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From the Rangers:

November 4, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Philadelphia Flyers 4 (Game No. 12, Away No. 6)

*       The Rangers were defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers, 4-1, tonight at Wells Fargo Center, and are now 6-5-1 overall, including a 4-2-0 mark on the road.
*       New York notched one goal in four power play opportunities (7:53), and have now tallied six goals on the man advantage in the last seven games (6-27, 22.2% over the span).
*       After a scoreless first period, Brandon Dubinsky opened the game’s scoring with a power play tally at 1:53 of the second period, and won a team-high, eight faceoffs in 15 attempts (53%).  He has now registered eight points (five goals, three assists) in the last seven games, including four goals in the last four contests.  Dubinsky is currently tied for fourth in the NHL with eight goals on the season, and ranks second on the team in scoring with 12 points.
*       Michael Del Zotto tallied the primary assist on Dubinsky’s power play goal, and was credited with three blocked shots in 20:07 of ice time.  The defenseman has now recorded an assist in each of the last two games, and has registered three of his five points on the power play this season.  Del Zotto is tied for second among team defensemen with four assists and five points.
*       Michal Rozsival registered a power play assist and tied for the game-high with six blocked shots in 23:20 of ice time.  Rozsival leads all Rangers’ defensemen with six assists and eight points, and is tied for second on the team in assists and ranks fourth in points.
*       Dan Girardi led all skaters with 25:33 of ice time, and he now leads the team and is tied for 19th in the NHL in average ice time (24:14).
*       Ruslan Fedotenko registered a game-high, four hits in the contest, and he now ranks third on the team with 30 hits on the season.
*       The Rangers will travel to New Jersey to face-off against the Devils, tomorrow, Nov. 5, at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.), to close out their third of 18 back-to-back sets of the season. Prior to the game, the Blueshirts’ morning skate is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at the Prudential Center.  The contest will be televised live on MSG 2, and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. nice! Whooo! oh well! Hey Rangers played, Didn’t get pushed around, a bounce here and a bounce there and the game is 2-2. But that didn’t happen and that’s what makes the flyers a dangerous team. If they keep going and lundy plays like the last couple of games and not like tonight, those bounces will go that way for the rangers.

  2. Good evening all! Hmm. Too much to wade (no pun intended) through now, but….heard the score on the radio on the way home at end of third and shut it off. Got back in time to see part of post-game show……am I wrong or does Carcillo=CARCILLO!!!! wtb!!!!!

  3. the first 3 goals were all our doing.

    should never have happened.

    can we sit mdz for a game. his game is slipping big time and now the puck finds the bag of our net

    hey blogmama

  4. Congrats to Dan Girardi for leading the team in ice time with the least to show for it, leading the team in avoiding hits, and skedaddling off the ice the fastest whenever a Flyer causes a problem.

  5. Wow, what a horrible effort especially when you consider we haven’t played since Monday night. This is what I might expect if we were playing the 3rd game in four nights.

    Our D-men had terrible games. What is with Stall? He’s getting caught watching the play too often, instead of being involved and he’s not nearly physical enough. I hope MDZ learned some lessons tonight. He’s attempting too many long passes through the middle and teams are expecting it. One of the worst games of the season for Rozy, he looked lazy and made several bad decisions, a couple of good plays but more bad than good. Eminger was easily our best D-man even trying to take the puck to the net himself in the 3rd period. Girardi has played well up to this point and seemed to be establishing himself as something of a leader but not tonight. No one stepped up. Our blue line play was all sticks and no bodies. Philly had way too easy a time entering our zone.

    No offense except for that short time when Dubi scored. No one going to the front of the net yet again. No forecheck, very few forwards finishing checks. Frolov needs to be scratched to send a message. If he doesn’t respond his spot should be given to Grachev or another prospect. EC was our best forward and has slowly improved. Let’s hope it continues or he’ll also been in Hartford if not this year then surely next. Our top line was nothing really special tonight. I thought for sure Dark Sean would play tonight. Where is he? Can’t believe no one immediately went after Carcillo when he obviously tried to take out Fedotenko with a head shot.

    The officiating was horrible! Boogaard gets a slashing penalty that they wouldn’t call in a girl’s game and then the non call when the Philly player slashed Rozival at the end of the play where he drove to the net with the puck. Pathetic. No call when Cally got tossed in the boards head first. No call on Carcillo leaving his feet and head hunting Feds. I’ll be shocked if the league does anything about it. League officials can say no penalty was called. The NHL doesn’t care about protecting players. A POS like Carcillo is allowed to intentionally injure a player. Someone needs to take him out. Disgraceful.

  6. Not sure what the game looked like on TV, but from the arena I didn’t see the total disaster that seems to have been described on here.

    Just a pretty flat game broken open by two big mistakes by MDZ and Lundqvist – and a game where Gaborik was sorely missed. The cycling behind the net was OK to good again, but the Flyers contained it without giving up much in the way of scoring chances at all, particularly over the last 35 minutes.

    Only saw the Carcillo “hit” on one quick replay at the game – looks like I wasn’t the only one to miss it live. I sincerely hope the Rangers all missed it, as there’s no excuse for letting that punk get awy with it. Subsitute “referees” for “Rangers” in that sentence and it still stands.

    ilb – What was I wearing? I’d expect that question from CR not you…

  7. Rozi actually cross-checked a few Flyers and shoved guys in front of the net. Girardi and Staal formed a perfect triangle on the pk — very pretty, although they were nowhere near any Flyers. And why exactly was Staal over on the other side when Richards was standing alone on Staal’s side?

  8. Hi eric!

    LW, interesting, post game report was talking about the same thing, seeing it live v. TV, but Maloney made an interesting point (I thought) that I’m not going to be able to explain well now :) but basically, Carcillo should have been watched, and the league should review. I only saw it on TV, but he totally left the ice and flew for the hit…from what i saw, of course.

    Heave…wtb? no Aves? wtb???

    LW: ilb – What was I wearing? I’d expect that question from CR not you…

    Sorry CR, but ha! that was funny,

  9. They gotta give Biron games. I can already smell his doghouse and Hank’s midseason exhaustion.

    Besides, great goaltending is making impossible saves AND not giving up softies. God I hate his crap goals.

    This was a weak ass game.

  10. Biron needs to play. He has barely had a chance. Lundqvist is either too hot to not let him play, or playing poorly and needs to get his game back. Biron is also good at playing the puck — that helps the defensemen.

  11. OK, I guess most folks are off drowning their sorrows…:( I’m also going to miss most of tomorrow (hartnell again) but hope to be home for part of third, and sure hope we kick the dubious debbie’s asshats…..til tomorrow all. TA!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to BOOGIE !!"...& Greg L. on

    We lost.


    We’ll deal with it.

    No panick.

    Help is on the way.

    We won both our fights tonight.

    Refs suck.

    Rangers will bounce back.

    Flyers learned alot from last years run. They are a good team.

    Flyers personal are scum.

    Rangers are still the best. ( 2nd) in the Atlantic.

  13. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    That Boogey man penalty for tapping was just stupid. Seriously. To call that then miss the headhunter shot from Carcillo is pure carcillo.

  14. mdz besides giving away at least 3 goals this year on utter stupidity, is in love with the homerun outlet pass and it almost neve rworks…

    i think the islander loss was worse because that game they played so stupid….

    why the refs are great, the boogard hooking or roughing penalty was definitely a penalty if you are blind, dumb, and on drugs…….

  15. I normally don’t go for the “blame the refs” thing around here … but to miss that head shot completely, and to call that tap by Boogaard is really terrible officiating. Especially since the piece of carcillo could have been called for a major — which means even the linesmen missed it.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to BOOGIE !!"...& Greg L. on

    Thanks Mommaa !!!

    Tough game but the game against the Devils could take this sour taste out of our mouths.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to BOOGIE !!"...& Greg L. on

    Missing the head shot to Boogaard was bad officiating and to call Boogaard on that weak slash is dumb. I dont blame the refs for this loss but who knows if those penaties would or would not have changed the game. Our team thrives on stuff like that . Hank stops those shots…Rangers win.

  18. double wicky…..Carp, agree on both points. but the first one is what really gets my goat. and I don’t even really know what the expression means, but I know it means I’m mad. …. and fade to black….

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to BOOGIE !!"...& Greg L. on

    This is only 1 game against the Flyers . Next time its in MSG. So thiers nothing to worry ’bout.
    We ‘ll take our lumps this time. I bet the MSG fans go wild!!!!

  20. ORR…

    You called it earlier today haha…

    ORR!! Stay On The Road!! said on November 4, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    I’m curious to see Nicky Z tonight. He’ll definitely want to stick it to Torts for the doghouse days.

    He’ll score a goal. I’m sure of it.

  21. Yeah, nobody believed me, but I called it! I even hinted at a potential goals from Betts and Shelley. Got one of them.

    I also said that Dublowsky would talk tough, but not do anything to back it up. I was right again :P

  22. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I should have said 2/3, not one. My mistake. Although, I am trying to forget that he scored.

    Nicky Z, I can handle, because at least he has skill. Betts was just flat out embarrassing.

  23. Just finished watching DVD’r game

    Highlight of the game – Prust vs Sh!tcillo

    Love Brandon Prust!

    MDZ – sigh…he always makes a mistake on that same play…he either falls on his ass or loses the puck and as a rule, it seems like, the puck ends up in out net.

    Betts with a game winner! A true poor-man’s Drury! wooohooo!

    and fugged up thing is that Sh!tcillo got away with clear head shot and than the ref tells Fedotenko that he shouldn’t duck?? REALLY?? WTB kind of carp is this? Fedotenko was hooked and and lost his balance! NHL should really look into that hit and that comment by ref and punish both of those clowns!

  24. Forget the fact that it was a head shot. Carcillo *clearly* left his feet on the hit, which is an automatic penalty. Even if his head shot was Fedetenko’s fault. These refs need a hockey stick up their ass and out their mouth. Then they need to get pissed on by wild animals.

  25. Del Zotto has to learn to how eat the puck sometimes…he needs to take the sack…

    He may be in better physical shape than last year but he needs to slow the game down and make wiser decisions with the puck. There is no reason to bring it behind your net without stopping first and reading the play. It was like he was being chased on the play that lead to the Betts goal. MDZ is a great skater but he won’t win very battle for the puck and guys will catch up to him. He can be special if learns to play a smarter defensive game. Playing good defense isn’t always about nailing a guy in the corner or tying up a guy in the front of crease. He needs to remember he is not Paul Coffey and can’t force plays. Stop behind the net, read the play, make the breakout pass. It is simple hockey.

  26. The Betts goal was actually a smart play by Betts. Hartnell was pressuring MDZ from behind chasing him around the back of the net when Betts suddenly put himself in position in front of Del Zoto and easily took the puck from him. Betts then had time and space to force LQ to move sideways. LQ stopped the first shot but couldn’t control the rebound leaving a easy tap in for Betts.

  27. But if MDZ would have just stopped behind the net and battled it out with Hartnell…who knows if it would have still lead to a goal…It just isn’t smart hockey to do what MDZ did tonight on that play…

  28. Yeah. A surprising number of people made fools of themselves tonight, and LQ is back to giving up his generous rebounds. That was a bad decision by Staal to join the crowd at the puck, but where was the COACHING?
    It’s funny, but the way things worked out, here shows me how complex the mixture of talents on a team can look terrific one night, and abominable a bit later on.

    Eminger: At the outset, he was so inept and out of place that I wondered if he really was a major league player. But lately, as he’s seen more ice time, his confidence has grown and he has really played some very fine defense for them. I’m at a total loss to explain why both Frolov, and the other Russian guy ( sorry about my memory for the name) who are veteran players, and look so helpless out there. Not at all surprised by Betts. I said long ago that Rangers would regret letting Orr and Betts go, but got laughed at in print. And where was the coaching?

    How did y’all like those last season’s Power Plays? Remember, the pass pass pass pass pass…and nary a shot taken of consequence. Always looking for the perfect angle. Shades of last season.

    Someone explain it to me: A team is behind by a few goals, it grows late in the game, the clock is ticking away, and the team gets a PP and continues to refrain from taking as many shots on net as possible, and instead keeps constantly passing the puck around as the time runs down, and they act like one goal is gonna do the job. Where is the coaching?

    If someone wants to find another venue for Tortorella, I’m all for it. You could bring in the naked Cowboy from the streets of NY and he’d do as good a job.

    I was surprised at how effective Grachev is along the boards. When he gets there with the puck, he owns it.

    Put this game in a time capsule and label it, unhockey.

  29. Look at that! Downie goes to throw a huge hit at Doughty, and misses, and even though he missed, the intent was enough for Willie Mitchell to give him a shot from behind, and then fight him. He gladly takes the penalty.

    What do NYR do? Nothing! Wimps!

  30. so classy of the NHL Network to avoid talking about Carcillo hit right after they showed highlights of the hit and interview by Torts

    The guy who hosts the show went like “Eh, we see that kind of stuff from Carcillo all the time” and changed the topic!

    Yeah sure, change the topic… but if it was Avery with that hit…

  31. Thats the thing… It pisses me off when people talk about Avery like he’s some dirty goon who kills people on ice! Avery NEVER plays dirty! In your face hockey – yes! Dirty – no!

  32. Observations: Telecast had Terrible coordination of mouth and sound unless all were good at lip syncing. Why does Sam Rosen have to baby-sit Torts the wuss at each post game conference. Afraid of Brooksie. If Mike Keenan ran the team he would have retaliated against Carcillo immediately. This should and will be reviewed by the league and Carcillo will probaby have his hand slapped with a one game suspension. Why such limited time for Derik Stepon. How in God’s name can he ever improve. Mike Keenan looks better every day. I hope he Still has the itch and could coach with Messier. Keenan’s always been a one year coach, but what a way for Mark to be schooled; Keenan’s forgot more than Tort’s the Wuss has ever learned.

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    Meh. It’s a loss. Couldn’t say this last year, but the way they’ve been playing lately makes this one forgiveable, as long as it doesn’t get indoctrinated into their idea of consistency. Not pleased with the way they played, nothing really memorable in that game at all (unless you count a few guys not stepping up to the physical challenge/manhandling by their opponents and the awficiating).

    Tomorrow’s another day and thankfully they play again and have a chance to make amends for this embarrassing effort.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  34. yep rehire keenan that is a long term smart move. after all he does not bury players, try to move to new teams during the playoffs, and is a happy go lucky goiod teacher of young players…

    DZ needs to use his brain and play smarter…..he has given up at least3 free goals this year, trying to be bobby orr while he is not………

  35. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Unfortunately I didn’t see the game (was at LA-TB tonight actually) but yeah, the officiating is wrecking the league. Go figure though—it’s being run by NBA Buttman. The parallels between all the game manipulation that goes on in the two leagues is no coincidence frankly.

  36. LMAO @ Mike Keenan – happy go lucky goiod teacher of young players

    I’d hate to lose Keenan in the studio – I’d so miss that battle between Keenan and “chef of the future”

  37. its not that bad of a loss against a top team imo….. refs sucked but more blatantly bad than that was how bad frolov has been

  38. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Wasn’t the whole purpose of adding a second ref supposed tocatch those Carcillo type hits?

  39. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Quick observations (they are easier to read):
    1. Frolov is not good.
    2. Steve Downie, Brandon Prust, Jordan Tootoo are each 10x> Boogaard.
    3. Marcel Hossa 10x> Grachev.
    4. 5 minutes of Keenan speaking 10x> than 2 years of Torts speaking.
    5. Prust’s balls 10x> rest of this sorry team.
    6. We won our fights by unanimous decision. . . . so what?
    7. Stepan would do better going back to Hartford. He’s lost.
    8. Staal is very average.
    9. Del Zotto had an easy pass to Girardi on his failed rush. Arrogance?
    10. I knew the Rangers were all talk when Cally got bulldogged bt Timmonen.

    P.S. Why are the Finns such scumbags?

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