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November 9, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, Washington Capitals 5 (Game No. 15, Home No. 8) 

  • The Rangers were defeated by the Washington Capitals, 5-3, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 7-7-1 overall, including a 2-5-1 mark at home.  The Blueshirts have posted a record of 7-3-1 vs. the Capitals in their last 11 regular season meetings at MSG.
  • Brian Boyle registered his second multi-goal performance of the season with two goals, led all skaters with five shots, and won a team-high, 10 of 18 faceoffs (56%).  He opened the game’s scoring at 4:02 of the first period and tallied a power play goal at 12:56 of the first.   Boyle has notched three goals in the last three games, and ranks second on the team with a career-high, seven goals.
  • Derek Boogaard tallied an unassisted goal at 3:15 of the second period to snap a 234-game goalless drought, dating back to January 7, 2006.  Boogaard ended his goalless streak 21 games shy of former New Jersey Devils defenseman Ken Danyeko’s record, 255-game goalless mark.
  • The Rangers notched one power play goal in four opportunities (4:47) and have now tallied eight power play goals in the last 10 games, registering a 20.5% (8-39) success rate over the span.  The Blueshirts’ power play is now 14-56 for a 25.0% success rate in 11 games at MSG since 2005-06.  New York registered six goals in 17 power play opportunities (35.3%) in four games vs. the Capitals in 2009-10, which were the most by New York against any team last season.
  • The Blueshirts were credited with 33 hits in the contest, and have now registered 73 hits in the last two games.  New York leads the NHL with 429 hits, averaging a league-high, 28.6 hits per game.
  • Dan Girardi registered the primary assist on Brian Boyle’s opening goal at 4:02 of the first period, and logged a team-high, 24:47 of ice time.  He is now tied for first among team defensemen with six assists, and ranks second in scoring with seven points.
  • Sean Avery recorded an assist on Brian Boyle’s goal at 4:02 of the opening frame, and logged 16:30 of ice time.  Avery ranks third on the team with seven assists on the season.
  • Ryan Callahan led all skaters with five hits and five blocked shots, and led all forwards with 22:42 of ice time.  Callahan is currently tied for second in the league with 56 hits, and leads all NHL forwards with 25 blocked shots.
  • The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, November 10, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
  • The Rangers will continue their longest homestand of the season when they face-off against the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday, Nov. 11, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.).  The game will be televised live on MSG Network, and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


John Tortorella on Brian Boyle… “He has put his work in during the summer.  Honestly, when camp started he was on the outside looking in.  He has taken it upon himself to improve himself in all areas and he is certainly paying dividends for us here.”

Dan Girardi on tonight’s game… “I think we played really well tonight.  We held them to four shots in the third and gave ourselves a chance to win.  We battled hard, we worked hard but we have to find a way to get that big goal or the lead and hang on there.”

Brian Boyle on tonight’s game… “We had them.  I thought we were going to get one at the end.  We want to win at home.  That would have been a great win for us.  That is how it goes sometimes.  You can’t fault the effort but you have to find a way to win.”

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  1. Oh, BTW I left out of the 8th ave exit tonight and while I was standing chatting with my friend Gaborik, Drury and maybe Gilroy walked by us. It wasn’t too long after the game ended, maybe 15 mins or so. Just wondering whether scratches typically hang out with the team in the lockerroom for only a few minutes or what.

  2. Frustrating again. Yes, “ideal game” is a bit of a stretch, but they kept the Caps to something like 12 shots over the last 45-50 minutes and I thought played far better than the previous three games.

    It was just crushingly inevitable that 3-3 after 40 minutes would become 5-3 on a goal by a fourth line scrub (my money was on Boyd Gordon though) and an empty netter. And this team is surely one of the worst in history at creating pressure (or even controlling the puck) with the goalie pulled.

    Still, the Boogaard goal was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen live at a game ever. And only created because he was so damn slow to cover the point in the first place.

    Am I the only one left that doesn’t (yet) owe Greg money? I was smart enough to set the bar at five goals.

  3. CTB, that is a great story about CCCP in the last post. Glad it was at least an entertaining first 2 periods for the guys who went to the game.

  4. Yeah, definitely five. Although I charitably gave Greg the preseason goal too, without realising the Boogey Man had latent Pavel Bure-type speed and shooting skills down the wing.

  5. Im the only one that owes Greg anything. I had 0 goals. And it had nothing to do with not being smart. I just wanted to have fun with it and dont mind losing $20. And actually, I think I predicted that Boogie would have a negative number of goals, ha!

  6. CTB – 5 for the year. And that’s not any fun. That’s the easiest $$ LW3H will ever make. Im more likely to bag 5 athletes before Boogie bags 5 goals.

  7. I dont think MSG could take 5 goals from Boog in the same year. Asbestos would be falling out of the ceiling due to the shock.

  8. Jay Riemenschneider on

    The scratches typically hang out until the coaches get done addressing the team after the game (if they do at all) and are then free to go. At least, that’s how I’ve personally seen it “behind the scenes” at King’s games. It may or may not be a different situation with different a organization/coaching staff.

  9. Cool thanks Jay. I suppose that makes sense given those guys didn’t have a direct impact on the game.

  10. What a night!

    Met Carp! What an absolute pleasure that was! (No Carp, i was not involved in any fights lol)

    BOOGER SCORES!! BOOGER SCORES!! And i was there to see it!! This is as rare as February 29! (LW3H i do not owe Greg any money…yet! i set to 5 goals too)

    I got a free brand new Lundqvist authentic jersey from a good friend of mine! Will try to get it signed on Friday at the rangers skate!

    Got a free beer from a Devils fan who was siting right next to me! The kid turned out to be alright!

    Some idiot was wearing Malkin Pissburgh jersey at the game! WTB?

    Met Michael (CTBlueshirt) who was siting right in front of me!! What are the odds! lol

    Too bad the rangers lost… other than that i had a blast!

    Great job boneheads on game thread with 747 comments!

  11. I think that’s a big difference with the 2010 squad – even in a loss , it is a fun game. They finally are the hard working water-bugs I’ve always wanted them to be .. now with a little gaborik and maybe a real 1st line center we’d be cookin’ !!!

  12. Oh your friend really did give that jersey to you? I thought you were kidding. Does he get those seats often. If he does let me know if you go with him and I can try to get my seats from tonight since they’re from a season ticket holder that lives in New Hampshire and goes to almost none of the games.

  13. yeah man… he gave me that jersey! i didn’t expect it at all! he’s a good friend!

    He (Matt) shares his season plan with another dude and from time to time when the other dude can’t make it Matt calls me. I don’t think he gets these seats often…last year he had seats on the other side of the rink.

  14. Ok cool, well if you ever want those seats I can ask my ticket source. Also I think the couple of that was sitting next to us sells a bunch of theirs too.

  15. Much like you’d want to do with the Rangers:

    “You gather around your family and you tell them how they’ve disappointed you this year.”

  16. CT

    good to know! i just want to see if they start winning at home more… if not then i dont want to spend money to see them lose in person… ill do it by watching on TV! lol

  17. To clarify the Dubinsky quote … I think he meant that they followed and executed the gameplan … but they had breakdowns that cost them the game. And they didn’t convert off some pretty solid forechecking. And they did a pretty good job on Ovechkin and Green et al. And they played pretty hard right to the end, even with the upper hand for good portions of the game.

    I don’t disagree, if that’s what he meant. And I think that is what he meant.

  18. I also enjoyed meeting CCCP and eric tonight. Good guys. Eric, sorry I didn’t have time to chat. Second intermission is my busy time. CCCP and I had a nice pregame chat.

    And I love CTB’s story about CCCP calling the guy a jackwagon. Happy Festivus.

  19. Yes it was a nice pregame chat and i forgot to thank you in person for keeping the blog going for all of us! This is a special place. Thank you, Carp!

  20. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Props to Boogy for his goal. I have been crushing him on these boards. Maybe he doesn’t even get that chance if it weren’t for the defensive snafu by Washington, but he did blast that puck right by the goalie.

    Good for Boogaard. I was laughing my a** off afterwards.

  21. I’m not going to pick apart Dubinsky’s quote about their play being “ideal” but it does seem like some of these guys are patting themselves on the back a little too much after losses like this. Unless it’s just that they’re trying to keep a positive atmosphere or that I just take their quotes wrong I’d say that Del Zotto was the only one really telling it like it is. “it’s the same as last year” was his quote. Say what you want about effort or sticking to a game plan- whatever- you have to find a way to win games. especially ones where you lead 3 times and shut down some of the best offensive players in the league.

    I don’t blame Torts for being testy. I don’t blame him if he was flat out PO’d. They’ve let 15 points out of 30 slip away thus far. Too many of the same problems as last year. And they should just waive Frolov. one year deal…the last month has already felt like 5 years. imagine another 11..

  22. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    C3, I guess you don’t remember meeting CT at Bonehead Fest then lol ;-)
    Glad you guys had fun, and that ya met Carpy!

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can anyone explain what happened on Avery’s unsportsmanlike penalty? Versus, aka. “Games will play regulation time until 10.15pm EST,” did such a great job ignoring it.

  24. Is anyone else tired of this habit of the rangers just carrying the puck wide along the boards and never getting to the middle of the ice? Its somthing ive noticed and its really starting to get to me.. the one time yesterday we carry the puck through the middle (christensen in the 3rd period) we draw a penalty.. maybe something torts and co. should stress to the guys.. just a thought

  25. from andrew gross “Tortorella also acknowledged he was the one called for unsportsmanlike conduct at 8:52 of the first period. ‘That was my stupidity,’ Tortorella said.”

  26. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    What was stupid was the ghost referee wearing Van Massachmuck’s jersey.

  27. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Linda, just figured out how I got the red font. Email me @ joekuh@gmail and i’ll share the goods.

  28. Tank The Season on

    Why are people still hating on Boogaard?

    IMO Frolov and Fedotenko have been the disappointments.

  29. Linda,

    I guess I was playing the part of Frolov that night. I walked around the bar and made half-hearted attempts to drive may into conversations.

  30. I think you did have enough conversations that night, CT. CCCP was very elusive then.
    How was iPhone 4 at MSG?

  31. iPhone 4 doesn’t always get the best reception in crowded buildings like MSG. I think there are too many AT&T users and the asbestos blocks the signal. The wifi signal isn’t always the best there either and I try to latch on to Optimum’s wifi and it doesn’t always take.

  32. jt

    Don’t feel bad about the Rangers never coming down center ice. I’ve been slobbering about this for the past 3 years and nothing changes except the players.

    It goes hand in hand with the fact that there is never anyone in front of the net for the grunts toiling along the boards and behind the cage, but who rarely have anyone to pass the puck to. Oh, sure, once in a while someone will leave his favorite standing position and slide over toward the front of the net, and hope a pass will arrive there about the same time he does…but stand in front and take the heat? Nevaire!

    …………And nothing is ever done about it by the coaches!

    This time wasting idiocy goes on and on and on, season after season,,,and then they wonder why they don’t get scoring chances. How can they? They’re never in scoring position. and when they finally do get there, they shoot wide or hit the post…and that’s because they always are pressured after having just arrived. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any other team that plays like this so consistently. …………………………..It is the COACHING
    folks….the coaching. Or lack of it.

  33. They scored 3 times, probably should have scored 1 one more (Fedex disallowed goal) and got their fair share of chances that they either couldn’t put in (Fedex breakaway, a couple of missed chances on the PP) or don’t have the personnel to finish. They let 3 separate leads get away from them. I don’t think last night’s loss falls too much on the offense. Yeah they looked bad in the last 90 seconds with the goalie yanked, but some better play in the first 58.5 minutes should have prevented them from getting to that point in the first place.

  34. On Fedetenko- did some of us call this scenario or what? “oh he’s having such a great camp he should be signed!” now look- same old story. I hope Prospal can come back and snatch this guys spot from him because we are all booked up at the “mediocre winger motel”

  35. EJ Hradek ESPN Insider Blog

    “Clearly, Carolina Hurricanes rookie Jeff Skinner wasn’t happy to be left off the top five of my Calder Watch list last Wednesday. Since then, the 18-year-old has rolled up seven points in four games to take an early stranglehold on the league’s rookie scoring race with 15 points in 15 games. Even the most mathematically challenged (like me) can figure out that’s averages out to a point per game.

    Skinner’s strong start got me thinking about the most impressive rookie seasons in league history. When you go through the record book, there are quite a few to consider.

    After consulting with my spiritual puck advisor, Barry Melrose, I opted against including Wayne Gretzky’s sensational 1979-80 NHL debut campaign (51 goals, 86 assists, 137 points) because he wasn’t eligible for Calder Trophy consideration as a former WHA skater. For the record, starting the 1978-79 WHA season as a 17-year-old, the Great One totaled 104 points in 72 games. Not bad, eh?

    Working with the almighty Mullet (Melrose), here’s the top five list of most impressive rookie seasons in NHL history that we agreed on.

    1. Teemu Selanne, RW, Winnipeg Jets
    1992-93: 84 games, 76 goals, 56 assists, 132 points
    The Finnish Flash burst onto the scene as a goal-scoring phenom in Winnipeg. He smashed the mark for goals by a freshman, netting a ridiculous 76 markers en route to Calder honors. If you’re old enough to remember (or if you search you tube), you can close your eyes and see a joyful Selanne throwing his gloves into the air and mock shooting them out of the sky with his stick after breaking the freshman goal-scoring record. He still holds the record for goals and points in a season by a rookie. In the ’92-93 season, Selanne was among 14 snipers to crack the 50-goal mark. Obviously, that was a different era. And, for those too young to remember, the league played 84 games that season. They kept that schedule for one more year, before going to the current 82-game model after the lockout-shortened 1995 campaign.

    2. Tony Esposito, G, Chicago Blackhawks
    1969-70: 63 games, 38 wins, 2.17 goals-against average, 15 shutouts
    After working 13 games for the Canadiens during the ’68-69 season, Tony O got his big chance in Chicago. He took full advantage of it. Esposito’s 15 shutouts remains the modern-era record in that category for a single season. His stingy crease work earned him both the Calder and Vezina trophies. Espo is one of just three goaltenders to turn that trick. For kids growing up in that era, they’d remember it was his goalie mask that served as the model for the Mylec street hockey mask. I had at least one of those.

    3. Alex Ovechkin, LW, Washington Capitals
    2005-06; 81 games, 52 goals, 54 assists, 106 points
    Playing on a bad Caps team in an era when it’s become tougher to crack the 50-goal plateau, Ovechkin had a magnificent rookie season, outpolling Sidney Crosby for the Calder. The Russian-born star finished third in the Art Ross Trophy chase behind Joe Thornton and Jaromir Jagr. He tied for third in the goal-scoring race with then-Thrasher Ilya Kovalchuk, trailing ex-Shark Jonathan Cheechoo and Jagr.

    4. Terry Sawchuk, G, Detroit Red Wings
    1950-51: 70 games, 44 wins, 1.99 GAA, 11 shutouts
    The Winnipeg native didn’t miss a second of the Wings’ 70-game regular season schedule, piling up ridiculous rookie numbers. For his efforts, he won the Calder and he was named a first-team All-Star. While it’s difficult for me (or Barry) to accurately measure Sawchuk’s impact during that season (neither of us were born yet!), those stats are eye-popping. The legendary goaltender didn’t have a sophomore slump, either. Sawchuk put up nearly identical numbers in his second season, leading the Wings to the 1952 Stanley Cup.

    5. Mike Bossy, RW, New York Islanders
    1977-78: 73 games, 53 goals, 38 assists, 91 points
    I had a tough time choosing between Bossy’s rookie season and those of Mario Lemieux and Joe Nieuwendyk. In the end, Melrose and I agreed on Bossy because he finished with more goals that either of the other two stars. And, to be honest, having followed those great Islanders teams, I have a soft spot in my heart for Bossy, who was among purest goal-scorers that the game has ever known.”

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