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First some news: Gaborik is back in the lineup after missing 12 with a shoulder injury. Rozsival is out injured. Boogaard is prucha’d. Gilroy goes in for Rozsival, White stays in. Gaborik will start with Frolov and Christensen. Lundqvist in goal.

Also, reports are that the Rangers traded minor-leaguer Dane Byers to Columbus for ┬áChad Kolarik. Relax, that’s not Kotalik.

Quotes to follow.

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  1. Not sure what this Byers trade was about. I guess the Rangers weren’t resigning him after this year. I know Byers was the captain of the Whalerpack so I guess the honors will now go to Dredden?

    From Hockey’s Future re Kotalik…oops I mean Kolarik

    Kolarik is a great skater with speed and quickness. He can create chances on his own and has ability to finish strong. He becomes more effective the stronger he plays. He has soft hands and is a good puckhandler. He is a very determined player. Even though he is a offensive juggernaut, Kolarik needs to focus on his defensive presence.

  2. Gonna go out with the fleshies! Got my jersey on and my good luck puck in hand!

    I’d say “wish me luck on making it home alive”… but unfortunately Buffalo’s pretty used to losing…

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