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No MSG tonight, so no John Tortorella press conference. So you guys missed the first one this season where he was a little testy:

Is this one particularly frustrating, when you get three goals from guys you normally don’t expect goals from, and have three one-goal leads?

“Yeah. It is. It’s frustrating.”

Asked about Brian Boyle:

“He’s put his work in during the summer. Honestly, when camp started he was on the outside looking in and he’s taken it upon himself to improve himself in all areas, and he certainly has paid some dividends for us here.”

On the disallowed goal by Fedotenko:

“I have no opinion.”

On Frolov:

“You can’t score you’ve got to do the other stuff.”

On the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty being called on him:

“Yes it was. It’s my stupidity.”

On the winning goal:

“You’ve got a turnover at the blue line, then we turn it over behind the net and the forwards don’t come down to support the breakdown and it’s in our net. I thought we were controlling the period until then. The big one is just an easy out at the blue line. It doesn’t get out and then it breaks down from there.”

On the mood on the bench when Boogaard scored:

“You know what. I’m just thinking about who they’re going to put out next. I don’t pay too much attention to the mood when stuff like that happens. I’m sure everybody was happy for him.”

Asked about the referees:

“I’m not commenting on it.”

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  1. Ooohhh, Torts going with the short form answers in order to not get himself in trouble with the MSG PR goons.

  2. Would be nice of Torts if he mentioned some positives about his team. They played hard and they don’t look like they feel sorry for themselves for being shorthanded.

  3. the rangers think the yare all skilled players so they dick around in there own zone and do the backwards crap and boom in the net.

    they actually outplayed the cap’s 2nd half of the game but they ave world class players and we do not.

    the cap’s win with ad goaltending, no chance the rangers can……

    when is white going bye bye????????why not play gilroy on 4th line and some d minutes? suit up 7 d men. 4th line crhistenson or stepan, gilroy, and whomever, play boogard against thug teams only.

  4. Ilb, I wouldn’t give MZA a hard time if he didn’t score. I never expected him to make an impact *this* year. He’s young, still has lots of time left.

    Unless there’s a new powerful ring that needs to be destroyed. Then I guess we wont see him for two-three years.

  5. Very weird first period to say the least. Both teams looked shaky at times. Not very happy with the refs tonight. The game could have been a lot different if that goal was reviewed. The mood of the whole place soured after that. Even though the Rangers came out strong in the 3rd, a couple of lazy plays in their own end cost them the game again.

    With his current pace, Brian Boyle is becoming Eric Lindros in his prime. I mean is there something this guy can’t do? He scores, he skates, he works, he kills penalties, he hits, he roughs guys up, he’s a leader…I mean, wow….

    MSG erupted when Boogie scored. What a shot! Maybe he isn’t so Byfuglien bad after all?

  6. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Mickey, I dont even have to see his face to know what he’s thinking! Dude must be tossing out all the good Italian curse words tonight!

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts is medicated. There is no other explanation for him not erupting after a game like that.

  8. was at the game

    its time for MDZ to take a seat for a game or 2 in the press box and watch. his refusal to shoot on the pp and the gaps he leaves at the blueline is scary looking. last does he ever win a board battle.

    let him watch for a game or 2 it wont kill him.

    second the caps 4th line on all shifts was forechecking and we had no answer.

    when your in a tie game at home in the 3rd period and matt hendricks beats u along with matt bradley (ranger killer) and laich who replaced dj king its tough to swallow. it would be one thing if it was ovy or backstrom.


    oilers lose 7-1 in carolina tonight buff may or may not have milller and they have been brutal..

    2-5-1 at home 1-4 after being tied entering 3rd period. it needs to stop and stop NOW

  9. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Frolov needs to go to the bench or to the minors. He’s doing absolutely nothing and doesn’t look quick enough or strong enough to compete at the NHL level anymore.

    Boogard is a waste of a roster spot… that was a pretty good rip to the corner though.

    This will be a little better team with Gaborik and Prospal back in the lineup. Drury… meh. Still, .500 given the mess isn’t all that bad and relaly, tonight was a game I think they should of, and would have won given an officiating crew with any level competence and/or pride in the job.

    Which leads me too… more “bizarro” hockey tonight! I suppose it’d be one thing if the games weren’t all like this but watching any team, on any night, in any rink, in any city and the ref’s are simply guessing at every turn.

    Justin St. “Pee-yew” was one of the worst in the ECHL when he was there. I had to watch him 1 or 2 times a week when I/he lived in Pensacola and ref’d a ton of the old I-10 corridor games in the ECHL. I could never for the life of me figure out how or why he got bumped—and compared to him, Van Masenblowven looked like he went to work with his peril sensitive sunglasses on. I counted three plays where he impeded the rangers gaining control of the puck in the first period alone.

    So yeah, fantastic stuff the NHL has going on these days. I guess the execs can all drive their Mercedes’ to work with their heads held high knowing they’re fleecing the living Byfuglien out of the fans night in and night out.

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