The homeless Rangers


I’m surprised there wasn’t more discussion about this yesterday. The World’s Oldest NHL Arena had to postpone an NBA game because of falling debris and an asbestos scare … and now we’re seeing reports that  the Garden has contacted other arenas — Nassau, Prudential — about availability the rest of this week.



Fortunately for your New York Rangers, they are on the road the next two games — fortunately not only because there won’t be debris falling on your heads, and theirs, but fortunately because they’ve played better overall on the road than at home.

So tomorrow and Friday ought to be really interesting. I’m not sure how to look at this game in Philly Thursday. The Flys, since last we saw them, are coming off their A) shootout win over the Rangers that put them into the playoffs, B) their run to the Stanley Cup final and C) four straight wins this past week.

They still have a carcillo-load of players you guys cannot stand, though that Hartnell is starting to resemble a human being since cutting his hair. The Rangers still have that unfinished business with Carcillo, though Gaborik won’t play, and Carcillo, we can be pretty sure, wouldn’t go near Derek Boogaard, if Boogaard even plays. The Flys now have Jody Shelley, who was so instrumental in their late-season run that fell short, and even scored the goal in that shootout fiasco that ended on Olli Jokinen’s stick.

Not that you need any of this extra carcillo to stir it up for a Rangers-Flys tilt.

But I do think the Rangers are going into the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes with confidence, togetherness and maybe a little chip. And I know the Flys dislike the Rangers, especially at home, where the faithful can be a little, um, off-center.

The next night it’s the Rock and the Devils, the reeling, free-falling Devils, whom some of you compared to the 1998-2004 Rangers. I don’t know if we can expect their malaise to last that long, or even through December. But right now the Devil Dogs are a mess, top to bottom, and they come home from that dreadful long trip, and you know how tough that can be when you don’t have your legs under you and you still have jetlag.

Still, I expect the best thing for the Devils is the Rangers, who beat them at the Garden earlier. I suspect we will see a team very ready for a Rangers team that will have played an emotional game the night before.

I know … a long-winded gaggle of reasons why I’m looking forward to a pair of back-to-back Patrick Division games, when no reason is really ever necessary.

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  1. onecupin70yearsandcounting on

    The garden is ancient , it should be razed.. if they can tear down Yankee stadium, this place should be next. the average life span of an arena is 30 yrs.. let Dolan waste his(our?) money rehabing this place.

    I’m Lou L will make a few trades under the cap to keep the devils competitive.

  2. Izzy, it makes it the World’s Most Mesotheliomatous Arena. Let’s see if a couple of lawsuits come out from some smart lawyers representing a few long time ticket holders…

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I bet the lawsuits are already filed. There has to be a few disgruntled former employees.

  4. Holy Carcillo! Asbestos? Bad enough we have to watch losing hockey every year, but now they are trying to give us lung cancer? LOL

  5. According to reports in this morning’s J-N, air quality tests detected no asbestos in the Garden. It was stated that it was just plain old dust that set off the monitors. Makes me feel a little better since I was sitting in the blues right under the ‘attic’ the night before.

  6. First comment for me; I’ve been reading this blog for three years now, and finally decided to start commenting.

    Glad it was dust; I was at the Rangers/Hurricanes game.

    I’m doing grad school up in the Boston area, and just saw Rangers’ prospect Chris Kreider play last night, and I’m very pleased with what I saw… good speed, good vision, nice wrist shot, and he throws his body around some too. Can’t wait to see him in a Rangers uniform!

  7. Hockeyman Rangers/I vote for Captain Callahan on

    Well it did get very cold last night maybe the dust was just snow.

    I like what I saw of Kreider in last years (was it) the Junior cup race?? He is a very good skater. He needs to pput on a few pounds but he will be good, him and Stepan will hopefully hook up somewhere in the future.

    There must be more news on this MSG arena sooner rather than later. I would think this would be BIG NEWS.

  8. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Canes’ Tuomo Ruutu just face-planted as soon as he stepped onto the ice at RBC…forgot to take his skate guards off….


  9. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    In the wake of the Texas Ranger owner dissing NY Yamkee fans, and Carp’s mentioning the topic, let me jump into the fray:


    That is why a jail and courthouse were built into Veteran’s Stadium. I was a guest of the Tampa Bay Lightning when they went on their cup run. I went to a lot of games, and a couple in Philly. Those guys are awful. I was with someone who was unmistakable, along with a few of the Tampa Ice Girls (all of whom were off duty so to speak, just guests). When we were leaving we were recognized by a few local Phiily fans, and it started getting ugly. Fortunately, two of our entourage were cops and difused the situation, but not before few shoves and pleasantries were exchanged. We weren’t even wearing Tampa Bay gear.

    Yes, Philly fans are crap.

  10. Slash_NYR ,
    Are you by any chance in Boston College Law grad school? Chris Kreider plays there. His stat: (2010-11) H-East – GP7 G2 A1 Pnt.3 PIM6. Not overwhelmingly impressive, but he is a very good prospect.
    Oh, yeah , and warm welcome to conversation, our former mute, but honorable member!

  11. The Messiah says:
    November 3, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Lundqvist leaves practice after taking a puck to the neck on a shot by Boyle


    where did you hear that?

    Henrik Lundqvist said he “had a hard time breathing” after being drilled by a Brian Boyle slap shot from the left circle during drills. Lundqvist fell face first into the crease, moaned with pain and skated off, leaving his stick, with Boyle in pursuit. Lundqvist was struck, but not cut, between the mask and throat pad on the right side of his face and said he “got really dizzy, from the blood not being able to get to my head…”

    In the trainers’ room, Lundqvist sat down, was iced and later came out to speak with reporters. He said he expected the stiffness to wear off in a few hours”

  13. Also per Zipay, Torts knew he was ok when he started throwing sticks around the room…lol

  14. Henrik gets plenty angry. If you can find a video of the last game of the season he’s walking off the ice and mashes his stick on the railing or something. And I remember a few years ago the Rangers got blown out in Montreal and he basically called out the entire team in the lockerroom interview.

  15. No, it was the next season.

    It was right after a big win against the Pens the night before (I was at that game). Prucha tied it for them after being a frequent scratch. That loss to MTL sent them into their usual winter freefall with a couple of ugly losses in that stretch.

  16. BTW, if you look at Henrik’s stats in MTL, they are beyond hideous, especially if you strip out his rookie year where he actually had a decent couple of games. I don’t know what Biron’s stats are like, but they can’t be as bad as Lundqvist’s.

  17. That might have been around the time the term “Prucha’d” started to become part of RR vernacular.

  18. i’m having a great day! just had a fight (more like choking and wrestling on the floor) with my neighbor’s nephew from downstairs inside MY own apartment! Mofo came to my door and pushed me inside my apartment! AWESOME!

    not sure what to do now… should i call the cops?

  19. CT, you could probably say the same for, oh, Giacomin, Villemure, Davidson, Vanbiesbrouck, Richter … although the Habs were a bit better back then, and the Forum had a lot more ghosts than the new Your Name Here arena.

  20. Yup, Biron’s the best choice for starting in MTL

    Biron: 16 GP / 7-5-1 / 1 SO / 2.58 GAA / .911 SV%
    Lundqvist: 10 GP / 4-3-2 / 0 SO / 3.92 GAA / .870 SV%
    Richter: 13 GP / 2-6-4 (ties remember them?) / 0 SO / 3.38 GAA / .880 SV%
    Vanbiesbrouck: 37 GP / 11-20-6 (ties) / 1 SO / 2.93 GAA / .896 SV%

  21. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    4ever, I am at BC, but not BC law. Are you there? Thought a bit about law school but I don’t think I’d enjoy it. I have season tickets to BC hockey, so ill be watching Kreider’s play closely. He seems to have had a really slow start this season but he had some pretty dominant shifts with the Hayes brothers the other night.

    A Stepan/Kreider combo could be pretty great–weren’t they linemates at the World Juniors?

  22. Slash – Yes, they were….Derek Stepan led the tourney in scoring with 14 pts and Kreider had 6 goals in 7 games.

  23. ORR

    yeah i wish it was like in the movies.. but it ain’t

    not sure if the cops can do anythign about this since its gonna be my word against his and in the end we will both get arrested…and i am definitely NOT looking to spend time in a cell again lol

  24. CCCP-

    Pay some really big guy a lot of money to sit on your couch and have him walk oafishly around your apartment complex for about 3 minutes each day.

  25. CT

    He came with a friend and started to threaten me and once i got in his face he pushed me in inside my place and wrestled me down…we started to wrestle and choke each other until his friend pulled us apart lol

    its a long story but I’ve been having some real problems with my neighbor from downstairs ever since i moved in 2 years ago. She’s insane! One small example – I literally CANNOT walk across my apartment without her knocking on walls and screaming!

  26. That sounds like assault and battery. Especially if you’ve got bruises or cuts to show for it. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to call the cops.

  27. i have a small scratch/cut on a side of my neck…that’s it

    i hate doing that but i called the cops…let’s see

  28. dolans’s knicks. now instead of boos raining down on the players, they’ve got debris. maybe it’s Rod Seiling? or Rod Serling, twilight zone.

  29. The guy assaulted you in your own home. That’s a good enough reason to call the cops. You shouldn’t have to put up with that.

  30. thx Noah lol

    JimCerny tweets

    # Plenty of joking in #NYR dressing room at Brian Boyle’s expense since he took shot that hit Hank in neck 25 minutes ago

    # someone said they heard Hank crying in dressing room afterwards, #NYR PR jumped in “no, that was Boyler!” 24 minutes ago

    # Torts called Brian “Dr. Boyle” for rushing off ice right behind Hank after the injury; others joked he went off to pack his bags! 23 minutes ago

  31. Three legitimate options CCCP

    a) Kick his Ass
    b) Call the Cops
    c) chug on over to Namby Pamby Land


  32. CCCP,
    Just wonder, – are your neighbors Russians?
    Any case, call or e-mail Boogaard, what he is good for?!

  33. i doubt that Booger will make a difference… he’ll probably get another finger infection or something just by talking to her.

  34. ‘She’s Italian woman that looks like a man…if you know what i mean.’

    I meant she’s not Russian… and no offense to Italian women/people… but this lady really looks like a dude!

  35. Or the next time, instead of using bat in Italian style, use a curved hockey stick in Russian style with particular cynicism in and out, if know what I mean…

  36. so the cops came…hour and a half later

    and as i said, they did absolutely nothing! I have no injuries and cant really prove anything…the end.

    P.S. Tony…the cops asked me if i know you and i told them no! So don’t worry!

  37. ORR

    exactly… as if i didn’t know what will happen. Unless you’re badly injured or dead, they don’t wanna get involved… too much paper work, you know.

  38. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Welcome Slash!!

    C3, being of Italian heritage AND from BKLYN, I’m insulted

    comment of the day:

    ddebened says:
    November 3, 2010 at 2:58 pm


    Pay some really big guy a lot of money to sit on your couch and have him walk oafishly around your apartment complex for about 3 minutes each day.

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " payback time!!" ..& Greg L. on

    Yeah Baby , we won again.

    Get used to it.

    Yo CCCP , whats yer hate on for Boogaard? Did u like being the wimps last year before Shelly and prust came aboard? It was n’t too pritty seeing our Rangers get pushed around and bullied. Boogaard give us a presence. I can’t believe you cant see this. Id rather over pay a guy who makes his teammates better. Our Rangers have some moo-cheese-mo now and its all because of Boogaard and Prust.

  40. mao_del_zedongo on

    CCCP, maybe that woman is the best of both worlds! ROFL

    slash, welcome!

    carp, Patrick Division! LOL…love it!

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " payback time!!" ..& Greg L. on

    Whoa , Slash from GnR?

    Bad ice ….hahahahahahaa we did it!!! Carp was spot on last thread. Bad Ice. Our bad ice helped slow down the Champs while we blocked our way to happyness!!!

    I like the AC/DC line ,lots of grit and scoring . Callahan should be Captain but Dubinsky is taller. Lemme see here …Go with the guy who will be playing most of the time. Cally blocks way too many shots like Drury and has a chance to get hurt and miss some games. Dubinsky is the total package so I see him being our top guy 5 years from now.

    Its funny how we COMPLAIN about being a “soft” team then we go out and aquire some brut and everyone says its a waste!!??? Just saying we have the heavyweight champ on our 4th line is worth the bucks he makes. The Rangers are an ORGANIZATION and this team needed brute strength and heavy weight presence. This guy scares the daylights outta teams and I love that. I love it. Our team needs guys like Prust ,Boogaard,MCIIlrath and big centers like Boyle. Our team plays in the Atlantic division and it a ’bout time we have some size.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " payback time!!" ..& Greg L. on

    FLYERS are going DOWN!!!!

    First the Chump Champs then the pretenders “Flyers” will be next. Pound the daylights outta them and win.

    Give frolov time , he is NEW ya know. He is not even close to a “piggins” I would like to see MZA geven another chance . The little hobitt might have his confidence back. Grachev should stay and so should Stepan. Stepan has declined but he’ll bounce back. Now EC , he is not some scub who belongs in the ECHL. The guy plays with good players cuz hes good. EC is cheap and hes good. Say what ya want but hes a perty good Ranger.

  43. Linda

    How YOU doin’? I meant no disrespect! :)


    I don’t hate Booger…i just don’t think he’s doing his job…yet

  44. i know, lol, messin with you!!!

    did you tell your landlord that your psycho downstairs neighbors son assaulted you in your apartment? What a freakin psycho! Time for you to have a really loud noisy party and have everyone wear high heels or cowboy boots lol

  45. lmao dde, brilliant! the funny thing is, before i even looked at the pic, i heard that voice in my head!

  46. Spiderpig-

    I assume you’ve seen Full Metal Jacket, then I look and see it’s 23 years old (Holy Carcillo) so maybe not. Well, if you haven’t, R Lee Ermey (Jackwagon man) is great in the first half of the movie check it out.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " payback time!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Boogaard’s job is prevention . Prevention of being bullied. Funny how it works. The Rangers have not been bullied and is a coicendence that we have Boogaard? Ya see… when ya USED to look in the dictionary under Rangers , ya saw the word ” wimps,pussovers, wussies and so on…” Now that is not true. Boogaard is as slow as mollasis in january , I agree. He is slower than a sloth. He hands are of stone and he looks like some demented kid who lost his toy…BUT I woulnd trade his contract or him for anything. Him not fighting is not his fault . He hasnt backed down from a fight and in due time , he will destroy someone. Hopefully its tommorow.

  48. Umm, I sort of still feel like NYR is getting bullied. Hank continues to get run over, without anybody doing a thing aboot it.

    Booger has one of the best jobs in the world.

    The best job in the world is those guys and/or girls who get to rub stuff on a supermodels body before a photoshoot. Imagine getting paid for something like that? Unreal!

    You probably have to be glee to get that job. I might have to pretend to be glee to get that job. I’ll need to seek Dublowsky for lessons in the art of glee.

  49. N.CountryNYRFan on

    hahaha ORR love the use of “glee”. As far as the Boogey man goes, i don’t think he has had any impact on this team other than taking a roster spot. I do think the team is tougher overall this year but i don’t think its because of Booger. Orr was a much better enforcer, Booger looks so emotionless out there, it doesn’t look like he gives two Carcillos.

  50. Blue Seat Horror on

    Don’t know if this was mentioned, but according to TSN, MSG will be back in business for Knicks game Friday.

  51. I wish I was Slash from GnR. He’s my favorite guitarist.

    I really hope guys like McIlrath and Valentenko make the NHL sooner rather than later; while the Rangers are tougher than they used to be, I think we really need some defensemen whose sole job is to punish opposing players, especially around the crease. No more of the stick-checking crap.

  52. Slash

    I could not agree with you more. About he guys who do that. I call them the “swordsmen”…they all think they’re D’Artagnan,….but they’re really just Malik.

  53. HI Bull Dog

    This isn’t a zero sum situation. I don’t believe in absolutes in any sports activity. I don;t go along with the words always and never. There’s a time and place and moment for everything. If a poke check is called for – by all means. But to stand there like a sentinel a/la Rozi last year and beyond) and keep poking at the puck while never trying to move the guy out of the danger zone is what I referred to. And between Rozi and Malik they were champs at this fruitless activity. ( Of course that was when Malik cared enough to come out of his corner post and go anywhere near the goal crease.)

    I’ve seen Staal put too many guys on their butts when in the zone, to think so little of his prowess. He’ll be fine. Give him some slack.

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