Gaborik’s in tomorrow; new all-star format


According to several reports out of practice today, Marian Gaborik will play tomorrow vs. Buffalo, after missing 12 games with a shoulder injury.

Which means, in my opinion, it’s put-up or get-out time for Alex Frolov. If he’s playing with Gaborik, he better produce. Or we can start calling him Christopher.


It’s official. The NHL has adopted a fantasy-draft format for the 2011 all-star game. I guess anything’s worth trying with what has become a worthless hockey game.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m going to be there on Thursday. Would you mind if I stopped by and said hello? If I get stuck at work and can’t make it to warmups, what time is best? First intermission?

  2. Doodie, end of first intermission I usually make my way back to the box. unless I am asked to do radio, that’s the best time. Again, not 100 percent sure I’m going to that game yet.

  3. Carp – From the last thread, do you not think that Dubinsky will ever consistently be a 90-100 point guy, with a better supporting cast?

    Also, does Gannett send you on the road? because Id like to stop by and say hello when the Rangers visit the Lightning.

  4. All All-star games are worthless, especially in the contact sports like football and hockey. Except for the extra revenue from attendance I don’t see the sense in them. When I watch an all-star player, I want to see him playing at his best not just going through the motions.

  5. really hope some bum like kaleta doesnt get the bright idea to take some liberties on gabbies shoulder..

  6. With Gabby back in, we should have 2, maybe 3 lines capable of scoring. That makes a big difference in the way teams have to defend against us.

  7. id rather Gabby just come back when he is absolutely definitely 100% healthy. The East is wide open, and his health is priority number 1. Let’s hope he is.

  8. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Honestly I’d rather him back @ the last game of the homestand. Take your time Gabby, we’re not suffering THAT much without you.

  9. Carp – re: All-Star game. I heard on XM radio this morning that they were also tossing around the idea to give home ice advantage to whichever team wins the All-Star game (similar to what MLB does with the World Series). Have you heard anything about that? Personally, I think it is a terrible idea; never liked it ns baseball either…

  10. I think it’s a great idea, LI. The All Star game sucks as it is. Might as well give it some relevance.

    It would be awesome. Maybe the players would actually play hockey instead of the p*$$y game they play.

    I like it.

  11. Even if Dubinsky played on a line with Crosby and Ovechkin, I don’t think he would have a 100 points in a season. He’s not a playmaker nor a pure-goal scorer. He is more of a grinder, who can skate well and play a physical game.

    That is not a knock against him, I just don’t think he has elite offensive skill. He’s never showed that he does. He is an above average top-6 forward who will probably be an all-star this year because of his strong start.

  12. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Now that I read the all star rules, I LIKE IT. Now if only they’d do it outdoors…

  13. Orr – I hear you about the relevance of the game itself; doesn’t that penalize the team that has the better record during the regular season for having home-ice advantage?

  14. if NHL was smart it would make crosby and ovechkin captains. Team Ovechkin vs Team Crosby. play up the rivalry as much as possible

  15. Tiki, I don’t travel anymore. I used to go to all the games, once upon a time. As for Dubinsky, I have my doubts about 90-100 points. But my point was, he is not a finesse player. He has to get dirty to be effective. I think he could be a 30-goal scorer, and if he played with a great center, maybe 80-90 points. I don’t see it much higher than that. And there’d be nothing wrong with those numbers, would there?

    I hate the home-ice riding on an all-star game. It doesn’t motivate the players one iota to play harder. It’s a travesty that a player from the Islanders, for example, might cost the Penguins or the Sharks home-ice in a Game 7. (OK, bad example: Sharks). Thank God MLB has never had a World Series Game 7 since the idiotic home-field all-star idea was put into place.

  16. I think Dubi’s ceiling is 70 points. He’s not enough of a pure passer to rack up the assists and I’d be surprised if he bags much beyond 30 goals as the high water mark in his career. Gaborik didn’t even have 90 points last year (although maybe he would have over 82 games) and Gaborik does just about everything better on the offensive side of the puck than Dubi.

  17. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    Just finished watching the game a few minutes ago and and right now brooks laich is giving a pretty good interview on nhl live!! No way I’m reading past comments and game thread, sorry!!!!

    About the game….

    First of all, has anyone checked on ZZZZZ? Did he have any sort of coronary problem when boogie scored??

    Anyone notice when we stop hitting and playing with an edge, we lose the game??

    Anyone notice when our coaches start talking about taking less penalties and staying out of the box between periods, our team loses its edge and subsequently the game?

    Good on dubi for the scrap!

    Good on sauer for stepping up!

    Is it any coincidence that in the last part of the 2nd period and in the 3rd period when we stop rolling 4 lines and rotating 3 d pairs we basically lose the game? Seems to be a pattern in the majority of our losses.

    Avery needs to get a bit more edge to his game again, he has been flat for the last 3 games.

    I said it a week or so ago and I will say it again, MDZ needs to sit for a game!

    Rozy is really bad!

    Stepan isn’t the second coming of daniel goneau….right?

    We stick check waaaaaaaayy to much!

    Bring up Vtank…PLEASE!!!

    I would not bring gabby back until he was 100% healthy. This is too soon i’m afraid!

  18. A better question is what is Boyle’s ceiling for goals/points?

    I mean, this guy has been unbelievable…and its not just the goal scoring. He is a different player. I remember watching Eric Lindros in the mid-nineties on the Flyers and I see alot of similiarties in Boyle’s game right now. He’s playing like an elite power forward. He’s like a poor man’s Lindros right now. And, he’s only playing an avg of 13 minutes a game!!!

  19. LI

    That might be true, but the playoffs are totally different from the regular season. If anything they should go by who has the best record in the playoffs. I think it would be much better.

    Also, what if a weak team from the East won their division and sat at third place, and then a West team, that’s a part of a tough conference, only lost their division by one point, and had more points than the 2nd or third place team, as well as the East team, but was forced into fourth place and forced to lose home ice advantage. That would obviously be unfair.

    There’s a lot of ways to look at that. I just think the Cup Finals should be a clean slate

    Either use the All Star game to determine who gets home ice advantage, or use the teams records in the playoffs.

    Also get rid of the stupid “division champions” getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It’s completely unfair.

    And add a 3 on 3 after a 4 on 4 in OT. And only give one point if it goes to a shootout.

    I should be the new Bettman. Gary Orrman! I wouldn’t shake like he does, I’ll tell you that right now!

  20. no riszival means gilroy. good all young d corp.

    emminger is the oldest at 27… maybe bring up mcdonaugh or valetenko for a 7th d man just in case!!!!!!!

  21. The list of RFAs forwards next season: AA, Callahan, Dubinsky, Boyle.

    The list of UFAs forwards next year: Frolov, Prospal, White, Fedotenko.


  22. Boyle has improved everything except his playmaking :P

    Glad to see Blowzy is injured! Don’t really care aboot him. It will be nice to see him in the pressbox.

    This is Gilroy’s time to shine. He needs to put together a few good games in Blowzy’s absence.

  23. Slats should definitely trade Frolov, Feds, White and Prospal to Cup contenders. Maybe get some draft picks. Better off getting something instead of nothing.

    And before anyone says “who would trade a draft pick for them”, yeah, we got a fourth round pick for Hollweg. Enough said!

  24. Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors, along with Sean Penn. Which is why State Of Grace is a classic!!

    He was awesome in The Professional. One of my favorite quotes…

    Oldman: Get me everyone…
    Guy: Everyone??

    That’s also when I began my huge crush on Natalie Portman. She’s such a babe!

  25. LOL! I don’t even know who that guy is. All I know is he’s not Hollweg, which is a good thing!

    CT, it’s definitely early, but we wont need any of them. They’re no help as it is. I’m sure there are GM’s that think a “change of scenery” will help them out.

  26. I’m sure there are GM’s that think a “change of scenery” will help them out.


    Yeah there is, his name is Glen Sather and that was this summer.

  27. Another great Oldman role, his character in True Romance. Can’t really repeat any of his lines, but he was pretty funny before Christian Slater blew him away.

  28. Carp
    A) I would sign for 30-50-80 from Dubi right now.

    B)Home ice to the All Star winner is BS. The team with the best regular season record or the most points between the finalists should earn something. Imagine the ridiculousness if the 8th place Flyers had had home ice last year.

    C) I would like to see the Gabby- Stepan- Frolov line get a shot to see what they can do. They looked pretty good toghether in preseason and it couldn’t hurt to see if they can click now.

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    Orr, why would a cup contending team want to drop out of the race by picking up White?

    Said it last night, I don’t wish anyone ill, but the only way Roszival would be out of the lineup is through injury…Can’t wait. 5 less critical giveaways per game.

    Looking at the third Capitals goal from last night, maybe Roszival was instructed to guard the post because Hank isn’t very good at it sometimes. That’s the only reason I could think for him being so far out of the play.

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    Gary Oldman (who is a cameleon) quote from True Romance: “What is this white boy day?”

  31. As much as I want to see Gaborik play tomorrow live, I hope he is truly 100%. There is no reason to come back too early….

  32. Orr – Congrats you get first place for today’s Biggest Aasen Award

    “Glad to see Blowzy is injured! “

  33. Old coach,

    Regarding your point C. Stepan has had enough difficulty making an impact against other teams 3rd/4th lines. Putting him with Gaborik would put him against the opposition’s top D, especially on the road. I don’t believe that would work too well.

  34. i thought Stepan has been showing a little more in the offensive zone based on what i saw yesterday and against devils

    agree with Gabby thoughts. hope they’re not bringing him back too soon
    don’t want to see it not recovered fully and re-injured

  35. CT
    I agree that he would be up against better competition but would more ice time and with Gabby out there, more room to operate. I could be wrong but I think he has the instincts to take advantage of that. I’d just like to find out. Besides, what are the options for a center on his line? EC?

  36. The Heterodox Economist on

    Hi I don’t comment here often but I’m puzzled by the singling-out of Frolov.

    Frolov certainly deserves criticism but to me, the biggest belongs to Del Zotto: tremendous upside offensively but is a chronic gambler (in terms of pinching), doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes and in my opinion, plays way too ‘small’.

    The last minute 6-on-5 against the Caps was the perfect indication of this: he pinches and gambles without any qualms in any given time but down by one with a man advantage and less than 20 seconds left, he dumps the puck in out of fear. There’s a right and wrong time to gamble and he does not seem to understand this.

    Now I know why he has fallen as much as he did on Draft day, he’s a defensive liability and has some bad habits that needs to be addressed and quickly.

  37. MDZ has regressed this season partly because he’s been focusing on the defensive side of the puck. He is an offensive defenseman. He needs to play his own game and also needs a “stay at home” partner. He will never be a shut down guy. He does not have the physical frame to do it.

  38. coach, I think his pre-season performance was more of a matter of a hungry kid going against long shot prospects and vets that knew they had a job secured. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid and think he has some of the tools to become a decent player but he’s still only 20 and probably needs to get a step or two faster to consistently beat NHL defenseman. He isn’t really of the build (yet) to power his way through checks so out of his physical traits that he can improve upon, speed is probably the area he can work on the most.

    Remember, Anisimov was gradually brought along last year, then he got bigger in the offseason and used what he learned and is becoming a much better and consistent player. I thought too that he should have been given a chance with Gaborik because even last year I though Artie has the best natural passing vision of the centers. And when he did get placed in a top 6 role he struggled against the stronger competition.

  39. The Heterodox Economist on

    Agreed, but as an offensive-d man with the puck down by one, less than 20 seconds to go and an empty net, the time to gamble couldn’t be more obvious. To me, his dump-in felt like an indication of giving up (for that game, at least).

  40. I agree that he is a liability defensively right now but he has shown flashes in the past that he could be a very special player so I wouldn’t give up on him so quickly.

  41. With regards to Gaborik. He’s coming back in the time frame that was originally predicted. And last year he was rushed back to play in the Olympics, where most any player would play through injury to participate.

  42. home ice to the all star game winner doesn’t make sense with the new format. They aren’t doing conference v. conference anymore.

  43. The Heterodox Economist on

    Also agreed, it’s not like there’s a better alternative on the table right now…

  44. home ice to a conference winner is the dumbest idea in all of sports.

    And rightfully, the dumbest commish in all of sports made it happen, Alanasshat Selig

  45. Joekuh, i just thought of that idea yesterday, but first, it’d never happen and second, it could never work.

    You get my email?

  46. Joekuh- that would be an appropriate site for
    Halloween movie- pure horror.

    Del Zotto turned 20 in June. Sophomore season, anyone? Tyler Myers, who is a stud for Sabres is having a horrible season. Patience, folks.

  47. Will someone please enlighten me as to the intellectual
    justification behind pulling the goal tender, putting an extra man in the lineup, and then DUMPING the puck so that with the clock running, they waste precious seconds just trying to regain possession of the puck.

    What’s the point of the extra man? The simple minded moves that are made by some players and or coaches in those final moments never fails to amaze me.

  48. And while DZ has had some issues with his defense he’s also had some games where he’s played very solid in his own end. And even last year he’s shown a willingness to throw his body around. He won’t be Pronger/Chara or even like an Orpik, but he’s been placed on an accelerated path to a top 4 role on a team that’s had very few solid veteran D to mentor him.

  49. Del Zotto will be fine with experience and coaching. He indeed has a problem with his decision making regarding when to pinch and when to get back. But that will come with time.

  50. Sent it there joekuh, maybe it went to spam.

    Agreed, you have to dump the puck deep if the opposition is going to stack the line.

    However, at the end of last night’s game, he dumped it in with half of our team still in the offensive zone. He could have at least waited until our guys cleared the zone, but as someone mentioned on here earlier, he simply gave up (on last night’s game).

  51. It’s similar to what they do on the PP. Dump it in and overload the attack on one side. One man goes low against the boards and the other stays higher toward the middle of the ice. The only problem is time is really of the essence in those extra man situations. Maybe once in a while try a high and long flip, so it gives the offense a little longer to mount an attack and it creates a harder to handle bouncing puck.

    I really don’t know why a defense wouldn’t choose to stack the blueline, the last thing they want to offense to be able to do is come in easily into the zone with speed and control of the puck. Dump-ins are usually the best way to go unless you’re absolutely sure you can beat the guy at the line by carrying it in.

  52. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Yeah. DZ’s slap dump with 15 seconds left with a pretty easy delayed offsides call wasn’t the best decision.

  53. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    that’s weird, my phone didn’t pop up with your email. I answered.

    Everyone’s had their good and bad games this season. I personally thought Rozi played a good game last night stopping a couple good chances with his stick.

    Staal? When someone’s coming at you full speed, the LAST thing you want to do is overextend on a poke check. That’s twice this season he’s gotten caught doing it.

  54. In each of the last two games the Rangers were dumping the puck before the forwards cleared the offensive zone and by the time they ‘touched up’ the Blues/Caps had possession for an easy clear.
    They were going in opposite directions. Time is precious but they were probably better off regrouping. Damned either way most likely.

    ‘Giving up’ -I don’t think so.

  55. well fran
    i’m guessing that the if the other team is filling up the
    neutral zone and standing at the blue line
    you don’t have many options
    of course
    the MAJOR problem with that idea (and i wasn’t a big fan of it
    last night either)
    is that you need to retrieve the puck
    which the Rangers were not doing again and again

  56. The Heterodox Economist on

    All excellent points, I think I’m just ranting about MDZ based on that one shift because it’s what stuck out for me. Many thanks for the good insights.

  57. Im wasnt saying “giving up” like it’s a bad thing. Teams and/or players give up all the time. It’s not an attack on anyone’s character. He just figured exactly what you figured…that we weren’t likely to tie it up with the amount of time on the clock, so he just threw it deep hoping for the best.

  58. Rozy has apparently had a bad shoulder for a while (according to Torts), so that would explain his lack of shooting as well as some other perceived bad play. My only problem with that is if he really has been hurt, why play through it and potentially hurt the team when there are other D’s waiting to play?

    Re: MDZ, he’s a sophomore, give him a break. Defensemen take years to develop and he’s definitely got the potential. We all want a young home grown team, so you have to live with the ups and downs while they develop.

  59. The Rangers lost to a more talented team last night. But I liked how they played with intensity and had each others backs. If they play like that EVERY night but for the whole game(that is) they’d win alot more games.They still need some changes,miss rosi was awful as uaual and Emminger wasn’t much better.I guess all the defenseman played a lousy defensive game.Frolov was still invisable Bit boyle showed how much he improved.Lets not forget that cannon of a shot by Boogie,how about him on the point for the PP ok ok Enough said.But it was an awesome blast which I don’t think anybody new he had!

  60. Boogard needs to dance with Mike Green next time. We cant let him go at Dubi like that and not pay a price.

  61. Booger doesn’t need to waste his time with Green. That was an even match, despite the fact that Dublowsky fights like I cook, which isn’t bad, it’s a whole other level of bad. My cooking is the equivalent of Beninati announcing. It will destroy parts of your body, and you’ll never recover, or forget.

  62. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Stan, if you were been villified as “soft” as much as Rozi has, wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to fight that?

  63. VinceA-

    Eminger played 13:20 without a goal scored against. I haven’t analyzed the game tape for his positioning on every shift as I’m sure you have.
    So please enlighten as to the details of his awful game.

    Likewise with Roszi.

  64. Apparently Cally has fans in Japan! From ESPN…


    I just can’t understand it.

    You’ve written over 10 hockey columns/mailbags so far this season and still no mention of Ryan Callahan? The man embodies everything that you and I both love about hockey.

    If you haven’t been watching the unremitting forecheck of Brandon Dubinsky-Artem Anisimov-Callahan pinning teams in their own end and creating chance after chance, you’re missing the best show in hockey. Sit down in your favorite chair, dim the lights, crack open a beer and I promise you’ll have goose bumps by the end of their first shift.

    Jesse Sokolovsky
    Nagoya, Japan

    Callahan will get “Hockey God” status when he:

    • Pitches a complete game in the Little League World Series championship game.

    • Wins the Hobey Baker Award for college hockey player of the year.

    • Is a member of an NCAA championship hockey team.

    • Wins the Calder Trophy as NHL rookie of the year.

    • Raises the Stanley Cup over his head.

    Hockey God status does not come cheap.

  65. Speaking of Japan, anybody ever watch Ninja Warrior? Such a hilarious Japanese show! 100 competitors attempt to complete a four stage obstacle course. The announcer is far from a Beninati. He’s sort of like the Japanese Jeanerette, but he’s soo funny.

  66. So Rosi is out. 7-10 days. And that is, surprisingly, a bummer.

    Is it possible he has been the victim of Malik and Redden? I mean, that’s some serious albatross action right there.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boogaard's on pace for 5!!!"...& Greg L. on

    I can’t wait til Gaborik is back!!!! Im busy reading last nights comments and todays posts by Carp.

  68. Carp,
    you mentioned some soft plays last last night, but you did not mention the soft players, why? you can name names.

  69. bull dog line
    did point out the ineffective work of Stahl when teamed with Girardi
    and how the two should not be paired up
    ever again

  70. can you tell me Rod. I really like trade rumors, and I have had your back on a few occasions.

  71. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I would rather see vtank up than gilroy in, but that being said either is better than rozy. glad to see eminger get more minutes.

  72. rod – you’re the only sleazy one here. Your attitude and vulgarity is sickening. If we want trade rumors, we’ll get them from TR-808.

  73. Former NY Giant Dave Meggett sentenced to 30 years in prison for criminal sexual conduct and burglary.

  74. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    No one cares, Rod. I’d be VERY happy to say more, but I’ll respect the Carpfather’s blog.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Beat down to Buffalo!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Ahhhh not 2 crappy teams ORR , just 1 ,Buffalo . We are 500 without Gaborik as others said Id say we doing perty well.

    CTB and CCCP within the same arm-span as eachother!!!??? I’d never be able to concentrate on the game with Freddy Krugar behind me!!???? As soon as Coat-check-Czech guy yelled at the guy ahead of CTB , I bet he Carped himself and couldnt stand up anymore.

    Yo Rod , Shut up man trades that you make up are gonna happen..Kapeesh?

    Tiki …Tiki…Tiki : ) That goal was the most excited ive gotten after a goal in a long time!!!
    WOWZERS!!! No need to pay me yet , after the season all cheques can be made out to me as I swim in my Ranger fourtunes!!!!!

    Boogaard is better then I thought . I predicted other type goals but not a high slapper from the top of the circle on a BREAKAWAY!!!!!?? A BREAKAWAY folks. CCCP , ummm who is useless??? Boogaard had the go ahead goal!!!!! That my friend besides being the heaveyweight champion is not being useless. Check mate my friend. Your King is cornered!!!

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Beat down to Buffalo!!!"...& Greg L. on

    A BREAK-AWAY SLAPPER FOLKS!!!! by Boogaard himself.

    Carp , Boogaard we telling you he was suppose to “fake” being sick cuz if he was benched for todays game the fans would go irate. I geuss Boogaard had an exceptional pregame skate so he made the line up.

    ( the above statement is non a fact and is based on pure speculation from one fellow bonehead.)

  77. is there anyone on here that’s able to read Zipay’s Blue Notes, chats, etc.
    and drop some information over here?

  78. did someone saying something about crappy teams playing each

    maybe i’m having hallucinations.

  79. it was you!! YOU!!!!!!!
    who said that.
    oh well……not even watching it
    was watching blues/bluejackets
    might as well as well save my yelling at Ruff whining
    for tomorrow

  80. Awkward pressbox the Devils got going on.

    Brodiva is all the way in the back, Parise is all the way in the front, as if the two don’t know each other is there. Then there’s some random Devil talking on the phone all the way on the right.

  81. I can’t believe myself what I’m just about to say. I’m watching the Devils-Sabres and after watching our guys play against the Caps last night, it’s very obvious how weak are those two teams are at the moment. A few years back I’d say something totally opposite.

  82. ilb
    i can’t believe you said that either!!
    way to go and jinx our guys tomorrow
    because now the sabres are going to come
    out like gangbusters and skate around us
    all night long.

    (and then Ruff and Torts will get in a fight and one of the linesmen will get
    punched in the face….see youtube video from earlier, then you’ll understand)

  83. Lol, jpg. No jinxing. All they need tomorrow is come out and play with the same intensity and effort they’ve played so far, and they should be fine

  84. So, the same formidable team which shut the Rangers out last Sunday is getting slapped 1-8 by Columbus Blue Jacket? Wonderful!

  85. absolutely!!

    ya know, i’m not happy about the recent losses
    and the bad version of the chines fire deal when we pull the goalie
    isn’t good either
    watching the effort in the past couple of weeks
    has made for a much calmer viewing experience.

  86. Buffalo has been decent on the road, Devils bad at home. Which one will buck the trend tonight? Lots of turnovers in this game.

  87. Somewhere in a parallel universe Devils fan Wicky is decrying the lack of a crease clearing defenseman

  88. I f the Rangers could win some faceoffs. That would help. The effort is there though, and your right jpg it softens the blow. This team will get better, as the injured guys get back. Right now there are guys playing, that should not be in the lineup period.

  89. Signing Volchenkov will give Lou an ulcer. Signing Tallinder will give him a heart attack. How about signing Kovalchuk?

  90. OMG Kovalchuk really sucks. Kovalchuk played tonight’s devil’s game like he wished it was his last.

  91. he tried a move a move like KOTALIK….hahahahha 100 MILLION DOLLAR MOVE…oh that is a priceless ending to a devil game for a RANGER fan lol….OMG DO U HEAR CHICO RIGHT NOW HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  92. Plus he doesn’t get a shot on net on the semi-break earlier then falls on his face trying to take his man 1 on 1.

  93. what is the exact rule there, can he go chase the puck before it hits the boards? once it hits the boards the play is dead? when is the play dead> if you look @ the rookie goalie he paused quite a bit before celebrating the victory-lol omg this post game is gonna be classic! this is almost as sweet as after game 7 two years ago against the canes!

  94. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m hoping tomorrow’s game against Buffalo will bring Stepan back to the beginning of his NHL career.

  95. Kovalchuk has been as effective as Fedotenko so far. Fedotenko, I believe is better in the corners.

  96. Blue Seat Horror on

    That’s what’s missing, Orr. The Rangers need to bring Stepan’s mom in for the games.

    Seeing DiPietro get shellacked would make this a perfect night.

  97. Stepan and Kovalchuk have the same number of goals, Stepan hasn’t scored in a month.

    Dubinsky has more goals at the Prudential Center than Kovalchuk.

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " KovalCHOKED !!!"...& Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! I saw it!!!!

    Oh yeah Orr , Umm I thought you ment the Rangers as the other crappy team. I thought you ment tommorow . So Yeah the Devils …yeah they suck!!!!

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " KovalCHOKED !!!"...& Greg L. on

    KovalchuMp had turned into Zherdev part 2 and Sather was smart not to get involved.

    Hire Sather!!!!!

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " KovalCHOKED !!!"...& Greg L. on

    Rangers and Sabres tommorow!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

    Boogaard shot was the nicest shot ive seen since Gaborik rifed that high top corner last year!!!!

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " KovalCHOKED !!!"...& Greg L. on

    CTB , Yeah thats why I said that , hahaha. Hey Thanks for going to the game and being a lucky rabbits foot for Boogaard. Funny that CCCP yelled at that guy cuz if I was the guy standing up and CCCP yelled at me …Id whip down my pants and moon him!!! Too bad you would be the guy right behind me hahahaaa!!

  102. Just back from the Sabres-Devils game. A lot more entertaining than I expected, but mostly because they both look pretty terrible defensively (cue Enroth shutout tomorrow…)

    The most un-Devils Devils team I can remember. And Kovalchuk’s SO attempt narrowly fails to beat the Boogey goal as funniest thing I’ve seen this week. In third place: Kovalchuk missing the net by about 30 feet on a partial breakaway.

    And doing my part to represent the Rangers, I’ve been sick all day and managed to throw up all over the men’s room in the Prudential Center. Not as embarrassed as I should be by that…

  103. Sounds like I missed a good (aka LOL) one between the Sabres and Devils. Ah, how the mighty have fallen and fallen hard.

    Then again, I don’t care that I missed the game, I was busy booking a flight HOME for Christmas. :D

  104. My friend was also at the Devils game tonight. His facebook comment:

    CTB’s friend: we got our tickets for free through the devils. i guess they just want warm bodies in there. also, if they moved the entire stadium into the lower bowl, there would have still been empty seats. kind of sad.

  105. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    the pick up game rules for the all star game could be pretty cool. I just think instead of the team captains picking the guys, they should do it pond hockey style and everyone throw their sticks in a pile then randomly draw a seat number of a fan and have them come down and separate the sticks into the teams.

    In the alternate universe, the wicky devils fan says our goalie sucks and is fat.

    the blue jacket blues game got pretty chippy, it was sweet!!

  106. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    happy veterans day to all the vets out there and thank you for all of your sacrifices!!!

    night assens!!!

  107. I think I finally understand why Kings fans and Lombardi ran Froloaf out of LA. This guys plays like he is 38, not 28. He is so slow.

    He is strong on the puck. There is not much more you can say that is positive about him. The Rangers should try to trade him for a pick before he bolts to the KHL.

    Grachev deserves his spot.

  108. I echo wickster’s sentiments. Happy Veterans Day to all those veterans that have made sacrifices.


    Also, on a completely different note,

    What a sick bunch of crap. I shop at Amazon all the time. Literally, ALL THE TIME! I wont boycott them, but very distasteful on their part. If you read the article, you’ll know what Im talking about….Im pretty sure Amazon has already taken it down, so at least they righted their wrong.

  109. Tank The Season on

    Am I the only one who thinks this new All-Star format makes no sense? Is it still East vs. West or Team Crosby (Team Bettman) v. Team Ovechkin (Also Team Bettman)?!?!?

  110. Hartford

    You are probably right…but that again is a situation for COACHES to work on. Very often these folks are simply not in scoring positions. And I hear what you are saying about the stacking of the line, and that makes sense….however…
    each team has a couple of very fine puck carriers, and wouldn’t it be worth the attempt to always have one of these folks on ice during those precious minutes with the specific designation to carry it through the stack, thereby giving them a better chance to set up a barrage?

    Further more…if a team sets up a stack, at the line, wouldn’t they be leaving their goal mouth pretty bare?

    A little creative thinking by coaches would go a long way here. And think of the emotional lift it would give the team to see this and know they were not being captivated by a line of checkers? I’d try practicing “extra man” lineups instead of just surrendering to the ” oh, just dump and chase.” They could create a line of the “specialists”..each guys has a special skill. there’d be the puck carrier, the goal mouth tipper, the corner scrabbler(s),the ‘”gunner”,( who would be capable of delivering one timers). I’d bet that the players would really like that. If nothing else, it could be fun.

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