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First I have to tell you this. Lundqvist was in about half his uniform the whole game, just in case Biron got hurt. And during warmups, Artem Anisimov fired one off Biron’s sternum, and it stung and Biron went and told Lundqvist he might have to put on the full uniform.

Biron = 2 wins. All of Lundqvist’s backups last year = 3 wins.


Marian Gaborik:

“We haven’t been winning lately at home, so this is a big win for us. So it will be confidence for the whole team and we just have to build on it.”

“It wasn’t a pretty game to watch, but it was a tight game. Kind of a grinding game. But we got two points. That’s the most important thing. Marty was great in net, everybody chipped in and helped the team to win.”

On whether he thought he might have had one or two early in the game.

“I just have to kind of get my hands back … and get them on the same page with my legs. But overall I felt pretty good.”

On a big hit he took early.

“Yeah, that was good. That’s what I needed. This is what the game is that you can’t mimic in practice. So it was good that you get bounced around a little bit and feel the action.”

Martin Biron:

“The success we need to have here in our own building really was something that was easy to get going for.”

“We struggled at home, but there hasn’t been a lot of games where we didn’t play well. We played well enough to win a lot of those games. It just hasn’t gone this way. Hopefully you take this first and third period and you take the overtime, and can really look at the good things we did there because I think we played really well in the first and third. The second was a little bit sloppier.”

On how he found out he was starting:

“Just came into the building and ran into Hank and he said he wasn’t feeling that great. So about 25 minutes later, Torts walked in and let me know I was starting. By that time I was kind of already in game mode. I knew I had to be prepared for anything. If it wasn’t for a start, you don’t know if in the first or second you (Lundqvist) start not feeling good on the ice. You never know when you’ve got to go. It’s part of the job. You’ve got to be ready for that.”

On the last two games after a sub-par outing:

“Well, the last one wasn’t a win. It was a loss. The game is where I wanted. I mentioned before the Atlanta game that I didn’t have the best practices I wanted, and before the Toronto and St. Louis games and before tonight, the practices have been good. I think that’s the thing. When you don’t play on a regular basis, your games become the practices, and every time you get on the ice it has to be 100 percent committed, 100 percent focused. 

“It was kind of funny this morning. I had my six-year-old with me at the practice. We skated about a half hour before and 20 minutes afterwards, and he warmed me up pretty good. So maybe I’ve got to give him some credit for that.

“But it was fun to be loose and to go into a game that way.”

“When you’re playing, you’re the guy. And even when you don’t play, I try to go the same routine and try to get my nutrition, get my rest. You never know, especially in a backup role. When you go to a game, if it’s the first, second period, even the third, you have to be ready to make the saves because they’re counting on you to turn the game around or make that save that gives them a chance to come back. So your preparation has to remain the same.”

On that save off the post shot by Hecht:

“That one, Jochen — that’s one of the things where you think (knowing former teammates’) tendencies might work in your favor and it kind of goes against you. He came on his backhand and I thought for sure he was trying to pick the short-side post, and I overplayed it. Before I know it he’s going to the other side and it hits my pad. I didn’t know where it went. I saw on the replay it hit my knob and stayed out. Maybe not the best play for me, but at the same time you’ve got to get some of the bounces.

“I think the first play they scored, there’s a delayed penalty, Danny Girardi has the puck underneath me, there should have been a whistle for me covering it. We didn’t get it. We got a goal disallowed because they said they were going to blow the whistle, and it might have been a quicker whistle than we had all night. So I kind of think the bounces go both ways.”

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