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November 14, 2010 – New York Rangers 8, Edmonton Oilers 2 (Game No. 17, Home No. 10)

  • The Rangers defeated the Edmonton Oilers, 8-2, today at Madison Square Garden to improve to 9-7-1 overall, including a 4-5-1 mark at home.  The eight goals were the most by the Rangers since they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning, 8-2, on Jan. 19, 2010 at MSG.
  • New York and Edmonton combined for six goals in the second period, including back-to-back goals by both teams in less than 30 seconds with the Oilers’ Ryan Jones and Shawn Horcoff registering goals in a 28-second span (2:45 and 3:13, respectively) and Marian Gaborik and Brian Boyle recording goals in a 25-second span (7:12 and 7:37, respectively).  The Rangers’ four goals in the second period were their most in a period since they registered four in the third period at Florida on Apr. 3, 2010.
  • Marian Gaborik tallied his second hat trick as a Ranger, and 11th of his career, with three goals, added an assist and registered a career-high, plus-five rating.  Gaborik recorded his first hat trick as a Ranger on Jan. 31, 2010 at Colorado.
  • Alex Frolov notched two goals and two assists, recorded a career-high, plus-five rating and tied for the game-high with five shots on goal.  His last four-point game was on Mar. 8, 2010 vs. Columbus (one goal, three assists), and his last multi-goal game was on Dec. 31, 2009 at Minnesota (two goals).
  • Erik Christensen registered career-highs with three assists and a plus-five rating, and won a team-high, eight faceoffs in 11 attempts (73%).  His three points also tied his career-high, last accomplished on Feb. 14, 2010 vs. Tampa Bay (two goals, one assist).
  • Martin Biron stopped 19 shots to improve to 3-2-0 overall and 2-2-0 at Madison Square Garden.  He has held opponents to two or fewer goals in four of his five starts this season, and has won each of the last two games.
  • Brian Boyle notched the game winning goal at 7:37 of the second period, and has now tallied four goals in the last five games.  He is tied for 12th in the NHL with eight goals on the season.
  • The Blueshirts’ penalty kill has surrendered just one goal in their last five contests, registering a 93.3% success rate (14-15) over the span.
  • Artem Anisimov recorded one goal at 13:17 of the second period, and tied for the game-high with five shots on goal.  Anisimov has registered seven points (three goals, four assists) in the last seven games.
  • Ruslan Fedotenko registered two points (one goal, one assist), including the primary assist on Brian Boyle’s game winning goal.  Fedotenko has recorded four points (two goals, two assists) in the last two games.
  • Rangers’ rookie Derek Stepan tallied a career-high, two assists, recorded a plus-two rating and won seven of 11 faceoffs (64%).
  • Matt Gilroy, Brandon Prust and Sean Avery each registered one assist in the contest.  Gilroy also recorded a career-high, plus-three rating in 16:08 of ice time.
  • The Rangers will conclude their fourth of 18 back-to-back sets tomorrow, Nov. 15, when they face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at the CONSOL Energy Center (7:00 p.m.).  The game will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


John Tortorella on today’s game… “I like the way we played when the game was there.  I thought we played well defensively.  I thought we played well.  I think this is an important step for a team to make in the last game of a home stand.  We win a game on a 4-on-4 (in overtime) which we didn’t too often last year against Buffalo and win another one at home…that is what I am focusing on…how we approached it and I thought we did a pretty good job of that today.”

Marian Gaborik on today’s game… “I felt good.  It is a relief when you get one under your belt in the first period.  I felt good and hopefully I can keep it up.”

Martin Biron on today’s game… “In the first period, both teams were just feeling each other out.  We ended up being in a hole early in the second and that is when the guys stepped it up.  They played extremely well on both sides of the ice.

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  1. And the Steelers are doing what they do best versus the Patriots. Lay down and roll over.

    Gift of Gab…Im still waiting on my invitation ;-)

    Im also still waiting for my best man invitation to Derek Jeter’s future wedding. Should be here any day now :P

  2. again i am a diehard ranger fan….i bleed true blue but Tiki-he did what needed to be done? this was not a retaliation for a hit on gabby or for running into biron or for some history avery had with smid…it was IMO (and i know im outnumbered here a bordeline dirty play/cheapshot by avery) you either drop the gloves right away like the heavyweights did or u dont drop them at all….it was 5-2 in a non-rival game….i mean we might not see the oilers @ the garden until 2012!!!! there was 12 min left to go and i think it was relatively stupid…if the opposition was a team in the eastern conference we would be discussing how we are going to defend gabby the next time around….im not saying bow down to other team but smid came over to defend has teammate and avery (After a clean hit) should drop em right away or skate off….

  3. we’ll agree to disagree Seth. it was perfectly legal, perfectly orchestrated by a classy classy Sean Avery. However, you’re right about the hypothetical East Conf. team and fear of retaliation in future games.

    Im in a very very very angry mood right now. I meant no attack on your fandom of the Rangers.

  4. i hear ya TIKI no worries….LETS GO RANGERS…..lets take care of biz tomorrow-we were horrible in the IGLOO so we get a fresh start tomorrow @ the Consol Energy Center…..lets stay out of the box and get the puck deep and get that forecheck going!

  5. This was my 8 yearold sisters’ first game… her and every other kid there today are automatically life long Ranger fans. I love it, one of best regular season games I ever attended. P.S. she got a Gaborik autograph after the game =)

  6. Seth, like I said in the previous post, if you want to see a cheapshot, then look up the Carcillo sucker punch on Bradley. He punched Bradley before Bradley had a chance to drop his gloves. Smid dropped his gloves, and made the mistake of not grabbing Aves’ arm, like you’re supposed to do.

    I have no problem with what Aves did. If it happened to one of the NYR players, I still wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  7. This effort was bush-league … any other team would have put up 10 or more on this mickey-mouse Edmonton JV squad … :)

  8. i am not saying smid is blameless he should have been prepared for it after he continued to atagonize avery and provoke him with the stick slash but it is still a borderline cheapshot and more importantly it was unnecessary…..when you are winning 5-2 the opposition is looking for motivation and there is no reason to get them fired up…and regardless of it was clean or not once he is off the ice headed to the locker room he cannot stop -just keep walking and go cool off in the shower….

  9. Looking at the Avery incident live, you could tell the whole time that Avery was going to fight him. There was no point where I even slightly doubted it. If I, from the 300 level, could be so sure, then i’m sure Smid knew too.

  10. Seth- I agree

    The reason Smid gets a chance to drop his gloves is because he’s able to move away from Avery. He was almost facing the same direction as Avery with his skates kind looking over his shoulder. His right shoulder. Smid’s right handed if was expecting to scrap he’d be turned the other way. He left himself way too vulnerable and I have to believe it’s because Avery said ‘next shift’ or something very similar. To me it looks like Smid was disengaging. I don’t know what ‘the code’ says about changing your mind but Smid learned a lesson the hard way.

    Nothing compares to that other piece of Carcillo.

  11. Blue Seat Horror on

    This was my 5 year old son’s first game, and man was this an instant classic. Kid’s day indeed!

    Thankfully my son was treated to real hockey and not Bettman hockey. He’s been constantly clapping the Let’s Go Rangers since we left the game. The Garden Faithful increased by one today.

    I was shocked when the Rangers didn’t have a goal disallowed. Almost felt wrong.

    I see the same people that wired the electricity for The Rock also wired the new Giant’s stadium (both have had embarrassing power failures in their inaugural season).

  12. Dd, that’s a good point. Maybe fighters should write down actual “codes” so guys like Smid can know what to do, and what not to do.

    If anything, people should be complaining that Aves threw some shots after he right handed him.

    Personally, I don’t care. I was entertained.

  13. And you know what – on an 8-2 win – we shouldn’t be writing about Avery whopping on that idiot Smid.

    Frolov – 2/2
    Gabby 3/1
    Chrstriansan +5

    we now actually have 2 top lines and boyle is in the top of the goal scoring charts!

  14. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Great game today, boneheads. Loved the old time hockey. Wasn’t sure what to think of the Avery fight at first, but they did both drop their gloves at the same time so its a fair fight, Aves just pounced on him like a cat. Anyway loved Gabbys hat trick, and even though I’ve been known to say EC sucks he did have a rare really good game today so I give hin credit for that.

    Also, hopefully Froloaf regains some confidence now, and I thought Stepan also had a real strong game,probably his second best game so far. Gilroy also suprised me with his play, he had a good game.

    Hopefully confidence is riding high in the Rangers lockeroom after a game like that.

  15. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, Sept. Froloaf had one great game against the worst team in the NHL, and EC had one of his best.

    There’s a reason why we beat them 8-2.

    Before we get all excited, lets see if these guys can actually be consistent.

  16. Yep N Country. 3 wins from backup Biron. Excellent. Hank will be fresh in the tail end of the season. Im lovin this Biron. I thought he was an excellent signing the moment it was made.

  17. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i agree the Oilers are a team that we had to beat because they are obviously pretty bad, but a wins a win and I think its just the type of team the Rangers needed to play to get some production out of the Froloafs and EC’s of the team.

  18. I just want to put my $.02 in here. I think the lesson here is this, don’t mess with Sean Avery. You want to fight and stick up for your teammate, Smid, then drop your gloves. Don’t come over and dance around the issue about whether you want to fight or not, if you don’t, stay away from Avery, if you do, drop the gloves.

    The kid got knocked down with a good right, end of story. Next time, maybe he’ll learn his lesson and keep his gloves on and stay away.

    All this crying from the Oilers. Shut up already, you got your a$$es handed to you on this trip and you’re crying about Avery ended the fight which your own player started. Give us a break.

    The Oilers sound like a bunch of entitled babies who should win every game because they are the Edmonton Oilers. They were looking for it all afternoon and they got their rear ends handed to em and now they want to cry about it. Back on the plane boys, the Rangers will be there sometime soon.

  19. avery’s deal is done after this year is that accurate?

    avery is not a very good player. he is a good skating nuisance who has brick hands.

    why discuss the firght for 5 hours, who cares. smid wanted to fight and avery got him. smid also has a visor…

    edmonton in there own zone is beyond horrible.. stepan is playing much better. he has very good vision and is stronger on the puck.. he is going to be here for a long time..

    gilroy played some forward. good for him. as I said a few weeks ago they should suit him up all the time and play him in both positions. boogard stinks, play him against thug teams and leave it at that.

  20. I think Avery caught a little visor when he punched him.

    And Smid had one of those giant visors that goes almost down to your upper lip, I think.

    I saw him shaking his hand. I don’t know if he was doing that as a joke.

  21. Czechthemout!!!! on

    The worst thing is listening to the clowns on NHL network. Especially Craig Buttun. But what reallyissed me off is that Cristensen echoing that crap. What a loser he is. And how dare he speak publicly against his teammate. He should have said that he needed to look at the tape first. If he does, he he would see that Avery DID NOT sucker punch him. All these Canadian a—holes sang the praises of Darcy Tucker, one of the dirtiest and cheapest players in the league.

  22. What did EC say??

    EJ Hardon says that he hears that there wont be any suspensions, but there will be fines.

    How does Pecker not get suspended?? I had no idea that you can jump off the bench during a TV timeout and try and fight someone who’s being taken out of the game. Unreal.

  23. I knew Christensen was a big Timmy, for timid, the way he plays. and how about that idiot hugging Gaborik on his bad shoulder when he was down wincing over his shoulder hitting the post hard.

    it does not surprise me that EC is a big wuss who needs to get yet another new team for himself if this journeyman can’t even support his own teammates.

  24. that is the same garbage that Dick Button was spewing on the “on the fly” show, that Avery’s teammates should be angry with him.. and EC buys into it and takes the Edm media line. whata jerk

  25. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Ec said that ” Sean may have hit when he wasn’t looking ” clearly EC was not looking either because Smid was looking right at Avery and dropped his gloves, got his ass kicked, end of story.
    EC is a wuss who should have kept his mouth shut and stuck up for his teammate.

  26. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Hey EC, you wuss! Did you stick up for Gabby when Carcillo went after? Avery did. Did you stick up for your teammate earlier this season? Avery did. You are a damn wuss! Just remember the next time someone cheap shots you,Avery may not be there to stick up for you ,punk!

  27. exactly. he was looking right at him and dropped his gloves. end of controversy, except for guys like EC, who should not be making comments out of ignorance before he sees the actual tape.

  28. And here I was, giving the guy credit for a well played game.

    It’s one thing to be an inconsistent little sh*t of a midget man, but to not back your own teammate up?? He needs to be destroyed be Orpik tomorrow!! Bastard.

    The only reason why he was hugging Gabby so glee-ishly, is because he was so happy when he found out that his meal ticket was not hurt.

    Get rid of this dope. Dreary and Prospal can’t come back soon enough! Send his ass to Hartford!

  29. I should have just went to sleep! Now I’m all mad!

    I was going to watch Ferris Buellers Day Off, now I want to watch The Terminator.

    I’m going to imagine that EC is the Sarah Conner that The Terminator mistakenly destroys!

    I love that scene!

    Terminator: Sarah Conn-Ah??
    Sarah: Yyyeeesss??


  30. Where’s everyone seeing the Christensen quote? I really hope that’s taken out of context because that’s awful to speak out against your teammate.

  31. Hey gang, missed the game cause I was running errands and then napping cause I am sick as dog. Managed the watch the game on DVR and holy wow, was that fun. Looks like we got ourselves a first line, if only all 3 of them can keep it up.

    The brawl in the third. Avery surprised Smid, from what I saw. Borderline sucker punch, but Smid asked first and then wasn’t ready when Avery threw down. The melee that followed is all Edmonton’s fault, Avery was leaving, yapping with Whitney, but leaving, then Peckham made it worse by going after Avery, to the point where he nearly followed him off ice. Good for Boyle to drag him back and knock some sense into him. Whoever the idiot was that went after Dubinsky on the bench should be suspended. Speaking of that, I had to laugh at Torts holding Dubi back. Don’t think I’d ever call Torts a peacemaker, but that is what he was.

    Big game against Cindy tomorrow night.

  32. I didn’t get to see the game, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the score.

    I’m glad Gabby’s shoulder wasn’t hurt on that deke goal.

    Marty Biron is looking like a nice addition.

    Dubiii, when you mentioned that stat, it reminded me of how ESPN’s player pages make a prediction of what a guy’s stats will look like at the end of the season… How crazy would it be if Boyle’s stat line at the end of the season was 34 goals and 0 assists? Haha.

    Now, I wouldn’t expect that to happen at all–he’s bound to get some assists on the way, so maybe it might be more like 20 goals 10 assists, but you’re right, it is funny that Boyle has 0 assists and all these goals.

  33. Sorry, meant to say that the ESPN player pages make a PROJECTION of a guy’s season stats based off of his production-to-date

  34. Slash, watch the second goal Biron gives up. Haha!

    Biron is always hot and icy cold. Having a weak defense in front of him wont help.

    I was also in pain from laughing when Torts was holding back Dublowsky. Hilarious!

    As far as suspending that Oiler, eh, I’m sure Dublowsky said something to him. Peckham should be suspended, but I’m sure Campbell will give him a pass since he tried to go after Aves.

    On TSN, they said it was “Kids Day” at the Garden. I wonder how the kids took that scene in the third.

  35. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on


    What a great HOCKEY game! It should do a lot for team unity on the physical front. Great hit by avery and as far as the rest goes…..well, smid got rocked while simultaneously dropping his gloves with avery moments before (anyone have any questions of what a cheap shot is, just look at any clip of tie domi’s sucker punch of ulfie like this one , sorry the quality isn’t the best).

    After an all around good showing by the team in one game (a great game, but still only one game folks) a game permanently saved on the dvr, my absolute most fave ranger game since the lockout, I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone from the game.

    HOWEVER, EC needs to go, PERIOD!! I saw his interview and comments on NHL on the fly on NHLN and the guy is an idiot!!! I was thinking during the game where he played fairly well who would sit when drury came back, his mouth just made that decision very simple. That type of selling out a teammate will ruin a locker room and chemistry. He needs to go, ZERO excuse for what he said!!!


  36. Well, here I am making an attempt at defending
    EC as he’s called, and for the same reasons. I know nothing of what was said after the game, but in response to those who castigate Christensen for an honest response rather than a rah rah response.. could it just be that he is an honest person who doesn’t toe the line about what was right or wrong? There seems to be a clique here of people who despise Christensen, for some reason that I have not quite fathomed……….and it is also noticed that this group has no tolerance for Christensen for any reason other than he has not done his job along the lines that they prefer to see in their payers. Once one gets on their black list, he is cooked goose for his entire Ranger career. He can do no right.

    I also recall seeing an earlier posting where someone asked the plaintive question “Why is Christensen still on this team?”….I’ll endeavor to answer it as I have done since training camp………………He is here becasue he fits a niche that every successful team needs….he is capable.. when put on a line with very capable players,
    of putting in a game like this one – the type of game where he makes it possible for the shot makers to do what they do very well. They wonder why Rangers do not go and get a better center than he is. Perhaps they have not found one yet. Perhaps there is not an affordable one that they were able to make a deal for. Any number of possibilities could be the reason.

  37. fran

    EC was not honest…he said that Avery got the other guy while the guy wasnt looking… well, that is not true…the guy was staring at Avery and Avery turned out to be quicker than the other guy.

    You keep defending EC…so i want to say something…i admire your opinion and knowledge of the game, so i mean no disrespect but i remember how critical you were of Jagr and how much you wanted him gone even when Jagr was still doing great things for this organization…I’ve read your comments on NYPost blog quite often :)

    What i’m trying to say is that Jagr was a very valuable player and you (and many many others) criticized him to no end! EC is a ghost, always had and always will be and yet you defend him constantly.

  38. EC sucks more now than he ever did.

    You always have your teammates back, unless they pull a Simon, or a Bertuzzi.

    He’s probably pissed that Aves didn’t take him to a fashion show. A guy like Pee Wee is better off at a video game convention, or laser tag.

    Out with him!

  39. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    He should have kept his mouth shut (if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all) when asked the question. An “I didn’t see it” or some other response of similar wording would have been the “good teammate” thing to do. Honest answer or not, that was a very crappy teammate thing to do/say.

    How many times after a ranger loss in which hank gave up a “soft” goal do you hear some of the skaters in post game interviews go “well, hank sure gave up a softie that killed us didn’t he?”. You don’t, I’m sure most of them are well aware of the softie hank let in, but they don’t say it even though that would be an “honest” assessment/statement. Good teammates don’t do that.

    Would Adam Graves had said what EC said? Nope…GREAT TEAMMATE!!!!

    EC and his “honest” mouth need to go!!!!

  40. and speakin g of honesty.. how honest it was from Edmonton to have 8 players on the ice against 5 Rangers and then Stortini going after Prust who is A LOT smaller player than Stortini! Talking about ‘hockey honesty’

    …i am watching rangers in 60 right now… Smid clearly dropped his gloves and then for some reason turned his face to the side as soon as Avery grabbed him! BOOOM, Avery knocked him the freak out! Also, you can see Avery nodding his head right before he grabbed Smid as if he’s agreeing to fight now. Oh and i think that last three goals were scored as a direct result of the brawl that Avery started… so Avery did his job well.

  41. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    btw, I have the utmost respect for you and your opinions. I just respectfully disagree with you on the EC comments tonight.

    gotta love linda cohn talking about the brawl at the end of sportscentre! She is a true ranger fan!!

  42. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    couldn’t agree more on the 3 goals being a direct result of the brawl!!!

  43. wicky© (EC is a JOKE of a teammate!!) on

    btw, anyone think the pens d man engelland goes with boogey tomorrow??

  44. Well I have to admit that I didn’t see the commentary made after the game, and you all did, so I bow to your opinions. As for Jagr, my criticisms of him were largely directed at his effect on players like Roszival, who changed their natural game style to fit into his. When he was on the ice, other players totally operated around his presence rather than play the game as a team. I also was irritated by his behavior on ice where he would stay on til exhaustion, and then stroll to the bench. I always admired his personal capabilities as a player but thought ( and still do) that he was a hindrance to the development of some of the other players who were in
    his thrall. But seeing that there are so many of you who
    think this way, I am probably taking the wrong view here…it isn’t the first time I’ve been wrong about things,
    ( and probably won’t be the last either.) Your points well taken…mea culpa.

  45. not saying much, but CCCP, the Rangers did have 10 guys on the ice last year vs. the Canucks having 5 during that mini brawl. just wanted to point that out. not sure what I make of EC. but what was Callahan saying to Avery right after avery punched the kid?

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