Rangers-Devils in review (sort of)


I don’t have a lot to say, or much time to say it.

Because, simply, I didn’t see the game last night, and because I couldn’t find a Rangers in 60 (only a Boomer and Carton in 60).

1) If you’re ever in that situation and can’t find a replay (the game was being shown at midnight, but there was no way I could have stayed up to watch it), NHL Network’s On the Fly does a great job with highlights. It might take a while before they get to the game you want to see, but once they do, they show all the goals, all the fights, some of the great saves and close calls, and anything else of interest.

2) Larry Murphy was talking about how good a player Brandon Dubinsky is, and how much better if he can add offense. He’s on pace for what, 70-80 goals this season? Obviously he’s going to dip sooner or later, and that probably means he’ll go a while without scoring much at all. I want to see the reaction of the anti-Dubinsky folks around here when that happens.

3) I only caught one glimpse of the Kovalchuk head shot against Fedotenko, which in Russian translates to “please try to cheapshot my cranium.” Do you guys think that was a suspendable offense? Seems to me that Joe Thornton got off lightly, and that that piece of Carcillo should be suspended, and that Kovalchuk’s was the textbook head shot that the NHL is claiming it is trying to eliminate. But until the NHL actually, you know, does something about it, it’s all lip service.

4) The Devil Dogs really are a mess right now.

5) The highlights I saw didn’t really tell me about the Avery factor, so maybe you guys can. Was he on his best behavior, as usual, at the Rock?

6) Looking ahead, I think they’re running the Marathon in NYC tomorrow. So if you’re planning on going to the game against JD’s Blues, expect major traffic.

Me, after a football double-header last night, I have three games today and two more tomorrow.


For you NHL fans who live locally, New Rochelle’s Kevin Shattenkirk, a first-round pick in 2007, was called up by the Colorado Avalanche and played his first NHL game Thursday night. Here’s Sam Borden’s story about that.

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    busy weekend for you Carpy! Stay warm!!

    Kovalcluck is a superstar, and we all know superstars do NOT administer cheap shots or perpetuate goonish antics on other players.

  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    I rather enjoy the Devils in shambles. Dubi is playing well, Hank was great, especially in the 3rd to preserve the shutout.

    Kovalchuk should be disciplined, as should Carcillo. I don’t get the NHL.

  3. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    You’re killing me Linda. Good morning.

    Carp – Avery more or less a non-factor last night. I guess only Martha can get his blood angry when it comes to the Devs.
    As far as the Kovalpuke elbow goes, I thought it was definitely intentional but it didn’t connect all that what well. Given the player that threw it along with it’s ineffectivess i’ll bet Kov will get a pass. If Avery threw it then two games would have been his suspension.

  4. Feel like Aves hasn’t been playing with that edge… Thinks he’s more of a point producer bc of thje good start he had.

  5. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i’m telling you, Kovalcluck is the unhappiest superstar in the NHL. all that money, all the drama, and he still scowls…. Sourcluck

    Headzo right on both counts!!

  6. The team is doing exactly what I had hoped it would when Gaborik, Prospal and Drury all went down early. They are pulling together, playing well as a team and keeping their heads above water(5th in the East as of this AM.) Dubinski has emerged as a leader to join Cally, Hank keeps them in games and the young guys continue to acclimate and improve. Hopefully, as players return(gabby sounds like he might be back by next weekend) the effort continues and the team will get even better. Got to like the way Torts is handling things this year- He even smiled at Duby on the bench after his last shift last night.

  7. Good morning all!

    Random thoughts:
    I agree with Fran in the previous post when he states the Rangers may have gotten the win but they weren’t the better team. We got the bounces and the breaks. Not that we played horrendously bad but to my eye, something’s missing. They’re playing with a decent effort but there’s no passion. They continue to freely give up the puck without hesitation and go chasing it to get it back.

    Maybe that’s why no one stuck up for Boyle or went after Kovalchuk with his freely swinging his elbow in center ice. Two games in a row for the entire league to see that they can have their way with us. And getting Gabby, Drury and Prospal back won’t change that one bit, in fact, it’ll reinforce it even more. No one on this team has any real balls, save Cally and Prust.

    WTB has happened to Avery? Zoloft? He’s playing with some energy but he needs to go to an Army/Navy store and buy some war toys. Maybe John Cleese can sell him some arguments. Dark Sean needs to re-up and show up.

  8. Anyone concerned what happens when Gabby, Prospal, and Drury come back??? You always hate to distrub what’s working. Do they think “Ok our top players are back, now we don’t have to work as hard”. Who gets scratched?? I’m thinking at least White, Grachev and possibly Christensen. Thoughts??

  9. I’d be really pleased if Dubinsky’s stat line is 35 goals, 35 assists at the end of the season.
    I’d be moderately pleased if he scored 50 points total, but kept hitting things and forechecking.

    The Dubi-Anisimov-Callahan line has been playing pretty well.

  10. Good morning all!

    ddeb, MoMa and the Met are currently in a bidding war over my work.

    did I really read all that carcillo about how they “can’t help it” last night. Ugh.

    Just waking up. That’s all I got for now.

  11. is this thing on?

    what time is it?

    Mama, when you say they “cant help it”, are you referring to the athletes cheating thingie?

  12. Good afternoon guys and gals.

    Just a few things to get off of my chest.
    Dubinsky: This is the way we all expected him to play from the get go. But he has had loong lapses of not producing and gliding around with some perfunctory play. His hold out soured some of us. And I hope for the good of the team he keeps playing the way he has the ENTIRE season. I really hope he isnt a flash in the pan. BUT if he does keeps producing… look for him to ask for a major raise.

    RE: Head shots. There is an UGLY trend now that I’ve been seeing where the player has the puck and they are delivering sneaky elbows to the oncoming player…. especially when two players are going into the corners. The league is “enforcing” this, but it seems to be happening more and more. WHY? Why do certain player feel the need to smash their opponents in the face with their elbows? I really miss really good CLEAN open ice hits or just really good clean hits. What’s going on here?

    Anywho – Avery must have been on the leash last night because he wasnt his usual self.

    Im off to run errands see youse later.

  13. The funny thing is….the way that some people describe Dubi as inconsistent (which he has been throughout his short career), the same thing goes for Gaborik. Gaborik has always been inconsistent on a game-to-game basis. And on top of inconsistency, he’s been an injury machine his entire career. And he’s getting $6 million more than Dubi.

    For that matter, there were many regular season games with the Rangers when Jaromir decided not to show up – of course his age had a lot to do with it.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery was actually on best behavior. No yapping at or sparring with anyone. Only one play I remember where he felt Volchenkov’s stick between his legs and Avery decided to start skating to draw a penalty, which he did.

    Overall, limited Avery fireworks… kind of boring.

  15. CR, that might be true, but Gabby has always put up good numbers throughout his career.

    As for Jagr, he admitted that he would half ass it late in his career, and everyone made a big deal, and cried aboot it. But, when it was time for the playoffs, who was the guy who was dominant in each game? Jagr!

    That’s all that mattered, was the playoffs. Too bad the team wasn’t capable of doing the same, or maybe we’d have a shot at winning the Cup, while he was here at least.

  16. Carp- I actually did a google translation for “Fedotenko” it came back as “Brain will be Borscht”

    OK, BlogMoMa it is then

    Trade Gaborik and get a top line center to play with Ga… never mind

  17. The way some posts sound you might think that the Rangers lost last night. They weren’t the better team, just got some bounces. Avery wasn’t himself, npo fireworks. etc etc. Folks, this is a bottom line business and the bottom line says Rangers 3 Devils 0. Was it a perfect game? None ever are but it was a solid bounce back after Philly and what’s more important, 2 points. This isn’t figure skating – there are no style points.

  18. I admit I was wrong on Gabby. I just looked up his career stats, and my god, did you know he came into the league in his age 18 season.

    Yes, I know, understand, and support Jaromir in everything he ever did with us. Jagr!

    Either way, what a young developing player needs to succeed is consistency in coaching. With the likes of assface Perry Pearn and the defensive minded Renney (whom I respect), and the inconsistent coaching from Torts, can anyone really blame Dubi for his inconsistency?

  19. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    good point coach! doesn’t matter if the win was a thing of beauty or a beastly nightmare, 2 points IS 2 points. Winning the games where they were NOT the better team on the ice could be the difference in a playoff spot or being on the outside looking in.

  20. I’ve posted on here when I first saw Dubi in a ranger uniform in pre-season. I posted how much I liked his size and seemed to have a good shot. I thought duboi was going to be a good player and is my favorite young player coming out of the rangers organization. I’m glad to see Dubi shut up the people who put him down.

  21. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    slightly off topic, but does ANYONE have a killer macaroni and cheese recipe? and dont tell me kraft or velveeta!! i mean a real, love from mom or grandma recipe, with breadcrumbs on the top lol!? if you do, please email it to me…


    thanks in advance!

  22. I gotta say, Im so impressed with the way Brian Boyle has excelled offensively thus far. It’s amazing – not really – what hard work can do.

    Too bad that bum Blair Betts was content to be just a penalty killer for us, and never decided to work on his offensive game the way Boyle has.

    In case I havent mentioned it, after the way Betts played against us last season and his performance on Thursday, I now really dislike the guy.

  23. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    CR, he’s on another team now, Slats got rid of him for BRASTRAP, how do you expect him to play when he plays against the Rangers?

  24. Linda – Players get let go by teams all the time. And he went to a better team that went to the Cup Finals. There should be no residual feelings from Betts.

    What I expect is for Betts to play with the lack of offensive skill that he had with us. With us, Betts couldnt bury an empty netter from a foot in front of the net. That’s the way I expect him to play. That, and kill penalties with maximum effort as he did with us.

  25. What’s really upsetting about last night is that the bruins were down 3-0 in Washington going into the 3rd period and managed to tie the game up in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd period. The Caps ended up winning in regulation, but Im not sure if I should be concerned that the bruins were just able to easily score 3 goals when they needed it.

  26. Yep Coach,

    Second of back to back games on the road against a desperate team, plus you just lost a key guy on your hottest line and you get a win, a SO no less

    Take the 2 points and move forward

  27. I love Isiah. Fact is, that guy wants to help the Knicks more than anything else in life. Even though he set the process in motion of the Knicks becoming a horrid franchise, he wanted nothing more than to help the franchise. Even going as far as to try and lure Lebron to us. And if Isiah’s services had been employed from Day 1 in the Lebron negotations, we probably wouldve ended up with him.

  28. CR, I’m impressed with Boyle. Everyone wanted him gone, and there was a rumor that we even waived him. I always said, it’s good to have a 4th liner who knows his role, but he’s become a little more important than a 4th liner.

    Like I mentioned last night, this skating coach who’s helped him out, he must be sleeping with her.

    It has “Titanic” written all over it. Instead of icebergs, we just have a flat ice surface, and instead of a big ship, we have Booger.

  29. lol, true Orr. But I always liked Michael Jackson. I always go for the underdogs. That’s why I adore the Yankees :)

  30. wow, that scrum between Dubi and Boyle shows how bad of a fighter dubi really is because Boyle isn’t good at fighting either.

  31. LOL! Voros tries to be the peace keeper, and then starts shoving Boyle and Dublowsky. Priceless.

    I miss Voros. I don’t even care if he plays or not, I just want to have him in the locker room, like a puppy. I miss his tweets too. Too bad Torts put the kibosh on the whole Tweeter thing. It was cool last season to see what the “gang” was up to during their free time.

  32. Voros was willing to have his face tenderized for his teammates and he…well that’s about it

  33. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Guerin is lucky he didn’t seriously hurt that kid. He should have got the byfuglien carcillo knocked out of him. What an assen clown.

  34. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Linda my daughter has a recipe for mac& cheese that is absolutely yummy . Check her website In Jennie’s kitchen.com the recipe is posted for 6/01/10. Let me know how you like it

  35. Yeah and after we won, Sather will be promoted as President and GM of Disneyland and get a new job in the sesame street joining Statler and Waldorf on the balcony !!!

  36. re-post


    Time to man up and eat crow. I’m sure deep down, its killing you that Dubi is making you look bad. Stop with the BS about Dubi signing a multi year contract. That’s a major cop-out if I ever heard one. Its time to give the kid his props and quit with the Dublowsky non-sense.

  37. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks a ton Ria!! and you too dde, for expanding the knowledge of copy and paste to the silent bonehead! You guys are the bestest!

  38. Blaze, have you ever read any of my comments regarding Dublowsky? How is he making me “eat crow”? I’ve always said he’s inconsistent, but I never said he’ll never be a solid forward. My main problem with him was that ridiculous hold out, and I doubted that he really wanted to be a Ranger, and he was more in it for the money.

    If he re-signs for a multi-year deal, like Staal did this past summer, then I’ll “eat crow”.

    And to say it “kills me that Dublowsky is playing well” is retarded. I’ve said on more than one occasion that I want him to be the player that we all hoped he would be.

  39. ddebened (expanding the knowledge of copy and paste across the Universe, one silent Bonehead at a time) on

    So what is your reason again with the contract?

  40. ddebened (expanding the knowledge of copy and paste across the Universe, one silent Bonehead at a time) on

    It makes no sense, you suggest a player blows, but you want him signed long term.

  41. It was the holdout. It pissed me off. I was almost ready to get over it until Staal re-signed. I expected him to hold out. The hold out rubbed me the wrong way, and made me look at him in a whole different light. Especially with the players that he was surrounded by, it was troubling, and still is.

    You never know what can happen. You think Hawks fans thought they would lose Niemi after last season? It happened, and they got d*ck for him. Even though, in my opinion, Niemi is a bit overrated.

    Anything can happen!

  42. Good afternoon, Carp!

    ddeb, the head’s good, thanks for asking! Remember the “Homerpalooza” episode of The Simpsons? Well my skull is kind of like Homer’s belly…

  43. CR – not sure anyone would put Betts at the top of the (looong) list of players who’ve produced more offensively after leaving the Rangers.

    In any case, jumping from seasons of 10,13,7 and 10 points as a Ranger to 18 as a Flyer is hardly the stuff of legend. I’d argue he was capable of a few more points as a Ranger, had he not been skating with noted Art Ross candidates Orr and Hollweg most of that time.

  44. Old
    Coach and Linda….

    Look…I love ya like my kids, but it does matter beyond whether they won the game or not, as to the way they played the game.

    Each game is a moment in time, and sometimes, you play marvelously, but fate dictates that you will not necessarily win that game, ( OK call it the lucky breaks and or bad bounces. Happens to ALL teams but not to the top flight teams as often as it does the lesser lights. And that’s because HOW you play tonite, often dictates how you play tomorrow…and tomorrow you may not get the calls, the breaks, the bounces, and then it becomes a matter of training, concentration, determination, and effort. and a bit of skill that has been practiced over and over, and a discarding of the easy way outs and the less than top flight efforts. How many of you play the piano?
    Have you taken lessons? If so, what did the teacher make you do? Right.the same exercises ( borrrring) over and over til they became effortless second nature to you.

    A famous virtuoso once said that if he goes a day without practicing, he notices it…and if he goes two days without practicing, his teacher notices it, but if he goes three days without practicing his audience notices it.

    Don’t let your audience notice your performance in a less than positive light.

  45. Orrbinsky- you can do it.. one letter at a time -start with dropping the “L”, make it “Dubowsky”

    It’s business, and whether it was Sather overplaying his leverage or trying to light a fire under Dubi’s ass (hmm, maybe ole Slats in shrewder than we think) they were low balling him.

    $522,500 qualifying offer in June , then holding at $700,000 up until he signed

    Ryan McDonagh 875,000
    Pat Rissmiller 1,000,000
    Tomas Kundratek 875,000
    Chad Johnson 850,000
    Nigel Williams 825,000
    Derek Stepan 820,333
    Dale Weise 700,000


  46. Think aboot it. They go from grudgingly offering 700K to giving him over 2 and a half times that amount. Slats was trying to make a point and it looks like Dubi got the message, hopefully he continues to get it.

  47. Fran- it’s a work in progress -you should have heard the first take of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata meh

  48. So a team could have claimed Todd White on waivers while he was playing last night?

    Do you think there were GM’s watching the game with their finger on the mouse button ready to click “Confirm Player Transaction” like we do with fantasy football?

  49. Difficult to assess the game objectively after a shutout win. Against the Devils, no less. But I think that they played worse than against the Flyers. And they missed Callahan. The flow of the game wasn’t the same. Bur Hank was excellent, and, most importantly, the Devils defense is just awful. All three goals (including Boyle’s deflection) was right in front their net, a few feet away. Volchenkov isn’t going to make any difference and Tallinder isn’t going to replace Martin. If they win one at home before Thanksgiving, I’ll be very impressed.

    Back-to-back games this year showed so far that the team’s new style is making them tired.
    I have to disagree with Fran on long passes out of their own zone. It needs be practiced more to become more effective, but I wouldn’t abandon them. It’s an effective weapon, if for nothing else, but to prevent the opposing team from forechecking deep and sending the third player in.

    Dubinsky=monster, byfuglien Byfuglien!

  50. Ddeb- White is going to go on waivers every thirty days, it’s like the person is dead, but no one is attending the funeral. He is still on the team.

  51. Is there anywhere in Manhattan that (a) would be showing some hockey tonight rather than having college football or NBA on every screen and (b) wouldn’t be totally overcrowded?

    Long shot, I know, but presumably (a) would help with (b)…

  52. Hi ilb-

    White clearing waivers now lets the Rangers…?

    Do you recall which site, I think it was a Rangers blog, that explained the ins and outs of the salary cap etc?

  53. Guess I was asking for that, dde…

    I’m not overly trusting of the web for reliable bar info, so figured I’d ask. There’d be 100s of bars willing to put the Islanders game on, if I asked, right? :)

  54. Dde- not trying to be a wise aasen but NHL CBA link is on the right :-)

    What do you want to know exactly?

  55. I’m wearing whatever ilb wants me to wear…

    Yeah, went to the games in Philly and NJ. Was planning to go to Saturday fight night at the Mausoleum, but the LIRR isn’t playing ball. Hence, the hockey withdrawal symptoms.

  56. ilb2001

    As I’ve said before, I don’t indulge in always and never…..
    the long pass of course has it’s place, but it must be used sparingly, and with the right amount of determination that it is going to be successful as a weapon. That is where the avoiding of absolutes comes into play.

    That is not what Roszival did with it, nor what mdz has been doing with it. There has been nothing but an effort to advance the puck up ice as quickly and with the least skating necessary, which is definitely NOT the way it should be employed. And again…it is often the WHO is making it. Has he got it under control? Is it’s intended recipient aware that it is coming? Is it on ice and controllable by the receiver? None of these features have been in force on most of them during the periods
    under discussion. They were simply unloaded. Keeping in mind also that if that long pass goes astray, it winds up as a face off in your zone.
    Where is the advantage? And for a team that is behind and watching the clock tick away, it can be the difference.

    Now truly, can anyone defend the making of those towering lofts in the general direction of a forward way up ice, knowing that he’d need a Jai Alai cesta to corral it?

    And Dedeb

    touching..and elegant.

    Beethoven..Sonata Quasi una fantasia……and the Allegro was often used by a piano player to signify in silent movies the desperation of the damsel tied to the RR track by the villain.

  57. White clearing waivers means nothing. If he clears waivers in 24 hours, he can: a)be sent to AHL, and in his case will have to clear re- entry waivers if recalled back, and b) can remain with the club, if they so choose. In this case he has to be put on waivers again in thirty days. The reason they did it is because if someone comes back from IR they can take him off the cap without waiting 24 hours.

  58. LW3H- you must be confusing me with CR. I was merely asking you which jersey you’d be wearing at the Flyers game. And why aren’t you in England? Are you Steve? I’d hate if you were Steve :-)

  59. ilb- regarding a) he will or won’t have to clear re- entry waivers if recalled?

    fran- you sure that wasn’t Presto Agitato?? (like I know what I’m byfuglien talking about)

  60. Yes, dde, he has to clear re-entry waivers. Not every player does. For example, Sauer has to clear waivers if sent down, but not re-entry if recalled back. It’s because Sauer has two way contract AND his AHL salary is less than $115K threshold ( he would make $75K in AHL)

  61. Orr said:

    It’s no surprise that Dublowsky and Cally have played their best hockey under Tortellini. They were average players with Renney.

    Fire Renney!

    LMAO!!!! hahaha

  62. dedebed could very well be…the Allegro is just my quick
    thought in connection with the pace…Didn’t pay that much attention to it. I bow to your expertise. My lessons ended before I went into service. Self taught in theory..

  63. Nahh fran I just happen to have it as an mp3 and just played it. I just seemed like it was the one to fit the bill. On a good day I can play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the Kazoo

    Isles score – yes! what am I saying?

  64. I think the Islanders announcers like to make stuff up. Before the game, Goring mentioned that Bobrovsky was drafted by the Flyers, and in the first period Howie was just missing a lot of the block or save calls. Maybe we should be thankful for what we have, at least Joe who can still see well. ;)

  65. ddbened

    You had tweaked my interest so I went back to my albums and I have two different scores for that Sonata ( the “Moonlight” It does indeed show the traditional first movement as Adagio sostenuto, with the single page so called second movement simply Allegretto and the stormy third movement as you called it…presto agitato.

    I can handle the first, but quite frankly that third movement is totally beyond me. I fool around with it a bit, but it takes a hand speed that I no longer possess.

    There are several composers that I would like to tackle but I physically cannot handle stuff by Rachmaninoff and Liszt. The main reason is I was born with wide palms and short fingers, and those two had hands that could span
    an octave plus two ( or three in Rachmaninoff’s case, or so I am told.) But it’s a pleasant pastime for me, and I enjoy it. I only am interested in classical, and this sometimes bugs my wife. She keeps asking me ” why don’t you play something good?” I finally answered her by telling her that I am playing as good as I can. Much of Chopin’s stuff is beyond me also.

    You want to hear a superb virtuoso try Emanual Ax. He’s done a disc with the Grieg Piano Concerto on one side, and Schumann’s A Minor Concerto on the reverse side. Terrific performances by one of the great pianists of our time.

  66. Fran, love the music post…..brilliant.

    ddeb, your links tonight are tremendously tremendously awesome. I am LMAO….how you got from fran to Charlie is a wonder indeed…:)

  67. been watching Wisconsin-Minnesota, great game. wisconsin just tied it with 3 min to go

    its on the Big 10 network (channel 720 on cablevision). i’m really looking forward to the michigan games to watch Carl Hagelin


    Saturday, Nov. 6 8 PM ET Wisconsin at Minnesota LIVE

    Sunday, Nov. 28 5:30 PM ET Michigan at Minnesota LIVE

    Friday, Dec. 3 7:30 PM ET Michigan at Ohio State LIVE

    Saturday, Dec. 11 3 PM ET Michigan State at Michigan LIVE
    (from Michigan Stadium)

    Friday, Jan. 7 7:30 PM ET Michigan at Michigan State LIVE

    Friday, Feb. 4 7:30 PM ET Michigan State at Ohio State LIVE

    Friday, Feb. 11 7:30 PM ET Ohio State at Michigan LIVE

    Saturday, Feb. 12 7:30 PM ET Ohio State at Michigan LIVE

    Friday, Feb. 18 8 PM ET Minnesota at Wisconsin LIVE

  68. Random humor a friend sent me:

    1.Go to Google maps. 2. Go to “Get Directions.” 3. Type Seattle, WA as the start location. 4. Type Honolulu, HI as the end location. 5. Go to direction #8. 6. Laugh, and repost.

    I did all the steps :)

    I hope JD is in the house tomorrow and gets a round of applause. Of course, I also hope his team loses. anyone going to game?

  69. Fran, you keep surprising me with your many talents, I’m simply amazed. Speaking of wild palms and music- have you seen Itzhak Perlman’s fingers? They are thicker than Crosby’s lips, yet he is one of the most prominent violin virtuosos.

  70. I thought it was just a google joke when someone also told me that from Japan to China you could “Jet Ski.” but then I got this. “We could not calculate directions between White Plains, NY and Paris, France.” WTB! ha!

    ilb, that’s an insult to compare Perlman to Crosby :)

  71. ddeb…can’t believe I found this….oy vey, the youtube world……:)


  72. ddeb, that vid cracks me up everytime I see it.

    fran, I feel like I’m back in music theory class with that. Those are good memories, too.

    I’ll be the only person in St Louis city and county rooting AGAINST the Blues tomorrow night. Thank god I’ll be watching from my couch.

  73. thanks ddebened for that NewCastle thing. I cant believe 2 players from the same team got red carded for fighting with each other. That’s absurd on so many levels. After they both got red carded, they should have attacked the referee and started pummeling him! :)

  74. Mickey, I think I’ve pushed it to #2 all time

    CR9 – lol WTB was that about? and did you see Bill Guerin?, he did go to Boston College ya know

  75. lol ddebened, well i cant say im surprised at that tidbit about Guerin. But that stuff happens all the time in hockey practices.

  76. LW3H – You’re completely right on Betts; on him playing with loser linemates like Orr and Hollweggy, and about him being one of many former Rangers to help beat us. In all honesty, he’s just the newest thing to dislike for me, and Im sure Ill have forgotten his name by tomorrow, until the next time he scores against us, if/when that may be.

  77. Maybe some fisticuffs, but he went Paul Bunyan on the poor rook

    Don’t forget to fall back one hour tonight folks

  78. wicky: go Ryan! (sorry, that’s very un LGR) but you have to respect that. Plus, he’s cute :)

    all, I accidentally found this. Hee heee. wehateyourteam.com/longisland.html

    niters all, and ta….

    p.s. I hate losing the hour of daylight, but my watches and clocks are set….

  79. I think I earned a free kayak trip to Hawaii with all the frequent poster points I earned today

  80. Mama- An extra hour of beauty sleep for you?- talk about overkill! ;)

    CR9 – Set up an account to get in the Bonehead group but I don’t go on much.

  81. ok ddeb.

    Nite all. Time to listen to The Weepies, The World Spins Madly On, and remember the 2010 Yankees as I sleep dreaming of our next world championship. ♥ NY

  82. He whom this scroll commemorates was numbered among those who, at the call of King and Country left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom.
    Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.

  83. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    most, not must!!

    nice post!

  84. Big T! Im training already, haha! Does anyone else dream of Henrik hoisting the Cup? I hope that when the Rangers, with Henrik, win the Cup, I hope Henrik skates it around the ice for 10 full minutes before handing it off!

  85. Gee that’s not a particularly unique thing for surprise. Growing up and in my school many of the kids played an instrument, and the school orchestra was really that. Someone left an old upright with us, and I just started fooling around with it. This led to piano lessons from Sister Charles, a wonderful old nun from the French school St Louis, where she ( who was a former concert pianist in Europe ( from the Brittany area of France,) and she looked like Mrs Santa Claus. Short,chubby, and jolly. But could her little fingers fly over that keyboard. A magnificent Steinway concert grand was donated to her school and she had a large following of students.

    I studied with her for just about a year, and then it was apparent that I was going to be drafted, so I enlisted in the Corps, and that was the end of my musical schooling. She cried when I told her I was going, and I felt like a bum, but that’s the way it was back then.

    I have several recordings of Perlman ( like his renditions of the Mendelsohn violin concerto and the Tschaikowski
    concerto. Want a beautiful violin piece for sheer soft enjoyment?..get a recording of Massenet’s nocturne,Meditation, from his opera Thais.A tour de force for all violin virtuosos. If any of you fine folks have an interest in the classics, there have been several very good movies in this area. An old one with Liz Taylor and Vittorio Gassman titled Rhapsody, and a more recent one called the The Competition, with Richard Dreyfus, and I forget the young lady’s name. Both excellent pictures. They featured Rachmaninoff’s C Sharp Minor Piano concerto ..fantastic piece of music)**and Tschaikowski’s Violin concerto.

    ** There were three separate popular love ballads created from the themes within this single Rachmaninoff concerto. And Cornel Wilde played Chopin in a movie called “Song to Remember” also a fine show. For anyone who is interested in a type of music that differs from the crash bang boom, and screaming and shrieking that passes for “music” today.

  86. ddebened

    where did that posting come from?…seems like something that came from the Churchill era.

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