Hail the Heritage


I have to say, I normally loathe third jerseys and other gimmicks designed to get into your wallet. But, as third jerseys go, the Rangers’ Heritage jersey is pretty cool.

I wish I could show it to you here, but I’m having a terrible time uploading the promotional images I received this morning. If I figure it out between now and my assignment in a little while, I’ll post one or two of the photos.

But until then, if you want to see it, go to the Rangers’ team site (link to the right). The jersey has some cool features, like the stitching of the team’s retired numbers across the bottom, and the “1926: sewn into the collar.

Would I pay big money for it? No sir. But I’m sure a lot of you would.


Let the talk begin: Tom Renney comes back to MSG tomorrow afternoon. Thoughts?


As you can see, I was able to download one of the photos … but only one. If I can I’ll post the others later.

Photo by Angela Cranford/MSG Photos

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    way to go Tony. And boneheads, don’t forget, Tony’s gonna be in NY this week!!

    Thanks for the Carping Carp, gotta keep my numbers up!!
    C3 said the authentic jersey was $385. looks like I’ll be waiting a while to get mine…grrrr

  2. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Tony, have an uneventful flight! Let us know when you land so we can rejoice!! Enjoy your trip, and seriously, we have to plan a Fest in AZ lol!

  3. C3P….noticed the same thing….so, I guess you can only buy the official in person right now at the NHL store or at the Garden…

  4. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I noticed on the Rangers website, when you go to the team store, the replica doesn’t have the 85th anniversary patch on the shoulder which is lame. I also wonder if the replica has the retired numbers stitched to the bottom of the back?

    Anyone know?

  5. Gift of GAB-orik on

    also… on the promo pics, they have the new jersey and socks, but same pants shell? The red and blue is off, and it looks a little ridiculous.

    I’m curious about the helmet color. I’m sure Sean Avery is too… i mean he didn’t intern at Vogue for nothing!

  6. Gift of GAB-orik on

    In regards to jersey pricing… you guys should check out http://www.pro-jerseys.com in coming weeks, he’s gonna have the Heritage jersey, and he does all the stiching and what not. I’ve gotten a few jerseys from him, and they’re high quality and very reasonably priced.

    He’s got a store at the Smithhaven mall on Long Island too.

  7. Since when is 85 a milestone? I guess any number that ends in 0 or 5 is supposed to be special. That and the fact that the Rangers needed to recoup some revenue from missing the playoffs. Couldn’t sell playoff seats? Sell jerseys.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik on

    $385 is OUTRAGEOUS. Talk about gouging the customers… i guess they have to charge and arm and leg after making a spectacle of the whole thing. I’ve spent less than that purchasing jerseys that were autographed! WTB carcillo is that??

    I wasn’t sold(pun intended) on the jersey from the previously leaked photos… though seeing them from yesterday I do think the jersey is nice, and they did do a wonderful job capturing the history of the team… but i’m not paying $385 for it.

    A year from now those jerseys will be half the price. And you’ll be able to get them online much cheaper once wholesalers get a hold of them.

  9. Gift of GAB-orik on

    No prob Tony… i’ve done business with that company numerous times, and I wouldn’t buy a jersey anywhere else.

  10. >>…the stitching of the team’s retired numbers across the bottom

    I normally loathe anything that has to do with retiring of jerseys, but I must admit this is pretty cool. Watch for other teams to start doing it soon. The Montreal Canadiens might run out of room on theirs, though.

    By the way, were the Rangers the first team to wear laced collar jerseys?

  11. >>$385 is OUTRAGEOUS. Talk about gouging the customers…

    It’s not outrageous if there are people willing to pay it. And, it’s not gouging because it’s not a necessity.

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dolan isn’t getting a dime from me as long as he keeps Sather on the payroll.

    Nice Jersey though.

  13. Gift of GAB-orik on


    it is still outrageous. The fact that people will pay it doesn’t change that fact. You can get an HD TV for that kind of money.

    And it’s ABSOLUTELY gouging. They made an event out of it, they manufactured the hype, they got players involved. It’s business 101. Right now you can only get it at the NHL store or if you were there in person. Keeping demand up, and supplies low.

    Prices will come down… they always do.

    But i guess if you gotta be one of the first to have it… and you can afford to blow $400 on a jersey, hey more power to you.

    I just don’t see how anyone can justify almost $400 for a hockey jersey.

  14. Gift of GAB-orik on

    We all are.

    We pay the ticket prices, but $8 beers, $6 pretzles and so forth to watch our beloved team… and shell out big bucks for merchandise. I’m sure i’ll own this jersey one day… but just not for $385! but then again… if i was rich i wouldn’t care… so it’s all relative.

  15. I believe the numbers on the bottom are optional… and how else you incorporate 85 years into a jersey without retired numbers? I think it’s a classy touch.

  16. I have a quetion. Yesterday at 11:15 I posted and Carp new posted at the same time. My post got listed first in the order with both having the same time stamp. So, was I Carped, was Carp Old Coached or do we split the difference and call it a co-Carping?

  17. Renney is a clueless idiot, a phony whose attempts at gladhanding players and schmoozing the media were nothing but p.r. gestures aimed at glossing over his failures as an nhl coach.

    all you have to do is look at his work in Vancouver, where he had some of the greatest stars in the game, and he was such a miserable failure that the players got him fired after he tried to turn superstars into trapping neutral zone robots.

  18. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    safe journey!!

    will you sign my chest???

    I actually have a bit of an issue with boogey sitting again. Edmonton isn’t the flyers or anything, but regardless of how much ice time he does or doesn’t get, he is more a part of this team than white is going to be, so he should play. If sick or injured, then I understand the scratch!

    off to work, later assens!

  19. I don’t know Renney personally, perhaps you do. Being critical of his coaching is one thing but to attack his character makes you look foolish. Anything I’ve ever seen or heard has him being a class act.

  20. here is a partial list of some of the players he had in Vanc in the ’96 and 97 couple seasons before he got fired

    Bure, Messier, Mogilny, Linden, Naslund, Tikkanen, Nemchinov

  21. he is so snooty and pretentious (see, Renney, I can do it too) that he uses a plethora of multi-syllabic verbiage in an effort to feign superiority over his detractors

  22. let’s see. in both of his coaching stints, the players have quit on him, forcing a mid-season firing. that is not a good resume.

    remember that game in Dallas??

    and let me point out that if Renney had gotten his way, if not for injuries and the fans, Kevin (sieve) Weekes would still be his starting goalie, and Henrik would be sitting on the bench.

  23. Gift of GAB-orik on

    What are all you Renney haters complaining aboot? He was good for the organ-EYE-zation. Winning seasons… returned to the playoffs…. and gave us the term Prucha’d!

    He was a gentleman and a scholar. And a patsy for Sather. And he enjoyed Canada Dry gingerale, Molson Canadian beers, Labatt blue, and hunting bears with his fists.
    Oh… and he speaks Canadian… in english. He’s the most interesting coach in the world.

    Stay strategic my friends!

  24. Renney can stock up on gum from Chinatown while he’s here. Am I crazy or is that a lot of gum?

  25. anyone who watched that draft program a number of years back, where they followed the Ranger front office guys with a camera and mike during the lead up to and at the draft table. the fans were able to see and hear that Renney had a lot to say and do with the mis-management of the Rangers in his prior role as player personnel director. he was a major cause of the poor drafting and player evaluation that went on in Sathers’ first 5 or 6 years.

  26. CCCP – have another pint and then let me know what you think (see 2:30 pm) :P

    Are those pix on the Boneheads page?

  27. i’m on my second pint! feeling a bit tipsy now! :P

    ddebened, are you on facebook? the pix are in my profile… my name on facebook is

    Ranger Odessit

  28. well..i just added pix from last night to the boneheads group.

    Btw, Hank and Dubi dissed me last night by walking right by and totally ignoring me while i was screaming on top of my lungs ‘PLEASE SING MY JERSEY!!!’

  29. Maybe Dubinsky didnt want to dirty your jersey with his boogie fingers!

    And Henrik felt uncomfortably @SINGing@ your jersey!

  30. Good afternoon, Carp!

    CCCP, looking good! As always! That stinks that you got dissed. I will give Dubi a firm bop on the nose for ignoring you.

  31. finishing 9th, appropriately, in the 4th race at Aqueduct today is “Shine Box”. Carp, they are stealing your material.

  32. CCCP – Good stuff, Thanks!

    Photo #20, was she asked “So, what’is the most intimate thing you can tell us about CCCP?” :P

  33. Did anyone go to the jersey unveiling even at Rockefeller Center? I work across the street so I stopped by on my way to the subway. I stayed for the Boyle/Foitu and Duguay/Avery interviews then left, because it looked like the whole thing was going to take forever and I just wanted to see the jersey.

  34. renney is a class act…i met him once (along with dave maloney) in a parkin lot after a game…came over to my car autographed stuff and talked to me and my uncle for about an hour about hockey and everything rangers…..he is a class act….as are pretty much all rangers ive met past or present…

  35. Cool story vibz –

    This kind of helps to zero in on what Dubi will be expecting, pretty comparable to Backes stats although he’ll be RFA vs UFA.

    Obviously the longer the contract the more per season but he probably falls around $4M per IMO

    Jeff Carter (26 in Jan) signs 11-year deal $58-million contract extension $5.27 Mil cap hit
    397 Gms 153 G 138 A 291 Pts

    David Backes (27 in May, UFA to be) signs 5-year, $22.5M extension $4.5 Mil cap hit
    291 Gms 72 G 89 A 161 Pts

    Brandon Dubinsky (RFA, 25 in Apr)
    255 Gms 57 G 83 A 140 Pts

  36. ny2, you can have your opinion, especially about Renney as a coach. But he is not a clueless idiot and he is not a phony. Know that. He is one of the classiest people ever hired by the Rangers organization. That’s fact and truth.

  37. Tony, right now the plan is for me to cover that game … can you meet me behind the pressbox over the Zamboni entrance either during warmups or toward the end of the first intermission?

  38. the players made it very clear what they thought of Renney in that Dallas game. remember Sather went to that game with his finger on the trigger. Renney was on very thin ice, the players and everyone else knew it, and what was their response? they responded by quitting on him, laying down and getting him fired. THAT is what they thought of him.

    oh, and let’s not forget that nhl poll of the players, in which not one single vote went to Renney, not even one of his 23 players would give him a vote. that again tells it all.

    there is a big difference in being nice to reporters and fans, and having the respect of his employees.

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’d love to see the Rangers extend a contract in the middle of a season for once. I get jealous of all the other teams’ fans who don’t have to wait until training camp to know that their team’s core is still intact.

    Sather is just a frustrated mystery writer.

  40. That poll surveyed 50 players, there are 690 players in the NHL currently. They may have only spoken to 1 or 2 of his players. And who’s saying he’s the ‘best’ coach in the league? Only 1 coach is.
    I don’t want to argue about his coaching ability. I’m just saying if your going to question his integrity you better have something to back it up.

  41. Here are my thoughts on Renney. As for his integrity, if Jaromir Jagr is close friends with him, that speaks volumes about his character.

  42. Always liked Renney. His system of play stopped working with the players the team had. It was Jagr’s team and he made it that way. He practically begged Slats to resign him. I have tremendous respect for Tom because he brought respectability back to the Rangers after the lockout. It sucks that it didn’t work out. Life goes on.

    I like what Torts has done so far. He is a very good coach. I think he has made Cally and Duby much better players. He has coached Artie well too. What he has preached about building a core and developing your own kids is great. It sounds like he is it for the long haul.

  43. Blue Seat Horror on

    I guess it was a lose-lose regarding announcers for Buffalo-Wash game: Beninobby or Degenerett.

  44. Just saw on twitter:

    byndblueshirts: In pre-game interview #WolfPack assistant coach J.J. Daigneault revealed that Dane Byers requested a trade. #NYR

    I guess now that trade makes sense…

  45. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Renney is a joke. I just hope he doesn’t get too much camera time, I don’t know how many mouthfuls of gum I can watch tomorrow.

  46. Another reason the Byers trade was done was because he was reaching the limit of veteran players on the AHL roster. There’s a rule that only so many players with a specified amount (can’t recall that exact #) of professional games, i.e. AHL, NHL, European leagues, can dress for each game. Kolarik has less games toward that amount. This is useful when Drury and Prospal return because White is probably the odd-man out.

  47. Oh that’s nasty Linda

    CTB- Good pernt

    Each team shall be limited to four (4) Veterans on its Active Roster. A Veteran shall mean a Player, other than a goaltender, who has played in at least 260 regular season games of professional hockey.

    Wow, Scott Hartnell was the #6 pick overall in 2000.

  48. Wolf Pack knotted at 1-1 in the second stanza Jeremy Williams with the tally.

    Redden with a fight tonight.

  49. Pack lose 4-3 in SO

    Newly acquired Chad Kolarik with a goal; Jeremy Williams with 2.

    Looked like a fiesty game Redden, Kundratek and Newbury dropped the gloves. 8 roughing penalties.

    Mats Zuccarello, Jeremy Williams. Tim Kennedy and Chad Kolarik fail in SO.

    Why can’t we see our AHL affiliate without paying $7 to see it streamed online?

  50. Vanek completely undressed Carlsson and the Caps backup goalie to score the winner in OT. Sabres catch up to the Devils with first home win of the season.

  51. I’ll be there tomorrow. I’m guessing the ice will be a mess. An early game the day after a Dave Matthews concert and warm weather. Doesn’t sound like a good combination at all.

  52. morg- cool pic even in B & W

    as far as that chart- too many bears for so many numbers, looks interesting though, I’ll try and digest that tomorrow but:

    “surprisingly, it was Frolov who took a seat in overtime. ”

    Stupid ass lateral passes aside 4 on 4 improves EC and worsens Frolov

    “That left the second pairing of Steve Eminger and Michael Del Zotto exposed and boy oh boy did the Sabres take advantage of them.”

    IIRC there was one shift where a failed clearing attempt (by a forward I believe) got them trapped and on their heals -Still no goals scored against

    Interesting but not surprising:

    “Because Tortorella was protecting Gaborik’s group, these three (AA line) were often out there against Tyler Myers, and they also spent a good 40% of their ice time against the Sabres top unit.”

    I like the Staal/Girardi comments, the grass is always greener isn’t it

  53. It’s fun to try and reduce a sport down to numbers. ERA, Plus-minus, Completion percentage, this-that per time on ice etc, etc.
    I do it all the time. But in the most dynamic of sports, hockey, are there times when numbers are irrelevant.
    Take Ryan Callahan. How do put a number on heart– on hustle? Is he the definition of synergy? Is he greater than the sum of his hits, blocked shots goals and assists? Does that even make sense?

    That’s all! pbsst!

  54. ddeb

    You are absolutely correct. I too feel uneasy around people who castigate players personally …and who often do it without anything more to go on than what they heard from someone. These are not the gladiators of ancient Rome..they’re professional athletes who are trying their best ( in most cases), but this constant demeaning of players.. agghhh.

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