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Thoughts on a game that really could have used a little more action:

1) My head nearly exploded over the huge deal that was made of the disallowed goal. The most critical point was not made (on TV) until Dave Maloney left the radio booth and got onto the post-game set, because for all 4,689 times they replayed it and cried about it, nobody brought up  the most important point. Maloney was right. The goalkeeper almost surely let up after playing the puck, and probably even heard the whistle before Frolov scored.

2) I don’t know what the rulebook says — and I’m too lazy to look even though it’s within arm’s reach — but I’m pretty darn sure that when a goalie plays a puck, it is treated as possession on delayed penalties and such. And when a player touches the puck on a delayed penalty, on a hand pass, or whatever, the whistle usually blows.

3) That’s Bill McCreary being Bill McCreary. In other words, what did you expect? The right call? Just like the missed double-minor on Dubinsky. I think that was a worse non-call than the “disallowed goal” especially since any of the four officials could have and should have called it.

4) Where was Frolov the rest of the game, not to mention the rest of the season?

5) Full marks to the Rangers and their coach for manning-up and not making a big deal out of that one play, and blaming themselves for the loss … and crediting St. Louis … which really does look like another Bestern Conference power, and should be for a long time. If it gets goaltending.

6) Speaking of which, did you catch those shots of Halak on the bench. Was he wearing some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving balloons under his jersey? I never understood why the NHL still to this day isn’t serious about limiting the size of goalie equipment, and that includes Lundqvist’s. That guy weighs like 140 pounds, and when he’s on the ice he’s bigger than John Candy.

7) Another big return on that Boogaard contract.

8) How is it, for all these years, the Rangers don’t have more than one legit power-play point man? And why can’t Marc Staal play there?

9) I didn’t think your boys played poorly overall. They were simply stifled by a better team. But they do need to do better at home. They all say it … blah, blah, blah, blah. But when will they figure out how?

10) Erik Christensen found the bench, even during the five-minute PP, which I think means he’s headed for pruchaville when Gaborik comes back, probably by the end of this week. Deservedly so.

11) Two best pieces of news for NYR: Biron’s play, and Gaborik’s shoulder.

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  1. oh yeah – first?!?!
    and i meant 5 minute power play – must have been the red stripe i was drinking last night

  2. Trade Frolov/Boogard for Shelley – what a waste of $ on these 2 – neither is doing what there supposed to.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great post, Carp.

    I couldn’t get over all of the whining on that non-goal. Should it have been a goal? Probably. Was it THAT egregious an error, not really. There would have been substantial doubt in McR’s mind if he had actually allowed the goal and I can understand that.

    Regardless, how does the broadcast team whine about that play when the Rangers blow the rest of the game, including a 5min major? Terrible excuses for a team that just didn’t deserve to win.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Well said, Carp. I was going through some of the last night’s posts after I watched it on DVR and was very surprised to see some people blaming the Rangers for their poor effort. I didn’t think it was that they didn’t try, they just couldn’t. St. Louis is a better, deeper team. And they played perfect road, back-to-back game. Left wing….uhm, forget that- trap. They hustle and the Rangers could rarely win any down low battles. That has been the Rangers trademark this season. One mistake (Boogart was caught attempting his hit deep ), perfect shot- it’s in the net. Te way these two teams are structured, at the moment the Blues are deeper on defense and have more talent up front. Not much you can do about that.

    But I’m not going to blame them for poor effort. In fact, I think this is one of the games when Gaborik would make a difference. Even if he didn’t score, the Blues would have to deploy Brewer/Johnson pair against his line, and AC/DC line would have much more freedom. Who knows?
    Biron played well- good news. Torts realized that they didn’t have enough offensive threat and gave more time to Stepan, who, I thought did well when was given more offensive responsibiities. i like the way he sees the ice, he always looks around before passing.

    The PP still needs a lot of work. Yesterday it looked like it was regressing. Maybe it was because the way the Blues were defending, not sure…

    Not to tease anyone, but if AA didn’t miss that empty net the outcome could’ve been totally different. Oh, well….

  5. I thought it was funny in the pregame when Joe, Al and Dave were talking to JD and Joe said it is nice there is no trap anymore in the game, as ilb pointed out it was alive last night. (boring)

    Carp. I also noticed how big Halak looked on the bench and had the similar thought about goalie equipment. He looked bigger than Garth Snow used to…

  6. Carp, great point about the goalie letting up on that disallowed goal. I was thinking the same thing every time they showed the replay over and over and wondered why it was not mentioned.

    That was some trap they put on, we couldn’t get moving at all. And their PK was excellent, again, no chance to get any time or space.

    We’ll get them next time!

  7. Disappointing is the best word for last night. Disappointing that Avery was our best player (when there are guys paid more and expected to provide the offense). Disappointing that Biron only lets 1 in and the rest of the team cant make it stand.

    What is heppening with Geno Grachev? I really dont think this 4th line duty is really giving the kid a chance to prove himself, before we know it he’ll be back in Hartford or traded for another pointless cap eating veteran (see White, Todd).

    With regards to Frolov, i think if we have to wait and see if he has more of an impact when Gabby returns.

  8. If all you score is 1 disallowed goal in the first period, you aren’t going to win the game. If all you score is 1 allowed goal in the 1st period, you aren’t going to win too many games. The team has hung on gamely, keeping it’s head above water but they need gaborik’s scoring back in the lineup to give them a boost. Hopefully his return also provides a jump start for Frolov to give them 2 scoring lines.

  9. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    I forgot to post this last night, but I also (not to be capt. obvious here) think the dismal face off percentage we had was a huge part of the loss.

    I also agree that frolov will be better when gabby gets back.

    *DISCLAIMER*….I am only asking a question, not suggesting or recommending this, but just curious on my fellow boneheads opinions…Would you trade dubi straight up for backes????

  10. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    If Grachev is being showcased for a trade, why not let him make noise in Hartford (where he actually has some hope of scoring) instead of MSG?!? How can you trade a kid that is either not ready, or not capable at the NHL level?

    Who could we trdae him for?!? SANGUINETTI?!?

  11. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Dubi for Backes? How long is Backes signed for? Otherwise, it seems like a sideways deal. I would only trade Dubi, packaged with Drury or Rozi, just to allow the NYR to sign Richards or Parise caliber FA. Dubi will not be coming cheap next time, and Sather may just deal him because of the contract impasse from the last deal.

    Interesting thought, Dubi for Backes.

  12. Wicky, 3 weeks ago I would say yes to that trade but the line Dubi is on is playing well and I would like to see it in tact for the remainder of the season. (oh torts is the coach so for the remainder of the month)

  13. the frolov signing may stink but it is 1 year and not huge money so those deals are very recoverable from.

    the boogard deal is small dollars but makes no sense. the guy cannot skate.

    why can’t prust, boyle and other tough or big guys scrap on occassion while not having to skate a guy who plays like a high schooler and often committs moronic penalties..

  14. yea they are showcaseing a 20 yr old with zero nhl points in a crosby trade…………

    how about guys on occassion take time to develop….grachev is playing with boogard so how effective could he be. the goal last night was all boogards fault… the guy should play against philly, boston, and maybe 2 other teams and that is it.

    he adds zero to the team but can fight other thugs on some of the tougher teams…

  15. Frolov was supposed to give the team scoring other than Gaborik. The fact that he’s only signed for one year is irrelevant. He should be the top scorer on the team now that Gaborik is out and all he has to show for himself is a couple of lucky goals. I wouldn’t give up on him at this point, but if he isn’t producing by mid-season I’d drop him faster than Wade Redden.

  16. Honestly speaking, even if Boogart stayed up as a third man, that would still be 3 on 2. He wouldn’t be able to catch up with them. He shouldn’t a third man up, he should be down low forechecking and hitting. The question is- what was he doing playing against Steen and Co. to begin with?

    In terms of Dubi for Bakes. I’d say no. And not only because the way this line has been playing together, but because Dubinsky is an RFA at the end of the year and Bakes is an UFA. Totally different story, you don’t want potentially lose Dubinsky for nothing.

  17. Everything is Boogie’s fault. If he doesn’t hit people you complain,when he does you complain.Lets face it even if he didn’t hit that guy they still score. It was a perfect shot. Torts does not use Boogie in the right ways so when he hit the player he was doing his job. Was he out of position yes but all the Rangers get out of position every night so why jump on Boogie. I’m glad he’s on our team but he has to be used correctly and our genius(not) coach torts is mis using him and under using him end of story. I bigger waste of money is Miss rosi, drury capt not clutch,or Frolov or Torts himself. One goal by a missed coverage should not lose you a game. Wake up Boneheads the team is in trouble and it’s not Boogie’s fault!

  18. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    the thing that is interesting to me about frolov is who he plays with. To me at this point is he a player without a line. If we talk about grachev and who he has to play with is part of the reason he hasn’t done anything, then can’t we say the same about frolov??? I’m honestly not sure who he has been playing with since the gabby injury, but I do remember him playing with EC a few times. EC isn’t exactly the most consistent player on the roster and the way torts changes up the majority of the lines, I’m willing to cut him a very slow skating break.

    That being said, wasn’t his forte the around the net garbage goal type player? Wouldn’t it make sense to put him on the ice with avery then who like it or not is our best passer from behind the net?

    Just speculating though!

  19. Vince
    You’re missing the point. Every high school forward is taught that if 2 forwards iare in deep behind the net, the 3rd guy must stay high in case the opponants gain the puck and break out. This avoids the very 3 on 2 odd man rush that resulted in the goal. There is a time and place for Boogey to be agressive but as sonn as he chargein like a mad bull and put 3 forwards behind the net it had disaster written all over it.

  20. I like that idea, Wicky. at least until Gaborik is back. Frolov goes down in the corners and protects the puck well, but he isn’t swift enough on his skates to emerge with it in front of the net. He needs to be around there to score. Avery showed that he is capable of delivering the puck in front of the net. I’m still convinced that Frolov will pop in a few goals before we all give up on him.

  21. Hi Guys.. It is a long season, and this team has handled the loss of three very key players from their lineup very well. This is an improved team from last year. Frolov is really a suprise to me, I expected a guy who would be out there giving it every game. Instead here’s a guy gliding around, he doesn’t seemed to be engaged at all. There are guys at my senior skates moving faster than him. Hopefully things will change when Gaborik returns. The huge improvement in the home grown guys, is the main reason this team has done so well. Torts has been riding these guys hard and often, and the return of the in jured guys will be welcomed. I am not a bit concerned about the chemistry of the team. The injured guys are all part of the chemistry. There are a couple of guys that will not be there, but the guys that lose there ice time, played themselfs out of a job. I guess Boogaard will still be there, hopefully Torts and co. can teach him how to skate, and play the game. He has the size, he should make a big screen.

  22. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree with ILB about even if boogey stayed high, he wasn’t going to catch the play. I actually have more of a problem with (girardi I think) the d man, even though it was a 3 on 2 continually backing up to the point of (of course dropping to his knees) letting the blues get too deep and not taking the man.

    I also agree with VinceA. I just don’t thing boogey is anywhere close to being our problem. Our D is still way too soft and we don’t have anyone else putting the puck in the net beside the AA line and boyle and our coach is going to burn out certain players if he doesn’t consistently use his whole bench the whole game.

  23. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    old coach
    in theory you are correct, but i think the point that ILB was making (and that I agree with) is even IF boogey had stayed “in position”, his not so fleet of foot skating style would have made it a 3 on 2 anyhow.

  24. Not a fan of Frolov but I’m gonna lay off him for a while. He came here expecting to play with Gabby and he ends up playing with Eric Christensen. Give him a couple of weeks with a decent player and if he still stinks up the ice I’m all aboard on the bashing.
    Like I said though, not a big fan of the lazy Russians.

  25. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Lazy russians are OK, it’s those lazy Ukrainians that really grind my gears!!!!! (cccp and ILB I kid, I kid)

  26. Tank The Season on

    Boogaard is here because Gaborik (and Doug Risebrough by extension) wanted him here. I believe Lundqvist knows him somehow and wanted him here too.

  27. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    supposedly boogie not on ice at practice and gabby skating with white and EC.

  28. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I believe a certain tank in htfd has quite the cannon from the point!

  29. Good point, hockeymon. 3 out of 6 top players are out and we are still over .500. And the effort is still there. No need to panic. Win some, lose some. We are not ready for prime time. In case we all forgot, we are developing our youth.

  30. Anytime someone mentions White I get hiccups…Kennedy should’ve been here and White should’ve been centering third line in Hartford.

  31. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    They could’ve replayed last season’s game against the Blues @ MSH and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Its a long season.

  32. While acknowledging that Boogaard’s presence or otherwise is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, I keep reading a few comments that he’s “not being used properly” without any further explanation.

    He’s playing less than five minutes per game, kept away from any top opposition lines, practically never plays in the third (garbage time aside) and fights the opposing goon if they are willing. I don’t see how else he can be used – what hidden ability am I not seeing?

  33. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    opens gate at end of shifts???

  34. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The White mistake is fixing the mistake of signing Brashear, which fixed the mistake of letting Colton Orr go, also Brashears departure prompted the necessity for the Boogaard mistake. Sather fixed the Redden mistake so he could sign the Frolov mistake which was supposed to fix the Zherdev mistake which was meant to fix the Naslund mistake who was acquired to fix the Gomez/Drury mistakes which prompted Jagr’s departure mistake.

    Slats can’t even fix his own mistakes without making another one to fix next year. And keeping him as GM/Prez is the biggest mistake of all.

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