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Brandon Dubinsky:

“We played the ideal game. Obviously we had a couple of breakdowns that ended up in the back of our net. Those are tough. I think we’ve still got to generate some more. I think we’re cycling, but we’re just not getting enough off those cycles. We’re cycling ourselves into the corner a little bit. I think, it’s obviously good to have the puck control. We’ve got to find a way to turn some of those into offensive plays.

“Maybe that’s something we can work on in practice and talk about amonst our linemates to have some guys pop out in offensive positions and stuff like that. It was tough because we needed that key goal and we couldn’t find a way to come up with it.”

Marc Staal:

“We’re 3-3 in the third and we got kind of a blown coverage in our zone and we just kind of leave the middle of the ice open there. We can’t do that, especially in the third period. We’ve got to be a lot sharper in our own zone.”

“It’s never easy to swallow losing at home. If we knew what it was that’s not clicking right now, obviously we’d change it and be winning. We just have to keep on trying to keep it close like that. It’s 3-3 in the third period, we give ourselves a chance to win the game, and we just couldn’t close it out.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“You want to win. Obviously we did a lot of good things, but it comes down to winning. It’s hard to be satisfied even though we did a lot of good things and we managed to keep their top players away from their big chances. But they’re good. They don’t need much. They play pretty solid and waited for their chances in the second and third. I think in the first they were pretty strong, but after that I think we took over.

“We come up short again at home and it’s never fun. We definitely want to start winning here and feel good. Even though we played pretty well, you still want to win. That’s what it comes down to.”

On there being no common thread at home, for example, not just slow starts as last year.

“No. We’re right in it. We’re right there and we do a lot of good things. You just need to find a way to win. You know, sometimes on the road we don’t play as well but we still find a way to win. That’s what we have to do at home. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. But we definitely need to find ways to get that go-ahead goal and win it.

“It’s important moving forward that we start winning at home, absolutely.”

Ruslan Fedotenko:

On the disallowed goal.

“The referee said I just make a collision with the goalie. You know what? It happened so fast. I didn’t think I really bumped him. I didn’t see a replay. They make it no goal so it’s no goal.

“I was trying to cut in front of him but the D was there and that’s kind of my rebuttal to the referee, but he’s making the call. He said ‘fight for the ice, but don’t collide with the goalie.’ I don’t know. I thought that should be a goal.

“He said because I collided with the goalie it was no goal.”

Derek Boogaard:

On his goal:

“Sloan just missed it. Then Boyler was screaming at me from the bench to shoot. … it worked out good.”

On the streak being frustrating:

“Not really. I don’t think about it. Hopefully I don’t get on another streak like that.”

On the delayed smile after the goal.

“It’s just one of those things that you’ve got to get used to, I guess.”

On his last slap-shot goal.

“In the East Coast League when I was 20.”

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  1. eric says:
    November 9, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    was at the game

    its time for MDZ to take a seat for a game or 2 in the press box and watch. his refusal to shoot on the pp and the gaps he leaves at the blueline is scary looking. last does he ever win a board battle.

    let him watch for a game or 2 it wont kill him.

    second the caps 4th line on all shifts was forechecking and we had no answer.

    when your in a tie game at home in the 3rd period and matt hendricks beats u along with matt bradley (ranger killer) and laich who replaced dj king its tough to swallow. it would be one thing if it was ovy or backstrom.


    oilers lose 7-1 in carolina tonight buff may or may not have milller and they have been brutal..

    2-5-1 at home 1-4 after being tied entering 3rd period. it needs to stop and stop NOW

  2. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Carp’d dangit…

    Frolov needs to go to the bench or to the minors. He’s doing absolutely nothing and doesn’t look quick enough or strong enough to compete at the NHL level anymore.

    Boogard is a waste of a roster spot… that was a pretty good rip to the corner though.

    This will be a little better team with Gaborik and Prospal back in the lineup. Drury… meh. Still, .500 given the injury mess isn’t all that bad and really, tonight was a game I think they should of, and would have won given an officiating crew with any level competence and/or pride in the job.

    Which leads me too… more “bizarro” hockey tonight! I suppose it’d be one thing if the games weren’t all like this but watching any team, on any night, in any rink, in any city and the ref’s are simply guessing at every turn.

    Justin St. “Pee-yew” was one of the worst in the ECHL when he was there. I had to watch him 1 or 2 times a week when I/he lived in Pensacola and ref’d a ton of the old I-10 corridor games in the ECHL. I could never for the life of me figure out how or why he got bumped—and compared to him, Van Masenblowven looked like he went to work with his peril sensitive sunglasses on. I counted three plays where he impeded the rangers gaining control of the puck in the first period alone.

    So yeah, fantastic stuff the NHL has going on these days. I guess the execs can all drive their Mercedes’ to work with their heads held high knowing they’re fleecing the living Byfuglien out of the fans night in and night out.

  3. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    If it was allowed, this team could have 5-on-2’s and still not score.

    We’ve replaced last year’s roster of third liners with new ones.

    Great job Glen.

  4. Well other thanthe ending Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    As weird as this sounds, I was there tonight and thought it was an entertaining game. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t irrate at the officiating in the first period (whereas they put away the whistles for most of the rest of the game) or the Rangers blowing the lead but it wasn’t a listless performance like so many I’ve had the displeasure of witnessing the past couple of years.

    I mostly agree with those people that refer back to the initial forecast for the team after Gaborik went down. .500 would be virtually ideal and voilà they’re .500 with Gaborik immune verge of returning. Could they be better? Probably and as Tim pointed out last year .500 without Gaborik doesn’t happen, I mean they weren’t .500 with him for 75+ games.

    I also expect very little in terms of regar season/post-season accomplishments from this squad. The talent the Caps can roll out in close games is going to usually decide games in their favor more often than the talent the Rangers can roll out.

    Anyway, non-Boogaard highlight of the night. We were sitting in the 300’s and there was a guy in an Avery jersey in front of us in the 200’s repeatedly standing up during the play and he kept on getting told to sit down. For one particular stretch, might have been the Rangers 3rd period PP IIRC, he wouldn’t sit down so CCCP yells “Sit down you JACKWAGON!”. The guy then slouched back to mamby pamby land shortly thereafter.

  5. Blue Seat Horror on

    Love the quote from Dubi: “We played an ideal game.”

    Not exactly. Would love to know what he’s smoking though.

    Tonight’s “A–hole” chant was the loudest I’ve heard from the Garden crowd in years. There’s life in the Garden after all.

  6. Yeah Blue Seat, havent heard it that loud in a while. Although when Brash ended Betts’s NYR career the crowd was prettty vocal.

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