It’s Go Time!


My fingers are so frozen I can barely type this.

Martin Biron starts in goal against the Blues tonight, his first since that subpar outing against Atlanta.

Ryan Callahan returns after sitting out the game against the Devils with a sore neck. Derek Boogaard and Evgeny Grachev remain in the lineup. Matt Gilroy and Todd White are prucha’d.

Also, our buddy Andrew Gross reported that Marian Gaborik was to see team doctors tonight hoping to get clearance to begin contact drills, the final hurdle before he returns to action.

I hope to get home at some point early in the game to join youse in the comments section.

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  1. Repost of a Wicky comment

    wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) says:
    November 7, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    I don’t think in the case of rozy the players had as much say as the coach. I think he gave him the cally letter for his tenure or perhaps to motivate. You can’t honestly say that if you were a ranger player and the way rozy plays versus prust or even boyle that you would pick rozy for the A? Would you??

  2. Anybody find it interesting that LQ sits when we face a good team at home and the team did not play the night before?

    How many games has Gilroy played so far this year? His lack of playing time can’t be doing him much good?


  3. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Yeah Gilroy ain’t gonna get any better sitting in the press box every night. I’m thinking he’s a bust and we probably aren’t gonna get anything for him in return if we try to move him now.



  5. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Evening all…you too Linda.

    Marathon – check
    Giants win – check
    Rangers win? LGR!!

    Please kidnap JD & send Lord Sather to St Louis….

  6. I still haven’t seen enough of Gilroy to come to the conclusion that he’s a bust. He’s still not getting a fair chance. He plays two games, then he sits for three or four. How’s he supposed to improve?

  7. I think quite a few fans are a tad misinformed if they believe players are picked to wear those letters based solely on their on-ice play.

  8. N.CountryNYRFan on

    it was funny yesterday I was at a sports store at the mall and they were selling Canadians Halak t-shirts in the clearance bin. I think Montreal made a dumb move letting him go.

  9. >>What did Mario do? Man City won today iirc

    Super Mario scored two goals, then got sent off for his bad temper.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a difference a win can make!!!"...& Greg L. on

    ATDHE.NET is showing the Flyers and Caps!!???? Its says rangers vs Blues WTB!!??? Anyone got a different link?

  11. I THOUGHT Bill McCreary retired??????????????????????????????????????????????

    My near perfect day has been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on


    I know Foz, I saw earlier that he was gonna play! I’m happy. AND i got the MSG feed also! We’re lucky girls tonight!

  13. Woohoo, game time!

    Cally’s back- great to see.

    I get Darren Pang on the local channel. All right.

  14. It’s Froggins!

    Anyone else think Christensen should be on the fourth line instead of Grachev or Stepan? EC has played a good game, but he’s not the future here.

  15. What is the purpose of continuing to play Boogaard?

    There’s the “veteran referee” Bill McCreary alright. Veteran at screwing over New York.

  16. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Tim, i just found this…obviously those horrible rumors were true

    He had previously announced that he would retire as an NHL referee at the end of the 2009-10 NHL season[6], although the possibility of his returning for the 2010-11 season has recently been mentioned [7].

  17. Would youse guys take Step-On or Grabachev off of the fourth line for EC? I would try Grachev, since Stepan is still getting the hang of things, clearly.

    I guess John and Joe missed the fact that the puck hit the stick on the ice before it got to McDonald.

  18. Linda – LOL

    Im so disappointed. I guess the thought of screwing the Rangers over another year lured him back.

    Maybe Ill pay a visit to his relative on the Huntsville Havoc and send old Bill a message. HA!

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    Orr, facing a heavyweight never scared Prust. He’s the most likely to go with Jackwagonsens.

  20. Guess no on Janssen and Avery, then. I thought they had something going back to when Janssen was a Devil, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Anyways, do they even have a shot on goal yet?

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m really glad Grachev has stuck this long. I’m hoping he can get some momentum. It doesn’t sound like a stint in Hartford is going to help anyone this year.

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    I agree Orr, Prust should stay away. I’m just saying he’s usually the most willing to go whether it’s a good idea or not.

  23. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao spider… either way ya like it, going rogue. or using rouge on his cheeks lol, he’s metro

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " What a difference a win can make!!!"...& Greg L. on



  25. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    trust me Spider, if it was available, I’d have it! The man calls comcast about 4 times a season just to bust their chops about it not being available!

  26. Is it just the feed on FIOS or is everyone MSG feed really choppy? I wouldn’t be surprised if cablevision was being extra scummy but i just wanted to check

  27. Wow, Mike Green scored a 5-on-4 overtime goal to beat the Flyers because a 5-on-3 carried over from regulation, then the first Flyer was out of the box and Caps scored before the next whistle.

  28. Im not watching.

    Another cheapo penalty on us, I presume?

    Thanks Bill McCreary. A leopard cant change its spots. You dirtpile.

  29. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the only time froloaf actually skates with some urgency and scores a goal and the refs screw us a gain

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    Zuccarello with 2 goals in the 1st period tonight for the Whalepack. Maybe he’ll get a trick.

  31. Did they actually take a goal off the board? Or was a penalty called, and then Froloaf scored after play had stopped?

  32. No penalty. “apparent” high stick. Puck never touched anyone’s stick. BAD BAD BAD call.

  33. I just saw the replay. McCreary cheated us. He went over to speak to Frolov and said “Im cheatin’ ya”

    Simple as that.

    Occam’s Razor.

  34. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the refs blew the whistle after the puck was apparenty touched by a Blues player after it was touched by a highstick. Froloaf scored the goal just after the whistle blew. I didn’t think the puck touched a high stick or that a Blues controlled the puck afterwards, seemed like another cheap call by the refs

  35. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    officials should be suspended during the season for horrible calls, maybe then things would get better. ;-)

  36. Oh well, it is what it is. This has nothing to do with bad refereeing. It has everything to do with biased refereeing. And the referees’ bias against New York is just way the leagues prefer it.

    We New York teams must overcome it and beat both the opposition and the referees on a daily basis.

  37. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    McReary – the Ron Jeremy of Hockey Officials. Both have awful mustaches, screws people, & should have retired along time ago.

  38. Blue Seat Horror on

    Roszival’s passing is for carcillo tonight. I’m starting to get nervous every time the puck gets near him.

  39. Blues announcers are talking about how Backes was 4 and 0 on faceoffs in the first period. Don’t think he realizes how awful the Rangers are on faceoffs this season.

  40. Sigh. McDreary is back? carcillo. As if the zebras weren’t bad enough this year….

    He probably won’t see this cause he’s traveling and celebrating, but I just had to give a shout out on the record to TR and Mrs. TR on their one-year anniversary!!!! Happy Happy TRs!!!!! You are a tremendously tremendous couple and I adore you both….TR, if you do see this, good luck on your return :)

  41. Linda, that is one reason I want him back. That and I do believe he’s needed on the PK.

    aww, carcillo on the Blues goal

  42. just 1 goal? well, thats lookin like the game winner unless the rangers realize theyre actually playin

  43. im sorry, but if i was there id start a freakin rangers chant myself. whats up with the crowd? any ranger fans attending? dont they know it helps the team?

  44. That penalty happened right in front of McDreary! (HAHA Mama!) And McQueery didn’t even call it. That guy is truly sick.

  45. it is kinda a dull game though. rangers gotta be stronger. havent they lost enough at home? dont they get mad?

  46. MAKO says:
    November 7, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Effing ref right there didnt make the call but the neutral zone ref did. WTB!?!?!?


    The ref standing right there was McQueery. Says all you need to know about him as a referee and a human being :)

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " LGR !!!"...& Greg L. on

    Great Idea Orr!!!!


    LETS GO BOOGAARD!!!! Yo Mikey , I know i know its like watching “paint dry” without Gaborik the great and Captain Drury.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    They really need to stop harping on that high stick. Joe’s starting to sound like Chico with that whining.

  49. “That was a good defensive play, diving getting the puck, not taking a penalty” says Joe M.

    What a bouche.

    Never got the puck. They got his skate and leg. If we did that, that’s a penalty 100% of the time.


  50. michelobetti is covering for the pathetic effort the rangers showin tonight. whattya want him to say? ” oh great pp rangers!!”. lol

  51. seriously guys, lay off michilleti and get on the rangers. who cares what joe says. hes not negative but theres nothin to really talk about besides how crappy the non goal was.

  52. i like hearing the commentators whine about the ref. I just wish they’d take it one step further and accurately say “only against us”

    i really despise bill mccreary. he has a face not even his own mother could love.

  53. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    I think the Marathin today was more exciting than these ice capades.
    When’s pizza boy coming back? I want my slices

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    Frolov seems to be making a better effort to get back to the defensive zone tonight. I’ve seen him covering the crease more than once when Roszival was off reading the advertising on the boards or whatever the heck he was doing.

  55. nice pass sauer!!! and great pass to st louis biron!!! these guys hungover or just have mow testosterone. theyre playin like pansies

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " LGR !!!"...& Greg L. on

    I have like 6 Zuccarello cards on xbox360. Im banking on this kid and I may have “dabbled” in a few Boogaard bets that may be a bust..maybe. GO BOOGAARD , Yo Torts , slap him in there on that PP!!!!!

  57. i meant low! oops. whatever i cant watch this crap. nobodys playin hockey for us. this is ny not ohio!!! play some mean ass hockey. sick of these weak ass efforts at home.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " LGR !!!"...& Greg L. on

    Come on!!!! WE need a goaaaaaaal!!!!!


    30 MILLION OUTTA the line up !!!!????? What a waiste!!!!

  59. who wants boogaard on the pp? dude, youre off your rocker if u wqant this retard on the pp. he cant even skate man

  60. it’s time i take a hike for the rest of this game. sorry guys for the anger. i had such a great day today with the Jets, Giants, Patriots, and then to be reintroduced to this criminal Bill McCreary has ruined my day.

    just cheated boogaard. “he rubbed him out” why is boogaard on this team? what a joke of an NHLer and a contract.

    See ya later, hopefully after a Rangers victory or loss in OT/shootout.

  61. and if were lookin for “the boogeyman”(lmfao at how useless he is) for offense, then u know we are screwed. cmon guys ya gotta just say it. we are bad!!! at home anyway

  62. And McQueery screws us yet again! I thought that firetrucking piece of carcillo was retired!

  63. Blue Seat Horror on

    This Blues team is a good team and the Rangers are playing them close. 1-0 after 2 isn’t horrible. Even with Halaktimus Prime sitting, obviously St. Louis is solid. Rangers can win this one if they hustle for the next 20 min.

  64. even if we win this game, by a miracle we score 1 goal to tie, was this game any fun for anyone? were the 1st 2 periods any fun watching? if u would rather go to bingo with grandma than watch the first 2 priods of this game raise your hand

  65. st louis is a powerhouse. 60 goal scorers like oshie qand vezina winners liek conklin are killing us!!!!!! lol

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    Grabachev…I’d rather watch bad hockey than participate in good bingo. Any day. Even with Gianone doing play-by-play.

    Let’s start a drinking game. Every time Gianone mentions the word “overtime” in the third period. Take a drink.

  67. Blue Seat Horror on

    Orr. I’d say Boyle’s a bit more qualified. At least he can deflect the puck. But if the puck doesn’t get to the net it doesn’t matter who’s standing there.

  68. If you’d rather eat Drury’s pizza with some boxed wine than watch the first two periods, raise your hand ….

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    St Louis goes from doormat to a Powerhouse while NY will be sweating out another eight place playoff spot.


  70. Blue Seat Horror on

    Coach’s challenge wouldn’t have worked on this one. I think the whistle blew before the puck was in the net.

  71. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    If we scored more goals then nobody would give a carcillo about the one that was stolen from us. So score some Byfuglien goals already!

  72. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, I wonder if Fedetenko is going to get through the game without getting elbowed in the head. He probably took those early penalties because he’s still suffering shell-shock. I was beginning to think he had a bulls-eye on his helmet.

    Good for Torts, giving Stepan some important minutes.

  73. Finally a five-minute major for us. Crombeen probably thought Stepan was going to go behind the net, since the puck was going there, but that was brutal.

  74. Blue Seat Horror on

    Let’s Go Rangers! Score early and often…Then send Boogard out to take out Halak (yeah I know he’s on the bench).

  75. Blue Seat Horror on

    You guys are bumming me out. It’s still 1-0 in a pretty evenly played game. Granted the Rangers can’t hit the broad side of a barn it only takes one shot to tie it.

    Nothing’s over yet.

  76. N.CountryNYRFan on

    how many games are we gonna have where our power play is non-existent and losses us games

  77. N.CountryNYRFan on

    we suck at home this year, why can’t more abspestos fal from the rafters and keep us on the road

  78. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hey there Ranger Fans- Welcome to the World’s Most Blameless Arena. It has to be if I still have a job! So does Dolan.

    I see that that rat Dubinsky is showing me up again! Scoring all those goals, he’s gonna ask for another $10 an hour raise next year, I just know it! It’s a loyalty problem. And I’m going to keep on dumping guys off this team until I get some!!

    You have to admit I got a good pick with my new enforcer Boogaard. If he plays like I pay him to, we can roll four lines. It’s like I told Torts earlier “I really know how to pick and roll my Boogies!” He just gave me a disgusted look and walked away.

    Muck! Hey Muckler! Call security! There’s a junk car in my Reserved Parking spot. Get them to tow it out of there. You can’t miss it. There is a big slice of pizza on the roof and the words “Clutchmobile” on the side. I don’t know whose it is but it hasn’t moved in weeks.

    BTW Redden gives a good ol’ Hartford Hello to all his Bonehead fans.

    Forever Yours…
    Uncle Glennie

  79. N.CountryNYRFan on

    why can’t this team ever play consistent good hockey, its always so up and down, and how can they play so lackluster at the Garden, its like they all took Drearys sleeping pills

  80. Oh well. We got cheated numerous times. But we did get a few power plays and the most important one, a fair 5 minute major power play. And we just looked like a minor league team on it. Only for us does a guy miss a wide open net put in for a game tying goal. Good performance by Biron; deserved a better fate. Get Boogaard off this team; he’s as useless as my ….. is long. What a wasted signing, wasted cap space, wasted roster spot, wasted individual.

    Most importantly, what a joke the MSG fans are. Didnt hear a peep out of them on the 5 minute power play, but definitely heard them booing afterwards. If those losers spent more time cheering the team and trying to inspire the team, maybe the team would wake from their slumber.

  81. Blue Seat Horror on

    Blues had excellent positioning and the Rangers had zero adaptability on the attack. Staal made the move that could have tied it but he opted to backhand the puck to a harmless, unoccupied corner instead of putting it where the Rangers were. Snapshot of their impotence.

    They did the same thing for the whole game and didn’t adapt when that wasn’t working.

    If they don’t start winning face-offs I would be in favor of trading Christensen for Dominic Moore or Manny Malholtra, if Sather can work his Jedi trading mojo.

  82. LindaCalPrustBoylahan says:
    November 7, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    the deadass crowd should boo themselves also


    Great minds…

  83. Tank The Season on

    Crappy loss but this team went down fighting and like I said we just have to tread water around .500 until Gaborik gets healthy.

    If this were last year, under the same injury circumstances, this team would be 1-13-1 rather than 7-6-1. Just keep that in mind.

  84. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    God that was a pathetic show on the PP. They just throw it around the wall over and over again and hope for a bounce. Do they practice it? And they got outworked big time tonight, plain and simple.

  85. Booger = Useless, and now confirms that he’s overpaid!

    All he has to do is fight Janssen. Instead he takes a dumb penalty, and tries to play hockey when he clearly can’t.

    This team’s hard to watch.

  86. N.CountryNYRFan on

    is it just me or does it seem like the officiating is the worst it has ever been this year, especially against us.

    However that no goal call did not make the difference tonight, our pathetic pp did

  87. I cant believe Boogaard can make $1.65 million. Id take the league minimum, play for the Rangers, and take 1 2-minute penalty game, for running the opposing goalie as hard as I could. Make a statement, teach the other team a lesson that we aint gonna stand for their crap and that we’ll take the law into our own hands. FIRE BOOGAARD!

    And to think, we could have had John Davidson running this franchise, a guy with actual intelligence, instead of Sather.


  88. Olga – The fans had a 5 minute Power Play to cheer about and to inspire the players on the ice during, and they sat in their seats like the pieces of poo they are.

  89. N.CountryNYRFan on

    some positives from tonight though, Stepan was more visible tonight, Biron played decent and Froloaf played with a little more fire

  90. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good job by Biron tonight. That’s very encouraging.

    They’re trying. That’s good to see.

    They just didn’t have the chops tonight. Need a little more acumen on the attack.

    Stepan had some good shifts. He went into the corner (and paid), whereas he had been shying away from that. Hopefully he keeps it up.

    Still improving, I think.

  91. It doesnt matter that they stunk up the 5 minute PP. The fans should have been cheering from the beginning of the PP, before the NYR stunk it up.

    We’re not sending Booger down 15 days into a $6 million contract. Unfortunately, he’s here for at least 1 year. 1 miserable year of watching an untalented, unemotional, ugly individual.

  92. That’s 2 games in a row with a 5 minute pp that they do nothing with.
    Gaborik was really missed in a game like this.

  93. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha N. Country. You were posting when I was composing. I swear I’m not repeating what you say.

  94. All the Boogaard hate is a little misplaced. Yes, he is overpaid. But if someone offered to pay me more than I’m worth I’d take it and I’m sure all of you would too. So the contract is not his fault.

    He will only be absolutely necessary for a handful of games this year, but for those games he will be indispensable. What other solution do you guys have when another team’s goon starts gooning it up and we have no one to respond? Enforcers have been around longer than every player on the team, and even if their roles are more limited nowadays, they are still important, which is why the majority of NHL teams carry one.

    And most importantly, this team played a lifeless game and got zero offense going. That is not Boogaard’s fault. Yeah, he made a bad play that led to a goal, but we’re not gonna win a game without scoring any goals.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’ll repeat what I said above…

    If the fans had something to cheer about, I bet they would…

  96. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i was never a fan of the booger signing, just another stupid signing, its amazing sather is able to keep his job. He has to be the worst NHL player i have ever seen.

    I’d rather have Brett Lindros out of retirement than Booger.

  97. Tank The Season on

    And I definitely think White and/or Grachev should be demoted and Zuccarello should be called up for the next game to inject some offensive creativity into the lineup.

    In all fairness to Stepan he was supposed to be Gaborik’s center….

  98. You can’t score on the PP when your pointmen have trouble putting the puck on net and keeping the puck in their zone! Then you also have a guy on the point that won’t shoot at all, so why is he out there? This team needs a more pieces before they are more consistant…

  99. Olga – And Ill say it once more, the fans did have something to cheer about….a 5 minute PP. 5 Minute PPs dont come around too often in hockey.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Yes, he is overpaid. But if someone offered to pay me more than I’m worth I’d take it and I’m sure all of you would too. So the contract is not his fault.”

    How many times have we heard this regarding Sather’s signings? Quite a few if I remember correctly. How is he not held accountable for all those horrible contracts?


  101. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    Again with the “if you were offered the money, you’d take it” crap. Obviously we would, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a mistake or that we can’t want Boogaard traded/demoted/whatever.

  102. Im hating on Boogaard because Booger is a symptom of a larger problem, Sather. We already have Prust who’s willing to drop the gloves. You dont pay a goon $1.65 million to fight people or make an insignificant impact in a handful of games a year, by fighting the other team’s goon.

  103. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agree Nessier, boogies contract like Reddens is not his fault but we could have had cheaper, better playing goons, and he should not be playing in games he may not be needed. Its Sathers fault and Torts fault for dressing him in non-rival type games.

  104. >>And to think, we could have had John Davidson running this franchise, a guy with actual
    >>intelligence, instead of Sather.

    I wouldn’t say Sather lacks intelligence [quite disrespectful, by the way]. His problem is that he’s stuck in the past; the new NHL has left him behind. If you want proof, look no further than Boogaard’s signing.

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    No one cheers when a player is injured and draws a penalty. Fans need something positive to start cheering. Like a good play, or a goal…

  106. In all fairness, you can’t blame Slats for wanting to overpay for a goon. We constantly get bullied, and nobody does anything aboot it. Booger was supposed to help out, but it’s clearly not working.

    Total waste of space. Just like Frolov! Just like EC! Just like Fedetenko! Just like White!

  107. Orr – Nope, it’s a 4 year deal for Booger.

    The reasoning that (insert name here) would take the $1.65 million holds no relevance.

    However, to stick a fork in that theory. If the Rangers offered me $1.65 million for 4 years and I had the same talent level of Boogaard – which is no talent whatsoever – I would decline them and ask for the minimum.

    Then, I would actually go out there and do my job. Id run goalies, Id run opposing star players. Id give the Rangers my money’s worth. Because I care about the Rangers. Sather and Booger do not!

  108. It’s ok…Boogaard will prove useful when we have a really nasty, chippy game….I thought he was effective in the Flyers game in the 3rd period. And he definitely beat Jody Shelley’s aasen!

  109. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i also agee that we would be better off with Zherdev instead of Frolov or Fedentenko

  110. Olga – We’ll agree to disagree. Their was a TV timeout after the injury. More than enough time for the crowd to prepare themselves to cheer on their favorite team during a critical PP. Let’s just leave it at that.

    What we can agree on is…. FIRE SATHER!

  111. >>I’d rather have Brett Lindros out of retirement than Booger.

    Peter Worrell can’t possibly be any worse than Boogaard. Bring him out of retirement too.

  112. Agreed JBytes. It’s not that Sather lacks intelligence. He’s still stuck back in a time that no longer exists. Unable to adapt.

  113. I don’t get how Torts can expect Grachev to step up his game with 4th line minutes playing alongside Boogaard. I don’t get NHL refereeing sometimes.

  114. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i don’t think Boogie will ever really be effective he is too slow tohit anybody, like Carp said if he beats up the other teams goon who cares, he shows no emotion and he can’t barely catch players to throw decent hits.

    and where has Aves gone…his nastyness has disappeared lately

  115. With all the ice time Booger got in that third period while we were down 4-1, he had more than enough time to show some balls, and terrorize the Flowers, but he did absolutely nothing. He even let Shelley elbow him during the final buzzer.

    There can be only one NYR goon! His name is Colton Orr. The rest are useless. Brash*t, Shelley, Booger. No more goons!

  116. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    hope youse guys have a great week! we got the caps on tuesday ( beninati is a given) that should be a blast!

  117. >>Their was a TV timeout after the injury.

    I hate to be the grammar police here, but you Internet/electronic kids need to get a grip on the usage of their/there and its/it’s. Gee!!!

  118. JBytes – It was just a mistake. Im well aware of the difference between their/there/theyre and it’s/its. Im a bit unnerved by tonight’s weak effort and uselessness of Boogaard.

  119. Just an ugly, boring game against a team that had 5 rookie defenseman with a combined 130 games of NHL experience between them. They need Gaborik back badly.

  120. Tiki I guess we have no way of knowing for sure that you’d pass up over a million a year to make some sort of moral statement, but I am really skeptical of that, and we’ve seen time and time again that professional athletes take as much money as they can get. And frankly, if your job is to have bare knuckle fights with professional fighters, you gotta get as much money as possible because you never know when the career will be over.

    I agree that Sather is to blame for a bloated contract, but in his defense, he rightly saw the need to add some toughness and intimidation to this soft team and went out and got the scariest guy out there. And Boogaard has done his job fine – he’s beaten Orr and Shelley, and threw his weight around in the third in Philadelphia with some heavy hits and no one responded.

    Having Boogaard on the bench isn’t gonna make people stop finishing checks and making hockey plays, which sometimes include illegal plays. He’s there to clean up when things get really out of hand, and I don’t think it’s come to that so far this season.

  121. Each of you has brought out a significant reason as to why they lost this game. Mostly it is because their passing game was plain stinkeroo. And another of course is the fact that they never plant anyone in front of the net. Most likely the reason why that close in shot was missed was because he wasn’t expecting it. And it is remarkable how often Rangers get shafted on scoring plays by the refs,
    ( that is when they are not stumbling over them or falling into them.) I think that I’ve seen more phantom, and non calls this years by the refs than any year I can recall. And it always seems to be against them. Amazing.

    But the bottom line is that they couldn’t make a decent pass all night long. None of them.

  122. bad effort.

    PP stunk. boogard is awful.

    no traffic only cycling.

    they have no offense if they do not get the forcheck going….

  123. Nessier – He didnt clean up the THREE 5 minute majors that were committed against us in the past 3 games. (2 of which were called, and 1 was not called)

    See, you misunderstand the job of a goon, the job of a Booger. His job is to deter other teams from running our goalie or cheap shotting our players. A goon fighting another goon serves no purpose.

    There was nothing moral about my statement. However, this topic of discussion is entirely irrelevant.

  124. Olga –

    Who *can’t* cheer for something positive? Why not try and have an impact on the game rather just reacting to it. Yes, it’s may be contrary to what you’re feeling at the time but I thought Rangers fans were supposed to be”the greatest fans in the world”. I guess it’s just some more MSG propaganda.

  125. SNYRangersblog has a post on the TOI stats from the game and it’s insanity. Boogaard got NO time in the 3rd, Grachev a mere 4 seconds in the third, Emminger and Sauer a little over 2 minutes a piece in the third, EC a little less than a minute in the third. Torts is burning out his ‘top’ players before December. No wonder they look so tired some nights. I thought he learned his lesson at the end of last season when the team was thriving rolling 4 lines. Granted, I cannot see Boogaard getting 10-14 minutes a night because he can’t play a lick, but maybe if Torts thought out of the box a little bit and dressed 7 D (shifting Gilroy to forward where I believe he would thrive) and sat Boogaard, the team would be able to roll 4 lines.

    And now I feel a Carping coming on…

  126. “Why not try and have an impact on the game rather just reacting to it. Yes, it’s may be contrary to what you’re feeling at the time but I thought Rangers fans were supposed to be”the greatest fans in the world”

    Well stated ddeb

  127. Tiki – You said you would take the league minimum rather than $1.65 million and give the Rangers “my money’s worth” because you “care about the Rangers.” Call it morals, honor, or something else; you’re saying you’d do something which is pretty much never seen in professional sports now.

    And as far as “cleaning up” the three majors taken against us – do you really want Boogaard to “clean up” Crombeen’s hit, and basically throw away any chance of tying up a 1-0 game in the process? If you want absolute vigilante justice, then you need to be willing to accept a few games thrown away for the sake of making a statement. Are you? And in the two 5 minute majors you’re referring to, Boogaard didn’t see the ice after Crombeen or Clarkson’s majors, and there’s not much he can do from the bench. And Prust “cleaned up” the Carcillo hit (which I assume is the third major you’re referring to). But eventually there will be something that Prust can’t clean up, and the team will look to Boogey. Then we’ll see whether he is valuable or not.

    If you think the role of enforcer is useless in hockey, then that’s another issue. But as far as enforcer’s job in today’s NHL goes, I don’t think Boogaard has done a bad job at all.

  128. Nessier – Call it whatever you like. I just call it standing by my team.

    I absolutely DO NOT advocate Booger or anyone else taking away any minutes of our 5 minute PP today by committing a penalty.

    What I am suggesting is doing something in advance in order to deter others in the future from hurting our players, a la the injury to Callahan the other night.

    First minute of the game, Booger comes out and takes a flying run right at a Marty Brodeur or a Halak. Then, Booger comes out after the game and says exactly the following to the media: “That is what will happen to every single goalie if any opposing player dares to hurt our guys.” A simple 2 minute penalty in the first 5 minutes of a game. Hardly throwing a game away, IMO.

    If the role of enforcer is to fight the other team’s goon, then I dont find that to be the least bit useful.

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