Rangers-Hawks in review


Wow, that was a nice win over the champs.

And at this point, any home win is pretty important.


1) I’m sure this has crossed your minds, too. It’s all great and good that the Rangers have become this shot-blocking team. It does, indeed, show a courage, and a passion, and a commitment and a will, and a togetherness. But if you block 20-30 shots per game, or more, isn’t it a given that somebody’s going to get hurt?

2) I told you during the preseason, these guys play differently than last year … and they can score enough.

3) So many guys played well in this game and the one before, and you know me, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but I still think Staal and Girardi are better apart than together. So many times the Blackhawks had a guy all alone behind the defense, it was those two defensemen. Granted, they played against the Hawks’ top line. But on the PPG, there were two Hawks behind Staal and Girardi. In the final minute, when Lundqvist saved their butts, it was those two. They’re too alike, and they both follow the puck too much.

4) Again, I don’t mean this to be negative … but this was one of those cases where the bad Garden ice might have been an advantage. Bad ice usually affects the more skilled more. And if you’re willing to be the dirtier team on bad ice, it can be your friend.

5) This team is going to get better when Gaborik gets back, and better — though some of you will disagree — when Drury gets back, and better if Frolov ever checks in.

6) Again, I love the team toughness these Rangers show. That makes me really look forward to the test in Philly (where the Flyers have won four in a row, but will be without suspended Danny Briere) Thursday. And makes me wonder if Derek Boogaard goes back into the lineup for that one, or if he’s necessary for that one. I’m guessing he will play.

7) On this Mercedes commercial, let me understand … the car senses when there’s going to be an accident seconds before it happens? Why the byfuglien can’t the driver recognize it, then? Oh, right, he’s probably on the phone or texting. And it closes the windows? Wait, how long does it take for a window to close? Enough time for the driver to avoid the accident? And what if somebody’s arm is outside the window. Does the window still close? And do you really need some extra flying glass in an accident? I don’t get it.

8) Would it be redundant to say how well Callahan, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Prust and Boyle are playing?

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  1. The CAD line looks like they’ve really clicked Dubi’s 2nd goal was pure instinct and hardwork from all 3.
    Boyle looks like a different player this year and Prust must be a new swear word in the Calgary front office!

  2. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I have been thinking about this for the last week or so, and maybe now is not the proper time to do this. But I think Callahan should be captain of this team. He is what I would like to see every NY Ranger too be. And I say maybe now is not the time b/c Drury is out and it might not be right but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I say Captain Callahan sounds REAL GOOD and also makes a lot of sense.

  3. How about this- Prust couldn’t make it in Calgary as a 13th. skater. And Jokinen is their top 6 player. There is something very wrong in Calgary.

  4. in my best Don Adams voice… “Missed it by that much”….

    At this point maybe Frolov should sit when Gabby comes back. He doesn’t seem able (or motivated?) to keep up with the aggressive and relentless level of play we’re starting to consistently show. Unless he wakes up he’s gone after this year. Worth a shot on a one year deal but Sather has to get credit for trying Frolov out and not tying our hands beyond this season.

  5. Oh and Devils are still where they belong, dead last in the league. No sympathy whatsoever.

  6. Would not that be something? The Devils finishing in last place after that stupendous contract hat they made with
    Special K.

    That one feature might just turn around this entire feeding frenzy by GM’s from these absurd contracts to a more level headed and realistic assessment – an honest evaluation of an individual player’s worth?

    Stranger things have happened.

  7. For those that were calling for the Rangers to get rid of Dubinsky, what do you have to say now? He’s on pace to score about 50 goals, but a more realistic expectation would be about 30. Still, that’s pretty darned good in this NHL.

    Sauer needs to play more. Whenever I noticed him last night he was making the right play.

    Anisimov = Monster II (lol) He’s developed pretty nicely don’t you think?

    Frolov = waste When will he do anything that’s productive?

    Big worry – the shot blocking. I don’t know exactly how many shots they blocked last night, but they let 35 shots on goal. If they gave up another 30 shots that they blocked plus whatever went wide or high….don’t you think that giving up that many shots will catch up to you after a while?

  8. I’d call our first line AC/DC line. Callahan’s play makes you think that there are two Callahans on the ice. Seriously, all three of them made an unbelievable improvement from last year, but I think AA is the cornerstone of it. His positioning is immaculate in both zones, his passing skills have improved. That allows Callahan retrieve the puck down low and Dubinsky stay in front and bang the garbage in.

    Bryan Boyle is emerging as someone who can potentially compete for a second line duties. Would we love to see that competition? And he was finally tried last night in front of the net on PP. Props to Torts.


    The defense needs some work, but they are improving. The first goal showed how much work they still need. I agree with Carp- Staal and Girardi should play on different pairs. Eminger was very good last night, and he was the most physical. Sauer is very solid, I have no idea why he sat for so many games. Where does Gilroy fit?

    Before we start bashing Hank for that soft goal (it was soft, and he knows). He came back right after and made a few unbelievable saves. He won it for us at the end.
    EC showed what he can do on that GWG. One of the better wristers since Nedved. And he can still feel in on the third line, first line, PP etc. All this for $950K. What’s there not to like?

    Lastly, Joe Q is one of the better in-game coaches in the league. And he couldn’t adjust his lines enough to create any type of sustained superiority. Props to Torts again, he outcoached him. But most importantly, props to the TEAM.

  9. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    Carp, I had the same discussion about that Mercedes commercial with my dad. Its like they’re building cars for idiots now.

    Dont worry, we’ll handle watching the road and braking in time for you.
    Dont worry, we’ll wake you up if you fall asleep.
    Dont worry, we’ll warn you that someone is between you and that far left lane you’re trying to jump into as soon as you get onto the freeway.

    To all other drivers: WORRY!

  10. loved the game last night. great game by the usual 3, specially duby. guy is starting to finish and consistently. is he playing for a contract? cally too? speaking of which, frolov. what is up with him? he is slower than shanny at age 38. he is becoming exactly what kotalik n higgins were. even his goals, all 2 of them, were lucky bounces. i havent seen a goalie make a tough save on him yet. but in this case, id actually move grachev up and put froloaf on the 3rd or 4th for a few. you guys really think step goes to hartford? sucks after his great start. he did make a great pass to boyle in the first, and has been better. hell, they should give mza some games. put him with a bgger guy like boyle. hes not a center though right? mza? hes a rw? hell, he could fill in for frolov and because of his quickness maybe he can sneak by defenders and get open for quick one timers. frolov had a great chance last night alone in front. mza looks perfect for those types of chances.

  11. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    I remember that Frolov chance. The puck bounced and he didn’t get all of it. Turco had to make a good glove save.

  12. When I watched EC’s goal on DVR it’s really tantalizing to see that the guy has that much skill yet he can’t put it together game in and game out. Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s focus, but if the guy could ever fully tap into his talent he’d be one of the more enjoyable players to watch.

  13. Great game last night. This team is playing well but with a consistent feel to it. Not like two years ago when they jumped out the box 10-1 or something.

    So many blocked shots and Lundvist came up big when he had to. I am MCLOVIN Ryan Callahan this kid does it all.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    What a change from the past 2 years. Our forwards are getting the job done, but our defense is non-existent.

    I only caught the third period last night (and on mute, no less) because I had to stay late at work, but I didn’t notice Stepan at all. Was he benched or relegated to 4th line duty?

    Christensen scored a sweet (and timely) goal. It used to be that when Hank gave up a soft one, the game was usually over. Nice to see them battle back from that. Also, good positioning by Frolov to draw Turco away from the post, creating the room for Christensen to put the puck away.

    For all the talk of not wanting to have young guys waste away playing 4th line minutes, Grachev sure seems to be the exception to the rule with his 6:22 of ice time. Could Stepan be next when Drury returns?

    Speaking of returns, when Gaborik returns, where do they put Prust? He’s been simply too good to just put him on the 4th line. Either way, once Drury returns as well, Torts MUST roll 4 lines, as our 4th line will presumably have Prust, and two out of Boyle, Christensen, Stepan, and Drury. That’s either too much talent or players who have been playing too well to just play them for 6:30 a night.

    I repeat: Brashear for 1.4 for 2 years because he’s better on the forecheck and a better skater than Orr, who is solely an enforcer, can give more meaningful minutes. Yadda, yadda, yadda, sent to Hartford. Enter Jody Shelley, actually is all of those things, could have been retained for 1.1 for 3 years (and probably less to stay in NY). Instead, the team goes for Boogaard for 1.65 million for 4 years, to be an enforcer and nothing else. Why couldn’t we have just kept Orr for 1 million for 4 years, especially when Boogaard doesn’t even fight (let alone get in the face of/stink glove) anyone when the goaltender got roughed up? Or, more importantly, in games like last night, where he isn’t even dressed.

  15. Carp: “This team is going to get better when Gaborik gets back, and better—though some of you will disagree—when Drury gets back…”

    When Drury comes back, it should be on the 4th line and the penalty kill – period. I’m nervous that when Captain Clutch returns he’s going to upset the team’s balance and chemistry. I’m dying for Gaborik to return, but Drury (and possibly Prospal) can remain in the press box for all I care.

  16. i’d be actually more worried about these robotic cars causing an accident. why not just have all the roads train tracks and all our cars mini trains

  17. Youth, speed, grit is what its all about boys. Very exciting to see guys going all out, making hits, and using sandpaper.

    I especially like the D-men pinching in. And you even see the forwards anticipating and covering for them. There is a team element to this…team!

    Boogard 100% better be in the game against the Flygirls. Sit Todd White. The guy shows me nothing. And Carcillo still needs to get his.

    Sauer is more solid than Gilroy. What Eminger lacks in skill he makes up for in grit. Still on the fence with him but we are a tougher team with him in there.

    The shot blocking…fantastic yes. Dangerous…yes. Get bigger shin pads and protective plastic on the boots.

    All in all, the team looks worlds different than it did 2 years ago. Youth is being served. But let’s remember, you don’t win the Cup in October.

  18. Gaborik? Who’s Gaborik?

    I’m beginning to think that Jokinen was a throw-in on the Higgins+Kotalik for Prust trade.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’m beginning to think that Jokinen was a throw-in on the Higgins+Kotalik for Prust trade.”

    I’ve been saying that ever since the deal was made. The two real things we got out of that deal were no Kotalik contract and Brandon Prust.

  20. BTW, I’m saying, if you plug in Gaborik and Drury for White and Christensen, that’s a better team. Drury is supposedly this no-skill guy, and Christensen is supposedly this ultra-skilled guy, and I’d bet you in any year, Drury would outscore Christensen if they had similar ice time. Plus the captain gives you one more shot-blocking body, good PK, and the guys really respect him.

  21. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    noonan, agreed about the robotic cars. not so much on drury. he only played part of 1 game this season!

  22. Doodie

    You must have missed my earlier pot

    Orr is now listed number three in goals scored for the Leafs. Break up his line !

  23. Yeah Doodie, those two things and a chance to point and laugh at the Sutter brothers for taking him back this off-season.

  24. Carp…I know Carcillo vs Bogey is not going to happen. But it allows Prust to do it or even Avery and not leave us “shorthanded” a tough guy if penalties get out of hand. Without Bogey, if Prust or Avery sits for longer than 5, we (and Hank) are exposed.

  25. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    New Newman, now that you mention that, listen to the commentary during the Islanders-Flyers line scrum this weekend:


    Basically, the refs took all the Islanders’ tough guys off the ice, but left Carcillo on. WTByfuglien was up with that? I understand taking the tough guys off, but take ALL of them off. Dont let one team get an artificial advantage like that. Nielsen gets two-handed in the face by Briere, and DiPietro is left to play the tough guy role. But they wont do that with us.

    That’s why I think Boogaard dresses for the game. How much he plays? We’ll see.

  26. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    I’d rather Dubi-Richards IV!!!! or is it V….damn they’ve fought a lot now that I think about it LOL.

  27. N.CountryNYRFan on

    who do you guys think centers Gaborik when he comes back, does Torts put the Gabby-EC-Frolov line back together?

  28. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Haven’t been around much but been of course seeing the games.

    What a win, total team effort, love it. The boys look like there really playing for each other and it is refreshing to see a TEAM take the ice at the garden.

    Drury, Gabby and Prospal’s returns will just make us a depper team than we already are. Look what we are accomplishing without them. So when they come back, if anyone of them (minus Gabby) stumbles, they know there’s capable players right behind them to steal there spots.

    Cally-Artie-Dubi – WHo would have thought that would be our top line 11 games in? Not me. There just unstoppable so far. All forecheck and capitalizing on opportunites.

    I have a feeling Frolov will break out, he’s on a one year deal, doesnt want to go to Russia, and has skill. He’ll come around

    Boogey is def in against the flyers
    Dubi fights Richards, Prust destroys Carcillo, and i’d love to see Boogey take on Pronger, but he won’t fight him, so it will be him against Shelley.

    White is def a goner when one of the injured come back.

    Stepan is a rookie, and learning on the job. Torts and Sully obviosuly are alright with this. I’d rather have him here than in Hartford, even if his minutes get limited. If he finished with 10-15 goals on the season I’d call it a successful first year

    So many positives, kind of odd for Rangers fans!

    I was jsut reading the Fire & Ice blog, my god the Debbie fans are ready to kill themselves. Fire Mclean, Trade Brodeur, Demote Clarkson. There in shambles.

    And if you can beleive it, they are in DEAD LAST in the entire league in almost every category, even worse than Edmonton. Hardy, har har!!


  29. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Lines I wouldn’t mind seeing as long as Torts rolls all 4.

    CAD line – hopefuuly Torts doesn’t touch this line

    D- Staal – Rozy
    Giraidi – MDZ
    Sauer – Emminger

    Prucha’ed – Boogaard, Gilroy, White

  30. I’m assuming that Cally, Dubi, and Artie read this blog and were not too happy with being referred to as “third liners”. Last night, was their, “F-U” retort.

  31. Crystal Water Triple on

    I guess until I buy the National Hockey League mine will be the only voice in the world to be adamantly opposed to the pulling the goaltender/extra attacker garbage rule in the NHL. Look, the Rangers were down 6 skaters to 4 in the final minute, when, in a reasonable and equitable world they should have been down 5 skaters to 4. Come on – it alters the outcome of dozens games in the league every season, this free power play to teams because they are trailing late, in a close game.

    Does baseball give a team four outs in the ninth inning because is is trailing? That is what this is – the sell out to “excitement” rather than the maintenance of integrity in the way a game is played from start to finish. What the puck does it take for ANYONE in the world, besides me, to hate to have my team ever lose a game this disgusting way? Will somebody in the media wake up and start a campaign against the trashy, tacky, moronic way the end of NHL games are played? Two years ago the NCAA hockey championship outcome was altered because of this hideous rule. What more could anyone need to see the damage this rule causes? A team works hard all year to win a championship, deserves to win it, then sees that championship arbitrarily stripped from them by an indefensible rule! Not good. Plus a team cannot even legally ice the puck, in this situation, when it is six on five skaters, because of the extra attacker. It is insane that zombies, sometimes referred to as people, are sleep-walking through this. And potting an empty net goal and winning by two goals instead of one goal means NOTHING, so that a team down a skater to the extra attacker has NOTHING TO GAIN and EVERYTHING TO LOSE, by this asinine rule. Come on, hockey fans, media and executives, clean up the game. And forget what television wants. Television controls and has ruined the structure of all sports, anyway.

  32. I’ve got no issues with lessening Stepan’s ice time. He started to take a dip in performance after the first few games of the season. They careful parsed out Artie’s ice time last year and look at him now.

  33. Crystal Water Triple on

    I know it will backfire alot, but one time I would like to see the coach on the team down a skater because of the extra attacker actually pull his own goaltender in reply, so that it is six skaters on six. That is gimmicky, too, but would be rather amazing hockey to watch for about 90 seconds.

  34. I be shocked if Boogaard doesn’t dress. If you’re not going to play him THIS game, it makes signing him in the first place that much crazier.

  35. Great, exciting win by a team showing grit and chemistry. Duby, Cally and AA are forechecking whirlwinds putting great pressure on the defense. Boyle is becoming a presence offensively and delivering bone crunching hits alond the boards. Some of you may remember that over the summer I said that this could be the year that Cally abd Duby blossom into the players and goal scorers we had hoped for, and it looks good so far.
    By hte way, nobody in my area of the blues got on Rozsival last night. He had an unspectacular but solid night.

  36. Good morning all! Yes, I’m looking forward to having Gabby back, but I am nervous about messing with lines that are, well, working. NC, I like some of your thoughts.

    happy day today! now let’s crush philly!

  37. Great post Rick and I agree with all of your assessments.

    Good Morning all!!!
    Eventually someone is going to get hurt blocking all of those shots. There is a way to block with out getting hurt but all it take is one wrong turn or exposed part of the player and its not going to end well. But for now… it seems like they are getting the recognition they deserve .

    Re: When Gabby comes back. I wouldnt toss Frolov aside just yet. He really hasnt had a chance to play with Gabby in a good amount of regular season games. I’ve seen all of the videos out on him and he is great around the net. His goals will come.

    Re: Dubinsky. Im still not sold 100% on this kid. He’s had LOOOOOOOOOONG stretches where he’s gone pointless and he play seemed to be lazy. Come talk to me after December when the entire team goes slumming.

    Now last nights game and the game they HAVE one are the exact examples of a hard work ethic and passionate play that they need to show every night. Right now with the exception of LQ there isnt one “superstar” on that team. Yet players like Boyle, Prust, AA, Cally, Dubi are the fine example of team work, great communication, smart play. This is what we all want to see. Other successful teams have these passionate, gritty players – which makes their teams successful. It is WONDERFUL to see our team buy into the “never say die” & “all for the team” concept. I really hope its consistent this year. If it is… this team is going to be a force and very difficult to beat.

    Re: Staal & Girardi.
    1st CHI goal was a result of Staal & Girardi not picking up their man in front of the net. Letting players park their behinds right in front of LQ IS NOT GOOD!
    The ATL game was a perfect example of horrible defensive zone coverage. Staal was paired with Rozi most of the night and MDZ was paired with Girardi. Both pairs gave up goals and they were reunited in the 3rd pd. They gave up a goal to our favorite player LOL The Big Buff LOL
    So they need the “swivel head” constantly going. Unless LQ needs to start yelling at them. I think they play better apart than together.

    That’s my 2 cents :)

  38. It was funny last night there was this guy always yelling “hit him!” when 20 Cent had the puck. I thought to myself, if it was that easy everyone would do it. The guy’s pretty hard to catch when he’s moving and never really gets put in positions where he’s going to get crunched along the boards.

    I specifically focused on Keith for a few of his shifts, the guy is a beast. He controls the point so well on the PP and always makes a good decision with the puck. It would be nice if some of the Rangers D could turn out to be even a poor man’s version of him.

  39. >>…this free power play to teams because they are trailing late, in a close game.

    Pulling the goalie doesn’t give trailing teams a free power play; it’s still six players against six players. No one is stopping the leading team from pulling its own goalie as well.

  40. Seeing as though Gabork with probably come back before Drury. I would love to see the team with Gabby minus Drury and see how THAT team does.

    146 points in 3 seasons, 24 power play points, 10 game winning goals, -23 total = 22 million dollars.

  41. What a pleaure to read all your comments this morning. Our team, uh, make that TEAM, has hit upon a winning combination. Hard work + consistent effort + everyone on the same page + positive coach + teammates that stick up for each other + aggressive forecheck + going to the net + sticks on the ice + great goal tending = 2 Points

    I must mention, since no one else has lately, the outstanding play of Avery. His energy and hustle on the forecheck! The no look passes! His aggressive and straight path to the net! Also, has anyone noticed that when the whistle blows and they cut to a shot of him his lips don’t seem to be moving? I think the dark side might be laying low for awhile… perhaps in an attempt to get a favorable call from the refs? Ah, but I suspect we don’t have long to wait… Flyers on Thursday in Philly!! Long Live Dark Sean!

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, what do you see the team doing with Stepan when Drury, Gaborik, and Prospal return?

    Obviously White and Christensen are gone, but there’s still quite the logjam of good 2nd and 3rd line players.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    For the record, I’d like to see this:


  44. I like this comment section for the schizophrenic roller coaster ride. Total fandamonium. One bad game and commenters are the biggest haters…a solid win and the team is amazing. Hilarious. Go Rangers!

  45. Interesting Stats:

    Del Zotto is plus 6 with 27 hits and 24 blocked shots. Stahl is plus 1 with 16 hits and 17 blocked shots

    The Flyers leader in hits is Hartnell with 23. Seven Rangers have more: Cally, Eminger, Boyle, MDZ, Prust, Fedetenko and Girardi.

  46. Whalerpack, it’s like that everywhere. I was reading a Chicago blog this morning, hilarious stuff. Suddenly Quenville doesn’t know how to coach and the players forgot how to play the game.

    Then again the Devils fans rightfully in a state of hysteria. Good they can stay there for as long as they like.

  47. This date in Rangers history: Nov 2, 1975 – Eddie Giacomin returns to MSG with the Detroit Red Wings & receives a standing ovation. Fans chant, “Eddie! Eddie!”

  48. espn rumor mill reporting ducks might make major moves if they dont start winning and getzlaf could be traded. he would be PERFECT for us. id give up some nice things to get him. gabby getzlaf and frolov.

  49. Tony AZ – one of the most memorable / bizarre nights at MSG, IMO. Not too often that you hear the fans boo when the Rangers score a goal. :o)

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Paul Kersey, don’t go vigilante on me for pointing this out, but the Rangers are notorious for having their players overcredited with hits when they are at home.

    If it’s cool with you, pick me up in your blue Toronado and we can go for cyanide cannolies.

  51. Getzlaf would be awesome, but I think they’d trade Perry before they shopped Getzlaf. Too big of a drop off from Getzlaf to Koivu down the middle. They have a surplus of top 6 wings in Perry, Selanne and Ryan.

  52. All I got to say is this: This is why I love the Olympics. Hasn’t Callahan played 1000% better since the Olympics? Doesn’t playing for your country fire you up!?!!

  53. One thing that I like to see is that Roszival is at long last becoming the player he always hinted at being but never quite had the gumption to follow thru. His God, ( Jagr) disappeared and took with him all Rozi’s self confidence.

    I was on his case continually about his diffidence, but I also was peeved that Renney insisted on making him his go to guy on defense when so obviously he wasn’t capable at that time. He’ll never be a hitter, but at least he goes in harm’s way every now and then to rescue a situation. I can live with that.

    ( I still can’t get over that stat about Colton Orr…imagine ..he’s only scored one less goal this season to date than Vinnie of the Bolts………almost laughable.)

    Too bad about the way that Gilroy has been handled ( or should we say MIShandled.)

    One does get the impression that Brooks does not care too much for Tortorella. Personally or professionally. (Whew). The dislike is mutually apparent by both.

  54. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    You may say Rozi’s not a hitter fran, but in the 1st he knocked down someone behind the net, then skated off with this “i’m the man” swagger. THAT was most telling.

  55. 1) Stepan: lazy, lost, or depressed it hasn’t been as easy as game 1?

    2) Was there a moment where we could have had Seabrook for Prucha? Bummer.

  56. And I’ll be very happy if everything I suspected about Dubi being an even lamer Drury turns out to be flat wrong. Prove me wrong, BD.

  57. Mama, I was a little surprised, okay more than a little surprised, that you weren’t extolling his contributions. I expect him to shine on Thursday.

  58. Joekuh - Slashing behind the play... on

    I hate this long wait till the next game. Now I’ll actually have to be productive tonight, lol.

  59. Chris,
    Whoa, give Stepan a break. I think you’re wrong on all three counts. He’s doing just fine given his age and level of experience. Or more appropriately, inexperience!

  60. The Ducks would never trade Getzlaf. EVER!

    I agree with CT. They’ll trade Perry before Getzlaf.

    But having a guy like Getzlaf would be so insanely sweet.

    And you have to dress Booger for the next game. He needs to fight Shelley. Shelley is a loser who never wanted to be a part of NYR. Make him pay for that!

  61. “2) Was there a moment where we could have had Seabrook for Prucha? Bummer.”

    I remember that. But, that offer was made during his rookie year, and who knew he’d turn out to be what he is today.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    ““2) Was there a moment where we could have had Seabrook for Prucha? Bummer.”

    I remember that. But, that offer was made during his rookie year, and who knew he’d turn out to be what he is today.”

    It was not in their rookie years, but rather in 2006-2007. We also were entertaining Prucha for Svatos.

    Speaking of Prucha, he’s off to a pretty poor start this year, 6 gp, 1 assist. Seems like he’s getting Prucha’d in the desert.

  63. >>1) Stepan: lazy, lost, or depressed it hasn’t been as easy as game 1?

    Just not as offensively talented as the MSG talking heads would like us believe. If you don’t believe me, go ask John Muckler; he’ll give it to you straight.

  64. “Chris,
    Whoa, give Stepan a break. I think you’re wrong on all three counts. He’s doing just fine given his age and level of experience. Or more appropriately, inexperience!”

    I don’t know — there was more than one shift last night where he skated around, watching and doing nothing. He should be scrapping every shift, not gliding, especially as a rookie.

  65. My concern with this team is there defensemen. The rangers defensemen look slow and get beat allot. We all know they let the other team do whatever they want in front of the King. This is the area where the rangers are shaky.

  66. Stepan has like 15 games of pro experience. He wasn’t going to dominate at this level, despite his 1st game hat trick. If he nets 12-15 goals and 30 points that will be a successful year. Hell, that equals what Drury did last year.

  67. Chris, he’s a kid learning his way. His NHL career is comprised of 11 games. Does that warrant the harsh criticism you’ve doled out? How long has Dubi been playing and he finally appears to be on the verge of becoming an impact player on a consistent basis?

  68. paulieplatypus on

    I’d love to see Boogaard start checking opponants, without taking a penalty. This would force the other team to have someone fight him instead of avoiding him. Thursday Boogard might want to bump the Flyers young goalie around a little bit (not enough to take a penalty), but enough to warrent a response to him from Philly.

    Keep blocking shots Rangers!!! Bumps and bruses heal, letting shots get past you when goals are scored – don’t!

  69. N. CountryNYRF 10:55 as long as Torts rolls 4 lines -Agree with your post 100% (4) really balance lines

  70. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    paulie, problem with that idea is Boogeyman’s too slow to catch a cemented traffic cone at center ice right now.

  71. Crystal Water Triple on

    It doesn’t matter if I am maligned here for my views. What counts is that I got my idea and recommendation out there re the extra attacker garbage, and maybe someday, someone with influence with run with it and get it done, that is, overturned.

    It can happen. I recommended inter-league baseball play to a member of the three-man committee which eventually approved it (a former MLB owner for whom I was doing sabermetrics statistics), seven years before it was implemented, and gave him sound economic reasons for its consideration. NO ONE liked the idea of MLB inter-league play, when it was first proposed. So you see, it can take years for a good, solid idea to germinate and get momentum going. I will not give up the dream that hockey people will come to their senses on this issue and do the right thing and abolish the extra attacker lunacy – one of these decades. I love hockey that much.

  72. The three man baseball committee which implemented inter-league play consisted of Phillies owner Bill Giles, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, and the owner of the Boston Red Sox at that time whose name escapes me.

  73. Stepan still has better stats than many of the players who are being so lauded lately. for instance, Prust, who Carp mentioned, and who i like, and think he is doing his job very well. but let’s compare his stats to Stepan.

    Stepan=3g, 2a, 5pts, 8 blocked shots, 1 game winning goal

    Prust=0g, 2a, 2pts, 8 blocked shots, 0 gwg

    the only place where Prust has an edge is in of course hits, 27 to 2, but he also has spent 30 mins in the penalty box.

    also, Stepan has done better than Frolov, who automaticvally gets put on a top line, gets key pp minutes, gets big money, and is supposed to be a key scorer for the team, but is not.

    I think Frolov is the guy who should be questioned about performance, not Stepan, who has done better than most of the forwards in the offensive dept, having more goals still than every one of them except for Cally, Dubi, and Boyle. and this despite his getting crap for playing time, basically being given sparse minutes with lesser teammates most of the time in the past couple weeks.

  74. this just in @ MSG

    Knicks Game Postponed
    Following last night’s Rangers game, during overnight maintenance of Madison Square Garden, which included cleaning asbestos-related materials in the attic above the ceiling, some debris fell into the Arena.

    Out of an abundance of caution, we are postponing tonight’s Knicks v. Magic game. We will be working with the city and independent experts, ATC Associates and GCI Environmental Advisory, to evaluate and determine the most appropriate course of action. As the safety of our customers and employees are our top priority, we will not reopen the Garden until we are absolutely assured the Arena is safe.

    Ticketholders are advised to retain their tickets, and return to nyknicks.com for rescheduling information. We will announce information about future events as soon as they have been determined.

    Madison Square Garden apologizes for any inconvenience.

  75. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    Crystal Water, no one says that you have to have a goalie at all in the rulebook. Just that IF you play with a goalie, certain rules have to be adhered to. I agree with you about the no icing rule with the extra attacker rule, but teams should have that right to play with an extra skater if they want to.

  76. Eh, it’s still not as bad as when the Devils didn’t pay their electricity bill last year.

  77. Frolov sucks. End of story. There’s a reason why the Kings got rid of him. He’ll be gone by the end of the year, along with Fedetenko.

    And I don’t know aboot all of you, but I’m so happy baseball is over. I hate hearing aboot that sport. Such a bore.

  78. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Was there a moment where we could have had Seabrook for Prucha? Bummer.”

    I remember that. But, that offer was made during his rookie year, and who knew he’d turn out to be what he is today.

    If there was EVER an offer for Prucha of Seabrook it would have been done in 2 seconds. Even Darryl Sutter wouldn’t have f***ed up that deal.

  79. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Stepan is in over his head right now. I saw a lot of players leaning in his ear last couple games. I think he will be a decent player, but I get a sick feeling that those first night fireworks may have been the worst thing that could have happened to him.

  80. there were a lot of people here who were mad at Dubi for holding out. there anger was misguided. they should be mad at Staal for not holding out. maybe he’d even still be holding out and we would not have to watch his softness on a regular basis.

  81. I’m glad baseball is over, too. Congratulations to the Giants, for a job well done, beginning with when they trailed San Diego in the division by seven games, around Labor Day. However, what the Giants won was not the World Series, it was “The Playoffs.” A real World Series has the best team in each league facing eachother, so that, because of this made for TV format, the American public was again denied seeing baseball showcase its best and most deserving teams. The Phillies should have played either the Rays or the Yankees for it to be a real world championship. What the Giants won, in effect, was the Bowling For Dollars championship.

  82. CWT – When a team pulls the goalie they leave their goal unprotected. They do not have any advantage as they are strengthening their scoring ability, but weakening their defensive ability.

    I don’t have statistics to back me up, but I’ll bet that there are at least 3 times the number of empty net goals as there are goals for the team with the extra attacker.

    Your idea makes no sense.

  83. Joekuh - EC Fan Club President on

    If Boogard is willing to really get into shape, he’d be a forechecking FORCE. But right now, the only thing he’s picking off is the vapor trail left by the snail who just left him grasping for air. AGAIN.

  84. despite what the STATS say, I think Christensen has played well. Boyle in some ways reminds me of Joel Otto, not as tough, but similar players. MDZ, needs to carry the puck into the offensive zone on the power play, to many attempts at the home run pass.

  85. CWT, the Giants were a pretty good team built on their pitching.

    Not exciting stuff, but why would the Phillies/Yankees/Rays be more deserving? Because they had better regular season records? I admit the MLB playoffs can be a bit of a crapshoot and I’m not the biggest fan of having the LDS be a best of 5 when the LCS and WS are a best of 7.

  86. Stepan will be a very good NHL player for the Rangers. Aside from his obvious talent, he such a smart player. He isn’t the fastest guy but he makes up for it with his tremendous hockey sense and great vision. His ceiling is endless and wont be long before he starts putting up points in bunches. Ideally he should evolve into 25-30 goal – 50 assist guy. He is not playing big minutes right now nor should he. He doesnt have much creative talent around him on the lines he’s played… There is no sense rushing him into top line duty when we have Artie evolving into a premier center before our eyes. Artie is our #1.

    Looking forward to seeing how things play out when Gaby and Dru are back. Not sure who will go. For some reason, Torts likes Christensen. Can’t say I blame him after that unreal wrist shot last night for the GWG. EC is just too inconsistent for my taste.

    Stepan had amazing chemistry with Chris Kreider in the WJC and I think those two will be great together for the Rangers in the future.

  87. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I also think Stepan is doing just fine. He is doing most of the little things right and even if he isn’t putting up numbers right now, he is a great passer and has really good hockey smarts. He hasn’t been a liability on this team at all and I think even though he has a long way to go he is our most creative center right now.

  88. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I agee EC blows. He had a decent goal last night but if you watch the replay anybody with a decent wrist shot could have scored that goal, Turco was way out of position and left a gapping area of the net open. I am not impressed by him at all.

  89. Stepan isn’t hurting the team with his play which is at least a positive. His impact will ultimately be measured by what he can add to the scoresheet. He’s not supposed to be a player like Prust, who I honestly don’t care if he doesn’t score more than 5 or so goals as long as he continually sets the physical tone for the club and plays good defensively.

    Same could be said for Frolov, he isn’t necessarily helping (scoring goals) but he’s not liability. But again like Stepan he needs to hit the net or set up other players for him to be effective. He can work reasonably well along the boards but the Rangers already have other players that can do that sort of work.

    Christensen is a hit or miss player on offense. He does have naturally good hands but too often he seems to be on the outside of a lot of plays.

  90. N.CountryNYRFan on

    maybe blows is to harsh but he has been mediorce since he’s been a ranger. EC seems just like a fill in player and once in awhile pops in a nice goal.

  91. EC is an enigma. He has only shown flashes of brilliance with the puck. Never consistent or playing with grittyness. Sometimes he looks like the most skilled guy on the ice (rarely) and most other times he looks like he should be playing in the ECHL.

  92. i just bought tickets off of stubhub for the nov 11 game got a great deal too. they better be playing at msg that night.

  93. EC’s the guy in the pickup basketball game that’s always outside the arc, barely breaks a sweat but has that sweet 3pt shot down.

    Problem is, the Rangers aren’t playing H-O-R-S-E

    Is he really 6′-1″ 200lbs?

  94. EC is a plug-in guy who can be a third, second and (pushing it) first liner. He is inconsistent, but has his moments and can pop-in occasional goal. His salary is $950K, folks. He’s done much better than most of $1-$3M jackwagons we’ve seen on this team over the last couple of years.

    Are we giving up on Stepan already?

  95. Yeah I think we sent Stepan and EC and Staal and the 2011 and 2012 1st round choices for Getzlaf.

  96. that is why EC has been with 4 teams in recent years. he is inconsistent. he took a stupid penalty that cost them, and then he got a lucky break because of the stupidity of Hjalmorsson, who hacked wildly at the puck in the corner, which caused the bounce off a ranger skate to go right into the slot to an open EC.

  97. Inconsistent production is one, inconsistent effort is another story.

    He only has 3 blocked shots :(

  98. EC is a good player on a bad team or waiver fodder on a good team. He’s got about three weeks to show he belongs here before he becomes another in a long line of irrelevant Ranger forwards. I concur with the poster who noted that his goal included a degree of poor play from Hjalmersson…and would add that without Prusty’s hard forecheck, he wouldn’t have even gotten that puck.

    Here’s the bottom line: A kid like Stepan, even with his decline in minutes/visibility on the ice, has more to offer wings like Frolov and Gaborik than Christensen. Keep in mind, EC is one of the reasons Fro isn’t scoring. Not the only one, certainly, but one nonetheless.

    As for Boogaard, I get this sense that there’s some surprise that he’s a big lug out there. Really, all you need to do is look at his career stats to see this guy never made any sort of difference on a team other than to beat the tar out of the opposition’s tough guy.

    Healthy lines:

    Bench: EC, Boogaard.
    Waiver: White.

  99. mao_del_zedongo on


    noonan says:
    November 2, 2010 at 9:52 am
    Drury has regressed to a 7.5million dollar Blair Betts


  100. following games available

    11/22 mon vs calgary
    1/5 wed vs carolina
    1/11 tues vs montreal
    1/19 wed vs toronto
    1/25 tues vs florida
    2/17 thurs vs kings
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    3/3 thurs vs minn
    3/22 tues vs florida

    section 330 aisle seats 115 for pair face value email me baum27@aol.com

  101. mao_del_zedongo on

    What we calling the dubi line? CAD as in the AUTO CAD line or the two buddies and an Artem line or the BRA line…since they is bras or bros. …food for thought!

  102. It certainly looks as though Christensen is never going to be able to satisfy this posse, no matter what.
    This team has a history of hanging on to non productive players well past their rightful time expectancy while they give others that have shown promise,short shrift.

    Recall how long they dawdled with Marcel Hossa..and he was zero squared . Look at the Kasparaitis situation and can you so quickly forget (ugh) Ozolinsh..even Malik was hung on to far too long, and of course the Redden fiasco was in a class by itself.

    Christensen does have a history, but there have been few others on the team who had stepped forward and done better than he has. He’s the kind of player who needs a skilled line to work with in order to achieve best results. Not a self starter admittedly, but he has great hands and in close he can be deadly. I admit some surprise that Frolov, and some others who looked promising in camp, have failed to achieve any degree of
    success in the season to date. Perhaps an overall exchange. ( But to put the finger on Gilroy is a living joke.)

    And for the fellow who can’t stand Staal…… listening to the play by play announcers of Chicago who did the job very nicely last night, they were awed by his performance last night. And astounded by Lundqvist. They could not stop talking in glowing terms about the Rangers shot blocking performance. Best in the league they called it.

    If Staal were put on the block, I’d bet that Chicago would be a big seeker for his services.
    Chicago, I would bet that they would snap him up in a minute.

  103. fran,
    I am sure they were awed by his positioning on the first Hawks goal, and his constant ability to be knocked off the puck. they were probably most impressed by Towes pushing him around in front of the net, and Boyle having to come to his rescue.
    today may be the first day that Carp has not mentioned the Golden Child, Sean Avery.

  104. Fran-

    Chicago’s out of luck:

    Staal was traded with Stepan, EC and the 2011 and 2012 1st round choices for Getzlaf.

    I guess you missed it ;)

  105. Fran,

    Christensen has almost always played on teams and started on lines with some highly talented forwards.In Pittsburgh, he was with Malkin and Staal. Then in Atlanta, he had Kovalchuk and Jason Williams. In Anahiem, he had Lupul, Selanne and Koivu. Seems to me just about every team(including the Rangers) has placed him in a position to succeed. Yet each time, he ends up being ineffective and eventually demoted/moved/waived. Funny you bring up Marcel Hossa, because that’s in essence who Christensen is: A very talented player who can’t put it together at the NHL level. He’s the odd man out unless he somehow figures out how to capitalize on having some of the league’s top scoring players on his line.

  106. Christensen had a good game last night, but his nick name should casper, sometimes he just disappears. Frolov is skating like an old guy. The D has been bad at times and real good at times. If Boogaard has an infected hand, why is he getting ice time? Is White good enough? This is early in the season, and I like the hard work, and the results this team is producing. They are fun to watch.

  107. Good evening all!

    Phil, not sure I like that your 3rd line. Put Boyle back in there or Step….

    As I said earlier, I’m happy to have Gaborik back, but nervous how that will affect top lines….Drury, happy to have on 4th….Boyle is rocking and should not be forgotten. Very wavey situation we have going…how to build what we have without hartnelling it up….

    Hammer, tx :) and what Heave said too. Aves = Sweet 16

  108. Feel bad for Parise. Great player, and I truly hope the injury doesn’t affect his career…. Don’t feel bad for the Devils, sorry. Not at alll. This season brings the end to their dynasty. All their own doing. I believe it’s the last year of Lou being their GM. He wanted nothing to do with Kovalchuk’s contract. But I doubt even he predicted that sort of a disaster. The new owner is going to destroy that proud franchise.

  109. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    you boys have been busy here today… great blog by Carpy, and a large amount of interesting comments.

  110. ilb, I was going to disagree with you until I read more carefully. Good points. I will say this, though…pity poo hoo Devils. Welcome to our world and the NHL. Shakli b’tahat! (that’s for the devils, not you ilb!)

  111. What a bunch of zharkovs!

    I’m headed to the Build-a-Boogeystein Worksop my creation will be ready for Thursday!

  112. MickeyM is thrilled that Political season is over! on

    Just checking in…

    On your post Carp…

    With all the shot blocking they are doing, at least they don’t have to worry about running out of ice. In all seriousness, I agree it’s something to be quite concerned about.

    I want the car that parellel parks itself. Mainly because I cannot parellel park to save my own life. Also, I think it’s kinda cool, even though it screams danger.

  113. Don’t count the Devils out just yet. Weren’t they having a horrible start to the year in either 05-06 or 06-07, and they went on to win the division.

    Seems like every year we’re counting out the Devils, but they always find a way to get their sh*t together.

    I hope they do. I’d like them to finish 9th place. Too bad aboot Parise. I’d rather Kovalchuckles be injured.

    It does feel good to see them struggle so badly. After re-signing Kovalchuckles, and signing Volchenkov, everyone was so quick to give them the Cup. Fugg that!

  114. Give me car that does my laundry, then we’re talking….the rest is carcillo. (oops..TA!)

  115. MickeyM is thrilled that Political season is over! on

    Also, I just signed up for twtter… mostly in order to more easily keep track of news from back in ye old Albany and while perusing @YNNAlbany, I discovered that they follow LoHud. Worlds colliding! LOL.

    I’m off to find Carp on twitter and to poke around on it, see who else I can follow.

    If anyone is interested, I’m @MickeyM02.

  116. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    a bit off topic but:

    Cam Ward is running (against himself lol) for Alabama STATE SENATOR in DISTRICT NO. 14 (wherever that is) I probably would have busted out laughing if i saw his name on my ballot!

  117. ilb, don’t get me started on you…….:)

    third ta’s the charm all…fade to black…..LGR!

  118. The next couple of weeks should provide some clues as to how much potential this team has.

    We play Philly, NJ, St. Louis, Washington, Buffalo, Edmonton, Pittsburgh and Boston between Nov. 4th and Nov. 17th. Eight games in 14 days. It’s a pretty good mix of top tier teams with a couple of clunkers interspersed. Do we play inspired against good competition and dispatch handily those teams we should beat (right now that would be NJ and Buffalo)?

    Also, in this condensed schedule how much does Biron play?

  119. Great Post Carp and some great comments by everyone! We finally have something that resembles a hockey team! Good for us and for the young Rangers!

    But the most idiotic post of the week…no, make that a month goes to a post by Crystal Water Triple at 11:01 am and his pulling the goalie argument. Scary stupid…sorry

  120. MickeyM is thrilled that Political season is over! on

    Someone hit the pause button and forgot to take it off.

    Night all!

  121. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Did anyone read Larry Brooks’ live chat? What a curmudgeon.

  122. cw,
    you don’t like guys like Brooks because they give there honest opinion, and sometimes you don’t like to here the truth. that is probably why you like it here so much, Carp only gives the opinions that he knows all of you will like, like Booogard, Avery, and Drury.

  123. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    bull dog,
    I don’t think I was alluding to his opinions at all. I was just commenting on the tone of the chat. Either he is grouchy as hell, or just not interested in the format. Brooks’ column is must read for any true Ranger fan.

    You should know that.

  124. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    In fact, more often than not, I am on the same page as Uncle Larry. He used to pull trade rumors out of his a**, but Eklund and the internet put him out of business.

  125. Did Al Gore put a clamp on his own creation? Is that why this thing isn’t on?

    Good morning, boneheads!

  126. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    Mornin’ ilb.

    Did you read the Larry Brooks chat?

  127. Yes, I did. Larry tends to be condescending in general, and grouchy for sure. I do like Larry for his work. I believe he has great hockey knowledge and he is one of a few out there who not only reads, but understands the whole CBA, cap and the complex legality of hockey operation. I agree with him much more often than not. I had a few twitter discussions with him, primarily about the cap, LTIRs etc., and his tone doesn’t bother me at all. He will also admit when he is wrong.

  128. ORR!! Stay On The Road!! – I remember the year you’re talking about…but I assure you, this one is way different. The team the Devils’ iced is almost completely at odds with the mantra the organization has maintained for the past 15 years or so. Bringing a loser like Kovalchuk aboard was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They’ve got nothing to speak of in Albany. What little talent they do have down there needs time to develop. The Devils’ defense, which was a hallmark of the organization, has been dismantled in its entirety. And now Parise has an injury that could keep him out until February? The wheels are off the bus; the bus has driven off the cliff; and the gas tank has exploded. I wouldn’t be surprise to see the Devils land the first-overall pick…or at least top-6.

    Blogmama – yeah…I kind of wrestled with that myself. But logically speaking, you know Tortorella isn’t going to skate Drury on the fourth line for very long, if he even does. I’d argue for Drury to skate top line, but that’s not an experiment he’s even tried in two seasons as a coach…I’ve been a fan of Boyle since before he came to the organization and I sure hope he stays where he is. The Rangers could sure use a big body in the center who plays like he’s been playing recently.

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