It’s Go Time!


Just beyond the crack of noon.

Rangers close out their four-game homestand (1-2). They go to Pittsburgh’s new house tomorrow.

Henrik Lundqvist remains out with that flu/head cold. Martin Biron, who played so well on Thursday, gets the start in goal. Derek Boogaard is back in the lineup. Todd White is prucha’d.

(Special mention of Prucha with Tom Renney in the building; Here’s the link to the always-hilarious Tom Renney Line Generator.)

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    remains out with the head cold/flu but was well enough to be out pimpin last night lol ;-)


    I loved that. That was great wasn’t it!

    Kerry Fraser had some good stories.

  3. Rick, can you tell them they shouldnt score in the first period because I watch a soccer game out Allianza Arena until 1.20 pm your time…

    Do you guys probably have heard about the F. C. Bayern München ?:)

  4. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Man, looking at our forward lines that year…… the heck did we win ANY games that year, LOL

  5. Not enough coffee in me yet to run back and forth so I’ll see you all in a bit. I hate 12:30 games!!!!!! They better win!!!

  6. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    repost, in case you missed it!!

    morning ILB and all!!!

    Off to work shortly so another dvr’d game for the wicksters!

    I can’t even express how sad the luke richardson situation is, best of luck to his family through this. I will say he played a tough game for a lot of years (remember when he knocked dubi out in dubi’s first fight??)

    good for boogey!!


  7. today i wrote an article about Renney still communicating with Sather via email..really surprised to hear that Glen knows about working a computer :)

  8. Joekuh-

    Look at the 05-06 roster, 100pts that year?!?
    IMO Says something about Jagr, Hank and Renney.

  9. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    good stories by fraser!

    Snowing like crazy here…love it!

    eminger’s 3 seconds of fame.

  10. Well, I just found a knock on Tom Renney’s character. He had the audacity to compare Taylor Hall’s skillset to Mark Messier. “In another couple years, Hall has Messier written all over him.” No surprise that Joe M would repeat such a blasphemous statement.

  11. Please dont throw any toilett paper on garden ice, which isnt good anyway:)
    come on how crazy can you be as a fan of a team :)

  12. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on


    Yep, it sucks! CCCP shot you??

    Hope Biron didn’t out think himself with a whole day of prep time!

    who is this renney guy???

  13. I’ll have to watch this one later on DVR. I have my own fùtbol match to attend to.

    NYR should take those two points from Edmonton.

  14. wicky –

    “CCCP says:
    November 14, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Everybody freeze!!! Nobody move!!!”

    Just a joke based off 3CP’s above post :)

  15. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on


    later assens, work calls!!!!

  16. If Avery wacked at the puck one more time I think his shooting percentage would’ve hit negative numbers.

  17. ILB!!!!!!!!!

    How ya doing buddy!

    He probably got over being sick. I think he had the flu too and that weird hand infection.

  18. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    That was Gilroy with the pass. Not sure why he was so deep for so long though.

  19. Mako – Since you and Lin are twins, and me and Lin are siblings, can you be my bro, too?!?! :)

    Great effort and play by Gabby to clear the zone with that dive.

  20. Watching the Center Ice HD feed, which is from Edmonton… And so far, the Edmonton announcers are surprisingly decent. They’re being fair and mostly objective.

  21. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    stOw, i’ve noticed that with some of the Canadian announcers when I can’t get the MSG feed

  22. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao LW, methinks today is his 19th birthday,but i better find out from Joe and John if that is correct

  23. Chad Pennington of the Dolphins left the game after suffering an apparent arm injury. His return is questionable.

    That didn’t take long.

  24. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    oh man, i have to mute the stream whenever it comes on… grrr annoying goober

    grrrrr silverlight feed just freakin died, on to the oilers feed… damn crap

  25. one of the WORST is the commercial for the strip club VIP. other than these just horrible looking white trash h**kers and this disgusting fat bald idiot comes out gets right in the camera, shakes his hands and says “its absolutely INNNNNNNNNNSAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNEEEEEE” looks like he’s having a seizure. UGH.

  26. Paging DEFENSEMEN….. PAGING THE DEFENSMEN…. that’s now about 12 goals that have been scored right in front of the goalie with the man going untouched.

  27. Need a timeout. Just checked back to hear Joe M lauding the Oilers’ movement for the 2nd goal, when in actuality, it was just bad luck. Thought it was 1-1, but instead, we’re down 2-1.

  28. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Tiki,maybe you should be paying attention to the game eh

    PRUSTIE WITH AN ASSIST! hehe, what a good looking goal that is!

  29. Thanks for being smartalecky Linda. Watching a more important game. Following here for NYR updates.

  30. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao JCL, guess we’ll have to wait for Prust to score his first for Boyle to get an assist lol

  31. LOL ILB – he is very but it was good to see other players step up like they should have. They didnt completely collapse. And they havent played bad at all during the stretch he was out :)

  32. It’s great to see the Rangers take control in game they should control. In the old days, this kind of “should win” would be a loss.

  33. Just turned the NYR game on! SCCCCCCOOORRRREEEEE!!!!!!

    Joe M: “This could have been a 3-3 game first” Thanks Edmonton announcer Joe M.

    That’s not a kicking motion.

    It went off his skate, but he did not kick it. He tried putting it in with his stick.

  34. Boyle is only 26 years old, too. That means he hasnt yet hit the prime of his career. If he continues working during seasons and offseasons, he could be a good 2nd liner. I wonder if Boyle is UFA or RFA after the year, or if he is still under contract after this year.

  35. Orr hasnt been around in a couple days…

    Prediction: Prustie scores goal 5 with an assist from Boyley.

  36. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    boogaard on ice…lol… sounds like that old riunite commercial

    boogard on ice,that’s nice

  37. Just woke up- always nice to see the Rangers holding a lead. Love watching them SCORE GOALS against Tom Renney who seems to have the same look on his face as he did the last time he was a coach here.

    Morning Lin! lol

  38. They did exactly what they’re supposed to – Edmonton opened once they fell behind, and the Rangers are feasting on their mistakes

  39. MAKO – not to put a downer on proceedings, but the Captain’s clutch cap hit remains at $7.05m next year. Just his take-home that falls to a miserly $5m.

  40. Did you notice that Frolov’s empty net tap in almost went wide? I’m sure that added to a fullness of his underwear.

  41. So far, very visible smart workhorse Fedtank, very good playing Christensen (thanks to Gabby). Frol needed this goal, more than Gabby hat3ck (it still coming for him). Is Avery playing today?

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaaaaborik!!!"...& Greg L. on


    BIG GAME !!!! My brother is crying!!!!hahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!

  43. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ilb, if that did happen to go wide, he definitely would forever be known as the russian higgins lol

  44. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    good idea Bro, dont wanna risk an injury with the chippiness quotient going up
    and here we go

  45. The real Higgins has 3 goals on 38 shots this year. That’s almost twice the rate he had as a Ranger (but still pretty useless). Shots wide don’t count as shots on goal, of course…

  46. I think I’d be in the hospital if he just threw tah elbow pad at me, lol. Those were some bombs

  47. they really ought to make a rule that both fighters must take their helmet off and throw them to the ice prior to fighting.

  48. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Mako, he just missed that! boogie got rocked a couple of times, but man, that one would have been lights out

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    I knew a guy with 5 pen()ses. I asked him “How do your shorts fit?”

    He said, “They fit like a glove…”

  50. yes it would have been. I dont like that they dance with their helmets on… they have to take them off.

  51. is that a natural hattrick when somebody fights the same player for the third time in one period ?:)

  52. WOW guys i love the rangers with all my heart but thats an embarassing play by #16…no reason for that

  53. How much time’s left???? I hope we dont lose this game because of Special teams.

    What did Avery do? Whatever he did, Im proud of him!

  54. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    insanity! there should not have been 8 oilers on the ice during a tv time out to begin with

  55. My lip-reading skills aren’t great, but looked like Smid said “Let’s go” to Avery at least twice and he was clearly ready to drop his gloves. Can’t wait for Avery to get crucified in the Canadian press regardless.

  56. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on


    what a freakin INSANE day!!!!!!!!!

  57. Mako-

    he took a cheapshot @ SMID for no reason….either drop the gloves like a man or walk away…..then when the ref tells you to get off the f—-ice get off the ice! and stop babbling! im not defending the morons on the oilers that attacked dubi on the bench and the refs definitely need to do a better job getting avery off the ice but there was just no reason for it….a nice hit in the corner by AVES and then he takes a cheap shot for no for no reason!

  58. The kids in the audience may never see a game like this again. Hope it’s not their first. Disappointment next time.

  59. If a player is chirping at you “lets go” in my book that’s an invitation, if you cant back up your words then dont say them. Talk the talk … walk the walk. And if you didnt see there was an oiler player who tried to go after him when he skated off of the ice. So what… you not allowed to defend yourself?

  60. And Smid is listed as 6-3, 226lbs. Or two inches taller and 26lbs heavier than David Clarkson, for those Chicos scoring at home.

  61. And youThis line produce like 5 – for 3 average games. Who’s next to score – Biron? I feel kinda drunk.

  62. Mako-i hear what ur saying but when he turns away for that split second and then avery lands one IMO its a cheapshot and with his history for not going directly to the locker room i would expect him to be suspended for a game or two-we will see….either drop them right away or walk away dont wait for that split second of an open window….listen im not defending the reaction of the oiler players either……we will take the 2 pts and get ready for manana, torts press conference shall be interesting to say the least

  63. ~2:28 Derek Boogaard: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Steve MacIntyre
    2:28 Steve MacIntyre: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Derek Boogaard
    3:07 Marian Gaborik: 2 Minutes for Interference of Gilbert Brule
    8:46 Derek Boogaard: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Steve MacIntyre
    8:46 Steve MacIntyre: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Derek Boogaard
    11:18 Ladislav Smid: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Sean Avery
    11:18 Ladislav Smid: 10 Minute Misconduct
    11:18 Zack Stortini: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Brandon Prust
    11:18 Brandon Prust: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Zack Stortini
    11:18 Sean Avery: 2 Minutes for Roughing Ladislav Smid
    11:18 Brian Boyle: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Theo Peckham
    11:18 Sean Avery: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Ladislav Smid
    11:18 Sean Avery: 10 Minute Misconduct
    11:18 Brian Boyle: 10 Minute Game Misconduct
    11:18 Brian Boyle: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Theo Peckham
    11:18 Brandon Prust: 10 Minute Game Misconduct
    11:18 Brandon Dubinsky: 10 Minute Misconduct
    11:18 Theo Peckham: 5 Minute Major for Fighting Brian Boyle
    14:54 Andrew Cogliano: 2 Minutes for Boarding Ruslan Fedotenko

  64. He’s not going to get suspended. Peckham should get suspended for coming off of the bench standing next to his goalie to go after him. Big deal.

    Again if your calling for someone to fight you then you pay attention. That’s like admiring your pass or keeping your head down when you receive CLEAN hard check to you.

  65. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    mako, they’ll say he forced whitney and peckerham to go after him and suspend him for a game or two

  66. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello again Ranger Fans! I couldn’t miss this opportunity to welcome my first love, The Edmonton Oilers, back to The World’s Most Shameless Arena. Speaking of shameless, did you all buy your $395 Heritage Jersey yet? Do it today, your Uncle Glennie is going to need his Eighth Place Bonus Money…

    Mess! Hey Messier! Look down at the bench. Who is that guy coaching our Oilers? I know I’ve seen that guy somewhere before… We should look in to getting him to replace Torts.

    Wow! Did you see Keenan jump up like that? I thought he was asleep, but as soon as I said “replace Torts” look at him just sitting there, smiling!

    What in Holy Hell? I haven’t seen this many Edmonton Oilers on Madison Square Garden ice since the ‘94 Finals… With all my trades, THAT was my first Cup win for New York. At least that’s what I told Dolan…

    AAAUUUGH!! I’VE JUST SEEN THE FACE OF DEATH! Oh. Phew… It’s only Muckler! Muck, what did I tell you about sneaking up on me like that! You know it really creeps me out! I swear, I’m gonna make you wear that cowbell again. Or a bag…

    I was rooting for both teams today. So, I win 10-0!!

    Forever yours, Ranger Fans.
    Uncle Glennie has left the building…

  67. where was the penalty on Fraser? he was the guy who reached over the boards and grabbed Dubi and caused a lot of the ruckus around the bench.

  68. My, wasn’t that fun! Note to self — Edmonton stinks, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Nice to hear from Uncle Glennie, a true Edmontonian.

  69. Nobody has to pay the $395 to buy the jersey. It’s not mandatory. It’s a choice. Nothing shameless about it.

  70. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    when i hit the lottery, there are several boneheads i’ll be buying jerserys for lol :-)

  71. a fitting reward for Renney. he left here as a blowout loser, and he returns in the same fashion.

  72. Oh and they showed the replay again. And Smid dropped the gloves the same time as Avery but Avery got them off quicker. That’s hockey folks.

  73. Maloney: “if you ask for it… you better be ready when it comes”

    Thank you and good night. Case closed.

  74. Mako-maloney totally agrees with you, basically said exactly what you said in different words…IMO i disagree so lets leave it @ that, 2 pts move onto pitt

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    Exactly Mako. Smid also seemed distracted and glancing down the ice. Bad time to look away… The action was right in front of him.

  76. I don’t see anything wrong with the way Avery conducted himself. That was a 100% clean hit to start it all off, the Edmonton player had the puck, dished it, and got crushed by Avery with a hard, legal hit. So far so good. Smid isn’t a noted fighter, but is no stranger to fisticuffs, judging by his fight card on He looked for Avery, they both dropped their gloves, and Avery cleaned his clock while he stood there and took it. Of course Avery is going to yap on his way out the door, it’s Avery. But Edmonton was clearly embarrassed about the way they were getting beaten, on the scoreboard as well as physically, and wanted to try to regain some self-respect. Which also failed miserably as Boogie pounded MacIntyre twice, Stortini hardly got the best of Prust, Dubinsky had to fight from the bench, and then the Rangers scored 3 more goals. If I’m Edmonton, I go cry in my beer

  77. I’d love to hear Renney in the post-game press conference…”Well, it’s always nice to get back to the east coast…”

  78. Uncle Glennie!!!!!
    MAKO, I’m with you and Maloney. And Smid seemed pretty aware from what I could see. I’m not looking at this thru orange-colored glasses, I’d say it if it were anyone. But Peckerham gets nothing for going after Aves when he’s not even on the ice?

    hey, the whole melee was certainly amusing to watch, but also silly.
    all in all, tho, a lovely afternoon!!!!!!!

  79. So what’s Gabby’s problem in the shootout? He scored on 2 breakaways. Maybe he has to pretend that somebody is chasing him like Shanahan used to do.

  80. Ok, I can not figure out how was Avery being called for a cheap shot. They both dropped their gloves and Avery went to him and hit him. It was not as if Smid turned around and Avery punched him from behind.

    I hope the vid (which I am sure it will) will be posted soon, so I can look at it again.

    I still do not understand how the Rangers received more misconducts over the Oilers????

  81. ~Avery did nothing wrong. I didnt see it, but I dont care what Avery did. He was in the right!~

    All the Oilers involved got 5 minute fightings and 10 minute misconducts.

  82. Great, entertaining game. Did exactly what good teams do- took advantage by opposing team’s bad defensive coverage. Good for Frolov, it may jump start his offense. And EC looked alive.

  83. It never feels easy defending Avery, as he clearly does a lot of indefensible stuff (he should cut out throwing punches at players who are down on the ice, for one thing).

    But he can’t win in a situation like today’s. Someone a lot bigger than him clearly challenges him after a clean hit. If he turns it down, the Chico brigade accuse him of not defending himself. If he accepts and catches the other guy who doesn’t appear to be as prepared as he should be, he’ll still get crucified.

    And while he should just get off the ice after that, I still don’t get why professional players (I’ll be nice and call Peckham a professional) get so steamed up at the nasty words the nasty little man says to them.

  84. Renney hung a Ranger goalie out to dry in Dallas. Today he hung his goalie out to dry in New York.

    What a great way to motivate players! What a coach!

  85. Gravey, I’m with you. And this wouldn’t be debated half as much if it weren’t Aves, naturally. If you’re gonna get chippy and start things, be prepared to finish. Whatever, we won, it was a raucous game, and I don’t have the Sunday afternoon blues cause I don’t have to work tomorrow! Silver lining!!!!

  86. the guy got knocked the fugg out by Avery! Booohoo… dont challenge players if you’re not ready to get some!

    Fun game to watch! We beat the worst team in NHL! Welcome back, Tom Renney!

  87. What a shame, they haven´had the third fight in one period…..
    I know you guys are very high on statistics but is there a stat about two same guys fighting each other in one period in the NHL ?:)

  88. Why do Canadians and the Canadian press spend so much time worrying and fussing about Avery, when NHL rosters are filled with other guys who do the exact same thing? Amazingly hypocritical.

  89. Had to watch the game on DVR. I had to take Del Puggo to the vet for something I thought was minor, but it turns out he’s literally 5 days away from death. $2000 for surgery!

    But, this game was fuggin awesome!!

    Probably will end up being the best home game of the year.

    Loved the Avery punch too. That was hilarious. And finally we saw vintage Booger!

    Too bad the game had to end. So enjoyable!

  90. JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    TAKE THAT PHIL PATRIOTS SIMMS AND JIM PATRIOTS NANTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Del Puggo is a cat. Sorry to hear about your pet, Orr. I hope he feels better soon.

    Linda, oops. didnt see it earlier, but it was you that mentioned it. LOL! :)

  92. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hey all! I know i’m late to the party but WHAT A GAME!!!

    Here’s my 2 cents on the Avery situation. He didn’t immediately engage… but both players were aware of what may come down…. Smid took a swipe with his stick, Avery had some words… and then best I can tell, both guys threw down the gloves, Avery was moving forward while Smid was moving back, and Avery nailed him right on the button.

    IMO not a cheap shot cuz the guy was looking at him. All started after a CLEAN hit. Don’t take your eyes off a guy you instigate a fight with. That’ll teach Smid a lesson. I don’t have a problem with it… not everyone gives the guy 5 minutes to get his gloves off, take his helmet off, roll up his sleeves etc.


  93. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Gaborik – 3 games played 3 goals. Welcome back!

    Boyle- the guy just keeps doing his thing.

    Artie- gonna be a damn solid player.

    Staal- laying people out all day long.

    Feds- finally ones that count!

    Frolov- bout damn time!

    Would have liked to see Stepan get going again, and for Dubi to pop one in… but we got a brawl out of it, and Boogey did his thing too.

  94. No, he’s young. Only aboot three years old.

    He has some stones in his bladder. That literally just started hurting him yesterday, and it’s blocking him from taking a piss, and he can’t even drop a brash*t. He’s crying, and shaking. I didn’t think it would be so serious, but apparently it is.

    The most disturbing part was when the Vet put his finger up his poop loop, and the dog didn’t make any noise. I’m guessing he liked it.

  95. ORR, I am sending good thoughts for Del Pug……money’s worth it honey. You wouldn’t deny a kid surgery right? I spent $3G on Zamboni before he died (but he was 18)…you’ll do the right thing my him, I know.

    MAKO, kudos, guess I missed the um, peck post….:)

  96. Yeah, I have no problem with spending that kind of cash to get him better. Although, if the dog has the same problem again, then I’m going to have to find this Vet, and pull his bladder out and feed it to him.

    Or I’ll throw him in the backseat of Heatley’s car :P

  97. Can’t change Vets at this point. He’s scheduled for surgery for tomorrow. Plus he’s in a ton of pain, so I wouldn’t want him to have to deal with that just because I’m not happy with the price.

    Anyway. With a game like this one, I can’t believe Step-On couldn’t pop one in. I thought both he and Gilly were set to score. I think he got one off the post, but I could be wrong.

    He really needs his mom to come to his games. It’s like he’s a baby!

  98. ORR, let us know the results tomorrow. My heart is with you and DP :)

    OK all, been a great day! I’m off unless I need to wicky later :)

  99. Maybe it was me, but did anyone else notice Maloney was at times unintelligible during that postgame?

  100. someone tell Smid…You mess with the bull, you get the horns!

    the only reason the non-ranger fans and oilers are crying is because its Avery. i can name 50 guys in the league who would do the same thing if they were clever enough to think of it.

    Smid: C’mon, lets go
    Avery: Wait
    Smid: Umm, ok

    Smid is a moron!!!! Not to mention, it looked so bad because he got scared carcillo-less and tripped over himself trying to run away. Avery scared him so bad i bet he pooped himself.

  101. I watched the video of it again and it seems that Smid had ample time to react to Avery. Avery skated towards Smid and Smid skated backwards. Why is’nt anyone complaining why Smid who is bigger and also wearing a visor challanges a smaller player not wearing a visor??

    If you ask me, he is more of a wuss, take off your helmet if you going to challenge someone not wearing a visor to a fight.

  102. To me, it looked like Aves was waiting to see what happened with the play before he dropped the gloves, and Smid just wasn’t ready, which is his fault.

    Or Aves did it on purpose to throw him off :P

    It was great though. Best punch Aves has ever thrown!

    Loved that game! I hope we see more of that kind of Booger. I love that he didn’t back down at all, despite the big lead.

    As great as this game was, you can’t get too excited, since we just destroyed the worst team in the league. NYR needs a nice streak though.

    And I will give EC credit for a nice offensive game tonight. Good passing.

  103. from Ranger Rants:

    “Peckham explained that Smid asked Avery to fight and Avery said next shift before dropping his gloves and dropping Smid.”

  104. ddeb, well, since Smid and Peckum said that it must be true :) thhhpptt. oh, that is priceless…everything is explained now! Blech……I’ll see you tomorrow all! SWEEEEET 16!!!!


  105. The Trasher/Craps score sheet says Little scored his 2nd goal of the season. I could have swore he scored two against NYR. Is that right?

    And screw Smid. He’s probably making excuses. Aves usually knocks people out with his comments, not his fists. Total embarrassment. Smid is trying to save face.

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaaaaborik!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Avery is being deemed a cheap shot artist….Edmontonian’s are freakin out!!!!

    Great game and who said we didn’t need Boogaard!!!??? Boogaard is a beast and after today I’m even a bigger fan!!!

  107. I wish Booger can do that every single game. I like him better when he’s in the box. The darkness of the penalty box goes well with the darkness around his eyes and in his black hellish heart :P

    He just doesn’t look right when he’s skating around. It’s like Will Ferrell trying to be serious. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  108. Dubiiii, I am so clipping and saving that! Awesome! and worth the wicky….hmmm. Smid sure doesn’t look “shocked” or “surprised” there…..Dubi, great find!!!

    would love to be on the Rangers plane tonight…..

    OK, enjoy all. I’m outta here for real….thanks again Dubiiii! Ta!

  109. sigh. triple wicky…ORR and Greg, I’m with you, too. Boo hoo Edmondtonians :( Hartnell you Smid!


  110. Dubiii-

    They’re some cool pictures. Those of Prust, especially pic #18 should get taken down. It just ain’t right.

    Mama- lol you’re too funny

  111. Giants coaching, with a sprinkle of anti-Giants refereeing cost us this game. This was a winnable game, even when we were down 20 points, and our coaches threw away this game.

  112. im not sure what this loser matt dodge is still doing on this team. this is a championship caliber football team with perhaps the worst special teams in football. This loser matt dodge costs us so many yards of field position.

    Dez Bryant was clearly out of bounds when he gained possession. Call should be overturned. But it wont be. Im sure of it.

  113. i know it’s far from over ddebened.

    but now it’s over.

    Kevin Boss wasnt guilty of a hold. The referees are guilty of what they’re always guilty of. Cheating New York.

    Cheated again.

  114. Cant blame us. Forget the terrible coaching and lack of balls from Tommy C. This was the referees. They stole away our touchdown to pulling with 6.

    Referees with another win over a New York team.

    Team “Referees” have more wins over New York teams in the history of sports. More than any other team.

  115. Was up in sect 327 and I gotta say there are some real Ranger fans in the making !!!! I had this kid next to me couldnt of been more than 7-8 and I yelled out ” Welcome back Renney ” to which this kid screams at the top of his lungs ” RENNEY SUCKS ” I almost peed myself. Then I thought it kinda reminded me of me ;) Shouldve given his parents some tickets so the kid could get there more often after all if we dont nurture our youth, what can we look foward too?

  116. These young Rangers fans are ruthless. I was at a NYR vs NYI game at the Mausoleum two-three seasons ago. And someone said “Go Isles”, and some kid said “Fishsticks are gonna die tonight”

    And his dad was so proud.

    Avery went on to score two goals in a 5-2 win, I think. Great game.

  117. No penalties to take away turnovers. No pass interference. That cryptkeeper referee made the decision in this game that he wasnt going to allow us to win this game.

  118. We had 8 official penalties in the game. There were at least 5 declined penalties. Worst team in football Cowboys gets 3 or 4 penalties. At the Meadowlands. A crying shame a sport. A sport, like every other, driven and influenced greatly by referees.

  119. Sean “Quick Draw” Avery!

    I do feel bad for the kid on the receiving end of his punch. But, how do you challenge someone to a fight and not be ready to, um, fight?

  120. Avery out smarted Smid, but I think he also broke the code of fighters. the heavyweights would not sucker each other. I have no problem with what Avery did, Smid let his guard down, and Avery popped him. this is very similar to the Carciilo and Gabby fight. fighters do not take on non fighters. boy I have contradicted myself a few times there.

  121. by the way, anybody notice Gilroy playing on the wing in the 3rd period. did not look out of place. Orr may be right on this one, he has been calling for this since last season.

  122. bull dog – Smid isn’t a “non-fighter” though. He’s fought before and was clearly the one offering to go.

    If Avery did say “next shift”, it’s hardly a good reason for Smid to drop his guard. And he clearly didn’t turn his back like Peckham stated.

  123. who cares what Avery did??? He’s our player, he did what he had to do, he put some little tiny piece of dirt Smid in his place. He taught him a lesson. Team toughness. Our guys stood by one another, and Avery did what he had to do. Bottom line. No Rangers fan should be on Avery’s case. We should all be applauding him for doing what needed to be done.

  124. Kurt
    I sit in 417 and I can beat that. In the 3rd period as Elmo made his way around the lower level of the Garden, a little girl in the row in front of us (I’d say about 10 years old) bellows out ‘Elmo Sucks’ and then, just for good measure, makes a megaphone out of her hands and yells it even louder. Her mother, sitting next to her, turns, smiles and pats her on the head. What a country.

  125. Damn, Kundratek killed that guy.

    By the way, nobody should refer to what Aves did as a “sucker punch”. *This* is a sucker punch. Look at the difference between this and what Aves did.

    Even if Aves did say “next shift”, Smid stuck around, and looked like he wasn’t giving him an option. And Smid had his eyes on him the whole time, and they were face to face, for the most part. To me, it was clean, and far from a sucker punch.

  126. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Lin…. the 24th is the big day!

    Smid got embarassed… plain and simple. He went looking for it… and he got it. Right on the jaw!

  127. And the Steelers are doing what they do best versus the Patriots. Lay down and roll over.

    Gift of Gab…Im still waiting on my invitation ;-)

    Im also still waiting for my best man invitation to Derek Jeter’s future wedding. Should be here any day now :P

  128. Tiki-

    again i am a diehard ranger fan….i bleed true blue but Tiki-he did what needed to be done? this was not a retaliation for a hit on gabby or for running into biron or for some history avery had with smid…it was IMO (and i know im outnumbered here a bordeline dirty play/cheapshot by avery) you either drop the gloves right away like the heavyweights did or u dont drop them at all….it was 5-2 in a non-rival game….i mean we might not see the oilers @ the garden until 2012!!!! there was 12 min left to go and i think it was relatively stupid…if the opposition was a team in the eastern conference we would be discussing how we are going to defend gabby the next time around….im not saying bow down to other team but smid came over to defend has teammate and avery (After a clean hit) should drop em right away or skate off….

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