It’s Go Time!


Coming off that loss at Philly, the Rangers go right back into the archrival fire at the Rock.

As you know by now, Ryan Callahan — the de facto acting captain — will not play after that hit by Timmonen last night. It appeared he hurt his neck or shoulder.

Also, Martin Brodeur is out with that bruised elbow he suffered two nights ago.

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  1. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    JB, he got hurt at the all you can eat chinese buffet ;-)

    oh please, I hope I am not stuck with the devils announcers


    Check the MSG overflow listings. I have the Rangers broadcast on IO channel 414 in Bridgeport.

  3. I don’t see a Rangers broadcast. MSG is playing a retarded Knicks show, MSG+ has Devils, and MSG 2 has Devils.

    Looks like I’m stuck with Chico tonight. I’ll just be listening to music instead of that freak of nature.

  4. I have not yet watched Fringe, Lin. I’ll do so tonight after the game [or during if NYR are not doing too well].

  5. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    yes nor, grabby’s been asking for you!

    the radio feeds are always a few ticks ahead of the video, at least for me here in alabummer.
    How can they NOT have the Rangers broadcast in HD!? That’s messed up

  6. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Why can’t the filthy Knicks be on MSG 2, or better yet not on at all.
    Doc & Chico – complete joke of annoucers. Would rather watch it on Curses.

  7. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    hiya Headzo!!!! got your pizza and beer ready?! did your woman forgive you for the halloween thing?

    and no nor, he doesnt lol

  8. Standard def picture is garbage. Is it really that difficult for cablevision to broadcast the HD feed from the devils and sync the rangers announcers over it?

  9. Linda, I wanted to go to the game tonight but since they always lose when I go, I didn’t dare risk it!

  10. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    firetruckin shreiking fool and gomez addams…..grrrrrrrr

  11. I love Rangers/Devils on a Friday night. Heck, I love Rangers/Devils all the time.

    No Uncle Daddy makes this a tad less fun.

    No Cally makes me sad.

  12. My list of the worst sports announcers/tv people ever!

    1) Joe Buck
    2) Chico Resch
    3) Steve Cangelosi
    4) Ken Rosenthal
    5) Jeanne Zelasko

    It is 100% pain when I have to see these people on my screen. I have to see 2 OF THEM tonight because I am watching in HD. Hopefully the radio feed isn’t off time. :s

  13. Had to re-start the cable box and it’s taking FOREVER to load.

    Don’t these Missouri people understand there is a Rangers game I want to watch?!

  14. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Linda – a nice dinner this week took care of that one! She even let me have the weekend off too!

  15. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ok so its don la greca… my bad lol

    OMG JOE BUCK!!! i freakin dislike that man with the fire of a thousand suns!!

  16. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao, the audio is NOT matching the video by any stretch of the imagination lol

  17. The MSG+ picture is HORRIBLE! It looks like when you first open your eyes in the morning and everything is out of focus. I’m paying for THIS?

  18. >>lmao, the audio is NOT matching the video by any stretch of the imagination lol

    Yeah, I had to abandon that idea very quickly. I guess I’ll have to put up with the bad picture on MSG+. There’s NO WAY I’m going to listen to Chico Resch.

  19. It was brutal Nor…I was most upset at how those classless Philly fams are…When Cally and Fedetenko were down ob the ice they were actually laughing, saying hahaha, and cheering. When Cally got up they didn’t even clap….pretty much the worst lack of sportsmanship I have ever seen at any level. But the pride themselves in being Pieces of Carcillo, who I learned last night is nicknames CARBOMB. No comment

  20. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    In a bad mood from last night’s game & my hangover…Choc & Dico are not helping. Making me more angry.

  21. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i cant do the audio anymore, it’s either way ahead or far behind…lmao… i cant figure it out! I can’t believe i have to listen to these frehleying asshats

  22. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i think the strongest thing I’ll be drinking tonight is campbells tomato soup… i hate being sick

  23. Unbelievable nosepicker!

    Funny to hear same mention a disappointing crowd. He would never do that at MSG right?

    Did you guys see the drill sergeant of jackwagons as the bad guy on Law & Order: SVU Wednesday night?

  24. >>Chico is brutal but so is Doc IMO

    Chico is annoying because he is clueless about the game.

    I don’t mind Emrick too much, but he does try too hard to sound clever at times.

  25. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao nor, i hate that cereal!!! i was burning up for about 4 hours, now i’m frikkin freezing!

  26. OMG, Dubi score? I had to reboot again cause there was no picture on my screen. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  27. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    it made it’s way from the PICKANAMECHOVIAFARGO CENTER all the way to alabummer

  28. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Linda – it’s whats currently going in my head. Got carcillo-faced with clients while watching the gmae last night. Not too much sleep last night.

  29. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    JB, that’s the problem, his mom’s not at the game!!! He needs to bring his mom along… so he scores, and so youse guys have someone to look at!

  30. Jbytes, I can’t stand the rediculous snipets he offers–My favorite last year was “Prospal, the former Hershey Bear” …. um, that was how many years and tems ago??? Just makes me crazy!! He knows where everyone was born, went to school, SAT scores, what kind of car they drive, etc

  31. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    hope it was a successful evening for you business wise Headzo!!

    wow, Torts has some age spots on his face lol ;-)

  32. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Fozzy, he’d be a great southern woman!! these fools know where the coaches GRANDKIDS go to school and what supermarket their wives shop at. AAAAARGH!!

  33. Lundqvist never covered the puck. A defenceman was about to skate out with it when the whistle went.

  34. Ahh, the game now. There we go.

    Thinking good thoughts… like, at least I’m not still at work for the next FIVE hours like I was last Friday night.

  35. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol headzo, i dont swing that way, but, if i remember correctly, she did have some cool hair

  36. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    his buther?! wow, can gomez addams utter one coherent sentence on a telecast?!

  37. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    only in alabama would a southern woman call hockey ‘ice hockey’…..
    i was on break about a week ago, and these women were talking about what kind of pajamas the coaches wife wears… that’s just freakish

  38. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Did I see Boogie just tackle that Devil & not get whistled? At least there’s one Ranger throwing the body around….

  39. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    we’re going to have to find a new target… with fragile uncle daddy and his buffet elbow getting older… ;-)

    Orr, he reminds me of someone, and I’m picturing who it is in my head but i cannot get the freakin name out!

  40. I’m at my girlfriend’s house watching Fios, and the MSG2 picture isn’t so bad, probably because they put it on a real channel that’s there all the time, but they never have MSGHD anyway, so no choice for me. :)

  41. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    oh hell yea… James and I were discussing it the other day…. he looks like peter boyle, the dude who played the monster in young frankenstein, and also the dad on everybody loves raymond (another show i never watched lol)

  42. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao and field hockey i suppose!! floor hockey!! Omg i loved playing that in gym class!!
    Clinton’s friend is going for some CTscans next week. he hasn’t shown any symptoms, which, if it turns out to be a bad mass, could be a good thing because that means they caught it early (from what i’ve heard). I have my fingers crossed for him, he just recently got married, and he has a couple of kids, and he’s only in his early 40’s

  43. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    OOH OOOOH!! toss a Flavah bomb!
    shut the firetruck up you jackwagon asshat gomez addams

  44. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    the stick fell down…are you heffin kidding me you assclown of epic proportions

  45. Hello all, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long..been insanely busy…
    Chico Resch is just an absolute moron…the only reason I’m watching that one is b/c the Rangers broadcast is insanely blurry

  46. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    welcome back GUY!!! long time!!

    i think Stevie Wonder would do a better job than this relic

  47. orr, are u a fellow lotr fan? u talk about it alot. i love the books, movies were great too. i hope they get the hobit made. mza could star as bilbo

  48. Argh, MSG keeps cutting off the action at the end of the commercial break. This is the second time for me at the beginning of Stepan interview. It’s probably a cable provider issue.

  49. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Boogaard is an embarrassment to the game. Ugh.

  50. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao… or tonsil hockey!!!! wow, took me forever to think of that one…

    mmmmmmm dunkin donuts!!! cannot wait until May!!!

  51. OMG I loved NOK Hockey.

    Yeah sure, propose me something. I have three leagues to keep track of so I don’t know who exactly I have. How could you trade your semi-namesake?!

  52. Much better, Grabby. Last week was horribly busy at work, but things are finally calmed down. Getting used to being here in St Louis.

  53. Dubinsky is running up his goal tally early. We all know he’ll go on a twenty game goal-less drought at some important point of the season.

  54. st lousi? were not too far away. me, u wicky aqnd greg should meet up. andx tony and other displaced boneheads

  55. CC, I’ve never denied the fact that Dublowsky had talent. Like I’ve always said, the only way I’ll turn into a Dublowsky fan is when he signs a multi-year deal.

    Grab, yeah, I love LOTR! I liked the animated version as well as the live action, and the books. I’m getting worried with “The Hobbit”. Ian McKellan is getting annoyed with the delay. I can’t see anybody else as Gandalf, damn it!

    Mickey, you’re talking my language. I chomped on one before.

  56. jbytes, dont u go pissin on my duby parade. yes, when gabby gets back, he will probably score less,. but i think he should flank prospal with gabby. frolov is a nonfactor. he should not play first line. duby should. and if he doesnt, im gonna be pissed-sky!!!

  57. lmao tonsil hockey!

    Grabby! How’s it going in Hawkear state?? I’m from Jersey, Exit 114

  58. orr- if ian mckelan doesnt play gandalf, that would suck. mgm is bankrupt or somethin i think. but peter jackson is still gonna make the movie.

  59. nor- just wanted to apolagize for my comments few weeks back. i was drunk. and grouchy. sorry hun

  60. I moved here 6 weeks ago from upstate NY. It’s different, for sure. I’d be down for that get together. I’m actually contemplating going to Nashville for the game the Saturday after Thanksgiving- I have a friend who’s a Rangers fan that lives there. Just need to reach out to her and see if we can nab some tix.

  61. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    T shirt nor. I won’t wear another teams jersey!!!!

    Shane, try or channelsurfing

  62. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    accidental stick to the face?? uh, you’re responsible for your stick you LeGrandeTampon

  63. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao their backup goalie looks like he’d rather be in a hotdog eating contest at the local bowling alley

  64. Blue Seat Horror on

    Took Brian’s old Devil #14.

    Del Zotto really needs to rethink how he takes shots from the point. Too much shinpinball.

  65. LeGrande Tampon?

    I lol’d so hard at that, I choked on my vodka, sprite and cranberyy juice.

    A PLUS PLUS, Linda.

  66. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Mickey. gotta think of creative names to make you guys laugh

    Where in the blue hell is Carpy??????

  67. I owe Greg $20 if Boogie scores one goal. I dont think that will be happening. The guy is a bum.

  68. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i am going to have to add that to my liquor store grocery list lol~ raspberry vodka, regular vodka, jack daniels, captain morgan, chambord and black haus

  69. Just wanted to let you all know that Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics ridiculed an NBA player that has a disease causing him to have no hair on his body, calling him a “cancer patient”

    Essentially, he made a mockery of the millions of people that valiantly fight and die from cancer and those that valiantly survive cancer.

  70. Add vanilla vodka to your list, Linda. Combine with Coke and its magic.

    Whiny Chico is extra whiny tonight

  71. CR9 – KG claims he said “cancerous to your team and the league” but this has caused the sportswriters on Around the Horn to say that we should stop using that term in sports altogether, even though it is a common one.

  72. No waffleboarding yet from Doc, but he has mentioned the refrigeratoring, microwaving, cerealing, fooding, forking, spooning, and knifing of the puck.

  73. Linda – You need to get Krisy to send over some Black Death. It’s icelandic schnapps..killer stuff. I know they sell it in Norway. Can’t get it here though!

  74. I can’t take the devils broadcast between Doc and the way he spits out the name Stefan or the idiot chico. By the way, is it me or the beers but the devils are skating and passing circles around the rangers.

  75. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Mickey, this must be chicos time of the month… sheesh, take two midol and go to bed ya big priss!

    don’t forget slap chopping and showtime rotisserieing!!

    lmfao @ cerealing

  76. Spider – I know what Garnett claimed, but he’s lying. My friend told me about what ESPN said and how they’re angry at Villanueva for tweeting it. I cant say im surprised. If it was NY athlete, they’d be calling for the NY athlete’s head. Such is the hypocrisy of the media (pro-Boston, anti-NY)

  77. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    CR, you know things are way too politically correct when words are banned. what next..books? we’re going backwards instead of forwards. Too many ignorant asshats out there without common sense. A society of instant gratification, screw everyone else idiots

  78. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! he wants me to have lucky charms every weekend!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! althought I’ll go with the skittles and a small bag of cool ranch doritos tomorrow!!!!!!

  79. Wow, that was a weird period, it seemed to me the devils were all over the rangers and the king but couldn’t score. The rangers get a power play at the end of the period and score.

  80. Ceraling sounds like something that belongs on cooking show.

    Correction- BB’s goal. Career high, baby.

  81. Do the special commemorative NJ devils license plates say, “my uncle is my daddy” as their motto?

  82. Yes, Girardi & Staal are playing a lot better tonight than last night. On the other hand, the Devils are a considerably worse team than the Flyers, and hence a lot easier to play against.

  83. Linda – I agree with you on the whole. I just want to remind everyone here and elsewhere about the kind of criminal Kevin Garnett is, since the media wont. Garnett thought he was funny poking fun of Villanueva’s illness, but instead, he just didnt have the intelligence to understand the illness that Villanueva actually has.

  84. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Past the time for Stepan to go back to Hartford. Well past.

  85. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    how nice of brodeur to watch from a seat in the crowd, yawning with the rest of the devils fans in their official section

  86. We’re usually on the other side of periods like that; dominate the entire period, don’t score, then give up a back-breaking goal near the end.

    Weird feeling.

  87. i dont understand how the refs decide to have a “meeting” and the delay of game there does not get called? seriously colin campbell and co WAKE UP

  88. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    The moment he looked to pass to Eminger sealed his fate.

  89. >>Do the special commemorative NJ devils license plates say, “my uncle is my daddy” as their

    “New Jersey: The Uncle Daddy State”

  90. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Hope Marty isn’t sitting next to a third sister.

  91. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    CR, do you know for sure that KG knew of this beforehand? It could have been him just being an asshat but not knowing. Most of those guys dont give two flying firetrucks about anyone else

  92. did the piece of carcillo, carcillo get fines/suspended yet! the beer is settling in


  93. Marty is a disgusting human being. One of the greatest goalies of all time, but handles himself with the classlessness of Mike Milbury.

  94. In three seasons in the NHL, Boyle scored four goals in each season. LOL! He finally breaks the curse!

    I remember his rookie year when he scored four goals in five or six games. I was thinking to myself, there’s another player we could have drafted in 2003 :P

    Is it true that a woman helped him with his skating? He must be exploring her pink cave, because he’s extra motivated this year.

  95. WHOOO HOOOOOO! Great score to come home too. OK, someone, please, first 2 periods cliff notes? LGR!

    ORR, I happened to see the end of your post as I’m typing mine. bad boy!

  96. I must say that I am enjoying watching the Devils feed. Ken Daneyko looks like he needs a hug.

  97. orr- lol that is no rumor…he trained with a woman this offseason…boogard needs to do the same

    good for brian boyle he gets to play with some players who have some skill and now earns some power play time…wtf do u expect from the guy when he plays with a guy like your boy DONALD

  98. Cangelosi has a really annoying voice. And could Daneyko whine even more. Jeeeeeeeeeez. I’d take Buffalo’s announcers over them

  99. ORR!! Stay On The Road!! says:
    November 5, 2010 at 7:19 pm
    It?s funny watching Booger try to make a play. It?s like a baby taking his/her first steps.

    dude, orr. i love u kid. ur a fuckin pisser bro!!! lol.

  100. According to Philly writers….no suspension for Carcillo…Holmgren claims he saw that Feds was vulnerable and tried to pull up to avoid hitting him. If true this is just more BS from Colin Campbell and NHL.

  101. Linda – I dont know for sure. But the guy is completely bald, no eyebrows or anything. It looks like he has gone through chemotherapy. And of course Garnett is a Bostonian…


    Im going to drop it now. Im just very angry and trying to let it out.

  102. i have a cousin with the last name cangelosi. i hope to god hes not related to steve. hes such a twit

  103. cliff notes summary: rangers playing their typical early 2010-2011 season blocking shots and playing well defensively….we are being outshot but henrik has not had to be magical tonite….dubi capitalizes in front of the net and boyle has a pretty defllection on the powerplay…the refs miss an obvious delay of game call on the deviis that should have been on a 5 on 3 but we still capitalize with a PP goal….staal and girardi doing a great job on kovalchuk as he really has had no time…eminger playing his best game as a ranger…sauer playing a smart game and standing up for his teammates…overall another gritty performance so far away from msg w/o gabby and callahan and oh my captain ur captain what is his name again??? can we strip the C, give the C to callahan and give dubie an A like i have been asking for since someone told me dubie will be a 4th liner-haaaaaaaaaaaa!


  104. Noremry – LMFAO When Linda said he reminded her of someone that’s who I thought – “Get off of my train” freaky

  105. sorry jbytes, dont urinate on my duby parade., feel free to defecate on my frolov parade though

  106. duby isnt a 4th liner seth, hes a 3rd! lol. j/k guys, i know i was groggy and barely coherent when i wrote that comment

  107. ORR, mama is everywhere!
    Shatten, same to you.
    and Grabby….


    recap please someone!

  108. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  109. Blue Seat Horror on

    Tortorella should rip the A off Roszival’s sweater for that hook. Or even send Boogaard out to do it before Roszival gets back to the bench.

    Dubi = monster.

  110. Welcome to the club, Grabby.

    Linda, I lived in western NY for 4 years for school. It was horrible listneing to him.

    DUBI!!!! Shorty!!

  111. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    better late than never………




  113. DUBINSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    DUBI DUBI DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’ve got ourselves a bona fide star, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  115. A fair call from a referee! 5 minute major!!!!!

    Our first 5 minute major power play in 73 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Blue Seat Horror on

    The way Kovalchuk’s playing this year I think he lost the name Kovalchuken. Great to see him in a Devils jersey…and in so much anguish.

  117. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao @ in 73 years

    in all fairness CR, i think i saw a few back in the late 70’s early 80’s lol

  118. Just trying to quickly catch up. Did someone stick Sweet 16 in the face? and no call! Come on Aves!!!!

    I am loving Boyle….loving….

    welcome back “CR9”!

  119. >>i did not think that was worthy of a major but ill take it

    Definitely not a major! But hey, better against them than us.

  120. orr, i love ya bro, but u should drop the blo from dublowsky. giv eit up for the guy hes the freakin man keepin this team winning

  121. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao Spider, i just got your earlier comment!!!! about cro magnan, i just thought you spelled it wrong!!!!

  122. >>Worst PP of the season. Five minutes of retardation.

    Maybe because they felt that they didn’t deserve it?

  123. 5 minutes taken off the clock with no shorthanded goals was all I wanted there. Excellent use of 5 minutes.

  124. Can’t do it, Grabby. He’s going to have to re-sign and not cause any drama this summer. Only then will I kneel down before him, like he’s Zod.

    I just think it’s pathetic that Gabby has no goals. He’s so invisible! Where is he? Horrible!

  125. Grabby, I’m with you on Dubi….come on ORR! change it up! Then no newspaper on your news from before :)

  126. ORR, you should see a game at the Rock…..arena kinda cool. fans, ewwwwwwwwwwww

    Go Hank!!!!

  127. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Real nice of Chico to give the King some credit…duh. Go back to changing fatso’s diapers!

  128. >>Devils have weird looking fans. They look like sewer rats.

    I can’t say what creature they look like, but they do look weird. Islanders fans are not too far behind.

  129. im sorry, but this game is a loss against any other team. how do we not get a shot on a 5 minute pp?? the devils are killing us in shots and chances. guys keep getting injured, its only a matter of time till it catches up and if duby doesnt score, were basically done. love that were winning but cmon rangers

  130. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol that was good too spider! you’re liking those pics fozzy put up arent you? the tray of food one is hilarious

  131. Frolov missing a wide open net.

    Did we get the Russian version of Higgins and no one told us? I want my money back if we did.

  132. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Happiest team in the NHL?: The kings – no more Frolov & not shackled to Koval-suck

  133. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    seth, its his time of the month, he could be crying about his panties bunching for all we know

  134. orr- wtb? dont u remember that sweet goal in boston where he used jedi force to will the puck in the net? hes gonna break out within the next year i can just feel it!!!

  135. 0-5-1 !@ HOME…AND TO RUB IT IN THEY HAVE TO HEAR A LETS GO RANGER CHANT hahahahhahahahahahahahha

  136. >>Frolov missed because his stick was chopped by Arnot…

    I think he missed before the stick was chopped.

  137. N.CountryNYRFan on

    no wonder Stepanhasn’t been putting up any points, he’s been playing with froloaf

  138. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    brodeurs favorite song Meatloaf

    you took the fork right out of my mouth…

    oh wait…not fork, words lol

  139. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    you gotta worry when tortsarelli smiles….


    SHUT OUT FOR HANK!!! 2 goals for Sally’s Lil Man!!!!

  140. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    i usually don’t get the stars of the game either. Mako used to tell me,when he wasnt working until freakin 10 at night lol

  141. lol @ friggins and froggins

    Dubi is on a mission this year. Sally must be so proud of her lil’ man

  142. Benny is going to bake a brownie for Hank, and he’s going to buy wine for all the good players.

    Then Avery will take them to a fashion show and show them his new fabulous gorgeous suede scarf he just bought.

    That’s what life is like in Rangers land when all is good.

  143. frolov missed because he is sad. sad that stepan, who scored in just one game, has more goals than him, sad that he hasnt actually scored a goal while actually shooting the puck, and sad that he has no balls. no balls!!! hes a wimp

  144. LindaCalPrustBoylahan says:
    November 5, 2010 at 9:27 pm
    brodeurs favorite song Meatloaf

    you took the fork right out of my mouth?

    oh wait?not fork, words lol

    lmbao!!! i love u lindychuk!!!

  145. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    we win we win we win we win we win we win!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    OMG Mickey & Mikey are in the firetruckers club!!!!

  147. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao, is it that hard to remember these guys names???? especially when you have a sheet in front of you with their names on it?

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    NA NA NA NA Hey heyy heyyyy wereee goood!!!!!!!!!

  149. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    yea spider, you can’t use school as an excuse anymore lol.. on the other hand, you could pull the girlfriend card lol

  150. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Hartnell last night. We’ll take those asshats later. Good night tonight and I am happy! As Sally says, love the helmet nuzzles, just wish game was at home so we could have stick salute! Nyah Nyah Nyah Debbies!

    (oy, look w what hanging out here has done to me. …. kindergarten level posts :)

  151. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Orr, so unprofessional……..or maybe they are trying to cross him and boyle!

  152. Linda, did I ever tell you the story about, how a long time ago, my hairdresser left the salon where I used to go to him without telling me, and since he’s the man I love, I tracked him down, being a dogged person who cared about someone, and a person who is skilled at that kind of stuff? anyway, we’ve been together forever since then and he always knows how to reach me now……just saying…..

    sorry all, little note to Lin…..LGR! Let’s now take Louis at home!

  153. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol onecup… it will be interesting to see how much life he sucks out of the room when he returns

  154. great win. Dubi and Hank starred in that one. the hard work team concept was back again too.

    the only negative was having to spend an entire game listening to dumb and dumber, the debbie announcers, Nerd-rick and Hair-club

  155. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Anyone whom calls Braiden Dubinsky , Brian …oviously doesn’t know hockey or the Rangers for that matter and should be fired on the spot. ( I ment Brandon) haha!!!

    Fatso sits out and the new ERA of Hank “steps in” and shows that he is the new shut out KING.

    Dubinsky for Captain.

    ORR needs to give him a new nickname and cant call him dublowsky anymore. Dubinsky learned alot from Jagr and maybe its HIM that breaks the Ranger record for goals.

  156. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    What a game by Dubi, if he keeps this up he’ll be the next big contract haha.

    Brian Boyle has been awesome, night and day from last year.

    That 3rd period 5 min. PP was embarrassing though, man advantage needs some work.

  157. noremy, can’t say, national security.

    Wow Lin, I just don’t get that at all. I give up then. OK.

  158. I get the feeling that Keenan would call him ‘Brian’ to his face and Dubi would be all ‘uhh, coach?’

  159. Orr – Why would that be funny? You’re a Rangers fan, right? Then why would it be funny if we got screwed over?

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Just Yolking Linda!!! I knew his name is spelt Brandon : )

  161. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Cr9 ,

    Orrs the guy who wanted The Rangers to lose and not make the playoffs…

    Orrs the guy who bet against the Rangers…

    Orrs the guy who has an explayers name…

    Orrs the guy who was cheering against us in the Brashear fight…

    Orrs the guy who hates most of the Rangers players…

    Orrs the guy who …

  162. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    kc, i guess they are not losing enough for him. We haven’t had a visit from captain clutch either, but with that broken finger, typing would be rough lol

  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    This blog was high-larious tonight!!!!!! Awsome night!!!!

    Rangers win Rangers win Rangers win!!!!

  164. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    unlimited grill for $13.99 at Logans. I’m expecting to see MB in my neighborhood any day now

  165. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Dubinsky for Captain!!!"...& Greg L. on

    Haha Noremry I should have spelt OY!!!

    How do we know if Captain Clutch and Sathers wrapup isnt the Imposter!!!??? Maybe someone can “fake” being them inturn that could squeek out thier identity?

  166. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Greg, I had my ideas over who was Captain Clutch and who was Uncle Glennie.
    I told Mako, who was supposed to write them down and remind me. It seems that my suspicions might be correct on one. I was hoping they’d be revealed so I could see if i was right lol, but the mystery continues

  167. ORR’s the guy who said that NYR were going to beat the Craps when everyone here said otherwise.

    Yeah, I wanted NYR to lose last year down the stretch, because I knew they weren’t making the playoffs, and I wanted a top five pick. I didn’t get my way, but I was right, we missed the playoffs :P

    And hell yeah I wanted Brash*t to get his ass kicked. A real Rangers fan would never give him a chance.

    Lin, X-Box’s are murder machines. My uncle wanted me to test his x-box, and show him how it works, and I wouldn’t even do it. Unless he provides me with a hazmat suit, I’m not going near it.

  168. Orr- I’ve held off on this request,but the time is right – drop the Dublowsky. Come on man. Sather was offering Dubi 700K EC is making 900K. Nuff said. Stop the Insanity Bro ;)

    You don’t need to worship him. Just a little respect.

  169. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol Orr… we do NOT have a video game system… i’d like to get one, but I’m so not good at video games. I think mario kart, duck hunt, tetris and centipede were the only games i showed any inkling of decency at.

  170. Go with the PS3!

    DD, I respect him, I don’t deny, and never have denied his talent. But, he’ll be Dublowsky until he gets his extension, or *if*

    Just be patient.

    Although, if he injures Crosby with a huge open ice hit, then I’ll immediately drop it.

  171. I’d love to get a wii. Got one back home, but that’s 1,000 miles away. LOL. Sports Resort is all sorts of fun to play.

    Just realized we went straight from political ads to Christmas ads. No down time at all. Jeez.

  172. wicky (where is he!) I think Uncle Glennie and Captain Clutch are huddling together on the IR…. otherwise, I don’t know. Makes mama sad and confused. Then again, lots of things do lately….:(

    but yay team! TA!

  173. orr- what if duby beats the carcillo out of brandon austin green and steals megan foz from him?

  174. linder!! mama aint no stalker!! cmon lindychuk!! byfuglien carcillo it must have been a misunderstanding

  175. I fuggin skinned my knees playing the baseball and tennis game on the Wii with my brother. We are so competitive with one another. I was down 2-0 and down to my final out of the bottom of the 9th of one baseball game, and I changed my swing to an overhead swing. 3 batters later, I hit a walk off homer!!!! I retired playing against the one brother in the baseball game at 1-0, with a 100% winning percentage!

    I played the Wii boxing game with all 4 of my brothers, and we started wrestling and hitting each other in the (where the sun dont shine) while actually boxing.

  176. Grabby, I’d be proud of him, but Fox isn’t my number one anymore.

    If Dublowsky stole a pregnant Miranda Kerr from Legolas, and managed to get supermodels to date some of the NYR guys, and raised the Kerr/Legolas baby to be our future crease clearing d-man, then he’ll be a god in my eyes. He wouldn’t even have to change his hair.

  177. wicky 2: (I’m such a ta liar!)

    ORR, who is number one then now?

    Must I get a wii?

    Grabby, ha! and thanks, it’s OK though….we move on :)

  178. dude, dubys hair is so dorky its actually cool. ya know? its like, eff u yea i look like im from leave it to beaver with my nicely parted comb job, but i get goals and i can do my doo, however i duby do it and im rich too biatch!!!!!

  179. spider, I’ve played the wii before and loved it. So simple to use. Funniest thing was watching my 5 year old nephew beating my Dad at it.

  180. Jeez, you’re putting me on the spot!

    On some nights it’s Candice Swanepoel, and on others it’s Blake Lively. Katy Perry was going strong with that phenomenal rack, but she married that completely unfunny, former heroin junkie, so I don’t know aboot her.

    And now this British chick, Cheryl Tweedy is coming out of nowhere.

    I don’t know who the number one is. It would help if one of them “lost” some nudie pics, or something :P

  181. ORR, not only am I sorry for putting you on the spot, I’m sorry I asked :)
    OY, fading to black til tomorrow…really. ta ta!

  182. i know mama. i had a few misunderstandings when i incorrectkly and foolishly labeled the cad line a “3rd” line. now, dont get mr wrong, i dont think theyre quite there yet, but they are sure as carcillo gettin the job done, and duby and cally especially have come through when called upon. future captain and alternate by next year im betting

  183. Cheryl Tweedy, ha! I havent heard her called that in a while.

    She’s Cheryl Cole, former wife of Ashley Cole of Chelsea FC. That bum Ashley cheated on her on multiple occasions. I cant understand for the life of me why anyone would cheat on a Cheryl Cole, but I think I have the answer….

    What happens is, athletes have even more testosterone than the average male. And to be an athlete, you generally are aggressive by nature. So basically, when the players play away from home, they just need it and cant help themselves. The best thing to do would be to bring their wives along on trips with them, or dont get married.

  184. cr9, i was an athlete in high school and played roller hockey for a few years after. im a jock and always had that agressive nature. got into plenty of scarps when i was younger. u are right and when these guys go days or weeks without seeing their wives or gf’s, its just natural any man would do that.

  185. That’s why I call her Tweedy. Why carry that scumbag’s name?

    That guy should have his weeny chopped off into pieces. How can you cheat on a chick like that? Honestly! What a face that chick has. Great body too. Babe! Then you have the accent. Fugghetaboot it!

  186. Grabby – Im not condoning their actions, but like you said, I do understand. They play nearly 12 months a year, with very little off time to be with their wives and families.

    What I find shocking is how prevalent hookers and escorts are in European football. Personally, Id like to know how many American sports athletes employ the services of escorts.

    Derek Jeter had the right idea. Dont get married, and you cant, or rather shouldnt, be ridiculed.

  187. The feed on MSG Plus was so bad that I watched most of the game on the Devil’s broadcast on MSG2. It turned out to be so much fun listening to Chico whine about absolutely everything.

    It was funny until Steve Cangelosi started to sarcastically talk about Dubinsky in the postgame show. First he asked Daneyko if he believed that Dubinsky could actually be among the league leaders in scoring and Daneyko graciously answered that Dubi is having a great start. And then Cangelosi said that Dubinsky is at the top of league with the likes of Steven Stamkos with a condescending emphasis when saying Dubi’s name. He sounded like Keith Olbermann on MSNBC on election night.

  188. Minka shot to fame on Friday Night Lights. Now she has a recurring role on Parenthood. There have been rumors since early 2010 that they’re engaged and were getting married tomorrow or Sunday, but if I believe correctly, it is Jeter’s sister that is getting married this weekend.

  189. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    good game, kinda shocked prust didn’t get after clarkson (now that I think about it I don’t think clarkson played a single shift after he took the minor so nevermind).

    how much ice time did boogey get tonight? Had to be more than 3 minutes.

    I really wish dubi would have got the hat trick!

    I was going to jokingly call dubi a 3rd liner just to see if seth had an aneurysm (no offence seth) but czech beat me to it (well played czech)!!!

    wholly laurel a moly!!!!

    Get a 360 (that way you can play mrs wicky on xbox live). Don’t listen to orr. It doesn’t burn the house down. We just do a ritual of playing the prodigy song firestarter everytime before we turn it on and we have not had any problems with it!!!

    Where the hell is ILB???

    I’m in on the displaced meeting!!

    what is the firetruckin group?

    The boys did the double secret handshake tonight, love it!!

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