It’s Go Time!


The Rangers and Maple Leaves (correct spelling) see each other for the third time already this season, each winning on the road. 

As for lineup changes, I have no idea. I’m at a football game, not in Toronto. 

So I don’t know of Boogaard (hand infection) can play … this is one of the few opponents where you need a guy like him . Don’t know if John Tortorella goes to Martin Biron, who won solidly the last time the Rangers played here (and thus gives Lundqvist a night off on the second of back-to-backs and has him ready for the Stanley Cup champs Monday).

No idea if there are any lineup changes … though the only three that could be made would be Boogaard in for somebody up front (Grachev, White, Christensen?) and Sauer de-prucha’d for a D-man (Gilroy or Eminger?), and a goalie switch.

No clue. (as usual).

Perhaps some of youse plugged into the pre-game show, or to the other sites, can fill in the blanks (unless you’re watching the Knicks home opener tonight … yeah, right).

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  1. Mao_Del_Zedongo on

    Dubi and Callie combo reminds me of the Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller combo….im glad they is both on the Rangers…and love that they are clicking on the same line.

  2. Carp re: Cally – “when you think that he might someday be more than a second-line winger”

    Despite his latest heroics he’s still not a finisher. If he was he’d have at least 10 goals already. Don’t get me wrong. I think a player like Callahan is the heart and soul of the team. This team needs more players like him. But, he’s not a goal scorer. If you want to see a finisher then look at Gaborik.

  3. Devils are playing the Kings tonight? I hope they make Kovalchuk eat his heart out for not signing with them..

  4. Thank goodness I got HNIC instead of the fools at MSG.

    They just had a good pregame spot on Barb Underhill and B Boyle and a few others she had coached on their skating.

  5. >>how can a Canadian be Captain America

    How about Captain North America, or Captain Americas?

  6. Ddeb- I included myself too..I was yapping with you for awhile before realizing it was a new post

  7. Great! We have to hear Giannone and his piggish voice.

    Ilb, me too. I think a part of him is regretting it already. He’ll never admit it, but it’s true. If better pray that the Devs can win a Cup before Broduer retires. The Kings were the perfect team for him, young,experienced, talented, and has the ability to compete for a Cup now, and for a while. He’s a greedy dope!

    I wish we had half the Kings team!

  8. I don’t think Callahan’s feet don’t know how to skate left or right, only up or down…

  9. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Phil “Missing Link” Kessel, he has that vacant look on his face like boogie does! ;-)

  10. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    I get HNIC.. on the NHL Network.

    I haven’t done more than check the scores this week- so have the boys looked like carcillo or have the other teams been better or a combination of both?

  11. >>gotta shut Kessel down tonight..

    OK, but some goal-less rookie will probably end up with two “tallies”.

  12. I think they should deploy Boogart to cover Kessel. The score may not be funny, but I bet you we all would LOAO.

  13. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol tomb!!

    once again, JB is going to prove himself correct! I think he just likes being right all the time ;-)

  14. ain’t it always the way JBytes?? some schmo always gets their first against us. I feel a win coming on personally.

  15. hey Linda. we gotta win this one tonight.

    I was so depressed last night after that last period, I think it took me a couple of hours to get over it.

  16. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    HNIC. We should just resign ourselves to having all the calls go against us.

    Colton Orr is wearing pink skates. Oh the irony.

  17. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ditto tomb, and losing the silverlight feed didnt help either!!

    Sally, Nora and Beth, the pic is up

  18. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    Boogaard- Stepan- Grachev?

    What did Step and Grachev do to deserve Boogey?

  19. wth was Dubi doing on that shift. he gave the wing an easy breakout. thought he was still playing center there I guess.

  20. UFC = Ultimate Barbarism! I’m not quite sure how another human being can be entertained by watching that stuff.

  21. In Prust I trust! OK all, watching from my comfy place….see ya later :)

    tie, oy. Torts, please let me dress you!
    TA til tomorrow !

  22. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    Torts is juggling lines already. Not good.

    Hey Linda. It’s nice to see all of you. And not be stuck at work for 12 hours a day :)

  23. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    First call against the Rangers.

    That is why I like Prust so much. He embodies team toughness.

  24. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    its a Saturday Night goal by FLAVAH!! assisted by Prustie??? Omg, too bad cally couldnt have een in on that!

  25. >>JB, did i miss your clairvoyance on tonights game?

    “The Maple Leaves” are offensively challenged; we do have a fighting chance if we can grab a 2-0 lead.

  26. jeezus!!!!!!!!!!
    i know it’s toronto rules but give me a break!!

    nice elbow on Rozy and several other frehley actions

  27. PHEW!!!! Just walked in when FLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAVAH scored! Good for him. Will uncle glenn sign him to a 7 year deal for $40mm?

  28. good we’ve gone back to clogging the neutral zone and hitting ’em
    at every opportunity.

    funny to hear craig simpson whining about things

  29. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    damnit, silverlight is dead, might as well watch on tv now that all the other feeds are HNIC

  30. isn’t there the website or something like that
    one i used during pre-season
    but i’m not that knowledgeable

  31. i’ve seen other teams slash the stick but
    not as often as we seem to do it.

    i guess it’s an old habit that hasn’t died for some
    with the fragile state of the sticks now
    they just shatter much easier

  32. can’t understand why BOO! is in the lineup
    tonight if he can’t fight.
    it hasn’t stopped Orr from doing what he’s doing
    and the refs aren’t going to stop Orr from doing what
    he’s doing

  33. After a rough early going, nice first period. Who’s going to score to make up for the loss of Gaborik? BOYLE!! Who’d a thunk it? When Gabby gets back what about a Boyle, Frolov, Gabby line?

    Can Emminger stay out of the penalty box? For criminey sakes put Sauer in there!

  34. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    Just set some mahi mahi to marinate for a little while. Can’t wait for dinner.

    I’ve got Raspberry Vodka. Combine with Sprite and a little cranberry juice. A new concoction someone was telling me about a few months ago that I’m trying for the first time.

  35. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    wow Toronto looks like Atlanta, unless their fans are dressed as seats for halloween

  36. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    I already know what Stepan needs to work on next off-season- his strength. He gets knocked off the puck really easily.

  37. how about whiskey, honey and lemon?

    if made right you’ll possibly be awake to
    watch the repeat broadcast
    at some point tomorrow.

  38. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    beth, Cherry Pomegranate, huh? Sounds like an interesting combo

  39. deja (drury isnt bad his contract is) on

    i love how gianone has called the leafs 3 different teams in like 20 seconds

  40. deja (drury isnt bad his contract is) on

    what is this seat of his pants slide staal has been doing tonight

  41. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    LOL @ the HNIC announcer: Bozak was batting at it like a flipper on a pinball machine.

  42. do you think Rozy needs to see a gypsy woman to get the curse
    taken off of him?

    really, he shoots the puck in and it hits the lineman and goes right
    by him??!?!?!?!?

  43. Its kind of early in the game for the Rangers t o be sucking wind this bad isnt it?

    gonna be tough to win this one unless they change something soon.

  44. jpg – lmao just thinking the same thing – that and he seems to to get a lot of really weak penalties called against him- then he scores a goal and they credit someone else initially

  45. >>what is this seat of his pants slide staal has been doing tonight

    It’s called post-lockout defence! I remember a time when defencemen were taught to never leave their feet. Nowadays, they’re always on their knees or bellies.

  46. Mao_Del_Zedongo on

    dubi and callie just exploded on that break…these kids have arrived…that is all!

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    If Torts doesn’t call that time out …maybe Callahan doesn’t score or even get that chance…?

    This was the coaches call and he was spot on. WTG Torts!!!!!

    Grachev needs to score , Im really hoping he does well.

  48. The words “Mike Milbury” and “Hotstove” only hold appeal to me if in close proximity to the words “facial disfigurement” and “bizarre kitchen accident”.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Sally , my channels arent weird…haha!!! Ddeb !!! yo man!!! We are here to watch the Rangers wi….ooooops I dont wanna curse it !! Go boys!!!!

    Its all about 2pts . Nothing more ,nothing less.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

    Make cally the new Captain!!!! Maybe.

  50. Mao_Del_Zedongo on

    Avery is like the astronaut from the PLanet of the Apes that Charlton Heston sees, but realizes they gave him a new brain. lol

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Charlie!!!! Ya did the unthinkable!!! Ya said what no man or woman should say while this is taking place!!! You said the “S” word and now Hank is screwed!!! Hank the Tank may rear its ugly head because of the curse you just blurted out…twice!!! OMG dude , I hope were not all firetrucked now.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!! GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    HEYYY HEYY HEYYYY hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Captain Cally to the rescue again…

    This 3rd period is gonna be a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy!!! I cant wait !!

  53. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    just tuned in time for the cally goal. Have they looked this tired the entire game?

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Compared to the average age , isnt Avery a little old for those “young legs” he posseses?

    Mao , haha good one!!

  55. >>Make cally the new Captain!!!! Maybe.

    NO! I’d rather have him concentrate on his playing, instead of having him worry about all that other “leadership” nonsense.

  56. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    A little more energy and some key saves for Hank this period. That’s all I ask for.

    Well, that and another drink.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE WANT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    We are tired . Exahsted. We needed a time out and now we are resting during the intermission. At this stage ,we can either give up and lose or come out and take it to these Maple Laughs. We are tired but being up by a few goals and having Hank standing on his head is what gives us the drive to stay on top. Go Rangerssss!!! 3rd period time!!!

  58. Wasn’t Gilroy supposed to be an offensive defenseman? His offense has completely disappeared this year.

  59. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Linda – told my GF I wasn’t feeling well & left her silly Halloween party early. Do I know my priorities or what?!

  60. Charlie
    no offense but stfu about doughnut
    you should know better than mention that!

    i’m trying not to be so superstitious this year

  61. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Headzo has a lil Captain in him!! Hilarious! were you dressed in halloween attire?

  62. LQ has been very solid this year. I know his GA and SV% hasnt reflected how he plays but WOW he’s been fantastic so far. He wants to win every game he plays and it shows. I really hope sometime soon his team follows suit. Because HE DESERVES IT!!!

  63. god forbid that the leaves get a roughing penalty for that
    good thing Avery wasn’t out there.
    it could have been a misconduct

  64. Shattenkirk Del Headzo on

    Thanks ILB….i’ll probably pay for it later. Linda – no costume – more of an anti-halloween party. No TV either. Unacceptable!

  65. right on Charlie
    just cursed the frehley out of him for that
    slacka** play along the boards

    holy crap
    who is Tie Domi’s gf??

  66. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    wow, not only was Domi’s girlfriend/wife gorgeous, her head was about 10 times smaller than his!

  67. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao! the man said Holy carcillo, that guy’s head is huge!!!

    Domi : Pumpkin head
    his wife: cherry tomato head

  68. Johnny LaRue
    love the name
    but not the analysis
    Frolov was in need of making a shift change
    glad he did what he did rather than
    stay out and be too tired to take care
    of matters

  69. >>Anisimov is having a heck of a game.

    One thing I like about him is that he’s not afraid to DRIVE to the net.

  70. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    ORR is like our very own encyclopedia of entertainment. He’s the Rona Barrett of the Boneheads

  71. LindaCalPrustBoylahan on

    Nora, in regards to Torts tie… HOLY CARCILLO that thing is FUGLY! as is his suit jacket!

  72. year listening to what Healey is saying about the front of the shirt
    meaning more than the back of it?!?!?!

    i need a drink!!

  73. I love seeing those last second coaching strategies. You had 59:30 minutes and you couldn’t buy a darn goal, but these last few seconds will be fruitful.

  74. Let me go talk to mrs for a bit. Before I watch the Devils being killed by LA. That’s how you do it, Headzo :-)

  75. >>Big, big win. That’s the effort we need every game!

    We also need to keep playing against teams that are more offensively inept than we are.

  76. okay
    a tired team plays on Monday
    Sauer in for Emminger

    BOOgard out
    White back in

    the only really bad move from Torts tonight
    was having BOO in the lineup
    since it looked as if he wasn’t able to fight

  77. >>DiPietro tried to fight Carcillo, and Pronger grabbed him, then he let him go, haha

    DiPietro whispered some sweet nothings in Pronger’s ear, then he let him go. Pretty funny scene actually!

  78. Is there such a thing as a “reverse” season ticket? You get to go to every Ranger away game so you have a chance of seeing a win.

  79. anyone else watch Boyle get interviewed with his skating
    not sure which one was beaming more.

  80. I think Joe Mich has a thing for Boomer and Carton. He’s always talkin’ ‘boot how great they are. I guess he likes them old and annoying, and not just young and strong….and firm…and dripping with sweat.

    You get the picture.

  81. >>Flyers have a chick on the bench. Interesting.

    There must be angry hen somewhere in the arena looking for her missing chick. Interesting indeed!

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE GOT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , Maybe the Rangers need a few “ice girls” don’t ya think?

  83. THis was one for the ages.

    A game won on sheer guts and determination by everyone.

    This could just become the point in time, that this Ranger team melded into a real together team. Just about everyone contributed more this game than they really had in them, and the frustration of the Leafs was remarkable to behold. Nothing that they did rattled the Rangers tonight.

    Let’s hope that this incident ( it was much more than a game), shores up all the flagging insecurities that individual players have have been developing, and enforces a developing esprit do corps, that all teams that win consistently have….and need. Eminger was every bit as good a defense man… for this game at least… as just about any others who have been playing regularly. He played a fine defense tonight. And the much maligned Christensen, stepped in and contributed numerous sound
    defensive actions that were duly noted. HAil to the 2010/2011 NY Rangers…a professional hockey team tobe reckoned with.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WE GOT A WIN!!" ...& Greg L. on

    Tonight we won cuz Hank did his job . Hank needs to “steal” games and tonight his thievery has earned us 2pts. The defense infront of him did not too bad either but when all is said and done…Hank is starting to look Elite.

  85. MickeyM survived this work week! Woohoo! on

    Had to talk to family for a while. Saw that they got the win and the shutout for Hank. YES!

  86. jpg-

    Mama’s remark about Haiku
    makes me laugh whenever you post
    opponent scoreless
    when he is on ice
    last four games

  87. i was mad at Emminger for the really stupid
    panicked pass he made in the zone that was unnecessary
    and led to more chaos in our zone
    but he played good in other moments

    i brought up putting in Sauer due
    to him being well-rested and the team
    was said to be sucking wind in the second period
    get someone fresh in there.

    i’m not going on an anti-Emminger rant….for now

  88. LMAO Linda, retro reading the posts and before I saw your 9:30 post I’m thinking ORR- You are the TMZ of the RR!

  89. Crystal Water Triple on

    Ranger Forwards Linear Wts. Scores through 10 games. (100-par)





    8….Anisimov…….. 97.5


    12..White, T………..93

  90. on the road, yes, they are very good, play a shot-blocking, road style, every one contributes, frustrate the opponent, type game. great.

    but at home they are just the opposite. mistake-prone, blow leads, disappointing, and it was the same thing that cost them last season, losses at home. until that changes drastically, count me as unconvinced until I see plenty of home wins.

  91. Problem with home games is that there are too any Devils fans at the games.

    It seems like huge blocks of tickets have been bought by Vladimir Zharkov for his family.

    I don’t get it is still with the team?

    The place is full off Zharkovs that are not rooting for the Rangers and would rather boo Roszi

    Byfuglien Zharkovs!

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