there. Smid threw em down too and avery was just quicker and knocked him out. Looks like NHL university got schooled. hard.

  12. I enjoyed last nights game, lots of goals and action. The win is the big thing. A more seasoned partner to dance with tonight though. Should be a good one. Back later.

  13. As usual, when it comes to Avery, the NHL never sees HIS side of things. That includes both the league office and the press that covers them. Because he’s Avery, he ALWAYS starts everything. The hit was clean, it looked to me like Avery was backing away from the fight and the other guy kept harping on, so he decided WTF and took the initiative. Good for him. I think Edmonton is trying to take the focus away from their lousy play and try and put the focus on Avery.

    Good to see Gabby back to being Gabby. I was going to defend EC as he really played a nice game, but if he stabbed his teammate in the back like that, he deserves to be gone. Hopefully when Drury comes back he’s the odd man out, but my gut tells me it’s going to be Stepan. And on Edmonton, I think Renney is the wrong coach for them. They are a young fast team, and you can see that Renney’s defense first style restricts their enthusiasm, and they just are just too tentative.

  14. If anyone should be suspended after yesterday I nominate Peckham from the Oilers, coming off the bench during the Avery brawl and instigating the melee even further by trying to get at Avery while the ref is escorting him off the ice.

  15. right Stevenj, very well said: I think Edmonton is trying to take the focus away from their lousy play and try and put the focus on Avery.

  16. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Lost in all this is the guy who got hit… had NO problem with it… no words, no pushes, no slashes…. the hit was clean. EVERYONE in the building knew it…. Smid was trying to salvage some dignity i guess… and he got his aasen handed to him by Avery.

    Maybe he should have been wearing a full shield…

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    6+ guys on the ice doesn’t always elicit s suspension. I remember a game last Year when the rangers were on a line change and as gabby was skating off, the other team (who I think was Pittsburgh, but I’m not sure) hacked him in his bad hip/groin. The result was a 15 person pile-up, 10 rangers, and no suspensions were given out.

    Dubi def reached out to grab a guy from the bench, can’t believe that’s not gonna be fined.

  18. Finnally a good game where the rangers are starting to watch each others backe on a regular bases.Carp is right Smid was looking right at avery when the fight started.What was with fraser going after Dubi? Glad to see Boogie win the first fight with some bombs second one was a draw more wrestling. I wish boogie would go after some other players besides just the heavyweights.Especially since everyone except Chara is smaller than him. I would have loved to see him go with stortini or other players like him. Boogie you are allowed,really!!lol Christianson needs a blanket party in the dressing room for saying anything bad about Avery.What a pansie he is and I wish the’d dump him,one good game for every 15 bad ones he should be gone.

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Tough to find negatives after such a game. But Edmonton is atrocious! In their own end especially. They have some talented forwards, but they can’t seem to start the attack with decent pass, their forechecking is at the level of Chelsea Piers hockey. So I wouldn’t be too excited bout 8 goals. But I am very excited about our team toughness. Wholeheartedly agree with Carp’s # 3. Bull-carcillo is right! Not only it unites the team, it ignites it too. And more often than not, that penalty is killed.

    Bryan Boyle keeps getting better, and I hope it continues. That may make our situation at the center position very interesting soon.

    Now, against which line would you deploy your best checkers and defenders if you were opposing team’s coach- Gaborik’s or AA’s? I don’t think I’d like to be in the position to make that decision. That’s exactly what we’ve been lacking for years.

    Gilroy is making it very easy to forget about Roszival at the moment, not sure if it lasts.
    Stepan flew under radar last night, but he was very solid and seems to be moving in the right direction.

    Boogaard did exactly what he is paid for. Or is it overpaid? :-)

    In terms of that fight. By no means it was a sucker punch. Smid was looking straight at him. Not to mention the guy is 6-3 and over 220 lbs. With his visor on. But, admittedly, for whatever reason, he didn’t expect the shot. Again, I don’t know what was said, etc. I don’t fault Avery for doing what he did. I would like him to stop throwing punches when his opponent is down.

    Someone mention in the previous thread about EC being honest. I’ll tell you this- you want to be honest and say what you think- say it to a person directly. In his face. Right or wrong. Don’t say it to the media. All they need to get a minor thing to blow it out of proportion. It remains, and always will be, a team sport. You defend your teammate anyway you need too, ask questions later. I don’t think EC thought it through very well. Hence- FIM

    Bring on the Pens!

  20. Avery fought Malik in practice a few years ago, I think its time he does the same to Christensen.

  21. Shoot the puck Barry on

    I didn’t see the video of EC. Can anyone post a quote (or a good paraphrase) of what he said about Aves?

  22. Nice to see another team coughing the puck up as much as the Rangers have the past few years. I hope some of the momentum stays with them for tonight’s game as stated in earlier posts.


  23. Gift of GAB-orik on

    From Larry Brooks article in the NY Post…

    ” Blueshirts center Erik Christensen told Edmonton TV it looked as if Avery “sucker-punched” Smid. “It looked to me like he suckered him; I’m not going to deny it,” Christensen then told The Post. “I mean, everyone could see.”

    From the article it sounds as if Brooks also thought it was a cheap shot…

    “Ladislav Smid might have wanted to familiarize himself with the fable of The Scorpion and The Frog before leaving himself defenseless after challenging Sean Avery to fight at 11:18 of the third period of yesterday’s 8-2 Rangers’ victory over the Oilers at the Garden.

    Smid, the frog in this case, skated across the rink to confront Avery after No. 16 rubbed out teammate Colin Fraser with a check against the wall. There seemed to be a couple of words exchanged before Smid began to skate away with his hands down, apparently believing the challenge he’d issued had been declined. “

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    It looked like Avery lulled Smid out of his awareness just long enough that Avery could make a quick first attack. Not the fairest of techniques, but Smid gets what he deserves for challenging after a clean hit.

    Carp, Avery was shaking his hand after the fight. Any injury there to your knowledge?

    As for Christensen, he’s gotta keep his mouth shut.

    I think if anyone deserves a suspension out of this, it’s Peckham for going over to Avery as Avery was leaving the ice.

    Too bad this all happened during the break and the coverage wasn’t that good.

  25. Good morning all!
    I’m not going to add more of my two cents on the Aves dealio other than to say, he was right, everyone who said he was right is right. Alright?

    I am beyond appalled at EC and I hope Aves has a little chat with him…WTB was he thinking????

    I would love a big win tonight! Oh, and for Peckham to get something. Anybody here remember Lorena Bobbit? :)

  26. Gift of GAB-orik on

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

    In Newsday, the picture is of Avery locked up with Smid, right after Avery connected with his punch. Both players are engaged, gloves off, facing each other.

    No way is that a ‘sucker punch’ or a cheap shot.

    Unexpected… MAYBE. But that’s about it. I think the only one who didn’t expect it was Smid. Everyone in the building figured it was gonna happen.

  27. The league didn’t suspend any Rangers last season when they had 10 guys on the ice for a brawl with Vancouver that started during a line change. I don’t really see Peckham or any of those other guys being suspended.

    I think this Oilers team has got to be a rebuild of a rebuild of a rebuild. They’re just really, really bad.

  28. Gift of GAB-orik on

    As per Brooks’ twitter, no suspensions or supplemental discipline for any Rangers from yesterdays melee.

  29. I just happened to tune in to the game during a commercial break in the Jets game. At first I thought it was a sucker punch by Aves. But after watching Rangers in 60 there is no way that was a sucker punch. Both Aves and Smid’s heads were on a swivel, watching the play going on. When Aves went after Smid, Smid was backing up, clearly to avoid Aves. So good for Aves. Suspend EC!

  30. I just re-watched the video of the Avery incident. Smid clearly mouthes the words, “Lets go”. About half a second later, Avery lands the first punch.

  31. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Oilers are full of it… Smid didn’t “turn around” and skate away. He kept slashing at Avery with his stick, mouthed “let’s go”… then got DROPPED.

    People who dislike Avery will nitpick and say it was cheap blah blah blah. Bottom line is, the bigger guy, wearing a visor, got decked and laid out.

    I’ve seen plenty of fights where one guy springs into action to try and gain a quick upper hand.

    COLTON ORR does it all the time… he gets punches off before his gloves even hit the ice, and nobody says boo about it.

    If it wasn’t Avery, we wouldn’t be in a position to have to defend it.

  32. Good morning, Carp!

    Bummed I missed an awesome Rangers game yesterday. I guess finally seeing the Bills win won wasn’t too bad either though…

  33. Good morning, Carp!

    Bummed I missed an awesome Rangers game yesterday. I guess finally seeing the Bills win one wasn’t too bad either though…

  34. Avery – good!

    EC – bad!

    Smid – out cold

    Rangers win – awesome!

    the horse is dead! we beat it good! next topic please!

    The Penguins been playing good lately… They got Deryk Engelland…one tough kid! He destroyed Jody Shelley’s face the other night! Lets hope Booger’s knuckles feeling good today!


  35. Moving along to the actual hockey that was played. Marian Gaborik, what can you say really? I like Torts’s quote the other day before the Buffalo game where he talked about making a play and getting a goal with skill that just can’t be taught.

    The persistence around the net, positioning where the puck seems to find his stick and of course the breakaway speed that has goalies calling for a change of pants was a sight for sore eyes. The hard working, grinding goals that are the end result of a ton of effort are nice and it’s good to see that type of goal scoring come from up and and down the lineup, but man is it nice to see a Grade A sniper at the top of his game.

    The fracas aside, Edmonton should just be ashamed of their game in general. I know it was the end of a long and unsuccessful road trip but after blowing a 2 goal lead twice in NJ and getting taken to the woodshed at MSG, you’d really start to wonder whether Renney is the right guy for the job out there. I know he’s a respectful man and I do appreciate what he did in his first few seasons in NY, but he’s doing those kids no favors by having them play games where they take their collective foot off the pedal if they have a lead, taken foolish penalties to let their opponent back in the game like in NJ and aren’t reprimanded for playing sloppy. Raw talent needs to be molded properly.

    Otherwise you get a player like Kovalchuk, who despite his awesome talent doesn’t seem to play well with others especially when the team needs its best player to set the example across the entire ice not just the offensive zone.

    As for tonight, the Pens are starting to heat up. Crosby has been carrying the load while Malkin has been emerging from whatever funk has been ailing him since last year. Still, they haven’t had much success on home ice (a theme for a lot of Leastern teams) and while MA Fleury has been better lately he’s still not back to full confidence and he’s given up some shaky goals to the Rangers in the past. For the first time in a few years I would just love to see the Rangers take the game to the Pens instead of trying to play keep-up with them. They finally have the makings of two legitimate lines of their own, or one full line and one superstar paired with warm bodies. The most salient positive aspect I saw in the Rangers game versus the Capitals last week was that they didn’t look completely overmatched and that was without Gaborik. And I think the Rangers 3rd and 4th lines have a slightly favorable match up against their opposing numbers. They won their last game in the Igloo, time to start a winning history in the “Your Corporate Dollars For Our Naming Rights” Center.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Islanders, really? Gordon is the problem? Not the fact that your roster sucks and your only good players are injured?

  37. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Yeah, I heard about that goat thing… pretty awesome. I also heard he donates a large portion of his salary to The Human Fund.

  38. Gift of GAB-orik on

    lol @vanity fair comment.

    Luckily the goat wasn’t wearing a visor. And had nothing to do with Elisha Cuthbert.

  39. did you also know that Avery donated both of his kidneys AND liver to the blind society?? He also wanted to give up his spleen but it ruptured before he could donate it! Talking about sacrifice!

  40. CCCP, what good would donating kidneys and liver do for the blind society? He’d be better off donating the goat to get training as a seeing eye goat.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s funny is after his fight and watching him sit in the box, I thought to myself “man, this must be so degrading for him. I know he’s making a ton of money, but honestly, I feel a little bad for him.” Then I saw that other play and said, “nevermind, he’s right where he belongs.”

  42. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    I heard avery pays for all of fatso’s jenny craig dues! And his divorce lawyer!

  43. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    So youse guys complain when Drury gives all the PC answers, but when EC speaks his mind, you ALSO complain? Its his opinion, he’s allowed to have one.

  44. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    I think the difference there is drury doesn’t throw teammates under the bus.

  45. Czechthemout!!!! on

    EC owes Avery a public apology for his stupid comments because he made them in public.
    I think that he will be shunned by a bunch of the players who despite some ignorant comments from the press,is quite friendly with a number of his teammates.

  46. Joekuh, I think it’s two separate issues. Most people have taken to exception to EC calling out a teammate in the press and not supporting Avery. Drury just gives bland quotes, but he doesn’t throw anybody under the bus.

  47. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    I’m not saying that its not a FIM moment. I’m just saying he’s allowed to speak on it as he sees fit. They handle it like men, they move on.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    “I think the difference there is drury doesn’t throw teammates under the bus.”

    Drury won’t let this brawl ruin his Veteran’s Day weekend.

  49. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Christenses is allowed to speak his mind… doesn’t mean he should. He’s got a foot halfway to Hartford and he’s running his mouth about a guy who sticks up for ALL his teammates?

    How many times has Avery come to someone’s defense this season? Even Torts praised Avery this year. What EC did was garbage… coming from a guy who just doesn’t fit here.

  50. I don’t think Christensen’s comment was malicious. I just think that’s him. He doesn’t think before answering questions, ever. Hence FIM. I think his teammates know that’s what he does. It’s more stupidity than anything else. He’ll be forgiven, I think.

  51. Drury won’t let this brawl ruin his Veteran’s Day weekend.


    Of course! After serving in WWI, WWII, pushing “the button” that destroyed Hiroshima, War in Vietnam, Russian War in Afghanistan, AND breaking THE finger that pushed “the button”??


  52. Is it clear what question Christensen was asked? Was he asked what the Edmonton players thought happened? What was he responding to? It may be unfair to assume what he was referring to.

  53. EC is entitled to voice his opinion to his teammate directly. Face to face. Not to the media on national TV where it gets blown out of proportions. You didn’t like what Avery did, tel him. That’s what good teammates do. I’m sure it will be discussed. Not to mention one more detail- many people, including the media, are still looking at the tape and some picture and it isn’t that easy to decipher what it was. He knew it was a cheap shot right away? Bull-carcillo! He needs to pay more attention to his day-to-day effort on the ice. I don’t like a bit what he did.

  54. Dubi fined? Sally, Dubi might want his gloves back now that he probably wont be able to afford a new pair since his pocket just took a beating! lol

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Oilers outnumber Rangers 8 to 4 on the ice. Peckham instigates brawl by going after Avery as he was being escorted from the ice by the officials.

    No Oilers fines or suspensions. Makes sense.

    Honestly, I’d be OK with the Dubinsky fine if there was something going the other way. He can’t do what he did. But NO discipline the other way is ludicrous.

  56. Whatever, as long as he is playing today. Sather will have to reimburse him with the check written out as “unexpected brawl expenses”

  57. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Apparently Torts and EC had a discussion ‘internally’ about his comments. No further elaboration given.

    THAT is how you handle stuff. You don’t air it out to the media.

  58. After reading that article about the emails from Campbell, nothing can surprise me. What a joke. Explains why Matt Cooke wasn’t suspended.

  59. That is *NOT* fair! Off with their heads!

    CCCP… he’s not getting them back. If he needs to, he can always stay at my place. I will cook him goat and we can have pajama parties all the time!

  60. Andrew Gross is reporting it on his twitter. Torts did what needed to be done. Time to move on. One thing, it doesn’t look great for him when Drury returns. Not at the moment. Unless he starts leading our team in goals or assists by then.

  61. Imagine an altercation between Avery and Gregory Campbell. I wonder what sort of emails Colin would be sending then.

  62. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Haha… canadian media.

    Here is a excerpt from that TSN article about Dubinsky’s fine…

    “Avery was then challenged to a fight by Oilers’ defenceman Ladislav Smid. According to reports, Avery declined Smid’s invitation, then proceeded to sucker punch him from behind, initiating a massive brawl that saw 124 penalty minutes, five misconducts and four ejections handed out.”

    From behind? That’s absurd. Every video and photo shows them looking at each other.
    Blame Canada.

  63. Notice how TSN says that “Avery proceeded to sucker punch Smid from Behind”

    Did they get their info from Stevie Wonder? How was it a punch from behind? Canadians are such whiners when it comes to their teams getting bullied. They always bend the truth, and turn it into what they want to see, as opposed to what they actually saw. Brash*t-heads!

    I’m glad Torts brought this up with EC. EC is a dope. Get rid of him.

    It’s amazing that Dublowsky gets fined, yet, nothing happens with Peckham. He should be automatically suspended. Fuggin Campbell. He needs a slap shot to the skull. Buttman could use one as well, then maybe he’ll stop shaking like a leaf when he presents the Cup.

  64. EC……STFU.
    first rangers save his career and he demands more money. Now this? Wow, good teammate. Send him to Reddenville or trade him

  65. Gift of GAB-orik on

    yea the Canadian media spins stuff all over the place. It wouldn’t be a sucker punch if it was Edmonton and Montreal… then it would be a rivalry brawl or some other pro-canada nonsense.

    Canada hates Avery, and makes him the anti-christ.

    But to say it’s from behind… c’mon man. You guys got cameras and video.

  66. What happened to McIlrath’s knee? Gross tweeted that they are awaiting results of an MRI to learn the severity of the damage.

  67. first off, EC was WRONG. Smid asked for the fight, Smid then slashed at Avery’s stick to goad him into dropping them, and then Smid was looking at Avery and dropped his gloves BEFORE he got hit by Avery.

    so, while Avery got his punch in early and quick, he did NOT sucker punch Smid. thus, EC is a liar.

    and EC certainly would not, as another poster pointed out, say that Henrik let in a soft goal, so why is it ok to throw any teammate under the bus to ruin team locker room chemistry while they are winning?

    my view is that he knows that when the injured players return, he will go back to reserve status or bottom line status, and thus he wants to get rid of Avery to clear the path for him getting a regular forward spot when all are back.

    iow, he is not only a liar who misrepresented what happened, but he is also a selfish player who was thinking of himself when he spouted off, and not the team.

  68. EC is the meek, weak patient, the jackwagon laying on the couch, who the drill sgt therapist has to yell at.

    he is the crybaby who needs to go to mamby pamby land with Redden

  69. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    I guess its just me, but I’m not getting how EC was “selfish” or a “liar” because he gave his opinion on the play, ny2011. Wrong, yes. Liar? No.

  70. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Good job by Torts. This is the difference between EC and Avery.
    Aves was not drafted by us but I have seen very few players in my lifetime who bleed blue more than him. EC is a shifty mercenary who should be gone ASAP.

  71. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    man so sorry to hear about your buddy. Take care of yourself!

  72. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    I also think it is selfish. and as far as the liar portion goes, he said aves sucker punched him, when he clearly did not. So it is either a lie or he did not have the complete info and just spouted off and thus would be an idiot!

  73. I said “liar” because either he knew that it was not a sucker punch, if he had seen any replays of it, or, if he had not, then he had NO BUSINESS commenting on something so controversy loaded if he did not know what happened. no teammate does that. does Avery say after a game,”oh, I did not see it clearly, but I think Henrik let in a soft goal”? no, he doesn’t.

  74. Thanks. Despite the pain he was in, he went peacefully in his sleep.

    The worst part is, I was under the impression that this would be a quick surgery, and I’d have him back by Thursday or Friday. As soon as I brought him in, they just took him in the back for x-rays, and all the Vet BS they had to do, and I didn’t get the chance to see him before I left.

    I’ll probably just have him cremated.

    Piece of advise for anyone with Dogs, If your dog is having trouble pissing, and crapping, and cries every time they try to go, and shakes uncontrollably, then they probably have stones in their bladder, even if you think they might just be constipated. Take them to the Vet, then try to get the surgery as soon as possible. My dog literally had that problem for 9-10 hours until I brought him to the Vet, and he died a few hours later.

    It’s more common with Female dogs, but mine was a male. But, it’s a lot more fatal than it seems.

  75. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Or maybe he DID see what happened, and gave his opinion, which he is entitled to have. According to Gross, things have already been ironed out by Torch, so let’s get on to Pitt!!!

  76. so, iow, he was WRONG for spouting off, and Torts had to come down on HIM, not Avery. that’s right, EC is the poor teammate here, Torts recognized it, and had to put little jackwagon in his place

  77. …and let it be written that on this, the 15th day of November 2010 the “Canadian behind” was born.

    John Tortorella had a Canadian behind discussion with Eric Christensen?

  78. I highly doubt things are “ironed out”. JT likely “advised” him to keep his yap shut. I also doubt Avery is at all amused by his comment. If EC had half a brain, he would iron out that conflict also.

  79. EJ Hradek used the word “tilt” in his blog today so many times that it seems that Joe B. is ghostwriting for ESPN.com.

  80. Pucktenko (formerly The Puck Drops Here) on

    Let’s hope the guys aren’t distracted by yesterday’s game and they come out strong tonight.

  81. First of all, Torts and Avery should be the first guys to understand about saying the wrong thing to the press and having it blow up on them. They hopefully can advise EC and let it blow over. Unfortunately, this will probably result in less player interaction with the media.

    Probably just a blip that was taken care of, and hopefully they’re spending time worrying about the Penguins, not the media trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  82. Unemployed silver lining of the day: You can really clean, and clean out your house of junk, while getting down to springsteenradio.com, and your neighbors aren’t home to bitch cause they’re, um, working!

    (Tip: Some cats may object to this exercise :)

  83. I’m a Flyers fan who hates Carcillo and all of his antics. I wouldn’t defend a player’s ridiculous actions because of team allegiance. Avery is wrong, just accept it and move on.

  84. Eric (oh, you’re not my lower case gray eric right!)
    Not to, as CCCP said, beat the poor dead horse. But those videos show nothing that really happened. There’s plenty out there that are better and more accurate. I’m glad you hate Carcillo, but you’re off base here re: Avery.

    Oy, is it Pitt time yet. I’m even tired of this debate.

  85. I need a hot shower and some chow (see my post @ 4:46, Fantastik is not a perfume :)

    Probably be late for game start but that’s OK. Looking forward to new post and go time! Ta for now….

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