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John Tortorella:

 “We fought back a couple of times. I thought we did a lot of good things underneath the hashmark offensively. We just couldn’t get the lead. And it’s frustrating.”

On the PK and d-zone coverage:

“You look at the goal in the second period where they go up 2-0. We’re really good, where our defense is not allowing plays to come between the defenseman and the post out in the slot area. (Rozsival) is there, but he isn’t, and it doesn’t get done. We made some mistakes defensively. But some of it, it’s one of those games that ends up being wide open. Both teams were wide open.

“But we have to continue to work in our end zone on some of the things. I’m really happy about a lot of things with our team, but there are some things that we still have to work on to be a better club.”

On the penalties:

“The one that frustrated me, and we get scored on again, it’s the same play Michael Del Zotto did the prior game. You can’t do it. You can’t. No matter if you agree with it or not, that’s what they’re calling. You can’t do it. It’s a penalty.”

“Now at the end of the game, on the goal, Dubi gets blatantly interfered with penalty killing, and prior to that, the penalty called (on Brian Boyle), I don’t get it. And I’m not going to whine. I don’t want to whine about it. But it just frustrates the hell out of me when two teams fight so hard and you end up, it’s really a non-call there. And that’s frustrating. I guess I am whining a little bit, but it just pisses me off. It does because I think the teams need to decide it.

“And then after that, Dubi’s is a blatant interference on the faceoff he loses before the power play goal is scored. Blatant interference.”

On the work ethic:

“Yeah, we did a lot of good things. I still think we have to close up our neutral zone at times. I still think our gaps need to be better. Defensively we still have to work on things. But I’m not unhappy with the work habit of the hockey club tonight. We did a lot of good things that way.”

On Chistensen and Frolov, whom he had kind of called out before the game:

“Played much better. They did. Erik on the power play, on that one power play he was dominant, and he made other good plays. And Frolov also. So hopefully we can continue.

“You can’t get down. You don’t get rewarded but we still have to continue to work at how we’re going to play. I thought it was more consistent tonight. Although we made some mistakes, I thought it was more consistent on how we want to play.”

On home vs. road records:

“Last year you could crawl all over us about our (home) starts. Our starts have been good. I thought we played a harder game, more consistently, tonight than the other night. Again, tonight we still made some mistakes, but we were much harder.

“I don’t even want to talk about it because I think we talk ourselves into it. We’ve got to keep on fighting here. You can’t break apart. It’s still early, but we have to keep on trying to recreate ourselves as far as how we’re going to play. We need to stay consistent with that and I think things will bounce our way, home or away.”

On whether Stepan did more of what he wants to see.

“At times. He was better, he was better. There’s still a lot of work there, and there’s going to be for quite a while.”

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  1. REPOST:

    CT, first they thought Selanne was soft, and that Robitaille and Ulf gave them some grit. But there was also a rumor that summer that Selanne had flipped his car back home and may have been more banged up than people were letting on.

    I think it turned out to be no more than a rumor.

    Not sure if that had anything to do with the trade. Or non-trade.

  2. Also wanted to mention that I saw our friend AFLY between periods. He hasn’t been here much lately because he’s so busy going to law school. Hope he find a few minutes here and there.

  3. Tank The Season on


    And then there was the rumor that the Avs were willing to let Joe Sakic go to the Rangers in 1997 provided they gave up Kovalev and Sundstrom (whom Forsberg really wanted to play with again) and 2 first round picks rather than 5 first round picks. Neil Smith refused to trade either of them, and told the Avs that they’ll take the 5 1st round picks and like it. Smith believed they did not have the cash to match. The Avs then parent company made sufficient $ off of the success of Harrison Ford’s movie Air Force One that they matched the offer sheet.

  4. Yeah Carp, I think Selanne had some issues with a lead foot back in his youth. He was a “wild and crazy guy”. I still would have like to have gotten the 600 goal scorer that had yet to score most his 600 than the one that scored more of his 600 by then.

  5. Tank The Season on

    Also as we know Smith had an unhealthy obsession with holding onto Kovalev before he could get real value for him. Players we supposedly could have had in their primes if he would have given up Kovalev include Selanne, Shanahan, and Tkachuk.

  6. Jason “I got owned by Messier” Blake gives the Quacks a 1-0 lead after the Devils had like the 1st 5 PP of the game.

  7. Tank The Season on

    Man I never thought I’d be equating the word “Devils” with “serious problems” in like… forever. Not that I’m complaining : )

  8. Kovalev, textbook example of sell low and then buy again after the asset has regained its value.

  9. Devils were outplaying the Ducks most of the game, the heavy advantage in PP helped but they could cash in to save their lives.

  10. Tank The Season on

    Kovalev probably has the dubious distinction of the guy with the most impressive NHL career for a player who has been known almost from day 1 as showing up to play 50% of the time.

  11. before I get carp’d

    CT, I was, until you mentioned “I’ll be at the game with 20 coworkers (insert corporate waste of resources here).”

    catch up on the rest tomorrow…expect to get post-game notes carp’d any moment

  12. In 1943 the Rangers passed on Gordie Howe after a tryout. It’s about as relevant as any non trade from the 90’s. Thanks for the post game stuff Carp, it’s been a step up from last season.

  13. boyle did not commit a penalty. btw skinner should have gotten the penalty for holding the stick, unsportsmanlike for faking it.

    5 minutes left in a time game and the zebra morons blow a huge call. why the heck are the rangers giving up so many scoring chances? staal ad roszival the 1 terrible goal tonight. the turnover for no reason at the blue line.

    every game at least 1 bad goal…the good news is so many young players are playing a tom and playing fairly well.

    home losses to atl and carolina on games they should have gotten at least 1 point and a loss to the fishies on long island.. 3 games they should have gotten at least a point, the yall matter…………….

  14. Tofrts saw all those unfortunate mis calls, but he was oblivious to the lousy passing by the Rangers AGAIN?

    Those sloppy long range deals where they get picked off, and eventually wind up behind LQ? They still like to try
    passes which have to go thru an opposing player …but don’t)? Way too much of that and it never seems to register. And once again…way too much stick checking. Two of those goals should have been prevented by the simple act of stepping into guys instead of trying to out duel them for the puck. LQ deserved better last night. They let him down. ( But I warned you about Ward,several games ago.) Very under rated.

    And again, just like last year…NEVER ANYONE IN FRONT OF THE GOAL TENDER’S CREASE. Guess Torts doesn’t see this ….either.

  15. cw looking forward to 2012. . . . with tempered optimism. on

    The most telling quote from a commentator last night:

    Maloney: “Carolina was really good inside (around net) for a team that’s not really good inside. . . .”

    I saw that on both ends of the rink. Stepan skated right by a fat rebound late in the second. Why do you skate BY the net when you should be skating TO the net?

    The Rangers are still soft, Boogaard was a waste, and our kids aren’t nearly as good as the other teams kids.

  16. I thought last night’s game was very entertaining – definitely a western conference uptempo feel to it.

    Yes, it sucks that they lost, but I thought they were a bit snake-bitten last night. We hit what, 2 posts (again) in the first period?

    What does worry me is the play in our own end… the D- is definitely too soft. When MDZ is your most physical defensemen, throwing hits when the opportunity presents itself, no one is going to be afraid to play down low in our zone.

    Also, this is two or three games now where the post-game comments from the locker room talk about how the other team was a fast skating club and had lots of speed. Are our guys really that awful of skaters that everyone else looks so fast compared to them?

    EC does nothing for me. Other than a short spurt there, I felt he was again invisible. Now we know why he was available last year and his been on a couple of teams.

    Jumping into the Neil smith / trades we should have made / Kovalev… I remember Sather wanted Kovalev badly when he was in Edmonton.

    I really think the Rangers ruined the kid trying to make him play a style that was not natural. I still have a paper copy of news article about him in Binghamton. They interviewed one of his teammates and he said “how do you tell a kid not to skate through 4 people and score?” Roger Nielsen and Ron Smith had no use for him.

  17. Tank The Season on

    Sather did want Kovalev bad, I think he offered Arnott and a defenseman who I can’t remember for him at one point.

  18. Gift of GAB-orik on

    had fun at the game last night, even though we couldn’t come away with the ‘W’.

    They had plenty of chances… couldn’t connect on a few.

    Cam Ward is better than Hank? I hope you aren’t serious. Hank has a better career GAA, and Save%, and double the amount of shutouts.

  19. Crystal Water Triple on

    Only one team in the NHL would – finally – cump a Redden, only to replace him with someone almost as bad, and bury a decent kid D in the process, except Sauer is in his mid-20’s now and should have been up here at least two years ago.

    And the bonehead play of the year award goes to Grachev, for playing well in his first Ranger MSG game. He should know that it guarantees at least another two years of AHL purgatory, every time a kid plays well here, in his debut. Dumb ass. He couldn’t puck-up a couple times and stay awhile? Does he really think four recorde hits in six minutes of playing time counts for something here? Where does he think he is playing, in Philadelphia?

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    They lost last night, but I wouldn’t get upset too much. As long as they show consistent effort. And they did again. They generated enough chances but couldn’t finish. Happens. They need to get better in their own zone. I believe it’s a combination of not being physical enough and the forwards not helping sufficiently. It will come, their core is still young and the defensive side of it comes later. They do miss Drury on PK.

    Fran, I don’t mind those long passes you’re referring to. It takes time and experience to complete and accept those passes. But it’s one of the best ways to stay aggressive, but also it prevents the opposition from being too aggressive and from sending three forecheckers in.

    Can you say Wayne Avery? He owns that office behind the net. He needs more ice time….

    What exactly was wrong with Grachev that he had to go to Hartford. He skates exceptionally well for a big man, he was physical and has hands. The scoring will come. Let him play, Torts.

    Someone mentioned EC before. Well, he was better last night. Just remember, all they pay him is $950K, folks. I think he earns his paycheck. Nothing more, but nothing less.

    I thought that Stepan responded well to his benching. I like that, shows his maturity.

    The best news- our current first line. They give the opposition a lot of heartburn. Imagine when Gaborik comes back and the opposing team will have to deploy their best defenders against him? AA-Callahan-Dubinsky line could do a lot of damage then.

    On to Toronto!

  21. I still feel the rangers will finish tenth and miss the playoffs. My take so far this season is the rangers show they can score but the problem is there defence, it’s horrible. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Giradi has been there best defencemen. stall has been shaky, MDZ has been horrible in his own end and I’m not impressed with eminger and than we have rosival.

  22. Overall team defense is still weak at times, too many lapses at the wrong times.

    Emminger should be Prucha’d, Sauer should play, and MDZ should keep two hands on his stick and put a body on someone in the corners. He’s all about picking the puck out rather than digging for it.

  23. Ilb2001

    I have to disagree with your disagreement.. ( ha)…
    Those long passes may eventually work,…when they’re done right. But OJT during regular season games? uh Uh. Save the remedial work for practices and polish the looong pass if you must, but when the chips are down those feathery floating balloons that they cough up are
    and have been disastrous to date…and will continue to be, because these guys unfortunately are using them as a crutch, that gets them out of having to skate the puck into the zone.
    I’ll put my money on a team that savors the short crisp rat a tat passes all the way up and back, and drives the opposition nuts trying to interrupt them. (Toronto is pretty good at this you know..let’s see if they employ them tonight.)

    And one other thing..has anyone noticed that all of a sudden ( another ghost trait from Hockey season past………) the puck bounding off of stick blades again. At the beginning of the season they were suddenly it’s bounce away time again.

    And when are attackers going to start showing up in front of the opponent’s goal? This is so depressing, seeing those guys behind the net working working their Schrempfs off, only to find no takers there,,,only guys who had been on the boards suddenly trying to arrive in front at the last minute. Looks to me like some of these guys have a bad case of CreaseFright.

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