Rangers-Flys in review


1) Bottom line: The Rangers didn’t accomplish anything with their forecheck. Nothing at all. And the Flyers gave them nothing at all. The Rangers had 21 shots, and the post by Brandon Prust. It seemed like they had three until late in the third.

2) Jody Shelley is sure game, but you could kind of tell he knew he was going to get his butt kicked if he went toe-to-toe with Derek Boogaard. But Shelley is just sooooo much better as a player than Boogaard. And this was another example how having Boogaard, even having Boogaard beat up the opponent’s tough guy, has no effect whatsoever. In fact, Boogaard was more of a factor later, when he hit a few Flys.

3) Can’t even find words to describe how bad a play that was by Marc Staal on the 1-1 goal by Richards. The Rangers were short-handed, had only four men on the ice … and two of them were in the corner against one Flyer. Staal was the left defenseman. The puck was in the right defensive corner. On the left defenseman’s side was Richards, all alone. And while the TV guys told you what a great pass it was to Richards, how good did it have to be with NOBODY in the, oh, 15 yards, between the passer and Richards?

4) Brandon Prust=One Tough S.O.B. Brandon Prust=Team Guy.

5) Did you hear all the praise of Lundqvist before the game. I mean, he’s playing well, but it’s not like he’d never played better. He gave up a terrible goal vs. Chicago, and the one he allowed to Zherdev from the corner was woeful. If you stand against the near post, the puck can’t go in. I learned that at hockey camp when I was, like, 12.

6) Speaking of Zherdev, Alex Frolov anybody? You could tell he didn’t want to be in Philly in the second period, when the Rangers won a draw right to him in the slot, on his forehand, and he dumped it into the corner instead of standing in there and taking a high-percentage shot.

7) Do you think the NHL will ever smarten up and have on-ice officials on the ice during warmups? Because one of those Philadelphia-Montreal pre-game brawls is coming. It’s absolutely coming. Most guys know better, but one of these days somebody will throw a punch and it’ll be a free-for-all.

8) Speaking of that, Colin Campbell’s office better be looking at that head shot by Carcillo on Fedotenko, and better be giving Carcillo an unpaid vacation. I agree with Mike Keenan. The response needed to be immediate, and it wasn’t.

9) Do you actually know anybody who actually watches Boomer and Carton on MSG. And if so, do you think it was that stupid promo where Carton tries to insist Boomer owes him “a hundy” is what made them watch?

10) And speaking of that, do we really need a Christmas commercial by Mercedes on Nov. 4?

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  1. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Quick observations (they are easier to read):
    1. Frolov is not good.
    2. Steve Downie, Brandon Prust, Jordan Tootoo are each 10x> Boogaard.
    3. Marcel Hossa 10x> Grachev.
    4. 5 minutes of Keenan speaking 10x> than 2 years of Torts speaking.
    5. Prust’s balls 10x> rest of this sorry team.
    6. We won our fights by unanimous decision. . . . so what?
    7. Stepan would do better going back to Hartford. He’s lost.
    8. Staal is very average.
    9. Del Zotto had an easy pass to Girardi on his failed rush. Arrogance?
    10. I knew the Rangers were all talk when Cally got bulldogged bt Timmonen.

    P.S. Why are the Finns such scumbags?

  2. Good morning! What crappy weather we have today!

    I watched last night’s game at a bar – not much to cheer for.

    That Carcillo hit on Fedetenko could have been much much worse. Not sticking up for Carcillo, but he could have Scott Stevens’ed Feds and it looked like he held up a little at the last second. (Yes, I know he left his feet – just though he could have really knocked him into next week if he wanted)

    I agree, the response has to be immediate. I thought Avery was on the ice, and was surprised he didn’t attack Carcillo immediately. Good for Prust for going after him later in the game.

    The Flyers capitalized on a couple of bonehead plays by our D, and when you Give away 2 or 3 goals, that is going to be deflating no mattter what.

    It’s still early, the team is still trying to find its identity. Lets see how they fair at the end of this brutal month before we really judge them.

  3. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I listen to B&C everyday. It’s not for everybody. It is a show that caters to the adolescent male. Funny at times, pretty good interviews. It’s a variety show.

    Esiason LOVES hockey and the Rangers, so he gets my attention in the am. I wake up 4-5am every morning to start working, so I need some background noise before my kids wake up. B&C are it.

    Don’t really see the need to watch them though. . . . or Francessa for that matter.

  4. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    And since I hate Philly with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, I have two words for that dump:

    Rhonde Barber!!!

  5. 4generations 4 cups on

    It was very obvious this game that some of the rangers’ players were just not that good. Grachev must have tried to use his arm to be strong on the puck while going into the boards at least 5 to 10 times while getting crushed every time he put his arm out to fend off anyone. We also have very, very little size in our lineup and it showed very clearly last night when Brian Boyle was practically the only guy who could get through Phillys D intense forechecking.

  6. I can’t stand Francesa any more. When him and Mad Dog first started, I enjoyed their show – I thought Francesa was very knowledgable with respect to Yankees history and stats.

    Now, it’s irritating to listen to. He’s gone the way of most talk radio hosts… if you disagree with him, he hangs up on you and goes off on a rant. Also, he’s constantly name dropping, like with “Bill” (Parcells). How come he doesn’t show his arrogant attitude with Parcells, Torre, or even Girardi for that matter? When they are on the phone he’s mostly respectful.

    Not sure I like Carton – too much schtick, not enough substance. He’s like a poor man’s Mad Dog Russo I think. But hey, it works for him and others seem to enjoy it.

    Back to Hockey – I can’t kill Sather for the Frolov experiment… it’s a 1 year deal. This is why LA didn’t want him. I have to wonder though with some of our players if the coaching staff is putting them in a position to succeed.

    Stepan has been quiet now for a while. You can see he has a great offensive mind though – he makes some great passes to spring and setup teammates. It just seems like he’s a little slow getting to the puck, but once he has it, he knows what he wants to do with it.

  7. Tank The Season on

    Pains me to say it but Stepan should be sent down at this point, he needs to work on endurance and he needs to do that by playing 18min+ per game on the WhalePack.

  8. Awful effort by our guys – sloppy goaltending, couldn’t gain the zone, too few shots and the defense was embarrassing.

    I agree that sending Boogey out to fight Shelly accomplishes nothing. Torts sending out a line of Boogey Boyle and Grachev – a few good hits – but hardly struck fear into the hearts of the Flyers.

    Good for Prust for going after Carcillo, but we needed immediate response, and same for the Cally push. Was disappointed in Aves for holding back (sorry Mamma). We’re still soft, the only ones we might be scaring are the enforcers on some other teams who don’t want to fight Boogey – otherwise same ole, same ole. So much for all of Dubi’s big talk. Didn’t particularly want him in the box for 5, but he shouldn’t talk so much if he ain’t gonna back it up.

    Thought it was funny how Shelly tried to wait Boogey out at the start so he could counterpunch, didn’t look like they were ever gonna get going.

    Damn Zherdev and Betts…revenge I guess

    I loathe Boomer and Carton….

  9. What was the real point of the Boorgaard-Shelley fight? Boorgaard was in Minn and Shelley was in SJ when Carcillo went after Gaborik. And I like Shelley so I hated to see him pay for something he had nothing to do with. What angers me is that Carcillo pulls the same carcillo and no one immediately responds – that was the time to do something. It’s amazing how Flyers still get away with this crap with the refs. You barely tap a Fly with your stick and you go to the box, they slam someone in the head and get nothing.

    Just recently started watching/listening to Boomer-Carton because I turned on the TV one morning and the channel was still on MSG from the night before. I find the show fairly funny and realized I’d rather listen to a lot about NY sports than 30 second national sports bits on ESPN and especially now that SportsCenter is 90% NBA. And I’d rather listen to Boomer-Carton than watch/listen to how the world is going to ‘Philly in a hand basket’ and get depressed to start every morning. Carton can be annoying at times but overall I find him stupidly amusing and actually better than I thought I would based on the comments I read from Mushnick or Raissman.

  10. The only good thing about last night’s loss is that the Rangers get right back into action tonight against the Devils. They need to forecheck, forecheck, forecheck from the opening faceoff until the final siren. Jersey’s d-men are not that good at moving the puck so there is no excuse for not pressuring them enough.

  11. Carton would not know a puck from a dipstick! Total jerk and pulls down Boomer! Can’t believe they haven’t found a better partner for Boomer…thank God there is ESPN on the radio as an alternative!

  12. Carp,
    first, I love your game reviews. I think they are generally spot on and entertaining.
    Totally agree with you on Shelley…Insane Sather let him walk for Big B.

    CW…How the hell can you say Marcel Hossa is better than Grachev? After what 3 games…totally ridiculous “observation”.
    Frolov is another Zherdev. Thankfully he’s signed for 1 year.

  13. I am not going to get negative about last night’s loss. We lost to a better team, I hate to say it, but it’s true. The Flyers are better this year than they were in 2009-2010. They are more experienced and deeper on defense and much deeper up front. And their goaltender, even though he wasn’t tested much, could be a real deal. On top of that, they played a very good game defensively. The forwards were backchecking diligently, and they were able to minimize cycling down low. The Rangers tried, but appeared frustrated. Combined with a few brain cramps (including the soft goal), the game was over. We need our game breaker, but even with Gaborik in the lineup, I’m not sure we will be able to do any damage to the Flyers in best of 7. Not the way our team is constructed at the moment. In fact, I think so far the Flyers look like they might go all the way. That is the reality. Having said that, we all knew that we wouldn’t be ready this. But I can’t fault our boys for not trying. They just couldn’t. And I’ll live with that.

    In terms of all the rough stuff. I’d like to see more immediate response to that hit by Carcillo, who also clearly left his feet. But he’s got his due. In fact, by the end of the game, even while their team was up 4-1, the building was a little too quiet. When was the last time Philly fans saw two fights and their tough guys were beaten by their opponents? By wide margin. I know, it’s a lousy consolation, but still.

    Prust is gold. He is as important for this team as any other player for his position.

    Carp, what is your beef with MB? :-)

  14. Didn’t see the game last night, but I could never understand the value of having one team’s goon fight another team’s goon. What good does it do? Does it deter the Carcillo’s of the league from running other players? No, not unless the goon is on the ice at the time. Can you afford to put a no-talent goon on the ice a lot? No, because it’s like playing shorthanded while he’s out there. So, what good does having a goon on your team that serves no other purpose than to fight the other team’s goon? I don’t get it.

  15. Carp,

    Nice 180 you’ve done on Boogaard in less than a week:

    10/30 -“So I don’t know of Boogaard (hand infection) can play … this is one of the few opponents where you need a guy like him .”

    11/04 – “And this was another example how having Boogaard, even having Boogaard beat up the opponent’s tough guy, has no effect whatsoever.”

    If you’re going to call the politicians full of crap, at least keep your story straight week to week.

  16. I kind of agreed with Carp there, because the only thing Boogaard can really do is fight. If we had Shelley or Orr, at least they’d be skating around hitting people, forechecking, backchecking, and playing a quality 8-10 minutes… They might even be on the ice when the opponents’ best players are out, and hit the star players who ought to be protected. Boogie man isn’t quick enough to do all of that, so he only plays a few minutes a game. So in that sense, it has no effect whatsoever.

    Prust is such a smart fighter. Glad he gave Carcillo some knuckle sandwiches. Can he chip in 10 goals a year? I sure hope so–he’s a key player as is, but having a guy like him get some dirty goals here and there will really help.

  17. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Speaking of Boogaard, on his 2nd to last shift of the game when he was hitting everyone/thing in sight, i think it was Coburn or Timmonen who saw him coming on the far side ( relative to the TV camera) boards. I’ve never seen someone dump a puck so quickly.

  18. Toughness comes from up and down the lineup. Briere is a little punk for crosschecking Franz Nielsen in the face the other day, but at least there is a skill player willing to go and not put up with crap. Living in Delaware I’m surrounded by all kinds of Philly fans, and the fans are what make me hate that team so much. But I said it last year, the Flyers are the kind of team I WISH the Rangers were. They have consistent scoring from 3 lines, and even the 4th chips in. They agitate and aggravate opponents, have a nice balance of puck moving and stay at home D-men, have grit and are able to grind out a blue collar game while also having elite talent with crazy dangles, they have vocal leadership and toughness through the whole lineup.

    The Rangers are getting there, but thy have a ways to go. Two of those goals came off of atrocious defensive blunders (Staal and Del Zotto), and Nik Z’s was a fluke. Without those, this is a damn close game. Give the Rangers time. Sure, Grachev and Stepan look a little lost at times, but they don’t look totally out of place. We’re going to need to suffer through some growing pains

  19. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Per Gross:

    Ruslan Fedotenko talking about the Carcillo –
    Q: I know that you had a chance to talk to the referee in front of the net when the whistle was blown a little bit later. I guess you didn’t get an explanation?
    “No. He said I shouldn’t try to avoid the hit. I mean, I was looking for the puck and trying to shoot it so I didn’t even see him coming until the last second. ‘Don’t duck’ was his explanation.”

    Seriously? Don’t duck? Jackwagon ref.

  20. I get confused when we write the name “Carcillo” and we’re actually talking about the person.

  21. Not only do I not understand the ultra-soft call against Boogaard but there was also the non-call against the Philly player who speared Rozival with his stick, not sure if it was the 2nd or 3rd period. Rozy drove to the net with the puck. Bob grabbed it, stopped the play and Rozy skated past him and swung around behind the net. Philly player (unknown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ‘Dirty Player of the Decade’ Pronger) reached out and gave Rozy a jab with his stick. Most frustrating is that the refs are so inconsistent. The quality of the officiating is simply not good enough.

  22. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    LOL sorry Broadway. Heave ho, I agree. If they’re consistently going to call a game tight, so be it. Consistently soft, so be it. But dont switch it up at will for no apparent reason.

  23. I’ve posted this before. The rangers defense is brutal, especially stall, Giraidi and MDZ. It’s amazing that Rosival has been there best defencemen which isn’t saying much. The rangers back end is not very good.

  24. From what I’ve seen with the refs is a one way street. They call every little penalty they can on the rangers but seem to me to let go most penalties that could be called against the rangers opposition.

  25. Shoot the puck Barry on

    It’s so funny how the game can get away from you in such a short period of time…

    When Dubi scored the first goal of the game, my mind went racing ahead— this is a 2-1 or 3-2 game for sure, and the Rangers can do it like they’ve done it the last week or so– fight hard and hold on. Of course, once Betts and Nicky Z. scored, I knew it was over. Oh well.

    I know Torts is riding the hot hand, but why isn’t Stepan getting more ice time? Dude was on the power play the first few games of the year. Maybe it’s just the way the team is without Gabby. I agree with what someone wrote above– maybe he gets more time when Gabby comes back and he’s centers that line. I would keep him for that reason, and if he then needs to go down, you do it.

    I think we are a player or two away from really competing with the Flyers. Pronger is a huge difference maker. Question is, do we have a Pronger in one of our young guys? What do you guys think? Right now, I see a bunch of players adding up to a Pronger, but with Pronger you get it all in one package. I could see us getting a Pronger type in a year or two when we are closer to really competing for a Cup, and you might have to package some young talent to do it.

    I am looking forward to a rebound performance against the Devils tonight. I think the Rangers win 4-2, with goals by MDZ, Dubi, Boyle and Fedotenko.

  26. Del Zotto has to learn to how eat the puck when in trouble?he needs to take the sack?

    He may be in better physical shape than last year but he needs to slow the game down and make wiser decisions with the puck. There is no reason to bring it behind your net without stopping first, battling, and reading the play. It was like he thought he was the only NYR on the ice when he was being chased on the play that lead to the Betts goal. MDZ is a great skater but he won?t win very battle for the puck and guys will catch up to him. Playing good defense isn?t always about nailing a guy in the corner or tying up a guy in the front of crease. It’s about making smart decisions with the puck. He needs to remember he is not Paul Coffey and can?t force plays. Stop behind the net, read the play, make the breakout pass. It is simple hockey.

  27. Officiating was AWFUL…but not the reason we lost the game. We played soft and let Philly have their way, that is why we lost.
    And Carcillo is a piece of “Carcillo”, that will never change.
    I cant believe the Rangers talked the talk before that game and then just sat back and did nothing…there were times during the game (Carcillo head shot on Feds, Calli getting pushed into the boards) when I fully expected SOMEONE to step up and beat daylights out of the guilty Flyer, but like last years episode they looked around, confused like they were waiting for someone else to step up or thinking “umm should I jump in and take a penalty?”
    Disappointed. The past several games I thought we were building an identity, last nights identity sucked.

  28. Shoot the puck, every team wants a Pronger or Chara or Scott Stevens in his prime. Few have one. Actually your post and NYR_FAN are somewhat related because even if you don’t have a Pronger, you can still play solid D with smart decision making. Best example, Nick Lidstrom. Duncan Keith is another example. Now MDZ isn’t and probably won’t be in the same category of those guys, but carelessly skating the puck into danger is inexcusable for anyone playing at the NHL level regardless of experience.

  29. My hope is that Dylan McIlrath becomes what the Rangers have hyped him to be. If he is the real deal, the Rangers will have a solid young core on offense and defense in place while Hank is still in his prime.

    What the hell is going to happen with Gilroy? Can we at least try him as a wing before he gets dumped or traded?

  30. That was a tough game to watch last night. Is there any doubt at this point that Del Zotto is having a sophomore slump? His giveaway in the defensive end that led to Betts’ goal was just so awful. MDZ needs to tighten up his game, because that was a pretty embarrassing play. Also, Betts sorta deked Hank out of his jock on that. Ouch.

    Prust is a beast.

  31. The Rangers D as a whole has had some pretty woeful moments. MDZ has made some of the most egregious errors but he’s 20 and you hope he learns. His learning curve can’t necessarily be judged by a dozen or so games this year. Then again at least he’s not having a Tyler Myers type slump.

  32. Can’t see how anyone can call this game close. This was one of the worst games of the year for the entire team. Rangers played uptight, hesitant and intimidated for more than 50 minutes of this game. They looked slow and unmotivated for the most part and bad decisions be. No one except Prust, Boogaard and EC really stepped up. I’ll excuse Cally due to the cheap shot that sent him head first into the boards. There were infrequent good scoring opportunities and few players dared to establish any presence in the slot or in front of the net.

    Yeah, MDZ didn’t make a good decision trying to move the puck by himself but Betts made a smart play when he saw Hartnell pressuring from behind and Betts suddenly got in front of Michael and caused the turn over. LQ stopped the first shot but couldn’t control the rebound and Betts, to his credit, stayed with the play for the easy tap in.

  33. joe in DE is right on all fronts. stepan will be a good player it takes time. del zotto needs to use is brain, he will learn he thinks he is Orr, he is not.

    rangers often get mesmerized by the puck on d and overpursue…it happens….

    boogard should play against teams like the flyers etc. and that is it……..

  34. Tank: “Pains me to say it but Stepan should be sent down at this point, he needs to work on endurance and he needs to do that by playing 18min+ per game on the WhalePack.”

    I was thinking the exact same thing. Stepan and Grachev need a little more experience and conditioning in Binghamton…sorry, Hartford. I’m not a big fan of Todd White but I think he’s more effective than these two very young forwards. Perhaps Weise or Byers should get some time in the majors since Stepans seems to have petered out and Grachev just isn’t doing anything.

  35. Gift of GAB-orik on

    In an effort not to be reactionary in analysis I’ll say this.

    The Rangers are not going to win 82 games. They are going to lose. There will be nights where they get outplayed, or have bounces go against them.

    I watch you guys over the course of the season go from giving Hank the Vezina, to wanting to trade him after a soft goal or bad game.

    I read about MDZ being the next Brian Leetch, then read about him being overhyped and overrated.

    I read about how Staal is our best d-man, then watch you guys get ready to toss him out in the trash.

    It’s ok to be passionate, and upset when they lose. But things happen over a course of a season, and even game to game. That’s hockey. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on things… i just laugh when it’s so wildly inconsistent.

    oh and Carp… your game in review threads are very entertaining to read. I do love this blog!

  36. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Heave Ho,

    i wouldn’t say the Rangers played intimidated… i think they focused TOO much on the physical and looking for who was coming, rather than focus on offense… as the 11 shots after 2 periods would attest… they had NO offensive flow going. Too busy chasing and being chased.

  37. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Staal wart,
    If Grachev scores 61 points in his NHL career, then you can get back to me on the Grachev thing.

    Grachev looks like he doesn’t even belong in the NHL. Turnovers, loosing the puck in the corners. If he wasn’t overshadowed by Boogaard, he was the worst player on the ice.

    He isn’t even impressive by AHL standards.

  38. Can we please stop bashing the rookies Grachev and Stepan? They will be fine. They both have talent and are learning to play in the NHL.

    It is the guys that have been here for a while that you worry about…Todd White is not the answer…

    I rather watch the Rangers lose all season with Grachev and Stepan learning than have to see Todd White trying to resuurect his mediocre career at age 35.

  39. cw
    He’s 4 games into his mother flippin career…He’s played for just over a half hour in the NHL…How the heck can you read a player after that long…absolutely laughable. He’s 20 years old!
    You should have been scout since you seem to know so much.

    Gift of Gab…A-freakin MEN on your 11:18 post!

  40. The previous posts hit it on the head about this team. Only thing i’d like to add where were the rest of the Rangers while carcillo was head hunting. There should have been 4 blueshirts pounding him but again nothing until Prust got him at the end but it took way to long retaiation should be imediate.Just watch other teams when something like that happens players are all over the headhunter. Torts sucks his use of Boogie is terrible,he should send him out there and let him take someone out extra penalty or not. Maybe the coach should listen to our so called gm when he says no one will run us with out retribution. But I guess thats just talk or maybe they don’t talk what ever it needs to be addressed along with size and nastiness on D etc etc.

  41. Jay Riemenschneider on

    I was at the LA-TB game last night and oh my… TOTAL DISASTER by the refs and in a game with the top two teams in the league playing one another. Depressing.

    IMO they really should change the league name to NHE… National Hockey Entertainment. It sure seems that professional wrestling style officiating is what we’re moving toward with each passing season… “Oh, did someone just beat that guy over the head with a stick? We were all too busy pretending to watch the altercation going on behind the play. And see, he’s pretending like he didn’t do anything so I HAVE NO IDEA why your player’s teeth are all on the ice in next to that pool of blood. And even if he did get hit he really should have moved his face out of the way. Besides, the disciplinary committee will sit him for a game or two to make it look legit so stop complaining.”

  42. I don’t see how anyone can claim that they played “an all right game” last night. They were as bad as i’ve seen them this year. All over. And DMZ eh? One thing that coaching
    ( the non existent element on this team apparently,) should absolutely discourage him from doing is those
    long ineffectual passes from his zone way out to wherever, and hoping that it is not: a. intercepted by opposition, b. bounce off the stick of the intended receiver ..if there was one… or c: iced. He had a bit of all three last night ( and on most nights, )but it still seems for some odd reason his personal tour de force. It stinks, to put it mildly. Cut it out!

    And for those of you who still froth at the mouth in indignation,whenever Ericksen comes out on to the ice, please note that while he is not a dynamic player, but by jove he’s certainly effective and far from being a problem. He inserts himself into situations and often has an immediate effect on them of a positive nature.
    He is not a physical specimen and never will be but there are others on this team who perform at a far lower standard than he does and who get passes on their miscues, while he is examined under a microscope.

    One thing that is constantly brought up is his past record of being mediocre statistically among several other teams………………..OK……so be it. But after all is said and done, please note that he is STILL in the NHL. And I for one would much rather have him with us than against us. Because he is still a better player than a number of others who are going out there night in and night out.

  43. Gift of GAB-orik, can’t agree. Too focused on the physical? I’d be curious how many hits they were credited with. Most of the ‘hits’ I saw were bumps, IOW’s no finish. I saw this as a loss half way through the first period. I don’t expect them to win every game but I hope they’ll compete every game. With few exceptions, there was no push back. The team as a whole looked unmotivated and tired.

  44. lundqvist in net tonight, cally out thanks to that straight up shove into the boards that ofcourse went unpenalized..

  45. Im sure most of you know this but Brandon Dubinsky is tied for 4th in the league in goals scored with 8.

  46. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    Quick thoughts on the game (my $.02 if you will).

    Avery’s worst game of the season, just not very noticeable on the ice (for rozy that is a good thing, for avery that is a bad thing). It looked to me like torts cut his ice time as the game went on, but I could be wrong!!!

    Sauer’s best game of the season IMHO (at least from the physically involved standpoint).

    MDZ needs to sit for a game. No, not saying he should be traded or he sucks or anything like that, but he just needs a game to reflect.

    I still think boogey needs 8 or 10 minutes a night. I know he isn’t the best skater, but he can hit if he can catch (I agree with who ever said timmonen dumped the puck in record time). I also think that torts needs to roll all 4 lines more consistently (d pairs as well). I just think we the style we seem to be playing, guys like cally and mdz are going to be worn down by the end of the season unless torts distributes ice time better now!

    Grachev has never really impressed me and he can go back to htfd whenever. I really really hope stepan is not another goneau, but would it be that bad to send him to htfd if he is going to get 4th line minutes (or just above) here? I like him and hope he stays (I think someone mentioned with gabby when he comes back), but if he gets sent down to properly develop, then good for him and the organization!

    I like prospal, but I hope he doesn’t come back. I can see who sits when gabby is back…grachev, and probably who sits when drury is back…EC/boogey (I hope EC), but prospal? Stepan? Who? The other of EC/boogey?

    Does anyone else think that prust is one of torts favorite guys?? Just wondering.

    I’d love to see the comments from last year that some of us had about the prust trade and see who was for and against prust and what they say now.

    Maybe avery was saving himself for tonight against fatso!

    I agree with keenan as well. I’m not sure, but I still think keenan is around in case torts falters.

    I love the fact that prust went after richards first, then carcillo. That is what we should have done after the gabby incident.

    Lastly, we really need a physical hard hitting crease clearing d man!

  47. Hank can’t get all the games and should be punished for soft goals. He needs to be pushed to be better. And by better, I mean consistently great. Besides, there will never be a moment when it makes perfect sense to sit him until it’s too late. Tonight Brodeur isn’t playing — give Biron a shot against their back-up.

    Why do the Rangers think their PK is going to stay consistently great when they never prioritize keeping the players who make it so solid? It’s not the “system,” it’s the hustle of guys like D. Moore, B. Betts and F. Sjostrom. Ridiculous.

    Yeah, Stepan needs to play more. Elsewhere.

    Still, very glad Dubi is getting pucks in the net. Surprised, but happy. And man, do all teams miss the net as much as the Rangers? I don’t think so.

  48. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Heave Ho,

    I say too focused on the physical because of the mental aspect as well. Not saying they were throwing bone crunching hits… just it was on their mind that they should hit someone, and that someone is out to hit them. It makes you lose focus on just playing.

    When you start slowing up in the corner, letting the other guy go past you, or just throw the puck around and jump out of the way…. you are too focused on the physical aspect. Playing with your head instead of instincts.

  49. Fran, RIGHT ON! Agree with every point you made. (BTW, it’s Christensen, not Ericsen)

    Del Zotto’s confidence may be a little too high. He needs to learn to play a zone to zone game and use his teammates instead of trying to do everything himself.

    As for Christensen, if you look at his history and how many games he played for each team and how often he was bounced between the NHL and AHL within a single season you begin to see that he’s been short changed in opportunities and reputation. I still believe he’s got upside if given the right situation and the right linemates.

  50. A few thoughts:

    Whomever is talking smack about MDZ and Grachev….they kids are not even 20 yrs old. So just STFU with the Hossa > Grachev and all that crap. It just shows that you are don’t know hockey or are stupid or are 10 yrs old. MDZ’s play was stupid. He’s done it before. But he brings too many other good things to say ignorant things like I see above. I think Torts should bench him for a period or so when that happens, but the kid is 19 or something? And Grachev, he is getting better with each game. Anyone who watches can see that. Give the kid time.

    Stepan…yeah….the worst thing that happened was his opening night hatty. Made us think he was the 2nd coming. He might need some time in Reddenville.

    The bottom line though: A soft goal by Hank. A giveaway by MDZ. A few stupid, retaliatory penalties. And there is the game. You cannot give stuff away to the Flyers and expect to win.

    Carp…thank you for pointing that Staal brainfart on the PK. Sauer makes a nice play. Another Ranger was there. Then you see Staal there chasing the puck. I mean 2 Flyers and 3 Rangers in a puck chase while the Rangers are a man down? Someone isn’t thinking. Of course Richards would be wide open.

    BTW. was Powe or whomever in the crease when Zherdev took the shot from no angle and scored? Looked like it to me.

    Not that this is an excuse, but it did seem the refs favored the F-ers last night. But they did outplay us and keep us out of the center of the ice in their end. So its not an excuse about the zebras, but an observation.

    Why Avery didn’t go after Carcillo right after the Fedetenko hit is just beyond me. You can see in the replay #16 looking back right as the hit takes place. So you know he saw it. Just makes you wonder. Avery has been a stud the first handful of games except for last night where he had his worst game of the season and most wimpy as well.

    Boogard should just start checking people hard. That is his best attribute. Maybe he is just too slow to really hit people, but his fighting is a sideshow really. Once he lays into a few D-men making passes, they will start to move the puck quickier and hastily. Someone above pointed this out and I agree.

    If Carcillo isn’t suspended for a game, you know the NHL isn’t TOO serious about their new rules preventing head hits.

    And for the love of friekin G, when Lundy gets run there should be a 5 on 5 full on melee on the ice.

  51. Yikes! That was painful (especially since I had to watch on the Philly network, who of course thought that the Fedetenko head-shot was TOTALLY clean… yeah right!). Ok, so maybe the first two goals weren’t Henrik’s fault, but damn man cover that post. I agree with whoever said Stepan should go to Hartford. He DOES look very lost. I’m not going to completely rag on the Rangers yet, because they could easily bounce right back tonight. I’m not worried, it’s just too bad we couldn’t avenge last year’s Philly game.

  52. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    I thought both teams played very flat last night. We were just flatter. EC had a couple moments, Dubi had some slick stick handling, Prust hit a post, and that was just all the positivity about last night.

    Glad there’s another game tonight to get the bad taste of this one out quickly.

  53. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Newman, IIRC in the play you’re talking about the rookie got his skates taken out from under him. Even so, everyone came over there immediately in defense.

  54. I’m with you, Joekuh. I don’t believe the Flyers were that formidable. Rangers gifted three goals, plus one by Pronger that Lundqvist should have stopped with better positioning.

    I have a feeling it’s not going to be a good weekend for Rangers fans.

  55. Every game day – I’m so excited, can’t wait to get home. I can’t read the blog because the games is on at 4:00 in AZ & I’m still working.
    Finally get home, park my butt on the coach, get a beer & turn on the DVR & then curse for 3 hours. I need a life outside the Rangers, I really do.
    But tonight the same thing happens, only this time I swear we’ll win

  56. Hi Carp !

    I really like your reviews after the games…You are really nailed it with your points 3, 5, and 8!
    You are hundred percent on those points..absolutely..

    You only have missed out on the Del Zotto joke !!! You dont believe that you watch a pro game of hockey if you see such a lapse….


  57. Gift, I agree they were thinking too much and playing too little last night.

    You don’t have to be afraid necessarily to be intimidated. When you say, “Not saying they were throwing bone crunching hits… just it was on their mind that they should hit someone, and that someone is out to hit them. It makes you lose focus on just playing.” That spells intimidation to me. They didn’t play their game last night. They let Philly dictate the tone and tempo of the game.

  58. A Rangers win would put the cap on this bottle of joy of a day!

    Too bad aboot Cally. Like I said last night, the cheap shot had him crying, so it must be serious.

    And to say Marcel Hossa is better than Grachev is just plain moronic.

  59. Evgeny Grachev’s prayers have been answered…

    The Todd White Era is drawing to a close…

  60. Yeah…agree with you, Orr. It is a nice to see that the youth movement is real.

    I just think Grachev hate I’ve seen here over the last week is silly. The kid is a top prospect and is only 20 years old. Jeeez….sorry to everyone that thought he would become a Malkin right out of camp!

  61. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree with orr on this post:

    ORR!! Stay On The Road!! says:
    November 5, 2010 at 12:50 am
    Look at that! Downie goes to throw a huge hit at Doughty, and misses, and even though he missed, the intent was enough for Willie Mitchell to give him a shot from behind, and then fight him. He gladly takes the penalty.

    What do NYR do? Nothing! Wimps!

    We need a d man like that (sorry LW). No other way around it a rugged vet to lead the d corps by example. Course, torts would only give him 12 minutes a night in favor of rpzy!!

    BTW, nice set of laurels!!!

  62. mao_del_zedongo on

    orr, u see it wasn’t dubi’s fault on the PP…enjoy the Alba pics!! vrooom vrooom!

    carp, great post as always…ur vision and analysis is both original and written with conviction. I truly look forward to your takeaways after games.

    Wish Humprhey Boogard could run a few defenseman early in the game like he did in garbage time last night, and finish some checks to make them think about those breakout passes a bit. I know he isn’t the best skater, but a few big impact hits here and there can change a game. Flyers are so skilled at forward even without daniel derriere.

  63. I hate the NHL!

    How does a guy leave his feet and deliver a head shot, and not only does he not get called for a penalty, but the league doesn’t even have a chat with him, at the very least.

    Anyone know how to plant car bombs?

  64. John Tortorella says that if Ruslan Fedotenko is too banged up to play, all seven defensemen will play and Matt Gilroy could play forward

  65. Dublowsky should have been covering for the d-man. When you have one guy at the point, and two of your guys battling for the puck against one Flyer down low, you need to be aware of what’s going around. He went all the way to the other side of the ice, leavnig Richards completely alone.

  66. Don’t get too excited about White being on waivers. They did it because it’s been a month since he was last placed on it last time, IIRC. It doesn’t mean he is going anywhere. Don’t remember if it was mentioned, but Eminger looked pretty good last night. He showed that he can actually carry the puck effectively through the neutral zone.

  67. That PK where Richards scored was just a snowballing trainwreck. About 10 seconds before he scored Filthy had a 2 on 1 across the goal mouth where Staal slides to Lundqvist’s right to break it up and never recovers. Richards would have scored in similar fashion there. Not sure what happened before that for Sauer to be pulled so high.

    Give me 20 Prusts and I’d be very happy. Yes, I’ll even take him in net.

    MDZ should have backhanded the puck off the back boards to Girardi, but was that a a penalty on Hartnell?
    Betts didn’t cause the turnover, Hartnell did.
    You see these meaningless titty tat penalties called all the time and nothing on something like this that leads directly to a goal.

    EC may have had his hardest working shift as a Ranger -still not saying much.

    Where did I read that that league is having trouble finding enough experienced refs? – it shows. It really byfuglien shows.

  68. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    here’s the link for the mitchell thing orr was talking about:


    I think the rangers lack of retaliation at times is honestly due to torts and the whining he does about penalties all the time. He should exempt anyone from “punishment” for standing up for teammates and getting a penalty or in the case of last night’s game do like many of you said and just turn boogie loose and anyone else and if you get a few extra penalties, so what!

  69. Looks like Feds is playing…told Gross he was “fine”. So much for seeing Gilly on the wing tonight! It’s bound to happen soon since he hasn’t been able to claim his spot on the back line.

  70. Fuggin Carcillo. He’s so useless. Couldn’t he have hit him just a little harder! I want to see Gilly on the wing!

    Feds is pretty useless anyway.

    And I’d rather have Nicky Z over Froloaf. At least Z has some creativity, and can help his linemates. Froloaf does absolutely nothing. Useless loser. Thankfully we’ll only see him for one year.

  71. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    you mean a ranger d man sliding on the ice to block a pass or shot and not taking the body??? That never happens on our marshmallow D!!!

  72. to add to that, not only did Mitchell come to Doughty’s aid and fight Downie even though he missed Doughty with his feet-leaving check, but be advised that Mitchell had a severe concussion that cost him most all of last season, so he was risking his own health trading punches with the little goon

    THAT shows the kind of team leadership that Mitchell has, and LA has, and they are going great guns

    I agree that the Rangers just don’t show that kind of team leadership or togetherness, having each other’s backs, on a regular, consistent basis.

    and Dreary is NOT a captain who inspires that kind of togetherness, whether he is playing or not. he is a dreary, sullen, lacking personality type who does not inspire people.

  73. What’s really dissappointing is that Boris Valabik cleared re-entry earlier this week . We could have had a super-tough monster right-handed d-man for almost nothing.

  74. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    yep valabik, who isn’t the most mobile d man, would have been a great pick up. You don’t have to be mobile to clear the damn crease!!!!

    to and fro
    good point. That is my one caveat about dubi. He always seems to talk a lot of crap on the ice (from the penalty box or when the refs/linesmen are right there) but doesn’t go to bat for teammates. I would like to see him more physically involved with the rough/dirty part of the game to go with his clearly improving offencive game.

  75. Hi guys….The hit on fedotenko was a dirty hit. If it is not reviewed and carcello doesn’t get supended there is something wrong. I really believe the officals tilted the ice a bit. I am sure they did not intend to, but they missed so many calls. The game is much to fast for the refs the league has now. There has to be something done, it seem to be getting worse.
    On Grachev, he is not great, and he will never be great, but I would much rather have him out there than Frolev any game of the week. At least he is trying, he keeps his feet moving. Stepan is not looking that good either, but he will be good, but he’s a good year or two away. I don’t expect much from Grachev, but you never know he might get it someday. the defence made a lot of mistakes last night. I’m sure they will be watching tape for a while today. I don’t expect much from this team tonight either. Torts has been riding the same guys for long stretches, ever since the injurys. They are getting tired, I thought it showed last night. They are fortunate that tonight they face a team that has been playing badly for a while. Never the less they will have to play the same grinding forchecking game they have won with, or the devils beat them.

  76. ddebened, the way I remember Betts goal is that Hartnell chased MDZ around the back of the net and when MDZ started up ice Betts jumped in front of him causing Del Zotto to lose his balance and lose the puck. Betts grabbed it and went in alone on LQ. It was the combination of Hartnell’s pressure from behind and Betts’ pressure from the front that caused the TO.

    NYR_FAN, agreed. We never should have let Tyutin go. He was young, aggressive, hard hitting, and improving.

  77. disagree about Dubi. he took on Richards last season. there are plenty of other guys who are getting paid to be grinders who are not doing the job. only Prust is doing the job on a consistent basis

  78. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    ANOTHER right hander? Really? I agree with hockey rodent’s post about our game, I haven’t seen/read anything about the Kings/Lightning game. I dont care whether you’re calling a game loose or tight, just be CONSISTENT. Is that too much to friggin ask for?!?!?!

  79. 4generations 4 cups on

    I was saying this years ago, basically posting on all the hockey sites begging Sather to pick up Pronger after news got out that his wife wanted out of Edmonton after the SCF in 06′. I was all over Chara when he went on the FA market but everyone disagreed with me that it was worth 7.5 million to lock up a guy who can score, fight, lead and play the power play. Everyone told me how wrong and stupid I was and now look at us– why shouldn’t we have cleaned house in 06′ for whatever it was worth to trade for Pronger. Why did Sather think that Aaron ward and Matt Cullen would solve things that 1 player could do? Ward is a defenseman and Cullen is a point man, why didn’t he just go for Chara and say screw it? I never understood it.

    I love the way the big men in this league play, and its a NEED for almost every team to have somebody unreasonably big to control the play. If they don’t have that, then they have a KEY power play point man (see Cullen/Kaberle 05-06 [idk why we signed a small guy who could do it in Carolina but thats not the point], Pronger in 07, Lidstrom in 08, Gonchar in 09′ and Keith/Seabrook in ’10. Teams need a point-man. Period.

  80. I’ve witness way to many times while watching a hockey game the ref calls a penalty on one team and when the other team commits a penalty there is no call and since most of the games I watch are ranger games it happens against the rangers allot.

  81. I agree with The Rodent and posted it when it happen. callahan was heading to hit the Flyers defensemen and the Flyers defensemen turn and with one hand grab callahan and drove him head first into the boards. If that isn’t a penalty than what is a penalty.

  82. 4generations 4 cups on

    Nothing in the rule book says that the refs have to be fair to the Rangers right?

  83. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Just watched the Thornton hit. If that’s getting a league review, why isn’t Byfuglien piece of carcillo hit getting the same treatment?

  84. 4generations 4 cups on

    Because the referee told Fedotenko that he ducked out of the way and that means that the league should believe the exact same thing the stupid referee does. Ridiculous!

  85. I don’t know if anybody mentioned it but fat Marty won’t be in nets tonight for the swamp boys.

  86. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    oops, sorry. NYR already posted lefty!

    to and fro
    I disagree and your statement is part of the rangers problem. “Plenty of guys getting paid to be the grinders and not doing their jobs”. Who is the “grinder” that is paid to do the glove dropping and rough stuff on the dubi aa cally line?? So if AA gets nailed with a cheap shot who pulls the willie mitchell right then?? One of our soft D men who is on the ice at the time? Or does prust jump off the bench to take care of the situation (not going to happen especially with torts there, hate to take a penalty!!)? It HAS to be someone on the ice, so that leaves dubi or cally!! That is what leadership and team toughness is!!

    You either have to put a “grinder” on every line which most ranger fans would freak out about or your non grinder players have to step up and be team tough and leaders and defend teammates on the ice. They have to go “out of character/playing style” when the situation calls for it, Like willie mitchell did last night (a physical d man, but not really a fighter) or (not to beat a dead horse) like girardi didn’t do last year.

    Most people laud dubi as a great, young, skilled player (he is), who is a team leader (he isn’t IMHO). If he was such a great leader, he would have stepped up when cally went down. Not to just harp on dubi, but where was any ranger on the ice when feds got hit??

    You are NOT team tough, if only the “grinders” are the ones who are doing the tough things. Team tough is when any and all of your players are willing to stand up for each other and drop the gloves for each other when the situation calls for it on the ice.

    Apparently guys for the Kings get that and our Rangers just don’t!

    Could it be coaching? or the type of players we get/have??

  87. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Oh well. We will have to agree to disagree. I took a lot of heat when I said Jarko Immonen was garbage. . . . . .


  88. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    I was begging Slats to sell the farm for Pronger. The guy is playing in the finals every year it seems.

    There is a reason for that.

  89. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Anyone else concerned about Staal’s play? I was sure he would be one of the top Dmen in the NHL, but I am begining to have my doubts.

  90. Frolov is not a bad player. How many guys will put up great numbers on a line with Erik Christensen and Brandon Prust???

    if he had Gaborik and Propsal as his linemates instead, his point totals would be much higher…

  91. wicky – I never said the Rangers don’t need the type of D-man you crave. I’d just draw the line at the likes of Witt and Exelby being of any use whatsoever. Concussion concern aside, I don’t really have an issue with Willie Mitchell (overrated though he is). I wish someone could tell us why he isn’t a Ranger…

    When you say Boogaard should get 8-10 minutes a game though…there I would argue that you are nuts.

  92. also, why should the onus be on North American skaters to do all the fighting? where are the pansies like Rosival, Frolov, AA, Fedotenko, Gaborik, Prospal, sticking up for other players. I’ve never seen it yet.

  93. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    I can’t wait till Valentenko comes up and knocks someone out in a fight

  94. oleo – that should be true, but at the moment it makes more sense to say “How can Prust and Christensen put up points playing alongside Frolov?” It’s those two who are creating the chances on that line.

  95. I think the the nickname “Froloaf” is very fitting. He is slow. He doesn’t shoot enough. How many times is he going to try the wrap-around before he realizes it doesnt work. Can he show some skill please and stop gliding out there?

  96. no Cally tonight. thanks to that cheap shot by Timmonen, who put his foot out and then pushed Cally over his foot into the boards headfirst.

    forget the useless idiots like Carcillo. the Rangers need to go after Timmonen, Richards, Bob in goal, Pronger, etc

    go after their key players, just like they go after ours.

  97. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    when I bring those guys up, I use them as examples of the type of player we need. Not necessarily those exact names, but if it is one of those named guys (exelby showed me zippo in the preseason) or someone like them, then a team need is partially filled.

    You do ask a good question though!

    The boogie minutes thing. I say that as much for the sake of some of our other players not playing quite the amount of minutes they do now as for boogie actually being on the ice to be boogie. We need to roll 4 full lines every game consistently IMHO!!

  98. I would like to believe that Mr Newman was jesting when he intimated that any critique of MDZ’s performance was trashing him. Far from it. If any “trashing” were done it would be via Ranger’s coaching staff, which I have always held suspect for the past several years. Too many bad habits have developed under their tutelage, and go uncorrected. that long long passing technique
    ( which eliminates the need for the passer to skate into the fray) is something that should be round filed permanently. It’s not a high success generating move at best, and is disastrous at worst. One would think that the opponent is totally unaware of it.

    As for being 10 years old and knowing nothing about hockey…I kinda liked that. It brought back many memories when I was 10 and knew nothing about the game except skating and puck shooting on icy ponds.

    I would bet that I am now old enough to be his grandfather. And every now and then I put in something that I think I know something about………..and would you believe it? Sometimes I am WRONG ! Wow. Perish the thought.

  99. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I agree about chara and pronger! We could of had chara if it wasn’t for, well you know who (allegedly).

    The thing I love about the pronger debate is when dawes undressed him a couple of years ago everyone was like this guy sucks and has no mobility!! blah blah blah mobility!!!

    How about all those “mobile” guys we have that not only still get undressed but DO NOT protect the front of the crease and DO NOT throw the big hits???

    BTW, when I talk about hits it isn’t the hit “stat” which seems rather dependent on which building you are in and what the statistician considers a “hit” (I swear the other night, I think it was the toronto game, I counted what I would have considered 10 or 11 hits by prust, but he was credited with 2 “officially”), but a hit that energizes a club, levels an opposing player and the other team pays attention to it. I still think we lack that player that makes the other team go “now where is he on the ice?” so they do not get lit up by that guy! No offence to cally and OPG who throw a lot of “hits”, but the closest guy we have on the team now that I am talking about is eminger (sadly a journeyman). I think vtank can throw those, as well as pashinin and mcilrath, but obviously none of them are playing for us at this point.

  100. ddebened , you’re right. Plus, it should have been a hooking penalty on Hartnell, the friggin ref was right there and had the perfect view of the play. I still say Betts made a smart play by being where he was though.

  101. Why would the league suspend superstar Jumbo Joe Thornton and not a low-level lifeform like Daniel Carcillo? It goes to show you that the NHL only cares about their marquee players. They can’t have Thornton doing that because it will hurt their bottom line. I guarantee you if Ryan Clowe did that, there would be no suspension, just a GM.

  102. I have to say I hate Pronger. Big, talented and tough. However, one of the dirtiest players in the game. Cheap shot artist who doesn’t pass up an opportunity to hack, slash, spear, punch and mug opposing players. I could understand his methods if he was talentless, but he can play and the league gives him a pass every game.

    Isn’t it ironic that our most aggressive players, the ones that really want to hit opposing players are usually the size of Callahan? Imagine Callahan’s mind in Boyle’s body! Paging Dr. Frankenstein!! Or is that Frankensteen?

  103. Yes, Betts did make a nice play.

    Weren’t the majority of MDZ’s stretch passes last year to Gaborik?

  104. True about the size thing, Heave Ho. I was thinking that myself when Wicky was asking who is going to come to AA’s defense – he’s 6′ 4″!

    Hopefully Boyle will continue to work at it.

  105. Pronger is just the type of defenceman the Rangers NEED. I’m tired of having these “nice guys” try to defend our goal. If you’re a defender and you’re not hated by opposing players and fans, you’re not doing a good enough job.

  106. So who takes Cally’s spot on that line? I know Frolov prefers the off wing but maybe you move him to RW with Dubi and AA for the night and see if you can get him jump started?? Although you might need to hook him directly to an electrical substation for that!

  107. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    LOL @ sh!tcillo. I dont think that was a hooking on Hartnell, just good work by him and great timing by Betts. The other 3 goals are different stories though. I just remembered how much I Byfuglien’ hate Richards. I hope Dubi beats his face in next time they meet.

  108. Cally out of the lineup tonight, per NHL Network’s “Power Play Show at Gretzky’s”, which is on right now.

  109. I thought it was more of a slash by Hartnell. I’ve seen lesser things get called all the time.

    Who knows what is a penalty anymore? -the game is going in the crapper for it.

  110. Sorry! Both the Cally and Brodeur scratches were mentioned much earlier up the thread – I missed seeing those posts beforehand.

  111. I think Fro and AA played together in that tourrney where AA hurt his hand.

    Sit LQ, he’ll be let down that he’s not facing Brodeur – sure to give up a softie or two.
    Let’s his neck get better. He aggravated it last night from the constant turning to look behind him.

  112. Why do all Ranger d-men seem to regress the longer they stay in the Ranger organization? Is this karmic payback for how good Leetch was? Has there been one Ranger d-man who went from okay (or young) to great (or even very good) in the last 15 years?

  113. I needed nearly all of those 15 years to find him – but the Rangers #1 pick in 1996, Defenseman Jeff Brown. So there!

  114. Chris F. to answer your question….Yes, but we got rid of em all.

    Sergei Zubov
    Mattias Nortstrom
    Kim Johnsson
    Fedor Tyutin
    Mathieu Schneider…

  115. Good evening all! What, Cally out? OK, I gotta run, hope to catch up by the third….later! LGR!!!!

  116. Fedor Tyutin… how could i forget about Fedya?!

    He was that physical Dman we are so desperately need today! F Sather!

  117. on a slight tangent from last night’s game but
    isn’t it kind of odd and seriously disturbed
    that the flyers, as a team, can beat us in play
    and on the score sheet pretty handily
    yet their players just can’t help themselves but
    go the extra step in not just doing that
    but injuring Ranger players.

    maybe there’s some sort of psychotic broad street bullies
    culture there
    similar to our tapioca pudding culture here.

  118. so who SHOULD play with AA and Doob tonight? Brandon freakin Prust! that’s who!



  119. Most of the guys mention were drafted more than 15 years ago, Zubov 1990.

    Marek Zidlicky has the most points of any Dmen drafted by the Rangers in the last 15 years.
    (From what I’m seeing)
    Although he never played for the Rangers.

  120. Dubiiiii-

    Prust was the first guy to come to mind but I’m not crazy about how that leaves the other line.

    BTW White was waived.

  121. first off,
    do we have an answer why White was waived today?
    would be different if Gabby or Drury were coming back for the game
    but they’re not

  122. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I was more curious about that due to his broken hand again than if we would get him. I am much more disappointed that we did not get valabik, than souray.

    I have a mixed opinion on getting souray believe it or not!!

  123. There was something earlier about Torts dressing 7 DMen

    It would be fun to see Gilroy play up a bit.

  124. jpg –

    I think if he clears now the Rangers will “buy” another chunk of time where they can send him to Hartford without exposing him to waivers at that time. Not sure if that makes sense or if I’m exactly right but as those guys get healthy it’s more likely he’s going there.

    ask ilb when he’s around

  125. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Evening gents, Sally, beth, fozzy and nor!!

    hopefully i can make it through the game tonight, and hopefully we get a better showing!

  126. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    It would be interesting to see gilroy play forward

  127. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    hiya wick!!

    gilroy playing forward, i know there have been several people who’ve mentioned doing that in the past. looking forward to seeing how he does tonight if that’s the plan

  128. It would, but it looks like it wont happen since Fedetenko is playing.

    Go Reindeers! Make it 2-0.

    I loved that season where we went 7-0-1 against the Devs, and beat them in five games in the playoffs. That was such a fun year. The final year with Jags, and Shanny :(

  129. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    yep. me too. I still think we should trade him though!

  130. Haha! Did anyone see that there was a fight between two jockeys at some horse racing thing-a-ma-jig?

    It’s fuggin horse racing, shouldn’t the horses get into the fight since they’re doing all the work? They’re probably looking at the jockeys thinking “what a bunch of dopes”!

    Jockeys are so creepy! Don’t we have a jockey? I think he’s from Norway.

  131. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    I’m out, later assens!!


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