Rangers-Sabres in review


Big day for the Organ-eye-zation today as they unveil their new Heritage jersey, which will be worn Wednesday and a few other games … and which, of course, will be available for sale immediately … and not cheap, I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess.

1) Andrew Gross reminded us yesterday that Sean Avery leaked the unveiling two months ago. If this is indeed the jersey, then it’s pretty similar to the one the Rangers wore for a few Original Six games in 1991-92, including Mark Messier’s Garden debut.

2) Two disallowed goals in two games for Ruslan Fedotenko, and IMO both should have counted. Wonder if the poor guy is getting a little paranoid.

3) Marty Biron might still be sitting in the lockerroom being interviewed if any reporters had remained there. This guy is one of the all-time great talkers, and apparently he’ll talk to anybody (saw him yapping it up with security guards at Nassau Coliseum). Just a nice, outgoing, non-stopper. (kinda like Mike Richter in a way; you’d only have to ask one question to get your notebook filled). But you can tell how much he cares about his team’s success.

4) Congratulations to Rangers equipment manager Acacio Marques of Harrison, who not only worked his 1,000th game last night, but also his 1,000th consecutively.

5) It seems we see one of these boarding/hit from behind penalties every single game now, and I really, really hate the rule. I think players hide behind the idea that they’ll be protected and put themselves in dangerous, vulnerable positions because of it. Worse, I think players purposely put themselves into those positions to try and draw a penalty. All I know is in the old days, before the rule, a player knew he’d get blasted if he turned his back like that, and so he didn’t. So he squared up and faced the oncoming opponent. And there were good, hard, legal collisions and almost never an injury caused by going head-first into the boards or glass. I say, get rid of the penalty and the hits from behind will desist.

6) Here is my column on Marian Gaborik’s return, from The Journal News and LoHud.com.

7) Long after the game I asked John Tortorella if he had known that Biron took an Anisimov shot off the sternum during warmups. He said he had no idea and his eyes bugged out. Could you imagine what might have happened …?


AP photo above.

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  1. Jay Riemenschneider on

    5. Heck yeah… the dolts that run this league have only made the officiating mess messier by giving the refs yet another “grey area” call to get wrong at least half the time.

  2. Missed it by THAT much!

    Carp, you’re spot on with point #5. SPOT ON! These needless “safety rules” will eventually take the intensity out of the sport and will end up turning off a lot of fans.

    It sounds like Biron more than makes up for Boogaard’s indifference with reporters. You guys should stop trying to interview the Boogieman. Let him be!

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Was such a pleasure to finally meet Carp. I’ll tell you, he is as true to what he says and does in real life as he is on the blog. What a great, great gentleman. We are really lucky to have him here.  And I don’t think we tell Carp often enough how much we appreciate what he does for us. He told me he had fun doing it. He didn’t mention how much work it required. 

    Also had a pleasure to meet LW3H. Very nice guy, a bit shy perhaps, surprisingly. :-) What a great bunch of people we have here. Admittedly, I think I understood about 60% of what he was saying. His British accent is a bit too much for me. Well, I’d be very surprised if he understood 40% of what I said. I doubt they hear that strong Russian accent in GB. And that was before beer. Or was it bear, lol?

    In terms of the game. They won. That’s all. The second period was the first time they didn’t have their traditional intensity and I was pleased it didn’t cost us. But they bounced back well. 

    Please, do not separate our AC/DC line. Sabres had very difficult time defending them. As many teams do. Gaborik’s timing is still off, as was obvious on that Kovalchuked one-timer. But he was a threat and Lindy was pressed to deploy his first pair against him. I am starting to get frustrated with mr. Frolov. 

    Biron played well against his former teammates. 
    I thought that both goals should’ve been allowed, btw. 

    MDZ looked better, but still a touch lost in his own zone. I’m not worried at all.  Eminger looked very solid. Staal hasn’t found his game yet. I’m starting to see what Carp has been seeing for awhile- Staal and Girardi end up on the same side way too often. 

    And lastly- Wicky, do you think Sauer has graduated from Mamby Pamby land?  

  4. ilb, you know I got a laugh when I read the bear/beer stuff last night :)

    Wish I could have witnessed your meeting with LW!

  5. Carp, re: point 5:

    I think if Sauer had boarded Roy or Pominville instead Kaleta, he probably would have got a suspension instead of just 2 minutes. There is an obvious double standard when it comes to the star players. The NHL & GMs don’t want them dishing head shots/hits from behind and they don’t want them taking them either. That’s what I hate about the new “rule”…They don’t care if Carcillo does it but they do if Thorton does…

  6. Sauer is so far from mamby pamby land, he’s….. well, i couldnt come up with a joke!

    A very nice win to have to remain above .500. Biron is proving to be a capable backup.

  7. I agree, Tiki. Sauer should be the official 5th d-man. Eminger has been good, but he and Gilroy should rotate with that 6th spot.

    Nice win last night. They better beat Renney’s kiddies tomorrow.

    Day game too!!

  8. Hey, 60% plus 40% equals 100%, right? I’ll work on my New York accent for next year. Good to meet you anyway ilb – have a bear on me.

    Off to the airport now…

  9. Okay, got one:

    Sauer is so far past having graduated Mamby Pamby Land, he’s already having his mid life crisis!

  10. I just went back and looked at the previous post, the end of it to be precise. First, LMAO @ “um new post”. Second, and I am not making this up. I didn’t know White was playing last night. Had I listened to the announcers, I’m sure I’d know. But watching it life- I had no clue.

    I mentioned that to Carp last night- I saw Glen Sather. There was no traffic because of Veterans Day, so I arrived early. He walked in at exactly 5:30 pm rolling the carry-on with Rangers logo on it. Last time I saw him live was 2 years ago at the Rock. Man, he lost a few steps since. I was very surprised to see that. Must be all Olga doing :-) And no, I didn’t ask for his autograph, and, no I didn’t shoot him either.

  11. Just wondering if he had bodyguards or he was walking in a players/coaches entrance to which you couldnt get to.

    I would have gone up to him and tried talking some sense to him or tried to land myself a job by talking about his Gretzky/Messier Oilers.

  12. Orr – LMAO! Mannapping works too! But then not only would I have not gotten a job w. the NYR, I wouldve eventually landed in prison :)

  13. He walked through regular 7th Ave entrance, alone, used his card to go through security and took the elevators in C/D towers side.

  14. Slats does that all the time bit he does alternate sides using the A/B towers sides too.

    He come out of the elevator from the 2? Penn Plaza building and goes right or left.

  15. Blue Seat Horror on

    So who’s going to be the new Whalepack captain now that the Rangers have traded Byers…Redden? There goes our farm system.

  16. CCCP- I hate to say it- but alive is a bit an overstatement. I almost felt bad. I think he should move on to do something less stressful.

  17. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mama- belated condolences on the employment situation. Mother says that if it is helpful you can use her name. Repeatedly.

    I remember the day I left my Company. I told them that after what they said, I couldn’t work for them a minute longer. Then I got up and walked out!

  18. LMAO!!!! That was classic Folk…..thanks Olga, I have indeed been using the family name quite often this week :)

    OK all, it is absolutely beautiful here today, and since I don’t have to be an office drone, I’m off to enjoy while I can. ta for now!

  19. Carp wrote:
    7) Long after the game I asked John Tortorella if he had known that Biron took an Anisimov shot off the sternum during warmups. He said he had no idea and his eyes bugged out. Could you imagine what might have happened …?

    “For the Rangers, now in goal, number 94 Derek Boogaard” – from sniper to netminder! :-)

    When Torts is in a good mood (if that ever happens), someone should ask him what would the Rangers do in an emergency. Kind of a similar dilemma as to who the third catcher is in baseball.

    In a fully shameful plug, I cover this topic in a blog post – just click on my name for the link. It is interesting that two teams have gone the emergency route during the last couple of years – including this past March.

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, I used to work for a big Public Relations Firm. I got fired just for answering the phone.

    “Olga Folkyerself- May I help you?”

  21. Ha, was it for Time Warner Cable, Olga? ‘Cause that’s what all the operators sound like when they pick up the phone. If you get through, that is….

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Then I got a job working in a woman’s underwear factory. What a great job that was! I was pulling down about 500 a week…

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    Then I worked for a Proctologist once. I was the one giving patients the pain killer injections. But I left after a little while.

    It was a dead end job…

  24. Carp- I’m not sure I like or agree with you calling our backup goalie a “non-stopper” :)
    Good point with #5

    Acacio Marques the Brett Favre of equipment managers?? I hope not his wife looked lovely.

  25. wow.. I can’t believe how funny the people here are sometimes. Thanks for making my Friday afternoon a little funnier Olga

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    Finally, My last job was working in a Deli. I was fired for putting my finger in a meat slicer.

    She got fired, too….

  27. LindaCalPruBoylahan on

    Happy Friday my lovely, super attractive, technical and intelligent Boneheads! It’s freakin 80 degrees here today…gonna be 60 tomorrow!!!! Wtb?!?!?!

  28. lmao meat slicer

    NYR_FAN – I agree

    November 12, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Oh yeah….Fedotenko is doing really well for us. I like this guy’s game. He’s not flashy, he just grinds it out and does the ugly, dirty work along the wall and in front. Very good and versatile player. When he does score, it is almost always a big goal.

    He has a role and he’s doing it well right now. He’s only scored more than 20 once in his career, although he could/should have 4 goals at this point which would be an above average scoring pace for him. Goals are gravy IMO.

    I liked how “North and South” Feds, Boyle and Prust kept it.

  29. finally a home win. my record at home games 0-4-1. my sister who takes my tix sometimes is 3-0.

    maybe i should sell some more. anyway here is a list of games i have

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    email me baum27@aol.com if interested.

    carp great meeting u on tues night

  30. For sure dde….

    He is underrated and has been on playoff teams throughout his career. You have to like his playoff resume… esp, 12 goals in ’04, including the game 7 clincher

  31. whoever goes tonight to the NHL store and the unveiling… let me know how much the new jersey is. Need to know how much it’s going to set me back

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    Even back in High School, when I met with the guidance counselor, he said that if I went to college, I had a future as an astronaut. He said based on my grades, I would be taking up space…

  33. C3P….that’s not Feds? haha

    roflmao! The pic looks like it was taken in 1986. Is Russian Pop stuck in the 80s?

  34. NYR_FAN

    I know! The guy is a carbon copy of Fedotenko!

    Russian pop stuck somewhere! I really don’t listen to Russian music at all! New Russian music i should say… it’s all commercial garbage!

    The guy in the picture is a known Casanova! He’s got a great voice but his repertoire blows!

  35. Carp- I don’t know if you remember Cas back in the playland days when he was up in the pro shop. It’s great to see him in the midst of such a great career with the Rangers

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    All-Star ballots go up Monday. Here’s who’s on it:


    Complete joke. Wish nominations were based on this year’s performance not last year and marketing. Guess it would be hard to vote for all-stars based on only one month of play…but Jersey is the biggest joke: Brodeur (injured and playing like garbage); Parise (injured); Kovalchuk (Kovalchuking up and down the ice this year). Garbage!!!

  37. Blue Seat Horror on

    By the way, for those who don’t feel like looking: Lundqvist, Gaborik, and Staal for Rangers.

  38. Blue Seat Horror on

    Re: Sutter. The name of the bar was American Junkie. Sounds reputable. Probably frustrated about having to go into the family business.

  39. I see that Avery was on the 4th line last night. in a couple of more weeks he will be on the 5th line and it will all be Torts fault.

  40. Blue Seat Horror on

    I love how NHL.com has had Kovalchuk’s Kovalchuk in their “Top Headlines” section for three days now. Is somebody bitter?

  41. Blue Seat Horror on

    You’re right, cross check, 15 games is not much of a basis for selecting all-stars. It just sucks that half the guys on the ballot every year are injured.

    But whatever, it’s just for marketing the NHL anyway, so I don’t know why I even spend so much time thinking on it.

  42. Orr-
    3rd – 2011
    1st – within the next for years

    Linda lol I was thinking the same, maybe he or Johnny LaRue can give us a review

  43. Linda – What was the puckdaddy FB message about? I apologize, I didn’t see it right away and thought I’d catch you here to ask you about it.

  44. Blue Seat Horror on

    ddebened, thanks for the Pens-Lightning link. Scared the carcillo out of me when I saw it was Versus Hockey Night on Yahoo. Thankfully no Beninobby.

  45. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i’m glad beninobby seems to be sticking around

    i think ORR’s BYFUGLY will become a fan favorite also, and I see you enjoy the kovalchuked /kovalolchuked too!

  46. Oilers have the look of a Renney team, stopped playing offense after having a lead and have it cost them.

  47. I don’t know Linda, I’m trying to decide how much of this game is due to the fact that the Devils aren’t a good team. Oilers took a lot of penalties in the 3rd.

  48. Arnott and Elias out there for the Devils for 4 on 4, not sure I’d want two of the oldest guys on the team to start.

  49. Blue Seat Horror on

    Oilers have some decent puck movement in the offensive zone that may cause our defense to drift out of position. Not very good defensively though. I think Boyle will play a big role against what looks like a smaller defensive unit.

  50. Yeah, they remind me of the Willie Mays Hayes character from Major League. They might run like Mays but they hit like Carcillo.

  51. Wow, stupid penalty by the Oilers. Helped out a little bit but Oilers have shot themselves in the foot.

  52. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol, between that and boogies goal, this must certainly be another sign of the apocalypse

  53. Blue Seat Horror on

    You’re full of good links tonight ddebened!

    Third Man High: Not enough hockey in their band. They should take a lesson from the Zambonis.

  54. if we cant beat edmonton then honestly we arent a playoff team. watching that whole game they cant defend in there own end at all. much worse then we in defensive zone coverage.


  55. Blue Seat Horror on

    Darn. I forgot that was the Devils first home victory.

    Thanks Chico “John Astin” Resch for reminding me.

  56. Blue Seat Horror on

    You know Renney wasn’t taking this game seriously by playing Dubnyk. He’s got November 14th circled on his calendar.

  57. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO blue!!!! totally awesome… this was my favorite:

    “We didn’t even think he could use a stick. He hasn’t scored since the ’67 expansion for christsakes,” Sather muttered. “Even then I think he just threw a guy with the puck into the net.”

  58. boxcareddiehospodar on

    can someone please tell me why christensen is still playing for us?

    we bury avery on the third line and we give christensen all the chances to play with the top line

    why was he on the ice in the last 2 minutes against washington?

    time for him to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I can tell you why EC is still on the team!!!!

    Because Dreary is injured, and Vinny is injured!!!

    Avery has been sucking, so he deserves less time. He doesn’t play center, so it’s not like EC is stealing his spot. They both don’t deserve to be anywhere near the top line.

    Hopefully when Dreary, and Vinny come back. It’s the last of Pee Wee.

  60. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    glad you enjoyed the comments!

    yes, sauer seems to be holding an associates degree at least. now if they would put vtank in place of gilroy/rozy, we might have a bit of physicality back there.

    dissed by both?

    night assens!!

  61. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Re: EC

    I said it last year: Every time this guy needs to step up, he craps the bed. He will dazzle you when the NYR are up 4-0, but whenever the going gets tough, he vanishes. Torts has him pegged. He is a journeyman for a reason. I think he lacks the balls to play in the NHL. He would be better suited as Todd White’s replacement/extra forwrad.

    I don’t believe Stepan is the next Spezza (as a rookie anyway), but put him with Gabby again. They had chemistry right away. Stepan is struggling too, but EC has no future.

    Make that simple change right now Torts.

  62. Excuse me for diverging from the Hockey etc. for a moment, and allow me to backtrack to something that occurred on Vets day at our USMC celebration..
    I spotted this odd looking vehicle parked in front of the club house and was drawn to it. Owned by Andy Ruiz, a Puerto Rican former soldier with the Air Cavalry, US Army, and I was stunned by what he had done to honor his buddies in Viet Nam. This car is a Suzuki Samurai
    ( but you’d never ID it, and it is totally covered by mementos medals, insignias, photos, and decor from the guys he fought with in Viet Nam. This is dedicated labor of love to all vets and I tell you that there is not a single square inch of this car that is not covered by something, …..inside and out. Even the floor boards.

    You can see this vehicle and Andy on Youtubeufosin Palm Bay. Take a look…he calls it his Vietnam Wall on wheels. He’s trying to get someone in TV to do an article on it.

  63. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agree CW, put Stepan back on Gabbys line, EC sucks and should be gone when Drury and Prospal get back.

  64. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Happy Beautiful Saturday Morning Boneheads!

    C3, how dare they diss you!! Must have been jealous of your good looks!

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