Lundqvist is out


Just found out, Henrik Lundqvist showed up at the rink sick. So Martin Biron will play tonight.

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  1. Dang you Seth! Good evening all! Will sadly miss you and the game tonight. ddeb, have to finish my last piece for the Whitney……

    LGR!!!! ta for now….

  2. Lovely, Hank is out. Flu time, baby! I mean, Biron time! Couple of jackwagons just walked in wearing Buffalo jerseys.

  3. Hey, will someone pass on to wicky my wishes for veteran’s day? thanks, I gotta run. ilb, if they get out of hand, just quote C3P :)

  4. Thanks Booger! You did a great job of getting Hank sick.

    Or maybe Hank is using the sickness as an excuse because he’s ashamed he let Erskine make him look like a minor league goalie :P

    Oh, wait! That shot by Erskine was a “good shot”


    Should be good. Biron going up against his old teammates. He needs to get the job done.

  5. You had to figure Byers was getting traded after Clarkson dropped him in pre-season.

    I don’t get why so many had “high hopes” for him. He is and will always be an AHL’er for life.

    Anyway, my prediction for tonight….

    A shootout……


  6. ilb – I don’t drive an iPhone, so I’m incommunicado soon, but I’ll be at 218 D7 (if not throwing up in the bathroom) in a blue Prucha jersey if you want to catch me.

  7. A few jackwagons just walked in wearing Rangers uniforms too. They look drunk already. WTB? I don’t think those should be allowed inside.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to rebound!!!"...& Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Beth!!!

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOO jackwagons !!!!!

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