Happy Halloween!


First, my favorite NHL Halloween story ever. Stop me if I’ve told you this (oh, wait, you can’t stop me).

In 1998, the Rangers signed free agent Scott Fraser from Edmonton for mega bucks (yeah, that Smith-Muckler tandem sure produced some beauties). Fast as lightning. But another Lisin, Kotalik, Higgins, Joe Murphy, Rico Fata, rolled into one. He’d finish the season 2-4-6 in 28 games, and minus-12. But with a lot of money.

Anyway, Halloween of that year, the Rangers players had their annual party. Fraser shows up in a ski mask holding a bag.

“Who are you supposed to be?” teammates would ask.

“My agent,” Fraser replied.


I’m going to let the professionals sort out the Zuccarello situation, if it even exists. The only stories about the whole incident are in Swedish and Norwegian. The Rangers are skating at noon today, and I’m sure at least some of the writers will make it back from Toronto in time to ask some questions. According to some already, the situation — reports that Zuccarello is going back to Sweden — is news to the Rangers.

We’ll see. I’m off today and it would have to be a lot bigger news than that to get me to give up my day.

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  1. Carp wrote:

    it would have to be a lot bigger news than that to get me to give up my day.


    Meteor hitting the Earth? would that be big enough news? :)

  2. OK, I’m gonna assume, hope, it’s all BS and move on until I’m officially told otherwise. Thanks for the link Messiah. I’m off to resume my day, too. Later all!

  3. if i was playing 8min a game in hfd and was promised top 6 minutes on the big club, then i see how horrible modo is doing id want to go back to modo.

    but thats just me.

    wish zucca all the best. he deserves to be playing. 8 min a game on the 4th line w/ gernander as your coach does not help you learn the game.

  4. Is he really playing on the fourth line there? WTB! Perhaps we do not understand what the real role of an AHL team is, but I was always sure that it was, at least partially, to develop young NHL players. And I was sure Jim Schoenfeld was doing his part.

  5. ilb

    grachev was on the 3rd before he got called up
    gernander is not good at developing the kids. its time for a chance in hartford.
    gernander is not getting the job done.

  6. I was looking at the player stats of the Wolfpack, err, I mean Whale… unfortunately they don’t list time played in games.

  7. I thought he looked good in camp and at the Olympics. His skill and skating ability was evident. All this talk about adjusting to the NHL size rink is shift. Not sure why he isn’t on the Rangers right now, he could “adjust” at the NHL level. I’d be pissed and want to go back to Sweden if I was him too.

  8. I think it’s wishful thinking in Europe… who knows, maybe Zuccs was asked if he missed it back home and he said yes… so now the reporters over there are writing phantom stories hoping it turns true??

    Either way I don’t think it hurts the Rangers…

    I’d like to see this kid develop and become a scorer here in the NHL, but if he goes it’s not like they lost a body bringing him in here…


  9. This was at the bottom of the bleacherreport link that was in the last post.

    Jesse Spector has now learned that the reports from Sweden are false, and that Zuccarello will remain a Hartford Wolf Pack, and part of the Rangers organization.

  10. hfd has scored 20 goals in 11 or 12 games that theyve played. its time to just play the kids and get them ready for the nhl. we arent the hershey bears. were not winning anything. get the kids playing some big minutes and develop them.

    sorry this has really been bothering me for a couple weeks now. when kennedy got sent down him and aasen were clicking and then they got broken up. same w/ grachev. chemistry was comin together and then grach gets demoted to the 3rd line.

  11. also the last 2 games the wolfpack have been dressing 7 dmen. aasen occasionally played on the 4th line getting some extra ice time. but previous to the last 2 games (cant remember which dman came back from injury atm) he wasnt seeing much ice time.

    fire gernander!

  12. Apparently the news is BS, according to SNY.

    Although, if it turns out to actually be true, and this midget is that much of a baby, then get the fugg out of here.

    He’s entitled to sh*t!

    As far as Gernander, 3rd line minutes, and all that crap goes, who cares. Play your ass off, do all the right things, and you’ll get called up to play for NYR when an injury goes down, like with Grach.

    I wont let this news ruin this cinnabon that I’m aboot to inhale!

  13. orr

    you only watch nhl games so your opinion doesnt matter.
    if you did youd know that there was a huge overhaul in personal in hfd from when cally, dubi and aa developed there as to now.

    enjoy that cinnabon

  14. i agree william. i wasnt that crazy about him to begin with.but he was pretty good in preseason, of course you always look better playing against lesser opponents. i really liked that we got him, since at the time, he was looking like a lock for our lineup, but it seems every player we sign overseas never works out. heikkenen, jamtin,ambuhl, and im missing a few others, immonen i think. but with the lack of physicality on the team, and guys like boyle and prust emerging as contributing factors in games, and solid play of aves, fedotenko and stepan, he just didnt have a place. even with gabby and prospal and dru out, almost everyone on teh roster now is a better choice than him. except for boogaard and white. and mayeb christensen, but we need centers and he wins faceoffs. i thought he shouldve been carried instead of eminger. and then put him on the 3rd line and pp. its still very early though, and its not like weve had trouble scoring much, even without gabby. its not scoring thats our problem, its the defense. but i would like to see him get some games in soon. i mean, grachev and williams were ok. they have size and skill. like i said, its still very early, and he signed a 2 year deal correct? TR, u know the details of his contract? i still think he’ll be given a chance this year. they already tried williams and grachev, so maybe he’ll get the next shot at it. i dont like this gernander guy either from teh sounds of it, so slats better take control down there or shoney and if mats isnt playing good minutes down there, that better be fixed. thats some bs with grachev on teh 3rd line. and what was mats playing? 4th line?? i dont blame him if he leaves. gotta get gernander outta there.

  15. Excuses, excuses. I’m sorry your boyfriend isn’t playing first line minutes, I really am. But, it doesn’t matter that he’s buried on the 3rd or 4th line.

    His goal is to make it to the NHL, not to the top line in Hartford. He’ll get called up if he’s ready. Which clearly he isn’t. But wait! You have an excuse for that?

    What happened, did someone secretly give him an enema while he was sleeping, and it has affected his skating?

  16. grabachev

    can throw baranka in there as well

    mza has a 2 way 2 yr deal for the min + bonuses

    via Rodent-
    The CBA permits NYR to loan mza to Modo for the remainder of the season without forfeiting NYR’s rights to him for next season. Modo then pays mza and insures him for the duration.

    if mza wants to go back and Naslund wants mza back and Slats has no objections, it can happen and happen quickly. The CBA won’t stand in the way. Nor would Glen be losing a chance to bring mza back next year.

  17. orr, i dont think mats is being a baby. he was signed to eb a ranger first off. nota whale. and if he cant even get top minutes down there, then hes gotta be pissed. now dont get me wrong, i really was kinda reserving judgement on him just for the fact that every year we sign someone from europe and they never work out. but with what i saw from him, he seemed to have the most potential to be a ranger. not a 4th liner on teh pack. i mean, if they signed the guy with intentions of just being a replacement for some prospect making the jump to the big team, than fine, but he was signed to be a ranger. so at the very least, he should be getting 1st or 2nd line and pp minutes. he’ll regress if its anything less than that.

  18. orr

    my boyfriend you say

    hey why dont you accuse me of doing coke as well

    youre a class act

    come with some knowledge rather than just degrading people
    if you want players to develop you play them big minutes and give them feedback

    “He says he gets no signals from the staff, nobody talks with him, he doesn’t get to know if he is doing good or bad (what he is doing good or bad). Add to this that he has acknowledged that the coach is not someone you can tell a joke to or high five, he is simply the boss. You shut up and nod when he gives orders, that’s it.”

    from Aftonbladet

    facts son, i didnt degrade you, i came with knowledge. something you apparently dont have.

  19. I highly doubt that Slats told this kid that he was going to automatically make the team if he signed, and the same goes for McDonagh. All he probably told them is that there *is* a spot for both of them that they can win if they earn it. They didn’t.

    One month of AHL hockey, and he wants to go back to Sweden? That’s definitely a baby in my book.

    I’m wondering if it’s really BS though. That’s pretty random, and out of the blue. There has to be some truth to it. Maybe he’s not actually leaving, but he’s considering it.

  20. TR- i was gonna say baranka, but i never thought he was going to break into the majors. i had higher projections for jamtin, ambuhl, immonen, and definitely heikkenen.

  21. Forgive me, but you have your head so far up MZA’s ass, I figured you were his bf. Especially since you get so emotional over every comment that gets thrown his way that isn’t positive.

    And don’t flatter yourself, my cocaine comments are only for Dredden, and nobody else.

  22. orr

    sather never said he was going to get top 6 minutes on the big club.

    that was Anders Hedberg

    facts son.

    stay classy kid.

  23. i know he wasnt guaranteed a spot orr, im just saying that either way, if he makes the team, or goes to hartford, he should be playing to get better and and adjust to the small rink. hes not going to do that playing 4th line minutes with guys liek soryal or didiomete. he needs to be earning his time, yes, i agree there, but with his pure skill and speed, and shiftiness, he could be a huge asset once he gets accustomed to the physicality and higher skill level over here. if they want him to just be a fill in for teh pack, then fine, but he was signed with teh purpose of being an nhl’er and to help our scoring. so far, we havent needed that. weve ben getting contributions from everyone on teh team, but hes not gonna get anywhere playing 7 minutes a game or less in hartford. and from what it looks like, his coach isnt too good of a teacher. more like my old coach, who would just put us out there and yell, and call line changes. thats it. also, you can say grachev hasnt benefitted at all playing there. hes gotten worse. so gernander should eb replaced and the whole system down there should be exactly teh same as what torts style is. and somebody said its liek rennys old style. how is that gonna help them?

  24. haha quoting the godfather. nice one orr. but cmon, give the kid a break. its always harder for the guys from overseas to adjust to teh culture, language, playing style, and being away from family and friends. these players are still human beings last time i checked.

  25. LOL Tr, coming from you that’s funny, since every time you have to defend your little nugget, you always misread what I say. Haha!

    But King TR can never be wrong. If someone says he’s wrong, he throws a hissy fit, cause he juuust can’t take it.

  26. orr

    whatever you say
    im not the one who ruins every blog i go on.
    i provide inside info and intelligent discussion for the most part.
    you provide nothing

    gibber jabber on…..

  27. I’d give him a break, but after that quote from TR, how can I? He’s being a baby.

    Waaah, nobody gives me signals!
    Waaah, nobody tells me if I’m being a good boy, and doing a good job!
    Wahhh, nobody talks to me!

    Isn’t that a parents job? He needs this from his coaching staff? Haha. Are those quotes accurate? I’m getting a kick out of them.

  28. http://www.hockeyligan.se/index.php?teamid=all&stats=listplayers&orderby=tp&season=2009&lang=en

    The guy was an MVP in a very good MEN’s league last year where most of his competition and teammates have played in NHL and AHL: Paajarvi, Hlavac, Fransson, Naslund, Forsberg, etc… It is a different game from the NHL but he was 6th in the league in TOI minutes!!!

    He should get his chance at top six minutes in the NHL…sooner rather than later…

    That being said I really like what I see from Grachev right now…He looks determined to stay on this team.

    Looks like the Todd White Era is drawing to close soon… :)

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    It wasn’t me.

    Grabachev, Too long of a post! If you’re going to respond to ORR, make sure he’s paying attention. After the first sentence his mind goes right back to T&A.

  30. Cut it out, boys! It’s Halloween, your team won last night, and they are playing well. Relax, go for a stroll with your dogs. Or cats. Eat some watermelon.

  31. cmon guys, no bonehead fighting. were all carps special children!! brothers and sisters and and ranger fanas here!!

  32. tr (or anyone else more AHL-savvy than I am)

    Any idea which NHL teams own their AHL franchise? Would be interesting to see whether there was any obvious correlation between this and how successful their player development programme was.

    I’m not up to speed with the MZA situation or who’s playing how much in Hartford, but if that team’s primary responsibility is not to develop players for the big club, then what are the Rangers there for and what are they doing about it?

  33. cccp, my ex wife is muslim, but a few times i caught her trying to swipe soem bacon off my plate at ihop!! cmon u know u love bacon!! ham is awesome too. i love a nice honey baked ham on christmas

  34. lw3h

    this might not be too up to date

    Eastern Conference

    Atlantic Division

    Hartford Wolf Pack (NYR)
    Lowell Devils (NJ)
    Manchester Monarchs (LA)
    Portland Pirates (BUF)
    Providence Bruins (BOS)
    Springfield Falcons (EDM)
    Worcester Sharks (SJ)

    East Division

    Albany River Rats (CAR)
    Binghamton Senators (OTT)
    Bridgeport Sound Tigers (NYI)
    Hershey Bears (WSH)
    Norfolk Admirals (TB)
    Philadelphia Phantoms (PHI)
    Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (PIT)

    Western Conference

    North Division

    Grand Rapids Griffins (DET)
    Hamilton Bulldogs (MTL)
    Lake Erie Monsters (COL)
    Manitoba Moose (VAN)
    Rochester Americans (FLA)
    Syracuse Crunch (CBJ)
    Toronto Marlies (TOR)

    West Division

    Chicago Wolves (ATL)
    Houston Aeros (MIN)
    Iowa Stars (ANA)
    Milwaukee Admirals (NSH)
    Peoria Rivermen (STL)
    Quad City Flames (CGY)
    Rockford IceHogs (CHI)
    San Antonio Rampage (PHX)

  35. thanks tr-808 fraud
    march 29th i knew mza was signing w/ the rangers
    i had the voros trade
    the gabby signing
    heikkinen signing and then him leaving
    all before anyone else

    im sure theres plenty other stories ive had
    you can ask carp
    when i have breaking news i usually email him to let him know

  36. tr-808 fraud
    i knew the outdoor game for the pack was when they were changing to the whale as well

  37. “Coach wanna hear a Swedish knock knock joke?”
    “You’re no fun, I going back to Sweden.”

  38. Someone please refresh my memory.

    Didn’t Larry Brooks make some sort of negative remark aboot Gernander last year only to apologize and clarify himself the next day?
    Somthing like he shouldn’t be the Hartford coach if the Rangers didn’t consider him as a potential future coach of the big club.

    Regading MZA, I can understand the thinking that he has the skills now let’s fast track his acclimation to NA hockey but on the other hand if he can’t earn his minutes with “career AHLers” as someone called them how can he compete at the NHL level?

  39. tr – sorry, to clarify, I meant which AHL teams are *owned* by the NHL club rather than just affiliated.

    I’d assume the (semi) independent AHL franchises would be more concerned about winning than ensuring prospects are earning ice time above AHL vets, for example.

  40. King Size Snickers for you

    King Size Snickers for you

    King Size Snickers for you

    and TR …. take your pick the roll of Smarties or a Mary Jane

    lighten up man

  41. Ah, OK. I thought Howard Baldwin had bought the Pack, but it seems he just controls the business operations. Which means it makes even less sense if the Ranger prospects are being mishandled in Hartford. Or I suppose it makes total sense if you consider that Sather is in ultimate control of hockey ops there too…

    That list looks a little out of date (the teams in Philly, Lowell and QUad City have moved since then). Not sure it really confirms any trend one way or another.

  42. While the Blackhawks are in town Assistant Coach Mike Haviland will have lunch with Lou Lam for discussion of potential Devils coaching change

    you heard it here first

    that’s all I got – unless you wanna talk cleavage

  43. I made that Carcillo up and now I feel bad.. I’d hate to create any turmoil /controversy for the Devils orginEYEzation

  44. Yeah, I’d be bummed if Elmer Fudd Jr. gets fired. It seems like every time NYR loses, the Devs lose as well. I don’t want that to change.

    NYR needs a little more cleavage!

    I think it was Greg who asked me last night aboot Ice Girls. I don’t know aboot that. Hank doesn’t seem to like Ice Girls. But, Hank isn’t elite so he shouldn’t make those decisions :P

  45. Rangers did have ice girls at one time, then some MSG employees allegedly made a pass (or two) at them. No more ice girls.

  46. First of all, cut it out, please, boys.

    Happy Halloween, Sally, 26! … er, I mean, Josh, 26!

    This whole Zuccarello thing just shows you what it’s going to be like in the future when there are no more legit news organizations because newspapers went out of business. Scary. Anything can happen on the internet, and nobody knows what to believe.

    CCCP, it would depend on where the meteor hit.

  47. Here’s another possible scenario, though I think the whole story is full of crap (internet news). That Sather and Tortorella and Schoenfeld saw this kid and decided he’s never going to be an NHLer of any value. Right?

    But, to repeat, it’s got a real odor of fraudulent internet news to me.

  48. Not to get too far off topic, but man there are some bad teams in the NFL. The Cowboys are getting spanked at home again! The Super Bowl champion Jets are getting shut out at home?

  49. It wouldn’t shock me if it were true. These Euro’s can be such floppy weeners when they don’t get what they want.

    I can care less either way. If he wants to stay, then stay and play your ass off. If he wants to leave, then have a safe journey to Mount Doom, and don’t let the staff of Glendolf the Sather hit your ass on the way out.

  50. Very true Carp. Even Scarier is how it’s used in politics, hard news.

    Cleavage “Uh huh huh huh”

  51. Damn, I had $100 on Orr being fluent in Norwegian.

    I can’t read much of it either, but the word “poengkonge” I think means scoring champion and I think it should immediately be adopted by the NHL.

  52. henrik lundqvist blog fan on


    Zuccarello: – I’m not going to come home

    – It is alright that Modo will have me back. Jeg hadde noen fine år der og har gode kompiser i klubben, så det ville ikke vært en nedtur å spille der. I had some great years there and have good friends in the club, so it would not have been a disappointment to play there. Men foreløpig har jeg ikke tenkt på det, sier Zuccarello Aasen til VG Nett. But so far I have not thought about it, “said Zuccarello Aasen to VG Nett.

    – I do not know where this information comes from, but I’m prepared to run in here for a while and has not decided to go home, “said Zuccarello.

  53. Orr- neighborhood looking MILFtastic- would you believe some babe pushing a stroller wearing a Robin outfit!

  54. to me it seems as if the real story here is not Zuccarello leaving or staying, it is they do not have the right coach in Hartford to develop the young players. we all have seen Grachev for 2 games in limited ice time. he does not look like a 3rd line AHL player. he has NHL size, speed, and skill. he needs a lot of ice time in Hartford, or he needs to be with the Rangers doing what he is doing now.

  55. Carp, I’m with you on your low opinion of the MZA story. No credible source, no official word and the news spreads like dandelion seeds in a hurricane.

    And what if the story were true? It doesn’t really rock the Ranger world now, does it? Are we all that impatient and desperate to see a drastic improvement in this team? Look at the players who’ve shown improvement this year so far… Dubi, Anisimov, Prust, Avery, Boyle, Girardi and Gilroy (did I miss anyone?). Not to mention the new players who have been an improvement over the departed… Biron, Fedotenko, Stepan, Sauer. Also, I don’t want to forget our coach who’s an improvement over last year’s model.

    We’ve pretty much gotten what we wanted, a young, developing core of players who are playing hard, sticking up for each other and sure to get better over time. MZA is just one guy who might make the team and might make us better. If not him then someone else.

    I’m perfectly content to watch this season as it unfolds with all it’s highs and lows. Sure, I’d like to attend a parade in the Canyon of Heroes but I’m not in so big a rush that I don’t enjoy the ride to get there, even if it takes a few years.

  56. Plus, I just finished online banking and account reconciling. Now that’s really scary. This Sunday is for carcfillo….

  57. scored some sweet seats a few rows back from the blue line opposite the benches. was in front of a girl MDZ brought to the game. good god she was a hottie. rangers know how to do it

  58. It says in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet:

    “Markus Näslund (board member MoDo) contacted Darth Sather and asked him about the clubs plans for Zuccarello, a question to which he did not have an answer.”

    “Näslund said he wanted Zuccarello back to MoDo. Sather said that if Zuccarello would ask to leave he would let him”

    “According to Aftonbladet Zuccarello wants nothing more than to leave Hartford and the New York Rangers”

    The only real quote in the story is from his agent: “His situation isn’t perfect and we need to find a soloution. But he’s got a contract and it’s up to the Rangers.”

    I shouldn’t read to much into the article, but there’s more in a column about him on his way back… no smoke without fire…

  59. Larry Brooks Twitter:

    “Sather: No agreement whatsoever to allow Zuccarello to return to Europe. “He’s learning the North American game. He’s not going anywhere.”

  60. Could be Zuccarello does not like living in Hartford Conn. He would be a hero in Sweden. He had a lot of success there. That plus the fact the coach in Hartford is a idiot.

  61. Carp: this is really a coincidence; I am reading your book ‘Nightmare on 33rd Street’ and just read this same story today about Scott Fraser’s Halloween costume. :o)

  62. henrik lundqvist blog fan on

    @NYDNRangers: Confirmed there is no truth to the Swedish newspaper report that Mats Zuccarello is leaving #NYR and the Hartford Wolf Pack. about 5 hours ago via HootSuite

  63. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    How 4 hours of OT turns into almost 9 I wish I knew.

    In any case… Happy Samhein/All Hallows Eve everyone!

    A few changes to the above AHL lists… The Albany Rivers Rats are no more. The Rats franchise moved to Carolina, where their parent team is the ‘Canes. Albany’s AHL franchise is now back to the Devils and in now owned by the Devils- they are the Albany Devils. I have no idea how they are doing, but Albany and the TU Center were glad to get an AHL team back.

  64. remember the days when all you had to do was say


    and this place would be on fire

  65. via twitter

    @Choo: MZA quiting hockey to take role as lead umpa lumpa in Broadway production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
    Supposably money offered was nothing to sneeze at.

  66. Scott Fraser played one of the laziest shifts I have ever witnessed in a Rangers uniform. He turned it over several times, refused to backcheck, and eventually ended with a minus. He was booed off the ice and I don’t think he was with the team too much longer after that.

  67. Whoa! You read my mind. I was thinking aboot burgers right before I refreshed this site. I had one of those Five Guys bacon burgers. Pretty good.

    I’ve been in Taco mode lately.

    Gotta go out. Maybe get drunk, and egg a Dev, or Isles fans car and/or house. I don’t eat them, I only throw them :P

  68. just got 2 number 4’s( double qp with cheese) aka- (royale with cheese). nothing bk has will ever beat that.

  69. orr- you got devs fans in queens? good god that is almost like having a devs fan in jersey. what are the odds?

  70. guys, whats up with that new movie skyline? looks good. anybody see it yet? or did it not come out yet?

  71. big kahuna? that hawaiian burger joint? i hear they got soem tasty burgers!! may i try yours ddeb?

  72. wicky© (Our D is a bunch of poussins and belongs in MAMBY PAMBY LAND!!!!) on

    Happy Halloween to everyone!!

    Thanks to ILB, CR, and grabby for checking in on me during my absence. Vision is a bit better and I have caught up on all dvr’d games so HERE…WE…GO!

    I wish all our d men played with the courage eminger does, he almost killed big buff, the boards, and himself with that hit.

    Staal’s offencive game has really improved, at the obvious cost of his defencive game. I mean he was never a physical force, but man he is playing horribly from the blueline in.

    Does torts encourage stick checking, I mean that would explain why everyone but eminger does it a lot and would also explain why eminger (sadly our most rugged d man by far) gets the least ice time, he doesn’t stick check enough. And please do not tell me eminger should not even be playing when gilroy and rozy are just horrible, PERIOD!!!!

    OPG has been our most consistent D man to this point. MDZ has been hitting, but has a severe sophomore slump going as far as puck possession and give aways go. Staal is horrible in his own zone, so are gilroy and rozy. Sauer should be playing over gilroy or rozy, but NOT eminger. Vtank should be playing over all of them!!

    Gotta love the prust!

    Cally has been impressive so far, but torts is going to wear him down with first line minutes by the end of the season. Torts needs to roll 4 lines regardless of who is or isn’t in the line up.

    That AA line needs to see less PP time and the avery feds tandem needs to see more!

    Still don’t know why booger isn’t in front of the net on the PP.

    I hope stepan isn’t the second coming of daniel goneau!!

    We really need a couple physical stay at home crease clearers!!

    Not sold on dubi yet, offencively he has done well, but just doesn’t seem to be engaged enough when the game becomes chippy, maybe he thinks he is jagr (sorry CR, wasn’t a knock on jagr). Dubi is a pretty good sized guy (bigger than prust and avery), but really doesn’t seem to play with any edge at all anymore and is all talk and never backs anything up!! Talented offencively though!

    Man, that engelland (sp?) d man from the pens bloodied the hell out of shelley and floored orr, I wonder If he gives boogey a go when we play them??

    What’s up with the double secret handshake that boyle, prust, and mdz do after each game??

    Gotta love the prust!!

    Way to many comments/posts to catch up on, so If I covered something that has been beat to death already, my apologies!

    Mama, I’m sure you laureled incessantly (you bad little monkey) in my absence!!!

    night assens!!!!

  73. dde, how many people here do you think know what that means, the thing about paying for a hamburger on Tuesday?

    Good night, Sally, 26? You’re not going to be Josh today, right?

  74. Carp, I’ll bet very few caught on to what ddebened referenced with that line. It made me lol and hungry for a burger with spinach on it. BTW, we could use a character like Bruno on defense!

  75. Since it’s already tomorrow, I guess that makes it Game Day… a good day to hunt Black Hawks!

    Night all!

  76. mao_del_zedongo on

    I would eat Spinach on a Tuesday, but maybe not a hamburger…lol

    someone said not convinced on DUBI? please tell me in what way you aren’t convinced…he and callie are our two best players that aren’t in net.

    I must admit the constant negativity here is really starting to wear on me. The other night we were WINNING 2-0, and if u read the posts without knowing the score you would think we were losing. Now with Stepan we are saying he could be a daniel goneau??? This kid is less than 10 games into an NHL career! He is obviously talented. I would be shocked if he fades away like a jamie lundmark.

    Maybe my buddy greg and I are too optimistic on things, but I think this team is on the verge of something special. This team is not going to be an easy knockout if they play like this in the playoffs where goals are really hard to come by. Face facts: the Rangers are indeed a tough team to face now. Take that all u negative nannies! :)

  77. “I must admit the constant negativity here is really starting to wear on me”

    ding ding ding ding ding

  78. how come you people who don’t know anything about hockey aren’t sold on Dubinsky?

    He is the only guy who made anything happen against Washington in the palyoffs. everybody else was skating around the outside like a bunch of girls.

    Ive played hockey and coached hockey all of my life. dubinsky makes things happen way more than everyone else.

    why do you think the coach puts him out on the ice in every situation? he knows a little about hockey. I can tell most of you guys dont know anything about hockey.

    Dubinsky is one of the best players we have. he should have held out for more money.

    My brother in law ussed to coach against him and yes he is kind of a dufus, but hw makes a positive influence onthis team. co not ever think of trading him

    He is the first guy every other team wants in a trade. stick it up your pipe ORR.

  79. I know Swedish. The Aftonbladet website is quoting Markus Näslund, who´s nowadays with Zuccarelo´s old club Modo. Obviously Zuccarelo was unhappy with how the situation had played out, going as far as calling this autumn “a nightmare.” Näslund called up Sather and asked him what the Rangers´plans were for Z, Sather didn´t give him any specific answer and then received the request to have Z returned to Modo (which has been struggling this season.) Sather basically agreed.

  80. You know… I keep reading about Hartford here in the Ranger postings, and a lot of the info put forth is beyond my ken. I’m not up on the details of what goes on inside Rangerland, and the movements of players and the handling and personnel of their farm club in the Capitol city…….but I DO know the Capitol city. inside and out. I’ve inspected hundreds of the homes in and about that place over the years and I can tell you that if Rangers expect a big draw for ANY hockey team there, no matter what name or colors they wear…they’re on the wrong track. And it all comes down to ethnic makeup of this
    city. Old Whalers drew largely from the suburbs of the team, and I don’t mean the immediate towns like Bloomfield and East Hartford and West Hartford, the city core itself…is largely African American to the north, Italian to the south. To the west is of course West Hartford…preppyville. But their fans ranged up to Enfield northeast, and the towns around Bradley Field Airport,
    and they used to draw an average in the good times about about 13,000 per game. It was only after continuing screw ups that the team foundered and began losing their base, and rumors kept abounding about the team being moved that attendance really hit the skids.

    And the owners did silly things, like putting Rick Ley’s shirt in the rafters along with Gordie Howes..what an insult. Come on. Maybe they won’t lure the old Whalerites back, with their again kooky ideas of promotion, but it’s possible and could well depend on just how good a team they present. And if they have a dope for a manager who cannot handle personnel properly, that could be the kiss of death …no matter WHERE they relocate the team to.

    New Haven had hockey since the mid 1920’s, the old Eagles, etc. and an arena that only held about 5000–6000 folks. And they almost always sold out and had SRO often. But the ethnicity of the area took a toll on the Elm City and they finally gave up the ghost.

    One more time, it’s the mismanagement in the front office which seems to doom Rangers as to developing their youngsters. They keep people in place who do nothing at all for them and for no comprehensible reason.

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