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John Tortorella:

On Biron:

“He kind of gets thrown in. He was at the (morning) skate this morning and I don’t think he had the day to prepare for a game. We found out about Hank this evening. And I thought he made some huge saves. So that’s what I liked about him. He made big saves at key times for us.

“We may not get it to overtime at a point in time without some of the saves he made. So not just for tonight, but for what we’re trying to do with our goalies, he comes back … he had one good game in Toronto, he struggled a little bit in the second one, now he comes back with two good ones. So that’s good new for us, not only for tonight but in the future.”

On the game-winning play:

“It’s a battle by Fed(otenko) initially in the corner. Then another one in the slot area, and Artie, who has done so many good things for us, scores a huge goal, the second one of the night. That’s what Feds has been doing for us, just those little battles. It’s a grind for us to try to win a hockey game and that’s a big win for us.”

 On Gaborik:

“It’s the talent level that he brings. You saw his first couple of shifts, on his first power-play he has a couple of great chances, and that’s just his first game back. He’s dynamic and I think he’s going to make other people better, too.”

On the Anisimov line:

“I think they’ve been good. They played against Backstrom’s line the other night, every shift, and they played well. They just haven’t converted. I think Cally’s fighting that a little bit around the net. But they have played well. You have to be really careful about stats in terms of determing how they’ve played. They’ve played well.”

“Our second period stunk. What we did to them in the first period, they did to us (in the second). That’s why we have to … and then to allow that to happen, and us to score a big goal on them within (the last) minute, and then to have them come down (and score in the final seconds) … we lost battles. They scored two goals where I think we’re (usually) strong, on the posts, not allowing plays coming out of the posts. But our whole second period, we were brutal.”

“Our bench was good (after the late Buffalo goal in the second). I thought we made a couple of mistakes and gave them some good chances, and Marty stood in there. Our bench was fine. We played one good period, played a lousy period, and all we talked about between periods was trying to win A period, and that was the third. We found a way. We certainly have things to work on as far as consistency.”

“I’ll tell you, when you don’t score on your 5-on-3, I’d like to know what the percentage is winning a hockey game. We don’t score on our 5-on-3, we don’t score on our power play, but the key was killing the penalties. We did not allow one in, and that’s a big reason, especially in the third period, why we won the hockey game.”

“We had some chances on the power play. The first one we had some really good chances. I thought we entered OK. I think the biggest thing on our power play is to get the puck the second and third time as far as the battles. I thought our second group struggled with that in keeping possession of the puck. We didn’t score. I don’t think our 5 on 3 was great. But some of the other ones, I thought were pretty good.”

On whether he’d wanted to see Fedotenko’s disallowed goal reviewed:

“It’s a goal. I’m not complaining, but it’s a goal. It’s three of them the past week. That’s two of them for Feds.”

On the brand of hockey they play:

“I don’t think we got it consistently tonight. I thought we did some good forechecking in the first period. I thought we were physical when we had to be. I don’t think we leaned on people in the middle part of that game. That’s what we’re trying to have here, a team that’s going to lean on people, finish their checks, back one another up, which they’ve done from the get-go this year, and just work your forecheck.

“We started playing a little East-West in the second period and it didn’t allow us to play straight-ahead. We need to be a straight-ahead hockey team to allow us to play the way we need to.”

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